Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 22, 1893, Image 1

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    VOL. S NO. 20
l)oput, Culled States Marshall
Hubbard of this oit.v brought down blg
game at his nllloial shot. It was
no loss a personage than Charley
Mosher. and i in reliably related that
It tiink throe days strenuous urging
nil the part of the I'nited States
inarshull to Indllee him to attempt the
arrest. Mat Tuesday evening ho
buckled nil his lighting luirness and
stunned tho splendid mansion In which
Mosher has maintained luxurious win
tor (Uurtor.s. Ilo took his prlHiiioi'
to Omaha, whoro tho latter was ar
raigned on n second ludietinent grow
ing (Hit of tho Capital National hunk
failure. A second bond in the sum of
1".M0 was exacted of him. wjiloli he
deelined to give. -:i lnjr 'I"1' 1"'
wanted to go tn tho penitential-).
'L'llo depositors of the defunct liiillk
aro not at all satislled with
tho conduct of tho hank" allaii's
or the treatment of Mosher by the
federal ollleials since the failuic, and
this second arrest is due to popular
clamor. It is said that it hints out all
hopes of tho propo-cd cumpioiuiM'
...1 1.. l . 1 1.1 . I...! ..
tt neicny .tn is 11 or nr ins 1 c in nous were
to put up t-lbu.imu to pay depositors in 1
oae ins pimisiiinoNi was iiiiiii u in a i
Hue. It is believed t itit Mosher lion-
o.stl,v (b sites to lorvo ashoit sentence
rather than pa,v out so iniicli monev.
Musiii"; his uruuieiit on the In lief
that the court would not e;ivo him
mnro than five ji ars. lie recently ar
gued that he could make vlo.dilii a
year b.v scrvlim out his time in the
poniteutlar.v. witli the ehatico of par
don in his favor.
'I'hoieis a erv i;eneral suspicion
that Mosher has at least half a million
of the uiissiiiir funds -oinewhere in a
safe place, tipiiu which lie can rol.v
when he emerges from the peniten
tiary. The arguments of his frien Is
that he owes it to his wifeand ohildion
to keep out of tic pi ii.tontiurv. if possi
ble luiv o not had -ullicii nt weight to
(diunirc his desires in tho mutter.
Meantime if ho yoes to prison the de
positors an w histle for their claims,
as all or his v iiblo proprrt v has been
attached b.v his personal creditois,
cliiellv eastern bank-. Cluirycs will
likclv bo proToned against I
Knuuiiu. r (iriltitn loi not at once at-taehint;-
this prnpcrt,v in behalf of the
depositors at the time of the failure.
Chill yes have all cads been
against District Attoruov
taker for .
lonleiic.v towmd Mosher and Outcalt
The receiver lias b on so soveiid.v
criticised ami as-ailed that no one!
.......i i... .,,......;. ...i .1 i.i .!.... i
iiuu.l ii.' ni.i ii i-.-.i r I ii J ii ill in' ll'Slll.
.ludu'c Dundy has never ,ot inti
matod. in a public way at lias1,
anything to indicate that Mosher may
not .rct twenty .vein's instead of the,
but Moshor's friends appear to have
hoard some intlmitinn from some
source us to the probable loimth of his
sontenet. Tlhu'o is lotsof soiisatioiial
trouble vet in pnispoct b(foro this trroiit
hank failuro is sottlod.
The water coininis-iiinor has lalleu
Into the aw of the provniline; spirit of
ilistriisl. and a diseliaryed eniplo.voof
the water department has prefi'-rrod
ohiiryes against him accusing him nf
carrying awav certain speeiilod articles
of disputed value mid convortiny tlio
same to tho adornment of his own pri
vate leal estat . It is even claimed
that In carried awa.v from his
olllce a base burner with whi"h to heat
his privat residence, siilistitiitiuc;
therefor n cheaper stove. Tho worst
of it all is that ho admit- it a'l. Of tlio
stove ileal itissuiil iii his behalf that
lie nnl.v biirriweil it for the while'.
This ma) be so. but il It be so it duos
lint excuse hilll from lebuko. Were
this sort of tiling allowable the uia.vor
mljrlit sunn he burrow ine; tlio lire ap
paratus vvitli which to sprinkle his gar
den, Iciiiny: a w heel ha, 'row and a
siniiit j.'iiu at the -l nion to do its work
Everything of v.-iliio iti h. city olllcos'
would iiiiiii ili-.'ipjH-ui ii .cuke room for
articles id less value li ;.t would serve
as makeshifts Steps nughi to he taken
to loach oil) cmplo)os that the) enjo)
iio privllcHes witli oil) proporty of
groat or small value, orof no value at
all, that are nut possosscd in common
bv all citieii-. Tho oitv has no pnui-
crt) to lend its emplo.vos for tlieir own evening tioin his position as cit.v clerk
private ends. It ma) bo onii-eloutiousl) after four .vein's nl the most t tllch nt
said in tlio case ot the water coininis-1 and satisfiictor.v orv .
sioiier that hois harill) rosponsllilo. thocitv b) an.vouo. Nntnui i.v e of
and it is blooming apparen to his tho inborn eiitleiuau could -;M
friends that in persisting in eh cling lie placed in any nllico. Van saut
1 1 lut to the olllce in tho face or a rlifhl truthfull) at tho closing meeting: "I
warning Hint tbov did him a gr -at have always striven to treat tlio
wiong. Tho liberties ln has taken with whom I emtio in contact with
with cit.v properl) will lead to mi In- thai courtesy always due one gentle
vcstlgution. man from another, and in turn I have
' ever been ticatod with mcIi uniform
Coinphnnts mo freiueittl) niiub that coiirtos) that I shall iu-mt foigii tin
tho vvator cummlssloiiof is Miinewliat assi ciatioiis of thni four .venis." an
too poi'functoi'v In tho (lihohurgo uflilbvasso Instimtlvel) kind and i um .s
duties in certain lines and not I'timiuli j
so in other lines, ( ine cause of com-1
plaint Is that he has had the water shut
I oil at several places because the tout
for law 11 privileges had not I ecu paid '
hy parties who would have paid with-1
niit a murmur had their attontlnn hut
boon railed to the fuel that the rout
was due. Sumo way should Ik provlitcd
for notifying patrons In a stiro and re
spectful way that water routs aro duo.
( ilHltl oltii'lH V. Ill) UN' lit till' (lopllll-
able habit of pu.ving their hills dit not
appreciate receiving their II rut and
(inly intimation that water rents aro
duo hy Undine, their supply shut otT.
Olio cannot help wondering why It is
that insurance don't become a little
ohcupor us ttio years roll on, for It don't
l"" i
tn liny appreciable ostotit. In
fiii.t 11 1
"" ' "
appears to grow doarci
........ i.r ..v ...hi..;.. i.
l-'vorv vour 11
tiirnod out of
1 ...
i.f.r.ri,.i.- .11111.11 in.. .'II
..I.' r ..... ...
eii.t, euiiiii.v. suue mill iciieiai oiiiccs in
leiieiui unices in
embark at once in
the insurance luisl-1
lioss. l-'.vcrv man who lliuls liitiisolf out
'iimm'h "in
of work ilropscasilv and urucefullv into
.i i i i .iii
the Insurance business. One wiiiihl Itu-
aino that so iiuiidi apparoutl.v incrcas-j
intrcoinpetilion would beat down prices.
but it ilnn't. It brill. rH tliom mi .Thorn
is no coin pet it inn in iiisuratico of any he was uoiuu t i c infer with the topic
Idnd an more, so far us prices an n- sontativos ol tl-o Amoricmi II.M'tilt i' i.
it mi i 1, as tlio col II panics
(, ritrmitic trust and arc
have foriiied ,
ictfiilated hv
an auri ceil
nllv is tbi
heiiulo of rates. I.spcci-,
so of lire insurance. It is,acop of the iiiatiiui in fioi-r ,t rat.
piuctii allv so. ul-o. of life insurance (
companies, and the more insurance'
agents there aro the more it takes tn;
keep thciii. Ilcneo rates caiiiiot n !
down. I lie people oucni in ittscipiiu
the iusuiatico coiupan'ot by wit lull aw
I in: tliolr patronage ami forming: mu
tual compmiios for a time until the oust
of insurance is brouj.'ht within iciison.
It is to be logrolled that there aiol
not sonic moans of coiiipclliii";: li
arhitiatiou or otherwise, men who'
own property needed for some yrcut
improvement to sell out at n iioiuiblo
prices to tlio-u w ho dosii'o to iinprovi ,
it. For sumo tunc past parties have
been ausioiis to erect a iiiajuiliceiit
licit hotel I II tin pi i out silo nl tlio
Capital hotel and llvatt's livirv b.nn,
a clean ipiarter ol a block. Tin plan,
contemplated a structuio more pr. -toittious
than the Lincoln. I Jut
llvatt owns the piopertv on which his
bat u ftmiils mid has a tvvoiit.v oar's
lease i. n a striji nlnni: tho nil, back
nr the Capital. Knr these ho asks t lie
cool sum of tiiU.i (ill, and his i xpros-od
iiotorminatiou to exact that amount
n,, (lllnl,oiied the ardor of tliu-o who
ilosii i d to build It has al-o lobbed
Lincoln of ii manillcciit new hotel
that would boa ciedit to any city.
The new police force was installed
hist Mondav oveiiino;. with I. II. Cooper i
as chief and l-'red .Miller .is captain.
It comprises a motlo.v collection, but ,
the niujnriu of tho moil have alreadv I
dcinonst rated their olliidunc.t .: police-
num. .inn .M alone is inn city ituiectivo
and the bur'lar.s who have boon having
tilings pretty much tholr own way may
lookout. M alone Is not very popular
with the inasos, hut as a thief taker
ho has never been ciiulli(l in Lincoln,
and the thief catcher is seldom pop.i
number of the policeiueii
tjuilo a
chosen have belonged t i the fuicc dm
iu the past four ,v cat's, and several of
of them are not apt to work together
vcr.v harinonioiisl.v, as the.v have he n
inoiubers of rival forces and entertain
no very friend I.v h eliny;s for one an
other. However, the esci-o bnaid
stands i oad.v to make au.v chaiics that
may bo round necessiir.v for the tluu-
ouuh i Illcielic.V mill di-ciplilie of the
foice. one thiiiy is certiiin. The now
hoard will insist on discipline. I'olice-
men win no ro.piiieu i.i urioous
, mill polite, alllioiih slime of tlielll will
ii.Miiiuoss inno i.i imto a ciiiii-so i.i i.
soils to become s,i. There w
be no
smoking wliile on dut.v amont.' tho oops
lordriukinu eillu r. unless it is dom
l..i. ll l ..r l f....
I si. i. , tieiiiiMTs oi i no mnniiii; na
tcrnit.V are couratuhitill ,' them-elvis
over tile holler that tile 1 er-nnii, 1 of
Iho now foi co indicates that a linn- ju-
(liciou-l) iiiiet linker phi) lug ma,.
I), C. N'auDiivu letin d last Monday
thai Ik alvvay nieied 111; treat
inenl in icturii lie has not ,et ilc-.
chlcd what he uiiiv 11 .! turn his hand
to. hut after .1 lithe world't f.ilr
and perhap lurther oast, ho will
settle down in some p 'I'tuuiictit Inisl-
noss in Lincoln. 1
The contest inaugurated upon city
olllcos. involving t!io mayoralty, I-'irst
ward oouucilmiin mid mcniber of the
(oiso hoard. ina coiiliiloutly ho ox-
, peeled 1 ) end jllst u did the contest by
('. !:. Waito in IVU. simply In making
a Utile capital for the lawyers. Minn
Woir. t'.iunclluian o'Khoo and
('ommissiuuer IIihtIiiivo little
belli"; ousted.
1... ,1 I
f,iai. ,, j
I compelled to' hi Iter to 1 1 i lit from it hoi
Mr. .lolin i:. I'tt is in iccolpt of in- iimv 1..,.,. in that vicinity, snuntuiie-
1. .111 1....... 1...1 1 s; 1'i.i.
,v,"Kl ",l i.wi-i 1 .Tiii.m. i in-
r .i 1 1..... .. 1...
"m ,, .tun
"'"' " '" ,"' n.' in mi, ichi
f the American Kin-lilt '.illl.mUY. to
. . .
f til
. ,.,.....,, ii.i.i
..........-,. .... ........
i... i ii. i i..
i"'M until nut win inni mm me
i inov saw
," ' "
cerom nun i eie.
Mr. .1. II. Mc:.irt.-.v left a few days
I.I. f, .(..:..,. r.. ....! .iiiiwii i.eod t Lnl I
It is known who, he v. out he I x k.
in icsin use I a tele, nun ruin I'lo.i-
dent C.ihie o, the iti i It Island itillvv.
t .)
' f
. t- H
Sat A'
I mull vim' i dill in
hill vi nllv adopted b.v the legislature.
and also a ennv il tlic West ( ) -n et
v induct i rill 11. lice .Itld lOlitruct. It Is
dilllctilt to iu.aini just w hut tin lb rl;
j,,,, .,i nplo can want w itli a o i,-. il
MMM.jHEjHHH .i i4ifs
that vhul'ict i.iiliiiuiici .as the.v are in , blood? No The vitnl lluid that lllled
no wa.v iul"iosti' I in Lt Tne d,.., will iho vein- of our Hist futher. Ailain
doubtloss sin n ci inc. bnw'evir. wleii inii our lir-1 iiiilhei. Is unal.vtic
thc i! ck Island will w ili it had in- allv the saiiu as tlu.t whlih koep-
v uli d fni .1:1 street v .a ha", it o! 1.
Tlie ll'.ip iclil.iel.t c.l cs a.'.llll-t tin
tl.ICO state l llieol s and .ho tint i- IX
olllc I'.illo lint liollly b.l-loliei1 all 11
to miv al; lining eti ill. alt l.oiiyb a.
much has pi.s.-iiiiv I n done us could
; lln ,. (. ( JlM ,N ,,,, Toe te.liuin
UM deiit.V . I tlio law is boilU' excill-
,,., ,. ,. hl ,. M, ,;; oM'IU
pliliod l,i I no
mid rtalo.
and tlio
In in t
slliell inu-tv
. i;.,
I ii ( t hi i h. i ,ii i
a. din
1 Ii oil's M.iihaparilla. a-l tie
people who t.,ko this uiod.ciue. or lea I
tlio to-tiinou.ats ott a piihlishod inthi
p.lper. The) Will celt. lint) collV lliro
y i iii I lint Hood's .iaisiiparilia p ism-ssci
i uiioipiiillod im nt. mid that l0(il)'s
1 1 o, nl I'ili- cures eoiisiii,ition by n -sloliio.'
tin peristaltic llcllilinf tlio
aliiu, iitar) canal, 'i'lie.v are the best
taniilv out hurt. c.
s. (li'lick. I-'inhli.ll.llile Tail ir
t noviltio- in g. iitleiiion's spr.rj
. Cilli- I; still enter-M tho w isnt
e publ'u Call on him a i d b
of tin
I il1' ( Ihoin n
, I'm tin -U -i i i at- o I . Lm. on
Iuvoiiti muiiiniiii t UIMsii.,t
II I 1
I I111M' ox-sor. 01. co 1 a con lilciuhtc
amount of trouhlo (luring t'.i few
days in guthirltig up Items of lot nl
except such'iuncnt ntali lug objects as
delivery Wilsons, brick blocks and
swinging nlgns which hao boon
planted In nty nih b the trouiciidoiis
'winds. 1 met a gontlonu u up on M
1... ... .... ... . ... ... I...... ..
si roei Mio oilier oay w ne. 1 111c w 11111 wus
traveling tit fit velocity of s(o ty Iho
miliwati hniii' mid dodrcl 1.1 use tin
newspilicr ulan's puiiip 011 him. I was
. . .r . . .
nusi, extern mruuenusiv , ami uuisi
. . . ...
( in Mj.-eoiisiy. uuu progiossou uuinir-
tili.. till ttiSiii t .culiit n:- blocked
1.. i!i iTirt IhmikI ., nailer of the
' ' .'.... ...
h(,iiiiiwo 1 iniu-naii 01 ine Mine ( 1 ivan-
,,., oilier inLr 1 1 nil unworn i I ''.111 ol
fc7 . '
M'''''"'""" K.ainy ine ,.u.
i i
While pi iilinj; the si irerooius of I be
I blllle 1 . IL'L'M ComiMIIS II llll.V or two
iiU'iiniyaltcn)ion was attracted ma
upb olmoike.vscncac.l in .me . f ,
the suuen iih wlMlows. I Ileal il a uoii
t ' liiako this n iiiiiiIi
' How much !llkc human beiiiL's Ihev
an " I uovur hc'iid u truerKlati meiit
!' ' in tin di mini
How inaij.v people wo see in the c iiir-o
of a day that line iii-ckiiisIv do make
moliUe.vs ot thellsolvi, I pondered
I ini'ii inoiiinnt and woudoied if there
w.isiin.v Mich as nobillt.v ol
einpi i or-, kind's,, i ml Ii i ds a
what m v, nii'isti us .vender lilt!
em in uic llllll,. I f lieu tllllt) .
to the o I i I'll I abv in its niiithi
IVe. or
cm iio-
I lof.'l
r- arios
ruiii i. those I'loiikevs in the show
wi'dow. T,n b't ml of a iiiiiii and tliat
ofc mould v in' inaterhill) the s.iino:
Imt did it t" U tin gentleman that in
the miello'i ml orgmiintiiiit wo Ii ml a
.lt d.tK'I'i lice.'
BIBS', 4
HHBIKw. ' ' v"rKU
i ' ' IM 1 i I 1 1 ?S'-,:MMMM
I descent tovvi i - of h:-tiu cat sioi ts nf
tlio ( irii'iit, and ilo'iios o ai eioin pal
f i.lli pliillllliclit ill'ilggi-ts tells lees 1 isltiy mil) I h 1 1 1 !" ciilillih toil in
( Mil' (
i.i t'ii.1 then is mi c,iue lor alarm of
. bolora getting a foot Imlil in .Noluiis-
ka as lie hits one thousaiiil mid foitv-
two v.ilualih iccipes foi its picvcutioii
and all have boon iigistoied at the
I'liitod States Patent olliic. .-some
bright Nobra-kan can make an iu
dopcnih lit fortune hv follow nig m tho
, footsteps of t'loso adepts, liy patenting ! Lonl A hi iili en. w ho became proini
, mnl legisteriug a wind contractoi . ueiii in politii s um nig I .lad-tniu '-i n
conlli-cator, or cage wheicby we can unci -hip Lady Abonbii. .- prmd.
deposit this iinvvolcoini jjuort in hi- i pally not,ii as th.- piojoi tm mnloiguii
i.igo or miiiio other s mill 1 and uu-, ior of coltagt iiuliistiial as-ei uitioiis.
uotici able town i f eipial iliuu iisioiis. thu-i m ouragiug the ui.iiiuf.i. tuic of
I woolctis. Ilia lis, la. os. i to . in tin- cot
tagos ol the li i-li is as.intr r.-adv
"Novcr toil your v. ilo a falsehood."
sii d u well know u leal i state mail to
Tin Man I'p a Tree the other day . "It
Inn t pay . My vv ife sent nu- do v n tow u
the i tin r d'lV w it li a s,nni!i of I -t new
on--to u' t ii pan i f jJoms tn match
i I hioltt il an i vi twn bu' could
ii' i i ml nnv that wn- tin i sai t shade
h",,,m,( I'11" "'"" dm Kit.
hud lie sample mid glnvt-s wrapped up
together and stalled buck I did not
'"' vcr.v conifnitnhloas I nearcil home,
and visitnl sov ual diui; stored Just to
j-'et sonic iiiomi I i trlvo mi- nerve, for I
knew in.v Wife would know the dlller
once as soon Us she laid eves on tile
gloves, she met meat the door, look
the package, opened lib,. fine she not
Inside and linmediaielv commeuccd In
cr.v. ii'ul all she could sa,v was "Tlioj
don't inutcli! Thu.v don't tiialch!' I was
uoinir to make inv lilull st'ek. si lev
anilncd her eves and had her mother
come in ami i Midline them also. M,v
mother-iii-liiw. who is a dear. koimI
utiiiiiMii t Ixiiiirti i he don't alvva.vr. arce
witll iiioi dotccted a dm k spot in the
center of ouch eye She made nia wife
hithi them In milt and water ami put
cold cloths on them until I was so sorry
mm- her that I o um near telling her
that the uloves niil not mutch, hut on a
second thought I kept still. I have,
for fnur da.Vs' s.-i v ic of mioe doclor.
signed a check for lli. uml "r !." fornpair
i f -.'hisses. The lilull sticks, hut it is
cistlv. Now take nit nilv Ice, tOIIIIU
nrin. mid iiosoi II tn vom toid wife,"
Si iii r'ti'i i .it ti,.i , vv iiii-
Duriim tin -i huh ,ml f il.o
.,,,, Wl.,( ,., ., ,,,,. M11(.f.., -.ii..t..l-.,.
n brier peril il TIiiiimIiiV III the st ire of
'tie It.ihlvvin ciinpauv. and having
nlL'ht i'Iw luilii hoy-nil ( 1 1 1 i II H the
j ui'iiial maiiat'ei'. Mr. W. s llulliiiau.
I an nit tin stv les fur spriiiaiul siiuiiui r.
j ' i II," s.lld lb.' p,, pular litter, "hole
I l is a lot ol lashioiiablos that si em to
i ' r
i ill,', I llio a,pnval ol all tile lio.vs I lie
i sin ill and ipuot putt u lis aio most oii-
erallv in do'iiiiud and such as these,"
point inu to what is ceucrill.v known as
salt and popper ollects and small mill
ed d checks, in brow us. blacks ntid
i' Vs, "are what the men ol rclliieil
last, w ill wear this summer. Of course
wo have lot, n tho other yoods. t m, in
I -l nl njtr a iiumber of novelties, but for
lUoliei'.ll Wear those will eoiue II its! .
I .Now fin di ens ocoasbiiin Milid blacks, as
I usual, will he the eiiuvoiilloiial tlilliK
'I'll 'Co is nothllln so nice as a Cuj
I worsted nun vv bou haiiilsinu. I.v made
I 1 1 ' i it -in i III. -In.Ws up hottii th. in
, m iv i In n j i ii . w ,ii . I, ner. is tin most
"Im .i'i. and i In up. st hi the b uu i on."
i s,i d iibm.t tin now s v lo-, Mr.
, I llllllll III s.uil, ''I'lll o r Ipllto llll ill-
im. .it I. ii iii : in at, mm t In thin but
ton i ii'iiwav t.iki a dot idod Ii ad. I'm
It'ii is o , -1 l i ii nl liireor than mi
t ifiilo. bcuit three inches lnilei ""' cui'lolis im tlslt, in llllsncirvi to i. ii
lliau last -i a-iiii. and while the I'rinci "I ,-,!,", collocthin Is a iiiaui'ith cinith
Albi it .vet ciiiiii - in r.ira limited shun ''Liitioii foul in height: two herds or
ol popi'ihuit. tin coricct thinir will U'lu'iintlccliphunti. with a pair of plav
In the now -t.vii iiit.iwiiv. I'or hii-i- ful pac'.i.viloriiis' a bi-borned trim. ti
iioss tho sack' ci at will, a's iimiiiI, pi -- . speciiu -n or this rare animal i t i
iloinlnale. but tin ciilawii.v will be even I'laiod on exhibition, horned horses,
more worn than ver. that (lopeiidin saehed cattle Llamas; rent dens i r
l.ujfolj upon tin taste auilstaliie ot tin j hudly Minis, royal lleiiul tk'ors, and
lor . veiling' wear the a -w hmu
'skirted cut iw.iv will h ili-fliliill
t nl
The ISahlwiu Co.'s stock of line sum
uier woolens in now all in ami it cor
tainlv icpii'sents the largest and most
ole-'iiut lino i ver shown hen
I'isher is kept bus) from earl) morn
lillld tile Baldwin ( i seems Io be
Istricll) lr 1' tbisMii-nii, capturing tlio
bulk of thn bu iliess.
, ... ..
, I orr...,..'. u. M '""-.;; '""
(Itu. lllll.'l Voitj Noll's All iiii II,
"What is J i. Midwav I'lai-ancc
a (piostion iiiv.ti'.ablv asked hv the uev -,
comer and vis. tor to the worlds fair
,eitv 'I'hi I'l.iisance is not in the same
icnclosiiri with tin gnat esioitn,ii,
i.i i . i .i . . ''
., I In hi r I, i, .in in. it i, ii I 1, if I. , . . , .
i ' r ' .... . . ,
oilgll coliliocteil W It Ii It. II Is two
blocks si mi t Ii ot ihe main intianoe It
is iiiHi foi't will, and u mill in Ii nytb
mid was fiinin i.v 'In mi- t inur dnvi
l."tweoii Wa-liingioii and .laol.-.m
parks, winch i- not. bcini; tran-fo, moil i
in a uuiuiioi Mm wn ild no ihiuh glad
den the heart of tin kinifiifthi fairies.
II Ittlelliollts ill onl i.l-t'is. -iio- of
illusion'., tinned with tin stui and tin
' cloe piolinit) i each other. In
dor to under-tiiiul thi- diver- ili-plav
f nations, let us boyiu and go tbioiigh
lis Wl Will i-Xpoct to llll oil V lltllg I be
gn at expo-ltlon.
Tin llr-t thin, i- tin iii-b iinlii-tniil
v illau'e. Tuts I- nnih r the direction of
Ladv Ahi i ili.'ii of lioland. daii'htor of
market for tin ptoduct of tin tott.ic
imlil -trim as-i i iittiniis wn- found hy
her ladyship in London. The village
consists of it ft-, n ci tta.'e a cast
an abbey, t'n iottiies b.-m
minimi an !i n . inn i i i,.
i uu stun. i- iiuii ..iu-1 a iiu
sum i n ti i i i-l , -,i ,,t . t.
Wl st
an1 cs
from irk .lust in ft out of tho nisid
stands ltusl Huge. ,., ,, . j,,,
ship u 111 r iw-In n mumicr In whlcl
only 11 . humbler of r. In can do Justin
At the oust end is a ivmodurlloi of
Mct'ross ahboy. famous us the burial
pin f Iho iinlcd chieftains nf chins,
iiiiioiu,' whose hallowed letuiillis usl
Iho-o of 'luck Ai'kiiii." Tho furulsb
Inus of the e.istle and col tildes arc on
their wa, from Ireland. Tho
writer viewed with liiiijrliitf thfiiutslilo
ofKient boen of turf already on Iho
Ci'iuiiulii. In the eotlaes will be iiiiiii
ufactiiiod laces mid linens, such us our
iiintliofN used to buy nf puck peddlniH
(ilrccl from lielmid; wooIciih and vurl
oils knitted (,'oniln. Workers nf vvoud
ami cuitcru of si mo will sliow us how
it is done in Iho old country.
Ilul Iho part In which Iho vvrltci
loolH fnrwaid with all tho small Imi.n'm
c i:lo'tj a id i -.,i 1-t.illmi which Ii
posiossos. is the teal Irish ilair.v
will be in tho vilho,e. Ilflion id tin
fitinoiis Korrj cows arc expected, as
me also the i os,v cheeked milkmaids,
with their neat caps and apuuis, ami
rial Irish dalr,v imploiui tits. Thin
air about fortv Irlsli b i.vh and (.Mils in
all c uiiliiy. SlilllT hi.i.u
I HIUl.l I, It l.U lll,MIl,,l., Willi Hit'
IIIiiuMiii: Miiillii'is' ('In in..
'I'm Itiiiiflinu Itfolhei'H, whii'i
Wot Id' (ireatest Shows exhibit at Liu
coin. Tue-ilu.v. Ma, Ii, have unipiiMtiou
iibl.v tin luiyost aycreyat inn overeat Ii
eioil loyot her IiiIiiii sIiikIo ai.'ivj'a
lion. ,ii Hindi nt nf nnliiv , luiivi vol
i Xtellslve Ills knowledge nf the liultuiil
klujzdoui. can rail to discover in tin
niiiiMilfloei.t , illoctiou tf rare mid val
liable wild beasts, soillo now spi cii
wor'liv of Ills ii spectiiiu and stuilv
I'lirtlciilarl.v worth.v of attenlliiu is tin
uimiiuioth hlood-oviilliic; hippopotamus
that the i:iiu,'llnir llruthcr exhibit as
one or tholr mcnanerlal features. Thin
iaiit amphibian is without iiiestliiii
the largest hippopotamus over cap
tuivil and lioin'ht to tills countrv
N'uinoroiissinall hiipopotmnl lia.o hitli
orto bei li exhibited, but never befori
tlll'i -ftl VlKJilllllcent a spectiueli of t'us
sli'liiij. . biblo-ri curded beast bo. i,
placi'il on I'slilhitiiin. t is .'vliil il. I
In IN llll t III III i lenient with llll tho -ill
liiillldi ic s' nf life in it mi
l' ji I u 1 1 .ui'l ilU ll'li'i I hv i lie or it
Imlil . nd bit pill Clptol's. esp, eluMv
ifip.irti I fru'ii darkest Afilou bv 1 1 l
inv-t entorprisin1.' ol circus iiuiiiul'i
moult A no oiLf the mum nlhi i nr.
i man-uovoui inn; io ipmiis. mill oniuiK'h
ni,"''" i' -iiriiiii-s uil-l creatures tolllns
Irate a volume of n itural history .
MIIU, i.l.lll.
loader nf this paper
!'! .t ( d to learn that there is at b ast
one (In inn it (llso.i-o t lint science has
1 been aide to cur in all Its staucs, and
I that is ( atiirrh. Hall's (' itarrli Can
Is tho (ml) positive euro known to tin
mi In-ill fraternity. Catarrh being u
const itutiniial di-o.i-o, roipiires a con-
stitiitioiuil tioatuieut. Halls ( .ititrrh
,cuio is takennit, rnally, acting ilircctlv
! on the bbsid and .....coons Mllf.U'of the
isveiei.i. iiicreov (icsiroying I lie foillKla
'S . Il.tii ,if I.,,, ill.,.ih.. fill. I art. I.... .1
fc.. ...n in. ,
tioiit struiigth b.v hiiihling up tin con
siitution .mil assisting niitiiri tn do its
iiii.'L I Ii., iti. .. K.I..I . ., . 1...
f ,,, i ,. .
1 faith in il-ourative powers, that
' . i ...i
! I, Hill III Its oiirntive powers, that th. ,
i'lK'1 bio Hundred I) dlam fur any m-
lliat il rail-to ciin. S'nd foi h ( f
testimonial-. Address,
K .1 ,v. to.. Toh do. 1 1
s,,ld b.v Hiuggists, T' cents.
( has it Cn gory, tin- coal v.i..,. i.
lion (i Mri-ci. KicSanls blk. I'limn ,t .
Will Ills full.
Ill) II Mil)!' cottage, live him I s Inn ,
world's fair eiili.nice, uci omuiodul mils
tlrst-cluss. Oar building is -low ami
pcrnuilieiit. Will he the most hoili- -
like pla o tostnp during the tali
Ilo'i )
loutitict now at I.IHI per day
wiiiMiiviy iioiinio atior May I.
'or p.l. Iiculai's. .1. W. Winger,
sticct. Lincoln.
When ynu want tlrst-ehiss l.ivvu
sprinklers that will do yotu swaro
gi oil mill please the eye. theio's b ,t
i lie place to net tliom and that's at
Dcaii.V llnrtou's, I lab () strci t
llel m'islu imor . Co. soil b t ', 'H
shoes at fl ini s.'l ;,( shoes at ' ,n
CuksI shoos at i,;,o fu. ml., ,, ijai,. ,,n'n
l..ti anil I ,ii sin Kt-ini
Hi I. D.i) ton. oculist and mist
No IJn.1 (i .treot Lincoln. Nob.
( I m im ( iit ity Com. at tin.
I n i o.i i - -outhwest conter of
1 -t.it1, ami t) -'loots