Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 14, 1893, Image 1

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VOL. B. NO. 6.
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Thoro Is now no longor uny doubt
that Lincoln is soon to hnvo eompoti
tlon In tho electric nnd gns light sup
ply. The capitalists who somo time
slneo secured tho possession nnd con
trol of tho Homo Electric railway, for
merly tho consolidated Lincoln City
nnd Cupltnl Heights street railways,
nro ombark ulso in tho
manufacture of oloctrlclty for illumi
nating purposes. These gentlemen
have an abundanco of capital and none
of them have yet been suspected of an
inclination or uu aptitude to throw any
of it uwny in fruitless and unprotitablo
ontorprlsos. They confidently claim
that they can furnish electric lights at
a rate fur below thoso now paid In this
city nnd still realize a hundsomo divi
dend from their investment. They are
obliged to erect a now power house
soon for tlnJlr street rullwuy, which
will bo extended this spring somo ton
miles along tho principal streots, and
propose to put in an illuminating plant
nt tho sumo time. Thoy uro also figur
ing on u $2tf,000 plunt for tho manu
facture of fuel and Illuminating gas,
and in enso cortain ponding financial
negotiations are effected, will put in
tho gas plant nlso. Thoy appear to on
tertuln a suspicion thut tho "Council is
very friendly to tho existing company,
as thoy have boon doing some testing
in that lino. Although tho company
already possesses an electric lighting
franchlso, the same which was granted
the old Lincoln City Electric Street
Hallway company, It hasj seen fit to ask
tho council for u franchise, and devel
opments thus far have not boon reas
suring. Two meetings passed oro thoy
could got their ordinance introduced.
If this is an honest movement to estab
lish competition in tho Uluminuting
and fuol business, it Is of tho utmost
impoitanco to tho peoplo that tho fran
chise bo'granted, but thoro Is room for
tho suspicion thut it may be a move
ment merely to create sympathy for
tho company, which it is likely to need
whwn it undertakes to traverse with its
street rullwuy cortuln streets In tho
business certor upon which It now has
doslgns, or it may bo to compel sanc
tion of Its occupancy of thoso streots by
tho powers that bo. Thoro Is certainly
trouble browing In tho street rullwuy
field, as tho Lincoln street rullwuy has
occupied all of tho down town streots
and thoso leading to tho depots, and
tho Homo company has determined to
get down town to tho depots by somo
moans. Tho proposed electric light
ordlnunco was read for tho first tlmo at
tho council mooting Tuesday night. It
asks simply a franchlso to build, oper
ate nnd muintuln a plant for tho manu
facture and distribution of electric
light und illuminating und fuol gus. It
provides thut within ton months af tor
tho pussngo of tho ordlnunco tho com
pany shall expend nt leust $50,000, und
thut when completed it shall not charge
tho city or its citizons moro than $1.50
por 1,000 foot of Illuminating gus, $1
per 1,000 foot of .fuol gns, $8.50 per
month for all-night 2,000 candle power
electric lights or $5.50 for midnight
lights. Theso prices will bo a substan
tial gain for consumers over tho prices
now exacted, nnd it looks u little
strungo'thut thoro should bo men In tho
council JKho would stand up and vote
to say thut tho people shall not bo
glvon tho udvuntago of buoIi a gain.
But there nro such mon in tho council,
although tho promoters of tho now
plunt say that it will puss. Thoro
should, howovor, bo a clauso in tho or
dlnunco provontlng a possible consoli
dation with tho old company. Tho
old company, it was intimated ut tho
last council meeting, will claim an ex
clusive frunchlso, but an examination
of tho statutes will show thut there is
no such thing In this stuto us an ex
clusive franchlso to be obtained except
by tho purehaso of city councilmon. It
has been intimuted thut tho now pro
ject is simply a schomo to bluckmuil
tho old company, but mature rellootion
will show thut blackmail is impossible,
ns tho council has tho right to grunt
any and all applicants franchises, and
in fuet it is its duty under tho spirit of
tho law to ufford tho peoplo nil of tho
advantages to bo derived from compe
tition. Tho now company must, to
hold Its frunchlso, conform to its ngroo
ments, and when it doos so it will lw
blackmailing nobody.
Ono of tho proposed amendments to
tho olty charter is tho establishment of
u property quullllcutlon to entitle ono
to voto In nn olootlon Involving tho Is
suance of imnds. Tho measure Is ono
which certainly appears just und oqult
ablo, a$ tho owners of tho city's prop
erty uijj cortuinly tho ones who should
bo ompoworod to say whothor or not
thoy should bo taxed for special pur
poses. As a rule mon who do not own
proporty do not, unsolicited, take
enough interest in such propositions to
turn out und voto. It is tho property
owner who is interested. If such a
proposed mcusuro Is calculated to help
tho city tho proporty owner, who will
bo bonolltted thoroby, may lw rolled
upon to recognize thut fact nnd render
it every support. If it is calculated to
help eh lolly ono man, or a few men, ho
may ulso bo depended upon to do
about tho right thing in tho mutter.
Men who own proporty to lw effected
by such measures nro little apt to bo
corruptly inlluenced in these particular
mutters, und when thoy voto for bonds
for uny improvement it muy bo de
pended upon thut it will be u general
lwncflt to tho city. As tho law is ut
present a few men, by tho judicious ex
penditure of a fow thousands among
tho iloatlng and transeient population,
muy curry almost uny proposition, no
matter whut unjust oppressions It may
impose uH)ii one citizen for tho benefit
of another. Thoro uro hundreds of
mon who conscientiously refrain from
voting on bond propositions, as thoy
deem it tho right of proporty owners
to suy whether or not their proporty
shall be subjected to special tuxes. If
all mon woro us conscientious there
would bo no need of uny restraining
luw, but thoy uro not. Somo mon
would voto for unythlng, no mutter
how unjust, thut would lullict a tax
upon his neighbor's proporty, und do it
from choice, but tho majority of men
who hud no interest ut stuko would re
quire somo Inducement. This Induju
mont is too often forthcoming.
Tho city council bus nccopted tho
proposition submitted by tho Burling
ton und Union Paclfle railroad com
panies looking to the erection und
mnlntonunco of u vluduct over tho
thirty-four trucks of thoso companies
on U stroot. liy tuo torms of this
nccopted proposition thoso companies
aao to furnish to tho city us It muy bo
neoded a sum suHlolent to build tho
viaduct, estimated at from $130,000 to
$150,000, and pay all ubutting damages.
Tho further provision Is that whan It
shall hnvo been built tho city shall
forovor maintain it at its own oxcluslvo
cost. Tho monoy dorlvod from tho
granting of crossing privileges to stroot
railways shall go to tho, city to consti
tute a special fund for tho maintenance
of tho structure. Tho railway com
panies also agroo to remove tho pres
ent O street bridgo to a point on tho
crook further west on O stroot, so that
residents of that section west of Salt
creek and south of O street will bo
afforded access to tho west approach
of tho viaduct. Tho first thing dono by
tho council after tho adoption of tho
ordinance was to grant to tho Lincoln
und Salt Lako Electric Streot Railway
company tho right to lay a double
track across tho viaduct, with tho pro
vision, howover, that other lines may
uso tno tracks upon payment of a pro
portionate shuro of tho cost of putting
thorn in. Undor tho now ordinance O
street from Fourth to Seventh is va
cated as a streot. Now it behoves the
city to sco to It that a Arm nnd durable
viaduct is put up, ua tho stronger It is
built tho less expense tho city It liable
to suffer for mnlntonunco. As tho
ordinance stands, tho interests of tho
railroads and tho city uro nt vuriunco.
Tho less monoy tho companies uro re
quired to put into tho construction, tho
moro it is npt to cost tho city In tho
long run.
It muy not have been gonorully
noticed, but to the man in search of a
comfortublo abodo oquippod with mod
orn conveniences it has become pain
fully apparent thut dosirublo tonomont
houses uro mighty iinrd to find. It is
somewhat remurkublo thut such is the
cuso, but tho mun who has investigated
finds thut it is so. This scarcity of
tenomonts, howovor, applies chiefly to
Inside districts, within such a reasona
ble dlstanco from tho business contor
as ono would not seriously object to
walking now and then. Tho statement
does not hold good as to outsldo or
suburban districts, as thoro aro a good
many very good houses for rent around
the city limits. Peoplo have joined in
a movomont to got nearer tho contors
of business, and tho speculative munla
thut curried tho building operations out
into tho country for miles during tho
boom seuson sovorul years slneo has
calmod and tho reaction is ovorywhoro
apparent. Consldorablo resldonco
building has boon dono during tho past
three years-in fact a surprising
amount but tho housos In central por
tions aro filled us rapidly us comploted,
nnd it is a llttlo remarkable thut rental
rutos huvo hold their own remurkably
well in central sootions Roots in tho
suburbs, howovor, havo dopreciatod,
und it will bo sovoral years boforo a
great deal of tho outlying resldonco
proporty will ylold tho returns ownors
anticipated at tho tlmo of building.
Meantime tho central portions will be
come more and moro compact and citi
fied. Tho past year's building has
been utmost exclusively in tho lino of
flno residences or oxponslvo tenements
centrally located.
Now that Seventeenth Btreot has
boon paved to South street, owners of
line teams and vehicles uro beginning
to anticipate tho establishment of a
drive that will compensate thorn for
tho los of tho East O and East It
street eurcult, tho olllcacy of which us
a drive was injured by tho Hock Island
crossing. It Is hoped that stops muy
bo taken to secure tho paving of South
Eleventh street from C to South, and
then connect Eleventh and Seventeenth
by paving South street. Tho nood of
such a drive will bo severely folt dur
ing tho coming summer.
Somo of tho society ludics of Lincoln
should insist on being taken moro
closely into tho confidence of tholr
husbands. Thoy uro missing a groat
deal of elevating and extremely edify
ing fun by not so Insisting. Wednes
day evening thoro was a prizo fight out
at Lincoln park between a while man
and a darkey, and a number of society
ladies whoso beaux were otherwise un
accountably absent that night muy
know thut they woro enjoying tho
tight. Tho uudlonco numbered many
of the swells of tho city.
Too P. Lossik.
How'a ThUI
Wo offer ono hundred dollars roward
for uny enso of catarrh thut can not bo
cured by Hull's Cutarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wo, tho undersigned, havo known F.
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions und financially
able to curry out any obligations made
by tholr firm.
West fc Truax, Wholesulo Druggist,
Toledo, O., Wuldlng, Klnnun & Mur
vln, Wholesulo Druggists, Tolodo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally, acting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Prlco,
75c por bottlo. Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials free.
Itrul KxtHtu For Muln in- Truil.
Whnt havo you to olTor In exchange
for a lot In Elmwood addition, near
Wostorn Normal college, and lot A,
Sponcor's uddltlon, adjoining tho M
stroot bull purk. Will sell or trudo
both for good resldonco lot. Cull on or
address Lou Wosjol, ut this olllco.
faiw Rate to Flm Ida nml the 8outli-eat.
Tho B fc M is now soiling round trip
tickets ut very low rutos to Jackson
ville, St. Augustine, Tampa, Suther
land, Flu., Ashvillo, N. C, Birming
ham and Mobile, Ala., Charlestown,
S. C, Augusta nnd Suvunnuh, Gu., und
other iolnt in tho south, oust, good for
roturn until Juno 1st, 181)3. Porsons
contomplutlng n trip south will find it
to tholr udvnntngo to call at either B
k M depot or city ofllco, cor. O and
10th streots, whore full Information us
to routes, rutos, etc., will be furnished.
A. C. ZlEMKU,City Puss. Agt.
Clearing sale of cloaks and remounts
of dross goods at way down
Horindsholraer & Co's.
prices at
If you enjoy dancing go to your drug
gist and got a bottlo of Positive Corn
Curo, which insures comfort.
Tho.olootion of Hon. E. M. Corroll
us chairman pro torn, which hud iwon
offoated by tho republican-democratic
combine, was allowed to stand, but us
a recognition of tho republican sldo it
stands alone and on a mighty precar
loutttUtid unstable footing. II. A. Ed
wards, independent, was made iwrmu-
nont? secretary, und George H. Doughty,
Doughty is a domocrat. Rev. J. M.
Snidor was chosen to importuno tho
white throne for tho overthrow of
plutocracy. S. S. Alloy, democrat,
will guard tho peace und provejit smok
ing and muko himself generally useful
as a hired man clad In a llttlo brief
authority. K. Luddon, an lndopond
ont, and R. L. Rossltor, a democrat,
will share his arduous duties. J. H.
Dundas, an Independent, was choson as
engrossing clerk and Frank R. Mor-
rlssoy, prlvato secretary for tho re
tiring governor, got a fresh grip on
tlio stuto houso as enrolling clerk. A.
Waumor, an independent, will guard
tho outor portal and keep a sharp look
out to prevent tho invasion of lobbyists.
W. A, J. Raum was made postmaster.
Ho Is un independent und J. Stotn
hurdt,' a democrat, was elected to help
him digest tho postal cards. D. J.
Cronln, a populist, looks after tho sen
atorial ovorcoats and hats in tho cloak
room when ho Isn't tired, and S. W.
Coraan, democrat, will do it whot. lie
is. F. M. Johnson, independent, was
solootod to curry tho star route. F. J.
Kolllgor was glvon a job as book keep
er. He is an independent. A demo
crat, J. C. Goriu, was christened cus
todian of tho senate und II. Kossler, un
independent, janitor. J. A. Butler was
mudo assistant custodian of tho cloak
room. J. F. Sherman, u democrat was
clothed with tho dignity of messenger
clerk und J. G. P. Hildebrnnd, u moss
back, clerk of tho committee of the
Whut u purody it unquostlonubly Is
to huvo pruylng In legislative hulls.
No preacher is so able und eloquent
thut his invocations huvo the slightest
off oct. They go In ut ono our und come
out at tho other. Petitions to tho
throno of grace for divine guidance to
wise and Just legislation ought to find,
ono woulfl conclude, a statesman here
und there whom It might influence, hut
they appear to glance on the conscience
of ouch'lndlvlduul legislator about as
naturally as water oil a duck's lmck.
Prayor muy bo porflooty ut homo in
modern legislative hulls, but it doesn't
hurmonizo very well with Its surround
ings. It Is un indulgence thut Is not
only ineffective und superficial it is u
hollow protenso and un unhallowed
mockery, It takes hold of no ono but
tho chaplain, is forgotten as soon us
uttered, und it is safe to say is
not desired by a single member for tho
virtue it ought to Inspire, but simply
because it in a measure ro!os a vora
cious wolf in tho garments of a lamb.
Until a swooping reformation has
boon inaugurated in methods of legis-
I lation the legislator who attempts to
ciouk nw viiiamy witn a somuiunco oi
respect for prayor or its objects ought
to lw indictable for obtaining power
nnd prestige under false pretenses.
. Whut a hollow mockery it was, for In-
und B. S.
stance to nave lung prayers reeled off
during tho fow sessions thus far hold
by tho present legislature, while tho
momlwrs, to tho very lust man, woro
forgetting their ultlolal oaths to ex
pend tho states money in an orguul.od
battlo for sK)ils. It must either bo
presumed that all of tho prayers have
ieen wholly and woefully Ineffective,
or else tho Lord In answering them
has sanctioned somo mighty queer
schemes and combinations.
Thut tho best laid schemes of mice
and railroad lobbyists gang aft aglee
has Imjoii demonstrated by tho course
of events in the senate. After tho com
bination formed !otwcon democrats and
republicans lust Frliluy, whereby
Messrs Bubcock, Mattes, and Norton,
democrats, voted with tho republicans
on temporary organization, it looked
mighty dark for the populists, und, it
may ho added, for democrats also.
Republicans were accordingly jubilant,
and Congressman Bryan, who had pro
tested against a coalition of democrats
with republicans was jeered and re
viled by tho victorious republicans.
But there is uu old proverb which
ovory now and then Ik1s up soronoly
und obtrusively to vindicate itn own
Inteirrltv. It Is to the effect that tho
gentleman who waits until tho others
have all tholr turns ut tho sumo diver
sion can always agitato his risibilities
to tho lwst advantage. Whon tho news
of Wednesday's proceedings ronched
Bryan ho must havo found himself con
fronted by a job of laughing thut taxed
his generous capabilities in thut lino.
Tho roar thut wont up from tho domo
cratlo pross ovorywhoro was no uncer
tain expression of disapproval und tho
thrco recreant democratic senators
could not overlook Its import. Hence
it was thut whon tho senate convened
on Wednesday it was nlreudy known
that tho five democratic members of
thut body had decided to voto with tho
populists on organization. Thon it
wan that Pope of Sallno, a republican?
suddenly conceived tho idea that a fair
division is no robbery, but tho populUta
and democrats had concluded that thoy
would mako tho fair division betwoon
Tho coalition was ono which it would
havo dono Mr. Bryan's heart good to
havo seen effected oro ho pulled his
freight for Washington, and is decid
edly a black eyo for Hon. J. Sterling
Morton, Hon. James E. Boyd, Hon.
Tobias Castor and somo othor leading
democrats who opposed with all tholr
strength a union of strength of jxipu-
lists nnd democrats. It is such n union,
howovor, as appears to moot tho ap
probation of tho rank and tile of both
parties, although Senator Dysurt, In
dependent, cut loose from his party
and refused to participate in it, claim
ing that ho will horouftor voto inde
pendent of nil pnrtlos. If Mr. Dysurt
sticks conscientiously to his text he
will l)o tho only true American citizen,
as designed and recognized by tho
fundamental principles of American
government, to bo found in both
brunches of tho Nobrusku legislature.
Muuy compliments uro expressed
among members of nil parties for tho
ability und fairness with which Speaker
Gutlln presides in tho houso,
It should not escape tho minds of
momlwrs thut two sets of state olllcers
uro drawing salaries now, tho old und
new, und so will continue until tho
logisluturo gets down to work.
Mr. Edwurds may (latter himself
upon huving benton a mighty good und
capable mun for secretary of tho sen
ate. Frank Wilson bus Inborn capa
bilities us u secretary such us few mon
possess und bus n faculty of making
frlonds very reudlly.
Senator R. E. Moore will hardly bo
selected to head the munlcliml utTuirs'
committee this session. There is an
organized labor movement ngulnst him,
us In the lust session certain demands
mudo by loeul representatives of tho
lubor element in relation to the now
charter were ignored. It is predicted
that Senator Chirk of Omaha will head
thut committee, us tho lulor organ
izations of Omaha havo declared for
''Things look decidedly brighter for
Mr. Bryan und It would not surprise
mo to see him mudo United States sen
ator, and with tho hoarty'co.oiwratlon
of tho republicans," remarked u popu
list Thursday afternoon. I bellovo thut
as soon us tho republicans see thatthev
cannot elect a republican, which thoy
nro destined to see sooner or Inter, I
bellovo thoy will favor tho election of
Bryan In ordor to muko a vacanoy In
this congressional district. Tho elec
tion of a republican to succeed him
would lw almost a certainty. Hut I
don't expect to see anyone elected sen
ator until along to March."
A Celebrated Arll.t Locate la Dacota.
That Lincoln is becoming moro eu-
grossed in art Is apparreut with each
yours ending. Tho opening of JHIKI
brings with It tho announcement that
Misses Eustorloy und Don Curios hnvo
removed from Denver to tills city and
opened u studio at J 127 O stroot, room
(I. Both ladles come highly recom
mended and their work Is such as hi
cortuinly worthy of close lnsooUon.
Miss Don Carlos has achieved wonder
fill success In landscape, work, she hav
ing made n distinct specialty In tho
Inst three yours of Rocky Mountain
scenery, all of which was taken er
souully from nature. Lincoln will at
once gain popularity in art circles
abroad whon it is known that eight of
Miss Don Carlos' paintings will Ihj soon
iittliu World's Fair in iho Colorado ex
hibit mudo by tho woman's department.
Theso pictures which wore' shipped
to Denver Thursday, nro nil Rookyj
Mountain scenes, representing 'Pikes
Peak at sunset in early autumn, n
scene In tho Black Canon, tho Hnngro '
De Chrlsto Mountains and others, nil'
of which woro ordered and accepted1
with unstinted praise. This is certain
ly a grout honor and Lincoln should
fool proud of hor newly acquired no'
qulsltton. Miss Don Curios has 125
sketches of views along tho scenic lino
of tho D. & R. G. Rullwuy, ouch ono
having boon sketched in person.' Or
ders for UiIh work nro now being re
ceived nnd a limited' nuinlwr of pupils
tor instruction in this uoiignuui art
will Ihj accommodated on application.
Miss Fannie Belle Don Carlos re
luctantly loft Donvor nnd Pueblo but
was compelled to do so on account of
continued ill health for which sho sac
rificed n very largo and romunoratlvo,
patronage Visitors an especially re
quested to call nt tho studio afternoons
or nt any tlmo Saturday to Iwcomo ac
quainted with both tho artist and hor
work. Miss Evelyn Gertrude Easter
ley, who assumes tho business manage
ment, has accepted a prlnclpaUhip nt
University Placo but will always bo
present whon tho studio la open to
visitors. Tho frames that surrounded
tho pictures or the "World's Pair were
models of Lincoln workmanship and,
camo from II. W. Cowlos' storo, 119,
South Twolfth street.
Catarrh In the Head
Is undoubtedly a dbtoaso of tho blood,
and as such only a reliable blood puri
fier can effect a porfect curo. Hood's
Sursupurlllu is tho best blood purltlor,
and it has cured many vory sevoro
cases of catarrh. It gives an uppetlto
und builds up tho wholo systom.
Hood's Pills uct especially upon
the livor, rousing it from torpidity to
its natural duties, euro constipation
and assist digestion.
Dr. O'Connor Bureau. ,
Mr. Mathow Fisher, of. Rising, Nob.,
nnd Mrs. M. S. Norton of Konosaw nro
Lincoln visitors, both being horo undor
treatment for cancer undor Dr. T.
O'Connor. Mr. Jas. Redden of John
son county returned Thursday after
being horo ono week undor tho doctor's
treatment. Ho was also curod of a
largo cancer undor tho loft eye.
Fifteen kinds of imported and domes
tic chooses at Rumhold Sc Mosor's.
Phono 728.
K. C. Baking Powder, 25 ounces for
25 cents. Absolutely puro. Havo you
trlod it?
Genuine Canon City Coal at tho
Lincoln Coal Co,, southwest corner of
Eleventh and O streots.
Hardy and Pitcher havo received a
now lot of chairs und tablos for rental
purposes at card parties, oto. Call and
see them or cull up 'phono 521.
All tho llrst families of Lincoln buy
tholr moat of Honry Pholff, 314 Sluth
Elovonth street. Whoro do you buy
Beautiful souvenir spoons aro now
being glvon to now subscribers to tho
CouitlKK. Present subscribers may
also securo ono of thoo handsome pre
miums by paying a year in advance and
arroars, If uny. Thoso aro not cheap
trashy spoons,, but just tho same as
jewelers sell for $2 or moro.
II. W. Cowlo, funeral director, suc
cessor to Fred Thomas. Embalming a
spociulty. 119 South Twolfth streot.
Whon you give tho next party at
your houso loavo your orders for tablos
at Hardy & Pitchers. Thoy havo n
now supply just in thut thoy rent ut
reasonable prices delivered to and takon
from your residences.
Dr. Glfftn has moved to room? 8
Lansing theatre building.
Whon you want prompt service and
fair treatmont and tho selection from
tho largest Btook of groceries In Lin
colu call on W. A. Coffin & Co.. suo-
ccssors to J. Miller, 143 South Eleventh
I stroot.