Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 13, 1893, Page 4, Image 5

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TIIK ."OUIUr.ll. mi Jt'itr. In itilvmiro
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ConlrllnillniiK nnl nil iMtintniinlnitltiiin rilnllv
to uona nml rtlltorlrtl mtIHr nhimhl ! iuI'IiimciI
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AIIIiiikIiimk lHim nmt rmlltnii.i' ulimilil li
mltliwil l Title mi' Mini t'niii.iiuimii . II"
roln, Nli- Ilrnllii, rliii V, mill iiittiltli nnlitu
tionlit to nmilo njrnlilf In Hi nrilrr til Hi rum
,,nl,Jr tih: coriiiru nini.iHiUMi oo.
Tim Honorable Lorenzo Croiuiso Iiiim
been governor of Nebraska four moid lis
and It doesn't retptlro any piirtliMilar
perspicacity to nolo that his Incum
bency of tho gubernatorial olllco has
had a chilling eiroet on tho republican
Since tho election last November
thoro havo hoon many complaints frmii
the active members of tho party, anil
Tin: Cniimu Is not overstating tho
faots wlmn It says thoro Is general ills
satisfaction anions loading republicans
over tho peculiar course or tho oxccu
If ox-President Harrison lacks
warmth, dovornor Crounso, If those
who have eonio In dose contact, with
him uro to ho tmllovcd, Is a moiinmoiit
of Ice -anil tho loo molts Just enough
to keep things good ami damp.
Tlio governor Is a man of great, exper
ience In pnbllo airalrs; ho has ability,
Is an Indefatigable worknr, anil I s cer
tainly an honorable gent Ionian; ''lit ho
has somehow failed to moasuro up to
tho party's expectation as tho chief
magistrate of tho stato and tho head of
tho party. As a pnbllo olllcor, regard
less of political considerations, ho is
dlgiilllcd and Imposing; but ho lacks
force. Ills good points are chlelly of a
negative character.
The election of Croiniso has been a
check to republican enthusiasm. Plac
ed in otllco by tho tremendous labor of
tireless workers, ho has snubbed tho
real leuderH of tho party, and positive
ly Ignored tho men who made his elec
tion possible. It is said that ho coun
sels with nobody, but regularly con
sults ius own 5ncllimMn:i. l'olllic,
doubtful, fearful of public opinion and
desirous of pleasing everybody, ho lies
Hates and delays and ends by provok
lug adverso criticism and bringing
about tho very condition of things ho
wishes to avoid. Irresolute, ho is wont
to speculate whou ho ought, to act.
It ta alleged, and these allegations
aro tho basis of republican complaint,
that Governor Crounse turned his back
on tho republican state central com
mlttee and mistreated his colleagues
on tho state ticket; that ho left demo
crats In otllco mouth after month, not
booauso.ho wautud a non-partisan state
govormont, but because he wasn't
bravo enough to make a choice among
republican aspirants; that his appoin
tees uro lu many Instances obscure men
who enjoyed his friendship years ago
rather than tho men whoso shoulders
aro tlxod to tho wheel to-day; that ho
Intentionally sighted Lancaster coun
ty and other sections of the state that
guvo him handsoius majorities; that ho
went out of his way to rolled upon tho
record of his predecessor In otllco, and
that hi the matter of the suit against
ex-Stato Troasuror Hill for tho recov
ery of stato funds ho mado the ox
treasurer a scapo goat a shield for his
own carelessness and haste in approv
ing tho bonds of the olllcers of tho Cap
ital National Dank; that he allowed
Joseph Garueau Jr. to remain world's
fair commissioner after ho had erectod
a Nebraska building at Chicago that
would disgrace tho heathen and olfec
tiially killed tho stato exhibit, and
thon.'whon the legislature passed a
now law, reappointed the man of
crackers and confused ideas.
Democrats arc deriving not a little
satisfaction from tho fooling that ex
ists hi the republican camp, and lead
ers of the g. o. p., as they consider the
present condition of things, llnd noth
ing that calls for any hilarious enthus
iasm. It Is felt that with Crounso lead
Ins tho imrty it Is going to bo a tlllll-
cult tusk to overcome tho prejudice
caused by the Impeachment proceed
ings now in progress.
eight years, wiim dollhorutoly sacrlllcetl
to this dreadful Moloch (ho third
death In one family in the past two
years Dial can do oliiirgeil up against
i Chrlsliiiu Hclcnce. According to the
I iiewspapnr reports, lids latest victim,
up to within a few weeks of his death,
was a model of health. When he died
last Saturday evening, ho was ".vi'stotl
.away to a perfect skeleton."
Tho lleatrlco Kxpross says:
Tho cause of his Illness, which was
only of about six week's duration, Is
, unknown, because there was no physi
cian In atteudiini'o except tho Chris
t lull Kcleui'n priests. It. Is presumed
that death resulted from common tape
worm. It Is of course well known that
no serious results need follow from
this very common complaint if given
the slightest attention, ami simple,
well known remedies that are known In
i every household. These were denied
the child and he was permitted to die
from criminal anil careless neglect in
order that his deluded parents might
alllrm their slavish adulation of tho
principles of a fettishlsin that Is a ills
grace to tho civilization of tho nine
teenth century.
Within the last few years there has
been a considerable number of deaths
lu lleatrlco that cannot be regarded
otherwise than as the work of this
shameful fanaticism, and It is high
lime that the people should rise up
and exterminate tho growing evil.
To permit the devotees of this dan
gerous propaganda to continue to de
lude innocent persons into saorillclng
their own lives or the lives of others Is
wicked, ami tho people of lleatrlco owe
It to themselves to scourge the city of
tho Christ Ian Hclence disease.
It is a foul blot on tho fair name of
lleatrlco and the state, and tho wiping
out process cannot bo commenced too
soon. It has been delayed much too
long already.
Is IT true that the "business
ests of the city demand a later
for t he closing of t he saloons V
Tin: printing combine Is too exclu
sive. With m tunny on tho outside a
a row was Inevitable.
Woiik has begun on tho U street
duct. Next I
Hank failure Is as "catching" iin the
Tin: imi'KACIIMI.nt of state olllcers
may bo a matter of some Importance;
but as a public Issue It pales Into In
nocuous Insignificance beside the all
absorbing tpiestlon, Can Hoss Ham
mond Write Toetry? There has been
an extended discussion of this moment
ous theme, thus far without dellnlte
result. Chief among the ditlcultles in
tho way of a satisfactory answer to
the question is tho inability of tho dis
putants to agree upon a standard of
comparison and it all depends upon
tho standard by which tho poetry ss
Judged. .Mr. Hammond writes some
thliiK which when put in print and
scanned from a distance looks like
pool ry, and judged by the bright gems
dashed olf in idle moments by Major
J. 1). Kleutsch, It really seems to bo
real poetry; but when compared to the
more pretentious etforts of the bard
of Mr. Frank Tj. Hathaway's seml-
wee'-ly Sflitc Journal. It becomes tint,
stale, and uuprotltable. Mr. Ham
mond's recent alleged poetic flights
havo brought that gentleman Intlultoy
more notoriety than any prose he ever
wrote; but for tho sake of his family
and those who will live after him lie
will do well toconllno his pen lu the
future to that variety of prose which
has made the editorial department of
I'Vemont Tribune a source of constant
joy to tho people of Dodge county
and the entire state, and wo trust that
Mr. Hammond will accept our sugges
tion in the same kindly mid atrectloii
splrlt lu which It is made.
Tin: CoritiKii Is not published for
purely philanthropic purposes; but it
would like to do all the good it can,
ami surely it Is something to give away
transportation to Chicago and return
during the world's fair. The manage
ment of this paper would like to see
hundreds of people take advantage of
this opportunity. It should bo borne
In mind that as an evidence of good
faith, applicants for worlds fair trans
portation aro required to tlrst obtain
twenty-live new yearly subscribers to
Tin: CouitiKit.
It has been said that Lincoln does
not appreciate a high grade musical
entertainment. There will be an op
portunity to disprove this statement
Tuesday evening, when the New York
Symphony orchestra, oniler the direc
tion of Walter Damrosch, will give a
concert at tho Ionising theatre.
13ontrico,ioiietnited by thowators of
tho gentlo Ulue, tho prido of ouo of tho
lhu'st sections in this fair state, Is a
beautiful little city. I to people uro pro
grosslvo and its futuro is promising.
Yet in this enlightened and enter
prising community there oxists and
tlourlshos a foul disease that can bo,
ami most certainly should bo checked
mid wiped out. It is as bud as
TiiKiti: is something disagreeable
about tho name bestowed upon the col
lect ton of world's fair buildings by tho
Chicago newspapers, The White City
smacks somewhat of a graveyard, and
the big fair Is not a graveyard yet, not
withstanding the anathemas of the
New York newspapers.
Wo no comes from Louisville that
Iko Lansing has not only been given
tho freedom of the city, but has been
placed in possession of the entire stato
of Kentucky. On his return'.to Lincoln
ho will leave It on deposit with tho
Honorable Henri Watterson.
A 'lull' nf Inn Miii'li l.iiw Wliiit Lincoln
I'l'inlnliilty i:i'iii'il.
Padcrowskl did not bring his long
hair to Lincoln, Omaha was favored,
mid from all accounts his recent ap
pearnuce in the Missouri Itlver town
was attended with tho usual excitement
on the part of susceptible femininity.
There was tho customary heart -flutter
Iiium, and any amount of Incense was
burned before the altar of the musical
divinity. Perhaps tho following from
7'oii'H TupicM may convey some faint
Impreslon of the narrow escape of the
womenkiiid of this city In too slight
put upon Lincoln.
Kcene: Tin' new kinijtlttin of I'mlir
I'U'itkiiiuit, wliivh in riniiiiimril of I In'
toii'uno LitlliHimi, iiiih'illi', llmibwini,
ami hinmnciniii'1,: A'liif 1'iiiti'ri'wnki,
with iiiiii'fiillnizrit crini'im pnrliril on
liin chriistiiithi'iiiitui, hUh on a livnp of
prontriiti' iiiiiiilvn.i anil wrformn u
ti'mlrr com iioni lion of his own on o ih'
writrr. On nil nidi's wtnnrii nee ilroj)
pinu ili'iiil from ulnrr ics1117. Tln'ji
cnjon it, unit wonlit not iivoiil mti'h it
itvlii'ioUH daitli it if tlii'H vault!. A ilvpit
ttttion from .o (( nilvituvvs,itftvr thv
Willi npiilitiisr that followa thv irvitt
virtltoso'H ltvrfortntnivv him vvnxvtl, unit
lrvtivntn 'I Ihii'Ii'h'h Jlowvr ntorv to thv
liii(i. Ilv titkv.i it with it hi'iIi of wvitri
ni'irn unit nnli' to lv Ivft alonv.
Tin: I'iii:.hiiiknt or Tin: Lu.i.yuao
Ii:i.i:oation (( iiottini woman with a
liiliaitu viv anil rvrn vohl hanih) Ah,
great. King, turn not from us. Wit
would linger near thee, that tho grate
ful glow of thy golden aureole may
shed itself upon us, and Irradiate witii
supernal splendor tho erstwhile gloomy
corridors of our souls.
1vpi:iii:wski vlvratinti hix Ivft vnv-
hrow intwrojintivvlii) l)ein gorrldors
of tier soul, vat. tier tlellVl Isski dose
tings? I vitchyou voulilsplksl Poland;
item Amkerlltcli luuklltcli Isseut
hrutty, not by tlamsitc, nut I unter
stoot. not vat in means by tloso tings I
you hafski said.
77it' tlvtvyat ion from .(( .sicoom
ittthvKimnilofthv, irvitt maun voivv, i
unit in rvmovvil in amliulanvvn. Itx
pltti'V is Ittkt'H hi thv tlvlvuittiou from ,
lllistvria, linnet! with svissars to vttt
sou vvnirs from thv kind's topknot.
Tin: Piiksipknt of Tin: Hystf.hia Dki,
f.oation O monarch, whoso bright and
burnished brow has ne'er known the
profane touch of barber, look thou
upon us anil smile. O Seraph, with the
long Illy lingers ami amethystine eye,
we would snip small strands from thy
Chaotic locks antl wear them coiled
forever about, nnr ntiivei'lmr linnrtw O
bounteous ininsuV , ",'.V. 'laves have'
come to worship thee and do thy bid
ding. What, oh, what act shall wooer
form to prove our adoration, whatshall
wo bring to thee us symbol of our
Papf.iikwski Prlng ein larker peer.
77n' majvstji of thvsv worils ovvrvomvs
thv ilv!v(Hitiou from lllistvria, whivh
proinptlj faints from thv bliss of thv
situation anil is taken to thv hospital.
Thvn arrives the ttvlvaatioii from Fail
villv, brinaimi rose finrluntls anil unto
iiraph albums.
Tin: PitKsiPF.NT of tiii: Fapvii.i.k
Di:i.i:uation lookiim as thouah she hail
turn tlti out of auvivnt (Irvvvv. ami
livvil on pivklvs) Man of men, havo
mercy, and love us! We yearn, we
burn, we are In a bail way. Ah, trail,
thy cool, prc-Kupliiicllto lingers over
our brows and breathe thy perfumed
sighs into our ears. Wo will shampoo
thy radiant head three times each day
with tears wrung from our Innermost,
tucho wo will tie, between kisses, bows
of baby-blue ribbon. Wilt love us,
flower of thy sex, or wilt let us die from
loving thee?
Padi:iikwski Hero! IsdissKrromeo
aut Shoolletski? Vat tier detrel vaut I
tloso bloo riiiiions on tier cuts off my
muchturchski, ant py vat orlvilcch
voultl you jampot) my hair vit tears?
Kirls, you till my nose vit plushes, (io
triuk icekrem sotlus aut blow oil'
Ilv turns to thv tjipvwritinn mavhiiw.
( ti lleethovvii sonata trvmlilvs from
hisjluiivrs. Thv tlvhyat ion from Fail
villi' v.vpirvs on thv sixth bur, antl is
bornv a wan '" hvarsvs. Thv lailivsfrom
Throbtown ailviinvv'jiml vast
on thvir favvs before" his majvsti.
Tin: Phf.sidf.nt of Tin: Tiikoiitown
Df.lkoation Kill uswitlua look Idol,
Divinity, King! These other slaves of
thine needed to hear thy voice before
they succumbed. We will fall dead if
thou wilt but glance at us. Listen, antl
thou wilt hear the blood throbbing in
our temples, on our lips, and against
our bosoms. It throbs for thee, thou
tender titillator or tho ivories. 'Tis
true, wo huvo throbbed before. We
havo throbbed for Kelcey, Hollow, antl
Jean tie Kes.ko, but wo have not
throbbed as the ocean throbs till now.
Never till now was our throb all-consuming
antl fatal. We aro dying of It,
master, and ere the lessor heavens
shall dawn boforo us, wo beseech that
the paradise of thy ga.e may fill our
soul with rapture.
Padkukwski Vat voollshnesses! Py
Chinksy, vo must pilled icohousses for
tleso laties. Here, you go away, now.
Ven 1 gonsonted topecome dor kink of
ilis gommoouity, I stihulatcd tint tlere
must pe some vagashuns, put I nolfer
get a tarn vaga.huu yetski. I'm egg-
shotletl. Der tlempalratiiro Is like
tic m Diirklch pads, ant, makes mo ber
splro at oll'ory bore. Kirls, I kend staut
It any lonker. do vorship some otter
vellcr vit Innk hair for a veek or so
vile I reoooporato.
Hut thv tallies from Throlitoint have
not heart! his wonts, havina itietl with
n seraph ie expression on their fares as
soon as I'mlriewski t neurit his iaze up
on them. Then eomes the tlelrnutiou
from limeiniek, lookiua tletermiuett,
huii(irii, antl feverish . I'ailerewski turns
palv anil tries to eseape, tail the nirls
are too tpiiek for him unit surrounil
him witii rarvuousi'iies.
Tin: Piiksipiint or tiii: Kikhmkomck
I)i:i.i:oatio. !n7( smokv vom inn from
her mouth, earsaml nostrils) Padcrow
skl, wc love lliee, and are regularsteam
engines at Hie business. There is no
falling dead about us. We are here to
twine our arms about thy neck and
thou must submit to the twine. (Mo
rions example of lluriie Jones' best art
with Just a tlash of Whistler h( thy col
oring, wo are herewith our ardor and
our muscles in prime condit ion, and wo
need exorcise, (let ready to be ca
ressed. Thou art the modtd, the apo
theosis of perfectly poetic masculinity,
antl we like thy style. We have a
special kiss that, wo shall devote to
tliee. It begins on Monday and cutis
thirty six hours later. It Isn ilissolver,
containing one hundred and twenty vi
hratious to tho minute. All, if thou
hatlst wished to escape us thou
shoultlst not havo played so well anil
thoiishoultlst have worn less hair. The
combination was too much, and now
thou must sulfertho tiinsetpieiices. It
will be a sweet ileal h after all. Think
of It! Thou art to be suflocatetl with
lovel Girls, gather him in!
There is a mail rush, a vonfuseil
svramlilv, in whivh arms, leiis,faees ami
whirlinn skirts arv vluiotivatln inter
niiiiutett, ami I'ailerewski sinks tlown
likv a strivkvu ilvvr with a littlv blent of
tlispuir. Hours pass ami the skies
tlarken. Then the ileleaation from
Kissmeiiuiek tiriuliiallii leavvs its vivlim
am! passes stlentln mean into the shml
ows. On thv firouml thvrv is a susiwu
tlvr buckle ami a vuff button. 'I hvsv
arv all there is left of poor I'ailerewski.
Mr. Wilson, our Now York buyer, has been negotiating with
Now York parties for tho past threo weeks to buy an iramonso
mill output of Laces, Hosiery, Mitts, Men's Scarfs, Ladies' and
Gents' Undorwear, White Goods, Domestics, Dress Goods, etc. The
sale was finally consummated last Thursday, and goods arrived
yesterday. To the ladies of Lincoln and vicinity: If you have
never attended a sale, bo sure you come to this one. WE START
Woi'tlt tip to $2.00.
Choice i'oi' 50c. yd.
o to is ixaimw wiun:.
Irish Point Laces !
Point do Gene Laces I it I I
Point do Irlandc Laces J J
Spanish Guipure Laces
Manufacturers' short lengths, from 1A to 7 FOR
yards, in ecru, white, tan, and black, rcall rvUr.irvr-,
thread Laces, hand-made Laces I O H O I O tl .
Worth 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, and $2.00. Your pick
this day, 50c. a yard. This bargain alone
should crowd our store all day.
45-Inch Lace Flouncing.
5 pieces all-silk Black Lace Flouncing, the probable value, no
doubt, about $1.50. Pick at
92c. a Yard.
IIimhI' l-llln
Act especially upon the liver, rous
ing it. from torpidity to its natural du
ties, cure constipation and assist diges
tion. Ask your grocoryman ftir tho "Wll
her Holllng Milts" l-'lour, Chas. liar
very, proprietor. Kntpilro for
"Little Hatchet,"
"Nickel Plate," anil
"linkers' Const unco."
Every sack warranted.
i:iiliimi'n llntviiril'x I'jtro IUimi cli.
Lincoln, Ni:n., April 1, '0.1. Having
used Howard's Face Iileuch with tho
most sat Isfuctory results, I take pleas
ure In recommending it us ...erior to
nil other prepurutlons'v.t curing black
heads, pimples e;;.l all diseases of tho
skin. ' Mils. H. D. Catlin,
Facial Massouso.
Whltobroast Coal and Lime Co.
Misses Hoggs &. Catryn, dressmaking
Parlors. Fine stamping. 1.111 M street,
'phono 510.
Thi' iininc nl t till cnrporutlim oluill liu Urn
Courli'r ln l1 1 nil I iiu- rniiiiiin.v.
'.'. Tim irliit' iliint of trmiKiirtlnir IIhIminI
mN ulnill IihIii III,. 1-ll.v ul Lincoln, I.iukiiMit
.mint.-, tnli' nl
.'I. Tim KcniTill ii iilum nl tlio liu.lni'rm to lio
trniiKiti'ti'ilHliiilllin t hut nf putilUliliiK. rlrculat
Iiik mill miilntiilnliiK tievninr.
4. Tin. iiimiiint tif riipitnl Htnck iiiitliiii-ltiut
hIiiiII In. f tKiu, nil Hiilianllii'il anil fully pulil up
lirfur.' Hut .'iiiiiiiiiMif.'im'in tit liii.lneHH,
ft. 'I'll nininiivini'iit ot till roriiorntlnn
hIiiiII tic nn tin- Unit iln.v of Mm.v, A. P., I .:., nnil
rmitlniii. tnr n perlml nt nun liuiuliril .vi-nni unlcMi
nlKiilvi'il li.v iiiiitiinl ronoftit nt nil nt thn tml.
IiiiIiIith nr li.v ilu prni i'hh ul law,
II Tin liittliK-l iiiniiuut otliiili'titi'ilni'HH or Mil
bllltA to nlilcli tlii.ii'iiriiiralliiii Ik nt iii.v nun
IIiiih In nlij..t iim-ll nlinll nut uxccmI uiii-llltli nf
tliiM'iipltnl Htink pnlil In.
1 TI IIIiith nt llilx I'orporntlun clinll lio rv
timiril nl lUni-tnr rnii'lMtluii nf nut Ii-h I Iiiiii
tlinit iiii'IiiIiith i'Iiiim'ii frmii unil liy llm Btnik-hulili-rx,
n urmliti'llt. ll t.'ritiirv nnil I r..iinr..r
mill iri'iii'nil inmiiniiT, to lio .Iki-imi from I lio I
iiiviiiiii'ih oi ini' iiuiirii nt uirt'i'iorH.
Our offer to give half a dozen finest photos when you have traded
ten dollars expires the 22d of this month.
Bring in your tickets and have them punched.
1109 O Street.
Tlio nmiin of thU rnrporiitlon nlmll tip tliu N .Stntc Hum!.
'.'. Tln'prluclpiil plnriMif trnimnctlnir It" luml
iii'hm nliull lii In tin, city f Lincoln, Lmimnter
enmity, N.liriiMkn.
:i. Tlio ki'IiitiiI iiiitnrH ot tin. lnlHnt-i to li
trmimtctiMl nlmll ln thut ot eiiilppluc nnil iiniln
till lit n ur it tin ml mill (iirnlnliliiK 111111116 lit public
nnil private iIuIiikh.
4. Tliumnuiint of cnpltal Htnck autliorlZi'ili.iiil
nn iit iiiuiiHiiuu ouuarH, uiiicii xiiaii ii niii 1
Hcrllicil tor nt thn rnmiui'iiceuictit of IiiihIiuhh anil
un pi'rci'iiiot Hiiicti Hintu lii-piililln licfore ilia
roiniiii'Uci'iut'nt of hiiIiI liulniwn tinlniiiv pnlil In
nt hiicIi tlinen ami umliT mirli clrcuniHtanicH 11
tliu Ilnnril of Dln-ctorH mnv direct.
B. Tliiii'omniunri'UieutottlilHi'orporfitlmiHlmll
bnou tln ftrnt ilay of May, A.I). 1MII, nml nliall
eoiilluiii'fnr a perioil of tHnnty-llvu .vhiith iiiiIhh
iHhhiiIiimI liy 11 ill til ul roiiHcnt of a majority ul tlio
tuck IioIiIith or liy tin. proown of law.
0, At no tluinaml iiikI.t no i'uiiiIIUuiih hIiiiII
thin corporation miliji-ct llm-lf or Ih'coiiih llalile
furmiy ilnlit nr llalilllly nt any iiiiturti wliati--tit.
7. Tiii otllci'rH nf tliU i-nrpurutlnn hIiiiII Iim a
Biuinl ot lilrri'iorH roiinlHtliiKuf not Ichh than
iiicliilii'rH ihnni.n frmii anil li.v llm ntoik
holili'rn, 11 irrnlilriit, a Ici'-prfHlilnnl, a nin'rntary
ami tri'iiHiircr. a uvncral inanauerall to liechDHcu
from ll mlivmof tlm lloanl ot Dlrwtor nml
a l 11 nil iiiaitcr.
lu the illHtrict court ul l.iuiciiliT cuuiity, Ni
tiniHka. In llm mnttiTot tlm t-Htatu ot John oinHon, iln-
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lll ri'limlu opoii line hour.
Nki.hon 0. IIiiuck,
AilinlnlHtrator ol thnnHtntn ot John tlli-nou.iln-cciih-mI.
Ily I'ouuil nml llurr, attorney for ndinlnU
tralor. H11I.1I May lu, 1VM.
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than the onus we show this season.
The stock embraces all the season's
very latest novelties, and when com
pared to other houses, the prefer
ence for our goods is always shown.
If so come to our store
(lucements in all lines.
next week. We
hi if
L. Meyer & Co.
108-110 North 10th Street.
Rambler Bicycles
There is a certain air of distinction
perhaps you have noticed it.
about RAMBLER riders-
People give them credit for being competent to judge a bicycle
r knowing a GOOD THING when they see it.
PllKSIIlK.NT Clovt'liinil will, it is Sllitl,
soon iroiimlKuto an ortlor tit tlio t'll'ct't
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ial executive, permit in order to ut
into Wasliinnton, -Mr. Cleveland, wit li
his rules, is ulviiitf a new meaning to
the i Jeffersoniiiu simplicity.
cholera. It 'is a kind of a moral lepro
sy ctiHotl Christian Science, which lu
licntrluo moans sacrificing human life
on tho nltar of a disgraceful, heathen
tali, mid almost inconceivably harhar
lous fanaticism.
A few days ago Clyde l.eunott, aged
Tin: Xkiiuaska Prison Reform Asso
elation starts out with a large sized
object lu view; but there is no reason
why It should not be successful. It
should bo warmly encouraged by the
An air of confidence
of RAMBLER riders,
utmost confidence in it.
is clearly marked in the graceful bearing
They KNOW the wheel they ride have
Absolutely Pure Justly It.
Knowing that RAMBLERS are high grade, and are sold at list
price only, people do not look upon RAMBLER riders as frequent
ers of " bargain shops."
" All Ramblers have G. & J. Pneumatics."
E. R. GUTHRIE, Sole Agent,
1540 O Street.