Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 03, 1892, Image 8

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Jr .
r v
, -
Full Line of Summer
Corsets, Silk Mitts, vjfry
-; and Gauze y$
U ndcrwear i
r. styles
V" Handles in
1 Silk Sun Umbrellas
i and Wash Goods bn Sale
Tbo CoUHiin will not be reftpousihlo fur
any debt mado by nny one In Its name, un
m m written onlcr acconnianlc tho Minn,
Pattern Hats
Suitable for present wenr.
j Alio, something new In Traveling Hats,
A4S7W. P
Cer O and lath Stt. Opera Home Corner
. 1i Caurlar Can b ITouait At
Matsi Lincoln Newt Stand.
' Wtwtaor Hot) News Htand.
Capitol Motel Nawe kHand. ,
totf Dud Clear more, lutt O. Street ,
eWUYouns;, IW7 O Htreet. --.
num. Platotiar A Co.. 11M O H treat.
Moore's News Btand. Us South IHh Street,
Casino Clear more, Brace uioea, lain & u
Fall Hats
i a aj. Furnishing
:;:..' Goods
O Street
C Mal and Personal.
WblUswast CoaLand LJjBsrCompany.
L. larr, fr water, raenovsd to 1K) street.
Ms) HalTs new pWsnaoy I80S O street
Maw ideation, L. Barr, Jeweler, US3 O St.
Bisters, artistic
,4 iUm swat, OTar uorteyu
nit. ;M.
F f 'Mas. O. J. OollHMtta, modiste, Latt Block
MUlar rata. Tsk elevator.
K O Baking Powder, ohmm 36 cent.
j - atmcBBpawvaTi ibitw a? bvbi bi
fw&, Call wpkoaa 4i)T( and order ,yomr Sunday
1 o( the new BsaToa bakery.
Mies Ansa Dick. ModlaW.oor.ltth PU.
I "' oraf Lincoln Saving bask, entrance on P si
' Mann tHaU'a pharmacy atake a tpeclalty
ofpreecriptloa work. Call at 1300 U street.
tafrfcfcoewa.' t h -" -j ri
" ' - 4. v n in , i ,
Tka Wbttabreaat Coal and Llrae company
fa alwaya at the front rapplylng the flneat
. grade of all klnda of coal
Yftii cherry wine i the moat popular aunt"
ter drink In Lincoln. . Aak for It. Made by
Ltocoln Bottilrig Worka. Telephone 440.
When y outwent flrtt-ciata, pure and whol
aoeieiumBkT'drlnkiNfornflly uiecall up
. . , teJephoue 440, the Uncolu Bottling Vorka.
Ordera for piano tunlug left with Young
ai)d Elder, .206 aouth Eleventh rtreet, will
receive' prompt attention by 8. O. Quick.
If you watitaWrmadeto order a't reaa-1
- - enable nice are the new fall and winter
' aTVkaal tt aaaarf atlaiA bm Iia tuuf nilnaa
iaOhlo, JbataakjIUiaeta, MIaourly Colora
do and Wjeaalrig for aale by Geo. yA. Ray
mt. Telephone 880. Office 1134 O atreet.
jwwa w.t fitirviav vawa wmv aaitiini
If youknlU make Jta point never to get a
pkturaTraHM'intHlbu 'have aeefi'tba Liu-'
S arasfflSK
K C Baking Powder, 35 ouces 85 cent.
Absolutely Pure. Have you tried ltl
Why have your horses feet butchered, have
kaMkorsss and save them suffer! Take
hem to Charlie Blattery'a new shop, 416
Howtb Eleventh street, and such will never
Or, Farukam Cur
Consultation free. Medt
1st fawalahsd at oaVoa. Onto hours 10 to 13
k. a ttotp, a.,aad 1 to 9p.m. Sunday
,mJii..iIm..wwi.i.i . n
Mr. W. K. (lodHr vUltcd Chlcngo thla
MIm dene Wataon U vliltlng Umaha
Mr. llnrry Orr Ima returned from hl I'a
cilia coait Jnunt.
Mm. A. It. (larvcr Is vIMtlng with friend
nt Ilccnlunlcn, III.
Hev. K. II. Curtli Ima rctiirnod from hi
vnvntlon trip ivit.
Mr. J. II. Mnurltlua returnwl Hundny from
hla New York imrchnnhiK tour.
Hocml nlTnlra will tako tangible form for
tho winter ittvr the atato fair.
Mr, L. O. Hurr and family vUlted Uiimlin
thla week, returning yeatordny.
Mra. U. h. Mncfarlauo, lit 11 1 atrwt, U
entertaining MIm Nina llrown of I'eorla.
Hoclnl hnpplnliiga, oaldo from outing mr
tlca, will be very acari-o during fair week.
Mra. Dr. Lntta and daughter Olive aro via-
Itlng Judge Mnxwell'a family at Frumnnt.
Mr. and Mr. L. Kroner are the happy
pnrcntJi of a now baby that arrived Tuomlny.
MIm draco IIunMngton of Chicago l Ik
Ing entertained at tho homo of Mra. Crau
dall. After fair week, it la aald aoveral couplea
will take tlmo to llguro on a few priwpeclivo
Prof. K. T. -Hartley vialted Do Molnea
Thurmlay In the Interest of Nobtnaka'a world'
full- exhibit.
Mr. and Mra. F. J. Hlckey have been en
tei Mining Mr. J. F. Kelfer and wlfo of Peo
ria thla week.
Mr. F. E. Woodruff relumed to Lincoln
Tueeday to take charge of the new Lludell
hotel dining hall.
Mr. L. Loonlo aud daughUir left Sunday
for Indlanapolla, and In conaequeuco Ijirry
la 'batching it."
MIm Mlua Drown of Peom, III., Is visiting
In tlio city, tho guwtof Mrs. F. L. Macfur
Ian, litil P Htreot.
Mr. and Mra. F. M. Unit are at home once
more after a mouth' delightful outing at
Bprlng Uke, N. Y.
Mr. and Mr. M, A. Warren, nftor a two
mouth' ti lp through the great iiorthwwt, re
turned homo Tuetwlay,
Malinger Martllug of the. Fuuko returned
Monday fit m Atchlnou amlhaa juTiimnently
caat hla lot among us.
Ml Addle Love, having completed her
visit with tho family of Col. C. Y. 1mg, re
turned to Peoria Monday.
J, W. Deweeee aud daughter, Mis Lena,
after. two moutha delightful tour of Ku-
roper !retumed lipnio Hunday.
k'Mrf W. E, Clarke hua been nulto 111 mid on
TneadVAwa removfri to hi homo in Umalia.
Typhoid fever Wwtld to be the UlueM.
Profa. Leva and Caldwell, together with
their party of unlveralty atudeuu, who Have
been tout Ing Europe, are expected homo to
day. Mr. C. E. Magooq la entertaining Dr. and
Mra, W. II. Grant of Oatipee, N. H at hi
Iraana, 1400 D trat,kke, 'flatter, being his
lafiteV. ,r'
Messrs. l'u Claik anil John Mookett, Jr.,
left Wedueaday for the North PJatte hunting
ground on a shooting expedition of a week
or mora.
Mr. Harry Irvine came down from Omaha
Monday to become a full fledged Llncolnlte,
and ha since been working with hu new or
chestra. Meaara. A. E. Keuard and Chaa M. Keefer
together with their betterhaWea spent last
Suuday with Mr. and .Mra. A. P. Fair at
Seward.- ' '"
Last night and tonight are really Lincoln
nlghu nt PompelL Next week the orowda
will be ao large aa to maka It uncomfortable
Go tonight. ,
Mr. John Doollttle leavea tomorrow for
Chicago, where he will permanently locate,
Mra. Doollttle will leave a week later td join
her husband.
Col. Albert Ehrllch, accompanied by .his
brotLar-LoutaQtfltuJ.SPhj arrived yester
day from St. Joseph to visit their eutyer, Mra.
L. Weasel, Jr.
Rev, Llndahl of Fremont will All the va
cancy recently niade by the resignation of
Rev. Eckstrom in the Swedish Lutheran
church of thla city.
Mr. Fri'ta Weatermann returned Wednes
day from the east attar an abaatwe of six
weeks, daring which time he sojourned In
Michigan and Illlnole. ,
Mr. Ltute Mever baa returned from the
Mit and aa a result the clerks are kept busy
these dava opening huge boxes of. new goods
that are dally aiTlvlog. jf
Hon. John Fltsgerald and party, who have
been touring Europe, aat sail for America
Wednesday and wlllpfObaWy .arrive home
the latter part of nejt week
Thb Cooribe want a reporter to do nod
dy work; on with experience preferable.
Apply by letter to the editor, stating partic
ular, salary expecthd, etc. j
;ThoMWea Lena, Clara-.and Horw Brady
returned last Saturday from a most enjoy
able visit to Denver, Salt Lake and 'various
mountain resorts of Interest.
Mr. Nate Sulzberger of Keokuk, la., aud
MUs Dora Hhott of St. 'Joseph arrived yester
day from the latter city to visit Mr. and Mr.
L. M. Colin for a week or more. (
After Monday, 8epternber 5th, Drt Ruth
M. Wood will occupy one of those hanjdsome
ulUof rooms' In the Brace, block-corner
Fifteenth and O street, aa her Office,
Mr. F. Gay wood of Glen wood, la., la visit
ing her son, Mr. George Macfarland, 1331 P
atreet. Mrs. Gaywood admires Lincoln aud
iwIU remain until after the big ttateialr.
I MUaSManl returned W UacolnTusUay.
During hsr" three months absent Mt visited
f rlenda lu KatuMU,-ana vlwa...ttie.DAUie
and wonder of the Rocky Mountain region.
Mr. William Deveraux, one of Lincoln1
first lettler anLtllL m e xteoslv property
uwncr, uu liyir -w-ITBUtm w un.muu
rlter for
the Evening AVits, attended th O. A. R. re
union and the meeting of the state league Of
republican clubs thla week at Grand ialand.
Mr. James B. Hall, father of Messrs.
Charles and Harry Hall, while returning
from church Sunday was stricken with par
alysis, affecting one entire aide of the body.
Medical assistance waa summoned and the
old gentleman la doing aa well as might be
expected under the circumstance. It was a
sad misfortune and the many friends of the
young nun wlh for their father a perma
nent and speedy recovery.
Mrs. J. II. McMurtry has returned from
her eastern visit.
Our literary department today sjxak for
Ittiolf and will prove Interesting reading.
Hee page four.
Ilariium & llallny have a beautiful largo
announcement of their circus lnthls Ismio for
your (leruMl, Ixiok It up,
Mr. Frank Heacrlst, a former Lmrolnlto,
but for a number of yeaia past an Omaha
resident, Uko hundreds of otkors, ha re
turned to his first and only truo love. Ho Is
once mot e with 11. H. NMoy &, Co.
Mr. Will L. Pickett, who left hero about a
year ago to take up hi homo In Lyons, Colo,,
has returned with his family to again make
I.lucnluhls homo. Ilehasresiimnl his former
duties In the 11. & M. freight olllce.
Mr. A. T. Heed of Hooding. Pa., hns been
visiting In Lincoln long enough to become
one of Its ninny admirers and hai concluded
to embark In the merchant tailoring line
here. Ho has tented the store room, 1003 P
street, and will noon bo ready for busluoxs,
Mr. W. M. Oyler had tho honor and do
llghtful pleasure of entertaining his four
brothel s this week, It being the. flint tlmo
since Ipiyhood that they had nil met to
gether. It was a Jolly visit ntul a louiilon
that either one enjoyed more than the other.
Irvine's new orchestra was formed this
week ami active work on rehearsals will lie
constantly in order no v. Engagement1 for
concerts, i eceptious, dancing nnd all other
occasion i entitling llrst-clasH music, can
now bo mndo with the clerk at the Couiuicil
Mix llotsle Mahonov entertained a Inrgo
number of young friends at hor home, I'iiSH
street, Tuewlay afternoon and evening, the
occasion being the Twelfth birthday of tho
oung hostess. Came and refreshment
were features of the program of entertain
ment. Poniiell pnrtlos will bo all tho go next
week. The private boxee at such low prices
will bo sulllcient inducement to the young
folks to make up a group nnd go together.
It's much nicer than going In nnd taking
your chances on a sent nnd thou getting
A sunflower social was given Wednesday
evening at the M, E- church, corner Six
teenth and A streets, In which a number of
little girls appealed nttlred In driMses with
giinllowers us trimming. The ntTuli' was
given to rnlse a fund for n little crippled girl
and nearly ten dollars was realized,
Saturday evening last Mr.Cllutou Andrus,
formerly of Lincoln but now of Holdiege,
was united In the holy bonds of mati imony
with Miss Minnie Franklin of this city, After
tho ceremony the young couple went on n
short wedding tour, after which they will bo
at home to their friends nt Holdrege, "hero
tho groom is engaged in the B. & M. land
The CouittEii Is In receipt of nn invitation
to attend the marriage ceremony of Mks
Lewis Clark, daughter of Hon. nnd Mis. L.
C. Pace, and Mr.Mnrk White Woods, Satur
day evening next nt the family residence,
S5I0N street. After tho wedding n bridal
trip will bo mado east and the happy, couple
wJll bo nt homo after October UOtli at 337
South Twenty-sixth street.
Tueedny evening a Jolly crowd of young
people enjoyed n picnic at Lincoln park. It
was a leap year affair and given' in honor of
MIm Howlnnd of Sewnrd. The party was
chaperoned by Mr. and Mr. A. E. Scott and
the. young ladle who participated were
MisseH Cora Talbot, Margurlte English,
Grace Perkins, Efllo Steen, Mablo Long,
Minnie Depue, Anna Howland of Seward.
The young gentlemeu favored were It, B.
Wilson, Meade, Bert Howie, Georgo Covert,
Griffith and Meissuer.
Last season nt nearly all the card parties
given in Lincoln the score cards used were
furnished by Tiik Courich. They were or
Iglnal In design and, a everyone knows,
were very-popular. Wo have just produced
an entirely now pattern which, pre
decessor, la arttstto' in appearance, entirely
original and will prove even more popular
than thoso heretofore sold by us. There Is
twice aa much work on theae cards, but the
price will remain the aame, via. 15 cents per
dozen; with cord and taeaol, !!5 cents.
Mr. Will O'Shea, Jr., LInaoln'e popplar
coroetiat, who represents the Interests of
Curtis & Co. on the road, gave his friends a
pleasant surprise Thursday when he Intro
duced, them to hla wife, an accomplished
vounir lady of Geneva, whose former name
was Miss Bertie Kennedy. The wedding
took Dlace Tuesday at the home of the
bride's parents in Geneva, the affair being
witnessed only by intimate relatives of the
contracting parthe. Mr. and Mrs. O'Shea
are now at home at 030 South Eighteenth
Professor Easterday held the annual music
ale with hla pupils at his home Saturday
afternoon. An extended program was given,
refreshment were aerved, 'and a delightful
time was enjoyed, Those present were Misses
Alice White, Minnie Miller, uiancne km
more, Vera Jennings, Ella Hunger, Ollle
Btate. Pauline Meyer, Ada Carper Flor
ence Spurheck, Agnes, Maggie 'and Mary
Mortimer, Lula Quay, Alice Jorstead, Nellie
Madden, Katie Carreth, Minnie Johnson,
Ellle Pieraon," Mary and Berllja DuTlel, Han
nah and Lenore Dvhl, Mary Beach, 'Minnie
McClay, Jeasle Decker, Nona 'Prey; Lucy
McCarger, Edith Young, and Masters. Max
Meyers, Herbert States, Elmer Holbln, Joe
Madden, George 8mawley, and Mr.' Andcr
son, Ktiotz, Boetcher, Lockwood aud Hnyen.
Mra, Dr. Appelget entertained a pleasant
Catherine of frleuda at her home, Twelfth
and O street. Thursday evening in honor of
Mrs. John Doollttle, who has decided to leave I
Lincoln to take up her residence In Chicago.
The 'company compleed an even dozen and
a mora congenial or pleasauter assembly It
would be difficult to congiegate. The even
ing was aeiiguuuiiy coot ami mo uxvuhu
was taken up(in that pifnce of card game,
whist. Elegant lefreshmenta assisted to
make up a most pleasant affair, ami the af-,
fable hoatesa aa 'usual distinguished herself
aaa royal entertainer. Those In .the party
were Meaara. and Metdamts John Doollttle,
J..H. Horley, I. H; Raymond, N.O. Brock,
E. S. Hawley. N. C. Abbott. Care Funke .'
A,.,Bucketaff,:RM;,Vrry, John-' B! Wrlglny
a a n... ,., ...i v ii a.,.1...' .ll'-l
u, u,uMvni,.wf4.,uk;ifrK'Br!rrf ij.
'exx- ... i .i ., w -Warrr. , ' r. xm i" .l ' ' -1
Last woek St. Joseph loit its educt tlonal
head. This week Omaha done Lincoln a si in
liar turn In permitting Prof. Richardson to
move to the capital city. Ho arrived Wed
nesday. Juvenile society enjoyed another treat this
week. It was one of thore delightful affairs
that are given In celebration of an anulver
sary of soma bright youth, and if tho oldor
folks find ns much real, unpretentious enjoy
ment In their big artles as the little ones find
In their gatherings, then certainly do they
view life as doubly worth living. Thursday
evening from five to eight Master Ralph
Clayton Allen was at home to his many
young friends nt the parental home, Hon.
and Mra. J. C. Allen, 1 31 II K street. Tho
beautiful lawn was handsotiioly arranged and
decorated for the occasion, Chinese lanterns
shedding light and lending charm to the
scene. Various games were played and
everything conducive to the comfort nnd
happiness of tho inrty was at hand. Prizes
were offered for pinning on tho elephant's
trunk aud Miss May Ti avis secured first prize,
and Mis Mlgnon Trlckey booby prize. Re
freshments wero duly relished nnd when
eight o'clock m rived the llttlo onos, tired but
still jjvial were taken to their own home,
swoet homo, having enjoyed another occasion
that will long remain green In their lives,
that are just beginning. Mrs. Allen was as
sisted In entertaining by the Misses Cora
Oiitcult, Delia Scofleld aud Nellie Hronson.
Following wero the participants: Mlgnon
Trlckey, Jim Campbell, May Travis, Helen
Laws, Lillian Shaw, Pfera Baldwin, Maud
Dllwoi tli of Hustings, Pussio Burkett, Lou
eiuu Hoover, Dick Outcalt, Newton Caiupbel
Lovntor Tlminiwon, Irving Motonlt, Gales
burg, HI., Alice Loriug, Joe Rullard of Oma
ha, Iliiidett Sohus, Herbert Heachloy, Ralph
Howard, Paul Humphrey, Frank Johnson,
Vinda Hudson, Luotto Keith, Charlie Protz
man, Miss Irene Johnson of Hastings.
The leap-year pai ty given In the elegant
pm lorn or Mr. uud Mrs. Clint lea Slattory on
Inst Monday evening was a grand success In
every way. Tho Invitations sent to the tim
id bo)s read thus:
''The twenty-ninth will bo Monday night;
A leap-year party we think quite right,
Aud you with plcusure wo Invito.
Will call at eight; al twelve take might;
An early reply will bo our delight."
Many witty icplles were received, such ns
the following:
"Yottrlnvitntlon so clover
I accept with pleasure;
Monday evening Just utelght
At tho house I wilt wait
For tho lady who w 111 c .11
And take mo to the banquet hall."
About twenty attended. Tho fair ones en
tertained their timid g ueets handsomely and
tho boys w ere delighted to think that It did not
cost them one cent. Promptly at eight tho
ladles in full evening attire, called with n
coach.ufour for the boys. The chief amuse
ment of the evening was high five. Mr.
Charles Jeckolls carried off first prire which
was a book of Hoylb's Games, and Miss Kate
McClay secured the booby prize, w hlch was
a lieu. The house was Illuminated with Jap
anese Innterns and profusely decorated with
tmillax and roses. At half-uast eleven delic
ious refreshments wore served, after which
the guests took flight.
Mr. Archie Ensign, on the arm of Miss
Hatch, marched to the table in usual non
chalant nnd debonair maimer. He was
dresxed In sack coat with trousers and vest of
the same, a turned down collar and his hair
parted tastefully on tho side.
Charlie Taylor wore a cutaway coat, wltlto
vest, white shirt, dark trousers and corsage
bouquet of yellow roses.
Jake North wore u black cutaway suit and
his liulr pompadour, with whisker to match
red flower ornaments.
Charles Jeckell was attired In brocade
waist coat, a black French worsted Prince
Albert trimmed with braid, trousers and (lat
ent leather to match, and diamond orna
ments. F. L. Castor was clothed in a brown study
and a suit of black . Had bis hair cut.
Alex Cheuoy wore a double-breasted,
square -cornered sack suit of black with a
white crochted necktie and black stockings.
John Hatch waa charming In patent leath
ers, mustache, and Bmlle to match.' He left
hU laugh In Omaha.
Ed Bing wore a mack frock, white tie, and
Will Jeckell wore a claw-hammer with all
the accessories pertaining thereto. Pearl or
naments. Arthur North looked beautiful in a suit of
gray aud trousers cut in twain. White
Charles Slattery waa graced in a beautiful
suit of black. Flowers.
MIm Emma North waa attired in a becom
ing mlt of tan.
Miss Grace Stewart waa dressed in a cream
cashmere with lace and rosea.
Miss Lou Hatch, cream mull, flower orna
MIm Emma Blng, brown lansdown and
Miss Kate McClay was gowned in margu
ilto costume of cream, flowers and slippers
to match.
1 Mis Mae Thompson, black silk, old roue
chiffon trimmings.
Mr. Ida Peters, brown satin, irrldescent
trimmings, coraage bouquet,
Miss Laura Taylor, cteam costume, lace
trimmings and flowers.
Miss Irene Jameswhlte nun's veiling, slip
pers to match; v ,
(Mrs. Slattery, black silk, pink corage bou
quet. Miss1 Hatch, becoming suit of gray.
. ; Wanted. i
We wont many more rooms for
teachers and , students, both furnished and
unfurnished rooms and bouses;, we will want
thein September 13, l$03;,calLnt oqcf at the
offiod of the Western formal uoiiege, rooms
1111 and 11 9 Brace building, and give loca
tion of houao and poms, and prices asked
for same, ' 0-t-tf.
, o .JJotlca o JlMjiiclns; Club.
1 The dancing pavilion at Burlington Beach
u now ready for the public. Every Monday,'
Thursday and Satuidry evening thore will
be a public dance. On . other evenings'the
floor w(ll W retained for thtf use of private
clubs. No; dancing on Sunday.' ' ' '
GcoKUftf A. Sfkncer, Manager'
,u 4 u-.iujI
,.Aroher,,d4ntUi, Braoe-blocXy over 1 March
$uu Bank
,. i J .w, .....!. u.i
1 tel. -. , ,.
Tax. 2W.
ftorten year of actlvo work with tho Musical Union Orchestra,
of Omaha, us Director, during which tlmo tho above Orchestra fur
nished miisla for all tho prominent vvoutssoclcnll ', theatrically, etc.
I romo to Lincoln to oiikhko personally In Orchestra business, feeling
conftilont that I can furnish Its citizens with tho best of music nt any
nnd all times. For terms and Information, call nt oftlco of UAl'iTAi,
CITY Count kii, 11.14 N strcot, or Telephone 25.1. '
Wc can point with pardonable pride to our as-,
sortment of Decorated Vase and Library Lamps.
We have eclipsed all previous efforts and offer to ,
our customers a large and desirable line of Beautiful
Lamps, Decorated Vase Lamps, Shade and Fount
to match, largest burner No. 3 $1.39. all nice new
decorations. A beauty at $1.59 and so on up to
Our Millinery Dept. is crowded with all the New
est Novelties.
See those Knox Sailors, Corduroy Brim, and
Hatters Plush Crowns, $1.69. Sold everywhere for -$2.00.
Full line of Toys, Dolls, Games, etc. All new goods
1 124 O Street.
The State
Display -p . r;
is a r cii-iurc )
1 .i
" ,: When compared with the Display of ;
New Furniture
That has just been received for the Fall Trade at
Hardware and Furniture Leaders, :
, 1118 to 1124 N Street.
-; in
THE Summer season i's her.e and we've got too many hats,
bonnets and flowers on hand. If you want anything in
"tKatr line, conie 'jn :ahd vc'Jl guarantee prices will be
i .1 ,.j ,
' t
1 , i t '-.
Step in and seefor ) ourself. All the latest goods at sacrt
fice bargains.
1211 O Street. THE LEADER
roa oONCtHTS
DANOtS, 110,
Fair .'-
pin , '
., : )'. irrt . 1 1
; i i.i i 1 '.'f