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A-PoFfcllAR' PAPER 'orAXopcRfi .JIMES
Vot. T No. 3Q
A promlneut movement ha develood
among local wheelmen for the organization
of n wheel club in Lincoln. In the. old day
when there were scarcely moro than n scoro
of blcyclo riders in the city thorn win surh
an organization in existence, but In duo lima
it declined through mismanagement or lack
of management, and at length gave up tho
ghost. Thero aro now between 500 and TOO
wheels owned In Lincoln, probably u fifth of
them being used by ladles. J. K. Howo of
tho Journal has inaugurated a movemont
for tho organization of it wheel club and Is
meeting with enthusiastic encouragement
among wheelmen. About soventy-ilvo have
tlgniflf-d their deslro to become members. It
Is proposed to rent n cottngo somowhoro on a
paved street, wherein rooms can bo estab
lished to bo frequented by wheelmen from
early morning until a reasonable hour ut
night, where luncheon can bo secured and
other comforts ufforded, It Is proK)8cd to
extend tho privileges of tho club rooms to
ladles during specified days In thu week, It
is hoped that deflnito arrangements may bo
effected for tho organization in timo to er
mit its members to glvo n wheelmen's pu
rado during tho state fair.
Tho sanitary commission, which recently
levied a four mill tax to be applied to tho
straightening ot Salt Creek, appears to havo
fallen into a deep and abiding sleep. Them
Is no reason why tho work proposed should
not begin at once, as the commission can now
raise tho money ft needs simply by issuing
its warrauts. If any work Is to bo done in
that direction soon, a most favorable season
is at hand for Its accomplishment, itud peo
plo who uro called iioii to pay tho tax levied
will bo more gratified to sou it utilized than
to realize that it may accumulate where somo
public olllclal may enjoy n fat rato of Inter.
est upon it as a loan to some banking insti
tution. This sanitary commission has exhlb
ited a desire to seo some work done toward
straighteiilng Salt creek, even when citizens
were apparently not nt all anxious. Now
that tho levy has been modo, it is tho citizens
who oro likely to bo anxious, and tho com
missioners may reasonably expect to bo
punched up occasionally.
The folding bed, which has made such rap
id strides Into impular favor during tho past
four or flvo years, is not without its draw
backs and disadvantages, especially In the
hotels. W hen not in use it would be difficult
to recognize in some of these modern designs
anything upon which tired humanity might
find rest. One day last week n guest at tho
Capital was shown to his room by a bell-bey,
who carefully unfolded tho beds, of which
there were two in tho room, for tho use of
the rural stranger. The next evening the
guest, when ho f ecured his key, remarked
that tut knew the room and need not be
shown up. In due time, however, he pre
sented himself again to the clerk, and it was
at once apparent front his looks that he was
out of humor. This is nothing surpriribg,
however, to a hotel clerk, but when the guest
assigned his reason tho clerk' was not only
surprised, but upon reflection considerably
"Didn't I pay you for a bed!" queried the
"You certainly did," was tho reply.
"Well, what do you mean) Last night
there were two beds in my room, Tonight
I find that both beds have been removed and
two organs put in."
That guest will never relate how inconceiv
ably little he felt when the bell-boy accom
panied him again to the room and unfolded
for hi m one of the "organs" as a fountain of
tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep.
Beginning Monday next the most success
ful and largely attended state fair.eyer held
in Nebraska .will be witnessed in tills city.
Secretary Furnas and his corps of trained
assistants, who have been holding forth in
offices at tho Hotel Lincoln, havo never ex
perienced an) thing like the deluge of entiles
that has ktpt them working night and day
during the past week. Aud this in Bplte of
the fact that there have been no sensational
attractions advertised. Outsldo of tho novel
exhibit! ons by the re-uniop of state hands
and tho 10,000 to be distributed in speed
purses, tlime are absolutely no novelties, ex
cepting tlja fttst Days of ' PoniiKill," which
is in rio wntfconnecfaU with the fair. Hut
the entries in nil lines, agricultural, mechan
ical, artistic ahd otherwise, have swelled In
to uuex)cted proportions, ami with fair
weather theio can be no doubting that the
attendanco will keep pace. The effort made
to secure tome sensational specimen of turf
royalty for exhibition on the track during
the fair has developed one fact that Is thnt
no really fine horse can be shown the people
of the state on the state fair grounds uiitll
tho exposition association puts In it good mile
I t r
The jst pol
itlcal state Convention for the
asnpalgn whs'tMklin this city
last Tuesday, 'when the democrats nominated
a ticket that preseuts iuuy elements or
strength that are uot to bo ignored. Even
republicans nfiiiwssj.. party fealty. concede
RonJ.Btillnf; Morton of AiWjfodgeJj
LHUi, 414 IB.lltiiJpl uv,f
mum I ui in iiuiiiu nenr
.NebrasluuCltY. -He Is a .pioneer, both us a
. citizen and fpiillUclae;aUfc man of great
menttU jwrts nud undoubted honesty mid hi-
Jtegnty W Ithal he is tin orator and debater
of forco a lid eloquence. Ho is backed by a
ticket that it not calculated to win the nip
port of thu American Protective Association,
which is opposed to foielgueis and Catholics,
but It will meet with favor among foreigners
generally. Samuel N, Wolbach of Unmet
Island, tho nominee for lieutenant governor,
is an American bom Jew. Frank N. Crow
of Hastings, for secretary of state, Is a trav
elling man in tho employ of the McCurmlck
Implement company. Ills nationality has
not been leu I lied. 1. F. O'Sulllvuti of i'er
Point, for auditor, Is a newspaper mill whoso
nationality Is Indicated In his namo. Iho
candidate for stato treasurer, Andrew Heck
man of Hurt county, is a wealthy Scandina
vian farmor. Matt Goring of Plnttsinouth,
candidate for attornoy general, is a bright
young German of fluo legal education. One
of the candidates for elector at largo Is Col.
X. Plosckl ot St. I'aul, a l'ollsh exile aud ex
army officer. As far as learned tho remain
der of tho candidates are Americans, but tho
nlnive variety promises to rally several na
tionalities to the support ot the ticket in view
of tho threatening strength ot tho A. P. A.
In politics. And with Morton and Bryan In
tho field the democrats will persist in believ
ing their party in it until tho votes aro count
oil, at least.
Now that the Hock Island trains will prob
ably soon bo thundering ucross O street nt
Twentieth, tho beauty and efficacy of that
thoroughfare as a drive is soon to lie a thing
ot tho past. Tho query naturally arises,
what do the people propose to do to atone
for tho loss? Out O stroot, down Twenty-
seventh to II and back: to tho city over pave
ments has been a xpular and pleasant drive.
Hereafter tho drive must lie in South Lin
coln to bo a safe one, and it is suggested that
Kleventh and Seventeenth streets should bo
paved to South street nml there connected.
This would make n pleasant drive until somo
railroad wanted to cross that end of town,
aud then eople could go In tho country for
Hon. Loulo Meyer has evinced considera
ble anxiety lest tho cholera, now ravaging
noi them Europe, might secure a footholl In
America and extend us far west as Nebraska,
His fears have been fruitful of ono good re
sult. He has succeeded in tmpressing Mayor
Weir with a conviction that the city needs
cleuslng. That olllclal issued his proclama
tion on Tuesday calling attention to tho ac
cumulations of filth in alleys and other de
positaries, und giving tho people just ilvo
days in which to abate all violations of sani
tary regulations. If any of Tub Coukiku'h
readers nro harboring refuse about their
premises they may save embarrassment and
unnecessary expense by cleaning it nwny at
once. Meantime there is little necessity of
becoming frightened over thu likelihood of
cholera in this section, hut it will hurt noth
ing to guard against it. It is probable that
tho authorities will uot permit any ono to
pass the American ports who would bo likely
to expose tho country to infection or conta
gion. Tho Clinton (la.) Dully Agt, reforrlng to
the wedding of Mr. Henry H. Koker ot this
city nnd Miss Lillian Hunting ot Clinton,
says: "Ah midsummer was merging Into that
pleasautest of seasons, tho golden autumn,
which gives ripened fulfillment of springtime
promises, how fitting that the promises of
youth should bo fulfilled with tho solemn and
budding wedding promises. Thus were the
promises of Mr. Henry It. Eckor ot Lincoln,
Neb., fulfilled with Miss Lillian Tenbroeck,
only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hunt
ing, the ceremony occurring Wednesday
evening, at their well known Second avenue
home, amid the presence of a largo number
ot the friends of tho family, as well as somo
of those of the groom, who had reached tho
city in response to pretty wedding invita
tions. Tlie bride was charmingly attired in
pale bluo crystal silk, cut round neck and
pointed train. It was handsomely trimmed
with laco aud a lover's knot gave grace and
finish to the back. The bride carried a hand
ome white ostrich fan and wore blue kid
gloves and slippers. She has been compli
mented many times In social circles for her
beauty and accomplishments, yet she never
looked more lovely than last evening. The
bridesmaid was costumed in cream silk, V
front and back, round train and trimmed
with French lace. A beautiful laUy, she
never looked prettier, and many admiring
eyes were bent on the two different types of
When all had extended their well-wishes
and departed, busy preparations were
made for Mr. aud Mrs. Ecker to
take the early train for Chicago. A f ter vis
iting briefly there they' go to Milwaukee by
steamer, then to Cblppewu Frits, where they
will spend a -week or two In this pretty
northern resort enjoying all tho pleasures
the country place will afford. From there
t)iey go to Mlnnetonka, Minnehaha, Minne
apolis, St, I'aul, Omaha and then to Lincoln,
where they will be at homo after September
10th. Tho bride needs no introduction in
Clinton, where she has lived since childhood,
ami where she has beau a recognized star In
her social circle since entering society. . The
groom is a stranger In Clinton. He has spent
several years of his lite in Lincoln, Neb.,
where ho is engaged In mercantile pursuits,
lielng tho junior mctnbur of tho firm ot Wit
son Si Ecker, druggists. The Aye can but
add Us earnest wishes with many other
friends, that in life's sunset glow their
thoughts may return to youth and its bright
prospects, knowing that ull had been ful
filled." y
' ! 1
-J. v- .
The Western Normal College Will Open
uii Hcliedulu Time,
In tltfse times nothing seems toho wonder
llll Ullll BUlll IVVS.1 IdMlUVillKIWI virjlltai urn
We stop to reflect and tnjnk o the rapidity
Willi wmcil mo m esivrii nm nun uoiiegu was
reorganized here, tho building put up aud its
ru-establislmifl'ut elfecieilr -Less' than five
months ago think kit the brief spore of time
uot u bi ick had been laid. .Today the mou
strous structuiois completed, " TliollrUnrk
was done on the building April 15th and by
Scptomlicr Kith tho school will bo In 'com
plete i mining order and tho work of Instruc
tion commenced. Only those of our citizens
that have lieen out lo Hawthorn, the pretty
suburb, and seen tho great building us it pro
gressed can appreclatu tho enormous extent
ot thu work and tho great undertaking it was
to havo it completed in duo season, lint it's
done, ready for Its misdoii, and standi us a
monument of what modern labor bucked by
Lincoln, Nubraska, Satukday, Skpticmuicu O, IS02.
Lincoln capital and onterprlso can do In this
llttlo'world of ours.
Aud this Is not nil. While the builders
havo been at work on the college other Im
provements have llkewiso been progressing,
A street car lino Is now being completed and
ero another week rolls by tho electrlo motor
will propel handsome passenger coaches to
and from tho now centre of education. And
yet this Is uot all, for tho telegraph ticker nnd
tho hello telephone nroatsoon the ground and
ready for servlco. In fact, they hivo already
been In net! vo operation and much to their
credit, may It bo said, Is duo thu faithful per
formance ot the builders' contra 1
The furniture has nil arrived aud Is now
lielng placed In position, tho cookery depart
ment Is on hand and in fact every facility Is
moving right into placo, easy, systematically
and correctly.
An liuK)rtnut study nt tho college will Ihi
tho art of typography and printing,
AsssssBsssssssEh9v4bbbbEVHT' pM
' 'BBk-
and it will bo the only place In the
west where this interesting branch ut work
will be successfully Instructed. Complete
printing office utensils and accessories used
in "the art preservative" has been recnlred
and the school will soon turn out aitlst
printers and learned editors by the score.
We might continue giving a list of goods for
various departments that have arrived, but
it would consume too piuch. of both your and
our valuable time, likewise, which to
say the least is very valuablo these ityte fair
It would, however, be a dire negligence
were we to close this article without chrjii
Icllng the fact that nearly all the teachers
are here and nave already repotted for duty.
Scholars, also, numbering 131, have regis
tered thus far ahead anil students continue
to arrive from all parts of these great United
States. An inspection of the roll shows over
1,000 names and their homes represent states
and territories east, west, north and south.
Everything Is about lit rtadluesi for tho
grand qjienlng of tho great Wesbiru Normal
and certainly no institution in tho universe
ever opened its doors with brighter pros
pects. And it might be added has any bus
iness enterprise ever been started that de
serves it morel
A Iliuh Previous to l"nlr Weuk.
The )ast week has been n busy ono at
lule Meyac& Co.'s popular store. State
fair orders aud seekers for state fair supplies
havo crowded in on tho largo force of gentle
manly clerks until the place was a veritible
Jieehlve. Low prices and goods always as
represented Is what counts in the long run
and thus the trade becomes accustomed to the
methods of L. Meyer & Co.'s dealings They
seldom even ask the price of goods anymore,
knowing by past expeilence that tho firm has
but one price aud that the lowest; that a
man buys no cheaper than a child and there
fore all get the same treatment. You never
hoar ot anything stale, or impurec coming
from Meyer's groery departmentno, thoy
sell too many goods for that. Fresh goods
constantly take tho place of those sold, mid
It don't pay to pan off impure edibles on
first-class trade. You'll probably Umve a
number of giio-ts ab uit ymir festive board
during fair week why dot go to Meyer's
this evening or first thing .Moil Uy and lay in
a supply for the week lieforoi the grout ruili
of next week coinin.-hcoW
' j i - rilf . ,.
1 lleuiitlfiil Kail Wrap;
No stole III Lincoln Ins the display of fall
cluuks and wrap to compare with that no
being slmwn by the li izir, Their 1 1 no la uuw
ull in uiideiiibi-MCMiill the very latest yf thu
new seitsouiucludiug a uuukbar for genuine
novelties that can nowhero elsj tu found, N 3
lady can alfuid to buy a clotk without first
visiting the llizar. Tnoir reputation for low
prices and as le.i lers of the fashion has lo.u
since tieeil established,
It Is a noticeable fact that Cwk llulley
Uiocery Co, is dally becoming he.idqu.irters
for flue tens, colfees and spices.
Hpcclal Uouuir.ii Correspondence.)
Nkw, Aug!!?, 18W. In splto of tho
fact that tho dally paiers nro filled with
scareheads of battles aud lookouts and strikes
which mnko It apcar as If the country was
ngalu distressed with wnr.tho happy metrop
olis bloomed out on Monday evening with
four new plays and tho theatres have Wen
well attended by tho multitude that have
como back from woodland nnd seaside, to
swelter In tho tail-end of thu heated season.
Thu most pronounced popular success was
no doubt achieved by Miss ICatio Emmett, n
In Ightfaced magnetlu lady uf very ngrccahlo
IMirmimllty, who at oucu danced and sang
herself into Immense metropolitan favor In a
new play called Kllliiruey, written for ho
by Con. T. Murphy. Thoro has been no bet
ter Irish' play seen In Gotham since the days
when Hoticlcault walked on the same stage In
his great successes, and the Star theatre has
Issen packed In consequence. It Is in many
degrees twtter than tho usual Irish drama.
Miss Emmett I" graceful and natural in all
her movements, and certainly the most win
ning of all the actresses in Irish dialect of our
"The Kentucky Colonel produced at the
Union Square theatre by Mr. McKee Ran
kin and Frederick Ilryton is sure to win suc
cess and be ranked with Mr. lUnkln's great
est successes, "Tho Daultes" and "The Can
nuck." It is the story originally provided
by Mr. Ople P. Held in a very clever man
ner, and most of the character bits in the
play are exceedingly well rendered. Mr.
Rankin looks and plays the part of tho Colo
nel to perfection, and Mr. Hryton's work Is
tho very best ho has been seen in, On the
first night there were a few hitches In the
performance and at least two ot the people
have tteen miscast. When this J remedied
and, the play runs smoothly Its worth will be
appreclatoU, aud as to its ultimate success,
both as a work of itrt nnd as a money pro
ducer, there is absolutely no doubt.
The two other plays nro tho "Kill" at tho
Columbus and "Thu Colonel'' at tno Wind
sor. Tho first a farce comedy with a sucrej
slon of vaudeville specialties, the latter n
coiutsly done some years ago in New York
by Erlo lluiley and an English company. If
the first pulls through tt will lie U-cutise of
the many clever snx'IuIIU who interpret it,
and if the latter swings successfully around
the circle it will tie nothing short of a mir
acle. Du.Nl.oi1.
Following were the Important attractions
this wek In New York: Tho Vice Admiral
at tho Casino, Vaudevlllu at Tony Pastor's,
the Henry E. Dlxoy Opera Co. In tho Mascot
at Palmer's theatre, A Trip to Chinatown at
tho Madison Squure, Settled out of Court at
the Fifth Aoiuw theatre, Slubad uf the Gar
den theatre, The Shamrock nt tho Windsor,
The vVhlto Squadron tit tho Fourteenth
Street theatre, Do Wolf Hopper In Wang at
the Hroudwuy theatre, The Private Sect elury
at tlie Standard theatre, The Kentucky Colo
nl at the Union Equate theatre, and Katie
Emmett in Kiltnruey u thoHtur theatre.
The engagt meiit of Johti'1'. Kelly, the star
of the "McFeo of Dublin" company, nt
Fuuko'n opia house next week, recall an In
cident that befel him in Sacramento, Oil.,
last season when ho was starring in "U and
1.' This was the way of It: Mr. Kelly sings
a topical song, the tefiuln of which runs to
tho effect that "thciu aio moments when I'd
like to be alone." In order to give Iho sung
u local favor the comedian geueially found
out tho weakmvsM-s of several prominent kh
plo in tho town and at ulgit the audience
was told In verso a(Al melody under what
conditions aud clrcuiiistaiicos John Doe aud
lUcliunl Hihi "would liku to be alone,"
He was In tho bllllHiil loom of the Golden
.-v ,',s ,.-i i . r v::. r.
Eagle hotel when ho heard ono of his victims
exclaim that if ho could only catch sight ot
Kelly he'd put daylight through him. Kelly
heard this most distinctly and therefore
made tracks aud succeeded In eluding his
pursuer. Next morning thn company went
to tho dcHt to take tho train for Sail Fran
cisco, There stood John Doo with blood still
In his eye. The air was biting cold, but cold
air is preferable to cold lead, so Sir, Kslly
hid behind n water tank for twenty minutes,
In tho iiieontlino a considerate member of the
company told tho man who thhsted for goru
that the comedian hint concluded lo remain
in Saciameiito until tho next train, Tho lire
eater Immediately marched up town to con
tluuu his chase, while Mr. Kelly Immediately
hoarded thu l'ullmaii nud locked himself in
tho drawing room,
The grand formal opening of the Fuuku oc
curs tonight nud certainly no bolter attract
lou could havo been secured for Iho occasion,
Thu bill will bo Mr, Downing' superb trag
edy, "The Gladiator," which will Iks given a
most brilliant nnd careful presentation, Mr.
Dowuliig's siipKrt Includes Miss Eugenie
lllalr nnd n picked company of truly merit
orious artists, equal to tho best that walk
the boards. The sulu of reals has been largo
and tho oiciilug promises to bo a gala event.
Wo present on our first pugo this week tho
portrait of n lady whose face and flguro ur.i
so familiar to theatre goeis throughout
America as to render It unnecessary to placo
her namo under tlm xirtralt. Shu Is not
only u handsome woman mid an excellent
nctris-s, but an accomplished vocalist and
musician as well. Her many mlmliers will
have an oportiiiiity this week of seeing her
iu n varied lino of charactcis, as four of Mil
ton Nobles' famous plays will bo presented
during this engagement. Monday nud Thurs
day thu new play, "For Huvenuu Only," will
bo given; Tuesday and Friday, "A Son of
Thespls." Iu this play Dolllo Nobles has an
Interesting and most lovable character Iu the
actor's daughter, Dorothy Goodall, which
sho plays with dudghtful abandon aud conta
gious vivacity. Wednesday ami Hatuntuy
thu bill will bo changed to "From Sim to
Son," Iu this Dolllo Nobles gives an exquis
ite performance of tho dual roloot Mablo Ar
inltiige, mother and daughter, ft Is a stage
realization that ono will uot encounter many
times during the lifetime of mi averago thea
tre goer. No ono who sees M rs. Nobles Iu tho
character of Mablo Armltago Is likely to soon
forget tho pretty picture of purity nnd Inno
cence sho presents. To the man ot thu world
who has come In contact with life on this sin
stained earth in nil its phases, It seems like
tho glimpse of an angel, a breath of heaven,
a vision or u dream, rather than reality.
The man who has g.izod upon thu picture
must indeed Ihi a hardened wretch If he Is
not touched by it.
This Is tho attraction nt the Fuuku Monday
and Tuesday evening, preceded by a one-act
curtain raiser, "Why?" written by Burr
Mcintosh, a former Pittsburg newspaper
man. Louis DeLnuge and Will S. Rising
branched out as stars lust season in this
bright aud humorous musical farce which is
from the French. The namo is appropriate,
as tho entire rtntmtitii jtenoue is kept thor
oughly at cross purines aud most, hoiielessly
tangled up through two a:ts, and are liarely
given a chance to get thomselves identified
aud straightened out IWore the final curtain
falls. Musical Interruptions occur at inter
vals not too remote lo let tho uudiencu forget
that the two stars, Mr. Rising c-secially,
havo good voices. Alexander Clark, late
with the Greenwood Ojiera company, Agnes
Stone, sister to Marie Stone, aud formerly ot
the Duff Opera company, Lottie Mortimer,
a petite soubretto aud dansouse who intro
duces Iu the second act of "Tauglod Up" her
famous serpentine dance, the latent dancing
fad, and has created a on!tlvo seosalloii.
Seat are now on sale at the Imix office.
rovn NtoiiTH or faik webk.
One of the most successful comedy produc
tions that has been brought out iu the post
few years will be seen at Funke's Wednesday
evening aud tho remainder of the week, In
tuorppearaoceof the, popular Irish come
dian, John T. Kelley, In his new musical
comedy, "McFeo of Doublln." Mr. Kelley
Is known to everyone versed in tilings per
tnlnlng to tho stage as being In the front
rank of his profession, and his now play is
tho success of his life. His supporting com
puny Is thu best he has ever had, Including
Mattie Vickers, Florriu Wost nud others.
Reports f i oni tho Sulllvaii-Coruut light on
Wednesday evening will bo received by wire
and rend from thestago between nets,
This has Ikm'ii a bulsy week with the man
agement of Lincoln park: Elali irate prepara
tions have been going on for fair week, and
the crowds that go there will lie royally
entertained. The grounds never looked
better, nor have the attractions Imxmi of u
brighter or more Interesting order. The
Huston Opera Company will continue their
series of superb oera. Tomorrow w IIIJjv a
ftlg day thero and preparation for a big
crowd I avo Ihhmi made, The well known
York band wlucUls now ilolng such excellent
work at Pompeii will give a concert. No
brnska's crack military organization, tlie
Omaha Guards, will present a series of their
much talked of drills. Aside from this the
opera company will furnish interesting
progi utus tKith morning and evening,
Sol Smith Huvll oHlied Iiissoksoii August
Hth ill Denver to l,A7.
Henry E Dixey will play Ituiitlioriui hi
"Mascot" next week In Now York.
Hoth theatre were dsrk this week, which
is generally the casu provioiu to tho fair.
No brighter thenti leal proct has over
daw ncd on the west pio.-tld-iUal content not
withstanding. Ii vine's new orchestra and UoIk-iI Down
ing will iien the Funke oeru house season
tonight. Hoth will (mi hoi th goliij; miles to
fee and hear
Lincoln cvrtaiuly hts a pie amusement to
Ufer to Its vlsltois next week aside from the
Pkioic Fivic Cents
fair. Two theatres, a inilseo, a magnificent
spectacle, "Tho Last Days of Pompeii, " ope
ra at Lincoln park, Hiirllngtoii Reach, and
numerous other attractions.
J. K. Emmett' season ticglu lii Now York
September nth.
Fay Tomplftuu In oucu moro broken a
contract, this time with Huyt &, Thorns.
Tho CHiirt soeiiii' In "A Temperance Town"
Is now said lo Im ono of thu liost hit ever
written by Mr. Hoyt.
Fanny Duvctiiort Is yet among the hills of
Wales which she will not leavo until tho ex
citement of the presidential election I over.
Thn I-ust Days of Pompeii Inst night was
another evidence of what western, aud par
ticularly Lincoln, enterprise can uudcrtnko
nud do. Nothing senilis to Ihi too great for
tho giant capital city to successfully mati
ng''. Thero is moro catarrh hi this section ot tho
country than all other disease put together,
nud until the last few years was supiosed to
Ihi Incurable. For a great many years doc
tors pronounced It a local disease, and pre
scribed local remedies, nnd by constantly
fulling to cure with local treatment pro
nounced It Incurable, Science ha proven
catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hull's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is thu only con
slltutlonnl euro on tlm matket. It I taken
Internally In dosos from ten drop ton tea
sooiiful. It acts directly on tho blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system. Thoy offer
one hundred dollars for any case It falls to
euro. Send for circulars and testimonials.
Address, F. J.Ciiknbv & Co., Toledo, O.
;"Sold by druggists, 75c.
MaArtliur .V Hun, Uriisjirlstn.
Wn lako pleasure Iu culling thenttetitlnuof
our friends aud the public In general that wo
have re-pui chased our old pharmacy, which
wns recently sold to Dr Dunn, A of yore,
It will bo our aim to cuter to tho want of
tho peoplu with a largo nud well sel ected
lino ot drugs, toilet articles, ierfumcs, etc.,
aud trust with courteous treatment and fair
prices to receive tho patronage thnt was for
meily bestowed Ukiii us aud as much mora
as wo can serve. You know tho place, cor
ner Eleventh and N street.
Everything now and toothsome and dell,
clous nt tho Cook-Hulloy Grocery Co., 1218
O street. Pleasant treatment low prices nnd
everything as represented Is tho drawing
curdtlmt Is winning now trade constantly.
You can call up No, 411 and order by tele
phono if you wish.
Dr. Film hum Cures
blood, chronic, female, heart, liver, lung,
nervous, rectal and skin diseases. Rooms
Nos. 14 and 15, Richards block.
Nothing so nice for table use as mlnera
water. Cook-Uailey Grocery Co. have a
largo line of the most nourishing goods, In
cluding the genuine Imported Polllnnris Re
gent Spring from Excelsior Springs, Mo.,
Imported Dinger Ale, etc.
Finest ice cream In the city ani hand
somest refreshment parlors, at the Ronton
Poebler'sotd stand, Twelfth ani P streets.
8pjclnl orders for fine cakes, superb Ice
cream and Ices promptly delivered to any
part of the city. Tele phoue No. 457.
KC Baking Powder, ".15 ouuees A5 cento
Absolutely Pure, Have you tried it f
The Hon ton bakery Is tbe place, to get
good wholesome bread. Try It., Corner of
Twelfth and'P streets. ' -
Archei, de.itist. Fine gold and bridge
work a specialty. Brace block.
Canon City Coul at the Whitebreast
Coal and Lime Co.
I. Hall Uro. More Kncluslvely
Knsjagetl In ItcUll Trade,
Who is better known In retail, stpve and
range Hue in Lincoln than Hurry ami Charles
Halll A hundred voices will answer, "No
one." They have been doing, business In
Lincoln for flvo years and even pipvlous to
I mat time nan vm years or active exwrleuco
. Iu their favorite calling Messrs. Hall broth
J ers have concluded to devote all their timo
i hereafter to their retail business at l.'SOS O
street, which will In future receive their un-
' .11. i.l.t ......a. .I.... n-A.. ,....- ....... .... .
iii, iunt aiuriiiuni, t iifj nave ii'iiv uu con
nection with any oilier business ud will
therefore make It a point to attend to the
wiihts of their trade In person, thereby in
suring complete satisfaction, cordial treat
ment and cjoaest pricex lu every ca.e.
The firm has Just added an exviisive Hue
of kitchen utensils and other household com
modities and necessities which by September
15Ui will bo complete aud to say the least, tho
largest over sho n Iu the city. The firm will
piy ixirtlculur attention to this new depirt
mont, while their stove, nuueuud furnace
liUsiiWM w HI receive even closer attention
than ever. Messrs. H. J Hull ,fc Hro. uiako
n sKcIalty of hotel and restaurant outfits
and can supply anything, even to the small
est detail, for this purpose. liui thor
I oughly otel in tho business and luoko I by
j years of per.-inal exju'rience, tho advantage
of tradiug with such an u Institution U ap
parent ty all.
I Messrs. H J Hall & Bio. are now permit-
nently In thiueuil business and Ivaviiif uu-
equsel luclUUv for doing buslmws, and
, hlth pleiiMinthnd adantngeiiin"inilutvineuls
in otwr ail, nope to mem th pati image of
all theitfriuiids und t. Iiboral slj'iie of tho
public's fuvoisln general, They invito jou
to call at their store, HUS O street, ut any
time tvuly and often. And by the way It
might tie mentioMed In this connection that
the firm has a largo shop Iu connection with
their establishment where all kludi of tin
and metal work U promptly made to order,
and all sorts of itqxilring tie it, q Uckly and
nrtutlcally done tiy skillful hand.