Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 26, 1892, Image 8

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T' vt- - - - -
9tnmr loin una r eurwsna.
curry nlnrgo lino iifSVooUn ,
Dress Goods
and ClmngcnbinVllks, Hosiery, Corsets,
Underwear! Him., llullon.
I.llll'IIS, t'IC.
Agents for Hutterick s Patterns
The Cntmixn will not 1 rraponsihlo for
any debt mntle liy nny ouo In It iinmn, tin
eas a written order neoomiianle tlio sumo,
Nntr Tiifojr, A'rtvr vCnwri
lmyM.i"' the Mo I. 1
To iilvc .our patron the Otrntru
GrawtM irilnrs to be found In any jmit of
thli (ircnl Country. Courteous Trent
meni, Prompt and Klllcicrit Service, Re
liable Merchandise, Triithfnl RdpVescnta
Hon,' with Hie f.oUrst PouiNf 1'tltr, caute
this great business to grow from month to
-?'' . '
rr u
OpttpllQWitCpt. ta and O Sta.
The' Courier Clin be round At
Hotel nUrnln New Maud.
Windsor Hotel Now Htnnd.
Moore' Nowsatand, 114 flouth llth Hlrcct.
"fUtiiX. .
O Street
1 nd Feraanftl.
WhIUbrfMt Col and Llnw fcomnnny.
Lincoln Coal Co., a.w. cor. llth anil O U.
Try QtmTa'a Columbia HIrIi Patent Hour.
Ik Barr, Jweler, rrmovtd to 11830 ttreet
Lincoln Frame & Art Co., iiO South It t.
Oowlf , undtrtaktr; Funke 0era Houi bile
w location, L, iJirti'joweler, 1133 0 St.
Tnatvrwllalf kindaot coal, 1140Oitroct.
A'ikyour KrocerjIorCfolumbta High lat-
David P. Bluw. daatiat. roomi 43 and 43
Barr block. (i.,W. At.
Dr. Ruth M. Wood, Braoa bu
illdlng, roomi
410, 411 and 419. ,T
t-l w-U
IfowllaoplJtiattfrttfiJt Jttrt rwlvisl by
Ckaa. 8, McKaaaf r tkaEatt Lincoln drug
alat, 87W Ortm:., ",Afi
Mra, 8. T. Ryao, faahionable drn making,
won TO Burr block.
Caaon City Coal at,tti .Wtebreart
Ooalaad Lima Oo. f,
M. L. Trtalcr, lumbar, Ittmbori lumtwr,
lumbar, 114U O ttraet. '4 ' " (
Mrs. KateB- Cbney, olr,,l ilnging,
room 605, Brace block. t
lliaa Chapln hat ronnenad bar ttnJIo,
rcor. ae, MoMurtry block. ,. (
Bampaon BUtera. 'artlMlo drcm-maklng,
1183 N itreet, over Doraey'a.
PfelOteUameataa cheap aa any market
ia Lincoln. 4 Try him and aee.
Prot.' JobnaoaVi hall U beautifully arrang
ad for club, parties and banquet.
K G Baking Powder, 23puficwfor 23 cuuU.
baolutolyPuie. Have youitrled Itl ,
MJaaaa Bogg & CafTyn, drew making iar
lor. Fine aUropiug. J.11LMBt.,'phoneolU.
Wsb Anna Dick, Modhte, cor. llth & P lia.
over Ltncaln Having bank,entranco on Pit.
"American Beauty," "Pawlgula" and
"YoaamiU" are the latest perfume at Roc
lor1 Pharmacy. ,",.j -i'
The Whltabreast Coal and Lime company
I alway at the front supplying the flnt
(radaaof all kinds of coal
Mis a J. Oullmette, modlite, Brownell
Block, over Miller & Paine. Complete linwof
dress trimming and linings. Take elevator.
Why have your horses feet butcnered, heirs
lasaa horses and have them suaTerl ,TeJ
sttery's new shop, 4T8
and such will never
rktflty'lBandcfcHdrn are respectful!
lavltsdto'aftsMf-rreC. Johnson's dancing
aoadesay'i (janroay afternoon. Private In
V. stloa'cahad by caillDsat the'icad
Caas. niiTstMiiiMtiisil borseshoer and
Carrkr. DisaBM(ireated by th
1 srjisaHMsasam. 7Jteraaj(aHea ror and
retaraed. New716p 41tt Heath XUventh
atejat,BetweavKaadIi.-V . fir
Aak your, trocrTmn for tfcev'W'.Ibcr
KkkaPlaU"aa4ti ,V vrt-v
"Bakein OcasUaos.t'l S'
Every tack waraiinted.
Df. Gee. O, W. ratakam,
ovaasi caaowio disiawM,;' , ,
MIKVdtlB'uiBKAaas) AMD
a abihiiiutt Asa.
?rzr s
SMfkm tkBtrl !Mf
OanltnlMNm Wewi
iCd. YounfflWOllfhi
ninn. Vlelohnf A (JO.
tassato CbarUaJH
oath nUvestBffBJKt.
U the case. jliVT '
.UW. n
. . rifSK&saaWmms
1 ' Wfwc . V - . . J! ' ii ' ''i v ( "J. i
KmII ' 1 ? (2 . tY IV
Nuu' Vim i- Nnv
tn ti
lo, W2.-6t tho thirty
New York two of them
Uio piny h(UMr In
Vnxlia'cit now itn' oil Monday, unit Vino
flrt.liAil n mill' llflr. AVI11II1 II1B llllllllllin
fbrnintht out two pin) for tho nmt ttni In
'America. One piny noi1 seen in now iran
wn hroURht from tlio naii, eleven uini nvu
been rwIiikIiik- around tho elrault wero
broiiRht Ui town, and elo en murunro"on n
run." Tluuithor the nro do voted to Mirluty,
In mod plnco tilled with new fenturr enoh
week, mul bcldrH' tin-no am a hnlf doren
numlu lmlli nmt n doson tilnor or nmimeinf nt
to tompt tho plensure IovIhk OolhaniltiMho
iniwtfniihlonnhle duo IkMiik tho lloro Knlr.
Tlilnlapn'ttyBiKKlliowlnii for tlio onpltnl
of the Now World, which Columlum did not iimllL In very doubtful If l,ondon
inn iln iiiiieh liotlor. nltholluli. ol roume, the
iirioKaut l;iiKHh actor ny im cnn. iieiore,
howcr, venturliig on tho now thtUK, tho
thrend from lat week' rpltomy mul ho
taken up from Friday iiflernoon, when
Chnrlox Frohmnn'aoxeellentrtock eoinpauy
produced Joromo K. Joromouiid Kdun l'hll
pott' three net comedy drnnm. "Tho Coun
cillor's Wife," which, to Xulltll u ionlrael
between nulhor and nmuager, waa .produced
nt a mntlneooiily nt tli4;loyt M.aillHonfiipmrii
theutru. Tho pluy mndo H bis hit, mid nil
ngreo that It I tho neeei of the senium so
far. It wn played by a very excellent com
pnnyoftrnlued nctnr,nml when It come to
the new Kmplro In January Is Uro ol n very
loii run. Meanwhile It will lie seen Ih the
i.w iwn throuah tho countr)', mid New
York will be deprived of n vciy artistic liter
ary work o delliihtfully played at U cnuso
..,r..i timt wo ennuot keen It for tho rest of
the wnson.' On Hntnrdny tho llnrrlson and
null comedian were seen for tho llrst tlmo In
No" York In "Mttle Tlngelt." which, how
ocr,hnmhdon transcontinental tour and
been ucccrul everywhere. It I aif "ceed
i.i,.ihi piiinedv of tho regular illlsson
kind, apd tho andleoco I kept In roar of I
itronso'n Howard' "Artsloaraoy brought
to I'nlmer'a thontro on Monday, la the best
work of the most distinguished American
drnmntlst, and luw of coiino scored an lin
inensH aumwss.'ll voice the thoughla of
moslAiiior lean piny Rocra. and will becoina
moofthomostpopulnr play er nroduced
in this country. The clovor plnywilght ha
take ttiH "roup, of aristocrat, for Uia pur
piso of inuslrallng hi subjeot-rtho now rlc
oflhe far west, the M-mlled , nrMocracy
..'".. ..i (i,nt nf KiimiH). Tho hero of tho
tun uiaaiti piiwMt" .
plny-Jeirerson 8Uckton-l rraiiK. onwo
iroiluotofthol'aelno 10c, with l;0
When his young wife xftmsra a, drain j to
enter Now York aoelely BtocWton saysi 'We
couldn't make it. If we went east simply na
western people they would look uin ua m
upstarts. But I will mako U. To get Into
Now York society 1 will tnko n house In .Lon
don for a year. I wlltbuydakes,cnrls.couiitH.
etc, purchase a placn lu tendon society, then
weciu return to New York, and will lo wel
comed with open arm.-" And thl Is done.
II fnrnlaliMl nil OXeCllent SllbJCCt lOT Mr.
llowanl' keen atlre,' and the play Is fnlt of
thobrlKht line and strong situations that
keep the audience spellbound. Charles Frohv
munUnliobclng praUWb by every oo for
tho brilliant manner In which he has stuged
the author' mouthpiece,
On Monday also tho qaslno was chnnged
from u muslo hall to '-hat It was millt for
comic opern, and Judging rrOm what the
Aronsoh' have been oia-rlng Hnrry II. Hiulth
nnd RoalnnW tie Knven "tlio rcneioK .uns.
ter'Msn dlttlnol advance. Thoro are many
delicious numboraln thoscore.'hut the wholo
production lockaapontaueuy ana inenoreiio
Is dull. Neither Is the-musle n good a thut
a.h..iui..u. r iiiti.l.lti Ilnrul.i' 'If Ibo Heart
ofnMold you would Win ami Wenr," Is ex
tremely pretty and, wn magninconny sung
by Miss MnrleTonlpest. On the' same even
ing Mr. Oscti Hnmmersteln'a new Manhnttnn
operu house '-wn opened nnd Mrs Hernnrd
llecre, one of tho greatest actresses In England
made a debut In Lcna Ueapurd," Hli wn
given a welcome a only Amerloauscan glt
to a dUtlngiAhed. fortlguer, and well llkd1 kho
desatolt.Asinayil too well kuimn to
needduscrlotlonibutlt.oirords two or llireo
good scones T6f leri)''pepnrd and these wero
mngntncontly done ny tne ginen r.ngiiu wo
man. Tho scene between herself and Pmmt
roirand Fortlnbrn wns alsooxccllcntly man.
aged. Mr lleoro has almost nothing to ny
Inthts, yelAbereWBsBs not an e)o in the
autllMgv.thl, was pot rlvlted on hor fuce,
whlcksMwaaoM'nnd inoio Haggard a .the
Kiiullsk bull v threatened to wreck her life.
Sarahfiernhardt could not have equaled, and
certainly not surpassed her. Mrs lleere's art
Is directness Itself. Hho has no trick of man
Ipr and her Interpretation of Lena De.pard
b) Mo work of a genius. Mr Marcus K Mayor
MtHurrounded his star with an exceedingly
strong company notably In Mr Mnrlus, who
cored avery distinct hit and Mr. Maurloe
llarrymore who was seen to better advantugo
than ever before In New York.
The changes of note at the other play houses
were Marie Walnwrtght In "Bchool ror 8ean
dall'nt the Harleirt Opera House; "The 'drey
dare" at the Lyceum; tbeatnuslng old play
"Fun on die Bristol" at the BIJou.and Hoyt'a
"AHole In the Ground" at the Wladfor.
Nat Ooodwln In "A Glided Fool" at the Fifth
A. venue y. doing a very large business and so
I that wonderfully successful play "A Trip
to Chinatown," which colebruted It first an
niversary at the Hoy t Alndlson Bquaro thea
tre last week, and Is still orawlnr crowded
bouse. DUNI.OP.
In the selection of that venerable and tal
ented artist Tho. W, Keene, for the anni
versary nlgbt Mr, Church showed exquisite
taste. NobetUr attraction could have been
booked, Mr, Keene closed the first year's
existence of Uio beautiful new Lansing Tues
day evening and a magniQoent audience wit
nessed bis grand production of Richard
IIL, which to my thinking was the best and
most appreciated entertainment 01 the year.
i 'kv
fr , Kreno had nho tho onor of cpenltift the
second yoac of biulnes tho following night,
whun lotil Xfwa prcMentitl to mi equally
lariro and fiiHtilonnhlo nuilieiioe, Mnnauer
Church preseutod hi conr)llmetiUi to tlio uuj
dlence Tuctdny evening, prewntln each au
ditor with a neatly printed foldei',eucloseil In
n horoninl eiiveloK, on which npienreil a
fow remnrk npproprlnto to tlm occnslon of
the Lansing' llrst anniversary. Ho thanked
his friend and tho public for their llbeinl
patronage and kind favor, thanked tho in
die for thcli' frequent ntteudnnco nnd tho in
teroxt they have hIiowii In nsslstlug to make
tho new thontro u fnshlonnbloreHort. It wns
n timely Iden Hint took well with tho nu
ll loncc.
Jlr. Keeuo never niuienred to better nd van
tage tliiiu during tliU eungemotit, Ilm
Richard III. wns nil thnt could bu iihLoiI nnd
it might bo said, pui feet in Its delhieatlon to
the Htimlk-bt detnll. Thoro U no Rlclmr.l llko
Keene' nnd no ouo dnro dlsputo hi aupiem-i
noy. In Ixnils XI, he hn of Into Ueu incut
lug with great triumph ami much good mtiyi
bu said of his very flulslied performance but
It doi'H not come up to tho woi k he does in
tho former. In Louis XI. thu wgrk I of it
different diameter yet dealing with some
what similar nchlevemeutN, In Richard,
Keeno Is seen as n chiynlrou character, ro.
bust in health nnd in tho pi line of lifc.Bsceud
big the Indder of fnmo nnd tuprcmncy from
tho rank of Duko to King. A Louis, bn Is
an entirely different figure. A decrepid old
iuvnlld he fear death nniL', J4J struggles with
tho grim nugel show masterlv skill In both
make up and facial expression. Of bir acting
hi either play llttlo can be said it is.wond'W
f ui, it la grand. Upon Mr, Keene' howl .est
the laurels of America's iuost nptv.1 expo
nent.of the truly legitimate ucw that Booth
hns retired. " 'Jh ,
Mr, Keene support I its a whojo, excel
lent, there being, howover'ono or two char
acters that would smiid .st lengthening, it
wns noticeable, too, thnt(Jtwo very clever
jicoplo who nppearod tlio;ilrt night, Fieder.
Paulding and Julius Hcott, both excellent
artists, were not cast for the noxt ovenlng.
Tho engagement wn entirely satisfactory
and one of the most onjoyablo ever seen In
i Lincoln.
Lltt & 'Davis have had no many clever at
I tractions hero of lato thht ono becomes ac
customed to expect something good every
tlmo they put one of their bills uiion the lo
cal boanls. 'Tho Knsfgn, You Von and other
great successes are under their management
and following closely In their wako come
thoHtowaway, the oldest and' ono of their
most suoesarui'MttructionH. 'nil proved an
strong drawing canl for Thnnkiglvlug
at the Lansing, two largo houses witnessing
tho excellent performance. The Htownway
kits been seen In Lincoln several t linos and
our readers are fully ncqunluted with its
features. The scenery and cast nro' fully up
to the standard of tho piece when it Was Hint
seen hero and tho plaudits of pleased ml.
dlences attested their appreciation of 'each
phase of the lively and exciting story.
Monday evening that icrleM ne'w(aper
Jester and nil rouhd poet Jnme Whitcomb
Riley, entertained a largiinudleneo at the
Lansing, assisted by tho 'Acmo Qtiarte'tfe, p
local organization of excellent male voice.
Mr. Riley tendered u number of his verse
ahg lecited Mimo" pithy and langhnblo ex
tract from his. wealth of writings. Hls'char
acter wink was well received, hearty ap
plause follow! number, making It
impossible to wind up his regular program
without giving n number of extias, tho enter
tainment lasting just a half hour longer than
usual. Tho musical uumbWs wero also a
pleasing feature mid thelr'clTort met with
deserved recognition. Tho booster poet I
grently admired in Ltncoju whero ha will
nlwajs bo greeted by large audiences.
Tho Corse Pay (on Comedy Company
which has been playing tins week at the
Funko at popular prices, 10, !W, and DO cents,
has met with generous success from alio
start, several very large audiences being
present during the week, Mr. Paytou is a
clever commwjiau and in Miss Etta Reed
finds able support. The balance of the com
pany is made up of good people and alto
gether the plays have been very satis-
Oaod inHilliotn Home
fnctorlly tiioiinteil. The engagement openo
.Moinlny evening with the pntrlotlo play
"My Country" which wn followed Tuovlay
by "Tho Lightning Jlod Agent,)' Weilnuula y
"Keiitmiky," Thanksgiving matinee, "JJist
I.ynno.Vatflilght. "Tho.Cnlley Hlnvo." Ust
night "llnrol Kliko" wn protiitud and
tonlgliUtlm week close with the beautiful
piny I'tilltlixl "Yoiinii America" whloh will
li uiiMllced with tlio fnllMreimtli of a com-.
J mendiihio compnny, Air. Corso l'njtou nnd
Hs I'l1 Reisl Imvinou many ndmlror In
thicoluj. They 1110 deserving of tho duccoss
Hint I ImMur accorded tlmm. Their xiclnN
HvniiioimhI and tlio niltiirtilnmmt Is cor
tiilnly ery uood for tho money. At tho
kiiitluatmlny Air. I'uytnn'a grent micce,
''A LtahtulilK Roil Agent," will bu re
produced, J'iIccn will be 10 n'1,1 130 cent.
l'l...... I. ..A. .... il.:'.
. iiiijivi IM;blll Vliv puiii
1 Hum) rnrnoiMTor
hur Work (.linn Murunrnt,
Mather, who U to bu tlio lousing' chief at
iiimtloti noxt week-Tuesday nnd Wediies-
. Jay cMjuliig. in tlio ncloctlou of plays to
Iki 1T1 evented hcio Mutineer Church has
'ncli'd with Ids usual uood taste nnd nicked
font two bf tho Wrongest of her entlro
loncrtorv. For tlio llrst nluht In, iiiiimiI
rtdls fair )ouug slur ns thu bemitlful but
liU'klvHH dnugliter ot.Moiii Duioh'jppulles, In
IliilHer-L)tton'H matter work of Iiugllsli
romiiuco, "l'ho Ijidy of Lyons." In tills
llny MIh.4 .Mather Is not only given oppor
tunity toshoiv her gient taluitta but slio is
iiIhii given opportunity to please tlio oyua of
tlio fair portion of, the theatre-going world
iv tho dlspuy of sonm randy beautiful
gowns whlcd slio hnd iiiinlo for this piny Inst
KUinnur in l'nris, by Felix, tho great dies
milker, Tliise gowns hnvo this year proved
subjectH of much comment and ore sal.! to
tlnow thu feminine xrllou of her- admirer
Into ruptures of delight
For thu Hccond night of er stay, (and it
will probably bo thu last timu she will over
bu seen iu Lincoln ns slio I to lellro fiom
tho stngo Deo. JO,) slio will give that nitlstia
BhnkoH)riun creation, "Jtomoo nod Juliet"
In which she 111111I0 her llrst great success
nnd In which she Is today tho recognlzod
iueen and mlitruis. lit this play Miss
Mother ha, ever slnco that remarknblo
dobut, been hailed ns tho onu fitted by na
turo and training tn piny the role. Her
company thl year I said to bo most evenly
balanced nnd effective, the Clnudo Melnotte
of Mr. Joseph K. Whiting being artistic
while the Romeo of Mr. Fiederlck L. Power
is nt onco strong, plcnslng nnd effectivo.
Tho nolo of seaU is nlrendy largo nnd render
CAsy the prophesy that Mlis Mather will lie
greeted by largo nudleiices of tho most
brilliant porsomiello
Thurwlny evening next nt the Iunslng tho
ntro Professor llilstol and hi wonderful
hom'H will mako their initial bow to n Lin
coln audience. Tho engagement is for three
night with a Saturday matinee, nt which
nil chll'lien attending will bo gUennfree
pony ride. Special price will prevail, nnuio
ly, ', 'X nnd SO cents. Prof. Bristol hn his
horse eilucnted to Kiioh n degree of perfection
thnt encb Is taught not only what lie is to do
as his portion of the program, but nl)soinn
of tho feat performed by the other, so in
raso ono (a sick or uuablo to apponr from nny
cause whatever, tho professor will call Upon
another horso ta do hi work. This notonly
show tho versatility ofu" professor's
horses, which In this rrr ct are unlike any
other over exhlblV..., but demonstrate that
as mi cducnto'it horses ho excels nil other.
Prof, Bristol's entertainment given by his
hoi se; It ishorse oil through. Tho perform
nnco lasts about two and a half 'hours and
hn beou nud can bo witnessed by the most
reflnod and cultured. The entertainment Is
novel, uulquo nnd intensely interesting, con
sisting ot Intricate muuiuuvors trick, feat
of stiength, grace nnd judgment, together
with laughable and perilous situations, all
pel formed by this great combination of
beautiful horse. The performance Kssese
point of attraction and amusement for the
lyoung t well 'a those of older growth, for
the unlutteml n the sctuntlllo, forunliko the
ordinary melodrama; and opern It requires
no worldly knowledge to understand and
appreciate tho working of tho piece All,
who attend the' Lnusidg theatre during the
engagement of thoso horse will be moro than
pleased. ' "
rrri r I
Cutnrrli li(lie Heail
Is undoubted a dUeaseiOftUtejhlood, nud as
such only a reliable bloodiputiller .can effect
n perfect euro, o llood'a Uarsaparlllais .tho
bust blood-purifier, and it'luis cured 'many
very severe case of catarrh.. It give nil
appetite nud build up tha whole system.
IIood'h 1'lM.s act especially upon the IWer
rousing it froni toiptdlty tct It natural
duties, cure constipation and assist digestion.
No ulcer present for Christmas could bo
made than ouo of those beautiful lap robe
that K. II. Guthrie 1 now Bellliig so cheap.
otl.. - r
All the first families of Lincoln buy tbelr
moat ot Henry Fbelff, 314 South Eleventh
ti eet. Where do you buy yours?
Lincoln people tan now buy any kind of
cheeso that they may call for, at Rumhold &
Moser's, MO South Eleventh street. 'I'hone
40 Yeam the Standaxd
i -it
---- w i ;
J V Ss B?.1-ry v ....
' C Wiv-v M"
t" AMtfMMmW flfaV BB sS m H( am tVms '
AHr MMtm awr Mm mm Mm. K Kan WBfc m7 aML.m
tu. QliilliM mEt Mm Bs Hi lafflL VB V ' '
S0MHJtf m"m aBBf Km B B- TBI KV r .-nau-.a-iUtu
lilmLuv Bk wmrm iM Vsilliaja .()!
cQt. CiiSsilsBBFiaiiC?Kl VktBmmtUuilm
w 'J- BsBBBBBBFBBBV Vt V"BBBBaBB.arV . o " BB7aBr V fl
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On the
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fornny kind of mi Overcoat nnd we have
Beaver, Chinchilla, Cheviot, In t-limlc
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i"i riOT7 in r.iT
,T v '
aw n
llt tOl l
iinll i.3 :l
I lt'H'- 'I
t U I 1 i
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merit of our
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them framed. Get our Prices for Framing.
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