Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 22, 1893, Image 5

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ii.vv maiBir 'wv ",m u -w .-v f -- - 11 im
cHp'' f ?-frt ?i-- -III I r r f r I fir il I Ilf I i
mill wide runuo of work of wlili'li Miss
I.j mi Is both rnpahlf unil ailnpteil
sit- port I'll tln rli irneti r of tin1 "ly
lish, winsome ami petted, happy
ilmiKlitt-i- in llir llr-t url "I""! clinriu-
Illtfl.V. Illt like It llll-fts i'M'I'J expci-
tutiiin Inter wlu-n petty .inl InnMil Is
laid aside for sunpnt lift If M'lilit.v of
till' OCCIl-loll Till M'l'llll I'lIfftS, on
peclully tin- work shop In tlif M'fonil
act. wen- excellent. Tin company N
eM-nly hnlauo -d and was most fiithusi-
a-tlrally iveencil. tlir. f fiirtalii calls
bcliitfdcninndeil after tlif second aft.
Many of tlif best companies lire oio
inr thoseu-nn mid tpiito a bunch of
t ho in nif ulrfiuly In Now York. II l
thoii(,'lil anionc wi-torn ninniiucrs that
tin- world's fair will flit I'tilton Humo
in tlifiitrlftil business mul us the sfii--on
i- nlioiil oM-rMay 1st, ninny fnushler
it wie tn ipiit now. Here nif -onif of
thrill mill tlieiri-lnsliiir iliite-:
Shallow- of a (irrat City April
Afro tlif I'otoiiiiif. April I.Y
Tli.' still Alarm. April IV
r'hitf of Tn April V
I''aiinif MiiM-nport. May I.!
A swell Allalr. April V
Thr Kn-ljjn. April :M.
" Fdwln llnnforil. April -.
.lohn Drew. Ma, -T.
irisiiicr-ln i-. April -I".
A Nutiuee, Malfh. April s.
Tlir Stnuiiwn. . April 22.
Anna W'lird-Tilluny . April '12.
Thus. V. K April -22.
A. M. I'lilinc r's i-oiupiiny . Ma, IH.
Mnrciiret Mathfr. Decc inhfi1 l.
Tlif aliow I- lint a partial ll-l anil
tho-c marked haw either ill-hanilfil
or failfil.
-I'li-ltiM' old coilfff r bus two sous, inn I
of win in i- M lltfht-uni-ti'il, ffiithfi1 I
hfinli'il oiii , whoso llnir anil iimih-v
run t ultra fii-hloniihlf clothes mid
lloli-i n i Tin other In a iiil 'I a
poiiriu-: iliuiilllcd fhap. Iiiim- m n
ei'iil upi'curnurc and ilo portinc nt e i
politely a iIit 'i tin; mill M-ry olijfftion
nhlf f lianif ler. The ollorl of iilo
IlilWse. wllieli Im tile mime of I llf it til
oils hero of tin' -tiny, w ho-e llcl'MUls
syst Mil I- ho e.implftf l, lipet b. th'
Ufiifi-al disregard of tin world for
what lie fin Inch to he llle dill, of i
i i 15 () Stti'i'l, Opera 1 louse
Comei, Lincoln. Neb.
Exclusive Styles !
The mm i et of out- Inline n-e liUHinesn Is in
f'Mislanll.x I flny ahlf lo show now IiIoiih
ami spifial shapeM, Imported ami inanii
I in -1 III I r.pielull for II-. Noil will llml
II to oiir aihnntnu'e to eamlnf mil
nioelt mill prlee- hefore ordering a HAT
I oi I I ami I'Jlh mII'im t-. I'mler the I'llllki
$1.50 $2.00 Kid
Gloves lor 59c.
Tllll .u, ...inn, anil rVf-lfrifW J "'l t l"'- tl Z
ousaainirers iiii.iii-ik n.i. ..-:-...... '",,",,, ."
1 Moinla.v ' leiituie w.ih a "lint nriu. .ir. n. ..
lar"e uee-e of tills city, a nieniDer 01 un
cut to I f lnh. was (Irill-nia-tf r. anil -howfil hl-
Uiiowiii tnilninu at tlif I ntvf isity 01 .Neiira-mi
by the "liar r r eh: wliifli lie
ejaeiilated ever and anon. The lumi
nal of hat-and -nine, peculiar perionn
This is
Ward liavf nnnif
.-..In wit- fnll.v dfinon-tratf
.vfiii.i-' at tlif IinsliitfwlH'ii
mid nltnivil nnilifiieo was pr
applaud and adnilif the wfll
..ii ,.f tln-o L'reat tal1s
their llt joint miutIiik tmu-mid if tlif
wmil of thfsu Hftitlenif n Is to he taken
for it. and It certainly oiijrlit t ) he um1.
thev ure doiiijr " In-lHcssiiU ,v,,, ,;,,'
Sun'iV ilonmin fXfJllf.l only hy tin
famous tours or Mouth and Mirrott.
That the two tratffdiaiiH are wfll
mutfl for joint work all will admit, for
thi.iriii-tlnn.wliUoli..tli iiclntr super ,.
ha- a M-paratf ilUlm'tlmi f"'1 "'
.Imnc I-larye and rohu-t. has a U-1
.r.f nil vole and inaUc. np f.xff llentlv
7 i.i i,..n..i..rsimil heavy ifiul-
lOl OUl lilllll ..
i...r n!iri.s. while Ward 1-01
arc more sprightly
tlllr. thf hill f''l-
man of all around
in nihfllo. tin- -flretion
l lllllf u-
and liftter
a jrciifral
for this re
.1 . I .....j llllll llllllMlf
Cll-lol . Till piece "' I
,misv and arti-Meally piv-fiited and
an hardly imagine a more cum-
'iiilnet on. .- iin-
..i..... .ii. Iuttii' on
. . . . .. f. .1... to ii
.Mom1. .Mr. .lame- piv.-eiu- ."
character, at times li-lit lieartcd am
seiitimeiital. then aain -tern am
illssultlfil. Mf uavi- n l'i';nv o
otl.cllo that was both pleasing and
v.-ry -atl-factnry throuylioiit. llf
wii- mo-t royally -upportfd hy Mi1
i i ... i..,, uiiii.o manl.v lifariny.
illil u-" i" ..
iMinniiiy tivachfiv. and clear delivery
nmiii for him many friends and
leartv applan-e Imth characters
were 'heautifully ilf plftf'l: ',,l11 llf,,,r
itv ill wus nlvi'Mthfin. M -I'liiipman
I)i-ileiiiiniu w.i- rflrf-liini nro
lllices 111 tlif nil OI lliari'lllim were
none through with to tho imisii of thf
hanjo flub ,-cateil in tin oifhf-tra.
The mullein tvipitivd two re pi titions,
which wcif ehfii with variation-.
Tin .MieliiL'an fll (of four-fi con-
fludfd tin concert, nother time, if
the clubs visit us In their miuuiil tour.
It is to he hoped that more pain- will
bit iken to 1ft tin- publif know of tin ir
f iiniii!,'. and as l.iiifoln i-rarfl, vi-itfd
by attritftioiis or tlif kind, it is be
lieved that u larger audience will
await thfiu. of c mr-f college men
will alwiiv- turn out and renew memo
ries of tin "any collo!'o widow."
"hoardiii!,' club beefsteak," and other
old friends, it wa-allne entertain
iii"iit and de-erved a full liou-f.
Tin follow in.' are tin important lit
tractions aniiouncfil for next week in
New York: The Theatre id Arts mid
1,'tl'rsat I'aluier'-: "A Tripto ( hina
town" at the .Miidi-on Sipiare Tlieatre:
o-e and t'hai'lfs Cojihlan in "'ra
Volllii(;toii"at tin I'irtli Am iiiic: "Thf
t'ru-t of Soeietv" at the Mroadwiiy
Tin at re: 'Arabian N.j,'ht-" at thf
Stanilaril: V. II. (Vain at tin Star:
Viiinlf villi at I'rof tor's Thfiitrf: "A
Tf.asStffr"at tin Itijini: "'I'lu (iuiirds
man" at tin l.ffinn: "Tin llhifk
Crook" at tin Afiidfin.v of Muxli:
IJo-iiiu Vokf- at's: AlfMinilff
SaH in! at the new Mauhitttmi Ipera
llou-e: Wnlkff Whitfsiilf at t u 1'iiion
Squari: "Tin tiirl I Left llehiml Me"
at the new Kinpirr Tlif at if : "'i'lu Span
of Life" at the Fourteenth Street Tliea
tre: ".lane" and Lottie Collins at the
Craml Opera I luu-e.
"A IIkti Tlim" Tim Kill.
Tin popular farce comedy by the
above inline w ill be seen at the l.mislllt,'
tonight, mid a Hue time of fun, fr ilic,
music mid dancing Is promised.
Speakiii',' of this perforiniinfi at the
opcuiii;.r of tin present -ea-ou in I'hila
dflphiii, tin Kvf iiIiih: Star -a,s:
"Despite the inclemency or the
weather, tlif Kinpiro thcatie wa- well
llllfd la-t uiulit. the attraction hcine;
Kit and Web-t -r and their merry
company in "A I live. Time." This
piece Is om ol I lie ne-l larce comedies
all. fnrnisli iiimi.v of tin hiiinoroii-coinplicallon-
ami the tin im of thread
nt oittiit whifh mid upon wlin-li depend
the whole mci r, ma.
Moth Million and Hart are Mini to be
Wfll llttfll for tllfir fspeille roles.
Ill thf company besides Ihe-e 111,'ief
able principals are .lohn McWiule.
Mollie Fuller. Al Wilson. I'miuif
lllooilu; miiI, Alice Calo Carrie De
Mar. Donald llarohl. Florence Hell.
W. s Francis. Mabel Nichol
N'lfhols. Marry Milton. Ailelahli
Crawford. Cforue Mf Donald, and t
."Mttnc t title
cx.nulcr Uid !!
(In (ti:ilily sultl
Willi Ii
.lyu r butoit lioiu tin- unpin lets of ihcAI
u i's .mIuiiiI M (lni :i of i t-iil i;lovcs of
ntnlri tin .lc,in(li'i anil Napoleon brands,
an- ti'laikd c ct w hcic at lioni lo .t2.J5 per
pait Tltrv urn pail oi a lai",r lot which denied the entiro
siui U on hand al thai lime and wen sold so llml (hey could
In teiniled at Si. 5 pel pair. The assoiimenl nt first in-
l.ulii ii'lntled all tlrstrnhle shades, st les anil lengths, and wc sold
ipiidiiy nltottt twn-lhirds uf out puie'nase. We hnvc now on
liand abntil luenlv doens, most of iheni four and live button
I I. .1 null l.-miun Mini
nil lillli-IB ., , ,. ., ; .., ,y
llkfd. All of thf Mciifi'.. properi.N leiiius. .nu ine 11.1111 m 1111111 in siii.iu mii-m i,;, 5-Xj.,
D, f)' . f' ) huh wc offei to our pnl tons at lite 1 idtculousl'
lowpiiie f 5)c pi't pnii. Iiccause ol the ptiee we must do
dine lo utiatanlee these Jo cs, but nnone who will cxiituinu
litem ran see that lite, ate as jood as inn be bought in the
teuulat a lnnn $1.50 to $-'.25 per pair. We initc you t(
visit om loe dejint intent while these ;oodsnre on salt.
nay l ono niai mis 11 e n-iif iineu jmoi,
ivith a story of lovf. devotion and horo-1 "m J
ism. It is of tho kind that all thfiitie-l XXf
'no rs can appreciate. The lending I V
I. ei
iiet'itniiim-work biMinilnj,' to ine.
part all tho-e -wvet tui-l pmv itt-.
that one would expect after tcailhi.';
Slmkc-.-peare's intfieslin- work. Tim
dvinj,' -ecu -s were all well delineated
aiid the work ;ciicrall. tliroiiith tin
the play -jlvon by all tin nrtl-ts wa
wit'i art I it if mil c ir.-ect preci-ion.
Tin ccenery, mo-t of which n
carried by tlif fompar was of a hi'li
ordfr. D.-ilfiiiona'- flniniber- belli)..'
paiticularly beautiful.
Tlif t' of
ami I'anjo club- at the
'my fM'iiinir were no,
hii'ite an audience at
Tin L'lee club is a
If you liave ever -e.ii F. S. Willard
In the Middleman niul tin I.i-t I'ara-dl-f
at the Wednc-da, even
iiij.'. you cannot help uiakini.' coinpari-
-olls. for the lileil of both -tone- are
iniifh the Mime, though 1 Ijiiow not
whether one Wll- copied after tile
other or which one wa- llr-t launched
upon the theatrical sen- for tho other
to jjel idea- fr 111 if such lias been the
ea-e. Until, however, are hij,'li clas
pro.lllf tioll- of llio-t I'.M'l'llnIlt ilUllili-
cation- that appeal t a reliiicd taste
and i-alike appriM'iated by all chie.
bi tbev cultured and well edlieatei
or ifi'red in poverty and iyuorniiff.
Human nattin i- so ividly brought
out that one cimiot fall to be im-
pre ed with the utter natiiralin of
the varioll- -eel e.-. the story, etc.
1 The piny d'sohe- up in the mi
'nppfiiprialioii of a patented ihnniuo,
1 which, luivill).' been willed to the
I -uperintfiuleiil ol a Ini'jjv iron work-.
'is. iinkllDWII to miMille fl-e, -eiMired
ami kept by lil-i mplo,er. The story
I wm sjlvcn in last S.iturday's Cucmiat
MIclii'Mii tilee aiiil "thihf that miw tin charaetiMs
"lan.ln" Tiif spoken of therein, after ivmliii,' the
i ted" b a- plot, inii-t cfit.iinly Iiiim enjoyed
O1..1. de.-e'rveil.'ever action of tlm pla.
s m 1 imvC'imsv
JH7 .jrf 1 ii . Wv.L XJJ11
Jr if' ' ( .I.AiW-l iL
r $Px.'V'rWk v
1 J iSf'ti' . i jriTl''u jt
I. ' I7IHI
wtw S7
w m
v n-.-i
fP -
9&- -4-J
V 1
of tho plus. I here I-
iniportent soinethiii'.' solid anil sun-iaimai anom
t r ..II il. I,.,.,r..i. ..1I,.(',.h of the I Ml ol M: rriniiiiiui-. ..i.. ... ......s .,,. .
ll'illllll'iin" ,.. r
cimine tc Ulf nifi
I'liunti'v. am while It ciiiuii 1
witli the colley:i) nine or eleven in the
race for public apph.iie. it doe- it
shnre in nuiUini.' known the vjrtue
aud advautime-of . 1 !. . Th..- I
thc llrst time that Line iln ha- seen an
(iru'iini.ation of thi- kind represuiitiii','
one of tin t-Mfiitest school- of the coun
try, and perhaps itfiioraiu of the
at'traetion. aldfd by a laid; of ail
M'ltislnir. ami the ( lnineiit.-, wvic i -
. ......1 t.. 1...1 ....... ..11I 11 i.iimiitil'ii
firumeui 11 111 nrinj;"'!- '"
I'liradt-f is
many that
that there
pre-cnt t 1
W(M'e not
see the
ICO I'll
of it.- iuiiM excellent merits.
The cast is composed of a very cIcmt
lot of people, lioailfil by Forre-t Kob-In-on
and Mis- K-tlior l..on. the
lover-about whom the thread of the
-tor 1- fiitwhifd. Mr. Kobin-oii as
Hell'boll Warner, sllperintelldelll of the
iron woil;s, pivsciitutl a c haraftcr that
i- perhaii- bevond criticisin, lii- work
pllet, I'll- ami elleelillll
at times, when 1 cca-ioii
I t
uo. on tin
true' liii'u
v.lth eate
t ue. mid iii-MM fail- t 1 at
inula in c-. It 1
ly mu-ic and eiiti
The selection-, oil
I.... I. ..... 1 1 mi. 1. lie, . 11
eoloi's. vellow and bine, were him-' belli1.' or a
, Ii. .1 1.. ........ nu, 1 tiien-. nature, wuil
.'I'liceiiiuy 111111111 nu- nii... "."'., , ,, f., ...,. I,r. ,,(
pi'lliseswere-lin-ln the j;lic fli.n Ii (leimu. .-. ..- ..'." "-",
.oei in". Then came s, -. w it!, clear ami we moilMiited elect.
ant U, , th.dic. a.ul l.un.orou-i In J Ml- !. Muaivt Kt.owlton.
as wen i- 1 in- fiiis'i" ,
e 111. 1 ni' iiiim
el's, were ftvipientl. ifcallcd. and it
toolv tlifff solids toappfiirf the audi
ence after espi chilly one of the Mini
ill).' selections. Milt thf """ habit has
mo tlrinnhohlonthci.'iillerif.stliat that,
in it-elf, inlKlit not be suyiii;.' inncli.
Mr. Thompson, the leader, ha-a pow
flfiil bars voice, ami w llf II In1 looked
M'titimentiilly down 1 ho in at lea-t six
feet In In !lit 1 upon the diiuimitivf
Miuth who pfisomitfd Honifo and
Hhool; Hie roof with a plalnthf "1111
In II t." bt'cantured the nudloliee 1
nt once. Tin tenors were m t so trot d, 1 tal.i
hit of aftltnr in tin tlrst act, showinj.'
how inanv modern-day belles are
brought uji In lu.xut while. unUiiown
tn thorn, their fatliors are kept over-wlmlmlnul;.-
in llt, f.dlowfd by llnan
fial i'.l-astor, to Ueop tln'in shiniii1:
fashiomiblf and hatmy in tin front
rank-of olit 'society, only to reull.c
tun lute tho riicrillce- that a fooli-h
parei ttii-'f has niadf In vain for them,
in the latter acts, wlicii Ml-s Knowlt in
lvalues, tlm slltiatl in. tlm nllivt is so
iiatnrallv fliani.'fd that mm cannot but
nut loo ol t'lf fXcellfllt tiiulity
imisieal iiisti'iinieiit- by I'.. I. Kit and
Katlll'VII Web-ler were elferoll-ly
applauded, as also wa- the serpentine
ilaiiee by Mi Orient Anson. The re-j
mainiii. member- of the coirpany mi-der-tooil
tin ir part- pcrfictly."
Il.illi'ii ,V Mm I III ''Ilic Idiii."
Thi lodestone of interest at tin
next Tiie-day nij.'lit. will
lie a new farce comedy called "The '
Iiba." in which the pop, ilar coinedi- 1
mis, Halleu and Hurt, will appear a
the principals. The-i entertainers!
Iiiim- attained ipiite an einiable icpu
tatii 11 lor liuuioroii- aliility a- well a
ellcftiM' nruani.i'i1. for they Iiiim- al
ready appeared surrounded by player
with claims (d special reputation.
They have also further, mid uni
formly -upplied a liirht and airy enter
tainment entirely free from ("tlen-iM
-on1.'-, text or antic-. Tiu-ir f miliar
farce, "Later On," wa . a -insularly
bright and jolly liodye-pudf-e of fun.
Irolic ami melody mid alway- attracted
a lio-t of adniirers. Their new piece i
said to Iiiim- all the in-.'re.lients v liieh
made "Later On" popular, and nunc
too, with tlm added advantage of
rhyui" and reason. That i-to say. all
the merry .'oiii!.''-on pei-iiliiir to -iich
ilay- are -iiid to revolve around an n
tfllijcnt and attrai-thf -tory. The
principal role is that of a "reioriner"
crank, who is in a perpetual state of
nervous worry oM-r the Iminoral drill
of the world, and undf rlnke-, siu'l'
handed, to alter and purify tin- mi
comfortabli coiulitloii of tti ttir- T'n
ollcets iiml costumes, it is said, will In
new: 11l-.11 tlif lilllsic, soiiu's mm miiiees
Till- locale of the piece is New Irlealls. 1
The sale of seats opened this inornilij.'.
. i'ii'i- iiiiis" An-rmiiiiiu
A play that has been booked al tin-
l.anslii'.' slue tin iiponiiiu of the -ea-1
sou in wliieh thi-rc has bi-cn iiuifli in- j
lerest centcrfd nifi- since the Ill's! all- 1
llomiccUK lit some inollths ae;o of its
coiuin-.'. is Cray .X Stevens' company in
"Vesper Hells," which will be pre
sented at that hi-mitifiil temple of
thespis for three performances in.-t
week. Friday and Saliirilay ieiiiii;H
and a miitiue - on tlm last day. I lie
play Is one that ha- a well-delined plot.
with 11 sto
L'lifi-H can apt
part In the play Is taki-n by Minnie
Oscar Cray, who assumes three dllTi r
cut .nlfs. that of Harry, a nephew;
Francisco, a mountain miide, mid
I'ieiTf. a l-'ri'iii'li boy. in all of wlih-h
she does capital mid heroic woik.
Maud Cenovcsa, who takes the part of
l.elia. and Louise Mitchell, who plays
lirace, tho uovorncss of lx-lin, are two
excellent people ill their re-pectiM-parts.
Others in the cast are W. C.
Miller as Itobert I'eiidy. II. S. Healyiis
Ceoij.'f DaMilsiui, ami W. II. V'linFtter
a- Nicholas Muvard. The priueipal
fun-iiiakf rs in-.- Ni-I if Healy as llan-
uali and .lohn Healy i- I'lrasiniis, in
iii'Ui-ii characters. Tln-y are both
clever in their line, and keep the audi
ence tn continuous roars 1 f laughter.
There 1-plenty of fun produced in the
pit ci . ami the mhius mid dances by dlf
b n -it members of the company all u'o
w ith 11 vim ami (rolic. TI10 ponies and
doj.'s introdiiffd make a line appear
ance, o-pecially in a -.'roupinj.' scene.
Tlm -ceimr.v is very pretty, notable
anions which is the li'ht-hoiise ami the
avalanche scenes in Sw Iterlaml. The
-an of seats opens Wednesda morn
in!.'. Lew I. lliirrlsiiti In "I'lii.t."
Tin Lan-lii.''s attr'ietion Wedne-day
cvelllll'.' Is nolle less Iiiim l.i-Wl- .iiri'l-
son, ill which he impersonates "the
de il liim-elf," and do - it in .1 manner
that Iciim-s but little doubt that tie-old
fellow i-a 1110 t sly. -by, cuiiiiiiii.' and
mi'rcrou- plavmate at an and all
times. Tin production this -i-it-on i
-aid to be even superior to that of !a-t.
and v.i- may expect a inn- tr at in the
way of (i let he's ylellte-t worK. Tin-er-ioii
of "l'au-t" wa-w ritteti by Mr.
Hcrunril. London. lb- ha- done ln-
Will-k Well. follow illj.' the Idle ol
doetlie'- poem, and ha- not much
ar.ed hi- -ceiies from
vk ari-: Tin-: ri';oiLi':.
Sell Wall Paper!
!J3o S. . MOORE, 0.113
Use Burnett's Color Paste.
L"iir Ci a. Fruit Med. Mlush Ho-e,
(ioldeti Yellow, Violet. Maudlll'lll Orange,
('araiuel. In w ide-iiiniit'i .lai-s. 0 sies; also
in 'J.". "ill mid loo lb. kefs.
Tin e 'nliir I'a-t-H are illll'eieiit from
any ol the importeil mini colors, or dome-tic
powder-, hciiij,' entirely St ILI'MLF, in milk,
water or -prit. Much -troii!.'er than others
in tin- ma Imt. In such convenient shape
that there i- 110 un-te or dirt. They are
ta-t to liifht. will I ear the heat of codkiui.'.
ami are not ehmi.'eil by fin i acid-. Oilor
le and liistle , and absolutely free from
pui-oii. eiieii packaj.'e iN-ariui.' the certillcate
of lr. Duiiiport analyst of Ma. Stale
Hoard ol Health.
Il'.'l -it.eet
I 0
.iii linil ju-t tln-v want in a nice
Ct !TT
v y v
.iinonu-t inn 1. 11 stu. U ni
MADI1; -.omii.ts. iii 1
I Ill's ( ll
1, i8ai:d S20 SUITS
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