Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, October 08, 1892, Image 1

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Vot. 7 No 4 4
Lincoln. Nkuuaska, Saturday, Ootoiiiik y, ISOU.
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There Is n great deal of scrambling Just
now to get in out of tlm wet by stnto em
ployes nml others threatened wltli liivestlgu
tlon on suspicion of ofllclnl crookedness. n.
deed, tlm suspicion Is dully orystullzlng Into
a conviction tlint there has been widespread
corruption for years In the various stain In
stltutlons. Thu conviction exists not iiKmi
with K)lltlcnl purtles In rivalry with tlmt
which has been In ixiwer for joins, hut tlm
rank ami llle of that party can bu seen .mil
heard overy day discussing with threatening
vehemence tho suspected pet lldy of Its ser
vants. Meantime soimi of thu state otlli-laN
have taken ndviihtngo of the sltuatliiii to cry
out against the pi-wont system of contract
ing for state supplies, but they suggest a rem
edy that will make thu ailment ashamed of
Itself in the opKrtuultlos It would nirnnl for
dlshonestv. At present thu authorities of
each Institution am icqiilred to submit quar
terly estimates of thu amount of supplies
likely to Ih) needed during thu next quarter,
and hidsiiru then lecelvod from merchants
for Ailing these estimates, Thu lowest Mil
tier as n whole on grooorlot nets thu contract
for furnishing thu Kiocerles, and so with tho
ilrugs, clothliu;, boots and shoes and other'
distinctive lines. This looks fair eunuch.
Hut it has lieen noticed that there Is a won
derful variance in prices, and tho successful
bidder on Krocerles, for instance, often has a
few articles bid in at the top notch and tho
rest of tho list below his eoniKtltors. It has
also been noticed that, by n strange but by
no means a novel, coincidence thu olllclals of
tho institution buy much inoro of tho article
quotwl at IiIkIi llKHn-s than was called for in
their estimate, whlloltis equally noticeable
that they have not nettled neaily the quan
tity of thoso articles quoted at cheap i ales
which they had Inclinlnl hi their estimate.
Of course thu uiiMispectlnp; olllclals have not
considered thu interests of thu grocer in this
matter, and of com so the grocer nuver recip
rocates for such little favors. Now somo of
tho statu oJllccrs are cIiiiuoiIuk for the ap
Klntment of a wircliiisliiK agent, whereby It
Is proMM.l to do away with the bidding and
contract ystem. Just imngluu what a pic
nic, that would airoitl for all concerned.
Thoso who have watched the career of rail,
road purchasing agents realize what a snap
such n position would Ih, and every man In
thu state with n covetous eyu on thu state
irentury will say to thu statu olllclals, "maku
mo purchasing agent and I nut with you on
that leal, otherwise not." There ought to Imj
n way of uwnidiug contracts for supplies
whciebyeach bidder would supply to tho
state only such goods as his bid was lowest
upon. There is too much "lumping" in the
If rumors now In circulation aro to bu lu
lled upon Lincoln is destined to bo the center
of tho railroad world lit n short time, anil
tho now Rock Island deot on Kiist O street
is to bo tho center of tho certa-r, so to speak.
Friends of the Hock Island grade crossing
are responslDIo ror tho assertion that the
Northwestern is to run its trains Into Lin
coln over Its Elkhom tributary, which will
establish a big freight depot at Twenty-first
nml O streets, a block east of tho Hock Is
land pansenger deiot, running n spur to tho
latter for its passenger trains. It is to cross
O street at Twenty-first nml build to Heaver
Crossing in Howard county to connect with
tho present Klkhoru line to Huierlor. It is
also to build n short lino between this city
and Omaha, ami at 8uierlor it will join hands
with tho Hantn Vo, permitting thu latter road
to run trains tin ough Lincoln Into Omaha
over the now Hue. It is also said that tho
Milwaukee will build a cut-on for the Ml?
sourl J'nclfic U-tween Loulsvlllo and Eagle,
cutting out tho Weeping Water detour ami
shortening thu lino between this city and
Omaha, which both will then use, enabling
tho Mil waukeo to reach i.lucolu. These tu
rnout read decliMly well, and were manv of
us running thoso Hues wo would tin the job
up In Just about that way, but In nine caes
out of ten when one illscovers what would
cei taluly in his n n mind be a great advan
tage to a ralhond company, tho latter goes
nun iiir-s jiim iik inner iniiig. nut tnue it
inors may havo some foundation and every.
Isjily cei taluly hopes that they have. When
the Itock Island rumors weru spread to the
fleet that the company would build aline
southwaitl front this tity, half thu people or
Lincoln doubted litem. They weie, happily,
mistaken and mav be so hi doubting the
newest rumors. Hut lr truo the now scheme
contemplates new track across O stieetat
grade, so that the new bill of raio is not all
Next Monday morning will tsiltegunlii
ilMrlcl com t thu alreml v relehrAMsl case of
the state against W, II Irvine lirtheiuiir
tier or Hanker C. K. .MontgouiMy )at May,
unit fiom the prepiiiatio i made it promises
to lit a stuinly contotisl leg-tl battle. While
it w 111 not, pel haps, attract the w Ide-spread
attention given thu Rlteedy trial and will not
embody the same salacious and sensatiomtl
ftlltllli'S, still the piomllieiicu of the pil'tlcs
Invol veil will iusiiro it plenty or attention
That the trial is to be a stern contest Is
evinced by tlm at ray of couin-l alieady re
taluicl. County Attoinoy Knell has retained
toas-ist lilm in thu prosecution Hon. (1. M.
Lamls'itsou, who was also with him In thu
Slietily cam. Mr. I. K. McCullough, a lead
ing ciimliinl lawyer or Indianapolis, will
nlso be of counsel for the state, having coinu
into the casu at thu instance of somo or the
deml mini's telatives and fi lends. Ho was
an old schoolmate of the ilecmsed. Fori ho
tlefeusu the auay is even inoro imposing,
Mesnis, Abbott, Selleck it Lane, thu senior
uiember of winch llim wus Irvluets foimer
paitner, weru Hist retained, mid they havu
....II...I ...!. ..I f. ........ U..... ...... .-. .
called to their assistance Messrs, Stearns it
Strode, who weie Icidiog coiio,.ol in thu
Sliced)' tleleilse, Hon. C. O, Wbeiloii, and It
U unili'i stood tlmt Hon. L. W. Hilliugsley,
who was of the Kheeily defense, is also con
nected llhlho liviuu ilefeiiho, while W. II.
Woodwind, wlio was or tho Sliced)-defense
as well, lias been lending some iitsistaucu to
tin defens". Judge I'owers of Halt Iwike
City lias been retatuisl by Irv luo'n Ufih
(rleuils and Is now here. It is to be hoptsl
that the coming trial will not be productive
of tho bitter nulmosltlot engendered by tho
Nheedy trial and that no such Impressions of
hidden corruption may gain a foothold.
Homo tlay a fuw lemlnlscences of tho Sheisly
trial, embodying recent discoveries as to Its
methiHls, promlsi to maku lU-citlvilly InUir
estlug leatllng. MiautimolsXh Uiepremiinil
the public have been very considerate of thu
friends of ltli sides of tho Irvine cae, and
any censure that may rail to the noHspaHrs
for their repot In of developments at the trial
w.ll be certainly undeserved,
Tho lecent retirement of WHIM. U-oimrd
from tho Claik A: Leonard Iiivestmeut com
pany because of III health has dliectod ntteu
tlon to tho remarkablu -mil perlnps uuparal
leltsl siicccns of tlial corporailou. Although
a coiH)iatlon thu stock was owned In equ il
parts by .Messrs. V. M. Claik, Will l.i int
and J. W. McDonald. Mr. Clark was presi
dent, Mr. Leonard vice-president and treas
urer and Mr. McDonald secretary and man
ager. To tlio latter is generally credited the
wonderful success of thecompaiiy. It began
business six yeais ago with a cash capital of
buttll.OOi). While It was caplbdl.od at
ft'iyXK), the good will and ollice of Its prede
cessor constituted $IJ,O.X) of Hie capital of thu
now concern. In the six years of Its exist
ence It has paid Its stock holders ami olllcers
in salaries and dividends. In round numbers,
about fllJO.OOt) and It lluds Itself poss..hs.s
now of assets aggregating llu,0M). if this
doesn't speak volumes, not only for the bril
liancy of .Mr. .McDonald's management, but
for the value of Lincoln and I Jincaster county
leal estate as seem Itv, It Is iillllcult to con
celvu what wcultl. Mr. McDonald has pur
chased Mr. Uonaid's thlrtl Interest, and Mr.
W. II, Walton, Into hnokkeeer, has een
madu secretary and treasiner, Mr. McDonald
becoming vice-president and manager and
.Mr. Clark continuing as piesident.
It rellects great credit upon ihu luvel-liJ til -isl
people of lincaster county that they are
about toieturn to the seat lit the statu sen
atu which he honored during thu last session,
Hon. It. K. Moortt of this city. Ho is one or
the most liromlUtflitlv conservative ,.Hy,.i,
of Lincoln, Idciitillcd with many or Its lead
ing Interests, ami mav bo relied noon to trv.
ern his olllclal acts by his conception or tho
city's and county's lest interests. It would
not iMj at all a credit to this
county were it
jnt all doubtful that M
Moore will I si re-
tuniiMl by a decisive majority. Without
any imputations whatever as to" ilval cftndl
dates, It can Iki said that no ouu Oau Justify
opposition to Mr. Moore.
Tliu closing tlobatu of thu scries between
Messrs. Hryau and Kl-ld will occur in this
city, Mr. Hryan opening and closing tlm do
nate. There has heen so much diversity of
opinion among experts as to thu success or
these two disputants that the people will
doubtless avail themselves of thoopportunity
to Judgo for themselves. Friends of Judge
Field are conlldent that he will iiiinnne ,i
much better nilviiutiigo than hu did on the
former occasion, when ho disappointed his
audience somuvvhat by reading his speech,
Mr. Hryun's friends nro (spuillv cimlldant
that their champion will achievo a signal vic
tory. It will occur Tuewl ty evening.
Ono who keeps n careful eyo upon tho banks
or a city can pi etty ncciirntoly estlmato at
any time Its progress, and such an oliservant
jteison cannot rail to note that Lincoln .auks
are decidedly progressive. Thu latest evi
tlence or It is evinced by tho American Kx
clionge Nittlonal whleli liar removeil to tho
corner room of tho Richards block, one of
the most prominent corners of thu city. Al
though not heretofore in tho business center
this Institution, under the direction of Cash
ier H. 11. Hurnham, has met with flattering
success during the fouryearsof its existence.
Its original capital of fVI.OOO has twice been
doubled and its olllclals anticipate tlmt its
cIimiku of location will soon necessitate an
Increase to :()0,(X)0 to enable it to keep pacu
with tho city's proqiectlvo growth.
The bank is now in its new loca
tion, wheio it will add many nuiv irieudsaiid
The long and spirited contest between the I
Itock Island and the Lincoln street railway
leiiiui g to tno mi liter crossing streets trav
ersed by the latter at grulu was adjil.teil
Thursd'iy afternoon without bloodshisb or
even acrimony, and the cheap fuglemen II id
themselves temsiriHy out or a Job. To
guard against fin ther delays Hie Rock Island
put a force or men at work at seven o'clock
Tliursday evening and In-fore moriifmr thiee
tracks crossed two or the disputed streets, V
and R, leatllng down lo the location of the
Ostieet depot vStivet railway olllclal say
that they got all out of the contioversy that
they had coliteieled for since it became evi
dent that the vladil"t plan would be it very
expensive one, which apssirts em ly In the
discussion. They sisjured a small amount of
cash in the way ot ilaiuages ror stoppages of
stleet car ti alllo dm In g liulldliig onet
and in her inconveniences, but the chief thing
for which they contended, and which thuy
llnally secured, was an agteeiiieut whereby
they me practically absolved from itisiiousl
blllty for Injuries leceiveil at the dossing,
thus ensuring gi eater emu on thu part or the
lallroad company in looking after thu safety
of thu publiu tiavei sing thu cros-iiiKs. Fiom
a IbiDiiclal point of view they think they aie
inateiially beuelltte I by having the iwo tie.
sjts on their O street line a mile removed
ft mil each other.
Miss Alice Isaacs will not visit Lincoln this
fall but iuvilis toe Indies to cell at her tie
ganti.loio, :)7 South Sixteenth street. Omn
i... . . ... .... .. ....
tut, to see her beautiful now line of f'tll and
winter cltccts in Hue millinery
J. W. Winger it Co. ai o selling a coat for
tO that other stores itsk Jl.'i for, Sou it.
$5, T, f'Jaiidfl'JcmiU
& Co.'s next week.
at J W. Winger
Every week or thereabouts the necessity of
an auditorium In Lincoln receives new em
phasis. The recent state conventions found
tho opei a It uises entirely two ciampcd for
comfort, and It was necess'iry at each of
them to crowd several hundred delegates
uhiii the stage, mi arrangement that was not
at nil satisfactory to any nno concerned Lin
coln is iiatur illy thu convention city or Ne
braska, but uiiL'si buret iltilittn 1 1 Liti. ut
provide better convuntlon fni'llltlo it Is a
matter of but a short tlmu when lier invlta
tlous to political imrtiei will not be accepted.
Again, when the Hryan-Field debate no
curreil the Ionising, sumptuous and com
fortable (hough It is, was entirely Inade
quate. Every fiMil or sp ice was more than
occupltd and huudieilst.r H'tipluwcio turuisl
away. No liulldliig In the city would have
begun to bold tlio crowd that turned out to .Major .Mckinley, although lie would,
nave pieieinsi speaiting In, loins liad thero
been a building suitable. Tho Foiaker
meeting was, from necessity, held lit tlio
open air Thmsday, In splto or the danger or
cool or wet weather. Ltu oln does not do
lieiseir jtlstlcoo.i such occasions. Nhu should
be able to house such meetings. There Is no
question that an auditorium would bun
prolltithlu Investment, even in "oil" years"
politlcallv, for such a structure would In
vito many meetings ami eiitertnlitiueiits that
ate now nuver secured here.
lr there is not a s'iieum on root among cur
tain attorneys In Lincoln to uprcud Lincoln's
fume as a p'aco where tllvonvs m ty be on
tnlueil with as little publicity, oxpjusi ami
Inconvenience as in Chicago, then appear
ances are remarkably deceitful. And unluss
thu clerk or the district court, ir. Maker, cm
plead ig'iornneo it will certainly look as lr
lie is in on thu scheme. Or late a number or
ill voice cases havo been Hied in district court
thu papers In which have not bwu accessible.
The clerK has seen lit to grant tho request or
thu attorneys Tor stcrecy, an .1 nlpirters are
denied access to the files. Ho far lias this
scheme progressed that now such cases aro
entered in the upenruiico docket, where the
titles of all cases Med aro supposed to be en
tered and open for lnBeotlon, by fictitious
names. Only thu given irituu of each pnty
to the suit Is entered thereon. District Clerk
Maker may think that ho Is simply granting
to the attorneys who request this secrecy n
Harmless favor, and may not realize that lie
is materially encouraging thu dlvoico mania
by keeping such cases from tlio publicity
they merit, so that In a fuw mouths the di
vorce lawyers of Lincoln miy lung out upon
their shingles: "Divorces obt lined without
publicity or delay," and the matrimonial
malcontents ()r surrounding states will emu
flocking to Lincoln. Is it a reputtitlou Lin
coln and Nebraska can wish to enjoyl Has
thu cleik ot tho district court any moral or
legal right to withhold such Information
from tli o public and encourage such a sohemof
Aro not the books ami court piqiers in a cer
tain sense puhllcilocuinmits Aro ourcourU
ami court clerks to bu permitted to carry on
star chamber court proceedings! Should not
every act or a court be open to Inspection
and crlticliinZ Aro applicants lor divorce,
any lietter than other people who get lot
tho courts or course every ono who gets
mixed up In uillvoicucisd would llku U have
thu public kept in the dark about It, and so
would nearly every other litigant, or at least
hair of them. Why not shut thu tiubliu out
entirely from knowleilgu of thu proceedings
of thu courts! Clerk Maker is not an iiiuio-
co Kslatlug olllclal by any means, but hu
misconstrues his duty and authority In these
matters. Thu kick will como soma day when
it will provo exceedingly ptiurul.
Thu bar or Lliftohi and Lancaster county
should not so fur forget its dignity and In
tegrity as to Mjrmlt to go unchallenged thu
rumors fiequently circulated to tho effect
tlutt Jul leshavu been tampered with. Ever
since the noted case or a little over a year
ago tlieio have been whispeilngs to the eirect
that corruption finds its way too easily and
with too much impunity Into the jury Ikix.
Another important criminal trial is coming
on ami it isrlulmeil that it is known that ni
effort is alreudy on fo it to Ox a Juror to pre-
ciu a veruici. u it comes wit h u tin know
lH; or even thu leasouable suspicion, or an
auoruey on euiier sldu that the opposition
has resorted Ut this most dangerous of nil
classes or public con uptinii hu should spate
noeirort Mining tho guilty ptrtfesto jus
tice. It is to be epecu-d that when Tom,
Di"k and Harry in u run into iliu Isix, somu
one cm u be found who Iscoriuptlblc, In fuel
jury piuelsnsu lulu do nut contain the cltl
zeus most susceptible to honest pi oof. Hut
when members of tho bar lend themselves to
corrupt in -thuds of defeutiiirf tlm ends of
thai Justice which it Is their sworn duty to
co'isei ve, the piuiesMou owes it lo Itself to
weed them out. Thero hits been loo much
talk ot coiriipliou or late years in Lincoln to
iermit one to believu thai il isitll giuulidless.
Let us have no muieof it, ami let the honest,
reputable law) els or tlm local btrdj noil
strttle its integrity by spotting and punish
lug the briber of jurois.
That ulorl jus aggiegatioit of saes yclept
the city council is making a v illagu monkey
ot itsell Ii) Its vacillating and hesitating ac
tion on thu question of sidewalk. Council
men have been blowing hot nut! otild on th'tt
important iiuestfoii now so I mi: tliat l.m-
coin's down-town walks aro not only a ills.
i r..i .... ...
hum-nil pm-i.uii-iu inu a iuouo ineuaiice. it
Is amusing to note the exacting spli it in w lilch
"Oiliu II ibeis or the council It quire thu
stlict tiihtllluieut ot oidluuuces ny thoso
pioptlt) tiwueis who inu buideuisl with
iiuithtr wealth nor political lulluciice, while
the) view with great and charitable concern
the ell'oits of tlm licit and luHuo.illiil to us
en te the legal Ifipill'emeuts lit this inatler.
Mm who havo iii.nlu most exampltiy ar
guineiils in favor or tho otilot ei.loice
meiit or thu law against tlm loriuer have
Itv en si en ciuwlLhlu,; pitialie t ) win t'.t ft
vor of f ltu latter. And thus it coiiin tlmt
many downtown business walks am In a
wtetchnl coudltliiU, theowueiH of thopiop
eitybelngasa inlu l lull men, while better
walks put down in the Impinvciiirnl of out
lying business propel ty have been oritensl,
with a great deal of bluster, lorn up. All
honor to I he pi o jussive propel ty owners who
mo putting down neat siomi pavements!
Meantime thu council would win lespect
would It but draw a Hue ami follow I'.
Th stianger who meanders up 1' street
Into the city Is unobservant If he Is not struck
by the air of geneial decay ill publlo ninth h
Imparted by the old weathet'-lM-ateii grand
s and on the iioi th side of government niiure.
This stand was erivtml by subscriptions from
merchants around thu squuie and was once
a tiling of beauty. As a Joy foi ever It lias
not been it how Hug success. The llei co winds
or thu stoi m of calamity have hoivled Inter
mlttlugly around it all summer, more or less,
and It has come out of the camp'ilgn a force
rul example of tlm doctrines that havo been
shrieked from Its upier story. It is rickety
and dilapidated, like the roii"c and fin ins or
thoshilller sluiekers. I' is no wonder that
there mo calamity howlers as long as Liu
coin ini-i chants furnish them such a congen
ial i oust. Home ouu .night to put the poor,
old thing out )( its misery and lescuult fiout
bad associations by either lejuvenittlug It or
teal lug It down, If not reclulmei! it should
bo removed fioni the reservation and sup
planted by a windmill towtrso high that the
I man who makes a spetch from it can never
lie iicnnl. No ("tlaiiiily paity can ever go
peacefully into oblivion as long as that nils
era tils looking baud stand lemalus, and no
self-respecting brum baud will ever bu seen
in II if theiu Is a dry-goods box handy.
How's Tills?
We otrer one liunilied tlollais lowanl for
any case or calai Hi that cannot bu cuied by
1 1 all's Cutnirh Cure.
F. J. i IIKM'.V t Co,, Toledo, O.
We, thu undersigned, imvo known F. J.
Cheney for the last llfteen jcars, and belluvo
him petfectly honorable in all business trans
actions and llnanclally able to carry out any
obligations madu by their llriu.
Wholesale Dl llgglsts, Toledo, O., Ki.nnan pi Mahvi.v,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catai rh Cine is taken Internally,
acting directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces or tlm system. Testimonials sent free,
i'rico 7ic per Isrttlo. Mold by all druggist.
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ItuAsInu novelty.
Violin anil Cornet liiatriii'tlmi.
Mr. Hairy T. Irvine for past ten Jems
dirt ctor of thu Omaha Musical Union orches
tra, has located lit Lincoln and isnowie
eeivlng pupils ror violin ami cornet Instruc
tion. For tetms mid Information apply at
Lincoln College or Music, Urate block, 1ith
anil u streets.
Oliniliit's l.eilillnu' Hotel.
Tho I'axton hotel, tor eight years under
the management or Kitchen lints., has again
pussed Into their hands and is now Uing con
ducted in thu same excellent manner that
gave the house its renowned leputatlou years
ago. Mr Ralph Kitchen, who Is well known
in Lincoln and throughout tlm state, hav
ing lounerly had the management of the
Capital hotel In this city, has tlio tuiuiugo
ineut of the I'axlou. LincoluitcH ami No
braskans in general will dim the I'axton ful
ly hi keeping with the leading hotels of thu
country and a most excellent place Ui stop
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Irvine's new oichtstra Im nMics siihi lor
luiislc, any uuiuU-r ot pkses, for concei ts,
leivplfoif, balls, pal tli s.elc, U-ave orilets
lit CtlUIIIKK ollice. Hill N st I eel, telephone
lr. I'liriiliiini Cures
blood, chronic, female, heint, liver, lung,
nervous, rectal and skin diseasus. Roou s
Nos. 1 1 and 1.1, Richards block.
i:eililoii lit Valley,
On Tuenlsy, October Si.Mli, tlm Hull inline
ami Ohio nidi oad isimiuiuv will sell excur-I
blon tickets fiom (iile.igo and all Maltlmore i
and Ohio K)liits west of thu Ohio liver to , w ilh his sister Nellie, and Unit his love is ie
Wluchester, Woodstock, .Middlelowu, liar I'ipnH'.itisl. Tisl Is silnut f ), sj im linu, and
llsoiibuig, hlauiitoii mid U-Miigton, Va., at i Jack, fearing he is displeased, sa): "Von do
lit latoof one luw.-st H mied first cl tss fare I not care. Ted. do voiif" At whi.b ll. mth
for the round tiii
The Sheiiiiudoah valley, Virginia oirers
superior Inducements to people sinking new
locations, F.irui lauds ullViod ut from tMu
ier acroaii.l iipw.ntls. Tiiunur,, iron
ore, pure w iter, convenient 111 trkuts, excel
lent soil, gissl schools, best society. For in
formation mIh. ut lutes apily lo any Maiti
111010 mid O.tio ticket iignit. hjii I to M. V.
Hliiitiids, laud mid immigration agent, Hal
tlmoio and Ohio tallrtKid, H.iltlmore, Mil.,
for luforiiiatiou about dos.r.tblo locutions,
111 11 11 tli.i 1, t l-l-U
n nriE uni
Ciiti'Ado, Oct. II, Ihiy. My DcarCoimiKii:
Hack to Chicago once more, and it sis'ins
goisl tube licit) again even lr ono does prefer
Lincoln, .IVilmpf ouu i oisou why 1 was
glad to til live was liecalisj It took such a
lilghtfully long time fo get heio. leaving
Lincoln at U;0o p, m. last Wednesday on the
Hock Island's No. (1, wo ariivisl on time in
Omaha, wkre, by the way, I saw (lisirge
llaluier, Mr, Harris an I thu Mlsics H.illiu,
none of whom I expected to we, but all of
whom I was glad ttiiiicl Up to time for
letliiug and fiom then till midnight my
Journey was uuuveutrul; after that timo
lol' tho space of three or four horns il was
entirely too eventful. Just west of Hock
Island a freight train and No, I, it passenger
train, had iliuumstrated vury graphically
tlio rnct that two trains caiiunt tun on thu
'i track tun in d each oilier without
sooner or later oiiilng together. These
tialus were beautifully piled up on the track
ahead or us ami, st ipplug our train by slg
mil, every ouu went to wqrk rescuing tho
liijuied who weie, very roitiiu ttely, but
row. What with groans, tluieks ami much
noise III general, sleep was an Impossible
tiling till about daylight, when our train
was hacked to Wilton Junction with most or
No. -I'll passengers aboard, over thu branch lo
Mil cii line nml theucoto Chicago. Wo ar
lived at noon or 7 oYio.'k In tho
morning, and thu thought or thu piles of
wink ai my olllco mounting higher ami moio
high did mil servo to put inu lit a I cully an
geilc mood. I lid reel thankful, however,
that the rteighl train tllscovciud No. I to run
Into heroic it could tackle us. I en Joy is I my
all too brief visit at Lincoln audit really was
with legiet that I left you all, iei haps be
cause you are all too good mid ho liable.
About two weeks ugo It was my fortuuu to
witness the pieseiitatioit or "Tho Councilor's
WHo" by (lie Chits. Frohmiiu stock com
pany, ami, having bad my Intel est In tills
paitfciilnr play aroused hcfoio going, 1 wuut
with thu Idea of stud) lug It euou;(h to w at
tain me in giving II a "wilto up," This was
a new play to Chlcagoaus, its Initial per
formance hfiti being given by this splendid
ompaiiy at thu Columhla about three week
ago, and much was anticipated. Hut ouu
impel- piaised it ill no meagre terms, another
treated it U no small amount of very ad
veisu criticism. Hence my determliiatlon to
go seu it, ror, you must know, seeing is be
lieving. In tills case I saw mid I wholly and
uiiconditioually believe lit "The Councilor's
WHe." no two plays could lie moru unlike
than this and "I-ofct I'urndisu" lit which this
same comp my has douu such excellent work
for thu lust two seasons. Thu latter Is a
strong, loud play of very vigorous action,
tlms alroi iliug great opportunity for elfeutl vo ' Ihtjhico and nou-alcoh.tllu drink i, wo seo
work on tho par, of tho leading chaincters, i ''I'1' Iniru.'gle puor old Cherry into In vesting
which opportunities nru Improved, it is tut- , H ff hlsctpltal in It, w.i heir of his ad
necessary loadd. How totally dissimilur venture at a ruinous publiu nlnco of iiiiium
"Thu Comtcllor'ri Wife." Without exception ment. bow ho got "clnicktsl" fimii this samu
It Is one or tht ist quiet plays we over wit- place by tlm foumlo Hercules, "Mr. Her-
nessetl, but in a tlilfereiit way. or course, lust ules,"iihe calleil her; In a fuw words, wu
as effective, If not more elfectlvu, than tlm ' mii Hen Dixon as he Is, his been arid alway
other. I think you will at once perceive, will Imj it swindler or the deepest dye. Later
with me, tliecaiisoof tho disappointment in when lie gets sight o' a ptpur I'ollce Gu
some uiiiids they niissisl the loud murmurs trtte) which contains hlspictuie in the act
of an angry mob "Cinders" was not there . of Uilug throivu into thu rtreet (while In u
(who could but feel a wist iwiugu or dlsap-
poiutuieiil for this Not I surely, for Ciuduis
is well shu is Cinders!) still there war a play
with so much character in It, ami moiu
chance for deep study and much thinking.
Thu cast of characters was:
Ted Morion, ayou..g inetllcal student of
limited means, William Morris.
Jack Meilhury, Ills wife, a young artist,
Urrlu Johnson.
Thftnloru Trovers a literary man with easy
going manners, uyrus scon.
lien Dixon, member of the county council.
a phllnulhroplst. wlto workscltlelly for him- .
self, James u. Marrows.
Ailani Cherry, an elderly gentleman whose
loveiilmlr ends happily for other-, W. II.
CrolUltOII. I
elllu llorton, Ted's slsler. u ulrl of char-
creature of circumstances. Odette Tyler.
Primrose Dean, a girl of eighteen who loves
ed Klaliiu Kllson.
Mrs Wheedles, a lady of tender susceptl-,
unities, Annie AduniM,
The play oiens with the scene laid lu Lon- '
t,.. I.. i... t...i..i.... i .. t... i,i ii .
...... ii. m.- iikihiii, no us,, in ,u in, , tissues
mid a very isHir lislglng house It Is. tisi,
Till nud Nellie live heiu in the midst of bit
Ier poveity; liHieful and ilicouragi-il by
turns, Nellie Is in love with Jack, an artist,
who is as tMHir or sioier than Ted, her
brolner. Jusl as Nellie is ready to do al
most anything so as to beatil) to help her
nrotlier, l herry comes In Dear o'd Chei ry
His liead is neatly tlm color of a cherrv ami
ho iuif;ht well havo been 11 turn I "'Cheer) ," I
for his coining alwins In lugs siusiiiue with
It. .Mrs. Wheislles Isal Nellie's room, com-
fortlng her, when Liieiry comes lu ami uu
ceremoniously bounces Mis. Wheedles from
the loom Chert y, who "knows himself 1
mil -ue, calls iuuiclf forty live and feels
niuiseii iiilil-llV'o" (tcc it-iliiig to Tin vei.
thehteiary man, who is elermilly taking
iioli-s tin Ins fi lends) is in luvu with Nellie,
tel's her s i and asks her to liulmmfo .-'he
quielly acceits him and hu iittkix his exit .
Nellie, III iep ill', sinks III a sett tieloru the
giate lire and after a short tuuiieais up
Jack's picture and thr.uvs tlm pieces in the
jllamts. Alter tlm last little piece Is con
sumed, she hears Jack's voice and Ted's and
leaves the room Just as thev cotnu in Then
it is that Jack tells Ted Unit In. is In l,.v,.
aiiaii whlchouli Willi. un Mori is, an ttssiiut'
heartily clasps Jack's luiud and siyt, V,,s, I
cine a gieil tie il, Jack, dear old lellow "
At this juiictuie tlm whole crowd comes in
Mr. and Mis. DUon, 1'riniro.e and Travis,
I'll is is tin, -st tlmu that wo s.m O lette
T)ler, who tiKk the nrt of Polly so prettily
III "list Pill Itdise." and she is Just simply
illimeiiMi. Her old hilsbiiid Is feat lull) JimI
oils of her, and when tlmcioivd sjiiirate,
some going to the oitisi's studio, hu stays to
wntehhls wifu.iud Cherry, who has come
lu w it It some w iuu uxcf ting to tlud Ted an I
Nellie uloiio. He had known Mrs, Dlxoti
Is'foio hur Mrst iiiaiiiagii. Thny get o loser
and closer together, she slaps his knmi, their
heads are so ulosu as to nearly touch j Hen
Dlxonls beside hlmsiilf wltlp ragu, Hint ex
plains to Cherry how rcpct'th,i she Is get
ting, how she left thu circus wlierj she bail
done a dlltlcull rope-sklppln iliinuj for tho
stage; then tlm st'tgo for it It mi , all for to
spectablllty, and clutching Clnrry's arm
wildly, shu says, "Cherry, you loved mo
once, help mn now, llelpiu.', stvu mi), ror,
t'heiry, I am iiipldly go to thu go id," TliU
In it iiielo-draiiialle w-tv that simply tilings
down thu house. Finally they all eomu back
and Chciry n tonst Inu wedding, ho
ii) s, ntiil they all fnqiMi'l with huii'tlness,
when he motions In NelPu who t'omoH
biavelv fonvnril and the duiiniiDiucul fol
lows, In any other pity aim st the curt tin
would havo fallen with them all lowering
the glasses of wine whlei it in tmiiit beftiro
had been held high with htrirty good will,
but lit thl plsy all of them take their leave
after such ciingnit ilntlous lo tint couple as
can bo given Dear old Jaok adds his bless
ing and says he has nothing to forgive, does
not blame hsr at all mi 1 with ouu pathetic;
gesture of ,lcsiilr lutves I'uiirry star ts to
ask Tul's blessing, when Tod says'Not now,
Cherry; It Is nil si now. I nm a talk witlt
Nellie alone," and simple, kind hn'titud old
Cherry goes Inck to lilf own room. Tisl
fells Nellie she shall not thus sacrlllcu her
self mid lur peauu of inlu I ror him and tlu
dates shu shall In true to Jauk. Hu says,
"Why did you do It If not for nml" ami shu
says, "Hist tint) I am tired of being poor,
Ted; Hied of feulliu hungry, and tlrtsl of
having to wait till after dark before I can go
down on the street, hecuusu I mil ashamed
of my clotUes," this with bitterness nml pas
sion, Ho leaves her ami walks across tho
room to tho window; she stands by the fable,
silent ror a moment and then says, "Vim
aro not angry with me, are you, iluirl" Mo
wn Its a moment and rolls up thu curtain bo
fore tlm reply Is given, then without turning
his head and with the moonlight strea inlng
rull on his noble face, romus thu answer.
"No, not migiy; Just u llttlo dlstppolutu d in
you, Nellie." Nhu sinks lit a c'ltlr an I puta
her Head down on thu ttbluon her bands; ho
stands looking out of tlm window for fully a
moment; nol ouu word Us tli an I then tho
cuitiilii falls. I wish I might give you sumo
Idea of thu eirect, but I cimiot. II td I I aro
descriptive powers. I coul I not tlo it. It
must have WIIIIiiiii Mortis thuro tj bu whit.
It Is. Hlx cm tabic ills testify that the audi
ence appreciated it.
Hut I must not talks') Ion,?. The next
scene is laid at Hen Dixon's home, and hero
wolmvuthat worthy phllnuthropUt shown
up ill his truo colors. During tte course ot
this second act we learn of his sclio mo for
tliuestuhllshuHiitofiistockdiiipiuy Unit if
" '"iy up nil oilier linns wiinlotl In "tern
delightful state of Intoxication) by thu same
afori's'ild "feni tie lleicilles" hu rears hoi
ruined; we bopu ltu is, and so it pioves.
Ills wife finds the aHr,grasis the situation,
lluds out in a stormy interview that hu' ban
iniiilu away with all her money ami resolves
to leave him. Mrs. WIiivkIIcs has an hit
pot taut part to pl.t)' here and she dlscovei h
when she see Dixon's picture her own long
I lost Mr. Wheedles, or course in the next
act thu expose conies and ho Is coiuh11is1 to
"'i ""t, however, until Cnerry force him to
restoie to led mid Nolllu tlio money he
swindled them out of, the loss of which had
blollL'ht them to their tiresent llniiwlnl
I, H lii.llcrouH ,.l l,ll,..ll,..,m Im
t i,. .,,' . .......
names aiu given and he says, "I feel sorry
''"' t,lut 0,,l '""i '' can't ho seel Womler
what he'd do if he found it out" mi I then
the old mail does Hud it out. Sees it slowly,
but, oh f so surely. He takeshU resolution to
set Nelliu fits) after his suspicious have lieeu
ii ii.. ...! ...
iiMiiiiiiusi ny iTimrosu, iViin, ny me way.
I had neatly forgotten Prlimose. the onlv
woman on tho stage whom any one envies,
ror Is not William Morris lu lovu with herf
She Is ilch, hu Is pisir and proud. Any one
win: has ever see hint will know how splen
didly hu could take the part. Slip loves him ;
heher. Hut the money! So .he, when shu
at last discovers thu ho avoids her,
deceives him into UlleUin- tlmt ..... Iu. I...I
her money, long enough till he confesses his
love and then hoi Hug onto the biieUot his
c .at hard so he cinuot get avay from her lis
Im kneels by her chair she tells him she isn't
ssir at all he spi iugs to Ills feet, cold, proud,
haiightv ' Hut it Is too lute. Tim words
have ln.-eu sunken
and pu-entlv bis niide
gives way U-foie the loi-o of hi. love and bo
ileitis, clasping her in his anus. He does
thlsgracetiilly, h.-ntll,', as h does every
thing else. ThuuLiieiry c mies in and tells
Nellie that Im knows all and in a way that
iniiig tears to turn's e)es gives her up. And
then comts the finale. As every one feels
sonyfor Cherry an 1 gla I for Nellie, Tul
sn)s, "Nellie, there c Miles Jack; shall! ak
him Int" Nellie docs not reply and it i
Cheiiy who s.i)s, "Yes, ask him In, for I nut
going out." Ho leaves, after o.-.e long look
ut Nellie, and the curtain falls You know
that Jack is coining, but ) 011 do not see him,
It Is the pitttiest, simplest thing 111 the world.
Jack can come lu foi Cherry has gone.
You will not womler that thu play int
pi esses one deeply. I It tve give 1 you .10 ail
ctpiaio idea of its brightness, 1 cannot dwell
on Miss T let's chick put, he, splendid act
ing, or that of James Hiitoas who is a stir
piiseiu his important role us II ji Dixon,
atler tils coiiipar.itlvely unre-pinsivo part
im "Lo.t Paiadisu" which is th it jf Fletcher,
the fauiil) tiw'jur.
Hut iiuy 1 take up itioie of your time,
Lincoln tenders umv of your spice, Mr.
Editor, to tell you or my interview with
tCoiitliuusI 011 fourth ptge.)