Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, October 22, 1892, Image 1

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Vol,. 7 No 46
Lincoln, Nkumasica, Satukday, Octouicw 'J'J, ISO 'J.
Pwioic PlVIC ColltB
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Town HUN
Tho Irvlno case In drawing to n clow. It
ii a remarkable ene, chiefly by reason of
tho peculiar defense nmiti, Every Indira
tiou points to nn nc(iilttnl, and everyono
conversant with tho course of proceedings
baa readied thnt conclusion. And yot, while
everyone realize tlmt n verdict of dofond
ant'a Inwnlty nt tho tltno of tho coiniiilsslon
of thenct would he almost farcical, Mill few
will find fault with any IliidliiK that will no
quit Irvine, It ban certainly been shown
that tli9 provocation wan Rreat, and no one
would contend for a verdict nioro tvoro
than would bo requited to euiliaizt tho
wrong committed In tho taking of human
life. "Thou Hlinlt not kllll" iaacomninud
that isovory day mectinK with dtronnor lav
or, and thero Is n largo proportion of civil
ixod humanity that bulioveri totlny that no
man can bo justlUcd in taking tho life of
another except to Have his own, Tno pio
portlon is growing larger as human Ideas
develop. If thero be any other juntillcatloiift,
tho invasion of tho happlucas and suuetity of
ono's family relations is certainly foremost
among them. The defense has certainly es
tablished n very weak caso of Inutility. Thb
story of his mental nnd physical exiwrleuoes
told by defendant Is highly Improbable.
Tney are unparalleled In the entire history
of insanity and do not liiiriiionlzo with tho
writings of any of tho great authorities. Hut
to secure a conviction tho state undertook a
mighty task. It became necessary to con
vince every one of those twelve jurors, "bo
yond tho reason of a doubt," that defend
ant was sane nt tho time of tho uuirdor. If
one juror of the twelvo hns not so been con
vinced, the conviction cauuot follow. It is
reasonablo to supKo that the halo of uncer
tainty on thntolnt thrown around the case,
by tho testimony, weak though It bo, and
tho opinions of experts, even though they do
not generally tit this cnu, hus furnished um
pie foundation for n reasonable doubt In tho
mind of at least one of the jurors. It is con
ceded that the jury is friendly to ;the de
fendant. Tho court has bcoti extremely
generous to the defendant in IU rulings at
every point nnd the prosecution has teen at
a decided disadvantage. The prediction
made In these columns over a week ago to
the effect that Irvine will be acquitted can
be confidently related alter hearing the tes
tiniany on both sides, but It will not be bo
causo tho defendant was insane. It will be
because his story is one that appeals to hum
an sympathy, regardless of the law, and the
insanity theory merely furnishes the jury the
excuse It may rely uiion to justify it in fol
lowing the dictates of compassion. It is Te
lle ved that within a short time Mr. and Mrs
William H. Irvine will bo reunited. Sho Iu.h
said, "I have caused tho death of one man;
I do not want to be responsible for the
death of another, and will give my testi
mony in my husband's behalf if it U needed
to save him." The heroism of the determi.i
atlon and the terrlblo selfjstzrillco it prom
ised, atoned for much of her sin. And in
this connection It may bo wild that the testi
mony is weak, except by the inferences it
iKJlnts, that sho ever sinned unpardonably
with Montgomery. The state was anxious
to have her put on the stand by the de
feuse, that they might discover whether or
not she had so seriously transgressed us was
buowii by Inference, but they could not call
her, that power lying only with tno de
The board of education has just struck a
severe blow at that much vaunted bulwark
of Aniericen independence tho jury system.
It has established a night school. If tho
latter Is as successful as It promises to bo
under the management of Secretary Bowers
and Superintendent Strong, it will certainly
be but a short time until it will be impossible
to secure a competent jury in a criminal
trial. The existence of night schools Is to
tally incompatible with the theory upon
which the modern jury is constructed. Tho
dense segree of ignorance contemplated by
the jury system cannot exist long where
there are well regulated night schools in op
eration and it it. hinted that there also may
soon come a time when it will be impossible
to find men in all rospects as well qualified as
now to servo as members of tho city council,
In view of these nprent facts, would it not
be well to investigate the expediency of
the night schools.
The fact that 375,000 of Lincoln bonds
were turned over during the past week to
Mr. 11 rock, as an agent for eastern Investors,
and the fact that they brought a premium Is
apt to lead to some serious reflections among
thinking people. It is conceded that tho
present money market is not such as would
appreciate the value of such I'onds uud yet
it is known thnt for years, extending away
back past tho years of confidence In western
securities, bonds of thlt city have lieon sell
ing at a discount. It was not called a dis
count of course. It was termed n "commis
sion" to the parties who negotiated them,
always with more or less mlsterlousuesH. A
good many people will wonder why, lu the
midst of western pro.erlty, enhanced val
ues and e istern confidence, our city bonds
always went at a material discount, while
now, with conditions much lesi favorable,
they go at n little mom than p ir. Thuro U
a bunco for those who hate been govern
ing tho city and negotiating city bonds, to
hire u hull and explain. Thei e is a Held for
a Col. Ilewick in city tilTairu Meanwhile
tho friends of Mnyor Weir cun extend thulr
congratulations. He lias made a lucky
strike 1 1 wit will atone for many shortcomings
due probably to t luck of breadth In his
viewsof tilvlul umtteiN. Lincoln needs no
more olllcliil" who sell hur bonds at a ills
count. Tho commissioners of the sanitary district
have again started in with n view of
stialglileniiu Bull Creek ami have asked In
county court that a i-oiiiiiiisslon be appoint
ed to appraise tho Kendall & Hmlth mill dam
lor condemnation. Hy its recent lovy the
sanltui'.t ooiiid hits soniuthiu like t'.M,0tH to
Its oi win, and may diaw warrant to tho
extent of IW per cent of that Mini. It Is
thought thnt the dtm will not be appraised
at a high figure, and some even put It as
low as :i,lKK. It Is probable that If the
appraisers get it down to three times that
sum tho sanitary tMiard will accent It, do
posit the money and proceed with tho woik.
Tho dam lias long been a gieat nuisance and
adetiluiout to the general health of the
city. It iiiny have been (jfrom n realization
of tliU fact that Its owners have Insisted on
demanding a big price for It, holding it as
worth U Uum as high as f.Vl.OOO. When the
appraisers are apHlutd they will place an
estimate on the vuliio of the dam. If It Is
too high the sanitary commission say thoy
will let It go nnd apply foi another commis
sion. This they can keep doing until they
strike an appraising committee that will put
a price on the d nn that will be acceptable.
Then the sanitary commission can deposit
tho nmoutit of the appraisement lu court and
remove the dam at once. If tho price Is un
satisfactory to Kendall & Hnilth, they may
resort to tho courts, but it need not delay
work. The commission contemplates tho
Immediate straightening o' tho crook only
between tho Twenty-seventh street bridge
and tho Northwestern crossing, alout u
quarter of n mile noitlicust of the Twenty
seventh street bridge. All of this right of
way Is over Kendall & Smith's laud and the
now ditch will cut out tho loop on which the
dam is built. Toothing further will be done
this side of that (mint, probably, until own
ers of the land, to bo traversed by tho pro
ved ditch, feel disposed to grant light of
way aud waive nil dniiiHges as a return for
the substantial bouellts conferred, If they
remain oh gptsplug as they have hitherto
manifested a disposition to be, their property
will probably remain scarred as at present
by thornmillcatlonsof the creek lied. It is
believed by many that the removal of tho
dam will accomplish every public purpose,
and the Btralghteuing of tho creek bed is
wholly a private benellt, that interests
chiefly proiierty owners along its courses.
Tho creek bed Is six feet higher nbove tho
dam than below it, which will creute a sub
stantial fall and Insure an appreciable cur
rent. Iot tho good work go on.
Tho spectacle afforded an enormous au
dience nt the M street ball park yesterday
was oiio of unusual Interest and will long
remain green In the mouiory of all those
prosent. What can bo imaglntd prettier,
sweeter, or more interesting than five thou
sand school children marching, and singing,
their sweet, melodious voices filling the air
with charming song) It must h'jvo been
quite an undertaking to drill so many
voices, and to Mrs. Jennie M. Handorsou be
longs tho credit. Hlio was ably assisted by
teachers in the various departments, and the
result was pleasing ami sticsdssful. The
"Songof Columbus," of four verses, was
sung with such harmony thit tho effect was
as though ronderetl by but a few Insteid of
thousands. The ooniug chorus, ".Salute to
the King," was no less charming, and tho
vast niidionco fairly went wild with ap
plause nt its close. Its like was never be
fore heurd in the wet. The other exerclnes
were in keeping with the ocohIji, and al
together it was an event lu full keeping
witn tno great celebration.
A most amusing caso of mistaken Identity
occurred in tlieolllce of Hotel Kyan of Ht.
Paul tho other day, siys the IHorrer-Prta,
nnd goes to destroy one more of the old Ideas
that no two things are exactly alike in this
world. A neatly dressed gentleman entered
the hotel, proceeded to the desk, was bunded
a (ten by the gentlemanly clerk, and regis
teiedW. Newell, New York. The clerk
called the uniformed attache known by the
nom do bote of "Fiont," and had him show
the guest to a room on the (mrlor floor,
About fifteen minutes later his exact conn
terpart, dressed exactly alike lu every de
tail, even to n rose in his buttonhole, walked
up to the desk, picked up a pen and, before
the clerk could stop him, registerel themH
tic name, W. Newell, Now York. He also
asked for a room. The clerk looked his mini
over, and when he could recover hi-, speech,
said; "Why, what do you want, the earth J
I have just assigned you to one of our best
rooms." The gentleman drew himself up,
nnd with a severe look, replied: "You are
mistaken; I have just arrived in town and
never saw you lu my life before." At this
the clerk nearly fainted, but fortunately for
all concerned the first gentleman came out
of the elevator, crossed ovjr and addressed
his brother. The consternation on tho faces
of tho clerk, bell boys and surrounding
guesta can better be imagined than described.
The men were none other than Willard and
W illium Newell, the only twin actors in tho
world, whb are starrliu In Newell Brothers
and Dinklus' scenic production of The Oper
ator. They look so much alike that It is said
that their own relations don't know them
apait. Ono of them is engaged to bo mar
iled, untl the only fear tho young lady has is
that sho will marry tho wrong man by mis
Truly Popular llostlary.
The new Lincoln stables on O street near
Seventeenth are gaining juow laurels every
day and if popularity continues to fasten
itself upon that well known horse report In
the future, as in tho past, another story or
two will have to bo added in order to hold
the buduesM. Landlord Dave Fitzger
ald, l.ns taken peisouul control of his beauti
ful stiiblo, and a decided change tins come
over tho place. Everything moves liko
clockwork and all patrons seem to bo thor
oughly pleased with tho treatment that they
themselves, as well as their horees, get. lUgs
always leave thu stables handsomely clea ned,
the horses properly groonio 1 uud in the very
bcHt of condition, It Is therefore a pleasure
to use such pioiwrty jiud Mr. FiU,'r.ild Is
receiving pralsu on every hill I fir tillable
manner in which tho stible Is l))ln' uu lu
tod.Mi. Frank Himsijy, an exin-rleiuvd and
polite foreman, is nlwais on hand and no
stablo In the city If abld to give bitter s inf
raction to patins than this one. Should
J on bo in any way dUtntUlled with the
treatment of jnur horse at its present abode
Or if VOlir ril? does not ii mi ii'it ,if li r...
bio properly oleuiied.und lu nlco shape, It
gjcgjjKFHNibMCP vy the Youth's Coaniq7??7
"God helping tno," cried Columbus, "though fair or foul tho lircozo,
I will sail nnd sail till I find tho laud beyond tho western hchhI"
So nn caglo might leavo ita uyriu, bent, though tho blue uliould bar,
To fold iU wingH on tho loftiest (leak of nnuiiiliscovureil Htarl
And into tho vast and void abyss hu followed tho Hotting mini
Nor gulfs nor gnlos could fright Ills wills till tho wondrous quest was dotio.
But Oh, tho weary vigils, tho murmuring, torturing days,
Till tho Pintn'tt gun, nnd tho shout of "Landt" net tho black night ablazol
Till tho shore lay fair an Paradiso in morning's balm and gold,
And a world was won from tho conquered deep, and tho taloof tho ngen told!
Uplift the starry Buunorl Tho best ago is begun!
Wo aro tho heirs of tho mariners whoso voyage that morn was dono.
Measureless lands Columbus gavo and rivets through zones that roll,
But his rarest, noblest bounty was a Now World for tho Soul!
For" ho sailed from tho Past with its stifling wails, to tho Future's open sky.
And tho ghosts of gloom and fear wero laid as tho breath of heavon went by;
And tho pedant's pridoand tho lonlllng's scorn wero lost, in that vital air,
Ad fogs aro lost whon sun and wind sweep ocean blue nnd Imro;
And Freedom and larger Knowledge dawned clear, tho sky tosn:in,
Tho birthright, not of priest or king, but of every child of inant
Uplift tho New World's Daunor to greet tho exultant Mini
Let ito rosy glcnina still follow his beams as swift to west thoy run,
Till tho wido air rings with shout and hymn to wolcomo it shining high,
And our caglo from lono Katnhdin to Shasta's snow can fly
In tho light of its stars as fold on fold is flung to tho autumn sky!
Uplift it, Youths nnd Mnidens. with songs and loving cheers;
Through triumphs, raptures, it has waved, through agonies nnd tears.
Columbia looks from 6ca to sea and thrills with joy to know
Her myriad sons, as ono, would lenp to shield it from n foot
And you who soon will bo tho Stato, nnd shapo oach great decrco,
Oh, vow to livo nnd dio for it, if glorious death must bo!
Tho bravo of till tho centuries gone this starry Flag hnvo wrought
In dungeons dim, on gory fields, its light and peaco wero bought;
And yon who front tho future whoso days our d renins fulfill
On Liberty's immortal height, oh, plant it firmer still!
For it float for broadest learning; for tho soul's supremo releaso;
For law disdaining liconso; for righteousness and peace:
For vnlor born of justice, nnd ita amplest scopo and plan
Makes a queen of every woman, a king of overy man!
While forever, liko Columbus, o'er Truth's tin fathomed main
It pilots to tho hidden isles, a grander realm to gain.
Ah! what u mighty trust is ours, tho noblest ever sung,
To keep this Banner spotless its kindred stars among! .,
Our fleets may throng tho oceaiib our forts tho headlands crown
Our mines their treasures lavish for mint and matt nnd town
Rich fields and flocks and busy looms bring plenty, far and wido
And stntolier temples deck tho lnnd than Rome's or Athons' prido
And science dnro tho mysteries of enrth and wavo nnd sky
Till nono with us in splendor and strength and skill can vio; """
Yot, should wo reckon Liberty nnd Manhood less than theso,
And slight tho right of tho humblest between our circling seas
Should wo bo false to our sacred past, our fathers' God forgetting, v
This Banner would .lose ite luster, our sun be nigh his lotting!
But the dawn will sooner forgot tho east, tho tides their ebb and flow,
Than you forget our radiant Flag and its inntchless gifts forego!
Nay! you will keep it high-advanced with over brightening sway
Tho Banner whoso light betokens tho Lord's diviner day
Leading tho nations gloriously in Freedom's holy way!
No cloud on tho field of azure no stain on tho rosy bars
God bless you, Youths and Maidens, as you guard tho Stripes and Stars!
"- ttSkisSllfiM-t lSSSbill 4m ,n
a a
will piy you to look for new and comforta
ble quarters at the Lincoln stables. All
horses delivered and sent for on request la
telephone ViU, or otherwise, why not con
suit your own interests and call for particu
lars as to rates, etc., nt tho Lincoln Btables
Omaha's LeHilIni; lintel.
The I'axton hotel, for eight years under
llio management or Kitchen liros., hasaaiu
passed into their hands and Is now twlng con
ducted in the same excellent manner that
gave the house its renowned leputatiou years
ngo. Mr Ilalph Kitchen, who Is well known
in Lincoln nnd throughout tho state, hav
ing formerly had the management of tho
Capital hotel in this city, has the manage
ment of the ruxloii. Lincoluites nnd No
hraskuus In general will fine the I'axton fill
ly in keeping with the leading hotels of tho
country nnd n most excellent place to slop
at while lu Omaha.
Our coal Is well screened, full wxtolil
guaranteed and delivery always prompt.
iau up Lincoln uoai uo. mono ()
Mr. Gosper leads In millinery, as she aU
ways has. The new Invoice of line puttern
bats just received convinces every one more
than ever of that fuel.
If you enjoy dancing go to your dnnrirlst
nnd got a bottle of Positive Corn Cine, which
insures couiioi t.
If you IUI-.H tho baignlus nlleied for next
week by J. W. Winger K Co. you will re
giet It.
Oi vilest i a .Mimic.
Ii vino's new oi client) n tin ulslies siiiei lor
music, any uuiulier ot pieces, for concei t,
reception-, balls, piuths, elc. l,eavo onleis
at L'oimiKn olllce, 11!H N stieet, telephone
Dr. 1'hiiiIihiii Cuius
blood, chronic, feniile. heait. liver. Iiinir.
liei miiis, lectal and skin diseases. Uoou.
Nos, 1 1 and 1A, HlchanU block.
t. -MHmr-f am v .
Tho council at Its last meeting fullfllledlts
threat to leduco the pollco force, and the
people of this city find their destinies for
weal or woe, so I'ar as pollco safeguards nre
concerned, in tho hands of sixteen policemen ,
of which ten aro nsslgned to night patrol
duty, five for day patrol and one does do
tectlvewoik. Just think of it, ye who are
wont to grumble at the tardiness of tho h
licet Fie patrolmen for day work in a city
of 00,001) MMpc, and n ten itory of upwards
of twenty square miles. Is It any wonder
that each policeman has not found it Kwible
to spread himself out over four or five
squnie miles so as to bo at every portion of
It at the sumo time. Further than this, there
Is Capt. Carder, who is llccnto collector nnd
is not available much of the time for ordl
nary police duty, although lie is included in
I ho five day men. Then thero Is one re
quired most of the time at the station, so
that tin stt patrnlriiien me left to cover tho
twenty square milts during the day. For
night duty theie me ten imtrnhucn to cover
this ten itory. Of course they do not go
over much ot that teiritory, but their as
signed bea h eoiiipi I mi about lttt blocks of
streets, or a mile and a quarter each. The
largest beat comprises tho territory Iwtweeu
M and Q stieets ninth and south and Twenty
111 st and Tnenty-Mivcuth east and tt, a
little ii. utter of Iweuty-rmir blocks. This
man also goes ii'M ih on Twenty -seventh
stieet to tile Mivoutl I'.icilio track The
smallest lsat Is M and Q stieets north and
south mid Tenth and Tnellth wist and west.
Tills territory, eight full block, composes
tno heals, so that eiu thre, In tho very
heiul of the clt, the policeman, when ho
reaches tlioioiiicr n TvM-lfth and (j is not in
a vciy good Ii cilit) to inn down a miiiileier
nrubiiiglni at 'leulli mid O, the opillo
i oilier ol Ins beat. Thus tar, Km, the coun
cil has falKd. in ilto of lis oveiioweilug
whdoui, to ttlntlisli mi) iceue foi evil-
doers leipili lug them, when about to com
mit a burglary or murder or a hold-up, to
dug the llienlnriii to bring a Klleouinu to
thosMt. It has fulled to reipilro these ilia
models to submit sealed plans nnd specifica
tion of their promised cuterpi lue, or oven
H.-rvo notice by publication. Hence It Is tlmt
when any of tho nocturnal gentiy do
strike a Job It Is Justus HkI.viu not, and a
little moie so, to bo nt the oposltn corner
of a large ten llory from any pollceumii.
Kveiy patrolman Is expected logo over his
entire teiritory Just after going upon duty
nnd Just befoio going oil" duty, trying the
back and front doors and windows of liusl
ticKM houses to sio thnt they lire safely locked.
That If that, vt III ye, and proclaim the wis
ilom of our city council And, gentle reu.ipr.
when next your house Is burglarized, your
barn llrtsl, your family Insulted by n llbor
tine or your own face disfigured by a foot
pad, don't come down (own next morning
shouting, "Whom was the police?" but shout
your auger out at the council and go after
them, This city ought to get up a church so
cial ami puss tho lint occasionally to enable
it to npeur respectuhlo. Herloilsly, there
should be an Increase of the slleo force If it
must bo paid for by siibcilpttoiis. Then
tlieie should Ikmi city council elected next
year that wilt stop running out of funds and
howling calamity,
Tho kicker cannot possess his oul In K'aco
If coniH'lhsl to traverse the walks In either
the state house gi minds or poct-olllce square.
They area dlsgraeo to the state mid the na
Hon. llefore the walks in the eapltol grounds
were Mulshed It was apparent that they weie
worse than worthless, but they were now
and therefore tolerated. Hut now hi wet
weather they are simply an aggravation,
They are considerably lower than tho swiud
on either side, and the water simply flows
from nil over the stpiaro down Ukmi tho
walks and seeksaloug their respective courses
nnd outlets to tho streets. During every rain
one needs a pilot to navigate theso oxHnslvo
gutters, and oven ling after a lain great
puddles nro eucoiiuteiisl where some of the
rocks hnvo nink below the surface of their
companions. Hence it is that In many places
the w'alks nnd broad plazas are undermined
mid have failed Into the ditches In a pitiable
state of dilapidation and decay, Tho board
of public lands and bulld'ngs, or the legis
lative gentlemen fiotn this ballwlck, should
go after nn appropriation at the approach
lug session with which to replace the dis
gracefully constructed walks with service
able nnd substantial ones of manufactured
stone or Its equivalent in durability nod
Unuty, if not with something even better.
The walks in government jqunie nre oieu to
the mi mo criticism as to their altitude. Thoy
ai e set below the surface and servo for sew
ers rather than as walks, However, they
are of durable material nnd need only eleva
tion. Tho contractors who put in the walks
In those two square could learn something
from tho men who laid the court house walks.
'1 he latter are not only nbovo ground, but
they aro handsome and promise to lie dur
able, although ominous cracks In the street
wnlks have necesidtatetl some ieairs. The
powers that be should see to it that the state
bouse and government square walks uro put
ii a servicuble iniiiuer.
Let tho good citizens of Lincoln who pride
themselves on the beauty of tho city stroll
down Tenth street some day and note the
apieuraliceof that thorouglifnru fioni N to
L street. Tho sidewalks, unoccupied side
walk space and even the pavements nro lit
teied nnd blocked by phantom echoes of the
one-horse show, by crippled wagons, untl.
quatisl henlfcs, broken buggies, dismantled
vans and every characteristic of a junk shop
with a long time leaso. This wrtlon of that
stieet has not presented a resiectableapiear
unco for years. The street has uppireutly
Iwcii pre empted, and In a few jears more
may Imi presumed to have liee'i vacated lie
cause of undisputed occuiaiicy. Why not
clear it up before the occupants acquire an
absolute titlo to Itl This is one of numerous
similar sections of tho public streets.
Thero Is another question tion which tho
city council may need a little bracing up.
It Is the question of ridding the city of the
annoyance Inflicted by it myriad of howl
ing curs. A long-sulfering community must
sooner or Inter rise up and do a little howling
Itself. Kvery one will admit that some
pie buvu valuable dogs that Inflict uo discom
forts us)ti Msiple in their vicinity, but that
fact should not sufllce to Justify the flooding
of the city witli a horde of midnight elwr
that have not been nnd cannot be educated
In metroHjlitaii proprieties. Tho energy
ruined by lo-sof sleep from their ill-timed
night disturbances would pay many times
over a reasonable tux on decent, law-abiding
and order-loving dogs, Im us have an en
forced dog tax, and let it be understood that
no dog Is so valuable to its owner that he
will be Kimlttis to ruin tho rest of the eo
pie in the neighlKithood. If necessary In
order to get rid of th-t dog nuisance, let u
I'avo a commissioner to examine into the
mei its and habits of dogs nnd make due prep
arations for the obsequies of the noisy and
worthless ones. Why uottstablishit tax and
eufoice it, to the end tlmt we may have more
policemen and fetter curs.
Theie is one Intercut or branch of business
lu the city that Is not uvci'M) to thedlmimm
tlou of lhuH)hco foice. It is the coterie of
gentlemen who oiieinte the side-door joints.
The industl ions disH-nsers of schooners and
cocktails me not pint ial to a sUhi abundance
of M)licemeii. 'lis tl net lie oicomen do not
npH-ar to have caused them any great de
gleo of nnnoanco of late, but It would be
Jit-tHs well, nnd a little hotter, ft there were
ho iHtlleeincu mound, It would lie ridicubus
to iiNtuuip that, if the police force comprised
but oi..-in. hi t iiiuld ful to observe, tho
osu and continuous violation of the law by
tho side door, back-door nnd cigar nnd res
taurant annex resorts, They nre almost
public nnd apparent as the corner fruits land
The present mlleo force Is loss figuring,
on increasing Its friendships by nou Inter
feieuce in the matter of those violations of
law, but they will lecoguln sooner or later
that ho who enfoices tho laws laid down for
his guidance has tho most friends In the end.
Thus far It has been dlllluult to discover
whether this short slglitislneis on tun pntt ot
the police is designed for tho political ad
vancement of Kxclseman Kelly or Kxclsaiimn
Doohttlc, hut It Is toasoimhly sure that one
of them expects to prollt by It politically.
The recent ngltntlou of tho sidewalk ques
tion by tho local pi us has Induced the city
council to make a new start lu tho right di
rection, At Its last meeting It ordered tho
removal of a lot of oorslilewalkiu business
nnd generally travelled sections. Thero worn
only twelve victim selected, however, out
of the hundreds available. Now that an ex
ample has been csbtbllihod let there lie uo
backward step, uo more vacillation. Do not
make fish of one and flesh of another prop
city owner wluxe paislmony leads him to
disiegard tho comfort and safety of his
neighbor. When n taxpayer provides a
good sidewalk, a every dutiful property
owner will, ho has a right to demand n simi
lar comfoit mid measure of safety from his
neighbor. Home members of the council nro
on the right track lu demanding better walks
on lines of uniformity and people should lino
up behind them.
Mr, and Mrs. It. O, Dawes aro enjoying a
few days In Chicago.
Mrs. lllaucho Hhephard has gone t.o tlio
Dakotn Hot Springs.
Miss Sarah Harris Is entertaining Mrs. D.
I), Mulr of Deliver. ,
Mr. F. I). Htouo departed Wednesday for
Coliimbur, Ohio.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. K. Hill started for Chica
go Weilnesdnv.
Mr. T. A. Cnruthcrs left Thursday for
Mrs. Frank Van Horn left Tuesday for
Casper, AVyo.
Mr. and Mrs. M, L. Hiis?rt went to Chi
cago Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J, (Jlllllan left Wednesday
for Chicago,
Mr. Kdwnrd Heed started Tuesday for
Mrs. Alice C. Hart left Monday for a vislc
in Wisconsin.
Mayor A. II. Weir Is out of the city on
Mrs. J.N. Converse left Wednesday for
F. Council Zcnruiig spent Wednesday in
Mrs. Tom Moore left Monday evening for
Miss Agues Karle left Wednesday for Chi
cago. Mr. and Mrs. ii. H. Wilson havogoue Cnl
cago. Mrs. J. L. Kennedy left Friday for Chi
cago. Mr. O. K. Smith left Thursday forKansu
Irvine t'tn.vlcted.
This will be sad news to hundreds of Lin
colultes, and if it were only true, it might
cause general regret. Hut such, however, U
not the caso. but we hail to do something
extraordinary to attract your attention and
now that we've succeeded, we'll ask you to
call iuanlsee Hallett, the old reliable anil
popular jeweler, on Eleventh street. HU
stock of last season's goods was almost en
tirely sold at the recent auction salo, and
now the beautiful store presents a hand
somer apiearanc than ever before. Tho
large wall cases have been refilled with mag
nlllcent new designs in silverware, and a
moi o attractive display it would lie dlfllcult
to find anywhere, In the counter stiowcmos
aro now seen a new line of the latest styles
In watch cases, Jewelry, etc, and tho as
sortment of spoons for souuenlrs and ordin
ary use nre oltlvely beyond description.
It is not Idle talk when we say that Hallett's
new Hue Is without doubt the largest, most
varied and most elegant stock now to bo
seen lu the state and an early Inipectiou is
fleer For Family Use.
For family trade the John Guild Drewlug
Co. Is now delivering a suierior grade of ex
tra pale beer lu either pint or quart bottlca.
This beer for table use has no -quil and is
meeting with opular favor with all the Inwt
trade of the city, Prices as cheap as that
charged for Inferior In-er, Lnvo orders at
otllce, till Not th Ninth street. Oscar Ueuek,
agent. Once tried no other beer will be used.
Why not order a sample case of it.
For ladles' siiH!i b halrdio-ssiug, hair orun
incut and hair goods always go to headquar
tersMrs, (losier, 1IU O street.
Hector's New liiarumcj.
Sunday horns: 'J:'M to I 'J .ISO a. in., 'J to 3 and
T:.'!0 to H:!) p. in.
Staiting Monday we oiler Cloaks nt 3.50,
It. SO, f.'.. (11.75, t7.50, (U.50 and ll'J. No such
valms ever ollered before. .
J. W. WlMlKlltt CO.,
MIMO street.
Mivs Alice Umcs of Omaha has just re
turned from New Yoik after a seven weeks
put chasing visit. Her store at Omaha, 9)7
South Sixteenth stieet, contains all the latest
novelties in pitteru bonnets which are being
nlfeiwd nt lowest pri'vs witlin guarantee that
over hat Is tho correct styld.
Mrs. S. F Hyau, f.ishiouible dress uiiklng,
room 78 Ituir block.