Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 11, 1893, Page 4, Image 4

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!j. WKSSKt., Jn , I'MMimuT and MiKAiim.
Vf. MOUTON SMITH, Hu'T rili'J'uAi.
IHulnM Offlr IIM . HI. I'lionw 8M.
TIIK COillllKII. n Jrnr, In mlfanw 1 6
Ix monthi ,"
Thr month M
Contrltintluni ant, nil riimtminlfiUlmii rrlntlrt
to ntwa nnl illturUI raatUr hunlil l !! m1
To tti editor. ... , , . .
All utultiMi lttn mill rfmlttanrra almuli In
di1rMd t Tn Couhikh I'mii imiiiko i i . I.ln.
coin, Nli. DralU.cliM'ia, anil ioitufflr onli-ri
hnnlil ba mada pajabla lu tb onli-r ( lli coin.
Two coNHinr.iiVTios.H Imvo prompt'"'
Hit oliiiiiKO in tint iluy or iuliliuiitloii
of Tin: (.'ormiai from Sutiinliiy to Hun
diiy tlio coitiilnty Hint tlio vultio of
tho iapr as mi tnlvorllsliiK inoillinn
will lio iiiiittiriully IihtousimI, anil tlio
liopn that ilHiutoroHl for tlio louilliiK
imlillo will also lio oiiliancil. pn:
Cnmiti'ii will liorouftor lo (lollvorod by
cnrriurH, unci it should not fall to reach
ovory siilwrilier In tills city before 7
A.M. Sunday. Any failure to nicolvo
tlio paper promptly hiidiiIiI lie imme
diately reported to tlie olllce.
Tim: Kfttnivji Journal, uiulei' now
umiiiiKoinont, is one of the most readil
lile papers lu the state.
iMu. Mosiiini may rest easylu the as
surance that the Nebraska press "will
Klvo him whatever credit Is due him,"
when he Is "vindicated."
Tiir.iu: are still a few criminals in
the penitentiary from Douglas county,
but (lovcruor Crounse Is turning them
loose as fast as possible.
' That projected cowboy race has
made Children almost as widely known
as Nebraska City, the home of .1.
Sterling Morton and the Honorable
l'oto Hi-own.
Uuhskt Hiior.s have won the day.
About the only people that object to
them now are those who have IIk feet.
It is a well-known fact that lnr;o feet
do not appear any smaller when
ouciihod in rnssot shoes.
Tin: liKLiKt'that the opinion of Chief
Justice Maxwell "was plumed to size,"
Is, wo regret to say, somewhat widely
prevalent. The dissenting opinion tits
to a T what would be .lude Maxwell's
Idea of tlio present opportunity In Ne
braska politics.
" conlldonco lu myself caused
mo to fall," remarked C. W. Mosher
It Is not generally known that Mr.
.Moshor failed most people think it
was the bank. And there is an idea
prevalent that the bank failed because
Mr. Moshor stole the deposits.
Tin: 1' says that Nebraska City
"has plenty of water in case of need."
Of course It Is a Kood idea to bo well
fortitled, but water Is and probably
always will bo supertluous in Nebraska
City. When tho Otoo braves fool the
"need" of something, It Isn't watortlioy
Tin: Fremont Tribune asks, "What
has become of lionoral and Commander
Paul Vaudovoortf Just as If a man
could bo a patriot all tho time without
takliiK a rest. Tin: Coritn:n may not
bo able to lay its hands on the Kiand
old man riht now, but It will arco to
produce him in time to launch the
next state legislature in a proper
It has been sujwstod that Frank
Ilurd bo made the democratic nominee
for governor of Ohio. Ilurd has been
for years an uncompromising foo of
thatculminatinKiitroolty of republican
legislation which Mr. McKluley, tho
prosent governor, so adequately repre
sents, and a contest between
gontlomoii would bo a buttle royal,
indeed. It would bo a double contest
Hurd against MoKlnloy and free
trudo against protection.
Ik Secretary Carlisle could only bo
induced to road a few hundred editor
ials in tho dally papers on tho "llnan-
clal situation," wo aro sure everything
wnnlil hn clear to him and ho W(mi,i
would bo clear to li in and no would
lmvo no further trouble with tho
country's hank account. Tin: Coumai
has now on hand a largo number of
..M.liiiiiimu In ,vlil,.li tli,.
whole subject of tlniince is so intelli
gently and tersely treated that ono
wanders why thoro should bo such
general ignorance ou this point. If
tho secretary will havo tho postmaster
general Instruct Mr. (lore, to glvo us
tho nocessary stamps for postago, wo
will tako pleasure in forwarding thoso
valuable treatises to tho treasury do
Imi'oiitant sin. elections will be
held in New Voik.Ohio, IVimsylvnnln,
Maryland, Nebraska, Virginia, .Massa
clnisotts and Wisconsin, in November.
Home of those slates will elect a gover
nor, others subordinate state olllcers,
and ot hers a legislature. Tills election,
thetlrst since (Irover Cleveland worked
his great conlldonco game, will be
vwitchcduith theiitmost interest. The
result of the voting lu November will
be thetlrst tangible evidence of the
public appreciation of the policy of the
democratic party, or rat her Mr. Clove
laud's policy. As a democratic con
temporary puts It, "It will be shown
whether public coiilhlouco in the dem
ocracy, no loudly expressed at tlio elec
tion of 1H'.)J, has been Increased or
iiupiilted,and whether the rebuke thus
administered to the republicans for
their iiiauy olfensKs against Just, Judl
clous and needful constitutional gov
eruuieiit, was merely a temporary man
ifestation of discontent, or the fore
shailowlug of a permanent exclusion
from the administration of alfairs."
The president of the United States Is a
very able man; republicans willingly
concede to him wisdom and independ
ence and a certain degree of couscleii
tiousness lu the performance of public
duty; but It Is dilllcult, even for the
most ardent admirers of Mr. Cleveland,
to see In Just what manner the presi
dent has strengthened the democratic
parly since his election. Homehow, Mr.
Cleveland, has failed to touch the
spring of demo.-ratlc enthusiasm.
Klected on a platform which declared
the republican policy of protection un
constitutional and a fraud, and which
pledged the obliteration, of that pol
Icy, Mr. Cleveland has continued to
walk lu the footsteps of James (!.
Illaluo and lletijamiii Harrison. The
Chicago platform has been tossed in
the garret of past expediency, where It
rests on the top a mighty pile of cam
paign promises dcmocrationuil repub
lican. In the meantime Hie president
has been running the government,
guided by his own will ami not by
democratic declarations. Whether he
will sail away to a new harbor is still
uncertain. For tho present he is con
tent to remain close to the shore of
republican policy, where -there Is pro
tection and a safe shelter. Mr. Car
lisle's tentative trip into new waters,
in which disaster was perilously near,
has not had a reassuring ell'ect on Mr.
Cleveland, and as time goes on, demo
oratio promises seem farther from ful
tllinent than over. The president
voluntarily assumed the burden of
making all appointments himself and
ho has staggered under the load; he
has been kept very busy; but hlsell'orts
in this direction have not called out
enthusiastic democratic benedict ions.
In fact it can scarcely bo contended
that Mr. Cleveland has strengthened
either himself or his partysiuco March
I. Whether tho democrats will empha
size their dissatisfaction at the polls In
this fall's election, remains to bo seen.
Tin: impeachment case was a good
thing for the lawyers. The independ
ents wanted to manufacture some cam
paign thunder, and they wore shrewd
enough to mako tho state pay tho ex
penses. The thunder has boon pre
pared, the people have paid the bills,
the lawyers have possession of the
money, and the state olllclals, after
having boon used for political purposes
only, are declared Innocent and are
once more permitted to perform tlielr
duties. There never was at any time
any belief that any thing would come
of tlio proceedings. Tlio impeach
ment was nothing more nor less than
a strategic move on tlio part of tho in
dependents, and those who work with
tlio independents rather costly for
tho state, and it accomplished all that
was expected.
l'KitiiAi'.s (lovoruor McKinley's ro
nomination and the tremendous en
thusiasm incident thereto may have
evidenced the governors great personal
popularity, more than it Indicated an
empowering sentiment in favor of tlio
great economic principle which ho rep
resents. Hut in any ovant Mr. Kinley
is to-day ono of tho brightest republi
cans in the country, and that ho will
bo an Important factor at tho next pros
ideiitial convention of his party seems
highly probable, Win. Kinley and Tom
Hood will bo popular antl-convontlon
Jay lli'iiitows and J. M. Thompson
have boon impeached, too, with Unr
rows, and Thornton, and Thompson,
and lIolden,and a few others to keep
tilings Interesting tho independent
party can never bo dull.
Tin: iir.mii.ic.vNs will doubtless dis.
pense with tho formality of a heresy
trial in Judge Maxwell's case.
Mr. Jacob Mahler who closed his
classes in dancing, Wednesday, at tho
H,usl,"' Academy, leaves to-day with
1 wife and daughter, Kosallnd, for an
oxU,IU0( orstern trip, Mopping llrst at
Chicago, then Niagara Falls, and from
thoro to Now York, where ho will spend
tliroo weeks before going to Saratoga
mr uiu miiiiuii'r, wiiuru no hcih us llias-
ter of ceremonies at Congress Hall for
tho sixteenth consecutlvo season. Ho
has mot with Ills usual success hero;
many of the best families havo availed
thomsolvos of his superior instruction,
while ho is at all times strict with his
pupils, yet ho rule them witli kind
ness, and their direction for him was
ni'lilnnt ni tltn lnuf Iduuaii lil.l.ll.n. l.t...
goodby and urging him to return next I
spring wlilcn no will do. Lincoln al
ways has a hearty welcome for Mr
Professor August llagenow, of tho
coservatory of music, will give a faro
well concert lu V. M. C. A. hall, Juno
1 1, for tho benollt of the V. M. C. A.
building fluid, and will leave Lincoln
shortly afterwords to accept a position
with Walter Daturosch in his Now
Vork Hyiimhony orchestra, as llrst
violinist. Lincoln people will reurot
his tloiiarturo as he Is one of tho best
musicians In the city.
- nut inr.
You will always tli.d a great lino to
select from at our store. All the very
latest shapes and designs in tho most
comfortable and easiest fitting. Tans
lu Oxfords, (lalters and Hluchors and
all the other nobby (lfects.
HUH () street.
Wanti:d Nursing by a thoroughly
experienced and competent nurse.
Have nursed tell years lu the east, in
quire lOIl") F Htreot.
" Is this hot enough for you Visa
silly question ; but if you meet a man
who complains of tho sulforlug from
tlio heat, ten to one you will Hud on
Inquiry, that he does not use Ayer's
Harsaparllla to tone up his system and
free his blood from Irritating humors.
Tliti World' 1'itlr.
No one should hesitate to visit Chi
cago on the score of expense. It's a
mistake to suppose that a small fortune
is needed. Twenty-live or thirty dollars
Is ample for a week's stay. For that
amount you can get a good room,
board, dally admission to tho fair ami
to three or four of the Midway I'lals
mice attractions and still have enough
money left for car fare, lunches, and
other miscellaneous expenses.
Your railroad fare is not Included In
tho above estimate, of course, but you
can learn what that will cost by en
(iiiiritig of lloiiuell at the depot, or
.lemer at Tenth and O streets, who
will also tell you all about trains.
I'iXcursioii rates every day.
linn in to Herpolshelmer .V Co's and
try one of tlielr line pure drinks of
soda water from tlielr beautiful now
Ladies' waists at ID cents early
season's price, To cents at Ilerpol
sholnter . Co.
llathlug Caps at Uector's Pharmacy.
Althea toilet preparatories at Uec
tor's Pharmacy.
Fruited lee cream soda water made
from the natural fruit, at Uector's
An entire new line of ladles' card
cases and pocket books at Uector's
Lntost novoltios in Spring Mllllnory,
tho ilnost in tho city. Caldwoll Sistors
203 South Eleventh street
Mrs. W. E. Gosper's now spring stock
of mllllnory, tho Ilnost iu the city, Is
now comploto.
Miss S. E. Ulakosloo, lino drossumk
lug, at Mrs. Gospor's, 1114 O St.
A flue line of canned soups in cents
per can. Miller Gilford, grocers.
W. A. Coflln Jb Co., groctr 8,143 South
11th stroot.
Missos Hoggs it Catfyn, dressmaking
Parlors. Pino stamping. 1311 M street,
'phono 510.
Sampson Sistors, urtlstlo drossmak
ing, 1123 N Htroot, ovor Dorsoys.
Hoys' clothing Hue new lino at Her
polsheiiner c Co.
Htilnilo Hour ?UX per sack. Miller
& Gilford, grocers, opp. Hurr Hlk.
K. 0. Baking Powder, 25 ouncos for
2." cents. Absolutely pure. Havo you
Abeuetlt forthoNobraskastato band
Is being arranged. It will bo given some
time in the near future at tho Lansing
L. S. Gllllck, Fashionable Tailor.
Latost novelties in gontlomon's spring
goods. Glllick still oators to tho wish
of tho public. Call ou him and be
suited. 1010 O stroot, Room 10.
For Sunday dinner supplies call at
Halter's markot, opposlto Lansing
Thoatre, Phono 100.
K. C. Baking Powdor, 25 ounces for
25 conts. Absolutely puro. Have you
triod it?
"Tho Bost" Laundry, 2203 O stroot,
tolophouo 570, II. Towusoud & Co., pro
prietors, Lluoolu, Nob.
Mrs. McClavo and Mrs. Ensmlngor,
Uno drossmoking, 1238 O stroot.
After tho theatre call at The Annex
Cafo" for a lunch. Everything nice.
uowand attractive. Prices reasonable.
Miss Mablo Morrill, tho well-known
artist, is again at lior studio, room 3,
Webster block, whoro sho will bo
ploasod to oxocuto ordors in pastol and
oil paintings. Lossons given.
Absolutely Pure Justify It.
Prof. Swain's ladios tailoring and
dross cutting school. Thorough in
structions. Lessons not limited. Dross
making done with dispatch, on short
notice. Patterns cut to uioasuro and
all work guaranteed.
Halters marker, old rollablo markot,
now moved to Thirteenth strootoposlto
Lansing thoatro, Is where ladios should
call for their meat orders. Telephone
orders ovor No. 100 rocolve prompt at
tention. Ask your grocoryman for tho "Wll
bor Rolling Mills" Flour, Cluu. Har
vey, proprietor. Enquire for
"Llttlo Hatchet,"
"Nickel Plato," mid
"Bakers' Constance."
Every sack warranted.
Statk ok Ohio, city ok Toi.uki,
Lvcas Cointy.
Fhank J. Ciii:m:y makes oath
hat he
Is the senior partner lu the llrm of F.
J. Clir.NK.Y ,V Co., doing business in the
city of Toledo, Coiiutyand State afore
said, and that said llrm will pay the sum
each and every case of catarrh that can
not be cured by the uso of H.M.l.'.s C.v
TAiiiiu Cum:..
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this Kith day of Decem
ber. A. D. 1SS0.
A. W.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken inter
nally and acts directly on the blond
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Sens for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHKNKY ,t CO., Toledo, O.
t3r"Sold by Druggists, Too.
Kn anil Kar Surgi-on.
Dr. W. L. Dayton, oculist and ourist
No. 1203 O stroot. Lincoln. Nob.
A Kllio tcnlilriii'i For Unit.
Anoight-room house with all uiodorn
improvements for rent Juno 1st. Gas,
bath, hot and cold water, steam heat,
cistern and city water. Apply at rosi
donco, 1827 L street or 1131 O stroot
World' Fair Itiili'.
Tho following cheap rates aro now In
ofToct via tho "Burlington Ilouto," viz:
riilcnKii, on wny $12 11
Clilc-ituo nml return '.".' HI
Ht. I.iiiiU, urn. wiit 10 01
Ht. I.oiiIh nml rutnru SO 10
Bound trip tlckolH aro good until
Novombor 15. For tlckots, sleeping
car accommodation, and full informa
tion cull at B. it M. depot or city olllao,
coruor of O and Tenth stroots.
Jl. O. Zikmkb, C. P. & T. A.
11 Clint .Morn
to stay nt homo than to tako advantage
of tho Burlington's ton dollar excur
sion to Sheridan, Wyo., Tuesday, Maj
Ask A. C. Zlomor, city ticket agent
at Tenth and O streets, for f urthor par
ticulars. NotllM'.
Tho undersigned horoby gives notice
that it will not bo responsible for or
pay any debt incurred by omployos,
except thoso for which an ordor is givoa
personally signod by it This rulo is
CoL'itiKn Pun. Co.
Lincoln No., May 1st., 1S93.
Bargains in
This Week
j SK..U.. j
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
75 Cents Buys
Discount of 25 Per Cent!
1-4 Off on Everything!
Lining Cambrics, 5c.
Drilling. 8c 1 oil", lie.
Calico, Oc. 1 oil', .'ile.
$5.00 Worth of Goods Von Pay 3:7").
4.00 Worth of Goods You Pay 3.00.
J'i.00 Worth of Goods You Pay 2.25.
2.00 Worth of Goods You Pay J. 50.
1.00 Worth of Goods You Pay 75.
N. B. No matter how cheap we have sold goods previous
to this sale you still get a further discount of 25 per cent oil'.
Successors to J.
1109 0
We offer our patrons the most attractive
assortment of Warm Weather Dress Goods
we have ever been able to show at this sea
son of the year.
The line includes Printed and Plain China
Silks, Silk Pongee, Fast Hlack and Printed
Satteens, Cotton Crepes, Printed Cotton
Pongees, Printed Swisses, Printed Organ
dies, Irish Lawns, Linen Lawns, Etc.
io iici n rmr oki-iii. Mr liirnMi mi cxju imlto
oullll Binl nil )oii mill inc. It ciMta initlilitj; m
tri tin lmiiii'4. W Mill in nt tu Hill, ami
In lp )iiu to turn ten linn nrilliiurt uai:i- llnlli
m i' nt all iiki' i'a 1 1 li)i' at Ilium ami Mink In all tin' thin m unu am whin
i .in 1'iirii a emit ilraluf timm i .Man) lint iiunli
'I ) llllllilli'il DiiIIiiik a Miintli. .Nuilao. nl
I i il III Hit- unrlil ar,' maMim u iiunli mum
unman uilliil tin tlin.i' at unrk fur i.. IIii.Iiii
pli MMint, .trli'll) liiiimralili', ami a l lit i than
am nllur nlliTiil lu.iiiiiit i.iiiIi.iw a ilinr
llilil.uilli no coiiim till, in v(. cnilp win with
I'M r tiling, ami mipnl) prliitnl illuitluii. fur
IiijsIiiiiiti Hlili-h.lf iiIiiiiiI Lilihliilh, u hrlnj;
iiiuri' minify than will urn nt In r liii.liim. lm
prnw jnur priinTt' Win nut. ' i mi can iln u
t'lKlly ami tun I) al work lor u lltaMiimlili'
lilililrv Dili) mi' fur ulnnlutr um
iniplili't circular citing tttrt particular la nnt
in all. )i lut nut In n mllni: fur It.
u:olt(ir. rvriN.soN x co
llux Nu.-IMH, 1'orllHiiil, .llu.
$1.00 Worth!
oil'. 33c.
Muslins. -lie 1 oil". :J3o.
Linens, Toe. i oil', 50 ic.
Dress (iouils. 25c I oil'. 19c
The Noxt Number Especially Good,
I'lililUlii-il llrt day r Di'icinlicr, Mnrrli.
luiu. nml h'itciiilT.
livery rvputnble netm nml look Mnml )ia It.
l'rh'.', ijIiiijIi. niimlMT, A01:nts. 3.0
I'l.U I.Alt, ;nKtiiKi i'ici:i:.
t JI,'1"! ,,ry,,i"t Qimrtfrly rvprtxluc tlii l-st
hlnries, Hki-lulifs, Imrlcsiiia-K, imumiis, wlttl-
mnnh".:.'.''''.'"'.' '" nillllh-W Of tllkt
iiiicli talktil about Ni'tv Ynrk HiK'K-ty Journal
ll iJ.ToncB. which Is )ubllbl . ihly. Kul
K-rlptlon price, W.m w j ,.nr u
..T...two luJ(lloiw "Tows Toi'lCM" anil
inwimi r",ov'f Tones" toKi'tliiT. at Iho
low cluli-prlot of Jl (X) ik-i- year
Ask y0ur ucwidealcr for them or aildn-g?,
21 Wwt 83d Street, N. Y. City.
r.r.JAeucs &co.kak3as