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Vob. 7 No 47
Lincoln, Nkbuaska, Sa,tukday, Ootoubk 20, 1SOU.
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A thrill of genuine Borrow swept out from
(ho national capital , Tuesday morning niul
vibrated through every city, vlltsgo and
farm within tho confines of this untlon, at
the announcement that Mm. Harrison, the
queenly consort of tlio president, hnd closed
her eyes to the triumphs nnd cares nf earth
cf receive the crown eternal. Death was tin o
to plumonury troubles Inherited, it In claim
ed, from the family of her mother. Sho hiul
been idling therowlth only since April, when
sho was compelled to excuse herself at one of
her popular receptions, since which time sho
has Iteen seen by but few of her friends, as
her malady hud grown steadily more pro
nounced in splto of the most pntlent and
tender care, frequent changes of cllmato and
tho boat skill of the physician. Mm. Harri
son was born at Oxford. O., October 1st,
IK! J. Her maiden namo was Carrio Bcott,
and she was tlio daughter of a Presbyterian
minister who whs also president of it female
college. Hho married Benjamin Harrison
October i.0lh,18Kl.n It was a happy nihr-
riage, crowned by n lovo that laughed at
poverty and fuced tho future with conlldence.
It is said that sho ami her husband began
their niarrltxj life possessed of lex than
(1,000, and that she was for years her own
housekeeper, doing her own woi k and doing
It well, oven after her two children' were'
born. -From that time on until her death
in spito of every sun oundlng thut comes with
fiiuio and wealth Mm. Harrison has remain
od a notablo example of iho most admirable
qualities of woiunnhood, a true and loving
wife, a kind ami devoted mother and u Christ
ian woinanwhose inunysupeilor graces were
as well known and generally recognized be
- f oro as after her demtso.
Sho has been n popular hostess ntthowhito
house and even tho most avowed political
enemies of tho president have over praised in
terms of evident sincerity tho unvarying
queeullnessof Mrs. Harrison. This nation Is
not unmindful of it groat loss In the removal
of this revel end lady from tho whlUi house
and expressions of genuine sorrow havo pour
' ,eil iu upon tho striken president from every
state anil city In tho union, especially touch
ing and impassive being tho expressions
fioin executive state olllcer. Aiuericau
royalty tho souverelgu citizen will slmru
with President Hurrisou tho vorrow of his
great atlllction In the Ims of a helpmate who
for nearly forty years hud lovingly shared
his rise from poveity and obscurity to fame,
wealth and power. Tho funeral occurred
Thursday, and was conducted as quietly and
uncerimoniously, according to tho president's
wisher, as if deceased bud tieeu merely a mem
ber of a private family. Theremalnsdld not
even Ho in state. A double service was held,
however, one In the white house and one in
the First I'rosbytei luu church in Indian
apolls, her home church, whither showus re
moved for interment.
The great Irvine trial is ended, and In the
way that brings tho greatest joy to tho great
est number of eople. The verdict of aa
quital bod boen prayed for nnd anticiated
by hundreds, but chiefly by the ladles of the
city, who are ever rebellious against the
stern demands of the law In criminal cases.
The court room was daily thronged with
ladies from the lest circles of society, und
though It was not tho most refining plait) in
the world, hundreds of young girls were
attracted thither. Many of the ladies neg
ItcUd no opportunity of letting tho jurors,
who were not blind, discover where their
sympathies were, by means of divers and
. sundry nods and shaking of heads, tears and
ill-concealed anger or frowns. Of couise
their sympathy was with the dofeudunt. It
always Is. It wus so In the Sheedy trial, and
it was even fo in tho Ed Nell tilal In Omaha,
where as brutal a murder was involved as
was ever committed by human Mng, And
Ed Nell hail untl(X),000or more behind him.
He was simply dusliing, Immlsoino Kd Nell,
a brutal murderer, hut there was no tima
duiing hlstiial when tho ladies present, ami
they were numerous and aristocratic, wore
r not iu full sy in phthy with his course. The
;jury iii'iuo irviue case was not rnr dauuiu
' the ladles, and unless one bo so uncharitable
to presumo that they violated tho oath they
took to try the cast) on tho law audtheevi
deuce, they reached the conclusion that
Irviue was iupuiie. Of course there Is no
way of determining upon just what ground
(hey reached their verdict, but llw.v ennui
lawfully reached it only Uhihhici c i.n-iiirlnii,
and that would Ik) tlui defeiiilinit'n ii Minlt
Whilothey might l-ire Ultima him Jim I
fled in HllliK A'oi tgin fry I y euiiut nut
jeqiilt Ii in in lluit K'-cii id nil I piy tlio
slightest legal d tor their oath, usthey wore
sworn to decide tho cim) according to law.
Mania trnusltoria will doubtless becoiuo
henceforth u populur fad In medical juris
i prudence. Poor old Htitchlnsou had to got
out of court, braudeil as n common, ordinary,
every day lunatic, but he is probably iho last
of the ppecies in local criminal tribunals.
The trunsltory theoiy is so much more con
Aeulent, effective nnd desirable, its victim
need only to bo crazy long enough to ac
complish his puiosoiiud there need be no
necessity of his guln to tho luuutlo asylum
to ttvCHim resioii8lbility for the consequences
of his fury. Meantime liisaui y in either of
iU numerous t pes is likely to bo an expen
sive luxury in pjlut of niouoy, us well us iu
re.ioct to liuiunii life. The Ii vino ti fill has
piobtttily cost the county Uf000 or Jl,(i00.
And it does seem as if thrru is no uio of cum
butting ueforo a jury tho theory of a defen
dant's insanity. We can buvo inoue) by
fiaukly and rttudllv uckuowledglng it to be
theihluiug Ciiaiucteristluof every destroyer
of human lifu ami turn theuilooM) uxii matter
of economy, 'iho mujiMy of thu law will
notsulfer hulf sotoveruiy as by ouu of t ho
trials we have U-en having. Or else wo
might acquit that thero are Hrsoual or
domestic wrong which Justify murder, cat
alogue them and savooxpuo of tiials.
Tho Irvine trial tins not been so much an
orderly proceeding In a UMiiple of justice as
a drama acted ii)on the boanls of a theatre
after numerous lehoarnil. It was a great
passion play, lusting two weeks. If the
accessories of tho stage, tho glare of the
footlights and line sconlu ehTcts were absent,
the play was not wnutiug In dramatic action.
Tho rnngo and compass of tho theme was ns
broad as tho passions of the human soul.
Tho furious waves of feeling, sentiment nnd
sympathy were now tossed nloft to tho heav
ens, and again disclosed the profoundest
depths. There was tragedy to begin with,
comedy iu the middle nnd n rattling farcu at
tho end. Tho halo of lis I light at night
nnd the black cloud by d.iy about tho central
llgure, and tho collision between them wheu,
In n fit of unconscious or "transitory"
frenzy, Montgomery was killed, were worthy
tho genius . of n Poo, or iho author of tho
"Ancient Mariner." There was n touch of
tho fantastic In tho dream of the hero,
wherein Marguerite and Mephlstopheles
chasrd each other across tho disordered vis
ion, while tho reference to Oram! Pre, where
the scene of longfellow's "Evangeline" was
laid, wus decide lly roiuiutlu and worthy tho
poetic genius of foreign counsel.
This great drama was only Intended to lie
played to a select number, consisting of
twelve (lersons, who weio to piss upon the
merits of tho pet forumuco, but an Impatient
public and an inqortunut populucu throng
ed the seats ami aisles, and overflowed tin
sacicd precincts of tho judgment seat Itself.
Thero they sat, smiled and frowned, and
cried In sympathy w'th tho hero of the virtu
ous act so that justice might bo done.
Llttlfc Flossie's nnoxpsitol advent into the
court room, straight to tho nrms of her
fathor; her druuiutla presentation to tho
jury just a trlllo over-acted .vid tho appeil
mndo Iu her behalf by eloquent counsel; tho
cheering and uppluliso that followed n
telling point in the speeches of advocates;
the tears of the men, the sobs of the women
nnd the manifestations of sympathy shower
ed upon the accused ut the end of each day's
trial; the thunderous applause with whMi
the verdict wus greeted, followed by em
braces and kisses, bestowed upon the accused
by th lair and virtuous, all lead to the con
clusion that the curtain was ruiig down on a
great drama, and not upon tho closing scene
of a proceeding Iu a court of Justice, whore
court, counsel and jury were engaged iu tlio
solemn duty of vindicating the law, The
ovation extended Irvine at the closti of the
trlul and the subsequent reception were
worthy tributes to his herolsu iu shooting
down a man agalnss whom ho said on oath
he had no Ill-will, with nit giving him a
chance to tell his Btory or defoud himself.
Hyron speaks of tile ecrtacy of tho first
kiss of lovo, but that is not comparable to
the unutterable delight experienced by the
blushing maidens and the unblushln;
matrons who put up their llpi forakhu
from tho erson who had shot his man.
What a glow of conscious pride mantled the
breasts of these women 'as they contemplat
ed their own moral exaltation and exhibition
of vlrtuel They ware so. surprised to llud
such novel sentiment' anil noble sympathy
leaping to tho trout of being, demanding
display and parade, that they besome enam
ored of their own selves and actually suffer
ed from excessive dlstentian by reason of
having gorged themselves with an overdose
nf molality and virtue. As the wild African
hangs by some artMo of his apparel and
worships it as a deity, so the people elevated
themselves to a high moral pedestal and
then prostrated thomselvos before it In self
laudation and worship, then wont from
the court room straight to their homes, put
ting themselves on the bond, eager and cove
tous of praise for the hlh moral sentiment
und action they had just exhibited.
The Lincoln Light Infantry has apparently
reorganized with tho design of staying this
time. This oniuiNiuy was organized almost u
year ago, but a luck of interest iu the work
was encountered early nnd It fell by the way
side. Hut it fell only to rise aguln with re
newed zeul. Considerable pains will be taken
to seo that none secure admission who havo
notn natutal taste for military work, and us
it is designed to bo something of n swell
organization, further caro wl!l be' exercised
to conform to a high social standard ns well.
The boys have determined that th ey will bo
In no hurry iu completing the company's
muster mil, Tlwy propose to inaugurate
NMiii a wiI.-k nf Mi'iul Miit u tiiuiii-tits that
w ll KIVm Hid O'X'ltll.: Illo.l ii leiMn zd plu M
I'l MS'lltV. Jll t Wllllt III III III-.' Will tjillH
hl nut i) 'ii il.',lull"lv mi 1 1 1 lojil, Int It!
win -iii minir ii. n Kjrix n. gfnnl lii in n
SMI -jlllhlll) I'll MM t-l'. Wit I lllll ieU i Ulniis,
Pending f nfn ill i nf m.' liifOiii'i
paliy willenj y a ,.. Ii ii x. Al'ildi)' eve-
nlnjr nt tlu Ijiiiiii:, whii HiiuimI Ks
will piescnt "Innocent as.l L'tiiih," Mueh
an organlzitlon ns Is proiiosed would
undoubtedly hu n timely mid valuable au
quisition, not only In a soclnl way, but (hero
nte frequent occasions when a well-drilled
und nicely uniformed company of nillitlu
would bo of great service in public deinou
stiations. Nothing that could be devised
would ufford a bettor way of at
t: net lug attention toward Lincoln thin to
liuvi) a cluck nillitlu company to send ubioud
All honor to tho state university foot-hull
emu, mid may it go on ailihiviug new
honors, Last Monday it conferred ilUtlno
tlou ukjii tho statu of Nebraska by wresting
ut Lincoln park, a decisive victory from the
champions of tlio sucker state, wh ) cum
representing the Illinois suite iinlveivily,
located ut Chuiiipuigu, Few expected to see
the Neluuska bo swiu, uud the atmosphere
.ill. UlM Willi l i iu i . 1 1, in ui.Hmm.m
when they brought iu tno Mucker sculps.
They lll try to repent their success In Don
ver today, where they meet the team from
the university of Colorado. If they don't
fall victims to the light ntmosphero they
may Imrellol upon.
If there were a fow more men iu Lincoln
like J. A. HtickstnfT this city would not long
occupy a bnck seat ns n manufacturing and
jobbing center. It Implies one with conll
dence and rcupeot for tho man's burliuxs
genius to contemplate his numerous b'g en
terprises now nil in successful oeratlou in
this city, and tho number of men to whom
they furnUli employment. The man must
lay awake nights trying to discover now
ways of putting another laboring m in at
work In a way that would lie lucrative to
hlmse.f nud his employer, ns his pay loll con
tinues to Increase. Not satisfied with en
larging his own pay roll, he Is ever scheming
to induce others to establish ludustr.'tH heie
and pay rolls to match. Ho has just fixed a
big wholesale Implement house at the corner
of Sixth nnd L streets, one which will furn
ish work for fifty or sixty eople, and has
licgun the erection of a big four-story brick
block for its occupancy. Ho bus several
other big euterprites in view mid will bo
heard from aguln iu the spring. Ho believes
in turning our own money over iu our own
hands ns often and as long ns possible, and
establishing paying Industries here ut home.
Took L. Ossir.
llnlliliiy rrepiiriitlnn.
Another year is ubout to go Into hltory,
the holidays are fast npprnaclilng and oro
another sixty days rolls on Christmas of VI
will have also lieeu added to tho events of
the past. Hnllett, tho Jeweller, ever with ii
keen foresight bus boen laying Ills pbttis dur
ing the summer for a grand holiday trade
and tho result is now evident to the naked
eyo of all who enter his beautiful place of
business at 1111 North Eleventh street. At
the recent auction salo nearly all of his old
stock was disposed of, and in consequence
thereof u complete lino of now goods now
adorn the shelves and showcases. Part leu
nily iu new watches, diamonds, oieru
glasses, souvenir spoons and goldhoidol
canes has his stock bejn ln,)rove 1. Iu thote ,
well as the newest designs nnd novelties in
silverware, does the stock show up magnifi
cently. It would bo useless for us in this
Imlted space to enumerate or describe the
hundred and one new things that are now
being, or have lately been opened. Mr.
Hullett requests ut to sav to all CouiUEH
readers that he desires them to call and look
through his cases, and though you may not
wish to buy tho sight seeing will ufTord you
much pleasure.
First Ueliersul fur "Hen llur."
Those that have been aiked to take part
will meet the drill muster at the Masonic
temple at three p. in. Moudiy next. School
children nt four.
Omaha's LeuiltiiK lintel.
Tho Pax ton hotel, for eUlit yrnis under
the management of Kltch-n Urn'. , Ii i-iunl i
pussed Into their hand-. niul is now heliumo
dticted in the sumo exivlluit iiunum- Hint
gave the house its lenniM nl ii pntnllnn enr
io. Mr itnlpli Kil"liHii, w in i well known
ii l.liio !u mill tliioug'.nut th' stiite, liav
i g lornu-rly hud i lie iiimigeuicir, nf the
t'.i.ll il 'i jinl In tills clfj, lets urn iiiauage-
net t f tin 1'iixloii. LlucnluhvH und No
hriiskuut in rent-la! vt I linn the Pnxton ful
0 m kefjiin wliii tlu leading hotels of tho
ci unttv niul a mest excellent plucotostop
ul uln.o In IJninha.
Ileer I'm-Vuinlly Ue.
For fumily trade the John Uund Urowlng
Co. is now deliveilng u superior grade of ex
tin pule beer iu either pint or quart bottles.
This beer for table use has no -qu il uud Is
meeting with popular favor with nil the best
trade of the city. Prices us cheap us tint
chnrged for Inferior lieer. Leave ordeisat
olllcv, ail Noith Ninth stroot. 0mi- lieu ik,
agent. Oiu-e tried nootlier lieor will IsiumsI,
Why not order n wimple cuko of It.
Miss Alice Isaacs of Omuhu bus JiHt re
turueil from Nuw Yoik after a seven wouks
purihuslng visit. Her.jitoro.ut, Omaha, 307
Mouth Hixtoeuth stieet, contains all tho lute-a
novelties iu ixittern bonnets nlid-h nr lim,r
onVisd ut lovest prices with u guarantee thut
every nut is mo correct style.
Our coal is well icroened, full weight
K'Ui t ed und delivery uluys prompt.
Cull up Lincoln. Coal Co, Phono -HO,
The Late Mrs, Benjamin Harrlion
Without Intended disparagement of some
nf the numerous organizations of that nature
now in the city, the Klckoe can well growl
at the fact that there Is not a brass baud In
Lincoln that Is In any way n credit to n city
of (10,000. Noliody can tell just why, but It
Is n lamentable fact. And tho bands Hint nro
hern seem to get siorer each year, Instead of
better. With nil the pleasure resorts, state
meetings, celebrations and other demands for
such nnrirgnulrntlou, one would think that
Lincoln ought certainly to havo a creditable
baud, at least as good ns cart be supported at
York, Nebraska City or Archer, And yet
the brass bands from those pirns can play
all around anything In Lincoln. This situa
tion Is not due to uny luck of excellent per
formers hero. The woods nro full of them.
There nro brass bands hero "till you can't
lest," and the words nro not designed to Is)
Interpreted figuratively either. They are so
numerous, so changeable nnd so devoid of
merit that ono cannot distinguish ono from
the'other. This is mostly duo to lack of
liberality on tho part of tho public , though
perhaps partly due to need of a capable busi
ness nnd ' professional manager. People In
Lincoln nr to firmly grounded In the habit
of hiring bauds of indifferent merit that a
first-clans bund would ordinarily Iks deemed
an expensive luxury. Even ut tho two
parks, both of which realized handsome
dividends, Improvlshed bunds were engaged
the last season, bnuds wlilch the management
of Hther ought to have hesitated before plac
ing In the publlo service. The tlmu Is ilpo
for souii enterpilsl ng iiiuuiiger to organize n
creditable band In Lincoln, one of wlilch the
people need not bo ashamed cither at homo
or abroad, Lincoln ix-oplo will see to It tliat
such mi organization lecelves tlio nutiomiuii
it mei its, and those who exjust to gainer
dividends from public imuseineuts will U
called to account if th-y luoro it.
il o
It will be a remnrkable freak of the blind
goddess thut no one need leasonnbly expect
If this city Is not soon mulcted In n good
round sum for damages Inflicted uKu busi
ness Ir.teni-ts In the vicinity of Twelfth uud
O jtieetshy defective tewers. It has been
durjioustrated time and time again that the
cutbh-lms ins or the sewers ut thut xlnt me
not sufllcleut to carry away the Water cen
tering there after u heavy rainfall, and every
nojv nnd then u pretentious hike forms at out
of, tho most prominent business coriieisiu
the entire city, flooding all cellars In the
vicinity which mo not built on stilts. Hulls
havo been filed upalust tho city by six firms
who have sulTertd heavy damages from
flooded cellars, and judgments uie more than
likely to be secured sggregHtllig a laigesum.
Yet no one has heurd any of the sapient city
senators iidvocutilig meusuus to prevent a
recurieiice of the double mid damage. It is
not ut all likely that Lincoln tuxuyers want
to be culled upon every now uud then to put
up heavy damages to merchants in that vlcin-
I'.v, nor aio they likely to wish toseebusl-iii-ps
men suffer loss through the fault of the
dty. The city puld enough, no one will
deny, to have good sewers where she has any,
but If she hasn't got good ones now tho ought
to bo getting them. The council ought to be
held guilty of mulfeusutice iu ofllce for neg
lecting such iuiK)rtnut mutters us this, and
tlie)- will bo held ubout tho first tlmu thero is
a damaging recur leucu of those floods.
Now mid then In tno anient jiolltlcnl cam
paign one rubs up iigulnst u cuse of coercion
us rank mid despicable us I lint ntti Hinted to
the southern stute. Tho crack of the wirty
huh having failed to drag nil iicalcitniiits
buck Into line, posit he coercion is being le
sorted to. Men me nuw being threatened
with the hs of their situations right here iu
thfsclty of patriotic piide. education nnd
vuuutcd liberty, If they do not vote this way
or thut. That this is u fact is Indeed deplor
uble, but il is it loot susceptlublo of eusy
pi oof, especially iu i elation to one candidate
Hut this is but the uutuiul result of the dom
inating and entiiely too popular principle
thut to the Hilll(i'ul vlctois belong the spoils,
and the guieial deciding of civil set vice
leform pili.ciples. The man who would
threaten to dtpilvo unotlier of his situation,
or cause such a threat to U made, should
never bo elected to olllcu. but under cm i cut
Hilltlcal touching It is his piivilege, und
some me nuveii enough to exeiciso the
privilege for ull thero is in it.
What do Iho hounil iiioiiiIh-is of the bar of
jjUUCUKler county prnpo.o to do utKiut the
lllliiored luibiiig of juiors by or thiuugh
mtiiibeis of the loUsMimf Can tho liutti
uity, or (he lepulnble majority, ulfoul to let
such tumors go undisputed I Cuu the largo
iiuiulH)',of reputublo nnd honest lawyers
afford to have their professional and peroi.
ol reputations smlrchnil Ihk-uiiso n few ol
their number too frequently lay themselves
open to suspicion! If tho rumors art) ground
lens, the fact should ho demonstrated, If It Is)
posjiiblo Iu nny way to tin so. Thero Is mi
question tliat there Is a coterie of nttornnys
In this city who owe their professional repu
tations entirely to their success In securing
favorable Juries, ami out) often hears It
nsscitcd with morn or less posltlvenuss, that
this Jury or that Jury has been picked or
purchased, As long ns this rumor Is heard
Iheiticnubo little confidence reposed In
uourls, Juries or lawyeis. No ono needs to
Imi reminded of the enormity of the wrong or
the extreme danger of Jury bribing. Tho
bur of luucnter county should p!nco Itself
above susplcluu by making mi example of
tho man who dares to approach a Juror to
currupt, mid of the juror who cuu hu up
pioiiched, and above nil should both lawyers
mid tho publlo look to It that no man ns
oeuila the bench who Is not entirely clean Iu
this resct. An honest lawyer who would
not stoop to coiruptlon of Jurors stands lit
tle show of success Iu it court of u county
where Jury-llxing goes unpunished, ind tho
learned ndvocnto Is nt the mercy of the
sneaking shyster.
He tw feu Two Dangers.
Frtddlo (imy uud his Aunt Helen, who
was vlsltlni; the firnys ut their summor
homo, were one day crossing a pasture
together. When they were half wuy
across, the lady noticed two oxeu and
paused doubtfully.
"I don't know ubout going past those
oxeu, Freddie," sho said.
Freddie tightened his hold on her hand
"Don't bonf raid of them, Aunt Helen,"
ho said. "They won't hurt us. Tho first
tlmu I ciiino down bcr(sxl was nf raid of
them. I didn't daro UiMn behind them,
nnd I didn't dare to in front of them.
Ami I didn't want to go back mid never go
through thn pusttiruntnll. Sol thought
of u way to get by," and tho thrco-ycar-old
sago looked brightly up Into Aunt
Helen's face. "I just crawled under
them." Youth's Companion.
II Wasn't doing.
Sho Must you go so soon, darling? It
Is only 10 o'clock, und father won't object
if you stay until VI.
He True, my own. Hut that only gives
tno two hours iu which to say good night.
Our OiiihIim. Correspondent's lliulgrt
Hatlsfactlmi at llrurhiK Irvine's
Arqultlal Tim Tliestrrs,
Nfiws Nntrs, Htc.
Omaha, Oct. Ji5. My last letter, which
coiniiienti'd on the back nf beauty of Omaha's
fair sex called forth tho Ire of the lady read
ers of Tiir CouiilKK iu this city; some going
so fur mid forgetting their self iiwpect, by
wounding my pride Iu culling me it cynical
aid bachelor. My age Is hut twenty-six and
befoio n scorn more years pas over my lieud
I expect to make kudo girl either miserable
orhiipjiy. Heauty may be one consideration
but not the upermost necessary quality. I
may have been u little harsh on the dear
girls as on closer otiservatiou I did really seo
three excellent sM-clmens of female loveli
ness on our streets )esterday. While it Is
true thut beauty attracts u trait which Is
more lasting than Ixviuty of jutsoii and one
which Is admired by every level headed son
of Adam, Is beauty of mind. The moral is,
educate youtselt even lliough you urous
fascinating us Clisiputru.
The Baptist ministers of Nebraska hel I
their annual convention here Monibtv Mid
Tuesday, About fU lleli-kiites Hlli-lidol,
many uecoinjuinisl iy i iei w vh mhi
tlaughtei'-. I ne.r .linill . I nptij,i-i.i j i und
nhlte badges tllitliigulslieil t limit from the
multitude. Ollicers electwl for the ensuing
year weie: Mr. Frank Carpenter of Lincoln,
pit-sldont; W II Perry of IKvi trice, vl s jire
Ident; Miss Lattiu I-g of From mt treus
urer; Mrs 11 M Hixl.uick of Central City,
lecordlng Mvrutnry; F I) Audeisou of
Omuhu, coriesK)iidlng secretary. Executive
tKmril, Iluv J E it FoUmi, llufus Hentiey,
C H Ueuu, Mrs A W iboit and lUv Fits I
Iti tt tit in. Among those from Lincoln who
weie notlcisl weie .Mr und Mis W Jones, Mrs
and Miss Klude, Itev Douugut und Messrs
lleutluy. Oitrvey uud Tinzley.
Tho Omuhu kennel club bus now In prog-
ess n tlo show, Dos from Hiaui, liuug
Kong, J.tpuu, Mexico and Alaska; terilers,
pugs and cuts, little dogs and big doe's, n
tliousuud il would seem, ull contained In our
luige exposition building, Tho nir is tilled
witn buik uud tim key to their
voices is liaitly tontaineil between A minor
uud , major, Iu every wuy it is a dogmatic
l'bn veiilitt iu Ihe Irvine inuider tilttl wus
I revived with evident satlsfuctroii, uud op-
,,,t V
, WW -
titnr sentiment npprovtsl the finding of tho
jury, What little vnluo seems to bo placed
on human life when twelve Intelligent f men
proclaim Irvine "not guilty." Tho crlmo
committed was murder and Is not Justlllablo
under nny condition,
Thn attractions of the week at lloyd's New
Theatre were Clara Moirls Monday nnd Tues
day mghls, Pattl Hosn Friday, Huturduy and
Holiday, (Jlui n Morris drow forth largo and
fashionable audiences for both H)rfurmancos.
On Tuesday ulRht Claire, an adaption from
the (lermnii, was presented for tho first time
In English. The Farnniu (Street Theatre has
lieen doing Itr usual good business during tho
past week, with "A Hum-lot Money" tho first
four nights. Wlllnid uud William Nowoll
nro playing "Tho 0Krator" the remaining
three nights this week. The success which
this house has nttnlned ,ls title pilnclpaliy to
the muiiugerlnl elforti of Mr. Uurgess. Its
business Is phenomenal. Thn fore part of
next week Julia Marlowe, Ihe young mid
beautiful tragedienne, will present n series of
Hliakespcaro's plas. Her principal success
Is"As You Like It," mid those who have
seen It certnlnly do like It
Edwahii Wkkhku
F, II. Hants, the Jeweler, will Innugiirntn
u siMclnl salo Monday, to run ono week,on all
lines of Jewelry, watches, clK:k4, etc. Call
nnd get prices.' 1 U';i O street.
Call up Cook-llitlley Orooery company,
phono 411 uud give your order. It will re
ceive ns prompt and careful attention as
though ordered In sjrson. ,
For ladles' suHrb linlrdrrasliig, hair orna
ments nnd hair goods always go to hoadquar
ters Mrs. Uospcrs, 1114 O street,
Iteetor's New I'linruinny.
Monday hoursi 0:30 to I'.MtO n. in., 'i to ft ami
7:110 to (1:110 p. m.
Mrs. QosHr leads in millinery, ns sho al
ways has. The new Invoice of flue pattern
huts Just received convinces every one mora
than ever of that fact.
If you enjoy dancing go to your druggist
niul get a tiottle of Positive Corn Cure, which
Insures coinfoi tt
If you miss tho bargains offered for next
week by J. W. Wingir & Co. you will re
grot it,
Orchestra Music.
Irvine's new orchestra furnishes superior
music, any number oi pieces, for concerts,
receptions, balls, parties, 'etc.- Leave orders
at Courier 'office, 1)84 N ttreetj' telephone
Dr. FuriiltHni Cures
chronic diseases soil blood discuses Rich
ard's block. Lincoln, Neb.
.Miss Alice Isaacs will not visit Lincoln this
full but Invites the ladles to cull nt her clo
guilt iitoro, 807 Kouth Sixteenth street, Oma
ha, to see her beautiful iietf lino of fall ami
winter effects Iu lino millinery.
Btai ting Monday we offer Cloaks at I3.C0,
14 W, r. 10.75, tl.M, t".M nnd I3. No such
valms ever offered before.
J. W. Winokii & Co.,
II0UO street
Mrs. H. F. Hyan, fasliloimliledross uitkln g
room 78 Purr block.
We want many more rooms for
teachers nnd students, both furnished and
unfurnished rooms ami houses; we will want
them September l'J, IbVJ; call at ouoe at the
otlloj of tho Western Normal College, rooms
till and IIS llruco bulldlnir, and give loca
tion of houies ami looms, and prices asked
for same. 0-1-tf.
Mrs. Gosper's is a opular plare for the
Isdles. They get their nobby head wear
thero and likewise have their heads nobbily
embellished there. Heel
One hundred dozen ladles' hand inltla
hamlkercbiefs, narrow hem worth IX) ceuU
or Monday at 5 ceuts each. No such values
ever nfferud Ix-fore.
J. W. Wi.Noeu & Co.,
1100 O street.
Ok.nuink Cannon City Coal at tho Lin
coln Coal Co., southwest corner of Eleventh
ami O streets.
Wedding cuke boxes, wedding Invitations
and announcements, the newest for IKrJ-l,
are now belug rhowu by tho U'easjl tt,-j h
1 rlntiug Cniupany.
Hock Hi'HlNOH Coai. nt the Lincoln Cul
Co PnotiiHIi
Mrs. H. F. Hynu.fnshiouubledrisii inikiii,
ro m 78 llurr block.
at J. W. Winger & Co.
K C Making Ponder, SiS ounces for 'JO cents.
Absolutely Pure. Have you tried Iti
Miss Alice Unites, the O nana iiilllmur, who
has a lurgo number of nitrons Iu l.loclon.
diwlres to announce that owlni tiarushof
liusliiessat thestoio sliu will bo unable to
visit this city, but Invites Lincoln ladles to
visit her store and o Ihe most elegant Una
of lino pattern huts mid full millinery ever
orougi.1 to ttiu west. Prices are oxilnily
low mid styles guaranteed correct uptodato.
Itdies make biir inoimv ixnivuulnv r,.,.
Th k Capital City Couiukk. If you want
ulco pruiltaolo or' ctll t llu ollljj, U'Jl N
street, for particular.