Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, July 09, 1892, Page 5, Image 5

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Ollvo Harper TrIU llir In Do It nnd
Alan llesnllirs tho I'leviillhiK Stjlci
oMVnlsts, Itlouiipf, Jackets Hint lllurrr
Nnvrlllm In lints.
(Special Comspondotico.l
Nt:v VoiiK,.Iuly 7. The pretty wnlitt
and blousci require inoio attention mitei
tlio use of thorn lias suddenly taken
such prouiiiiouco. Wlmt the unlocked
waists wore theso are, multiplied twent)
fold. Tlioy aio tnndo of whlto China
silk, liko tlio pioturo, looso and diitwn
in at tlio wnlst With an,- elastic iiutj lot I
to droop at tlio hips,- Tlio yokes arc
mndo of light colored silk with an over
lay of htco, point do gene doing t lie
favorite, or they nro all white with t lie
yokes and forearm pieces oiubiolduu'd
in delicately shaded sillr. '
Others aro of figured nilk or plain
gathered front and back into a belt, anil
with a plain knife plaiting rntlle or n
rufllo Bet on jabot stylo. The Hleovcf
can bo liko the illustration, plain bishop
or they can be as fanciful as the wearet
desires. The leather or thu velvet bus
ponder belt can bo worn with thia, and
It requires a belt of soino kind to hide
tho plnco whero skirt and waist join
Tho leather belts are very stylish, and
tbo suspenders nro worn as often, but
tho velvet belt looks moro dressy and
more refined, and it nlso has tho advau
tago that it can bo made at homo.
Tho way to do it is to got some
buckram and cut it tho sizo and
shape requited and stitch two or three
thicknesses together by tho machine
just legularly quilting them, Then
trim tho edges carefully to have
them nuito oven and cover the
front with velvet, bringing it over to
tho wrong side and catstitching it tlown
Tho lining 'can then bo faced down on
this, tho hooks and eyes bowed on anil
tho straps, which liavo been made in
tho sanio way, fastened on, and it is
done Tho velvet belts cost nlnut three
dollars made, but a handy young lad)
could make ono for much less. It to
quires f0 of a yard of velvet cut on the
bias, which can be bought tor a dollar a
yard. Tho buckram and silk for facing
should not cost over tweiity-livo cents
Tho straps should bo pinned on to tit
tho flguro beforo being sewed
Tho Eton jacket, worn over a white
piquo vetst, is quito popular and is Ik
coming to nearly all figures. It is point
ed very slightly in the back, and the
seams aro cut just liko those in tho back
of men's coats. Tho front is cut away
to a point and has a regular man's coat
collar. Tho neck is finished by a high
linen collar and four-in-hand tie, black
or matching tho color of the gown
which is usually of bluo bergo, with or
without trimming. That ono in tho II
lustration has several graduated rows
of Hercules black braid. Tho vest can
bo of tan colored piquo, if liked better
than white.
Tho hat that is worn with this in n
ort of modification of tho college
trencher, and altogether gives tlio weaiet
m very sprightly though lnusculiuo look
Next to the blouse waists in this inul
tiplicity of shapes and material is the
blazer, which this season really merits
tho name of top coat, it is so long. The
blazer is made of light drab or tun cloth
with no trimming to speak of, and the
eeams laid flat and stitched twice like
those of tho covort coats, or it is made
of tweed or sergo to match tho costume
For bicycling it must of necessity be
shorter. It never meets in front, ami
many hnve straps of tho material which
button ncioss th bust to keep the toat
from flying open. Many wear yachting
caps with these, but the piettiest head
gear is a neat straw, with llowers. to
eoftou the somewhat Inn tl eilect ot the
blazers. Tho sumo may be said ot the
Eton jaoket.
These rush hats lesemblo those routtu
mats peop1) buy for their guldens so a
to bo able to sit about without spoilum
their clothes on the glass A little kind
on the uittler side fuinialiLs a means ol
keeping theiu on the head
ft fSMi Jii" JJl J I f 5 I
v fcn;-'iE'nff55V J .. .
llowr to .Muk Home Happy,
He took nIT his coat In (lie ball, hung tip
his hut on the rack and nimle n turn to
ward tlieillning room,
It wim Mono cold.
".Mary," lie wild MiU'tniiljVM he found
her In the library. ''what does Oils mean,
chf" v .. t ,,
"Pit down." who sdld mveotlV. "I have
been waiting foytMi. '
"You lime, elif" howiWRlarliiK about
"Dojou know, Marj, vv lint the. hour It"
"I do. llnrrv" '' a.
"And do you know that I v' UP "ils
morning at 0 o'clock, breakfasted on" tint
Move hearth and then hustled down town,
where I lme been working like a horse for
fourteen hotirf"
"1h Is it possible, Harry, denrr" she
raid in slrupy tones.
"It Is, mailatn; and, what's more, I am
ns hungry asa bear, I want my supper,
I atji xlck ,iiih1 t'Ufd of ilils 'sort of ijuiug.
Vott tlo nothing but run about all dly mid
leave tilings o tit sriiiislil"
"Have, a care, Harry Arniltagel" sdie
aid, with a pout.
"I know what I ant talking aliott. I
dttppose now yon want me to do the usual
"If )ott please, Harry dear, ) on know.
Just dress little Tommy for pinner, pvel
the potatoes, build the kitchen lire and
get the coal up out of the cellar, elif"
"I will tlo no Hitch tiling, madiiiii, and,
what's more, toinoi row 1 will apply for a
divorce. Vott are tint laziest, most shift
less womiili in New York ".
"Harr," said the voinuu slowly, coin
lug over and putting his arms around his
neck, "jon do not understand. I said I
was waiting, for-jnili and I liac been too
I have a little surprlso for joit, dearest
Ottess what It Is?"
"Halit on the guessing I want my sup
pet I"
"I will tell )ntt In spite of all. I don't
care If you get mad or not. It Is this"
"I have just llnlshcd embroidering your
new nightshirts with red stars all annual
the eollarl" New York Hceordrr.
Smith' mid Gray's Monthly.
lie Wiih it 1 1 i'ri.
"George," she said, turning her head
shyly to one side, "I I think jou'd better
not. I'veI've been eating onions."
"Onions or rose leaves tire all tho same
to me, Laura," said George, with a deep
sigh of something like resignation. "Love
levels all ranks."
And from tliu dimly lighted hallway in
which the yoitni; man was endeavoring to
say good night there came a sound like the
Impact of a cold boiled pdtitto against the
side of a brick house. Chicago Tribune.
, i :
' fluid ly Tun Children.
Alice's grandpapa had set her bantam
hen on eleven cunning white eggs, and
Alloo was greatly intere'sted In watching
the result. One day she run Into the house,
calling excitedly, "Mamtna, mamma, two
chickens have bloomed!"
Mamie hail been sewing and was looking
vainly for the 'scissors to cut her thread.
Finally she whined out, "Oh dear! I can't
find Anything to unsew this needle."
Youth's Companion.
Vhit It fttoutl For.
"So Mrs. Illllbank Is going away," said
Mr. Cuinrox. I see she sent you her card."
Yes," replied his w Ife.
"It's got 1. I. C. on It. I guess that
stands for sotnethln tellln about why she's
"Maybe It does. An judging from a
couple of hours I spent in lit r neighlKtr-
hood it probably refers to 'pianos, parrots
ami children.' " Washington Star.
UimppriM luted Tlioii;litfiiliii'ss.
Husband Good by, my dear. I'll bs
dreadfully lonesome while you're away In
the country.
Wife I know joit will, Joe, and I've
prepated for it. Here's a nice new deck
and a sot of chips. Xew Yotk Lvetiing
A Victim ( Deliulon.
Placid I inn, content, serene;
I take tn hIuIi of u) iiim lm ml;
And chunks of iiltoiiiiirttiirinu
Upon It s tiiMtuliss side I spread.
The etftf I i at was never lull!
II) mi) mi Wins'. IViitliircd hen;
Hut from the I.otil Knows what 'tis madr
In Newutk h) nnfiMtliiTiil nun.
I wash in simple tin akfastiluun
With friibrant c hli knr so c heap;
Or w it It thu l' t lliu k ten In tow n
Drlid ulllnu leuen I culiiil) stiup
Hut If fmiii mau'x lie arts 1 the.
And drink pine water from the pump,
I Kiilpdiiwn iiilin-uil.f.
Ami hlilioiiH riitatotiie,
Anil w t lt,-k'llnw !!) K.iMrli le,
And film) dlutomnuic.
And hard nhelli U urplirici rcttiie.
And double liamltd kolpodie,
Nolllorinitid amhrieilie,
And muIiiiis uiilnmli ulm
Of middle, htk'h nlid low iltunc;
I'or nature Just lieatx all i rcutlnn
In iiiiiltlpllid ailidli i nt ii in
- HtibellJ llmdittu In Pood.
A friend In Need.
It Stark the Timili of (Iciieritl lruiil'
I'nrt'iil nl ('liiclmiutl.
Ss'clitl CorrcstsiiuU ncc.)
Cincinnati, .Ititie HO. When Chatiti
coy M, Depow, in his leeent otationon
(limit, spoke of his parents' modest
gi lives in "tlio country churchyard," ho
lived a (Iguiatlvo expulsion, no doubt,
trast liotween
their Until testing
places and that
of their distin
guish od son,
However, the
nlother inul fa
ther of tleneral
Urant aio bulled
in Spilng Otovo
cemetery, Ciiiein
nut I, one of tint
most beautiful of
western cemeter
ies. Tito grnves
aro in a central
pot Hon ami aio
mirrouuded It y
imposing monu
ments of licit
-,. '1 !(.. t
families, beside
which the modest
little marble shaft
Hcctus Indeed small
well tended bv the
The graves nre
innuagement and
nrealwavs pointed out tit visitors, but
for yeais none of thochildieu have lieeii
to see them.
The lot is thirty feet squaie. The
mouumuut is of Italian tumble with a
liinestone base, and is now badly cracked
by the weather. The model was de
signed by General Orant himself, ho
being n clever at list, having painted
many pietuies when young. Tho in
scriptions tue:
It. Caroline tlrant, horn Ike. 11. IK; dtrd
Mur 1 1 ii. 1pii.'. It. (Irani, dkd .littm 111, IS7J hrimI 70
)eursR miiiithsimil ililn.
Ilutiuiih .Slinpioa Oritut.dlnt Mny 11. IK.H.1.
uKed M )iarf iniiiitlis mid ISilujn. '
"lllessid are thu dead that die In thu lnrd."
On nuother side is the inscription:
Haintiel Slinpvui Orant. Isirn Sept. -1, 1K2.1;
(Hid .Svpt. II, IM1I.
He, Itowover, is not buried in tho lot.
The first to be bulled thcio was the
father, .Jesse Grant, who died in tho
seventies while Ulysses was president.
Ho lived and died in Covington, across
the river, wheio ho was made postmas
ter, for which tho cry of ucitotisiii
was raised ngainst his son. The mother
died in Elizabeth, N. .1., in May, 18811,
and her body wns brought hero for
burial by tho general, his sister, Mrs.
Cramer, and other i datives. Tho fu
neral had been held at Hlizabeth, nnd
nothing but tho burial servico was had
at the grave or in Cincinnati. Tho same
undertaker who had years beforo burled
the father met the party at the station,
and the casket was taken to his rooms
in a Sixth street stable, while the gen
eral with several cousins went to break
fast. I was tho only newspaper reporter
who had guessed tho exact time of the
general's arrival, and boauled the train
at Loveland, an hour's tide from Cincin
nati, taking caio to conceal the fact that
I was a repot tor. A morning paper man
was at the depot, but that did not en
danger my story lor an afternoon paper.
Together we were at once made pall
beareis for fvery pint of the subsequent
ceremonies, and afterward the Grant
family and lival newspapers wondered
how such a complete and graphic uc
count of the atlair could have been se
emed. Inside the stable tho casket was
opened to see if the embalmer had done
his work well.
It was a strange sight, tho opening of
that small cotliu containing the clay of
a woman who gave birth to America's
gieatcst general. Stable hands, assist
ants and tho undertaker only were pres
ent. Tho resemblance of mother and
sou could bo easily tiaced in the dead
face and occasioned remaik. . Then tho
body was taken to n modest homo on
Clark street, Bishop Joyce of tho Meth
odist chinch joined the cortege, and with
the leading ot the burial service ami a
prayer tho mother of General Grant was
placed beside the husband. General
Grant was, as ever, cool, unmoved, and
with his sister on his arm held his hat
to one side of his head as the first clod
struck tho cotliu lid.
His sister Caroline, who never mar
ried, lies buried with father and mother.
She was Grant's favorito sister, and died
just as he took command of the Army
of the Potomac. Sho was very fearful
in her last days that like his predeces
sors he might fail, and her last and dying
words of him weio, "Tell 'Lyss to never
give nit and do his best to win." Her
dying prayers were niisweied,as history
tells. An elder biotherof Grant died
In tho far west years ago. His health
was bad and ho undertook a journey by
wagon to Minnesota. He died on the
way and was btuied in some village
cemetery, and lew If any of tho family
know where. Undo Sammy Simpson,
who sun i veil his nephew and died aged
ninety-two, is btuied at Bantam, a little
village of Clei titont county, near the
eceno of Grant'!1 boyhood. Orvillo Grant
lies btuied at Galena.
Fua.nic B. Gf.ssneu.
Special oidets for Hue i tikis, .iipi-rb ice
cteaiti and ices piomjitlv delhcicd to an)
pait of the eitj Telepho'ie No. V'
Finest ice cteaiti in the elt an I hand
somest lefiesliltieut pill es, at tho llontoii
I l'ueliler's old stand, Twelfth nil 1 I' stteets
(et)our tlowei nnd gulden seeds and
ImlUnt Oiiswold's. HO South lltliM
win"'" M
mii inn s
1 i vJpSJ.
Absolutely Pure JustTIiyIt.
.Mil-I'li'te mid III linn ntle.
On Miudu),.liil) II, tho H A .M.wliliim
a spielul ttitlii, leaving Lincoln nt thin p. in,,
li'tlll nlllK. leiiMi Cute at II p. in , or sihiii lis
conceit IsoM't. 'Ilin tiiuiiikiilily low tale of
,M ci nts has In i'ii scented for the occasion,
mid thl aloiiii should ItiMltc a large attend
mice 'I he uimiiiI conceit given tiinlri thnill
lictlon of Mis. P. V. M. ltii)iiioud will It,
elude the .Mii) fetlnl chotimof UMuilees,
and will noe the ginit musical exettt of the
st'itnon lloti't miss t Is UUII'tllll 0lllll tunltj
of spending tin ei nlng on the liatiks or the
Itlne, Including n conceit of lute iiini excep
tlotial cMelltlice. Tickets at II, .M depot,
or tit) ticket olllce, cot in r (J iilid't'eutli
stliets A. V. .IKMKII,
City l'asengei' Agent.
Itiitllillituii Ittuiie, Npi't lul Ttiihii, Dle.i
The II & M. will nell tickets to New Yolk
clt. nnd i etui it at our lowest. Mist class rate,
on .lul) I to .') liii'ludxc, goo I for letlliu
lioin.llih 10 to U exclusive, with exteiitlou
of time till Aiigul 111 on ceitnln conditions,
'Die II iV M will sell tickets to Kaiatogii
SptlllKs nnd tetllt ii at one lowest Hist class
tale, plus PI, on duly !l to n inclusive, good
for lettitu liiim .lul) l.'ito'JI Inclusive, with
exti nslon of time to S,ptimlu'r V! on eel tain
The II M. will sell loliml Hip tickets nt
taie lure ftom Jiiiiii Vltl to Jul) PI, goisl fin
lettiin to Jul) IT
The II M will sell loiind (tip tickets lit
one tine Jul) ,') to HI Inclusive, good for le
tin u to July IT, A . C. .ikmimi,
fit) Passenger Agent.
liuiitiiiHiiu .einlilli',
I'or the accommodation of those desli lug
to visit theilllleieut ('liuutuiiipiu tissmhlles
the following exceeding low exclusion lutes
are offered hy the I'. IV
IIIIITK, M.ll , .tl'L Urn TO Pint.
One fine for the i omul ttlp us follows:
1st, l'toiii nil points In Nehiiieku, July Mil
mid tith, good for lettnn until and In lading
Jul) lTth. 1MI,
'.M. Ki out nil points In Neht.tskii nlid Ivan
ms within ir.0tnllesof t'lete. July .Mhto Itlth.
Inclusive, goisl for lettilii until mid liioltnl
lug Jul) lTth, 1V.I,'
KHKVIIl.NT, .NKII , Jfl.V iHTTt) l.'iTII.
One fate for the loittid ttlp plus il'i cents
nduil-sloii to the giouuds
1st, I'lom all points In Neliiusku, June
JlOtli and July 1st, good for lettiin until nnd
Including July Pith, 1MU
'Jd. I'lom nil points In Neliiusku within tr0
miles of I'lemoiit, June IKHli to July 1 Ith,
Inclusive, gisiil for I etui n until and Including
July Pith, lSf.1. I'or fitithei' lifoiiiiatlou
appl) to.l.T. Mtistln.C.T A , toil Osticet,
oi L. II. Slo-son, Gun. Agt. 1'. P. s)Mtem.
Half Itules to Sitiutiiuii N, Y Vlu
II. .1 O. K, It.
The lliiltiiuoiu .t Ohio Hulhoad will
sell tickets to Halatogt KptfiiKs, Neiv
Yotk,' on the occasion of thu National
IMiicaMoiiiiI Association, ft r one fare for the
toillid trip. Tickets will he on sale July .Mil
to Tth Inclusive, and will lie valid to I etui u
iintl'July UUh Inclusive. All II : (), Ye-dl-litilecxpiehs
tialiis, with I'ltllmau sleiplug
cms, puss thtotigh Washington. I'or full In
foiinatioii us to rates, time of trains, and
sleeping car accoinuiodutioMS, uppl) to near
ist 11 iV O agent, or L. H. Allen, As't lieu
Puss Agent, the Hookery, Clilcugo,
I'lillitiiili I'-lllnilfil linnet Sleeping Cur
sci vh e, I lilt iik" to I'litlliiml, M.
Coiiiiueticiiig June ','iitli ami continuing
tlitotigh the totnist miimiii, thu Clileugo i:
(lliind Tliiuli It It will tun a I'lilliuiiu es
tlhttli) Initlet sleeping car of the most modem
pittteiu, tlitougli without change, fioin Chi-
eagn to Portland, via Toi onto and Monti eul,
liiivlng Chlcugout JI.Oil p. II. except .Sttitr
du) , in i Iv lug ut Pot timid for lireukfast sec
ond morning On this ttaiti there will hen
I'llllinail tar for Old Oichaid lleaeh, mid
tourists for all not tit Atlantic seaside and
mountain lesotts will ll'id tills impiovcd
tin utigh service worthy of pntiouuge. S
ctiiuslis-plng car lesei vntlons inul further
infoi uiatiou liy applying to K. II. Hughes,
general wenteru pusseuger agent, No. lo:t
South Clink stleet, Chicago. 7 '.' It
41 llrket lor ut Udell's.
The pi Ice of bouid nt Udell's Teiiipln dining
hull hy the week Is now only :i ,'i0, which is
ns cheap as the cheapest nnd the tahle fniu
is full) up to its usual excellent standard.
Wny not go to Oilell's to hoard legiilui I You
gell tickets for .'SKI.
Ileer I'or I itmll) I e.
For fumily tiiidu the John (iittid Drewlui;
Co Is now ileliveiing it Mixrli)i' nimle of ex
tra pule licer in either pint or iiuai t liottles.
I Tills beer for tahle use has no "ipi il unit Is
meeting Willi isipulur favor with all the liet
) trade of the ctt). Piices us cheap us that
I charged for iufeiior Leer. L"uve onleisut
illlce,','ll Noi til Ninth street. 0enr lieu 'k,
iiKelit. Once tlieil tioother beer will he
Why not order n sample ciisb of it.
Nothing so nice for tahle use us mineral
water. Cook Pulley (Srocery Co. hnve u
lui ge line of the most nourishing good, In
eluding the genuine Imported Polliuui is He
geut Sprlnu' ftoui Lxcelslor hprlugs, Mo ,
illllioited (iiliger Ale, etc.
ICjciind Km Mirtfeon,
I)r W L Da) ton, oculist and utirist, r.HJ
O stleet, tpiom!iiA, Lincoln, Nehr
Ilinwu's Hestutifuut l in n new locntlcd '
l','l Noilh 10th stleet mid is known us the j
licutltlflll new Cnfe ltd) al
All the latest toilet ill tlclis will ho found I
at Mann A, Mull's p.N) U stu-"t I
L Kill I, Juwelel, lemoved to 1.J. U sirivt
IkCO, KAftiAj Cirv.HO
Leaving ....
Tot the Scitshotc, Mountains, Lakes, ot
an extended vltlt with blends,
at this oll'icc, nnd have
The Courier
follow vou. Its columns each week will keep uni posted
its to the doings at home, anil will liun.irt more know ledge
of doings about Llntolii, than a doen Icltcis a week. Lenve
oi tiers nt the ollicc,
1 134 N STREET
or call up Telephone 353.
Our Parlors are the handsomest and coolest in the ell v Fine line of Confection
erv and ll.ikcn Goods always fr-sh
Sunday Orders Frorhptly Delivered.
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