Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 22, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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IMIf 1 1 it t a-r Snjs lliil mill l'nriln Am
NtjIMi A lleullj siinili Wiiii I'nr llm
out li I ii I Onlj- Online iiii'l Ti'imU Nnf
illll'.- I.II.-IK III I tlllt B.
(SimtIiiI ('iirn'niHiiiili'tirr.l
Nkw Youk, April 'JO. - Aslib, from the
question of becoiuingucss no lady now
need restrict the colors she wears. S'.io
can have u riotous red or ecclesiastical
purple, or she ran wear the brilliant lino
or tlio Oreen Nli-. They aro ull piutty,
cvun though ho brilliant.
M t'l'ilrt t 'J's Wy
a i)iti:ssY cut..
Tlio pretty short capes arc now seen in
liriniary colors, ami 1m in tints anil
shades. Some of them aro made to
match costuinca and aro trimmed as tlio i
wearer's taste dictates, rather than niter )
any one N't pattern, though nearly all of I
them have thu plaited niir upon thej
Hhoulders. One really superb wrap of ,
this sort had the collar of ribbed purple
silk iiled with black lace. Thim came i
the niir of magnificent purple velvet, i
which, howovir, only stood nut full,
without plaits and reached a little over
the shoulders 1'eliiw t!ii'- was a i .po,
reaching to the waist line, made ol thej
cordiil silk (oveiech'wit'i black tlueail i
Auotlii'r beautiful cape in the same. J
style was of olive given Velvet, the plait- i
ed lull' ami cape ltunl with pale blue!
ribbed sill;. There win- a standing rulllo '
of lined vehitat the in ok.
Hut these ! hurt capes are by no means
made ut ilct alone. It l". quite the
tiling to have them of black silk or cash- i
mere to nmti'.i gowns and lined with
plain, light "olorcd silk or clmngonblo
taffetas. of them are of colored
goods, with black- lace frills and narrow
ix'ad trimmings. One of the prettiest of
this style is of drabcloth, with rich blacl:
lace rufllo and leading around the bot
tom. The upper ca e, which overlaps it,
has two rows of very narrow passemen
terie and another fall of lace abort) and
the passementerie urrangtd so as to give
the appearance of V shaped lapels. The
upper cape has a row of beads sewn to
it at intervals of nut-inch. This model
could be followed more or leas closely,
and no matter how changed or of what
material it vas made u would be a
pretty ami tin i-y cape.
Let us cast our longing eyes over the
new things in ihewayof dress irnods.
They are so pretty and so choice that
one thinks that, like the wine at ('ana,
the best has 1 a reserved to the last.
In wash dress iabrics there is a new ve
lours do russe which is -i:i inches wide
and costs about T."i cents per yard. It
looks like heavy corded silk and is in all
the richest colors, so that a truly elegant
gown can be made of it. and it is war
ranted to wash well. There are also h'v
eral new ideas, all of them good, in
French einb-.oidereil ginghams. Some of
them hare large plaids, and on the cen
ters of the plaid nearest the foot are em
broidered dainty llowerets in natural but
fast colors.
Besides these theio are some lovely
openwork crinkles in the tan and ecru
shades and n large lino of empire brocade
sateens, some of them as rich and lus
trous as silk. There are also sateens
with mdia silk designs, with a bright
luster, and others ot foulard pattern.
These siiteer.' art) all entirely new. At
first there were other designs put for
ward, which, though bcuu'iful consid
ered as works of art, did not seem to
please, but these are already filling that
long felt want wo hear ot so often.
M'lllMI !,' It'll Ms I lilt Tlir. YOll.S'd.
In niiling and tiimi- there are cash
mere llaiii.eli ti' in t w lured stripes
and niiMiiii . 'I lien' ate i.lsiisouie new
twill 11 .niiels iii t i-t 1 "hu-s, which are
light, but M'iy stiniig, S iiiieof the light
grades nl 1 hf new lm sacking checks
will In . urn for outing 1 rucks, the cob
ors bimg 1 in th heiupeii. brown oriiia-
lllll.l. W .a bi rli'llllgs nl snliiii suitably
cololed l ll trililllilllg slili lied 011, asrilf
fit sand 11 iiiuu - n' an a
S. I' 'l.La,
a liiiseiN mi ii'iih luiiuiiiaiu loads and
tliii'iigh braml'h In id 1
Onr Hum.iu
The fiRHMiiii tlm Ii-fl weiirs ii ilii'Hi of t;r.i.v Mckin.', ikws.mI with linen of chi'trio
blue; tin' hell skirt mill ennui!' utn niiianinntcil uitli th'.tiie Mile liniiil mill lintlniii;
I lie ticM-tittin;,' j.ii'ki't hiw Ihii.'i' pointed rowrx mill isi'iit "lt'M'H. Tim liu'lllc nil tlm
lilit ilisl.i) i ii eot nine of iiIIh-ici n rlmllN, the full skill, Imli'iu j.iekit mill liitl
1 mil kIi-om icle trilinni'il uitli Cliantilly lure mill I ueliet tf the rlinllii.
Only Tun Simill U Im Am llrully
There are no more marked itieiiualitii .
in social conditions than are to be n-e i
in the circuiustauces ot wot leu in this
country The thoughtful must be cot'
Htantly im)ii-"s.seil with a sense ol iiiuu
tiffin tin
.striking contrasts which an1
To one w..nian life is one long gal.i ,
nay. ller II inn; is tile aliinlenl lliaglllll-
Cf.iff. lifsulf wiiicli the splendor i.l ,t siimcii iiu gi mi r.ery gin. im iiiiii-
forcign court is less luxurious. I'm- her ter in what alllueut cniuinstaiifes she
aro the rifhest silks, the finest laces, th may be born, should have some training
rarest jewels. The most delicate and by which she cm support hei sell if neces
costly viands tempt her fickle appetite, I sary. She will be none the less, but the
horses and enuipages her biililing. I belter, titled lot a happy inarrieil life
and entertainment sucei'fds fiiteitain-1 should a i-oiigeuial opportunity come to
nient in fashionable places in their rr-! her. Nor would she regret under an
hpectivo seasons.
To another, who may bo her supi
and of a more delicate organization, life ,
may bo ono long working day. from the'
"fell clutch of circumstance'." for which '
she is in no way responsible. ,
A large number of women are brought
up to look to matrimony as their mle '
pecuniary resnurcc. They "speak of "niak-
ing their market" and getting "well set-'
tied" in life, and they sell themselves, or i
aro sold, as truly as ever were the smith-
em slaves, If they scene tor tlieiu-1
selves permanently every comfort and i
luxury, many ot them are quite content,
f. l,i..L'i,,,r nc. llw tf 1,. lint II, in. ,,,,,tlilli.u
ni' ill, nniK ill' inv, ,,, ,iii.- ,,,i, -, ,i,iiii,,.-i
, . ". , '
of woman loud.
,.,, , . . , ,
lhere are but two classes ot wuiii"n
, , . , . , , ,..,
elwi nt'.i ffitmiliitiiK liiilfitintiiliint 'I Ini
' s ! r.
first consists ot those to whom money
has Ir'cii beipieathed So long as this
lasts its possessor may be her own mis
tress So many losses occur from un
fortunate investments and fluftuatioiiH
of valuation that even this may not al
wayii bo a certainty.
The second class is made up of those
women who possess enough physical
vigor, literary, artistic, business or other
training to enable them to earn money
for themselves. These, women, so long
as health is vouchsafed them, aro more
absolutely independent than any other
class, siuco they have the power to help
theinstilvei under nearly all circum
stances. There are, it is true, many win,
art) so happily situated in their family
relations with father or husband, so se
cure in their knowledge of the estima
tion in which they are held and the nf
ruction which is superior as a possession.
in iivcmgn wtiiiieii iiinii inn iiinsi einii'
plete state ot iiid"peiidence in which
they could possibly be placed, that, to
tln.'iii, any ipiestiou of what wmaeii
should have, more than is at present ;
their portion, seems but the work ot mi-
Hut there are many women m thin
country whoso lines have not fallen m
such pleasant places, whose constant
and careful service in the home meets
ami tan 1111 si ru.u in 11 e iinuii ' s
w-ith no appreciation, either pecuniarily
or 111 niiv other wav, and who arc obliged
to "beg and wheedle for their share of 1
tlio iiroducts ol this world, which men 1
hae seized for tlieinsehe-.." It has In 1 n
1 well said bv some writer that chanty
.does harm in two was iiitlatiug the
I giver with importance ami humiliating
I itH recipient. In this manner, to... are
allected soiiio of thu lords of creation,
I who am the donors, and 111 the latter
way me women win aro tiieir oeiien
, claries.
A woman bringing up children, if she
Im faithful to her high and noble calliu
is engaged in a work which transcends
all others in importance ami dignity,
and in doing which she should be shield
ed if possible from pecuniary an.Mety. t
Tlio woman, too, vhoic iimnl and heait :
transform the dwelling into the home is
doing a work the beuetlt ol which cannot 1
be overestimated.
It is well known that many women 1110 1
never trusinl b tin ir pniitits or tins
baiiils with iiiiiiiix. They may have ev- '
1 ry necessity purchased for them and j
the costliest gilts presented In tllelil. hilt
every ihihl knows the pliasiueul a lit I lu
mi'oiiif which is itiiiiwu. to du with ab- ,
r,,,,,,"l '","" '"' '" I'l'""- tJ-iti
laclli'll nl -It . I I T Wlllinllt sullle nlie thing 1
for the ul'.itllu . iiinii nl a i.m. or tin :n
ii u nli isuri to i.iiii o'.i 1 Im
Tin' practice ot lioliling lairs lias Iteeti
inhoi atcd on the ground that ninny
women who liae no iuo:ie to give may
send t in Kt jn and other arlicles ol fnod
which they can liaxe cliaiged lo their
Inisliaiid's m tut 111 net mints with tlio
liutchi r. Il is liuiiwn llial sunn wiiuiin
obtain llliiliev b leilletllig then dlesi
niakei's tn enlarge tin ir bills ami give In
them tin dill't rence betwein the prnper
aiiioiiut ami the sum chargeil in cash.
l'he ivmeilv for the lutuic has alieadv
oegim. inn is inn yt i ssieiiiao.eii or
circumstances tlie knowledge of a power not necileil tor helselt, might
be used for the advantage of others,
Said a lovely woman recently who has
exceptionally happily situated herself,
"h, 1 have often wished that I had
some way to earn money, if it were only
.'II cents," so niany i-aine to her for help
whose needs she was powerless to relieve,
A:.'.v )i.i
lacuna i::irMiri; i.
II . V. I.. I)a, ton. oculist ami aurist
.,,. H'lill ( I street. Lincoln, Neb.
,., ,,, , ,. .
.Miv. . I', dustier ., now
, .. , ,,,, . ', ., ,
stock nf milliui'i'v, tlm II in -I
,, . .',
lfll. is UIIW CO III) I'll'.
i i
spring I
in tin-
Mb" Anna Dick, Modiste, en-. Ilth
and I' st-.. oM'i- l.iiienln Savings bank.
K.C Baking I'owdei-. "."i ounces fori
li."i cents. Absolutely pure. Have you i
tried it' ' ' i
Mrs. Met '!nc and Mrs. Kiismiii'.'t'r.
llni'dii'ssiiiaking, I i'ls ) street.
Mrs. Mer'arlnnil, professional
L'.'ll South Klevelllh street.
K.C. Making I'owdei-. .'.I ounc's for
'S cents. AliMiliiieh pure. Have you
tried it?
"The Mest" l.aunilr.v. los () htmet,
li'leiihone ,i7!l. II. Towiisniul .V t''t..
I pi-iipi-ifiiii-s.. Mucolii. Neb.
Miss Mabel Merrill, the well known
artist, is again at her studio, room :i
Webster block, where she will be
pleased to execute orders ill pastel and
oil paintings. I.i'ssous given.
Mi- llertha Sn,dei
,.i 1 1
!.'' ,.' ;"" ""I""'""" '
vwirk. and all kinds of shoi-t-hanil work
,pi,,IItlvan(i 1(,!lth ,.X(ll.llt,(l ,,;,,,
,.,,1 , ,, .. ,. ... . ,
Lllti'st IIOM'lties il
spring Millliien.
Illll' lilli
, 1 .. , 1, .1, . ., m ,, L.. . 1 11 1 11 mi wuii i 1 ni' 1 inin uti -t
ill tile fill. ( alllWcll .Si-lets ,' 11... .11, v
.us , -vim 11 r.ii'vi'in 11 sm'i'I.
M- M ,, u,,,,,,,,.,, uil. ),.,.,iK
, ,, .Mauiruring. ri.onis HU-lni!. .".s 1 1
(,.,, ,,ti
No such line of canned fruits in the
oily a shown by W. A. Collin v Co..
I III Sn.ltll K'.eveuth street.
Ak .Miiirgriieei-yinan fur tin- WiltK-t-Hulling
Mills" Kloiif i'luis. arM-,.
lU'iipl-letiil'. I'hllllil'i' for
"Utile Hatchet."
N'lekli- l'lati'."auil
Hllkei's t ',l-lailei' "
''.M'l'v sack- warranted.
Al1 thi'i-i'li brat si Luinl. - I,,,!,,., and
Mitcln'i' Tin.- Indies mid Miss,'. -I,...-- m
D1111I11 t idth gn , it itui' hu't ini-i'ti 1
oriel' 11'
l. si'i:u:if. 1 1 1 1 i ( 1 -n-i'i t
.11 .iti'i I, I
1 1 it
NOT A C03T0N GirtU
I n il tli" liiii'k. ti i lo In i i M i'
ll'i M , in il I" I n ini n I mill tent nl!i tlii' mm
Tituli'titTK M mill I).
Ili" ill i mile III ii Ii I. ilSil.ilu,
n I llill I. Il, i;illi'l t, !',
Al II I III" l lit In. Il'n let, I. III!
W li.ll "l. Ii " tin mm In Mi I.
Illll llm l tit'lllii'i Klein linr i nlil,
A" tm iciIiiijh mi) tlilnl.
Mil Vjnil I" mill full, lint i tlm unit nlil
Nui'tlmm lie miiIIi r Ink
Ull miles nf ii-Bntii Unit me mill
I" 'i rti nil.' tint i In,
Alul Unlit li iitiiliit) llivinf ini
I Hi'Mh.iIIiiiis .ik.
'I'liniiiily similes Hint tiltn luiil'i
Anil ttiiiiiliui I i.illc.
1 lie mil)' Irctiiren Hint iltn lirnls
Am llini (In.t I lintlti'.
Ynii uuiiih i I in It nil mil) liu
Ami tin i,n' i -'li '.nut.
MifilltK'it i I .ililt. 'in. "Mil "
Aii'.l.'h i, i I " a,) Intnl."
.Ii.i n I.. I'.llllii'tl In Ce il ii i
llliln't Uiintt tin t.iiicii.i';!'.
Tlt" utic Inni'-i i le.i lug, ami the ear
pets Wete i it till the line l.l I lie tin III t,
when a genteel, t el I ilressul, well eiliirated
tramp caiiin iiliiuu ai I intlieil lilnt-elf in
"If I tlM' Mill 'llll llilllltT. Witt Mill '.lull, I
i those I,ilti's'" sl.ed the I t I nl till' I - nil l
I or, w ho hail staid I'niiii linei hi Inisiiusi
I to mow Hie Intuit, lie j i ii 1
"I "III illileiil, sir," ti .i'i'ii!eil the tnillip
III 1 : 1 1 ti 1 1 -1 1 . Ilespii'.i I. i'Iii niiil I il'eelt III
aiieiptall) lliietil I i nun t Hewn Mm una
' I'Mi'lleiil illliliei Tim n tin' tni nf n llit.ii'ltai'
lei, ullh II hi' lite s 'tillii" mil tlir Innel,
I hat the dinner When he hail Unified nil
uitli a pall of eleiil, lefii slim h"ilraut
I water, lii'fnhh'il his lent like the A1..I1 mill
SIII'IIIIV sunn mill) I lie lliaslei' ill Hie
Inillsf titole alter him.
"Seeheie, ln tiienil, Jittl said .Mm xmiiiIiI
uliakf tliosf ciirpi'ti "
"I did. sir."
"Slmkf tlifin."
"Why, ynii never touched them' lltnv
dure .Mm" !
"."ill I. mi' ttoinl sir. .Milliiiil.s vim uic i
lint familiar u il li t he IntiKMifte h i sirnl,
If iiii 'shake a man, It means 1 1 ml un
gite him the i.nhy Thnsaaii imI Ii i .ii pels
- tlliileistiimliv Mills1" ,
Me ilniluid a Itiltet nf im in. I ami disnp ,
peaieil lulu the llliKtiiiw It. t 'n'i his I lliil
elllt'ltllilli'l' went'U In lllllll I I I he ilehl Is '
for the diet iitliai) llelrnit fuel less I
Ilet Wiiv
".MisssM m in llmiiuht shewn i lining
fun with me,"saiil Willie Wislilnetn n urn
phieeittly. "Iml she .te n't."
"What's tlm 1 1 1 v '
"Sll, killil lilt f , ill, I, mill II nu flu I iiilinl , .it
, ... .... .... ,;, . ., .. .,,, , ...,., ,
"Hut I wasn't What Mte laiant was
that she finiii'l tiiea linie." Wasliiiiliia
llt'itse leniiriiine.
Tlm sehiiol triisli'ii nf Dislilet. No III, I
On lislnlk (iin iiship, elusi'il I he liner nil t In- '
t'till tur it iiIiiiiii'i ml I'tfit linf fit m it It ml '
iimktothestni)iiiiili pat liinktt I
I IMIIIU ' "I O III III 111 I i 'I I I If II llilll
"Thai makes t hi en iis that's wauled tn i
teach the scIhmiI," he siililiiiiui.eil ti";ict'
tally, "Unit I'M) lied to refuse been, they
tlidli'l seem In niiilei-l, 'lliil mine nl the prln
tiples nf grammar." -( 'hieanu Ti ihiiuu
MlssCarlmrt -OiirMi'ipiiiiiitaint'luii hct'ti j
iislmri thai I iiel I itiiuht lo Know more
about im liefure I enn consent tn Ihioiiii'
jour wife.
l'elham I'arker (stilllj) Very well. I
can icfcryoii to any of (hegirls I have Isen
eiigiiKcd to. Cliih.
A CorrerJIlin.
"Von are the mil) K'rl in all the wide
world that I have ever liixed," he said to
i lie iioston miiiiit'ii. i
"I am deliuhted to luar ou say mi," shu ,
iiiiswereil, "hilt I think 51111 ate hardly cur
! ri'''' '" Kl5'"t ,'lt' ""''' "orld. Kniiiid
ii'ini iiuni im tiriii'i. 1 in Miini is
,,, slmhily llattfiiitl at thu pules."
v,.w-vrl ., :
' '
'I'liti One Kiri'iitlini.
llenlil- No iwo iieniihi ever seu a thing
rn',. " . -
lie., lit
Thiukit Wi II, tliil yon ever see two men
1 simultaneous!) tench fur a .V) cut piece on
, the sidewalk' Detroit Tribune.
(I'ttlliK Imlile.
Chawles What are you going to marry
her lur if you don't like her
IMdie Why, nu si-e, I owe her lirothcr
n-veral huudnils, and he won t waul lo be
S'M'in in ilealuiu with a uieiuher of the
family, ou know. Chicago Ileenrd
WIimiIiik 11 lie I .
Deacon IJukic I liollied that ymt siruied
M IV ileeply interested ill the senium tills
"'es. Von M'o, I had het .limes j'J ll nl I
cuald May awake until eliun h was nut "
Clilcauii Inter Oienii
Hit I'iIiiiiI.
1 Miss Khler I th'uk it w.'isti'iil mean m
j 1 hi lo ti II .Mr. Jsi,itts I it as m.iis 1, M
Miss I'iisiIIi k -Wh. , .Mm stiii ilnln'i
Want llle tn till him Imu uhl tmiliiilly
. '"gill'.
r. 11 in ut. n-
lb Dailim.- w ill
-In t, if Hi, 11 s
III Q 'i
- V ;'" Ye'.
r&M V
Wi' issued a Ciiiiiliu,
lltllTHIf; Illll' llllllHIMIlflllS.
ol that tiiciilni was the olfci o a iiiMiiiniii of Six
Caliini'l I'liotos, I'M't uti'tl tn tin- most iiitistir mamici
Im w lilt li tin1 Hclipsc Stutlio is iimiowiiimI. I'hr iiiHimia
lion piililislu'il iy niir of oiii i ompi'titni',, that iin an-tin-
oiiKiiialois ami that llir h'.t lipsc Stmlio fiiiuisit's
iiileiioi woik. is a MASK I'AIJKICATION ami M
siiliiint tin- fat Is to the intelligent pnlilir, with full con
liilemetli,it the renin I will vimlii.ite us, as we tint
pmre liv the ilate when mil t in ul, it was hiiiuluil to the
piuitei. that WIC oiiginated the olfei ami ilisilaeil a
liaine slinwing the ipialtty of the Will I,, in out west
wimlow. hilly ONI' W !:!: K ACiO
l!ll Sin wolth of gooils. ti v hall iloeii ol ('.iliimt
IMlotos linm the I'.i hp'.e St lldlii , mil lie i onvillt ed
in' lllisiepleselitatiiiils air lesoitetl to to t ,il( Il ti.nle
Is nlti'ii loigotteti that i
ilH'M I le dm . nut liki It
- tin
WI .11
Kl'ssKls lUTTOX Sunn- 1 1,-,.
lil.At'K IN I. ACT. pi in-; I
I 1 1 1 llsIMirs
SCI' lis.
m. tJ. mam, & BRO.
I'k-iu1) ' iiuih:iins, Sateens, l'mires, Datniettas. Satin
Cilin wis, Outings, C'alit (je.s, ett .
A sin. ill .iinmmt of money will f,'et a dress.
I-aees aiul Kinbioiclei u-s
X'ciliii'fs, Corsets, I Iandkeivhiefs and small notions.
See 0111 cj.Se and $1.00 Kid (iloe.s--Nne better.
Ilosieiy. "!;ast Mack," inc to One Dollai j)t.r pair.
I '.lark."
l.aee L'uita'iis, S.50
I'm - $.)5
Laee Cut tains, $5 00
l''m' - - - $3.jiS
Ii is,li I'oint Cm t., $().i 11
I 'or S0.7 5
Irish Point Curt.. Si 2.00
I'm - .?S 05
It ish Point Cm t.. $1 uu
l'or - $1 1 00
A l.l. ollUI.Its
I'll. I. I'll
I 'l.l lll'Cl'l',1111, I'lllll III", I .l,w - I i
I mill ctinin I 1 s , f all 1,1
spk::;.!.katks 'iv pai;
Ti-U pin in.
iiaiiiing hici ini pi it-en ami
Olll' ()l till- HMl'Cllll flNltlllt'S
i I I i iiitd i i ("5 ( ) Sin-ft
shoes an- not uh.'ls suite I to III1
gill sillies
111 2's.
8"s lii J's
ll'JM (ti) ATttvect
M ist
ut tliu
Printed and
Dotted Swisses
we ate
I he prirt's
c.ii.nthiifM .. Jtorc
Itii'inl ami
"til'RCH Si
t ' I o
U i)J I'Stfi'i-t
- - .ZZ5v
b I U
1. it' 11 1 u t