Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 17, 1892, Image 2

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Ailf"K ft
is the pivot
upon which
Trade Turns.
A number of year ago I nigRrated
to one of my clients that ho lce aa
advertisement for good um1 exelu
mly by moil In n mHr supposed to
Iw read exclulvely by women. The
advertlHuncutappcirrd; It continued
in that paper wvcrnl ooneoutlv
fear. The aoiusl mail ch sale,
coming directly from tlmt advertl-an-Bt,
were two or three time m
great, reckoning prooi tlomito coet,
ilntn CAiiio from the Mine advortjse
msntlnany of (lie hundred naper
my client wiisndvdtMnglu. Since
then I have made the oxpei Intents
many timet, mull I lllovu I have
right to claim tlmt the experiment
lie pawed Into fact. .YrifVl O. Fovltr,
Ji,, Adrtithtny Krpert,
The CouHtin It the favorite journal
among the lAille of Lincoln and adjacent
eavntrr. Plant your announcement In Ite
eahunn and reaii (wit reuli.
Tho only Perfect Ytiglunl
HyrliiKO In Itio World.
I tho (ml) Mytlnge ever
Invrnlcd hy which vagluid
Injection run ho adminis
tered without loaklng nnd
soiling tiiecioininK. or tie
retaliating tho uo of a ve
nrl, nnd whleh can also ho
uted ror rcoiai injection.
PRICE, $3.00
Mtill Order Hollclted.
Tbe Aloe & Penfold .
15th ST.,
Next lo I'nstottlce,
AtefcUon, Leavenworth, St. Joteph,Kantai
CUy, St Louli and all Point South.
Eat and Went.
Tka direct line to Ft. Sco't, Panont.
WtaMta, Hutchinson and all p-inclpal
aetata In Kanui.
The only road to the Great Hot Spring
,et Arkanua. Pullman Sleeper ail Free
RewUnlng Chair Cart on all tnlnv
I V. B lllllR,
Us VI Vgmt
The IHfferenra tlrtwecn the ItlcM and
the Wrong Hnsd The Chrlalhui's I'rug'
ret Ileal coward In tlm I'nllt of Kootl
1NP0N, Sept. II. Another busy week
tf Dr. Tnlnmg"' preaching tour Inn Just
Hided. Alter Conducting service before
Immensii audiences at Swansea, Exeter and
Bristol, he preached four time In Plym
out h to tlm largest religious gatherings
rvcrwltiiessid In tlmt city. He fore, leaving
Plymouth tin1 mayor, ntn pulilla meeting
lit which ninny clergymen worn present,
tlmuki'il the American prciirlicr for tho
great gutsl his sermons IiiuI produced In
nwnkculug tho community. Dr. Tnlmngu
on tho ilny of hi departure wu driven lo
the. wharf mid flighted nt tho top of tho
llllthtof Minn' stops down which tho pll
(trim father went when they embarked
on tho May How er to Heck tlm Now World.
Tho sermon select til for today Ik entitled
"Tho King's Highway," tho text cIiohcii
being Isaiah xj:xv, 8-t: "And an highway
1I111II Iw theie, mill n way, and It shall lie
railed tho way of holiness; tho unclean
ahull not pushover It; hut It shall lw for
Hionc; tho wnyfarlnu men, IIioiikIi fcnilx,
Mini I not err therein, No lion nlmll hu
there, nor any rnveuoun lMant hIiiiII o up
thereon. It hhnll not ho found there, hut
tho redeemed hIiiiII walk there, and tho
ransomed of tho Lord hhall return and
come to 'Ion with hoiikh nml cverliiNtlnK
Joy upon their heads; they shall obtain Joy
Klid Khuliiehs, and sorrow and sIkIiIiik shall
llco away."
There arc thousand)! of people hero this
liiornluK who want to find tho rllit road.
Voil sometimes see a person halting at
crossroads, and you can tell hy his looka
that ho wishes to ask a question as to what
direction he had better take. Anil I stand
In your preseuco this uioruliiK conscious of
the fact that there are many of you here
who realize that there tiro a thousand
wroiiK roads, hut only ono right one, and I
tako It for urnnted that you have como In
to ask which ono It Is, Hero In ono road
that opens widely, hut I havo not much
faith lu It. There are a reat many ex
pciiKlvt' tolluates scattered all aloiiK that
way, Itideeil at every rod you must pay
lu tears or pay In llanellatlons, On that
road, If you get throiiKh It at all, you have
to pay your own way, and slnco this differs
to much from what I have heard In regard
to the right way I believe It Is tho wrong
Here Is unother toad. On cither side of
It are houses of sinful entertainment and
Invitations to come In and dine and rest,
but from the looks of tho people who
stand on the piazza I am very certain that
It )s the wrong lioue and tho wrong way.
Here Is nnother road. It Is very beautiful
and macadamized, Thu horses' hoofs clat
ter and ring, and they who rldo over It
spin along the hlfthway until suddenly
they find that the road breaks over an em
bankment, and they try to halt, and they
neo tho hit lu the mouth of tho fiery steed
and cry, "Whoitl whoa!" Hut itis toolato,
nml crashl they jjo over the embank
ment. We shall turn this morning and sou
If worannot Hud a different kind of a road.
You have of tho Applun Way. It
was three hundred and fifty miles long. It
was twenty-four feet, wide, nnd on cither
khle tho roi.d was a path for foot passen
gers. It was made out of rocks cut In hex
agonal shape and fitted together. What n
load It mtisv, havo bee lit Made of smooth,
hard rock, three hundred and llfty ml leu
long. .No wonder that in tlio construction
you nro not on the right nnd. Tlmt bridge
will break, thn-'o overhanging rocks will
fall, tho night will comedown, leaving you
nt tho mcruy of tho mountain bandits, and
nt tlio very next turn of the road you will
perish. Hut If you aro really on this clean
road of which I havo been speaking, thew
you will stop ever and anon to wash in the
water that stands lu the basin of the eter
nal rock. A)t, nt almost every st;p of tho
Journey you will he crying out, "Crcnto
within nion clean heart!"
If you have no such aspirations as that
It proves that you havo mistaken your
way; nnd If you will only look up and see
tlio finger Ismrd alsivo your head you may
rend Upon It the words, "Thorn Is n way
tlmt seeineth right unto man, but tho end
thereof Is death." Without holiness no
man shall see tho Lord: and If you hnvc
nny Idea thnt you can carry along your .
idns, your lusts, your worhlllness, and yet .
get to tho end of tbn Christian race you '
arc Mo awfully mistaken that, In tho name
of (list, this morning I shatter tho delu- I
nion. I
Still further, tlm road spoken of Is n
plahi road. "Tho wayfaring men, though ,
fisils, shall not err therein" that Is. If a
man Is thtee-fourthsau Idiot he can Hud ,
this road Justus well as If ho wcro a phi
losopher. The Imbecile boy, tho laughing
stock of tho street, nnd followed hy n mob '
hooting nt hlni, has (inly to knock once at
more clothe joii, O ye of little falthf"
What 1 1 1 lu us of worrying for fear some
thing will Ititpis'u to your home? "lis
hlccth the habitation of the Just." What
Is tho use of ficttllig lent you will be over
come of temptations "God Is faithful.
who will not suffer you to lie tempted
' alsivo that yt) am able; but will with tbe
temptation also mnk vk) to escape,
that yo may he nble tc Lcir It."
Oh, this King's hlghwnyl Trees of life on
I cltherslile, liondlng over until their brunch-
os Interlock any drop midway their fruit
and shade. Homes of entertainment on
cither side the load for poor pilgrims.
Tables spread with u feast of gissl things,
anil walls iidorucd with apples or got I tt
pictures of silver. I start out on this
King's hlg!.vny, and I flint a harper, nnd
I say, "What Is jour namef" Tho harper
makes no rcspoic-e, but leaves mo to guesii,
as, with his ejos toward heaven nnd Ms
hand upon Mil trembling strings, this tunc
comes rippling lu tlio air: "Tho Lord Is my
light and my salvation. Whom shall I
fcarr Tho I ml Is tho strength of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid V ,
I go a little lurtheron thosamo road and
meet 11 trumpeter of heaven, and I saj:
"Haven't you got some music for n tired
pllgrlmr" And wiping his lip and taking
n long, breath, he nuts his mouth to the
trumpet ami pours forth thlsHtraln, "They
shall hunger no more, neither shall they
1112 O STR68T,
Offers Extraordinary Inducements to
too small to enumerate.
Call this week.
tho gate of heaven and It swings open, I thirst any more, neither tduill tho sunlight
. .. . .... 1 I. .... .. ....!. .a nail... I i.i..l.iiililiili
while there has been many n man who can
lecture alstut pneumatics and chemistry,
and tell tho story of Faraday's theory of
electrical polarization, anil yet has been
abut out of heaven. Thero lias been many
n man who stood lu nu observatory and
swept tho heavens with his telescope, nnd
yet lit, has not been nblo to see tho Morn
lug Star.
Many 11 man has been familiar with nil
tho higher branches of mathematics, and
yet could not do tho simple sum, "What
shall It prolltninanlf ho gain tho whole
world and lose his own soulf" Many u
man has been a lino reader of tragedies ami
poems, and yet could not "read his title
clear to man-dons In the skies." Many a
man has Isitanlzed across tho continent,
and yet did not know tho "Hoso of Sharon
nndthol.llyof tho Valley. Hut If one
ahnll como In the right snlrlt. asking the
way to heaven, ho will find It n plain wny.
The pardon Is plain. Tho pencil Is plain.
Kvcrythlnu is plain.
now to tiKT ON.
Ho who tries to get on tlio road to heaven
through tho New Testament teaching will
cet on Iwautlfully. Ho who goes through
..l.ll,.u..(il.l...I .llunlluulmi Will III1L UI-LmiBL "'HI b frw Mliurf Dunn ...
Ln ni..u .uw "rmni.totiin nnd I will text declares It, "Tho
ink.. ..11 ...,- mI,w, nml I will tnko all . Lord como to Zlon." You
- . .. k. ...I... 1.. .1.. ta-iln, 'I' tlMIU l't.1 t'ltlf,'
.MI11V WIIIIL IN LI1U .- a.... . i.r. . .. u . . ...
vour trou 11 os away.
tiN. nf inv discussing It any more Is not
tlmt plain? If you wanted to go to Lon
don and I pointed you out n highway thor
oughly laid out, would I bo wlso in detain
ing you by a geological discussion nhotit
tho gravel you will pass over, or n physio
logical discussion about tho muscles you
will have to bring Into play? No. After
this Ulble has pointed you the way to
heaven Is It wise for mo to detain you with
nny discussion about tho nature of the hu
man will, or whether tho atonement Is lim
ited or tinllmltcdr There Is the roud go
on It. It Is n plain way.
"This is a faithful saying, nnd worthy of
nil acceptation, that Christ Jesus ciuio In
to the world to save sinners," And
Is vnu. and that Is inc. Any littlo clitlil
CKjr Ticket Agt.
and yet It Is as good as when first cou
Itructed. Millions or soul have gone over
It, Million more will come.
The prophets anil apostles, too.
Pursued this road while hero below;
We therefore will, without dismay,
Htlll walk In ChrUt. the good old way.
"An highway ahnll be there, and n way,
nd It shall be called the way of holiness,
the unclean ahnll not pass over if, but It
ahall be for those; the wayfaring men,
though fools, ahnll not err therein. No
lion shall lie there, uor any ravenous beast
khull go up thereon. It ahull not be found
. .. .....,. .- there, but the redeemed ahnll walk there,
it retire re CAtcapeirem JXMeeW ; klid come to Zlon with songs and everlnst-
licro call understand this ns well as
t cannot
are sav
will bo us 11 littlo child. "Of such is the
kingdom of heaven." Unless you get th
spirit tif little children you will novur
como out at their glorious destiny.
I Still further; this road to heaven Is u
unr. M.111I U...wtt tt.,a tint triivt-l.-r in tliriMt
of It the treasure of n whole cmplro wen iMlcel)t i,B,WnyH would think himself
rxhausttsl. necatiso of nvaders, and 1 10 , perfectly WCuref not kuowliiK there wa n
rleiiiontH ami tlme-tho old coniucror who ou ijy'tj10 wuy )Uryng his head deep be
tears up a road na ho ocs over It-thero Is I ,.,. '1.1. nttW. ,,,,,1 then when tho right
nothing left of that structure except 11 ',noniont came, under the fearful spring
ruin. Hut Uiiive this morning to tell you -thu ,,,, jfo Was Kononnd there wnsu
of n road built liefore the Applun Way, - 111,1..i PrP11K. i,r tlm rondside. nut.savs
.. I flu nu iu ttli..ti !! ... I "1" . ...... . .. t. . t
my text, "No lion shall lm mere." 1 wisu
I could make you feel this morning your
entire security. I tell you plainly that
ou them, uor nny heat, for the Lamb which
is In tho midst of tlio throne shall leni
them to Hvli'K fountains of water, nad
Oisl shall wipe away all tears from their
1 go ii littlo distance further on tho same
road ami 1 meet u maiden of Israel. She
lias no harp, hut she has cymbals. They
look as If they Imd rusted from sen spray,
and I say tolliu maiden of Israel, "Have
you no song for a tired pilgrim?" And
llko the clang of victors' shields tho cym
bals clap as Miriam begins to discourse,
"Slug yo to the I .old, for ho bus triumphed
gloriously: the horse ami tho rider bath lie
thrown Ir to the sea." Ami then I see n
white robed group. They come iMiuudiiig
toward me, ami I say, "Who aro they?
The happiest, nnd tho brightest, and the
fairest In nil heaven who nro they?" And
the answer comes. "These nre they who
came out of great tribulations, and had
their robes washed and made white with
the blood of the I Jimb,"
Tin-: iTiiMiNtra.
I pursue this subject only ono step far
ther. What Is tho terminus? 1 do not
care how One n road you may put mo on, 1
comes out. Aly
redeemed of tho
know what Zion
palace. It was
u mountain fastness. It was Impregnable.
1 And so he.iveti is tlio fastness of tho uni
verse. No how Itzer has long enough range
to shell those towers. Let all the bat-
terhsof earth mill hell blaze away; they
cannot break In those gates. Gibraltar
was taken; Schastopol was taken; Ilabylor.
fell: but those walls of heaven shall never
surrender either to human or saiaulc hi,
sht-.iniont. Tho Lord God Almighty Is
the di lento of it. Great capital of the
universe! Terminus of tho King's hlgh
wnyl Dr. Dick said that, among other things,
he thought In heaven wo should study
chemistry and geometry nnd conic sec
tir.ns. Southcy thought thnt lu heaven
he would h.ivo tho pleasure of seeing
I can, ' Chaucer and Shukcspeaie. Now, Dr.
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cssyouhecoinoiis'ii little child, you , Dlek niay havo his mathemntlcs for nil
at see tho kingdom of God." If yon eternity, and Southcy his S.iakespeare.
lived It will not Ih? as u philosopher, It I Wvo mo Christ and my old frlemls-thnt
one minute utter u man has become a child
of God he la tut safe us though lie had been
ten thousand years In heaven. He may
Is all tho l.cuvcu I want, thnt is hen von
enough for uio. O garden of light,
whose leuvca never wither, and whosp
fruits never fall! O luiuii.jt of God,
whoso s'wretta-hs never pnlls tho taste, and
whoso guest ure kings forever! O city
of light, whoso walls ure salvation, anil
whoso gates are pralsct O palace of rest,
where God Is the monarch and everlast
ing nges the length of bis reign! O song
louder than the surf beat of many water,
yet soft as the whisper of cherubim!
When my last wound is healed, when
tho bust heartbreak is ended, when the last
tear of earthly sorrow Is wiped away, and
when the redeemed of tho l.ord shall como
to Zlon, then let all the harpers take down
their harps, and alt the trim) peters tak.j
down their trumpets, and nil across heaven
1039 0 STRtFT
(through Omaha) i
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Th Dinin Cr mre an
new i4 eiefant the
terviee everybody knew$
U the beet in
the United State
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handsome Day Coaches,
best Jtectininy Chair Cars,
and the train is new and the
handsomest that runs from
Lincoln to Chicago (via Omaha,
If you want to be
convinced of this fact,
compare it with other
to-catted flrst-claM tines,
Tlclcets for sale by
CUy Janscnger Agent,
Jn the Hotel "Lincoln."
cf God, through fnltti unto complete sal
ration. Everlastingly safe.
Tho severest trial to which you can sub
ject a Christian man Is to kill him. and
that la glory. In other words, tho worst
thing that can happen a child of God In
heaven. Tho isxty is only tne oiu suppers
' 1..i l.n iliHtwi. uuMm Itint. tu.fnriiniittltiff nil
lug Joy upon their heads; they shall obtain j the sandals of light. Ills soul, you cannot
slip; ho may elide; he may stumble; but hs ( there bo chorus of morning stars, chorus
ennrot be destroyed. Kept by the power , of white robed victors, chorua of mnrtyrs
from under the throne, chorus of nges,
chorus of worlds, and thero bo but on)
song sung, uud but one name spoken, and
but one throuo honored that of Jesus
The ABVctitlon of Childhood.
Girls hnve their Ideals; thus much we
know, but the range of those avowed of
them is unrruw Indeed. While tho littlo
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Comprising: 300 Boxes of
Joy and gladness, ami sorrow nnd sighing ,jlllrt it, No Area can consumo It. No ' brother dreams of fire nnd pillage tho lit
limit ure nuiifi
I the District Court if Lancaster County
John Crater
Mernervy A. Crater.
Mer nervy A. Crater, non-resldeut defend
ant, you are hereby notified that on the 8th
day of September, I9W. John Crater tiled a
Ktltlon sgalnit you In the district court or
ncsttrr county. Nebraska, the object and
prayer or which was to obtain n divorce from
fou on I he ground Unit you havo been guilty
of extreme cruelty towards the plaintiff with
out any cauw or provocation on til part. I ou
ara required In answer snld petition on or be
fore Monday, the 101 h rtuy of Oetober. Itttl.
John ('hatch. Plaintiff,
fl-10-14 By Pound A liurr, hi Att'y.
To Hoffman L. lluth, non-resident defend
ant) Ymi are hereby notified that on Heplem
ber 6, tl. Martlnctle .. Kuh tiled a petition
acaltiM vnu In lho district court of l-ancssier
county. Neb., theobjret and prayer of which
la In obtain a dlvorc from you nn Hi ground
that you. bring of sufficient ability to piovlde
tillable maintenance for plslnilff, grossly
nd wanlonlv sod i-niellv refuied and nr-
teeted satodo, and thalynu have treated tho
Jilatntlffwlthextreine cruelty, nnd without
uatnamnd. scried tilaluilff In February. 1HBI.
Yen a re required inanswertatdpi-lliloutinor
before Monday, October 17. IBW- n
Mabt wnTTieZ. Push.
.te-U liy T. C. Mungor, Att'y.
First, this road of the text la tho king's
highway, lu the diligence you dash over
tho Heruard pass of thu, Alps, mile after
tulle, nml there Is not so much nsa pebble
to Jar the wheels. You go over bridges
which cross chasms that make you hold
sour breath, under projecting rock, alotif;
by dangerous precipices, through tunnels
nlrlp with the meltings of the glaciers,
11 ud perhaps for the first time learn the
majesty of a road built nnd supported by
I government authority, Well, my Lord
tho King decided to build a highway from
rarth to heaven. It should span all the
rhasms of human wretchedness; It should
tunnel all the mountains of earthly dim1
tulty; it should Ik wide enough nnd strong
t-uough to hold llfty thousand millions of
the human race, If so many of them should
over ho lioril. It should Imi blasted out of
'the "Hock tf Ages" and cemented with I
the blood of the Cross nnd Iw lifted amid
thfshoutltiKof angels nnd the execratiou
:of ilevIK
The King scut his Son to build that
'road. Ho put head and hand nnd heart
to it, and nftcr the road was completed
waved his blistered hand over the way,
cryiuc "It is finished!" Napoleon paid
llfteeti million francs for the building of
the Slmplon road, that his cannon might
l,o over for the devastation of Italy; but
our King, at n greater expense, has built
a 'road for a different purpose, that the
banners of Heavenly dominion might come
dowu over it, and nil the redeemed nf earth
travel up over it.
Being 11 king's highway, of course It in
well built. Bridges splendidly arched nml
buttressed have given way and crushed
the passengers who attempted to cross
them, But Christ the King would build
110 such thing as thnt. The work done, he
mounts the chariot of his love, ami multi
tudes mount with him, and he drives ou
and up the steep of heaven amid the plau
dits of ipuipg worldsl Tho work Is done
well done gloriously done magnificently
Still further, this raid spoken of Is a
1 lean roud. Many 11 lino road has become
miry and foul because It has not been prop-
rrly cured for, but my text says incuti
tleim shall 101 v.ul!; on this one. I loom
on either side to throw itwayyuiir "In.
Indeed If you want to curry them along
flood can drown It. No dovllscau cap
ture It.
Firm and unmoved aro they
Who rest their souls on God;
Fixed a tho grouud whoro David stood.
Or w hero tho ark abode.
His soul Is safe. HU reputation Is safe.
Everything Is safe. "But." you any. "sup
pate his store burns npf" Why, then, it
will only be a change of Investments from
earthly to heavenly securities. "But," you
.say, "suppose his nanio goes down under
the hoof of scorn and contempt'" Tho
I .,.... ...Ill lu. n iiiitnli lirlilititr tn irlnrv
,..,.1.1. ..... . .... ..n.a. B-USJ"
"Suppose his physical health falls?" Got)
will pour Into him tho floods of everlasting
health, nnd It will not make any difference.
Earthly subtraction Is heavenly addition.
The tears of earth nre tho crystals of
heaven. As they take rags and tatters nnd
put them through tho paper mill, nnd they
rnmo out beautiful whltu sheets of paper,
o often the rags of earthly destitution,
under the cylinders of death, como out n
white scroll upon which shall ho written
eternal emauclpath 1,
There was ono passage or bcrlpturu tho
force of which I never understood until
one day at Chamnunlx, with Mont Blanc
ou ono side ami .Moutanvent on tno other,
I npeiu-d my Bible and read, "As the
mountains are mound about Jerusalem,
to the l.ord is around about them that
four him." The surroundings were an
omnipotent commentary.
Thnuuh troubles ustnll, and dangers nlTrluht:
(hough frleuilt should nil rail mid roes all
Vet ono thing secure us, whatever betide,
the Scripture assure us lho Lord will provide.
Still further, the road spoken of Is n
pleasant road. God gives a bond of In
demnity against all evil to every man thut
trends It. "All things work together for
gissl to those who love God," No weapou
formed against them can prnper. I hat Is
(he bond, signed, sciilcd and delivered by
(he president of the universe. What In the
ns of your fretting, O child of God, alsnit
(oodf "Behold the fowls of the air: for
they sow not, neither do they leap, uor
gather Into Iwrns; yet your heavenly
father fiftieth them." And will he tako
rare of tho sparrow, will ho take care of thu
l.uwk, and let you tlh f What Is the uhoo(
tour fi ell lug about chillies "Consider
il.e lilies of the Held. Shall he net much
tie sister shall fancy herself a St. Eliza
beth, or n Mrs. Pry, or it may lie a heroine
of Miss Youge. Such mild nnd decoro'i
visions nre regarded rut characteristic! of
tho sex. But It is pretty certain that V.eals
lesH exulted nre now nml then not char
itably received alone, but excellently en
tertained. All theso nro affectations, but every ono
admits them to be natural. Youth bu.i
its privilege. Tho Pirate Chief may annoy
you with liis racket, tho Virgin Martyr
with her purple prayer book. But you
take them as family Incidents. The..
come other affectations, nnd these are not
Hccounted natural. But they are gener
ated by tho same Impulse. As the boy
grows older ho puts by tho pistol nnd the
Ho ceases to bo governed by tho Instincts
of Primeval Man, or at least by this par
ticular set of them, and if ho bo an artist
ho keeps them still young and writes you
Ids Treasure Islands and his Crusocs.
The Young Person lorgets Mrs. Fry. Un
consciously she learns to perceive that
sisters of charity aro out of date. Sho be
comes Uossettilled, she Glrtoniseth; sho
may even pine (with tho poor littlo maid
servant) to "run away and I hi 11 buttress,"
National Observer.
(Sorrespondsnce i labelle
n r f FRANCE
either Ruled or Plain, with latest shape Envelopes,
Alt-o 200 boxes of
In Plain or Ruled, with Envelopes same style ns LaBellc France Linen.
These nre offered
now at
rACIl Box contains n full quire of Paper, and
X, the same number of Envelopes, and they nre
just ns good ns what you usually pay 50 cents for.
This is a bargain worth looking into.
Wessel-Stevens Printing, Co.,
Courier Office, 1 1 84 N St.
Why the Atmosphere Dor Nut Hum.
It has beou stated before tho lloyal so
ciety, of Loudon, that thu only reason tho
earth has not long ago been deluged In a
tea of nitric acid Is that tho igniting Milnt
of nitrogen 1 1 higher than tho temperature
produced hy its combustion, and therefore
thellame Is not hot enough to set tiro to
the adjoining gas. Weru it not for thin
the llrst lightning Hash would probably
luivo II rod theulr, sciloiisly interfered with
the development of the world und Hindu
things generally uncomfortable, New
YorkJoun. I,
High I'rlrvd Work.
Lady What makes these fashion pub
lications so ci.stlyr
Dealer Tin- plates, madam; tho pic
tures, you know.
Lady Anylssly can draw hats anil
Dealer Ah, yes; but it takes u U"'"'
, rutlst to draw fans that will look well
I with them.-New York Weekly.
Gas or Gasoline
c yC ) hPi
Makes no smell or dirt.
For Simplicity it Heats tho World.
No Batteries or Electric Spark to
care for.
Just Unlit the Burner, turn the
Wheel, and It runs all day.
No double or false Explosions, fre
quent with the unreliable spark.
It runs with a cheaper grade of
Gasoline than nny other Engine.
Bind ron iLU'STiuTrn Peschiptivjs
Circular to
1'roprleton of tlio
Alantic-Faciuc Type Foundry,
No. 1013 HOWARD ST.
' a