Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 20, 1893, Page 2, Image 2

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CH APT, Jit I.
Midway between Lampasas and Sm
Bnbn tho Colorado river rims a wild,
romantic, winding stream AttlniositJ
placid current flows evenly over Hu
pllng iIioiiIh mul gloaming pebble
Again tlio water deOMns, mul ty lluwei
bordered banks ItH current eddies sullen
alow mul grand, lint there in ouu plno
whom tlio river plunges madly down-
ward to runr lit tlio Iiiino of preclpltotu
rocks ntid wrltho over bowlderii in iti
hallow bed. Overhead dark liomlooki
curtain thin rage of waters from thogaxt
of day. Tlio Hiintilit enters only by
tcaltli mul thru In tremulous jkmicIIs.
At such inoiuontH, against tlio nonilwi
green of tlio Hwnylng pines, tlio rod bird
flashes or tlio liullgo bird Is noon u liv
Ing sapphire in tlio midden light. And
tlio rippling melody of rival mocking
birds enters tlio solemn aisles iih though
thogatoof heaven woro loft ajar. Within
these aisles tlio foot sinks InxitrloiiHly
mnld cushions of hemlock boughs mid
plno noodlcH. Tlio tall, timo scarred
trunkH lift themselves dimly llko pillars
of Homo leafy gotlilo domo. Tlio vague
rankH of forest oxhalo their cool, diiiup
splcory. All nature It hushed and wan
Only tlio rlvor'tt moan comes faintly, and
everywlioro roundabout and pervading
all things aro tlio twilight and bocIuhIoii
beloved by tlio dryad.
Whether Miss Cynthia DalliiHou a cer
tain mild Fohruary afternoon win at all
impressed by any of those sylvan sugges
tions 1 cannot say Her untutored mind
was as yet guiltless of mythology, mid no
vision of straying god or goddess, no
whimsical train of nymph and faun, hail
hitherto Invaded her slumbering fancy
Yot swinging lightly in a netted ham
mock within an innermost recess of this
spicy vault, just whoro a slanting beam
of sunlight foil full upon her graceful
figure, she might well have been mistak
en for soino wood nymph surprised amid
her favorite haunts, mo quaint a figure
was sho, and yet so essentially in keeping
with tlio woodland stillness, of which she
Boomed a part. She reclined at case and
lastly aa tho limumock swung noted the
oft play of RUtillght through tho boughs
abovo and tho trembling urubosipios of
spray and shadow, ller hand holding n
small leathern whip with deer foot ban
dlo woro clasiteil behind her head, at once
with graceful and careless abandon. A
bloud beauty soniowhivt buu tunned and
frecklo strown, lier attiro a plain blue
woolen gown that clung almost tenderly
to the charming curves of her figure, but
twinging thus, and with a little silver
spur upon tho shoo of her left foot tin
kling nasho swung, a fascinating picture
certainly for some stumbling Strophou.
Miss Cynthia was at present barehead
ed. I regret that this negligence had be
couio a habit There was, 1 believe, a
folt something lying ou tho ground
among tho plno needles, which, from the
fact that it was decorated with a ribbon
or two and a gaudy woodpecker's wing
at an extravagant nuglo, may have boon
once intended for a becoming bonnet.
Out at tho unexpected moment of tho
young lady's introduction a pet antelope
fawn was attempting to browse upon it
and from present indications meeting
with gratifying success. Tho antelope
was assisting his prandial experiments
by a vicious attack upon tho hut with
his sharp foro feet. A grave hound, seat
ed upon his haunches at a respectful dis
tance, regarded tho antelope's sincere ef
forts with a Bolenin Hpprovul that was
certainly flattering. Cynthia, her ab
itractcd eyes still lost iu contemplation
of tho swaying canopy of green above
hor head or watching through a sudden
vista tho calm poise of a gray hawk cir
cling aloft in tho limitless other, was
rapt and all unconscious.
Suddenly she raised her head with a
itart. A sharp, articulate cry broke the
stillness. Tho antelopo dashed away in
tnddcn panic to a remote corner of the
bowor, where ho stood eying her askance,
a fow feathers from tho gaudy wing
still clinging to his mouth. Tho great
hound raised himself with a preliminary
tretch and monstrous yawn, as If ex
pecting a departure.
The girl caught up tho luckless hat
with a gesture of annoyanco and a snap
of her whip in tho direction of tho terri
fied fawn a movement nt which the
hound, with drooping ears and tail, was
itrickou into on attitude of eloquent re
proach. "Not you, old boy," sho said kindly,
patting his broad head, "but his impu
douco yondorl Ho knows it, tho cute
rascal, and ho'll hear from mo later!
P'raps ho thinks I'm sittiu up nights
makin lovely hats jes' to give him a
chanco to try his now tooth. Naturally
not, 1 reckon. But, Aulus," sho contin
ued interrogatively, addressing tho grave
bound, "I'm suro I heard a noiso, old
boy, didn't you? What was thot? Didn't
you get to hear it?"
The hound, raising his ears with tho
droll interest of dogs of that family,
walked gravely to tho edgo of a cliff ou
which tho bower abutted and looked
tolomnly down. Suddenly his tail began '
to wag with llvoly Interest, Tho girl
(prang from tho hammock with a litho
activity that left It Bwiuging furiously
behind hor. Creeping forward cautious
ly beside him, sho gazed below. Far,
abrupt aud sheer, down tho precipitous ,
descent sho behold u man floundering in
tho rapids. A dog, dripping wet mul '
timorously wretched, was following him.
It was tho latter which had awakened
tho interest of tho gravo Aulus.
Both were in evident distress and en
deavoring to effect a crossing by leapiug
from bowlder to bowlder amll tbi
P- 0
' d .
Howard J1-Y
laqynr" o.p ppletom&'Co
whirling waters,
slippery mid moss
Hut tho rocks wen1 '
grown, tho current
dizzy mul swift. All at unco tho inauV
feet sllp'd ou a trcnchorntiH stono, and
ho tottered heavily backward. Ho sat
down rather than fell upon his wretched
dog, which was following him closely
with front lu leapt. Tho animal uttered
an agonizing yelp, and with a great splash
both dog and man were precipitated into
tho angry waters.
Tho girl throw her head back and
laughed long and musically In her sylvan
bowor. At tho unaccustomed sound a
mocking bird that had strayed into hor
retreat and perched upon a high limb
apparently for rest and meditation
turned his pretty head to ouo sldo mul
listened attentively, as If about to favor
her with an imitation. Tho antelope
trotted coyly up to her. Aulus, with
rapidly wagging tail and whimpering
muzzle, testified tho humor of tho catns
tropho from a canine RtanilMlnt. In
thin sympathetic merriment Cynthia
half reclined between her pets, ono arm
about tho hound's neck, tho other thrown
caressingly around tho already forgiven
fawn. Tho mocking bird looked down
approvingly and actually improvised a
fow bars of bubbling melody by way of
comment. Fully three minutes elapsed
in this harmonious interchange of oplu
ion. Then tho girl crept forward again
and peered below The man had oxtri
cated himself from tho water and was
seated, chilly mul miserable, upou a largo
rock iu tho middle of tho stream.
Cynthia now noticed that ho carried
a gun, tlio barrels of which had lccu
lllled with water during his recent iin
merslon. Ho was occupied in emptying
tho fowling piece, squeezing tho water
from his dripping clothing mid legard
lug with general discomfiture his pitia
ble plight. Tho dog at his sldo, with
cowering limbs and shivering hide, was
hardly less miserable and wretched aud
expressed In pathetic dumb show his
conviction that matters could hardly bo
worse at least from a dog's limited
point of view. Two largo mul heavy
feathered objects which tlio man had
Just cast down from the rock completed
tho group.
"What do you think, old boy'i" said
tho girl affectionately, taking tho hound
by both his largo ears aud gazing critic
ally Into his Intelligent eyes. "Had I
hotter help that feller or not?"
Aulus wagged his tail mid looked in
terested. All at ouco ho raised his head
and bayed loud and deep, with ii sharp
recoil, as tr he stood iu uwo or liis own ,
vocal efforts. Apparently this wns em
pliutio udvico that assistance was neces
sary. At least Cynthia acted upou it prompt
ly, Sho leaned far over tho cliff, hold
lug on by the low branches of u scarrod
and time ticntcn hemlock. A sunburst
from tho nodding boughs above fell full
upou her red gold head and shoulders.
"Oh, struugerl"
;- -n-
"A'ot io u, old lion," the until Madly. '
Her volco echoed musically down the '
rocks. Abovo tho noiso of tho rushing
waters, abovo tho sighing of tho tossing i
pines, it reached tho cur of tho hupless i
wayfarer llko a silver bell. Tho man
started and swept tho sides of tho ravine ,
with a surprised and earnest glance, i
Suddenly his gazo becumo fixed. Ho liu.l
espied Cynthia. To tho unfortunate
sportsman In tho gloomy chasm tho
bright face peering so curiously down i
upon him from its coign of vantage '
was llko an inspiration in the midst of
his distress. His fancy transfigured her
with nil tho graces of hopo.
Tho reply cumo clenr up to Cynthia.
Sho put her hand to her mouth to assist
hor volco and shouted down a word of
homely ndvlco:
"Throw them turkeys Into tho river! '
Don't you sco thot's what's kcopin you
back? Mako for tho shoro you've jes'
loft and go down tho bunk a llttlot I'll
bo dowu and help you over with a bout
Then tho bright, animated vignotto was
gone from his fascinated eyes. Nothing
was left but the precipitous wnll of the
ravino, with its fringing maiitlo of hem
lock mid pine.
I The man on tho rock remained for a
1 fow moments gazing upward. Ho smiled
with a frank good humor that throw a
genial light upon strong features, bronzed
on forehead mid cheek by exposure and
partially hidden beneath a light curling
beard, moro carefully trimmed than
usual ou the frontier. Although bo
grimed and generally disordered from
his recent contact with tho river's bed,
there was much about his dress to indi
cate tho gentleman. Ho woro knee boots,
well mado aud of modern fashion. His
jaunty hunting jacket had a stylish cut
and finish, the metal buttons being cm
bossed with trophies of the chase.
Tho hut upon his head was now and of
an excellent quality of felt. What was
moro unusual, it was becoming nnd
. tXJflhLSBifPA Jssfttt . kjnj ' CJCT bUsV
I honied in keeping with tho athletic
htilld, tho manly face mul bearing of tho
flguro It surmounted, Tho gun ho car
ried was breechloadfng mul double bar
reled, A cameo ring graced tho hand
that held it. Altogether ho looked tho
picturo of a comfortable ranchman over
taken by embarrassing circumstances, In
need of nothing so much as a warm fire
lido mul a dash hero and theru of soap
sad water.
Btich won probably his own opinion,
for after a fow moments' hesitation ho
i noted with promptness mul dispatch. He
i cast tho two turkeys Into the stream.
' hardly stopping to watch them iw they
i were homo away on the rapid current
to float to some vantage ixrint below
htm. Then ho looked hurriedly around
n second, shivered a little, pushed his
wretched dog off tho rock Into tho water
mid quite indifferent to tho pitiful yelp I
with which tho favor wuh received al
ruptly followed thoaniinal. Alternately
wading mul leaping from rock to rock
both gained tho shore, the dog immedi
ately shaking himself mul dispensing a
gratuitous shower that effectually
drenched his master where the river had
Tho man recoiled, opened his mouth
as if In angry protest, abandoned the
Idea with griinness and then looked
wrathfiilly around for a stono as more
direct aud persuasive iu canine logic
Finding, as usual iu such emergencies,
that missiles were not available, ami that
ho wiih confronted by bowlders and tree
trunks only, he abandoned n tempo
rary impulse to Impersonate Ajax mid
burst into u hearty laugh. Tho dog, a
handsome shepherd, which hud mean
while awaited dissolution with pathetic
resignation, took courage at once and
thankfully wagged a dripping tail that
distributed a watery benediction upoi,
tho surrounding rocks. Then ho was up
parently rendered delirious by tho pros
pect of farther advance dry shod and bo
cainoa frolicsome nuisance, demonstra
tive, unduly familiar mul generally un
bearable. The man interposed a fow
kicks of his heavy boot by way of com
mentary uK)ii this obtrusive pleasantry,
which was appreciated and had a salu
tary effect.
But hero both were surprised In their
diversions by a'louil call down tho river
that Indescribable vocal effort which
indicates a search. Tho man recalled
himself as if with regret for his forgot
fulnes.and hurried away over tho rocks
along tho shore, closely followed by hi
gamboling dog.
Cynthia awaited tho stranger.
was seated iu a tint bottomed Inmt nt a
wide bond of tho river, whoro tho water
that raged above dimpled past her in
sullen eddies. She had but lately rowed
across, and tho oars, thrown carelessly
down, woro beaded and dripping. With
maiden recklessness she hud benched the
little craft high and dry upon tho rocks.
Still In uo bouso discoursed by the
shock of landing and entirely soreno nt
toposslblodmnago to the boat rout the
rocont collision, sho sat quietly in the
stern, her hands crossed in her lap, but
her alert eyes glancing eagerly un mul
down tho bank in expectation. Evidently
the approaching meeting hud constrained
her to greater formality in dress than
usual, for she had donned the unfortunate
hat. it now proved to bo simply a soft
folt, the brim of which had lieen caught
up nt ouo side mid garnished with a rib
bon or two and tho wing already men
tioned a K)or substitute in feminine
eyes, doubtless, for tho exquisite follies of
' civilization, but worn amid her present
1 surroundings with a picturcsqucncss aud
dash that were not without their charm.
. Beyond her tho dark river, flowing with
Its slow but irresistible current, swept
calmly on its way. The faint green of
trees upon the further bunk, the sharp
outlines of rock nnd bowlder, framed her
graceful figure against a rugged back
ground. Tho noiso of tho waters above
cumo to her ear but faintly. High over
her head a red shafted flicker tapping
monotonously upou a withered limb ac
cented the lonely stillness of the ravine,
while at Intervals a sharp yelp of despair
, drifted across tho river where tho aban-
doued Aulus, distinctly discernible in the
J dim light, mounted guard at tho boat
' landing and bewailed her absence.
Tho girl sighed regretfully. Sho waved
hor hand from tho boat iu reassurance to
tho faithful animal.
"Keep quiet, old man! I'm comiu buck
d'rectly I" she shouted.
But her retlections were less amiable.
"I reckon thot chap allows me to lx
pretty nccoiumodutin waiting to ferry
him over till nigh onto sundown. P'raps
ho thinks it's my reg'lur business rowin
half drowned men and wet dogs across
the Colorado. P'raps," sho continued,
glancing down in tho bottom of tho boat
where tho dripping bodies of tho turkeys
sho had picked up on tho way over were
lying "p'raps bo reckons it's pleasant
entertainment haulin bis gomo into the
boat and gettiu soaked into tho bargain.
I wonder now naturally If thot's his
But hero a mournful succession of
buys nnd howls from tho aggrieved Au
lus interrupted her meditations.
Sho sprang to her feet, impatiently
seizing an our, as if to push the boat off
and recross tho river. A brief moment
sho stood thus erect, her blue eyes Hush
ing, tho indignant blood mantling her
cheek as sho placed the blade of tho oar
upon a neighboring rock and throw the
whole weight of her litho body upon It
But her efforts woro futilo. Tho un
wieldy scow remained fixed and Immov
able. Then there was a sharp clutter
among tho rocks, tho underbrush upon
tho bunk parted suddenly, and tho dila
tory stranger, followed by his effusive
dog, stood revealed before her eyes. Ho
stopped abruptly, smiled, aud dropping
tho butt of his gun to tho ground leaned
upou it with both hands upou tho muz
zlo. Tho dog, evidently burprUed at the
sudden meeting, sat dowu at ouco upon
his haunches, and with panting jawa ap
peared to bo Including in ono trouien
1 dous grin tho whole encounter and the
afternoon's incidents.
Thus surprised, Cynthia's resolution
t vanished beforo that charming ombur
' rassment which HHiictimcs overtakes her
.v She stood a moment irresolute sur
veying tH' easy self possession of the
nan before her. Tho next, tho oar.with
i shower of spray, dropped awkwardly
from her nervous grasp into tho stream,
Itecklesfl of tho effect of this accident
upon her future rowing, sho was Imme
diately overcome with solicitude for her
personal apicarauco, attempted to ad
just a struggling lock of hair, and finally
catching tip her fallen hat and sotting It
quickly on her head sat down, a very
bewitching picture of confusion, mul yet
not without an effort to assert herself
that only increased her discomfiture.
The man looked amused, but straight
way acted with tho docislon of a fron
tiersman, lie glancod at the floating
oar. Then ho stepped quickly forward,
placed bis gun iu tho boat, and lifting tho
Ikiw clear of tlio rockH by sheer strength
shoved It off Into tho current, stopping
In adroitly as ho did so. His dog, with
1 tho imitative faculty of his kind, at
' temptV to follow suit, but tho force nt
j tho launching being considerable only
' succeeded in catching ono foot ou the
i gunwale, whoro ho hung a miserable
second, until, falling in with a loud
' splash, ho began at ouco to swim after
the boat with ths usual whines of dis
tress. PStZzi
The dilatory utrunaer ntnod revealed be
fore her.
Strangely enough, It needed this pitiful
incident to restore Cynthia to her nat
ural composure With her affection for
dumb animals her assurance returned.
Sho leaned forward ami glanced boldly
up at tho stranger. Ho was standing
erect, using tho remaining oar as a pad
dlo nnd urging the boat swiftly iu pur
suit of tho lost ouo, which already iu tbs
swoop of the current was drifting rupid
ly away.
"Don't you reckon you better haul
thot poor pup in, jes' naturally?" sho in
quired, fixing her critical eyes upon i
him. I
Tho man glanced at hor In amazement
nnd burst into n ringing laugh.
"Certainly, if you say so," ho said good
nnturcdly, arresting his oar. "But to I
lift him in now means u shower bath for 1
both of us. It's n neat little way with i
him in roturn for such favors," he added,
with pardonable Irony in vlow of his re
cent experience. "However, I can stand ,
it," glancing down at his dripping boots
nnd trousers, "but I thought you'd object,
you see." i
"Don't you worry alwut mo," returned i
Cynthia frankly. "Them turkeys set
tled thot!" Sho paused and whipped her
bespattered skirt about her pretty ankles
by way of comment. Then, with a toss
of her head, sho went on:
"I reckon thot gobbler'll weigh nigh
onto i-Vi pounds. I hud all I could swing
to. It was nip and tuck for awhile
whether he'd pull mo in or I him, but 1
She laughed nnd touched tho great
turkey with her foot as sho exulted over
her exploit iu girlish triumph.
Her companion, having his attention
for tho first timo attracted to tho recov
ery of his game, thanked her wurinly
and applauded her achievement. His
praiso was received with apparent grati
fication and a sudden revelation of bril
liant teeth aud becoming dimples.
Meanwhile tho struggling dog hud
overtaken the drifting bout nnd was
muking impotent efforts to clamber In,
fulling back rupeutedly with ugouized
The girl sprung forwnrd suddenly and
caught him by tho collar. Sho attempt
ed to lift him in bodily, but without
success. With her limul still upou the
leathern strap, she turned impatiently
to the stranger:
"Aro you going to stand there as if
you was moonstruck nnd lot your poor
dog drown naturally?" she inquired.
Thus besought, the man stooped dowu,
and without moro ado lifted tho dog
into tlio boat, receiving at ouco tho cus
tomary tribute. It wns delivered on the
present occasion with a frankness and
devotion to detail that made it note
worthy. In addition to drenching the
two In tho boat, It rendered occupancy
of the seats unpleasant aud boating an
actual hardship.
During this animated cascado Cyn
thia covered her face with her hat and
shook with laughter. Tho man turned
his back upon his dog with manifest dis
gust. As soon as it was safo to do so he
faced about and regarded Cynthia with
grim amusement.
"Ho did right smart, didn't ho?" sho
l Inquired, looking up brightly nt him, her
i eyes still dancing with her recent merri
"For an ordinary dog," replied her
companion quietly, "a modest, uuobtru-
I ve, unassuming brute. I should think ho
j "I reckon so," sho said quickly. Then
casting u sudden glance down tho river,
j "Don't you reckou thero'd bo moro benso
In gottin thot oar than jes' wastin day
light talkin about your dog?"
j Tho brusque! s of this rebuke was
! lessened by a quiver of mirth that
twitched tho corners of her rosy mouth
and flashed from her mischievous eyes.
The man looked at her bcarchiugly and
, with a gravo surpriso at her abruptness.
' Without a word ho turned tho boat again
i Into tho current and began to paddle
with a rapidity that Focmed mi apology
for his recent negligence.
1 Until tho oar hud been recovered and
they wero rowing back agaiiibt the sullen
1 jurreut tho silence that had fallen bo-
w-.i rTj -wi.-rz TI .
f.een them both had been In marked'
t mtrast to their previous merriment.
This became so marked as they proceed
ed that Cynthia begun to bo distressed.
Tho suu un longor visited tho river in
occasional shaft? and stray glimpses. It
wns sinking below tho wooded heights.
A vaguo chill crept over tho river. The
trangor shivered and suddenly addressed
her. It brought a certain relief to Cj n
thlu. "Whoro do you live, young lady?"
Tho girl experienced a delicious tremor
at this form of address. His volco was
low and deep, and there was a quiet dig
tiity about bis manner.
"Up at tho ranch back of tho bluff."
"Whoso ranch?"
"And his name?"
"Dallas Alcides Dallas but tboy call
him Al for short that is, some do. lint
others call him Allsides Buck says it's
'cause he's uncertain iu his votiu. They
can't alters count on him for tho Demo
cratic ticket. My name's Cynthia."
Her companion, having already expo 1
rlonced tlio divine despair of tho average
Republican in Texas, was not wanting
in his appreciation of the woes of tlio
elder Dallas. Howbeit, ho made no po
litical comment beyond a gravo lifting
of tho eyebrows. But tho name haunted
"Cynthia," ho said, repeating it slow-1
ly. "Cynthia Dallas. How do you get
to your ranch, Miss Cynthia?"
"Not Miscynthla, but plain Cynthia,"
sho said, "or Cynthy, as father sas
But I hnto thnt. You can call mo Cyn
thia." Her companion looked up with a smile
as ho noted tho privilegoconvoyed by her
"Thanks," ho said simply. "Well, Cyn
thia, do you suppose your father has any
room at his ranch for a miserable, tired,
half drowned hunter a 'tenderfoot' we'd
better call him, for ho was fool enough
to let his horse walk off mul leave him
ou the bald pralrio while he was looking
up a turkey roost?"
Cynthia's curiosity mid sympathy wero
awakened at once.
"Your pony walked off and left you
I did he? Well, now!" Sho laughed. Then
i as her frontier instincts asserted them
selves, there was a little disdain in her
manner us she inquired, "Can't you tie
tho cowboy's hitch?"
Her companion felt the implied slur
1 for ho colored visibly under bis beard.
1 "I must have been careless, I suppose
or elso the knot slipped," ho replied apol
ogetically. "At any rato that's tho state
i of the case no horuo, rider wet, tired and
hungry, dog ditto. Do you suppose your
I miner can give Hiieuer lur uio iiigm iu
tivn triitiitistV"
I "1 reckon," said tho girl simply. Sho I
I stooped to pat tho dog's wet head com
I passionately. "Poor 'Dittol'" sho inur
I mured. Then, looking up quickly with
I u mischievous glance, "What's the name
of tho other trump;"
"He calls himself Henry Uruce, aud he
hails from the 'Mosquito valley ranch,
I of which you may have heard," returned
her companion, showing by a humorous
I twinkle that her sarcasm was appre
ciated. "Tho 'Mewmlte valley ranch!'" ox
1 claimed Cynthia, with an astonishment
I of manner thnt she did not attempt to
conceal. "Yo don't say! Well, Henry
Druco, I dou't reckon you'll have any '
, call to complain of the treatment you'll i
get from father. Burrin the fact that a ,
stray steer o' yours gets Into our corn i
bin now and then ho hasn't anything to
j complain of."
: All at ouco her thoughts reverted to
the ranchman's straying horse. Dumb
animals possessed a peculiar interest for
i Cynthia.
: "Won't that poor pony of yours get a
i wlialiu naturally';" she inquired. "1
i wonder where ho is now';"
I "I suppose his present address is
I 'Texas, on the Wing.' " replied her com
' paulon, with gravity. "On general prin
I ciplos, yei, I think I may safely say ho'll
havo an intelligent idea later of the ca
pacity of a quirt. Uut 1 shall have
plenty of time to consider all that and
possibly to get over my temper beforo I
sco him again. Meanwhile," he added,
with a shrug of his broad shoulders,
"I'm feeling a llttlo chilly aud very
much in need of dry clothing. Excuse
mo, Cynthia, but if you could hurry
matters a little aud get me homo it
would bo better for all concerned."
Tho girl responded with promptness
to tins appeal.
"1 reckon you're right," sho said
quickly and with a sudden blush that
was very becoming. "It's mighty alack
In mo to bo so careless sittiu hero bother
in you with questions and you freeziu
to death. Hand mo thet paddle."
She pointed out a small oar that had
hitherto luid unperceived in tho bottom
of the bout.
"Now, If you'll row for all you're
worth ugulnst this current I'll have you
at tho lauding iu a jitl'y. We're almost
there anvhow "
III Apology.
Elder Spiulklns, who keeps a store nt
Quohosh, was sent as temporary supply to
a pulpit in tho villago of l'odiiuk, four
miles away. Ho was Into at tho morning
service and thuss
"Jlrethren, I hopo you will pardon my
tardiness this morning, but tho fact is I
was kept up lato la,t night opening tho fin
est stock of dry goods ever brought to Quo
bosh. We will sing tho onu hundred und
third hyinn." Urooklyn Life.
"This is my latest scheme for calling at
tention to my wares," reinaiktd tho indus
trious poet and humorist as ho displayed an
tngrnvi-d letter head hearing thu follow iiil;
"In returning manuscript editors aro po
litely requested to luulosu stamps enough
to send It along to tho next olllee ou the
route." Tint h.
HjU'Cil thu l'arttni; (incut.
Sifter ThejNiy I grievously regret you
aro to leave our church, dear pastor.
Pastor Peaceful You should not grieve.
No doubt tho Lord will send you a better
bcrvmit to fill my place.
Sister Thoywi) I havo no such hopo. Of
thu last 13 pastors wo havu had each ouu has
been worse than the other. Texas Sittings.
Cancers injhe Neck
Torrlblo Choking Sensation
Mm. .nines linker
of Locust Valley, Long Island.
"Tour jenrs figo, nlillo living la Trinidad,
Coloraito, a small lump aiprareil on my neck,
which prailually swelled anil developed Into aa
InCrtiM-lr painful llrid aerr with a centr
(Weil with granulations llko shot. Another sore
appeared nn Inch or two distant, mul 1 had to
rIvo up nnd return to my parents In llrookljrn
1'hyslclans pronounced tlieia c.iuccm and
Performed An Operation
for their removal. I suffered a great deal
botoro tlio operation, nnd far worse, since. Ono
of tlio cancers, tlio smaller one, healed oyer but
was ns soro as crcr, whtlo tlio other did not
heal and was worse. Tlio physicians told me I
would have to submit to nnothcr operation, but
I said I would Dlo First
A similar lump a year ago oamo ou the right ild
of my neck. Tor many months I could swallow
only liquid or very soft food, nnd sometimes found
grrnl dllllrullr In pruning iiloml. At the
suggestion of a friend, I began taking Hood's
Barsaimrlll.-i, aud the only thing I regret Is that
1 did not tako It years ngo, nnd thus have pre
vented tcrrllilo suffering, for had I taken the
medicine, 1 sincerely believe I should not have
needed liny operation at nil. Tlicso sores are
now, after taking two bottles,
Completely Cono
and, I nm satisfied, permanently heated up.
Tho lump on the right sldo of my neck lias
nearly nil dried up, mid no longer causes me
Hood's s Cures
any Inconvenience. I can cat anything onct
more, nnd can mo my voice ns well ns ever."
Mks..Iami's Uaki'ii, Locust Valley, Long Island
Hood's Pills euro Nausea, Hick Headache.
Indigestion, llllioiisncss. Hold by Oil druggist
, - - -- -
This refers to Gas, whether used 5
as n fuel or no illiiuiinniit. Recent
S changes iu the home plant citable S
i The Lincoln Gas Go.
o furnish the very finest gas nt the
lowest figures obtainable any
where in the United Slates, under
similar conditions.
Fuel Gas is sold nt the exceed
ingly low rate of $1.!15 per thou
sand feet, and Illiiiniuatiiig Gas nt
$1.80 per thousand feet.
Call up Telephone No. 75 nnd
nrrnngc forn trial of this iinnp-
pronciinnic uici. House conncc- s
r: tions for fuel gas uindc without
charge to the consumer. There ;
S nrcovcrJJOO gas stoves in Lincoln, 5
costing on nn nvcrngcless than $3 s
P per mouth each for fuel. 3
FUBS and
Insured and gunrnntcod against tire,
choft and motliH. For tonus aud fur
.hor particulars, call on
From $.50 to $ 1 50.
Lincoln Stiff Hat Factory,
X. W. Oor. 13tu and O St.
Old Hnts Blocked, Cleaned, Dyed, and
made its good as New. All kinds
of Repair Work done.
Bond for tl National IIuii.ii
Kit, it monthly ji iirnnl dotuled
tn tiuilditiK interubtv- Kneh
number contains a enmnlvtit
wt of plims nwly to linild from. Trim. JUjo per
TOrilliKlncoiies'iclH. Heml for hook, "lliwin
I tiful Homes," coutiiiiiiiitl 2" pluns In colors. Kcml
I for cntiiloiiuo of plans, frtsi. Tint . National
1 Uuil.PKll, Adams Kiitcsh llullcllliK, I IiIcuko.
jMvAVittAVv. Aw