Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, December 03, 1892, Image 1

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RbPdlUXR 1?APCR 'op AopnRM TIMES "
Vot. 7 No 32
nirr Toncte
Uptothoinlddloor Oetolwr tlm World's
Fair lincl taken no notion with regaid to tint
medals nnil diplomns to I m nwnrilisl ex
hibitors. Tlio law provides for B0,(HH) bronre
meilols designed In iiii uprlttto memorial
Inscriptions Mini for AO.OOO vellum Impres
slons fiom engraved plates, to !o piepmed
miller tlio Mtiervlslon of tlio secretary of ho
treasury. Finally the government decided
to coin n souvenir lmlf dollar ami allowed
tlio coni etltion of various artistic merlin to
bo produced ere ono wns nt last chosen.
And now since one Ih nettled upon, tlm ui
graver of tlio mint seriously dlsnppiovis of
tliufuvoied design. UN ono objection is
tlmt tlieronro too ninny ohcrts to ho re
pi muted on Itssuifneo mid In its reduced
slothey bieoniu confused. Anotlier most
HlKlllllemit excuse Is Unit tliey me modeled
In such high teller tlmt tlio coin ciiiinot bo
struck off inpldly nor stocked In plUs ready
for cli ('illation utter belli); coined.
Wo u ill llnd tnui'li tlm tiiinu defict In an
over-erowdid mid Inellleleut design for tlio
new serli k of 'Columbian postnge stumps"
which will bo issued Hist of January to take
tlio placo cf thu present scries. They will he
of ihusumu width but twli'o tliu length of
tlio iiit'MMit htiimiN. Among tlm Ideas to bu
told by tills eetles mo "'lho Discovery of
Amerlco by Columbus," "First Sight of
Lniid," "Columbus' Fleet nt Sea," "Coliini
bus Asking tlm Aid of Queen hiibclln,"
"Ccltiml.iis lb citing tlio .Story or Ills !)l
coveiy to Keiilidatid mid Isabella, ' "I.11111I
ItiK or Columbus" altera palming by Van
ilti Lyn In tin.' V. S. Capitol, mid "ThoVantn
Mnrln," ColumliiiH Hag ship. Imagine com
petitions lllo tluso brought down to tlio
minute dimension! of a isHtngu stamp, size
seven-eights by an Inch mid u half. And
again w hlli) tlio work in to ho microscopic
tho stamp Is far larger than wo need ami to
all practical uso its dimensions aro extrava
gantly largo.
Kverybody Is now wilting ami talking or
tlio Impressionists. Ib-ncu it is woith
whllo to .'explain what on nitM means by
this particular st)Ie. In a general sunsu
Impressionism is as old ns art itself mid it
merely polntM at tho artists' Independent
way of looking at iinturo and tho new ideas
she (nature) sanctions as distinguished from
other sources at second hand. In 1877 n
number of mtists tiuLodieU themselves and
mndu their Hist exhibit)) in i'arls. Their
motto was "Down with convention" and
their aim to secuie tho first fugitive im
pression of things. This was all very well
for theory but in practice it is evident that
a first iinpiession Ih diillcult to catch and
handle. Carlbhotto it is said uover took
any nolo of perspective, l'essaro, anotlier
follower of this school, was thoitughly in
dlireient to details, fieiuently painting
f l om tlio window of a train while tiavelliig
ucioss thu couutiy.
1 was very much surprised ut tho Ignor
unco or a china merchant recently, when lie
niacle thu remark that a piece of china p'-op-erly
uiauipulated by tho brush worker and
llred correctly, nover needed but one. tiling.
Tills same gentlemen said that nono of tlio
llavilaml china, or oven lUi Dresuen Huvres,
or Doltou and Worcester styles culled for
moro than tho omt llriug. Such gross Ignor
nueu Is inexcusable, especially in ono permit
ted to post themselves, as is a merchant of tho
ceramic wui?s. Any art jourunl and the
China Decorator, mi acknowledged authentic,
Hays: "Firo once to maku a beginning, twice
for beauty and tin ico to aid In perfection."
And thu Woiccstcr-Doltou enamel criiiuof
be finished In less t tut ti tlueu firings even pos
sibly good. Many of the Crown Dei by, and
1 toy nl Worcester pieces mo llred live or six
times ere complete ns well as thu photographs
must bu treated likewise. Thu famous II ayes
White. House game dinner set Mere siild
to (each piece) have been tired from six to
ten times eru the m tist wns HUlslUd to send
them from tin btudio. So our city merchant
must piompt himseir eru ho again attempts
to tell even mi nmateur, of Ills supposed
knowledge, of thu eeiumiu inyiterios.
If jour canvas gets dented, wet thu back
thoroughly with water. When it gots diy
again it will shrink uud the dent disappear.
Mrs E. K. Lowe Is as busy as usual with
her class ut Woslo) un. Her spare moment
now are devoted to carving some wini Is for
her home to bu.
Mis. Will Wlttiuan has taken up tlie china
fad also, uml its not to be guessed at Hint shu
will l,o successful in her new venture. Why,
certainly she will,
Mbs lltssle Tuttlo has tliu pleuMiro of 1111 j
envlabiu cIiiks ut llushville, Neb. They 1110
mi earnesi win Keis, eiiiiiusiastlii mid -ispirjug
to do leputahle work.
Miss Harbor is verj attentive in the studio
now days, where she Is modeling a line piucu
of work, mi Ideal llgure, In cluy for thu
World's Fair, next season.
I have not seen mi) thing for a long time
more artistic in maiinur, face ami habiliment
than Miss Mathor in thu "La ly of Lyons.'i
Mie is certainly mi 111 tut in her line.
M ins Lou Keiinaid Uiggs sent to ICaiisii
City a beautiful set of fruit plates yesterday,
all done Ir. Dolton stylo, They weru nicely
planned and executed, and 11 big hill paid
the hill.
Mrs. Cora K, Pitcher lias been doing quite
11 good many odd pieces of chlun decoration
and fiom the view leceutly given
of her work, I think iter quite an adept in
this new fad uud fancy.
Mr. Will Oreen has a good landscape fiom
nature, "A Hummer Day in Nebraska.," on
exhibition in tho Lincoln Cm pet Co.'s win
dow. Mr. (Ii i-eii is not only an mtlstlc deco
rator but un artist in truth ns well,
Tlio Oh8 eompuny have acknowledged
theiiuelveii their poor quality of gas given to
the consumer recently. Yet neither by won!
or action do they assume that they should cut
the price for this miserable excuse wo ise as
light nnil fuel.
MlfsClnru Wnlsli has a very nlco and ar
tistic display of (lottery In the show window
of It. W. Drown. Those dainty pieces of
Hrcelnln aro pretty Imleol mid would maku
ii veiy deshiitilu t'hrlstinns gift for a dear
lady friend.
.Miss Snrnh Wool Mooio delivered a line
address on Art, nt largo congregated as
sembly in TemuiNsisii hut wtuk, which was
Very highly appicrlatod by hei'audience,aud
a pleasant recollection for hur many ndinlr
eis In Lincoln mt circles.
A verypiutty pleco of artUti' embioldery
executed by Mis. AHred (Julie was recently
shown to "Nancy". It was u lunch cloth
outlined In Roman embroidery nail tho
tinting ot thu lilosMiuis thereon wero an per
fect as a plecu of painting.
l'rof. Ihtgg Is as busy now that the holi
da)s aro iipiionchliig, dividing his timu
'ti.t Ids pupils ami his many orders for
Xmas worli, that ho Hods little time lagging
on his humls. The I'rofes-or Is too ainbitioiiH
to ever spend his, iiiiimeiitH In idleness, how
ever, at any time of em ,
Sable brushes should bo cleaned In sweet
oil Dip tho brush In the oil Immediately
alter using ami wipe the paint out with a
cloth. Tho oil moistens the hair ami thu
paint Is easily removed, thus the blush lasts
a much longer timu. Tin peutino kills mid
takes thu lire out of tho hair mid the brush
will soon bo woithlesM,
A novelty was shown by a charming little
lio-tess on Thmikslving day when she took
mi ordinary cow pumpkin, hollowed it out,
leaving a handle as if ton basket, filled It
with chrysautheiiiuiiM and used it for thu
center plecu on a longdlnlng table. 1 thought
It uulipio mid appropriate for thu day of the
Miss Will Cndninu has a large dlplay of
china decorated In varloiM styles in the
Frame and Art Co.'h window. Mrs O. also
has n couple of fruit nieces, a water melon
cut open and temptingly thrown down on a
..i. i....i .i i
tnlile; another u melon ami grecs was exe
culed so well thai oven thu sweet, juicy llnvor
was theie also.
The woids "hand painted" ure always ex
pected to enhance the commercial value of
fancy nrtlcles oirered for sale. Of course
some of theso exhibits aro fairly good. Hut
as a rule thu lejoluder of it would lie pur
chaser would bo "If these are hand painted 1
will take something that is not." Always
avoid displays in poorly lighted shops and
cultivate an aversion to trash.
The compositor last week made my re
marks about Miss Mary Chopin Instead of
du'illme, on the contray ludicrous, by pre
facing the compliment witli Little (Miss May
7UI""' '"' V,' " . lW0 Vl' n,,,
pieces In oil in Hctts window now, ono mi
autumn scene on the river, a charming little
Ideal scape; llio other n panel or "Meimot"
!...... tl i i i .
A copy of Hougeurau's "Cupids Wrestling1
done by Mrs. Katharino Etinyru from our
neighboring village Council llluirs, under
l'rof. Huge, has been shown In Hett'x window
ho past week. There aro somo qualities in
thu piece which are admirable, especially the
nest lit ndilch the cuplds rest, mid the draiier
jes of thu llguru are graceful mid well col
ored. If one wishes to shade on tho same, color
In thu ceramic materials, It may
Ikj done by either mixing one with the
other in varying proportions while working
or by woiklug one over the other after tho
piece has Isyen llred ono. Thu latter plan
gives moro definite, whllo thu former a softer
effect. Color may bo worked together alto
by stippling or cross-hatching, Just as in
highly Mulshed wnter color painting.
Miss Nancy.
llurlliiKtou Itoutu -Winter Tourist Hates
Special lowiouml trip rates are new in
effect to Austin, El 1'iiso, Houston, Luin-
piifes, Corpus Chrlstl, Galveston, Laredo,
ltockport. San Antonio and Velasco. Texas.
nlso lo Denting mid Kddy, N. M , niwt t.- ;
New Orleans mid Lake Charles, la.
pickets me good for return until June 5. ;
For tickets and further tijvn;;o '
apply to agent II. & M. depot, or city n.1i.
corner O mid Tenth streets.
A. C, Zikjiuu, City Passenger Agt.
. ;
ileutitlful souvenir spions are now being
given to nuw subscribers to thu CouitlKH.
Frcsent subscribe! s may also secure one of
Ihcie haildsoiuu preiuiiims by paying a year
Iniidvaucuandurrears, if any. Thesu nru
not. cheap trashy spoons, but just thu sumo
as juwelers sell for f'i or more.
Miss Ijou Iveniiiird illggs is now prepareil
to decoratu and furnish you elegant china I
pi izes ior iuu iiommal price of fS.(Kl. (iVL. 1
our oiueih emiy ami then you may choose
your own styles.
J. W. Wlngjr & Co., UIKI O street, are
going to have thu most extensive solu of
holiday handkerchiefs mid muMlers, com
mencing Monday next, November 21st, It
will pay you to lay li your Chi Hums
potatoes lust
A carload of new Colorado
received ut Cisik II illy Clrocory company's. I
Tliey won't last long. Also 11 carload of Hue '
f.. 1
" puuiioes.
Cook II tliey (Irocery couipanyuro liead
quiii tern for dellicutessen uml line goods.
- I
AllklniUof ImiKirted cheese,, finest and
Kcjst ttssortuiuut ever seen in thu city, at
liold k Mosul's, Mill South Eleventh St.
I'llOllll 7JS.
Save all bother of horrowinir dial
ami tables from vour nele-hlmrs fii
iianiy i; Pitcher oiders to have some of
their nuw ones with you for your next party.
Tliey deliver uud cull and get them.
Fliiuplctiuo frames made to order nt II,
W. Cowles, 110 and lWSoutliTwelfth.tieet.
rRon "cmcnGO"
CittCAdo, Nov. Jt, IMU. -Thanksgiving
time, mid It Is certainly a blessed time In ('til
c.igo for lis poor ieopln. A week ago Inst
Sunday it was my pilvilege to wait on tnbles
at which sat some I,fiM) newsbojs mid girls,
bootblacks and uieseiiger lioys, all of them
meuilK't-s of the Waif .Mission Sunday school.
That is the,) were all siippnied to Imi uiein-U-r..
To lm exact I think at least half o.'
them wrio small Inothers, sisters and ti lends
of the mrmlici's who weio tegular nttmiihnli
at thu Sunday school. This dinner was
given by thu Mission people nl the lid Hegl
'neiit Armory on Michigan avenue ami
thither my dealest girl and I wended our
way at 10 ii m. From that hour until S::W
1 1. in. every one was busy disti Uniting beau
tiful IIowcih mound the room; loses by thu
dn.eiis, chryMiiithemiims that woul have
done honor to the Clueiiiuntl display wrio
donated liv the HoiMh. Wo unsluil dMies,
placed lienpH of giNid tilings to eat and put
a rose at each plate, then waited for thu
rush. It came. Ily noon they weie there ill
hundreds They ki pt very goisl older and
went through their mulch excellently
Silence was asked so that a gi ace might Ikj
said, a blessing askeil. With one accord,
headed liy 'ltold" uud "Dlily .Ion," to say
niitldrgof "I'eg Leg" mid "Clutches," came
the approtiation from over I, (HID Utile
lliioals "Let r go" and thu giace was said,
Before thu "Auieii" could ho pronounced
came a roar that siioolc die biilldiiiL' liku u
mighty eaitlipiuke, "ICat!"aud when I sav
thai within llfl.en inliiiiti s over Mil tm keys,
wagon loads of iies, rooms full of cake, bar
tels of apples uvirythiuz rnliuitu in tho
house was gum, vanished through 1 ,.((
hungry mouths, shoved nwuy In so many
Kor llttlu stomachs, that hid not Known a
full feeling since last Thanksgiving. I ss'iik
thu truth. In llfteen inlmiles tlioe poor,
ravenous babies had eaten or shnveil lutn
. natter sicks oioviileil ) .! mn .. nil n,
, rood tleit liml h i il,.m,i., I i,.- i.n.t...,) ,,r
i. ... . . " '
liiilcheis, linkers, grocers, uici chants ami
private lamilies.
Once "Chicago" stnrted with a platter full
of ttu key to replenish n talilo in tho ninth
end of the room. One end of the platter
contained diessmg or the tin key with gravy
formed over it; the other end tlio meat of
about two good slwd gobblers. In passing
mi improvised lunch counter where about
twenty waifs, mi oveillow from thu tables,
weio eating, she was spied by one hoy. In
Htantly they wero over ami around that coun
ter, she was surrounded mid in less time than
It has uiken you to read this, her platter was
empty. Hands grasped chunks of diessiug
which, giavy and all were Jammed into coats
mid pants pockets and thuir contents depos
v is.(u fwi ii i.iii iviLivni.''. -" llllll
lieu tlieru
flf f II t II fll 111 fill 1III.M1I l,... ..,!
thighs, wing ut.dwlilte meat were crowded
, ,, t.vwy llH.k1, (mo ,.,. , lht.. mout
,,u.,.0 ln (.uc, ,, ,, ..Chicago" luefully
kzim1 oll ,llip Blw,w bespattered gown, which
' was fortunately an old one doiiuid for thu
occasion, mid sat down on the Hist chnlr that
oiieien ami ntiglictf, l.aler cwue u musical
progimu in place or the usual Hihle lossous.
Tlio prayer wus wildly eucoied. A ladies
quartette who sang "Way down upon tho
Suwmiee Illver" received mi Innovation su -Ii
us I'atti might lie proud of mid barring such
minor considerations as hoys "switiine" each
I other in the bucks of the neck with apple pie
crust, uud teachers being ablu to.dlscovcr a
kniroor folk (or both) slyly concealed about
a small boy's clothes, all went as merrily as
it should and thu children had a happy
day. Thanksgiving evu, Wolf tlio clothier rtsl
all waifs who would Jconio to his store. The
calculation made, was that about 5,1X10 par
took of Ins hospitality.
Thtiihdiiy evening Nellie Mcllenry opened i
mo "iinyinurkot 'tliuatm" from pit to gal
lery, for them mid they enjoyed "A Niglil
at the Circus." '1 hey show eil theii nppiccla
lion, too. Thu estimate nude li the policu
man at the door when approached on thu
sutiject us to "How many hevo jou luliinl-
wan "about a million, I thiiiu."
Matters thentilfii! urn l.iinniliur. Ihn season
I in full blast. Thusjot Cliarles Frolunau'rt i
companies aro heie In "Men ami Women,"
' oettieit out or Couil" mid the "01111101'
' i int-r." Lilliiin Kuell is here, Dlxey ami
,,,' Jeffeison, Tlio I'otter mid "Cm ley"
ziollow have just left us, u matter of sluceie
seir congratulation on the putt of nil good
Amercaii citizens. Hut slice thu land slide
wu can stand anything! It does appear a
irlllo 1 iiMculotiH though to see Mis. Potter in
"Tlieivto" I'oino Hum the ultiir nriajid in
wedding gin b to bu umliessed liy her maid,
and have that maid takeoff Mrs. Potlei's
dress only to discover to the audience .Mis.
Potter In her "robe 1I0 unit," which she has
woin under her wediHug diess. Perhaps,
though, .hat is the way they do in France.
lie ciijojcii a piciisniii visa rrom llrace
(inll"b dining tier visit heie. Woienowed
"'"'""""" ,LU """"K ul" Iat weeK with
Charles Fall Held, son of ex -Chancellor Fair
Held, ; l.o was eu loute west ami who expects
to isit )our city ere liu returns east.
J could wnto much more, but must not.
So will bid yon good-bye lor 11 season and
sign III) self
oiirs very tiuly,
A1.1I .Now lm-Jo)oiiH!hrlstliiii.
Fur several mouths imt 1.',, .,.,.,.. n..n..
bns boen diligently nt work velectiiiK mid re.
CUIIK new Juwcls, -llvcrwure, wutclies, etc..
unil nuw li, 1, ,i... u.....i. 1.. V ....' '
iiiuoiiiur is couipieio 11 repru-
Bents tho largest. (Incut uml m,Mi vnrt...i ...
"rtmc - nt ()f hnmigoniu nrlloles ever shown in
" western Jewelry house. .Mr, llallett has
l?lven piinirnl n,.,,ui.i ..1 . . .. ...
r ii V "'"""ii-iiiiihii 10 me seieelloii
of 11 lino of piirtleiiliuly suitable (or the
endless variety of pretty
token of both friendship 1
lm iiIiiiii,.) liu. .I.,.- 1 ...
larKU line show's 1111
y things suitable rot
und love. It would
..""";. "; " ouiiiiieniiu a list or
euumeniloii list of
me articles nun in escrlpllon ofcaoh but w
Irs , shall endeavor In ourneil Is",," to prlsent ,0
vn .mir lenders 11 few oftho uiliehs now shown '
ut wr. Hulleti'H Hun w ill iiii.L...,..ii
suitable present for either hul'y or k'onlle-
lien jou want fresh nlco poultry, game
butter and eggs, call at Hlimtiold & Mosul's
new More, JIIU South lltlutrivt. 'Phone r.'S
Did you lay awake nights speculating up
on thu disaster that was (j ovcitnko the
world, the famines and wars and poitlltmcex,
or the total knock (nil of tho cm tit ami Its
iiilmhftatitr Did ytu linger around the
cast window Sunday night with our lull
oyerhetel upiii thu horinu! If you did
you mil mi worse nlf than thousands of
othrrs ami you have u big kick coining.
Thousands of people nil over the win Id
stiyed awake far into .Monday morning,
thiough llmlr too great fallli In thu nstiou
omei's pi i dictions, hoping to see such a
sK.rtaclo as was never wltuesso I by mill tal
man heroic, hut it mlswl thu train nt its
last stand ami didn't appear. It Is pioli ilile
that people would not have cxpcil.uiceii hair
so much miiioyauce If the comet hid coiuu
along on tliiiu ami whittled oil' ono corner
of llio spheie, as they did over Its failure to
fiilllll IHengageinent. When these enatlc
stars have nothing els3 to do but lly along
nmgnlllcently thiough nzuio space, clad in
long and gorgeous tialus that niitit In
evltably coiuu only fiom mugulltcent sal
iii It-H, people llku to see them keep their
dates. The next time lllela comes along ami
hills the town mid falls to ki-ep Ids engage
inent the K'opIe will not stand il. They
will stall up opposition ir they havu to go
over on Hie next hill mid send up n red
balloon loaded with sk) -rockets mid ginss-
lioppers. Hut while thu Hoplo gi Hilly
wero dsiiipolnt(d, their chagrin must have
been totally Inslguillcatil coiupaiisl with
that of the noted ustlnunincitt wlio still tied
the woild with th sensational repoits that
were sent broailcast concerning the coming
or the comet.
It is time toorganl.ustitnu mighty uiovo
meutto compel tliu city council to provide
means for enlarging the pollen force. The
city Is full of thieves ami thugs, and thosu
whii-u duties e.ill thvui abroad at nliiht. ami
who are not, like thu mciuhciH of thu coun
cil, escorted safely home In the patrol wagon,
do iiotappriclatotliii speculations they me
constrained to indulge eveiy evening as they
near each corner or shaited spot on their
way home, as to whether or not they will
get past the point dead or alive. '1 here is a
limit to the patience of tho public mid the
council will liml itseir, tho flint thing It
knows, conf i onto I with n serious calamity.
Soinu one will bo subjected to n heavy
robbery or will 1st murdered by footpads.
The police know thu danger, but aro (tower
less toguuidnguhiKt It. Other ieople nru
beginning to realize It, and some day even
thu iiiemlHirs of thu council will hear of it
If only tliese footpids and thieves could bu
Induced to I oh and slug it few members of
the city council, the existing condition of
affairs would soon be leuiedied am) to that
end II is suggested that members of the
council bu hereafter permitted lo walk home
after council meetings, instead of being per
mitted to ride home in the pitrol wagon.
And by tho way, this cimtoui of utilizing
city propei ty in this way Is something mi
heiiid or olserthuro, and can Ii irdly be ex
cised because its passengers mo iiiembeis of
the council,
At its meeting dm iug the past week the
council wns also confronted with a petition
fiom numerous leading tnx-tniveis. headed
by John Fitzgerald, asking nu increase in
tho police force. It wan shown that the en
tire foico now coinpilses only twenty-one
lienor whom but thliteeii me patrolmen,
wlio nru expected to guard thu peace and
sufety of suveinl square miles of city both
day ami night. Ii Is now soma weeks siuco
TUB CoUliltili filled attention iosatslly to
the ridiculous luadiquacy or the policy force.
It is not oulj In its limited proportions,
however, that tho forco Is Inadequate, but
objection might surely and Justly bu mndu to
some of its members on the gioiind of lazi
ness and carelessness. Asa rule, though,!
iuu nieii me competent, ami willing is
Ih, however, it tendencv to keen moie ... i
liiaiijr iuu inner men 111 mo herviou, 1 here
uiouud heailquailers than there Is any'
.... i
uecessity. As long us the lorco ii ko "UUiuiierlstaiiie action or the aliiiioutary
meagre thu chief iniglil try mid gel nioro r'"1"1, '''b")' me the best family c itlmtle
men out 011 paii ul service. ..." ... ,
1 .. 1 1 'l,,i , t .11. ,11 . A I .! I. ,
"Did you ever irotice thosu bis; round dials
on the four sides of the court lionise dinner"
iuqiilitsl a geiitlemaii a dav . two bi,lvu
"Uxw would Imagiutj tlutt'they were pm
there lor 11 useful 1 iii-ikiho, but ir so tin
pieseiit commissioners have foruotteu wliit
it wus. They uiu cm-tumly not ciiiauiental,
uml picscnl us bleak uud cheerless an aspect
ascoiilil havu beun invented. That couit
Is i coimly looking liulhlliig, but thosu
town clock Hills iuu not nvqKiiisiblu for that
fact. Ir some one would plant a Watei -bury
wutc.i nisi, 10 of thu tower uml furnish
it pair ot hands mid alius lor encli of tin- ,
dim oul dial laces it would lie a sonic ut '
leuui 10 uuuilieils wlio 1111S.S liml wa). To
look up at th-isudnigy dials now is about as
woelnspliliiguslo giiJi-lnto sighllest e)es.
Tliu count) coiiiiiiis.ioufi-H ought lo pass
j mound the hut ami raise means witli which
I to put in the town clock couiemplattil by
I tliu 111 ciiitect. "
Poor tlieeu (iurvely ! Ilu has paid the iei.
11 Uy ot liu color. Some months since, in a
an-giii gaiiilillngdivo in this clt) ho killed a
liegio iicquaintance, Chuiley 'I humus, who
was spoiling lor a llalit ami cot num. Hum u
wanted. Thomas was mi ex-convict mid 11 '
uiu man, mm pickula quiiiiel with (Iriively 1
Thelatte.,,.fte. Imcklng away f.oin his Ih- ,
uimni.i 1 "... . .,
-. f.-."-- '"' I'll"! Ill IIHIIIIIIS,
,"'"'" '"" l'ueuaiisi uiu uec
,1,,ea,,l - 1 , ,",mot ''P.but tli
,UVt'lv ,K'1'" " w,'"u Minn w I
k ami caused
think how, had
with melius In
niicK mm in Ills 1 1 iiii, hlscriiuu would readily
have btvn recogniz.ed as the most apparent
i uso or .self ileleiisu oil record, uml liow he
nwiiin uiu. iieuu uequilleil, wept over mid
... I . --.-., .. I
iioiusi. ui an the inunluis that huvu t)tMn
co..i.nltte,l Hi Mucoid in thu wt tluwor
lour.) ram, his was k'iiiui thu least heinous, '
mid yet he Is thu one seleebsl by the people
who lint o been doing service lis Jut ors of
whom to make mi example. With such facts
befoni them, Is It any wonder that people are
prone to scoff nt thu Idea of seem Ing Justice
In thu couitsl A great deal has been said
ami written about thu slimnhter of negioes
In thu smith, hut it is not alone In the south
that the Iguoiaut mid lmtecuuloiis dm key Is
culled upon to ultimo for other sins than his
Anotner sale of city bonds at a premium
wns reported, showing ngnlti that Hoiuuthlug
has been inlteii In the conduct of bond sales
In )i'iiihiiis. This city hits had humliisls
of thousands of her bonds sold at two per
cent, discount, or as it wns termed to ovudo
the law, "ooiuinlsHlnii." At tho lasl meeting
lliesaluof H.'i),f,(l(l district mid alley puvliig
bonds to n lletiolt patty, A. L. Stebhlns,
wasiepnrted. They sold at f lil'J f.(l piimliiin
iiiKivn men- fiiuiiiiutsi nice value mm ur
ci ued interest.
Dl'.XICll SwifFH.
OT tlie i.liirolii Orntoi InSoilelj A (liaiiil
I'lom iiiiinie nl Clioriis, lirl Sonus
nnil .Solos,
The uild-w Inter concert of thu Oratorio
rociety will bu given at the Lansing tl ratio
I'llday next, December l. This Isdug
Columbian year the society will present a
progimu consisting of Amurlruu cotuposl
lions. Tim conceit will open with Child
wick's setting of Mers I lei man's piMim, "The
I'ilgrhus" which has it Hue orchestral no
coiiip'iuiineiit mid uppi inches orutorio In
style. Ilcsldo this thu churns will give
"Daybreak ' ny Carl Waller and "A Dutch
Lullaby" villi soprano obllgato by Kllul
lierl Nevln. Thu choriM of iiiIssks whluh Is
larger tlinu ever before will sing two dainty
hiimheiN, "Wheie did ou Come Finin,
lliby Deaif" ami "One Spring Moinlng."
They will iilo slug the closing number with
the Oratono society.
An orchestral concert number Is a new
fealine which will be luiiodiiced in this
concert. The sololstt selected run Mis.
Anne Kenniiid Martin, a chnriultig soptnno,
Mr. Douglr.s lilt tl, tenor, who comes highly
recommended, uml Mr, (lenrgu ICIIswoith
Ilolmiis, Chicago's favorite Imiltoiie, It is
lieedh-.s to say what the nuhllo all end v con
cedes, that this ill bo the best music given
in Lincoln this year. Only regular prices
will lie charged; 1 0(1; 7fio: gallery 'i'm,
I Seats on sale at thu i.misliig Wediieday,
woe. i, iiememner the event anil the even
Ilrlef lleserlptluii of I'oor lleiiiilirul Mull
(.'ostilines Nliiiwiiini I'iikii Four.
Ill our illustration of fashions today wo
prefent four benutlftil ilr ing gowns. Tho
llrst is made of striped silk mid chiffon of
contrasting color. The novelty of it con
sists In tho iliupery of chiffon over thu
princess dress.
Velvet mid point lace nru the materials
used in thu siiH'ib dieiis b-slde. thu llrst
There is a rich emlnoidery or bending on
the front of the skirt, mid a fi Inge if beads
to mutch the dress at the waist. The lace
(alls In a wntteau plait at the back. This
gown Is particularly suited to elderly
A dainty and girlish bail diess is of white
llgurcd silk, giirnishtil with rlblioii tilm-
mliig in color to inatch thu llowurr- on the
pauerii ami iiiomioii i nu Coriase,
A fouith dress is very gracctul nmlele
glint. It is Hindu of ruille in light slni U
with feather tiuuniiiig. It is rut pun-ess
shape, and on the fool tlieie Is a t.uiich of
aitlllclnl roses, with ullage, suwn ti tlie
silk, mid theiu is shiiilar oruaiiii-iit on tho
left side and sli ni'der.
Hood's Haisapui Ilia jUlid tat the he.i.l in the
IllbsllcDio world, inliiiirrtl in iroMiril and
eiivinl lii merit by thousands of 0011111 be
coinpetitorz. Il hasalarirei sale tb m nuv
J other iiieilllne. Such sucn-n could iv.t be
"" ""bout positive merit
........ .-. . ,.,...,..... vii-M 'tikjiji uy rv-iinr-
M" I'H.i-h cure comtipi
Ill tlie lininlsor eleigyiueii liy the llrst or tliu
)ear. Application should therefore U iniido
ns early ns ssihle either nt our desit or city
olllce, coiner O and Tenth htiecLs.
A. C. Ziujikii, C. P. & T. A
t . .l. I.'. A. Imtcrliilnniciit.
Tne llrst eiiteitaltiiiieut of tl'e meiulicrs'
popular course of thu Y.M.C.A. wll llio given
uy 1 01. d. r. hunloril, ttu. populur ect
ilier, I
next Wisluesdav evcnlm-
Sutiject : "Walks In Ito
in Association liall.
Itouio." Adiii ssion ',', I
renin. Tickets may be had at the h ill.
it is a well known fact that we wdl hosiery !
.111.1 uiiuerwear cueaper than any other '
imiisti 111 i.iiicoiii, woiue rsatuiilay and
Monday, Xovcmlier I'Jtlt ami Jlst, (f yol,
waul to secure some big bargains.
J. W Wimikii .V C ,
lll l ) street.
If ) on enjoy dancing goto jour druggist
and get a bottlo of Positive Com Cure, which
insures comfoit.
Full Hue of aitlsls matuiials at LIiiimIii !
Cranio and Art company's.
t-JO South lldi
"""'i -
KI C llaklng Powder, Wou7ctv7forii', cent
Lliiraln (KKiplu (nu iiowtuy any kind of
cheese Unit tliey may call for, tit Uutiihold & I
Mosei's, Hill South lllh stieet. 'Phone 7'A), 1
' !
II. W.CowIe, funeral director, 1
rit-il Thoiniis. Eliibaiiiilng a siH-cialtv. I
Uli Doutli I weirtll
" '- --...-... . ,j.l ,,, , ,
tr.s't. I
Mrs. S. F. Hyaii.fu.hloi.ableilrt making,
loom 78 Huir blwk.
, ,, ,' 7"., " '""' """ , "" I'oino for Hire keeping when tho bins nppear
H, goisl on all llu.llugtou 1 onto Hues. ,r, ,KlW(K,. They nioahnndsoinelot f
to icgu inly nid.ih.ed or liceiis,,, mluiHteis M,rt,,,a In their bright new S,"w U
o. mlsslonarhs eugagis solely In .eliglous ,.luly llll(ku teuiptliig subjtx i J "Zv
work. It Isourihxlietlint these permits I ,..iu J '
III,. II .1- M ..III C... lk.n-1 r I.
Pkioic Fivw Contct
inmnTRT hotes
Jlliivlliit beeildeslKliatrd tile olllcliil orKUii
'""!" .,.'.,,.K'"1" l,lKl" Diruiilry, this deparl
niiinl will lm a permanent featuru lu-reafier or
I UK I lll'UlKU. It will bucomliiuled by "Ihn
liuif.ial,"ii ineinberor that orniinl.iilliin, who
Invites noes for this coliinm, bulb from tin.
ranks and the ; piihllo, which may he sent In or
left nt tills olllee
Thu Lincoln Light Infantry Is hi n prosper
ous condition, Thu meiiilMirshlp has reached
thirty live. Five more mcmlicrs aro all thai,
w'll lie taken. 'I hey hnvn scoured permanent
ipimtci-H in the Fli-st National Hank build
Ing, (rojin 8), where they htivo onu ot thu
nentost fiirnlshisl iipaituientH In thu city,
each member having donated someornameiil
which has niaile tlio place lo k very neat.
They hac also H-clired thu IVoplu's theatre,
which has been remodeled, for ill III
mid 11 makes a Hue lilace for the miriHisn.
.ci ... . : ... . ..":
ii mi uoiiiiauy win nu iiiiiieii every .Moinliiy
flight. New iiiilfeiins have been oidensl and
mo In unties, to say the luist. Thu hoys are
expecting to appear ill full dress in tint near
rillure. The uniforms mid equipments will
cost about HHI ench, Thu couip my hopes to
puy for the saiiiu by giving a few entertain
incuts during the winter. It Is talked that it
military hall will bu given about Christinas,
and the Intention is to maku it a decidedly
fashloiiaiiluovunl, In which about twenty of
thu leading ladles of the city will autnspn-
iioiiess-H. Lieutenant ivrsliiiig hnsb,eii giv
ing the company hoiiiii valuable Instruc
tions. Thu members of thu company me Messrs
Frillurr, V A Hostroui, W F. Olmko Thus
''illl i, .1 H lloh.n, lie., W Covett.U M
Cainp, II II Kvans, .1 S Ferguson, (S (las
colgne, (' ( tlilswold.C T Han Isou, HW
llellley, Win .leckell, Chas Seekell HI
K'eerer, I-' W A ICutiil, F A leveling,
S K Utw, Will L McL'lay, 0 I) Mullen, M S
Mctloogan, tl L Meisnor, II A Mver, U W
Outhwnlt, F U I'atton, .1 M I'atton, It W
Itlchards, II C Victor, L Wilson, T J Hlckey.
mid A K Cmupliull.
Lust Thurmlny night the meeting
wns held for the election of olllcers both mili
tary mid civic. ' lie following were elected;
Cnplnlii, A. H. Cninpell; First Lletileiinui,
L. Nelson; Second Lieutenant, Thus. .1.
I llckuy; I 'resident, C. I) Mullen; Vice I'iw
Muni, (J. T. Hanlsoii; Clerk, (Iwi. W. Co
veil; Flnonclal Seorebiry, 0. C. (Irlswold;
Treasurer, F. O. I'atton; I loin I of Directors,
C. D. MtiUun, .1. II. Cohen, Kd, , Keefer,
(Jeo. W. Covert, W. A. Komi, C. 0. Oris
(Jilswold, Tim company is very .fortunate In ecurlng
for their cftptnlii Mr. Cimphu.l, Ho bus had
years of oxMrlcnco as u military olll.-er ami
was coiun-ctisl with thu Omaha (luards for
soverl years, this lieing tho couipany that is
claimed to bu one of the lluiiH in thu west.
Ho was also n ineinlM-r of it crack company
In Milwaukee, mid is not only well up In thu
bushiest but Is a thorough gentleman ami
has the esteem mid cniillileucu or thu entire
company. Ilu Is coinpirutlvely u stranger
in our city, but il will not be long until liu
will be known thiough thu L. L. I. Mr.
Uampbell Ih cashier of thu II. & M. freight tic
pm tuieiit, this city.
Kll-.l.ll .NOTCH.
Hujcss to the now organization; long muy
it live.
C. SI. Camp In one of the Nipultr boys of
( Hie company and lias thu making of it good
That tiillllary ball will boa ventablu dream
of happiness. The ditu will soon lie au-
lui'iiof InivrtM lo the lioys, leftut Tiik
( ovuidt olllce, will always Hud Mice in
tills eoJ'J'.lll.
Trulmrer iiutnber of tho boys have been
iiieiiiLs-n, of companies before, consequently
the) nri rhowing up well in drilling.
I.......... i....u .
)iiuuiuiia iuu iiuir iiiiuur way ior it
"niiiltv show by tlio company. Some of tlio
'''') '-fct Itiiil talent bus Iweu hvcurnl nml
"'"hi.ys 'i"l to make it a great success.
.nr. i milimuaker Keml will make n vnln.
able null us one of the hoard of directors; his
long exiioi ience as postmait!!- general of Lin
coln tits him inimitably to llll such a nosl
! tiou.
The ladles hud letlor leave their hearts at
The president, Mr. C. I). Mullen, is well
known In our city as Mr. D. K. Thompson's
privato secretary uud adds stiength to thu
standing of thu conqiany. Ilu wus ultvted by
ucclsiiiution ami reixmdeil in a neat and ap, 'I UK Coi'lllKIt lias Uen diigiintisl as the
Light InfmitryV olllcial organ. Mr Wess.
""""Kin'u 10 give space encli wi-ek lor tills
' the favor will lieaiiiiriH-inted
by every meiiiU'r of the omiiaiiv Aithov
til) ill HoiiioiO now's the tune to siiIkjiiIki.
The stand of arms that was piocuied from
the state through (lot- J K. Ho) d and lion.
Vlfqiiiiln are new and! very Hiie
wen pons
tliat make 11 hamlsoinu apHvir.iuco 011 the
new gun rack winch w us completed Thursday.
Thu room nlier.dy looks like it full Hedged
Our vlcepieslileut. Mr. C.T. Harrison, of tlie
: Stttt?. laurnttl salesrooms, is probably tliehot-
test siwech maker in the company, mid while
it Is diillcult to get him to make 11 sp.Hs.-h yet
ue orings now n itie house wlieii he starts in.
Judge 1-uiislng will not tie able to claim thu
title of
.Nebraska s coineiliaii orator any
I'M Keefer, chairman 011 decorations, re
.ceived a vote of thanks from tlie company
! Tllesdav llb-ht for tliu skill illsiiliivn.1 In ,l.w
orating tlie armory. Ed claimed that hu had
nothing to do with it, notwltlisUiuding he is
on that committee, but says ho hud no timu
to attend to it. 11s hu mid "Hlllv" McChiv are
nrnctlcluir on 11 turn for tlm nihwlr.iU iimt u
taking up nil hU suire ti
"... -' -"..
II... -l-l.ula. ,..., ...Ill
consist of a double soul- and diinee nml iwm
...n...n np.,,( .MIIV, A..CII llllll Hill
ciiniu with 11 thrtHi round Unit with thu glove.
nu) says 110 win kiiock tils opKueiit out the
llrst round.
Tub Ohnkiuu