Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, October 08, 1892, Image 2

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Burn forCliwelnliil,,
Hiiro fur 1 Inn loti . . .
I ! II I'
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U riRHir' II Out So Solrnlinrnlljr Thai
Tim Cannot lines WIiii Will lift Klrctrtt.
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Will Not Hrt on II.
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(Soeclal (?orreimilenri.l '
NKW YOIIK, Oct. 0. Who Will K
circled president? Tlnit In thu question
of questions. Tls only a inoiitli till (lit
answer will bo given liy tlio people them
selves. Uut wo Americans do not lll
to wnlt till n thing Is settled. Wo waul
to tnko both tliuoanil events by Iho fom
lock, Blmko them savagely anil compel
tlicin to yield to our eager curiosity
before limy aio ready to do ho.
In thin letter 1 am not going to proph
fy. Had experience Iiiih tntilit tut
tlio futility of prophecy in polities, Vol
have heard of tlio Virginia German wh(
was induced to put up all IiIh savings U
uiakn a "suro thing" of his candlilnc.
for some potty otllcii, and of IiIh ejaeula
tlon when the votes wore counted aim
the other fellow had an overwhelming
majority. "I'olhlleks vos ono mm of r
gun," wild he, and ho was light. On
of tho best phecs of advlco I over had -and
I have had a (treat deal wim frou
an old tiowspapor frluud, who mild
"Don't prophesy wrlto factM."
Bo I don't wish to liecomo prophotk
h to tho presidential election. 1 do wlsl.
to give you such facts or supposed fact.
M I have been able to catch up with al
tho heatlutiurtora of thu two national
I have been around these hoadipiarterH
off and on, for six weeks, mooting man
agors, their lioutommtMiuiddistlnguishoii
visitors from all parts of thu country
I lnivo lived in a (wlitlcal atmosphere
in two political atmospheres till I think
I don't know anything at all about it.
Having progressed far enough to con
'Cludo that personally I know nothing,
thoro in a great probability of my lielui
of some Horvico to tho reader, who would
lik,o to havo answer to tho query witli
which I begin thin letter, for in my own
ignorance 1 shall of necessity fall back
upon tho information furnished by men
whoso business it is to know.
Lot mo say at tho outset that it is pre
cious little 1 euro who wins in Novem
ber. You may lie n Republican, deal
reCdor, or a Democrat. I am neither.
You may bo a Populist, or a Pr6hlbl
tlonlst, or something vine. 1 ain't. I'm
nothing nothing but a uuwHpaier writer
n observer, a watcher and listener, a
atudont of men and events. 1 am not
even a Mugwump, nor an Independent
I don t vote live in Washington and
can't, and. wouldn't if 1 lived anywheri
also and could. Why? No inattor. The
point is that I am unprejudiced, fancy
free and truthful according to my lights.
8o if 1 figure things out the way you
don't want them figured out, keep you!
My aim is to give you thu essonco oi
11 tho information which I have been
ablo to gather among thu tioHtlclnns
and 1 must be permitted to do so in m
own way, without tear of giving offense
or hopo of winning favor. If you don't i
relish frankness about tho political situ j
atiou, you will do well to drop this let-1
ter right hero, I
It is an exceedingly complex situation
which wo now havo in tho polltica1 1
world. Tho result of tho presidential
election hangs upon a dozen states no!
upon two or three. As tho managor
any, "There is fighting nil along tin I
lino." You will not bo ablo to tell -who
ban brou elected when you hear from !
Iso w ork and Indiana, i ou will have
to wait until tho back counties in Wet
Virginia, Alabama, Wisconsin, Illinois
Nebraska and many states besides aio
It is a situation full of doubt and
pregnant of surprises, Tho result may
indeed bo such as to olect ono or the
other candidate
H..iMl. '.. 41.
wujuiiiy in uiu uicviuiiti iuiii'iiu, nut 1
UU Dllllll (VD, 1IIUII III infill lllllll'O IllflllJ! .
this and look for a closu and driving
iinlsli. In fact tho now elements of
doubt to a certain extent balance ono
.-another, and tho best analysis of the
field 1 havo yet seen brings out three
probabilities in tho following order:
First If Cleveland carries New York
"bo will almost certainly win.
Second If Harrison carries Now York
ho probably will win.
Third Third party success in somo
western and southern states will throw
tho election into tho house of represent
atives. This gives Cleveland tho best of it on
-probabilities, you say. Yes, it does. It
gives him two chances to Harrison's one.
ilo has an even chance with Harrison in
tho electoral college, and ho has a chance
which Harrison hasn't to bo elected by
tho house of representatives.
Bitting down with pujier ami pencil,
using the most trustworthy information
and tho best judgment to bo had, one
can make a detailed table of probabilities
as follows:
Vote. Votes.
Arkaniaa S Mississippi U
.Delaware....... ..... U
Florida 4
-Georula 13
'Kentucky I'J
LouUluua 8
Maryluml.... 8
Michigan... ft
Total lolcsinclrrlHTiilciillfKi' 411
Lot us now dlsetm the state which
aro hero given as surely for Clevolauil.
Thoro can bo no question as to any of
them, with the possible exception of
Florida, Now .Jersey and Virginia. In
Florida tho Democratic majority is not
largo, and thu third party movement is W()0j
disturbing tlio political waters mere a
gooddeal. Ht ill tho state is conceded to
Cleveland by Republicans, though the
margin may bo narrow. In Now Jersey
tho light Is ul ways spirited, and oven
bitter, but it invatlably turns tin with a
I Ali I'liinMlnr it I tli
Forms of Niratninr Work.
(Special Com-MointiiicR.
Nnw Yoiik, Oct. 0. Miss Augusta
Lamed Is of English ancestry on both
sides, ono of her forefathers being one
of tho llrst settlois In Churlostown,
Mass. Bho spent her early childhood on
her natlvo farm, at Itutlaud, Jefferson
county, N. Y., where tho ftoo?ango of
and Held fostered tlio intimate
lovo and knowledge of country life,
which sho has Interwoven so charmingly
in her rural sketches. This nnbnt lovo
of nature has mailu her both poet and
Her earliest school lire was spent at
liiimliitt mi u Ntiiuiffrr.
Unci Zeb, who hud Just t-nme In from
Uptliei-irok mill lining I hlsitppetltoalon,r,
stared linril at the mi' r.
"Do you cull tlilsii luiigiipcitiln linusof''
ho aski-d,
"It's about us good as any In the city, I
think, sir,'- replied the waiter st I Illy.
"Then I'd like to know," said Uncle
Zcl), bringing his list down on thu tabic
with an emphasis that maite t!ie dlshr
rattle, "why in thuiiiler you eart furnlsli
a few molasses to cat on this plel" Chi
cage Tribune.
Hiinitiii'r OlrU.
Deinocratlo majority, and there aro not th0 tmlit acadoiny. followed by a
mijiiy Itepublicans who have any hopo
Unit it will now cnango its record.
Virginia is this year generally classed
as doubtful, but I havubeen through tho
state, and I can see no hopo for Harri
son there,
Tho llvo votes. given to Clovoland In
Michigan aro to coino from tho now sys
tem of choosing electors by congres
sional districts. Don Dickinson claims
nine of tho fourteen for Cleveland. Con
servative flguiesgivo him llvo sine, with
n probability of two more.
An analysis of tho vote given assafoh
Harrison shows three points which mil)
courso or training at tno coioiirateit
Bplngler institute when It was under
the control of tho Itov. Dr. Abbott. At
tho early ago of eighteen she graduated
from this institution and went to Ala
bama, where sho taught for two seasons.
Afterward sho was connected with n
school in Washington. Wliilo living
there sho met tho Itov. Ilufus Dawes, a
Swedonborgian clergyman, who first
urged her to wrlto in tho form ot books
for children.
It was several years after this that she
embraced literature as a profession, and
it was with thu encouragement of Oliver
"So on have had some experience with
men this Miininii'r."
"Well, yes, I refumil seven and accepted
fivo." Llfu.
1112 O
need explanation. The Democrats claim I Joi1I1H011i t10 cln0r of Tho Indopend
Iowa as doubtful, and also Massachu
setts and Now Hampshire. My infor-
matloii is to the elTect that theru is no
doubt in any of these states. Doles has
twlco been elected governor of Iowa, '
but his greatest vote has never equated
the vote which Harrison received in
1888. Tho Itepublicans have a reserve
strength there which they will bring
out, and they should carry tho state by
about 10.0(H).
In Massachusetts the two elections of
young Hussell to tho governorship havo
encouraged tho Democrats to think they
may carry thu statu in a presidential
year. Hut each time that Russell has
won tho Itepublicans have carried tho
state ou other olllces, and they havo an
immense reserve vote which they will
bring out this year. New Hampshire is
a good deal like Now Jersey. The vote
is closo, but tho majority continues
protty safely on ono side. I
Now wo come to the most interesting
feature of our survey tho doubtful
states. What a campaign it is, .with
two'tlfths of tho entire electoral vote in
Again applying thu lieat. information
and judgment which 1 can find at the
two national headquarters, I make an
other table of probabilities:
AlalMiina II
Connecticut (I
Inillmm 13
Mli-lilu'im -
North Carolina II
West VlrKlnU u
Ciilirnrnls V
Colnriulo.,,,,,,,,,,, I
HIIiioIh S.M
Kansas IC
.MIcIiIkmi V
North Dakota ti
t-'oulh Dakota
Total St-1
Now if wo add these probable acces
sions from thu doubtful states to the
stiro votes of tho rival candidates, we
shall havo an interesting result:
Ncccsary to elect , -"-
Sure for Cleveland 110
Probably M
out, that sho gained a recognized foot
hold ou that miner and mado her llrst
pecuniary success. During thrco or four j
years sho contributed many stories to i
this standard journal, the background ,
of them being usually sketched in from I
her recollections of her country life. Of
these stories from The Independent and i
other sources six volumes havo liocn j
In 1870 Miss Lamed became thoeditor
of The devolution, a woman's rights '
paper established by Susan U. Anthony, '
and at the time Miss Lamed joined it I
in tho bauds of Mrs. Laura C. Dullard.
Aftor eight mouths' hard toil on that
papor sho was foiced by ill health to re
sign. Bho was then engaged in general i
newspaper work, contributing to Har-1
por's Magazine, Uazar, Christian Union,
Tho Golden Ago, Hearth and Homo, In-
dependent, Liberal Christian and others.
Bho also published a volume of
sketches entitled "Talks with Girls,"
and a Iwok ou Grecian mythology called
, "Old Tales Itotold," both of which ex
( tonded into several editions. Her poems
enriched Thu Evening Post, Christian ;
l Register, Appleton's Journal, Tho At- j
I lantic, Bt. Nicholas and Bcrlhuer's. In
, 1870 her work on Norso mythology was ,
I published. It was called "Tho Norse I
I Grandmother; or, Tales from the Elder
' Edda." Her closest newspaper cornice-
tlon has been with Tho Christian Uegis- ,
tor, of Doston, for which bIio has written
lotters, stories, sketches and editorials,
' In 1885 she began a series of sketches in
I Tho Evening Post called "Village Photo
graphs," Those are in book form now
as aro also another series called "The
Roundabout Road."
Tlio Terrible Sen.
They were seated upon the rocky clllfs
overlooking a hit of dangerous shore,
where a ship had foundered the night he
Tlio restless waves beat noon the irrcgu
lar sea wall and sent great Hecks of foam
high into the air.
Slowly going to pieces upon the cruel
rocks, tlio good ship tossed In her agony
as a ilelhlous patient tosses on his bed ol
Ever mid anon the green waves dashed
over her and diove her llriuer into the
giant grasp tlnit was crushing the life out
of her.
The erew had been safely brought to
laud, and the ship was left to tlio bolster
ous caresses of the heartless ocean.
As the young man ga.ed upon the ter
rlllo scene of wind and wave and le-lpless
ship, an awestruck silence sealed his lips.
After n few moments thus he turned to
tlio beautiful girl U-slile him.
A faintly perceptible smile shone in and
out amid the pink and white of her lovely
He saw In It the sunshine that lives eter
nal In the faces of the angels.
She put out her soft white hand r.n
touched his arm.
lie laid his hand tenderly upon hers.
"What Is It. darling?" he said in re
sponse to her questioning eyes.
"Algernon," sliu asked as the breaking
waves dashed high, "does the sea wear
Algernon shuddered and would have
fallen, but his will was strong, and he
Mt(Ml fltsl
"Why do you ask that?" he said, with
no answering smile to hers.
"Ileeiuise, dear," she answered timidly,
"because I thought it must, It makes so
many breaches over thewreck down there,
don't you know."
Then Algernon fell to the earth with
dull thud. Detroit Free Piess.
Offers Extraordinary Inducements to
Space too small to enumerate.
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tWOWEIt EAlil.V. J. railf-LBR.
Further mnnlier nccileil
Ncccfttiiiry to elect
Sure for HnrrUiMi IS)
Probably CS
a i
Further number neeilcit , :i!
Whence aro these voto to come? The
states ns yet uuclassed are:
New York M
WUcotinlii , U' i
Kebrnku S
Nevada ,.
Total M I
These four are, in my judgment, the ,
i .1....I..I-..1 ...... I.. 41... 1T..1 4 . l. I
liiunt iiuiiuiiui Buiiun ill wiu Ulliuil lit lilt
I coming election. It will bo seen that '
Cleveland can carry Now York his suc
cess will lie tolerably well assured.
That, on tho abovo showing, would give
by an overwhelming ! him a margin of ton votes and enable
electoral college, but him to lose Connecticut or West Virginh
and tho two votes from -Michigan. Har
rison, on tho other hand, would, on tho
alovo showing, havo but one vote to
What is Now York likely to do? 1
haven't as jet formed uu opinion. To
day tho chances appear to bo evenly
matched. In a week or two I may have
something to tell you about New Yotk
und the other doubtful states. Indiana
Is doubtful, too, and with these elements
of uncertainty ami tho many otheis
which I havo mentioned it would be
foolish for any one to entertain conn
deuce us to any particular result.
As I have said, the chances appear to
be about even between Harrison and
Cleveland in tho electoral college. Dut
Cleveland has an advantage in that he
will surely win if tho election bo thrown
into the house. Tho chances of this aro
not at all remote. Alabama, Kansas,
Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Miumsolu and Nevada
aro states which may go for Weaver
and together they cast fifty-three votes
Suppose Cleveland were to carry all
tho states which I have given him, with
Now York, but losing Alabama, ho
', would fall short of a majority.
I If ho were to carry all tho other states
South CarulVna. '.'.'.'. o ' counted for him excepting Indiana, and
Tenueee H then carried Now York, ho would still
fail of election.
If ho carried all thu others, with Now
II U Trim Title.
A man who lived near tho Harrys was
devoted to the harp, and "practiced" with
commendable assiduity. Uut some people
do nut enjoy music.
We have juot placed on sale a lot of
Comprising 300 Boxes of
The other night Miss Marry said: fj 1
jwfitf&'s jes ss?aK: iKorresDondgDce Ilabelle
mally write 'harpist.' I wonder which WV'1 1 UUIUlfU 1(UU T
inn Is the more correct. If you were t TT1 T"") A "NT Z"1 T7
r ul
speaking of Mr. Cross,
which should you call
I arpistr"
"Neither," said Undo Charles, with the
utmost prompt ness; "if I called him any
thing I should call him a confounded
nuisance." Youth's Companion.
, In the next house,
him, a harper or a
Wtint Mm Wiin.
Ono evening during a diplomatic recep
tion at tho White House, among the uuests
was a woman whose, perfect neck and arms
were tlio admiration of everyone. Mine,
do Struvu's escort, In justillable pride at
the loveliness of his own countrywoman,
commented as she pasM-d, "There goes a
perfect typo of American beauty." With
out hesitating the minister's wife, looking
down at her own dark lined neck, re
sponded, "And I represent a jierfect type
of Itus.sla leather." Argonaut.
InthesoMiss Lamed embodies finished
pictures from memory's walls glowing
mellow, restful. Her deep lovo of ua
tore transmutes all ordinary scenes into
things of lieauty and joys forever, and
her sketches of human nature its hill
nml vallovM. its sloiiL'hs and barrens-
show a perception marvolously clairvoy-! home from 1
4 1 1....1.. fri.,.1 ..-.1 wanted to kf
TL. "',. ?, " . . .,.t. Z J, " . '., she rather wanted me to. but sho had her
UUIUIIK HI lliu atuw milium, i;iuiuiit:n, nun -.
Coillllll'l Wlllt.
Dashaway After 1 took Miss Summit
the theater the other night I
s her so much, and I think
cither Ruled or Plain, with latest shape Envelopes,
Also 200 loes of
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These arc offered
now at
MIourl ,
New Jersey.
Tuxns H
Virginia U"
Iowa 13
Mulno t)
kliisauchusi Us IS
Sllcbluaa &
Now Hampshire. -, 4
Ohio 21
Itlnxle Ihluuil
will hold a prominent and cherished
place on home bookshelves.
Miss Lamed went to Europe in 1887
where sho spent six mouths in Italy, and
divided tho other half of her year be
tween Germany, Franco, Switzerland
and England. During her ubsonco she
wrote more than fifty newspaper letters,
all charmingly descriptive and refresh
ing. Since then she has been engaged
chiefly in editorial work, correspondence
and story writing.
Miss Larnod has filled with conspicu
ous ability and aptitude all departments
of journalistic work, except, of courso,
that of reporting, which lino is totally
uncongenial to her. She hasstient near
ly half of her life in Now York city,
where at ono time sho had an established
homo. About five mouths of every year
sho passes in hor beloved New England.
For years sho has been deeply inter
ested in tho rogrebs of woman and lib
eral religious ideas. Her father was one
of tho curly abolitionists, and she cor
dially shared his dislike of slavery. She
has honored literature in many ways.
I Her thoines are always elevated and
I touched with tho enthusiasm and ear
t nestnass of 11 reverent nature. Hill- has
York and Indiana, Dut lost Connecticut ', genius, learning, pootry. pathos and
and vVest Virginia, ho would havo to go j.uiuor. Her presence is ox-c
to the house for his seat. imicious and ironllo.
ClkYertou Why didn't you ask her to
take it oirr
Dashaisay liecatise 1 wanted to get
home In time for breakfast. Cloak Re
view Why Tliey Went.
Mrs. I)e Fashion And so you wire at
Berlin while abroad. Did you stay longf
Little Hobby l)e Style-Only 'bout a
"What did you go to Herlln forr"
"So w'eu lolks asked mamma if she'd
been to Herlln she could say 'yes' of
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A flentte Kncctlii-
George (badly smitten) Ethel, can you
guess why I am like the moon tonight?
Ethel (wishing he would go) No, why?
George Hecaiise I came up nearly an
hour later than last evening.
Ethel Sometimes the moon doesn't up
pear at all. Huston Courier.
A Perfect Cleiitleiniui.
He The great trouble with Gabley
that he talks ton much
She That's strange. When hu has been
with me he has scarcely said a word.
He Oh, he Is too much of a gentleman
to Interrupt. Truth.
.Alabama,, tl D
Colorado ,,. 4
-Coutieeilcu 0
IhhioU 21
Ii.tliaua. ,, IS
Kiuim,, ID
.Mlcliluau 4
Mlaueaota. W
ittt l"J
Montana, J
Nebiithka, B
N' ,, 3
New York !))
North Carolina II
North Dakota :i
NjiiiU PuUotu I
Weal Vil'U'tula "
WUcuuslli II
I If Harrison carried New York, along
' with all the other states given him, but '
lout one of tho Dakotas, Colorado, Kansas
j or Minnesota, any one of theso states
, could deprive him of a majority. Thoro
aro many combinations in which both
I candidates would of success in tho
college so many that this result in
easily within the' range of tho piob.ible.
And should tho election of both presi
dent and vice ptesideut go to congress
tho Demociatio houfco would elect Clove
laud and the Republican senate would
elect Held 'i iiat would bo a curious re
salt, woull it not?
, Wai.tuu Weixman.
.Mi:i. R. Colquitt.
, The Ttmiirury Widow em.
American wives might recommend
their spouses to copy tho Viennese
husbands, who aro compelled to stay at
homo during tho holiday season, when
wife or children aro seeking sea or
country air. Instead of grumbling at a
comfortless homo without its mistiess,
the Viennese benedicts havo formed a
"Society of Tompoiary Widowers," I
whoso lueinlM'i'n meet iilglitiy at a
special club to dine, smoke, play cards, 1
enjoy music and pass a cheerful even-
llrailloe the I.Ut.
Wife 1 want to talk with jou about
iome things we need for the housu.
Husband What an theyf
Wlfv-Well. to begin with, dear, don't
you llilnk we need a new bonnet ? Detroit
Free Press.
Kciinomlfiil I'liittery.
Wife Nothing for incr Then you hnvi
forgotten that this is my birthday.
Husband-Not at all. Only I didn't
wish to remind jou that you've grown
older, as you don't look It. lloston Globe
Gas or Gasoline
I 4 1
i(Z---- f
Teacher Who was the heroof tho battlt
of New Orleans.
Dick Hicks UorU'tt. New York Her
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For Simplicity it Heats tho "World.
No Batteries or l'lcctric Spark to
care for.
Just light the Burner, turn the
Wheel, and it runs all day.
No double or false Explosions, fre
quent with the unreliable spark.
It runs -with a cheaper wade of
Gasoline than any thiir Engine.
Trojulotors of t!w
Alantic-Pacific Type Foundry,
No. ioi3 nowArts cr.
r::.i!A, NR-J,