Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 19, 1892, Image 3

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SjllP W
? jE? ' iTKsMMMMMfasssTy" S?t i,
Tfce Isiarlllrs .Siilleiril but fur a Short
Time, but Millions Have Sultered .Slum
ami Millions Art Suffering Not by
Their Mad Worship or1 Hold.
HttOOKt.YN, N'ov. 1.1. Tim subject of ills
courso chosen by llcv. I)r, Tulmugu for his
llrst sermon after tho national election was
0110 peculiarly appropriate to tint money
making spirit of thu times. It wax "Tho
Golden Calf." tins text selected lielng Kxo
rlus'xxxll, S!0, "And tin took lu 'cnlf Which
they had Hindu and burnt It In thu tiro, and
ground It to ponder and strewed It upon
tho water and made the children of Israel
drink of It." " '"
i'coplo will have a god of some, kind, and
they prefer olio of their own making, Hero
comu thu Israelites, breaking olT their
golden earrings, the men as well as tho wo
men, for itt tliosi. times there weru it
linuirivrcil usfeiiiluluedccorutlutis. Where
did they get these beautiful guld earrings,
coming up us they did from tho desertf
Oh, they "borrowed" them from thohgyp
thins when they left Kgypt. These car
rings aro piled up tuton pyramid of gilt
toring beauty. "Any inoro earrings to
bring?" says Aaron. None. Flro Is kin
died, tho earrings uru melted and poured
Into u mold, not of 1111 ruglo or a war
rhurger, but of a calf: the gold cools olT,
tho mold Is taken nway, and tho Idol is set
upon its four hgs.
An ultnr is built in front of tho shining
calf. Then Iho people thiowup tlieirarius
and gyrate mid shriek and daiico mightily
and worship, .Moses lias been six weeks
on Mount Slnal, and ho comes back and
liearH thu howling and sees thu dancing of
these, golden calf fanatics, find hu loses his
patience, and he takes thu two plates of
stono on which wero written tho Ten Com
mnmluicntsnuil Illngs them mi hard against
u rock that they split all to pieces. When
n man get mnd hu is very apt to brenk nil
tho Ten Command incuts.
Moses rushes in, mid hu takes Jlils calf
god nml throws it Into a hot fire until it Ik
melted all out of shape, and then pulverizes
it not by tho modern appliance of nltro
muriatic acid, but by the ancient appliance
Of niter, or by the old fashioned Hie. lie
makes for thu people a most nauseating
draft. Ho takes this pulverized golden
cnlf and throws It in tho only brook which
is accessible, and thu people are compelled
to drink of that brook or not drink at all.
But they did not drink all tho glittering
stuff thrown on tho surface. Sutuu of It
flows 011 down tho surface of tho brook
to th river, mid then Hows on down the
river to tho hcu, and tho sen takes it
up and bears It to thu mouth of all
tho river, and when thu tides set back
the remnins of .this gulden calf arc cur
ried up into thu Hudson, and tho East
river, and tliuThnmcH, mid tho Clyde, ami
tho Tiber, nml men go out mid thoyttkim
the glittering surface, mid they bring It
ashore, mid they make another golden cnlf,
and California and Australia break off
their golden eurrjugs to' augment the pile,
nud in tho fires of financial excitement ami
struggle nil these things are melted to
gether, and while -we stnud looking and
wondering what will comu of it, lol wo
find that tho golden cnlf of Israelltlsh wor
ship has become thu golden calf of Eu
ropean mid American worship.
I shall describe to you thu god spoken of
lu tho text, his temple, his altar of sacri
fice, tho music that Is madulii his temple,
nud then tho filial breaking up of the
wholu congregation of idolaters.
Put aside this curtain, mid you see tho
golden calf of modern Idolatry. It Is not
like other idols, niudo ott of stocks or
Stbucs, hut it bus mi ear so sensitive that
It can hear thu whispers on Wall htreet
and Third htreet mid Statu street, and
the footfalls in tho bank of Kngland, nud
the llutter of a Frenchman's heart ou
Uiu, Bourse. It has mi eye so keen that it
can see the rust on thu farm of Michigan
wheat, nud thu Insect lu thu Maryland
peach orchard, and thu trampled gruln
under tho hoof of thu Kussiati war
It Is ho mighty that It swings any way It
will the world's shipping. It u'lis it foot
on all thu merchantmen nud thu steamers.
It'stnrted the American civil wur, mid tin
der Cod stopped It, and it "decided the
TurkoKussiun contest. Ono"l)rok'er in
September, ttW'J, in Now York, akoutcd,
"One hundred nud sixty for a million!"
nml the whole continent shivered." This
golden calf of thu text has ltV fight front
foot lu New York, its left frootfoot Chi
cago, its right buck foot iii'CUarteatob, Its
left back foot lu New Orleans', h'lid'when
It khukes Itfcelf It ahakes thu world. Oh,
this is n mighty god thu golden calf of the
world's worship!
Hut every god must havo its temple,
and this golden cnlf of tho text is no ex
ception. Its templu Ls vaster than tit.
Paul's of the F.nglish, and St Jeter's of
tbo Italians, mid the 'Alhnmhm of the
Spaniards, and the Parthenon of thu
Creeks, mid tiiu Taj Mahal of the Hin
doos, mid till tho other cathedrals put to
gether. Its pillars aru grooved mid tinted
with gold, uud Its ribbed arches aru hover
ing gold, and its chandeliers aru descend
ing gold, and its floors uru tessellated gold,
nud its vaults aro crowded heaps of gold,
and its xplres and domes uru soaring gold,
and its organ pipes aru resounding gold,
and its pedals me tramping gold, ami its
stops pulled out aru Hashing gold, while
standing at thu head of thu temple, as thu
presiding deity, aru tho hoofs uud shuul
del s ami eyes uud ears mid nostrils of the
culf of gold.
Further, every god must huvo not only
Its temple, but its altar of sacrilice, and
this golden calf of thu text is no exception.
Its altar is pot made out of stone, us other
altars, but 'out 9! couiithig room desks Uud
llrcproof sufes, uud it Is a broad, a long, a
high altar.' Thu victims sacrllled otl'lt are
innumerable. What Hoes tins gist care
ubuut thu groaut. nud struggles of thu vic
tims beforu itt ith cold, metallic eyu It
looks ou uud yet lets them sutler. Oh,
heaven uud earth, what mi nltail What
a sacrifice of body, mind and soul! The
physical health of a great multitude is
flung ou this tmcrlllcial altar. They can
not sleep, and they take ohloral ami mor
phine nud ititoxlcuuts.
Some of them struggle in a nightmare
of stock, and at one o'clock in thu inoriilui;
suddenly rise up shouting," ''A thousand
shales ot railroad stock one hundred and
eight and u half; tuku it!" until thu whole
family is uftiightcd, mid thu speculators
fail hack ou their pillows anil sleep until
they aru awakened again by a "corner" or
11 sudden "rlsu" lu something else. Their
nerves gone, their digestion gone, their
bruin gone -they die. Thu clergyman
coinus in mid rends the funeral service,
"Blessed are tliu dead who die in the
Lord" Mistake. They did not "dlu in the
Lord" the golden calf kicked them1
The trouble Is w lieu men sacrdlce them-
selves on this altir suggested In the text
they nut only sacrlllie themelves, but
ihey Htiei ill eo their families. If n man by
nn III coitrtii Is determined tu go to perdl
lion, I ou will have to let him go;
hut lie p'Hs his wife and rhlhl renin an eipil
page (hat is theatuatemeutot thuavuiiueii,
ind the ill her l.ishes the buisiis into two
wlihlwlhds, nud tho spokes Hash lu thu
sun, ntullliu gulden headgear of the bar
tiess gleams, until llbick Calamity takes
thu bits of the and slops tlieiu, mid
shouts to thu luxutlou occupants of the
niulpage. '(Jetoiil'" They get out. They
get down. That husband and father Hung
his family so hard they ueer got upagnln
There wan the maik 011 them for life thu
murk of u split hoof thu death dealing
hoof of the golden rnlf.
Solomon ottered lu one sacrifice, ou one
occasion, twenty-two thousand oxen and
one hundred and twenty thousand sheep;
but that was n taluu s.teilllce compared
with thu multitude of men who nrusneil
fielug themselves on Ibis altar of thu gold
en calf, and saerlllelng their families with
them. Tin-soldiers of Oeneriil Havelock
tu India walked literally auklu deep tu thu
blood of thu "Iioiimi or massacre," wheiu
two bundled women uud children had
been slain by the Sepojs, but thu blond
mound ulmut thlsulturof the golden calf
flows tip to thu knee. Hows to the girdle,
Hows to the shoulder, Hows to thu lip.
(i rent ( tod of heaven and ijii th. have mercy !
The golden calf has none.
IICAtlTn IIIIOKI'.N FOIt (101.11.
Still I he degrading worship goes on, and
the devotees kneel mill kl"s the dust, and
count I ! golden beads, and cross them
selves with Iho blood nf their own siuil
lire. Thu music lollson under the arches;
itlsuiaduof clinking silver ami ellnklhu'
gold and Hie rattling specie of the banks
mid brokers' shops and thu voices of all
I hn exchanges. The sopraiio of the wor
ship Is carried by thu timid voices of men
who have Just begun to speculate, wniiu
the diep bass mils out flom those who for
ten icurs of lnl(tilty lmvo liven doubly
damned. Chorus of voices rejoicing over
what they have made. Outrun of voices
wniling over what they huvo lost.
TI10 temple of which I speak stands open
day and night, and theru Is thu glittering
god with his four feet ou broken hcutts,
nud theru Is the smoking altar of sacrifice,
new victims every moment on It, nud theru
are the kneeling devotees, and the doxbl
ogy of tliu worship rolls on, whllo death
stands with moldy and skeleton arm beat
tug tlniu for the ehoi us "Morel morel
Some people aie very much surprised at
thu actions of folk on thu Stock exchange.
Indeed It is a seine sometimes that para dcseiiptlon, mid Is beyond the Imagi
nation of any one who has never looked In.
What snapping of linger mid thumb nud
wild gesticulation, mid raving like hyenas,
and stamping like bulTuloes, and swaying
to and fro, uud running onu upon another,
nml ilinfeiilmr utirour until thu president
of the exchange strikes with IiIh mallet
four or lvo times, crying, "Order! order!"
And tho astonished spcclutor goes out lnt
tliu fresh air feeling that ho has escaped
from puudeinoiilum. What docs it all
incunr I will tell you what It means. The
devotees of every heathen temjiluiiut them,
selves to pieces and yell tinil gyrate. This
vociferation and gyration of the Stock ex
chuiige Is all appropriate. This is the wor
ship of thu golden calf.
1'M'THCItACV ML'BT I'Elllbll.
Hut my text suggests that this worship
must hu broken up, n the behavior of
Mones lu my text indicated. There ure
those who say that this golden calf spoken
of in my text was hollow, and merely
plated with gold; otherwise, thuy say,
Moses could not huvo carried It. I do not
know that, but somehow, perhaps by thu
assistance of Ills Irlends, hu takes up this
golden calf, which Is an insult to Cod and
man, and throws it into thu lire, mid It is
melted, mid then It comes out and Is cooled
oil, and by some chemical appliance, or by
mi old fashioned llle, It Is pulverized, and
it is thrown Into thu biook, and as a pun
ishment the people uru compelled to drink
thu nauseating stuff.
So, my hearers, you may depend upon It
that God will burn and he will grind to
pieces the goldru calf ot modern Idolatry,
nml he will compel the people in their
agony to drink it. If not before, It will be
so 011 thu last day. I know not where tho
lire will begin, whether ut tfie Mattery
or Cent ml jiark, whether ut Hrooklyn
bridge or ut Husihwick, whether ut Shore
ditch, London or West J2ud, but (t wjll be
a very hut blaze. All the government se
curities of tho United Suites nnd preut
Britain will curl up In thu llrst blast. A)l
thu money, safes and depositing vaults
Will melt under the first touch. The sen
wiii hum like tinder, and the shipping
wili be abandoned forever. The melted
gold lu the broker's window will burst
through thu melted window glass und
Into tliu street, but the Hying population
will not stop to scoop It up.
The cry of 'JFlre!" from the mountain
will be answered by the cry of "FIrel" In
thu plain. The conflagration will bum
out from the continent toward thosen, and
then burn In front the sea towanl the hind.
New York and Loudon with onu cut of the
red scythe of destruction will go down
Twenty-live thousand miles of conflagra
tion! Tliueurth will wrap Itself round and
round in shioudof llaiuu and lludowulo
perish. What then will become of your
golden culf t Who then so poor as to wor
ship it? Melted or between the upper nnd
the nether millstone of falling mountains
ground to powder. Dagou down, Moloch
down. .Juggernaut down. Golden calf
Hut, my friends, every day is a day of
judgment, and God Is nil the time grind
ing to pieces the golden calf. Merchants
of Brooklyn and New York and Ivondon,
what is the characteristic of this time in
which we live "Bud," you sny. Profes
sional men, what Is the characteristic of
tho times lu which we llvof "Bail," you
say. Though I should bo in a minority of
one, I venture thu opinion that these, aru
thu best times we havu had, for thu reason
that God Is teaching thu world us never
be Co iv that old fashioned bom-sty is the
only thing that will stand. Wo have,
learned as never beforu that forgeries will
not pay; that the spending of fifty thou
sand dollars on country seats nnd a pala
tial city residence, when there aru only
tidily thousand dollars income, will not
pay; that the appropriation of trust fundi
to our own private speculation will not
Wo had u great national tumor In the
Miupe of llctlllous prosperity. Wo culled
it national enlargement. Instead of cull
ing It enlargement wo might better have
called it a swelling. It bus been u tumor,
and God Is cutting It out has ut It out
and the nation will get well and will comu
back tu the principles of our fathers and
grandfathers, when twice lluee iiiailu six
Instead of sixty, and when the apples at
thu bottom of thu ban el wcie just as good
ns the apples on thu top of the btrrel, mid
11 silk hnuilfichicf was not half lottmi ami
a man w ho wore a llvu dollar coat paid for
was itioio honored than 11 man who woro a
fifty dollar cent not paid for
Tlio golden e.ilf of our day, like the onu
of thu text, Is rrv apt to hu mailuout o(
bun owed gold, The-e Israelites of tin)
text burrowed the eairlMRs of the ICgyp
Hans mid thin meltid them Into a. god.
That Is the w.iy tin golden calf Is m nhi
nowadays. A gieat ninny housekeeper,
not pitying for tlieailletes they get, bonow
of the grocer, and the baker, and the bilteh'
er, and thcihy goods seller. Then thu re
tailer borinws of the wholesale dealer
Then the wholesale dealer borrows of thu
capitalist, and we borrow and boiiownud
hnriuw until the community Is divided
Into two cluivn-1 hose who bonow mid
those who urn borrowed of-and uftir
awhile tho capitalist wants his money
nnd be rushes upon the wholesale dealet,
nnd the wholesale dealer wants his money
mid lie rushes upon the retailer, and tin)
lelalhr wants his money mid he tnshei
upon the consumer, and we all go down to
gel her
Theio is many a man In this day u le
rides lu 11 carriage and owes tin black'
smith fur thu tlie, uud the wheelwright
for the wheel, and I he tiluimer for I In
curtain, and the di Iver for unpaid wages,
mid I he harness maker for thu bridle and
the flirtler for the tube, wlillu liom tin
tip of thu cairiagu tongue clear hack (
the tip of tho shawl Hollering out of tie
back of Hie chiclc everything Is paid for
by notes that have been linen limes te
It Is tills temptation to borrow and bor
row and bonow thai keeps tin people)
everlastingly praying to the golden mil'
for help, nnii Just, at Iho minute the) x
Jieel Hie help the gulden calf treads nn
them. The Judgments ot Gisl, like Mum -III
the text, will rush lu mid bleak up tbl-.
woishlp; and I say, lei the work goon up
til every man shall learn to speak tiulb
with Ills neighbor, mid I hose who make
engagements shall feel themselves bound
to keep them, and when a man who will
nut repent of his business Iniquity, but
goes 011 wishing to satiate his cannibal ap
petite by devouring widows' houses, shall
by thu law of the land he compelled In ex
change his mansion for Slug Slug Let the
gulden culf perish!
I.AV UP lltl-.AKL'IU: in iii:avi:n.
But, my f 1 lends, f wo have made this
world our god, when we comu to dlu we
will see our Idol demolished. How much
of this world iiiejou going to lake with
you into tliu tiexlr Will you have two
pockets one ill each side of jour shroud?
Willjuti cushion your rolllu with bonds
and moitgugcs m celtllliates of stock
Ah, mil Thu ferryboat that crosses this
.Ionian takes 110 baggage-nothing heavier
than 11 spirit. You may perhaps tuku live
hundred ilollaiM with on two or thieu
m tic-, In the shape of Itineriil trappings,
to Greenwood, but you will huvo to lcuc
them there. It would not be sufu for jou
to lie down theru with 11 gold wale h or a
diamond ilng, it would ten temptation to
the pillagers.
Ah, my friends, If we havu made this
woild our gisl, when wu dlu we will see
our idol ground to nieces by our pillow,
il we will have todrlnu It in bitter re
.ts for thu wasted opportunities!)! a life
time. Soon wu will be gone. Oh, this ls a
fleeting world; It Is a dying world' A man
who hud worshiped It nil his days, lu his
dying moment described himself when he
said, "Fooll font I fool!"
I want you to change temples, and to
give up thu worship of this unsatisfying
and cruel god for thu service of tliu Lord
Jesus Christ. Here is thu gold that will
never crumble. Here are securities that
will never full. Hero uru banks that will
tiever break. Here Is an altar ou which
theru has been onu saciillcu once for all
Hero Is a God who will comfort jou when
you aro lu trouble, nml soothu you whei:
you are sick, and save jou when you die.
When jour parents have bleat bed their
lust, ami the old, wrinkled and trembling
hands can 110 inoru be put upon jour head
for a blessing, he will be to you fat Iter mid
mother both, giving you the defense of the
one and the comfort of thunthcr; ami when
jour children go away from j-ou, the sweet
darlings, jou will not kiss them good by
forever. Hu only wants to hold them fin
J oil a little while. He will give them hack
to you again, and he will havu them all
wuitlng for jou at the gate ol eternal wei
Oh, what a God lie is! He will allow
you to come so cloie this morning that you
chii put your arms around his nick, while
he lu response will put his arms around
your neck, and ull thu windows of heaven
will be hoisted to let tho redeemed look
out und seu the spectacle of a rejoicing fa
t lu r and returned prodigal locked Inglori
011s embrace. Quit worshiping the golden
calf, and how this ilny before him lu whose
presence wu must all appear when the
world has turned to ash 11 and t lie scorched
parchment of thu sky shall bu tolled to
gether like nn historic scroll.
Tuberculosis In Cows.
Tho danger of milk from tuberculous
cowh Increases with the hot weather, mid
theru in 110 way of spreading this disease ho
generally in 11 city in summer time 11 s
through the consumption of milk from
emaciated und diseased cows. No other
animal is capable of bearing tho disease, so
long without exhibiting evidences of it us
the domesticated bovine, and for this rea
son it is dilllciilt to ascertain thu source of
tuberculosis in many cases, Tim normal
temperature of thu cow Is over 10-,' clegs.,
mid this high temperature makes it possi
blu for her toendiiie tliu processes without
HUtTeriug to any great extent. It Is rarely
that thu human temperature rises much
above this dining tliu stngrtot nctivu tuber
Dairymen theteforu often seu their cows
performing their functions properly, uud
yet tulwictilosls is present without their
knowledge. The disease Is only uscei tallied
by them when the animal is sick ami
grows thin, and ields small iuuntltle of
milk. Tin fact is, when tuberculosis de
velops so far as to make tliu cow emaciated
theiu Is no danger from thu milk, for It Is
entirely dried up and none Is given The
danger Is from tliu animals when they aru
lu uppuicut guod health, Yankee Blade.
Multkii Inter. lew ed.
Once when the field marshal win stay
lug for tlie baths at Itngatz, hu went alone
through tlie woods to I'failYrs, As It wus
11 hot, thirsty day he stopped at a wayside
inn for refreshment. Tho landlord hailed
him with, "Bather at KagaU, aren't your"
"Yes." "Moltku is ssid to be there, ehf"
Yes." "How does hi look J"' "Well, he
looks much us you or I look," answered
the field marshal, Ou a Inter day the
landlord was surprised to find ho had been
Interrogating the great general himself.
Pall Mall Gazette.
Illludtess 1111 the llecreuse.
Though we an told that blindness is on
thu decrease, It is sad to 1 elicit that H00.000
people in Km ope sutler fiom litis dreadful
iitlllctlou. Spain appeals 1 Is- the givat
est sulTcier lu this ie Vi oculiH
tells us that si at eel 1 twenty of
wutehmukers sulTer ir ... eytn,-
CliambcrV Jourptil.
At six pit cent, per annum nntl a cash commission
or at eijjht per cunt, no commission, for periods 6f
three or live years on well located itpproved real esi
tate in Lincoln or Lancaster county.
Union Savings Bank,
1 1 1 South Tenth Street.
I ndustrial SavingsBank
Capital Slock, $250,000. Liability of Stockholcrs $5po,ooc
intiiRIjst paid n DiU'osirs,
Wm. Stull, Pros. J. 12. Uii.l, VicoPrcs, 4
Louis Stull, Cashier.
Dikisctoms. D i Thompson, J5 Montgomery, Geo II.
Hastings, II 11 Shaberg, VV II Mercery, J C Alltin, T E San
tiers, J li Mill, Win Stull, Louis Stull, Geo A JMo'hrensteeher
yO?z aitsvtxit.x't lr-xii ir .it
,J tki.. 'in. -
$. . Swim, fptvtfctov
V- utcrlcn vcars of active worlc
Ji ofOimilm, us IHieetur. during whleh tlmii the above Orchestra fur- L
M nlshicl iiiuslu lor alt the prominent events, rcrlcull , theatrically, etc. i
J, I eoimi to Lincoln lo engage personally In Oichrslru business, frilling W.
1 conn, lent thai I can furnish Its eltlens ilh Iho liest of music ut any f
jJ and nil times, I'or terms ami liifurmutlou, call at ollleil of Uapitai. H.
i Lirv CoUiUK.n, Hill N nti cct, or Telephone, 'iVI. J
H AVI NJ just assumed pcrsonul control of uy handsome new stablct, It will be
nn- aim to conduct a firkt-cln.. establUhmei'i, giving heft of care and attention to
boises entrmlcd to our keeping.
Single or double, and a Hue line of well-trained hones for II cr; uk-, fur
uislicd, day or night.
FRANK RAMSEY, Foroman. Telephone 550
Stablos 1639 and 1641 O Stroet.
Lincoln, Neb-
An Old School in a New Location
Ninth Year, 25 Departments. 30 Teachers
Beautiful, health v location, magnificent buildings, fine equipment, superior accom
inodiition, stiong faculu, comprehensive curriculum, thoiougli woik, high moral and
chiicllan influences and low expenses make tills
A practical education', without needles woste of '.line or money U lurnUhfd bv the
j ' Western Normal College
! You can Enter any Time and Choose Your Studies
iTItU great school is located in Hawthorne, three miles southwest of the post office and
1 will be connected In electric street car line. YOl'K. CAR FAKK I'AI I). In order
that all may see our tnnnv advantages in the way ot buildings, equipments faculty.ctc.
i we will pa our cur fare" from jour home to Lincoln provided you nre picscnt on - the
I opening day of the fnll term. Sept. i8oj. Write for particular '
n..iul Vin 01.. nml uddressrs of 'Si young people and wo will send you eholeo of fine Hi-Inch
. mUr Hie "no i o or M?'a Vulwlwloii lo our lllusirate.l educational monthly. C.VTA-
I!o(uY vl A !' li ' ei I UUM.A HS.KIlKli. Address WM. It. UUOA is. I'rcn. or
2tefri wM m Iti fci3re
h.sit.ii - it-Cr.V., itjrW
music tt.
ma GONOtllT ff
job conomiti
with thu .Musical Union Orchestra, r
Finest in the Qity
Normal College
.1. K1NSI.KV.
becrelury and Trenmrer
AtchUon, Leavenworth, St. Joeph,Kana
City, St. 1-ouls and all PolnU Southj
Kait and West.
The direct line to Ft. Scott, Parson.
Wichita, Hutchinson and all principal
points In Kaunas.
The only road to the Great Hot Springs
I Arkansas. Pullman Sleepers ana FrM
Reclining Chair Cats on ull train.
City 'Ucket Agt. Gen'l AgMtl.