Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 12, 1892, Image 1

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Voi. 7 No. 40
Lincoln, Nicuwaska, Satuhday, Novismukw 112, ISO'J.
Pniuk IMvic Cents
WHKa'A PT 1 - " JT . J . -.r I' I "- - l y.-" ' . a tnN. W A.YYVV.m i . " . m1" ' '".i.kaUl M WMtk1 tf1! rfekl" V "-si "V ITi- r w -r -TM III
iuck?c -- wisaHiV.A.v'i. r ' rr"icNs.-XKc:EJi-Ari ''mci, . A:i.."mi'.istt,(iiKKHiru
Town TMf
A rentier of tlio Couiumi w ho Iiiik boon '
tinvulJiiK I" Knlisiittho pint week writes us
follows from Cotrovvlili.. Kns.! "1 inn now I
In tint town of the Dultoiis, milt tliu people
tiro not over the excitement yet. Tho hank
In which the windows went tin mil intuit
lcgulnr sieve by tho list of Winchester rilled,
Iimh not leplnceil the glass but Is thu smncus
left tlmt tiny. Kiicli cltlen tnkes pi iile In
showing and explaining every ilelnll, t had
thu honor of meet ui(;.)ohn Ivlncher, tho mini 1
who shot thicoof the linltoux. Ho shorten
mo tho budge picseutctl him by the Chicago
bunks, mnt It N veiy pretty. It contains n
diamond woith about i'.i'A). He It tcccivlhg
picsents ftom nil ovei tho oaM, nml alto hm
mi offer of flUO er week liy n museum
malinger to exhibit himself, but declines to
do so. In oieiy stotu you will Itml n Win
chester rlllo loaded tiiul reiitly for use in cne
of nuother cull. I tun going up to Iuile k-ii1-enco
niul pcihnps will tako n look tit Kininet
Dnltou, thu surviving member of tho gniig.
Well( this it u town when) peoplo shoulil not
monkey with the bund wagon. 1 will go to
Fort Scott niul then inukbii fow towns lie
twoen there it id t"t. Joo unci try utul bo homo
Now that the campaign U over it nmy be
perniia,ll)lo to cnll nttelitlon to thu I net tlmt
Hon. W. J, llryuu nmilo his ningnlllclent
cnuvnsH for congiesi practfcnlly tingle
luintltd and tiloue. While lint opponent hinl
thu full force of the republlcnu list of cum
ilgn out tors at hUcoimunntl.nnil whiloiwo
null noted olinmploiiB at McKlnley anil
Fornker wero Imported In IiIh behnlf, Hrynr.
went foith liku it Hpintau and did battle
ngulnst tliemnll. Ho wnsu modern Itindlns
wltliuut the tluee liuiidied wnirlorh. at least
in the forensic feature or the campaign. Hut
.Willie liemnde his own fjieeclim, It would bo
uiijuittto kit friends to my tlmt ho wns un
aided in other wn8. Theio wits Judge
llroady, who, ut tho hind of tin congtes
ttional committee, worked unceasingly tor
the success of hit champion, And there wiih
-Col. J, D. Calhoun, who wns nhtoliitely tire
lew. -HIh ready pcnvtiver tlltl more tllligent
and effective work, and to It and the hand
that guided it llryaii owes moro tliHit ho can
ever repay. Such woik would tntltlu nny
man to it tostiitnitterHh(p that wiih within
reach of tho party benefitted. Then there
was C. W. Sherman of thu l'lattsmoutlt
Journal, C. M. Hubnerot tho Nebraska City
AeiCfi, and iiumeious other able undeainest
liowij aper men whom liryitn can never sitf
ilclently rewind for tho zeal they evinced in
his behalf. And it was it commeiidnblo zeal,
for it wus not pioiupted by nny consider
atloiiH except ndiniiatlon for Hiynii iidii limn
nml a public servant, and dtnotlon to tho
pilnclpltH lie itdvocutetl,
or tlie city council, if they will
persist In refusing to attend night school, cnu
limn a wholeromo leson ono that will cer
tainly tickle tht in with u rtnlizution of their
own impoi limit in a tour of observittiou
about tho lending business stieetH. They
cculd Ifinn tliat a littlo counslhnanic llrm
nisH mid coimnou senro would nccompllsh
wonders toward tho impiovement or sidewalks-.
It wiih a eiy determintd stand that
the council itiently took to securt) tho eu
foicciuiut of tho law lelatlng to sidewalks,
but even the Kinlilnni oof flrmuesH then tils
plaul liiisitsultfd In tho rtcent construe
tlon of a gnat tUnl of new and impioved
wnlk. Kvery tlnj, nlntost, tho now btouo
walk niONenient liitnks out in it new place,
ard It begins to look us if tho day of tho pi ti
ll tiding nallliitid os an obstructionist,
raiment initiator and pithi-iiiilictor is nuin
tieictl. If the tcuncil will only continue to
ket p stilling up tho iiiiimnlt Lincoln will in
due time have her shine of good stone walks
on thu business streets.
One cannot but mill vel at tho popularity
the bicycle has attained within the past tin to
or fcur jeais. They hae grown to bo so
common that one seldrm notices ono ns It
passes him not imii though It be ridden by
a latiy. for years mo tucyclo ttruggieu
along In its cciiqutkt of the woi Id without
winning to any considerable extent the good
will of the fair sex. Tht re wbh a prejudice,
tlcef-etattd In the public mind, against tho
use of tlo wheel by the women, It is only
about three yeai s ago that the llret Lincoln
lady tarklttl tho masteries of byklng, and
whin'.sho (list appenicd on the streets riding
her wheel the itcilvid moio attention, tin
tloubtedly, than the rrnvetl. Othent fol
lowed her example in due time, and now
there are scons of Indies who avail thein
't elves habilually of tlio comforts and con
vtnleiices of the bicycle. Probably this fact
Is In no way duo to tho understanding that
tho first lady to use the wheel in Lincoln
found u husbiird while tiding it. Wei it
not for theuiinnfoiinbluFxtoilious pi net let d
ly the niBliulnctuiers of whtels they would
undoubtedly become ninth moio jtopulnr
with loth sexes.
File, on AVf tints, lity, In this ollleo rnino
very near Hiding the earthly existence oi nil
that goes pioiluciug thit well known
journal and for a time it looked as though
the valuable plant and beautiful stole room
of the Wettel Stevens I'liutlng Company
would be eutlrely consumed hy tlio tire, liy
hci'tilo work. of otirhrnvtt Jllru laddies how
ever,', wo art permitted to n'gnl:i occupy our
(iimitiTF. niul will within n short time htiwi
nil our In regular running order.
At present wo nro filling nil )u dors with
pnm.ptue'u niul tlit! work ,kov(oii its t.suul
with the assistance of our neighbor, Mr.
Mcintosh, who wits promptly oil Imliil to
olfrr hit sel ict. I'lm (lie oilglnntisl In tho
'pi fM room which h locnUsl directly miller
tho stationery ilcpnitiiient A t'tml oil en
gine which furnishes power to run tool
pi esses evidently sprung u leak thereby ul
Icwlng tho oil to spttsid over tho tlnor. It
wiih not l(ng theiefnie until the plots room
wntu Hlut-t of llnini-H, nml tho entiro llivt
llMr ileutly lllkil with NinoKe. Iholliotlu
pm tment wnt pioiuptly on htiiiil niul within
nil hour tho chief icpoiloil tho bull line; fl no
fiolilluither ilumiiKo. 'I'lm work of t'lenii
lug up, wiih tit Olii'i! instituted nml tit thit
wilting onllelt nt tho ollleo, liuiiwnie of tlio
fnct, tlo not know tlmt n lire lint ooeuieil.
Tho llro ocureil nbout 111:!!) u. in, uinltit
11:4.1. iKitwltlistJimlliin, tlinuer bills of fine
for four hotels, which mo lei;iiliiily prluteil
lit tlllt ollleo, weio notleil out us UMiul llllil
on time.
There will Iso no piofcssiounl I in so bal
team hi lids city next year, nor tho year
after, nor, 'rhnpt, for iniiny Jems to come.
Tho supiemu court lint put u tpiietut iimii
thu hnto b'tll business. It Ims decided that ft
IslmUtvful to play lia-to hull on Suinltv, mid
without Sunday games tliero it little pros
IH'ctot i team coming nenr mnk
lug expenses, at that is tho tiny whou H)oplo
felt nt leisure to attend, Tlio det'Isiou was
upon ti suit Instituted over a year ago
against u niiinbof of tho memlsorg of tho
league team for having plnytsl a gamo ut
Lincoln I'nrk. In tho county com t, before
Judge Ktowuit, thoy wero tlfseharged iimiii
the ground base ball tliil not'eo me with
lu the meaning of the word sporting as used
in law. TJio enso wnjt taken Aefoi-o:tlit dis
trict court, where Judge Field, review ml and
sustained the decision. Then (t went, to the
supreme court, which seems to think differ
ently and declares that Sunday baltplaylug
Is unlawful nnd punishable by u-flrie of f'-t).
Tho decision is a substantautinl victory for
those who contend for a rigid observnnco of
the Sabbdth as a day, of perfect quiet, nnd it
will not lie surprUlsing to see hoiiio yenlous
ailvocato of Sunday inactivity go after
other similar contpiesbt now. This decision
will go hard with Omaha (toople, who gut
the most of their enjoyment out of Sunday
diversions. Some ono will will want to closo
up tho Omaha Sunday theatres next.
The i eceut election was frought with some
results that nro doubtless grounds for fla
grant reflections on tho pint of the people of
Lincoln. Chief among these is tin) election
of n new legislutuie. It Is now pietty thor
ouglily demonstrated that wo will not '
called upon to entertain another Independent
leglslatuie It uiatttis littlo of what polities
legislative visitoiH nru, so long us they mo
men and have politics, but the ranks of the,.it pat ty nro full of freaks, ado
thoy appeal is i to gravitate toward leader
ship. Theio wen it good many f leaks cling
lug mound the state house two yeuiHiigo
that belonged In u cuilohull, nuil somo of
them Hindu more noise than nuyoiie. There
is no special reason for thu people of Lincoln
being thankful thin full because tho legisla
ture will bo lepublicnu, unless it bo tho rea
son Hint, being republican, it cannot bo iu
deiH'iuleut, mid tho further ienou Hint, be
ing lepublicnu, it cannot very well bo ex
pected to elect a fienk for United Htales
senator. It Is n desideratum to be spansl
that humiliation. Lincoln wdl doubtless
feel tho effects of the change in u gratifying
way, inida lively session may bo exacted,
ns Senator Paddock will liaidly bora elected,
if tit all, without opposition unless a good
many of his recent ciitics ill aw oir their
foicen, which Is liaidly piobablo. The fact
remains, however, that Sunutor Paddock It
not mi Intense pnrtiHim on pending cam
paign Issues, nnd would bo moro apt to wield
some lulluence under the now uilmlulstru
Hon than a rabid extremist.
One would imagine that altoiuu ut law
ought to exercise great cure in tho prepara
tion of their pupers in the conduct of suits
In the courts, but one frequently, encounters
glaring errors in looking over the tiles. For
instance, an attorney filed a few days since
a iH'tltion wherein a wife inked release fioui
uciuel husband, alleging that they weru
were man led In lbh.7, wheieuk in lhK'i.or
twi years liefore, the lutiri iage as alleged,
the husband liegan tn systematic course of
cruelty "in the presence of tho chiltlren."
Such an allegation, if one relies upon tho ac
curacy of the statement of thu attorney, is
liable to cause thu abused , wife considerable
embaratsment. Wero a newspaper to make
such a statement there would bo trouble at
once. Took L. OhSir..
tlliutliit's I.eiiillnu Hotel.
The Paxton hottl, for eight lems under
the management ot Kitchen Bros , hnsuaiii
passed into tlielr hauilsuinl is now being con
ilutlitl in tho sumo excellent milliner that
gave the linutu its leiiowmd iepiitationems
ngo. Mr Ralph Kitchen, wliols well known
in Lincoln and throughout tho stttto, hav
ing formerly had the niaimgemenl of tho
Capital hotel in this city, hat tho mituagu
inentofthu I'nxloii. Llncolnltes and Me
biaskiuiH In general will tiuu tho Paxton ful
ly In keeping with the leading hotels of the
count. y and a most excellent plate to stop
ut while in Omaha.
Tlieio It Jut Ktmnl for n Krent ileal of
thiit'iillt'itui heiiril foiiceritlui; tho lllitliiK
or thoHtleetH. Tho eleetrio light t in oof toll
pultifiilly tllni mill IricKuliir niul tho nmii who
Iffru homo nt II o'clock nt night often limit
himself growling In thoihuk. Then itgiilu
Ininpt n-o oeontlonnlly left for novel ul inghtt
In Miccetslou out of leixilr, no tlmt thu v nut
not lighted Tho city h pnln bis money
forltthtieet llghtllW nml It cnlitiisl to tho
very best wi vice. Other cltlot tlmt tiny lest
get better illumluiilloti, longer hourit nml
better neiv.leo. Theio will In n time nml
('hut too, nut fur oil", when tho pieseut holiler
of tlio contrnct will wnnt to lenotv oi' iniiko
ii timv e i rniiRi'Miciil for t'itv work, nml If
nii h wrvlco continues It It iloillilliil If tlmy
pEI Gffe RQl5EWfcAr
w HWS'K"0
'zaT&'ivpiliilUril llnlL Dn I WA 111 III iKRf IstaKwni w I Jfil TiM V4ftWi
receive the much cherished plum. People
also comptali. n great deal about tho poor
tpiality or gas furnished them as itiule.nnd
tho exorbitant IiIIIh they are coinplln I to
pay for It. A grent deal of growling is ulso
heard regarding tho Irregulailtles and ex
tortions of tlio present system of meteis.
HIh to bo regtetted thut theio is not some
competition in tho lighting business in
Lincoln, and especially is it unfortunate for
tho city that gan anil electilc UglitJ ale sup
piled by the same corpoiatiou,
There It probably no onu except tho pro
fessional wurd woiker who it not glad tlmt
the cnnpalgn it over mid that thu p'tstlons it
engendered hnvo sulisldeil A presidential
canvass It a critical featino of American
government, nt the admit distrust mil
jettlousy It ungouilelH between tho closest
ueighbois of ton lends to rasliness and tin
friendliness. Men give way to pasdon too
i end liy or nt least a majority of them, in
political affairs. It somsthuot sienn, ill-
though it is almost tiu'tsouablo to'adiult, It,
that a day will cqu.o when tho intensity of
J haling over some election will p.oclpltato a
general culamlty Thit danger is strength- m thut way, and that ho Is true to what wo
eued by tho disposition always shown by nil know bocnuso ho has known it, mill not
rival pal ties to solMttvory technical nilvan- bet'uiHo ho has just verllled it by cltwe edi
tuge, however unfairly obtnltioil, and to servation." Mr. Riley will read new and
falsify ami lesort todishouoet nnd tllshouor- highly attractive svloctlous from his own
nblu niethoels. It is tht) rule lu politic to en- works at tho Ionising thtntru .Mondty even
tleavor to win "honeUly If wo cm; dls- hig. Novemlser 'Jlstt.
honestly, If we nitift." Hence it'wus'th'it in I .
tho local congressional cuiup tlg't tliero was
much bitterness, a grunt in toy tltliigs.were
said anil tlone by rival candidates that would
lutvo been branded as disreputable and ills
gracelul lu any other pursuit, than that o'
politico. Men'a Hrsoiiat honor, ut all other
times abovu lepronchful ciitlclsm, was ns
sailed with blind fury and uuiou-suunhlu
falsity, and two or throe desperate attempts
woio inndt) to drag nlUlou into the c-tin-palgll.
Thulebuko admlulsluroil by Father
Mur)hy, n Catholic priest ut Tocuiixeli, to
thu men who engineered the most noticoablu
attempt ill this line, was well-merited and
well-bestowisl, thu moro mi Isecause thu at
tempt was founded upon a vicious falsehood.
The mail who peislsteutly attempts to use
his chut cli and his leliylou for his olitical
or llnaiiclitl udvuuceiiiuut ouht to Isj tin
ceiemontoukly ill cd ntu of iho church. Hut
thu catiipiign Is over and neighbors onu
shako hit. ids and lenetv Irieudships that nave
Iks. n seiely st.iiimd.
The geiiileinuu who huvu lusumed to ut
tend to the division of tho set cu wuiiUoftho
I city liae ceituiuly oviucctl little respect for
uiithmetical pi opoi lions, as thu divisions nro
veiy unevenly made. Ai tiono would think
that o ell a member of thu city council could
HtHi a pi eel not which legUteia but 12
votes is uowheru near etiutil to a puuil.ct
wheiu 174 register. And yoi thu Fust waul
hint two pitcliietH Hint nro no moro nenrly
cipml Until Unit. Out In tho Hixlh wnitl
tlit'it) It olio picclnot tlmt regltteitsl ovriMiKI
votttt, nml iiiinthei ueiir It with but Ifit). If
this it tho best tho ineinbetK of the cpuuell
run tlo ttmnitl thoouforoeinent of tlio luw
retiilrlug mi division thu night nchool
olioilM bticlolhoil with tho power todiuft
them Into Mitvlctt. Tin) law nlu piovhlo
tlmt them kIiiiII not liemei iMMI votem In n
pieciuet.'nuil yot wtiua of Hi precliuts In
thit city have over HH). Dkxtkii Hw I fin.
tJetllliiC lleitilj- lor tint lliilltbi)t.
ICugemi llnllett, wltli hit iimiuI forslght
lutt ulitudy recelstsl hit now mid lHiititl(ul
lltiuof liolitlny gooili, mid now lilt pnf-nns
mi o being tiontttl to n iew of tho Illicit, mill
lurgenl lino of lino wittelies, ilhiiiniml", ullver
wiiie, etc., over beforo hwii lit l.liii'uln. Mr.
l(nllcltpt'oeiit Htock It nlmott entltely now,
till tho old liitvlng been cleiiuo I out by tho
lab) auction sale. In watches Mr. llnllett Is
showing some of tho most celetirattsl move
ments nnd ns for tho haudsoiuo designs lu
cases, thoy nro thu nemo of artistic Ideals
nnd must bo seen to bu uppieciato I, In
canes, the newest that n new season briugH
out, inn shown mid certainly no one could
full to iiiaku u selection from thu variety
now in stock. In sllvertvaio tliero It eveiy
thlng that one could ask for, from tho or
dinary ten spoon, knlws, forks etc. to tho
most elegant ten service, wtilur sei vices,
tl links of silver sets, etc. Mr. llnllett in his
lh'.l-! selection hits certnlllly outdouu nil niev
iouselTorU and he Is to ho cong. ululated
noon the lino of goods ihut ho Is now show -
William Dean Howolls, the novelist, pays
i thit guileful compliment to Junius Whit-
comb lllley: "The fact U, our Hoosler Poet
has loiiiid lodgment lu ptsp!o love, which
Is it much safer pi tee for any Mel than tlielr
admiration. What ho has said of very com
moil aspects of life has endeared him; you
1 fwl. lu lending his verso, that theio Is one
, 0f the homeliest soult that ever title. ed Itself
"American Heuuty,"
"Yosemltl" mo the latest
tor's Phiiiinacy.
purfumot ut
.Starting Monday wo olTcr Cloaks at W.WJ,
$ I. CO, tr. tU.7r, 17.50, U.:0 unit tVX No such over olfered Isefore.
J. W. Wl.MlKlt & Co.,
1100 O street.
F. II. llu.rjs, the jutveler, is showing some
iMNiutiful new designs In silverware, just the
thing for preivutittiuns.
Oicliettru. Mttsle.
Irvlno's new oivliestra furnishes st.Hrlor
music, any number ot pieces, for concerts,
leception.i, balls, jttn tits, etc. U-avo onlei a
ut CoUllIKtt otllce, IIIH Nstieet, telephone
Society liidletuuil children aror ess;tfull
in ittsl to attend Prof. Johnson's dancing
ncnilemy Saluriluy iifUrnoon. Prlvutu In
struction can tso hud by calling nt thu acad
einy nt any time.
Uknui.nk Canmi.n City Com. at thu Lin
coln Coal Co , southwest corner of Hluveuth
uud O stieeU.
fl ISMBk
m Toncsa
"Wlntt The
will tin fur
Anierlt a."
All of tho Intelligent uti liiuUlvib'd Amtrl
emit think well of ami urn prim lot tlnilrinvn
couutiymt'ii, and thoy iinllclpnte and liopn
for mine of thoiti lu general, tlitn do tlmy
oxei:t of forolguert, Wo ulwujs Imigiuod
tun selvet abreast of Iho llmntlu th'i sohmeoi
iiutl Imliitti Je, mill Hisibly a littlo In ad
Miuco liithomnv Invention. However It It
only locctitly we Imvj ui!kuitilod(il our
fiilth lu the ut little of our
Ameilcnu nitittt. Too little ivpcl li it bum
nIhiw tlio work hotelofortt and tin iiativut
lovo of the public for nil wneii'tt llioulit to
bo genuine-vital or strong. Wo at n mil Ion
and u profcsio.i need eiii'inir.nonti tl, li.itli
lu fnitli nml tleedt And to lint must cynical
doubtless wo betievu the CiiluillhWu oxhlbl
tiou wlllcomuiiH u iiivel.itlnil nml It will lu
ilblctoptow thut thmt art dons exist bout
nnd Isutpiililtt or creating gtoit llilugi, tile
HuctiM'ly American, An I tiny miyhopo
hoiiio of our artists will rocolvu tlio medals to
iiwiku them famous nml theieby some
chat Itablo phlliiuthroplst with in trj mouoy
tluiii biaiut will piliclnts') n fow American
imistei pieces for their gallvriiss, mil tpilt
their lalsu toatlyhi and valutlii of
foielgners and their cunvtitof lint thiiti tspiii
met It to our own at home. Had Chicago
ami tint United Status exhibition ttpniletl
Palis no would htivit aicoinplislnsl n tint to
our ci edit. Hut to create and even surpass,
iih wunruoil the uvo of doing, Iho billlliiut
I'm is display anil nifsifottatlont, It more
than even wo giasplng patriotic tispoiMlct of
trttslom, could liitvo autU'iiited or nxiuotsl.
Our idiuit, scliemes, nnd plant of execution
havii all t'tidy proven marvels to the ininsoi,
midmiiuy weirtl concoctions tnul conlriviiu
cos nro still being devised nnd pliKH and
plans nro rampant and exnbiliint in tlio
bialnsof tho entllUl:itH, olllcers and their
summit. Tho U. H, ilepin tment, Slatttiiud
.mlver to orlglunto and round now Ideas, !
nnd to bring fourth the lluest mid most
itl,n t uniitlt ! I ltd lltt Itlll luta
have iK'iit mi tlio
liowil exhibits lu nil lines t,C work, us thu in
sult of nil this tiiiluiilg and encoiiingenieul,
wo shall hnvo mi exhibition iitorti illgidllisl
bei.utlful and truly nitUtic than miyihlug
thu wot Id hut uvur seen, anil It will tsi all
our own, cntliely so in general Itltwt and lu
its wry dotal I of execution. Tlieio Is uiucli
to bu said of the grand production, fioui an
iiichltoctuiul slundulut. llitiro hut baon
....ti.i.... ii.u ...thu ttiii. i.ii, ir.ui.i'iiiiij.,.
buildiuuH at Jackson Paik. Tito Fine Arts
lluilding Is probably tlmnnost itotlcmldo
Iioniiiillstloli.torest lu Urn Hiuin, Hl,a ,.
lowing this is the Admlolstiutluu llu.ldiug;
the novelty or its urchlteutuiu ami tim
eliiborale tiecorutlons, giving It pojuhar among
the luir giouuds.
thu gieut 'stiuctillesoii
Hrlelly, It Is ono vust dome centre butiessuil I )lB11C0 pnm u.tlow'idel ,'; in tint pun.
by four pavilions, ouch of which nro to srve , jl0 ()VM for nnd of tuu n.-tnuiriil in proforo ic
nsolllces Thotlou.i. typifying Its ul.i. nnd toU1I1
spirit .....I fo. 1.1I11K n most stntely en rnnce , ' '
to tho gi omuls. Ignorant coplo who sett' ' '
this gteal bullillng and leal u It Is chlelly for j e'vrcill! kuOM TUB HTUDIOS.
etrtcton tho eye will learn n very lui wit- Miss Harbour has Iwttii doing very
nut lesson i lodlutiy upon entiaiiio to the llnocarvtsl w,h)I paimls preparat iry losml-
Fnlr. Thoy will lentil tlmt there is fonio- lug to thu World's Fair,
thing Imijoii.I n material success; then, will MUi VVHI Cadniui hut hudtpilteii Iuo
Ut no wares shown lu Ithls building but lu its j ,Hplay of deH)ruttsl china In lit Us Art Win
liixmy of architecture! and tlecoratlons, will ,,. t,i, m-, sonuof tin pelcduroii llti
bo centiiltsl an cdiicttlon to our ieoplo In , frc,od.
i mi. I eruiiiis ie,zisiiuiiiii ior me iiivnouj
not to undemocratic; tnul tl..)
inentof art It
.ighlsor you thought so loolUh to spend
onoyh., books, a Hue homo
id tleco.utloiis of Nimu, was wiser than
you thought. All of tho buildings nro lluu
l.oin extetlor view mid the luturior aio
pilatlnl, with Itheir marble columns plaster
caste, htatuei, and draperies wo shall with
out tlio exhlliitH tliuii.solvet Hud 'then, more
beautiful than aiiytlung lieretofor.) Imiigl
Mr. T. 1) Millet hut beuu nppiiiutoil the
, cl',llf ,, rlllitU. lU.
, ,,.., lo .
siuuri and ilecor.i-
tors. Ills name is so wen Known mill ins
meritorious appjiututeiil meets with general
favor and appi oval. Mr. Millet hat chosen
tut la cotta the iiiiUouul color lor tlociuutlon,
lielng the most servicealilu mid aitUtlclii
comliiualloii with all the otlnr huet Ho has
it very able core ot tissistiiuts in fits ssucial
woik. 'Iho U omit It's Pavilion was designed
by a woman mclivticl, tlio luturior deem a
lions mo to buuutliely the work or feminine
hands, and tho miiiiiigemout Is compowd of
mi elllcient boitltl of ladles under the leader
ship of Mis. Potter Palmer, a genuiat In her
self. We itliendy Inivu lensou to feel piou 1
of our sex nml fnmi theshowing inw lu pro
gress we need not fear our conietetloii with
tho men nt least. In this building for the
exhibit of woman's work we will see,
woman's snheru it enlaigtsl niul in many in
stances she hut sectiicl it foot-hold never to
release. The Agricultural lliiildiu; Is a lluu
siucliuuii of Coiiitthlnii arcliltectiirc. Ilnely
adoptetl to its locution and the rttpiiretusiils.
A low dome Is stirmouutut by a grand llguro,
thu Iseuutlfill "Dianii" of w lilcli wu recently
took note. A suierb poso of u nude llguro,
which was thu pride or Ootliam on the tower
of the Madison Square Garden, it osel un
til loaned to tho Fair nt Chicago, Diana is
the llguro over whom tho Woman's C. T, l
advised a cruel crusade anil almost prohibi
ted her entrance to tli Fair. In the rotunda
of this building Is n statue of Ceres, of heroic
siotlie work of Philip Martlny, thu sculptor
of tho colossal llgures representing the
"Hlgrs of the .odlac." Placed on the ntitiitlu
of this same building native plants anil treses
am tistsl as symbols-motives for tho minor
ills) nitidis.
Tho Kansas Hulldiug will rank third in
slr.e among tho-e erootoJ by the stales soper
ately. This Is to bd decora tis I by u frieze ol
sun (lower treated in a conventlouil man
iter, Mist Angell Is tho successiui woman
I director, to Ir) u.sjUUv! by local talent. A
I number of Kansas vromen hit v.i conti United
j carved piuelt of wis I for tiso lu (he Kansas
building Miss Ada Itelian, tlio charming
aclruss has posl for Montana statue ot
liberty to bu mouldisl of solid silvui for thu
statu exultilt at the Wot Id's Fair. Miss
Rehan Is n most lietiutiful woman and a bet
ter represe ntu 1 1 vo could not be found artis
tlcnlly spotklug. Tlimuh Qtli.t ladiet of
Montnim illlTensI lu this Idea nml t'loujlit.
ono of their own tmmlHir sh'iuld huvn li.teti
chosen, Thn stiiltiti It to bit life sir.) graceful
ly poind, and will contain l.ll) III) ) worth
of silver bullion.
Tint gitt it Columbian will couvIium ul cul
tivated Amorleiitis of Jthn vitality, vigor mi I
lnileHMlileni'tt of Aiili'llc.lll Art; wo timid tin
ono t) lend nt nml Jthtit It rntuot, tlmt our
workuiustbo Mrst-rtatt and nrlglunl. Tho
past ilno iile has unit d id tronttiroi In ni'lU
tlo work mid d'j(irutlo it fur nt mi I fur
what can wo hop.) In tint coning ur.i, hjlttll
wo have mcntoi'lnut work nn titlt Mnt mi 1
continued advancement. Wotcutt wo nro at
tho oitenliig of what niiy ittmlt hi nil "Art
('ra7n"nnil In tlmlnext century ill i doiil'.Min
nmy look back ut A m trlii i nml tin OjIiiiii i
Inn nml say wo started n nuw o,iiuh In Artl
tlhinis.) ul tho furniture of to liy wo limn
none of tho cumborsninu plocoe Hint duett
were so comnion In every well to di lioiln.
hold and liomn. Nothing IlkJ mil' pironti
nnd nncotlort woin rnnii sIijji-mjjmitv,
tsmipllod to ndeg-ittt ttitho girintovory now
mid then, lmk at our wallt, s in umlg'ttly
cracks in the plaster glaring nt ut With
ttti'lr rapid fiiltonihth stint, nor nro t hero
any of tho horribly Inartistic will pujui't in
patterns wo must count nml follow out, if
mnt! wo nro rolcgatod tn u ti.iucli of llliiess;
such nt usisl to cover thu four summit ling
walls and ceilings. No today for tlio s lino
iimoitiit. or k'HSsunie wit mil lutvo our walls
nml celling dcorntoil In djllctt) tlnlt, w,ti
f i Inge ami dados III lutruioiiy of shadel, ami
If something mom ult'sornts It tlodrod tin
fipscover will blond tin huowm I tl itty m
cnll for nml iniiko u plcsliu r.ittfnl vIhw iftd
an artistic buck giouii I for thill mi etchings
oil piliitlugH and tvater colore nf tin p '.in to
ago which can bo secunsl for a imioii ililo
price comparisl with th put, mi I If .md
cnmiotniroitl these, thern lire tho (Ir.ivuros,
Photo gravur.w, llthogr.iphl, sto.d onjr.iv
lugs, iitid colore I cuts) of mi t Cult' r.),i.-to iu
tloiu of tin uiiistjrptci. I).) u t put u'pjii
thu wnll bud woik, to o Incite tin eye in a
wrong direction, hut if littlt It oxpjuUl,
liiiikD good sDlectlous and uilki) tin n at
I'r wl udmll, feUll.U tint whit yim
",'lVo '.,,e,, '" .'" "!. !M ! '. !
tho tlonlguers huvu this put tleu.ide and
period or tiuu gt Vim in sui'il ux pilelto dci,
eiiesanl cupdW to hide tlio llxiM wliluu
weru oncu Intreii null uutluhlly .In uppenr
illicit lu comparltuii to now. And thou
ugiilii wu iiuiy huvu thu ollod natural wolt
tliolltioluuuis which Imitate, tin Inlaid, mid
the full Inlaid llorH and .covur them only
hertiiillil there Willi thu Turkltii atil Purism
iiigsoftlio ruxulutioii stylet wu roconund
I I'V- "K forlio.iltn-o.wuli.iee.iiul bnut
I 1U,U " ! W,U"M' . . .
1 hoy will tmnsterii Heomlngly i.lalu Ixmdulr
s'larm.ig u in euci a ui.U onuiini
t ""- --yr-j v.....
' onwiiwntliil furjllture, plctuiiu all I linoi
hjliolil thu vnry l)ui (ItMigiH lu aUliiitof
lllllll4f I V llfUtf 111 1111 1 Itril tllltlltt Mltil fv.
I Mist Clam llurttm lint a '.very active arid
I "t,'riwll"i? c,f' nt ,U,B lWu'tBr' Nruial.
' U'y ' "'hiding ti clay and il.awl.ig
f'm llfu In fie skolch cltss.
Mist Cltia II ililwiti h is u uoblo little ultti
of workers. Theymolef in clay, mid their
elforts would sliinuu thu iittuuipit of tinny
nn oldur student tl. in the kludergai tern.
I The Haydon Alt Club have chotiu n very
suitable gilt as u happy ruiiiluinr of ol I tiiiin
friends; a beautiful gold watch, to prueont
to their retiring so.'rut iry MtseS irah Woil
Miss Lulu Murpy of "Ctuer'' it sj buty
with tin At t workers that sin tloat not of tuu
Ibid thu time to come lu ;to the city f gosip
with us. much at wa would enjoy having
.hiss ueriiiiiu aianpioue seiiilt hick to her
friends, fioui Ootliam, tlio pluasaut tidiiuso
her happy Installment in hur favoriti studio
theio and of pleasant uiitlelpitio w of a
studious whiter.
Who is tho fetching young la ly that is
jKMing for nil Ideal "Psyche" to lie given to
her own "Heriue." when flnlslntd. I saw
the canvass at a stti lio roce.illy and wjiiI 1
like to meet Psyche hursdlf.
Mrs. Maj Hohamion lias returned from
the Columbian mid will era long bu once
mortt lu the midst of tin Art inyjtjriit re
proluclng home of tho many pretty elf oils
she saw during her sojourn u thu Fair City.
ills K, K. iowo at Wesleyati has a Hue
large dust ami a mnutier of them are ipjito
advancetl. Miss Lowe ,'repitU of her pupils
that several of them enterod at State Fair
nml not one who enteral work but received
recognition in prdiniumt,
Mrs II, M, Hrock at the Conservatory it
a rustler, but she gives a bad rejtort of the
quality of gas used during the day, The
grade and prumro ai-o so poor It is almost im
possible to lire her kllur In the allotted tlmo
or during biisluens hour.
Mrs. Will tVlttinan has leoii doing somo
very gootl canvass work again. Mrs. W.
always was an enthusiast in art circles. A
line hintlscapu, an order piece, has jiist b)eu
completed and turned over to tin purchaser
by this much admired artist,
I inn not prepirot to s;iy who tho young
lady Is that will receive that beautiful "boa
boa" Ikix (heart shape) surmouiitod by a
most delicate group of Dresden figures but
I saw ono in course of preparation ut Stu ho
Revera, which U to Is) presented to one of
our rosebuds, during Xmas. season by her
last admirer uud adonis.
"Miss Nancv."
Miss Chapiu has roopemst her studio,
room JO, McMurtry block.