Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 15, 1893, Image 4

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''' J T?rt9$8&5oZstiiN&fflY,K m-
' "Mm 'jrifwr
tlio iMipulnr IMimimiiiiI Hour lub in-
OlllVtl lit tilt' Htlll UlHMlllI till lllHt l-YI-
(luv i'nliiK, anil lirllllmit ulTiilr It
.. .1 i ...., iitniii , mi
win. nil' iiiriiir iii" i" .....
of jiivkimiIh Iiu'IihIimI ii nlhor li'H m-I of
h. piece from tin Knltflit 'rVmpliirH.
hIIm r wallnri a lnon lifter illniic-r i-of-fio
hiooiih from linn. I'lt.niralil: a w't
of jirarl IiiiihIIimI IoiIm1 anil fork frori
Mr. KriMli lipoid lltii'il niup iiiiici irom
. .it .i. H..I.1...1 .....1 llimttiirml Willi I
oriiiiuiiii mk".. ...,,,,,,,,., .Mr. O'.NVI ; u koiI Iii.mI lly mhoii
l,l,li;,.ry.lm..vrHul.o or, , ... "(vim Ml, ,, $,,. Ml.W,.: ,.
iu iil ho twooti tliiMlniift'H. Ili' lm ,' , , .. ,,, ,,, .,,
"iii ;;' !;;",:!;:"!' ;:' J-zwTi;; m ..
I (I III' llllll IMIIIIUI' p unill limn ..i........
HlHtloiioil at olio onil of tlio room, fiirn
IkIumI oxipiUltcnnirtli' for tlio ilnin''i'.
Sovoral now fi'loctloiw wore glvon,
mid ai iimiiiiI, uiim tlio lilnlioct onlcrof
ilani'o music. A iiiiiiiImm' of hwhh uoro
prt'M'iit toonjo.v tlioHlylit. At I'lcvon
uYllH'k II llltU'llCOII Ullrt wTVl'il In tlio
ordinary. Tlio IihIIoh iippeiiivil In
ovoiilnii t'oMiiini' ami iiuni) now now im
woro noticed. Tlio ccnIiiiiich vmm-o:
Mrs. (ioo. Mrown. Il'lit Imio civpo,
liluo xllppoi-rt, fun anil jjlovon: Mr-. I-'.
V. Ilrown. vlolol crepe miiilo oinplro,
crciiin nloxos ami ullppoiw, iIIiiiiioihIh:
AIi-h. I .adil. lonion coloicil crepe with
lilaok volvot trliniiilnliH, 'iluek hiiIIii
hUppors. Itliick jjlovi's: Mr. HonUlo.
pink Mlk lmulo oinplro u Itli jjIovoh ami
Hlippoi-H to corroMpoiul, pink nwc: Mrn.
Llpplneott, puro whlto ilotloil mull,
wlilto ulovi'n ami nllpporH, illmiiomU;
Mm. UnckMiitT, jialo yollow silk utilize
ovor lUvpor yollow hiitln, yollow Hllp
porn gloves ii'ml fan; Ml l.atta. pink
oropo do oliluo, pink glovo, fan and
roHon; Mrn. DoiiiiIh, lioavy black watln
a iniiilo oinplro, black KiitlitHllppci-H; MUh
Climnborn, Unlit uroy oropo with trim
inlnjjH to correspond: MIhh Fnnke, pink
silk, decollete, pink iosch, nllppoi-i anil
jjlovt'ri; Miss Shears, palo yollow oropo
with trluiiulnuH to inatch; Miss Clark,
beautiful combination of jjivoii mi
cadod satin and pink volvot; Miss Do
l'uu, cream orepe, orcam slippers,
glovcx, fan and roses; Miss (trltllth,
wlilto brocaded silk with whlto slippers
and glove; Miss Marshal, whlto bro
caded satin trimmed In beads d'arnont;
Miss Klttlo Cowdery ,plnk silk com
bined with Unlit brown velvet; Miss
Allco Cowdery, bluo cropo mado em
pire, blue slippers and gloves; Miss
Hammond, cream silk net over cream
silk, cream fan and gloves; Miss llortlo
Hurr, whlto sill: with whlto trlminliinn:
Miss Whlto, combination of whlto
oropo and groun volvot, whlto slippers;
Mtss Maud Hurr. whlto dotted swlss
Hindu omplro, whlto slippers, glovon
and fan; Miss Wilson, whlto silk with
rlblHin trimming, whlto roses; Mrs.
Mulr, Unlit yollow cropo with yollow
sllppei-s and nlves; Miss I 'arson, palo
bluo empire nown of silk, bluo slippers,
fan and jjIovoh. The jjiiosU eoinprlsed
Mecsrs. and Mcsdauics t!eo. Hrown, !'.
W. Ilrown, l.add, Ilenklo, Llpplncott,
HuekstalT, Dennis; Misses riuuubors of
Omaha, Lutta, l-'unko, Shears, I 'lark,
Do l'uo, Orinith, Marshall. Allco and
and Klttlo Cowdery, Hammond, Maud
and Uortlo Uurr, Whlto, Wilson and
Carson; Mowrs. Fiinko. Winn. Mea
ner, Uurr, Dornan, Fltnerald, Bald
win, Dawes. Hurr, Andrluno, Smith,
St. .lohn, Keatlnn, X.ehrunn. Uino,
Krun, Younn. Marsliall, .loyce. Hatha
way, Morrison, Walto and Maker of
Tlio larno and pleasant homo of Mr.
and Mrs. Will Tyler, 808 D street, was
tlio scene of a pretty and Interesting'
mustealo on Monday evcnlun for the
benetlt of tholidfaliin fund of the Holy
Trinity church. The house was hand
somely decorated with larno bouquets
of choice cut llowers. The atTair
was arranned by Mrs. Tyler with the
assistance of Mr. Seamark. Tlio pro
grant was jtorfect in all Its apiiolnt
monts. Kaolt ono of the performers ac
quitted hliutolf adntlrahly. After tlio
program resreshinonts were served In
the dining room. The ulTalr through
out was exceedingly enjoyable and
pleasant. The program Is as follows:
1. Piano solo "Kn Houte."
Miss Mlanche .loluisou.
2. Marrltonu solo
God Guard Tliee, Love.
Mr. Kltherrlng.
II. Vocal solo Howder Monkey.
Mr. Seamark.
4. Violin solo Majurke.
Mr. Menzondorf.
Ti. Vocal solo Cononetta.
Miss Maud Wakley.
. Hecltatlou Mks.Mawle.
It. Piano solo Choplns March.
Mrs. Menzondorf.
8. Duot Cheerfulness.
Miss Ijiw, Mr. Seamark.
1). Recitation Miss ltaimes.
10. Piano solo Galop Prilllonte.
Miss Tyler.
11. Vocal solo MisA Law.
J2. Violin and Piano Duet
Misses Gregory and Whlto.
13. Song... "Our Father In Heaven."
Miss Gertie Tyler.
Mr. and Mrs. James Tyler, IKl't K.
street celebrated the silver anniversary
of tholr wedding Tuesday evening.
The homo was beautifully decorated
with cala lilies and Kaster lilies. Tlio
chundcllor, sideboard and mantels woro
draped with graceful festoons of smlliix.
Above tho parlor doors were the date
1808-1803. Tho guests were 4recelvod
at the door by Mr. and Mrs. Tyler.
Tho ovonlng was spent In pleasant so
cial Intercourse which was diversified
y refreshments which were served
during tho ovonlng in the dinning room
by Sutton and llollowbush. Tho guests
left somo hundsoino romouiloranccs
which will make Mr, and Mrs. Tyler
ngo si
Mrs. .limes; u doen oxidized silver
spoons from the Kensington club; a
lion bon dish from Mr. and Mrs. (ireeii:
a set of nut picks from Mr. and Mrs.
1 learn: a bou bon dish from Mr. and
Mrs. .lames Ulvett: a silver card re
ceiver from Mrs. Ileuton, Mr. mid Mrs.
Kil. II.Nile: a silver erenni pitcher from
Mr. ami Mrs. Muls: a souvoeiilr spoon
from Mr. and Mrs. Mornan: a pie knife
from Mr. and Mrs. Waldo. Mr. and
Mrs Minion: a si ver tooth pick holder
from Ml-s Wampler: two en t ghisM bot
tles from Dr. and Mrs Carter: Mr. and
Mrs. .1. W. Dew esc, pleklo fork.
Draiiil Mrs M II Garten, Major A G
Hustings, lion .lohn Fltgcrald, Chas
Hammond, Dr. I O Carter. . I II McClny
K M, Thoiuax Cochran, llev .lohn
Hewitt, A D Kitchen, .1 II Mauritius,
.lohn MeWhlnnie. W .1 Turner, M ()
Phllllpi, Henry ohrnng. C T Hoggs,
.1 K Honeywell. .1 II D.ivles, W II
Davey, WC Davis, Austin Humphrey,
A K keiinard, KT Huberts. F W Mart
run", .las 1 learn, K M Hyde, .las lleatou,
CWHoxlo, .1 II O'Neill, A Dolwon,
Frank McCluskoy, Wallace, Dr F
Green, C C Waldo, W I' Jones, Jas
Klvolt. John Mlvltto. O N Hinnphroy,
M P M Miller, It Moyce, C II Itudgo, T
Med Cloud: Jim Chapman, Conrtlaiul;
Low Marshall. The prizes given
Thursday evening were won as fol
lows: .Mrs Miieksnitl, a dozen pretty
butter plates: .Win MeMmmls, a hand
some sofa pillow; Mr Myron Wheeler,
a box of delicious lliivnna's and Dr
IjiiIiI a beautiful cut glass reit for tho
curving knife.
The Miivola club gave Its lint party
of the -eiiMin on last Friday evening at
Temple hall. No party of tho hoiimiii
hits been more enjoyable and It was
a llttlng elo-o for so pleasant n Hcason.
The club was organized in the fall mid
the parties of this year have I eon
marked with a great degree of success
and congeniality. Friday evening the
ladles all appeared in evening dress,
which lidded much to tho brilliancy of
the party. At eleven o'clock the
guests all' repaired to Sutton .V Hol
low bush's where mi elegant luncheon
win served. Dancing was agal-i In
dulged In until the weo small hours
of morning. The guests comprised
Misses (.'race IliiuWliigor, Georgia
Camp. Helen Hoover, Jennie Stewart,
Daisy Cochrane. Grace Asli'on, IJInlle
I'oslon. Fdnii Curtis. Florence Winger,
Jo Lottiidge, Louise Fowler, Dura
Hurley, Ada lleaton. Kiuornld Jones,
Delia' Seholleld, Mlauebi' Garten.
Messrs Park Gnrroute. Clougli. Fred
Cooley. Ora Ward. Harry Lvaus,
Merrill, Geiirue Johnson. Arthur
llariner, Guy llonet well, Clarke.
Ilarrv llmiev, Arthur Cooke, Arthur
Walsh, Hrauk Kitchen, Wilson
Mrs. S. It. Nesblt has just com
pleted a liii'i.'e and handsnmo niautol
which she has carted at the reiiiest of
tho ladies committee t if Pawnee
county for tho World's Fair. The
mmitel is to he soul to Chicago soon
by those ladles and Is to be stationed
in Nebraska's building as their dona
tion towards tho display. Tho man
tel Is nine and a half foot high ami
six feet wido. It was mado at the
Nebraska planing mills and Is of
cherry wood with a smooth polished
lliilsh of mahogany. Tho designs
have been carved In this mahogany
llnlsh showing the natural color of the
' ' wSPm '
-i r rnj9m.zurs,?si!- n ka7vscs fHYitran u r.
HIIIBIIllltinnUi&tik I In Yfflluft "fe5,Cw0y;HMMnilWw
S Mimiers, J W Doweese, V. l1MorgMn,
W II Tyler. Ed Mlguell. T F Liieh.
John Stlre, A Guild, F J Osher, Sum
MeClav. L J Mvors. L D Woodruty, A
Marshall, A A Mead. A M Davis. A
Kearns. W K'earns, T II Menion. II J
W Seamark.Sollingor, L Plowman, Mrs
Day, Mrs Woodhoiise, (Nebraska City,)
Mrs Hathaway, Mrs J McCIiuhiiii,MIs
A Carter, Misses Maud Hammond,
Messle MartrulV, l'liinia MeWhlnnie,
Maud Tyler, Wakelln, (Jraco Tyler,
Hello Wampler, Mcsslo Turner, Mertle
Hean, F.stolu Ttiro. Whlnnio Hearn.
DrG llSlminond.s, Major Ilaz.lett. KM
Glen, Ed States Jas Wampler. A J
Tyler, K W Tyler and Jus Tyler, jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Mrown enter
tained their friends in a charming
milliner on Thursday and Krlday even
ings. Their homo w s bountifully
decorated with palms and ferns.
Thursday evening was devoted to tho
game of hearts, Krlday evening high
live held tho attention of the guests
until r. late hour. On both evenings
dainty lefreshnicdtH were enjoyed by
the following guests: Messrs and
Mesdaincs J M Wright, II M Patrick.
H It Nlsslev, A Hurlburt, .1 C Allen.
C T Hrown. II P Foster. Martlett It E.
Moore, W E Wilson,.! A MuekstatT.L 1)
Mnice, Gil Clark, A G Mlllmeyer, A
S Hurr, A W Jaiison, Dr Dayton, Hull
imiii, T II Murton, Ed Hignoll, C E
Yates, Chas Hammond, J O Allen,
E M Applegot, It I) Stearns, K W
Maldwin, E E Henkle, Sutton. 1) W
Mrown, T W Little, K W Mrown, W
M Shlpman. S II Shaw, W M Har
grcaves, M E Whoolor, Mark Tllton,
It II Oakley, C L Llpplncott, 1) E
Thompson, J W Winger, C T Ladd,
E E Mrown, Dennis, E P Ewlng, H P
Maule, C Keofer, C Hall, L C Hurr, W
Mrown, E Holyoko, Mi's MeMannls,
not forget tho occusslon soon. Tho list C E Raymond, Omaha, Mr MoNony,
wood. The designs, wnicli lor tho
most part are ongiuu1 tf't)i Mi-s Xes
bitt. are artistic luth '.xlnnio. They
consist of corn, cur -tails, wcdhlne,
wheat, oats, inaplo haves, ami other
things that are native products with
this state 1 ho iMinlers, which are
partieulaiiy artistic, are very skill
fully done. Mrs. Nesbit was assisted
by Mrs. T. M. MaGaliay on tho bor
ders. Mrs. Nesblt t has been dili
gently at work carting the mantel for
live weeks. She has dono her work
remarkably quick and accurate. This
piece of art will certainly do the
Indies of Pownee county credit.
V happy wedding occurred at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. 11. C. Keeper
l.0" P street Tuesday afternoon at
which time MissMinuie Keofer became
Mrs. J. 1). Humphrey. The wedding
was quiet mid unostentatious, only the
relatives anil immediate friends being
present. Rev. Dr. E. II. Curtis olllciat
ed. Mr. Humphrey Is a mail well
known in traveling circles, while tho
bride is a charming young limy, hating
resided In Lincoln font number of years.
Tho happy couple went to Chicago
whore they will spend two weeks after
which they will bo at homo in Lincoln.
Mr. mid Mrs. L. M. C ihu ontortutned
a company Wednesday ovonlng compli
mentary to Miss Meeklo Spolsburgor
who will depart for her homo in Koo
kuek, Iowa, next week. Miss Spols
burgor has been In our midst for the
past live months enjoying the kind hos
pitalities of her sister Mrs. Kohn and
lior many Lincoln friends regret her
departure, ltallroud high-llvo was the
program for the oyenlng, tho lucky
prize winners being Miss Tilla Merkson
who captured tho tlrst prize, an ele
gant silver hairpin box, tho gentle
men's tlrst prize was carried away by
Mr. Alfred Eisner. Tho consolation were awarded to Mr. E. Ilecht
and Miss Olive Friend, tho former a
rattle box and the hitter a tin whistle.
An elegant repast was spread, compris
ing all the delicacies of the season.
Tlio following were present: Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Keeiisky, Misses Tlllle
Merkson, Anna Marr, It a Frank A.
Steiuler, Hertha Seligsoln, Amanda
Kohn, Ida, Aline and Matilo Friend.
Messrs. Leoiitillgeuhiim, Sol, Merkson,
Hugo Kithu, Henry Mayer, A. Elmer,
E. Ilecht. Chas. Gunnison, Simon
Greenhauin, JnkoC. Oppenheluier.
W. K. Klynn, a gentlemanly con
ductor of tin Puioti Pacillc, was in
the city on Wednesday evening shak
ing hands with friends. Mr. Flyim is
a popular man with tho olllclals of his
road and it is only to bo hoped that
tho Piilon I 'initio will add more of
the aeeommiMlallng men like this gen
tleman to their train so rtiee. Ho
makes friends for the road and com
mands patronage. It is a still rumor
In certain circles that tho day Is not
far distant when ho will be one of
the superintendents of that railway
A miinber of the senators ami their
wites and some of the state otlleers
formed it merry part.t that left Wednes
day for a trip to Deiiter, the Rockies
mid Ycllottst'iuc Park. The company
ehartereil a special train ami expect to
he gone about two weeks. The partj
is compo-i'd of Lleutenatit-Goteriiiir
Majors, wife and daughter, Senators
Moore and wife, Kgglcston and wife,
Scott and wife, Miller and wife. Corrcl
and wife, Low ley and wife. Pope aid
wife, D.ile and wife, North and llahii.
The well kiiownsiuiling countenance
of Mr. C. It. Itlehter of St. Joseph,
once it gallant Ltuenluite, was visible
111 the elt.t a few days during the past
week. S line people continue to won
der why "Mob" makes these periodi
cal visits and to dispel further query
the CoUKIKIt will state that he has
some unsettled business alTuIrs here
yet that demand occasional looking
after. That is all.(')
Mrs. L.C. Hurr entertained ntiiimhcr
of gentlemen friends at dinner Wednes
day evening. An elegant dinner was
served in courses and tho liouutiful
home was rail lent with lovely surround
ings. Mr. and Mrs. Hurr seem to have
a faculty for entertaining that is al
ways most delightful ami .cttainly ap
preciated by guests.
Mr. mid Mrs. Wilson very pleasantly
entertained the whist club at their
homo HHt'i M street last evening. The
usual whist was played diversllicd by
charming refreshments. The club is
composed of Messrs. ami Mcsdauics
Funko, Abbott, llatvley, Perry, Wright,
Margraves. Appelgate, Mroek, Ray
mond. Mrown, Muriiham.
Mr. F. (J. Zohrung left Tuesday for
Hot Springs, Arkansas, aeeompaiilud
by his mother, In whose lniialf tlio trip
is made. Mrs. Xehruug was quite weak
when leaving here, but It is hoped and
expected that u few weeks at the most
will secure the niiie'i desired recuperation.
Tho business college hoys gave a
remarkably pleasant dancing party
Saturday night at the business college.
Dancing was Indulged iu until mid
night and till present had a tine time,
lees were served during tlio otoniug
by Sutton Hoilowhush.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Funko cut rtaiucd
Mr. llavolan, tho celebrated manu
facturers of Havelaii china, and Mr.
Volkin of New York Tuesday. They
are on their way homo from the west
and st'ipped oil' tosp'iul the day with
Mr. and Airs. Funke.
Miss Elllo Steen left Saturday for St.
Louis to be maid of honor at the wed
ding of her rriend Miss Lily Wright.
She will return Monday. Miss Wright
has visited in Mils eitv several tunes
mid has a number of friends here.
Tho Century club held Its regular
hl-ntonthly mooting Tuesday afternoon
at tlio homo of Mrs. Hartley. An in
Urestliig and Instructive program was
Mr. ami Mrs. S. S.'logsolintvith their
daughter Miss Nettle and Mrs. L. A
Ksonsky returned Wednesday from
Kansas City where thoy have been vis
iting relatives for a week.
.miss . milliners oi omaiia came
down to visit her friend, Miss Shears
at the Hotel Lincoln and attended the
pleasant hour party.
Sorosis meets Monday afternoon at
the homo of Mrs. E. 11. Maiixmr.
Mrs. Heche will lead on the subject,
"Our Public schools."
Mrs. W. (i. Cochran of Los Angeles., is visiting her old school friend.
Mrs. W. II. MeCrccry. and will re
main until Tuesday.
Miss Lulu Krone entertained, pleas
antly, a number of young lady friends
on Thursday evening at her homo on
South Ninth street.
Mr. and Mrs. It. S. Thompson mid
daughter Fay loft Monday for Chicago
whore they expect to remain for tlio
Miss Cora Hardy returned Friday
from her winter's trip to Sutherland.
Kin. She has gained much in health.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Harris left
Wednesday for Crcston, Iowa where
thoy will reside for the future.
Mrs. McCreery entertains friends at
dinner this evening In honor of Mrs.
Cochran of Los Angeles.
Mrs. K. Tlerney of Teciinisoh is
spending the week with her sister Miss
Clara Carmody.
Mrs. C. 1). Kerr left Tuesday for
Texas where she intends to spend sov
oral weeks,
Miss Allco Sheldon of Holdredgo,
Neb., spent Sunday with Mrs. M. 1).
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