Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 14, 1892, Page 6, Image 6

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After Easter
House Cleaning.
Sell Carpets
You Know the Place.
MQttMU preparation forth
QMW uaappM uauiu, uuaiea or
Rtmoves Tan
and Freckles,
MM it I
our for Salt Illieum. UMm Mk
Kxoeueai 10 un mm
rfaotly hannle. l'rlo Twaatf
lit mi
at. Hold hv all nrto!aa druggti
is the pivot
upon which
Trade Turns.
number of yan ago I uggfUd
to on of my clltnta that ho place aa
a4vrtlecjient for good wed xolu
lively by men In a paper luppoaad to
m read xolut4vly by women. Tbo
advertisement appeared; It continued
la that paper several consecutive
an. The actual mall caah ealea,
coming dlreotly from that advertls
tent, were two or three tlmea aa
great, reckoning proportionate coet,
than came from the Mm advert!
Meat la any of the hundred paper
,wy client waa adrertlelng In. Bine
thim I have made tbeae experiment:
wny timet, until I tollere I have a
right to claim that the experiment
has paeeed into fact NaWl O. iWir,
Jr., Advertising Exptrt.
Comma to the favoriw Journal
tha ladlee of Lincoln and adjacent
Plant your aanouaoeneat ia its
aa reap beat remlta.
sMememeer that the
beet rente to Chicago from Zdnewkt
(through Omaha) is
W the "Meek Island,"
The Dining Cure mre all
'new and elegant ; the
service everybody knows
isJhe beetin
the United mates. J
V)Mave newer and better Steepen,
handae'n,Iay Coaches,
beet Medining Chair Care,
and the train ie new and the
handmeet thai rune rem -Lincoln
te 'Chicago (vim Omahajk
If yen want te be
' convinced ef this fact,
eempare it with ether
so-caUed first-class tine.
Tickets for sale by
City FaMcnger Agent,
In the JUetel "Lincoln."
fwiiT w nrai-MTaMiu m ui
t MUM MM M. SMtMM fct tUIVWt a. UM
inrriuiHi ataoaa
1 Tiaaawa u ii miiiw.
vaima aani aa fi ra
hMu ha anvovi ad
BlUir Lul at Idllu Msa.
kta. fhjrtlMl UnM, M.aUl
iMf. Mmaua hnlnaul. mw
iSkint te taarse amauii ui
mu vitautT i ftKeaa
. Wm Mae aa4 teww .1 VtUeai.
a claim br year of practice by
r u.tdcMM a unirona
"MMttotT Taeoeua1 ta treat
v lag all Uii. W.ieMM aaa
MWUeaielHea. Tnllmoalala
' iroasM state aaa Terrltorlee.
vruio mwmjrrt, eaiea,pon
t Jmu Humu. S.T. A.
aw awiat Bauuf
JgywPi eyvw W VBfarHVfV fffw
r. aa4fiMl.ijj.iiia iet,
w the Secret formula Originated.
What It l Computed Ol Vleaatraae
Effect Alleged In Mom Caee lU
ouraglng Kldence.
18ieclal Oorrepondenoe.
Nitw York, May 13. It ia with no in
tontlon of dtniraging tho testimony of
enthufllaiititi Kraduutc of tho "gold
euro," thnt 1 proixxm to toll tho result
of tny own liivcNtlKHlion. If a nmn Ims
boon in tho tcrriblo thrnlldotn of nlcohol,
and has found nny dolivornnco from it
by nny menus, It is natural and right
for him to prniso God and nny of his
instruments thnt may liavo ministorod
toward his roloaso.
But it is pertinent and really noccs
snry to look further into tho matter bo
foro docidiug on tho testimony of ono,
or ono thousand, or ten thousand per
sons who bolluvo that they have derived
buneilt from it, that any proprietary
medicine. Is really safo nud good. Be
onuso Smith's pills liavo cnrel ono man
of rhouumtism it by no menus follows
that they will cure another man of a
broken leg, or of fit.
What, then, is this remedy? Its author
is n man who has achieved great famo
by treating victims of alcoholism, tho
morphine and tho cocaine habits. Many
of his patlentn claim honestly to bo
cured. Many lmvo relapses, somo havo
gouo mad and moiiiu have died. It is
manifestly within tho province of tho
medical profession totlecldo whether tho
cures nro permanent, and whether tho
disasters are in any way traceable to tho
Doctors, however, liavo boon unablo
until recently to oven study these cases
because the gold eurlst refused to tell
what ho wax using. All they know was
that ho took thousands of pntienU widely
different in habits, constitutions, ills
eases and conditions nud subjected them
all to tho saino treatment. Ho injected
into thorn what ho called bichloride of
gold, and different results followed.
They knew only two or three things:
IThat tho treatment was not profes
sional, for no doctor would think of
treating all sorts of patients in tho samo
way. 2. That tho method wns unpro
fessional, for doctors do not conceal
their uuithodB from ono another. U.
That there was no such substunco as
bichlorido of gold.
Manifestly they could toll little about
tho whole matter until they knew what
this medicine was, and until recently
they did not know. Now, howover, they
do know. Thero aro lying on my table
aa I writo two vials, ono of which con
tains some of this mixturo put up by tho
inventor of tho gold euro, and tho other
eomo that was put up by a well known
physician. Tho two aro identical, and
the fact has been conclusively proven by
chemical analysis.
In this mixturo there is no gold.
There is not tho shadow of utracoof
gold. Neither is it a bichlorido of any
What is it? Well, it would bo a fool
ish thing for any man to publish to the
world tho exact formula of a inedl
cino that is capable of doing much
harm. Tho main iugrodicuta, howover,
may bo told properly enough. Briefly,
then, tho gold euro is composed of tho
nitrato of strychnia nnd atropine, a cer
tain proportion of caffeino, some cadeine
and a little a very llttlo cocaino.
Theso form tho bulk of tho composition.
Traces, and only traces, of other drugs
may bo found in tho mixture.
As a matter of course this statement
is likely to bo disputed. I hold myself
ready to prove it at any time.
Somo thirteen years ago Dolronrnvoff,
a Russian physician of great eminenco
and tho head of the Russian military med
ical service, was insti u;ted by his govern
ment to study the subject of drunken
ness, aa it prevailed among the officers
of tho Russian army. Dobronravoff
studied, and presently originated a treat
ment. He published it in tho medical
journals of Russia. It was republished
in Buda-Peath, Berlin, Vienna and Paris
in the leading medical journal of those
citiea These it waa copie.l into the
LoudoVLanoet, and thenco into the
M'jw York Medical Record. Since that
tiiu it'hae been included in the stand
ard xnodical books. Hero ij Dobronra
foffa formula:
E; Sttycuntaj Nltratla, gr I.
Aoub Deatlllataj, 8 Ilea.
M. War subcutaneous Injection.
e.'Dailrl to I Injection, cotnmenoiaa with
iilulmi, later reduclui: to 4 minima, W tolA
i.ujccuoo lumcinx tor cure, boou uromiae
may be given at the same time.
A similar search of the book shows
that atropine given similarly (technical
detail are hardly needed just here) is
known as the standard remedy !for the
morphine habit, as the strychnine is
known as the standard remedy for alco
holism and delirium tremen. These two
drugs are the principal part of the new
secret formula. Vhnt aro their effects;
Both are deadly, or worse, unless there
exists in the patient a conditlou or a dis
ease or the traces of a drug antagonistic
to them. Atropine makes maniacs un
less there is morphine iu the system of
the patient who takes It Similar things
may be postulated about the other drugs
used in the formula.
Now the doctors unhesitatingly affirm
that theso things occur to tho people
who use these drugs. The question re
mains, What happens to the gold cure
patients? It has boeu publicly declared
that out of 70,000 patients treated, 93
per ceut., or 60,600 of them, aro perma
nently cured, while 8,600 have relapsed
owing to unusually adverse causes.
1 have, howover, lying beforo mo u
list of 125 patients who have taken this
treatment within a year and who have
been discharged from one or another of
the institutions as "cured." Of thete
196, 81 have relapsed already, and n
careful watch is being kept on the oth
ers (without their knowledge) to see how
their cases will turn out
number of metropolitan physician
are compelled to devote a large part if
their time to patients sueringMsastroai
effect from the gold cure treatment. 1
havo talked with these .toetors and with
their patients. Tho doctors declare that
tho insanity which they (lnd in some of
their patients, and which they fear in
other cases, is a direct result of tho In
troduction of ntropino into their systems
As they (tho patients) had no morphine
in them thero was nothing to counteract
tho maddening effects of the atropine
And they deploro and condemn, as do
all tho other physicians with whom I
havo talked, and they are several, the
indiscriminnto use of tho secret formula
on tationts whoso conditions aro widely
Certain patients liko Mr. Mason, of
Nebraska, extol tho treatment and Its
effects. Certain others, liko a promt
nent Now York newspaper man who
went west to bo cured of tho cigarotte
habit, and who had tho samo mixture
pumped into him, havo boon forced to
stop bocauso they feared for their rcu
son. Hull others aro now insane ami
their statements aro worthless.
If any reader shall supposo that this t
written in nny spirit of hostility to the
author of tho gold euro, or with any Idea
of belittling tho good ho may havo done
ho (tho render) is utterly- mistaken. I
havo simply sot down the facta that I
have been able to gathor from tho men
who havo been uinking a real, scientific
investigation of tho question. Thoy art
facts that must bo known to tho public
beforo an intelligent judgment can In
formed of what is unquestionably the
most astounding medical oxcltouieut of
tho age. All that I havo stated is backed
up by proof absolute, nnd it makes tin
dark sido of tho picture
David A. Curtis.
Olive Harper Dv.crlbe Homo New anil
llnlnty Hull l)roHe.
ISpvclnl Correspondence!
Nkw Vohk, May 12. Tho beauty ol
woman's dress depends upon its tlaintt
ncsH and those deft little touches of rib
bon and lace, of feather and flower, ol
embroidery nnd ornament, nnd It is on
thoso trilies trifles in themselves, but
Important factors taken as u whole
that women must tloiend for their great
est attractiveness. Not ono woman or
girl over added to her attractions by
wearing a derby hat or a man's vest and
shirt. Ono may gain something of a
dashing stylo by wearing such garments,
but that can novor rcplnco tho charm of
a distinctively fcmiulno toilet
What baby would look so sweet and
altogether lovely if its delicato laco and
filmy dresses wcro replaced by a man a
dress coat? And it is nearly tho same
with a young girl, who, believing in the
perfection of her beauty, thinks slit
can dnro everything. But seo how
sweet and lovely sho looks in her filmy
ball dress of soft crepo, with tho gath
ered neck, tho looso, short sleeves with
tho bowknot at tho shoulders, and the
whito satin corselet, nud tho light, flow
ing skirt
And thero she is with her wrap on ns
she is when sho slips out with Jack or
Fred or somo ono elso to look at the stars
and hear tho dear old story that cacli
girl somehow believes has never been
told beforo. This wrap is generally put
on by tho watchful chaperon, and it is
variously mado of white or cream cash
mere, soft faillo in whito, cream or pale
blue, old rose or biscuit color, and lined
with surah or Florentine silk. Tho edges
aro finished as pleases tho wearer's f incy
best with a narrow band of feathors,
chenille fnngo, moss trimmings, or
somotimes beaded gold galloon. There
is, anyhow, a little gold galloon along
tho shoulders and heading the funnel
shaped plait in the back and down the
This wrap calls to mind one that was
made very recently for Mrs. Willie K.
Vanderbilt Hers was of cream white
Sicellienne silk, lined with gold colored
satin. There was a rich and most elab
orate gold embroidery on the yoke and
down the fronts, and tho collar was
stiff with gold embroidery. A thick,
gold cord and tassel on each side tied at
the neck in a long looped knot, and still
the heavy tassels reachod 'nearly to the
foot of the dress. The shapo was al
most exactly the samo as tho il lustra
tlon here, only the Watteau plait was
flat instead of funnel shaped. Cream
ladies' cloth, braided In gilt braid,
makes a rich wrap suitablo for opera
balls and swell receptions, and nearly
every lady cau braid ono for herself
even if sho cannot finish without the
help of a dressmaker.
Another dainty and feminine garment
ia tho tea gown, which has displaced the
wrapper entirely, it is said; but some
peoplo have a shrowd idea that whou a
tea gown has lost its first freshness it is
no longer worn to bo admired as my
lady pours her toa for her friends, but is
made to do duty in tho morning for
many days thereafter,
One just finished by a lending up town
house is of oriental striped silk with a
changeable sheen, tho prevailing colon
brown nnd green, with a golden glow
and glean, hidden away in it somowliere
which show in fitful flashes. Tho sleeve
aro "angel sleeves" nnd nro edged with
a jabot rufllo of silk gauzo with chenille
dots and scallops. Full jabots of the
same fall from neck to feet, nnd rich
goldon brown ribbou bows ami loug
ends lend tholr grace and elegance.
This tea gown Is also adapted to all the
requirements of an ordinary wrapper,
and cau be made in washable goods.
Olive Harpkh.
a drum;er8 diplomacy.
How He (lot '.veil ut Ilia Kxpenie of lhi
He was a t'nvellug ralesman, and wa
telling his fellow employees about the
trouble at the club.
"I think he will lie admitted to with
draw," ho Bald,
"Permitted, you mean," corrected tlic
blond clerk, who wore side wliNkt-t-s, n
blue tie and a general air of mi -rlorlty.
"Yes, that's what I should have Mild,
Mlstnko In speaking," tlm drummer an
swered, but ho blushed and look id con
fused, and there was an evil -gleam In hit
eyo when lie changed the subject and said:
"Seems more liko spring this morning.
Got nwftil warm walking down town.
Haven't red no for n long time."
."Transpired!" repeated the smart clerk
with the blue tie. "There's another word!
Not very familiar with the language, nro
"Yes, that's what I suld. Transpire to
emit through the pores; to exhale. Per
haps if I Bald that I sweat freely you would
understand bcttcrr" and tho drummer
glared fiercely at the blond clerk.
"Ah, 1ml Hut allow mo to explain, tny
dear friend, that transpire docs not menu
to exhale. You're a little rattled, that's
nil, suavely replied the blond young man,
as lie winked at tho express clerk.
"Uet you flvo dollars it does."
"Oh, Just to convince you of your mis
take, 1 will take that but. You will let
Webster decide it, I suppose?"
"Certainly. There's tho cash. Nowcover
it and bring on your 'die' " Tho bystand
ers Kilimed. "Ilo Is thinking of perspire,
of rourse," whispered one. "Yotr don't
mnke us that ofTcr, do you?" ho asked.
"Oil, you want to bo in it, do you?"
snapped the traveling man. "All right,
I'm with you, its many as choose. Come,
now, put up or shut up."
The ilruminrr'H words and the sight of
the roll" of bills lie Hashed overcame all
scruples they may have had at betting on
a sure thing and another wad of bills was
thrust into the stakeholder's hands.
A dictionary was produced and the defini
tion read.
"Well, I'll bo hanged!" groaned the
chorus. "I never heard that before."
The drummer pocketed his winnings,
and as he bowed himself out he chanted:
" 'In the sweat of thy faeeshalt thou eat
bread.' Good morning, gentlemen." lloir
ton Herald.
Mt-luily'i. Ilt-cniiitiifiidutlun.
In one of the loveliest counties of old Vir
ginia there still stands a stately mansion
that was In days gone by the show place of
all that section. The imposing park of
mighty oaks, Kraeettil lindens ami gener
ous, low spending beeches was a fit setting
for the big house, with its whito columns
reared from basement to roof. Tho quaint
furniture and the rare crystal and princely
plate were spoken of near and far. Every
floor, every window seat and every table of
this liousu was waxed.
Kvery morning an army of nimble kneed
young fell upon these floors and
rubbed and polished until each board fair
ly shone and glistened with the amber
The war came on. Tho army of negroes
was scattered front the old quarter. They
spread throughout the state, and it was
thought a rare fortune to get hold of one
of Mrs. C 'h well trained servants.
One day one of theso servants applied to
Mrs. I) , of Richmond, for a situation.
It wits Mchaly, a hoity-toity girl, but not
without her following In tlm old quarter.
"Can you cook?" asked Mrs. B .
"Cook? No. 'm. Ole miss' cooks wa'
Cliithyau Mliicrvynn l.uce an Judy an
Arrah and Itaehel an Polly."
"Can you do housework?" queried Mrs.
U , with Interest.
"No, 'in. Can't do housewtik. Dar wa'
Jinny an llecky an Sa' .lane an Liz an Ilnso
an Dinah an Salouiy an Nancy to do do
"Well, maybe you could do laundry
work?" "No, 'in, don't know nuflln 'bout witshiu
norir'nln. Karlluu an Matlldyan Sooky
and Heur'etta an I .yd I a did do wasliiu an
do Ir'nlii."
"Then you can nurse?" persisted Mrs.
B .
"Nebber missed hi my life. Dar wa'
Judy an Seely an Pheeny an Penelope nu
Venus an old Bet to nuss."
"What did you do?" asked Mrs. B iu
"Well," replied Mehaly, as a rare smile
broke over herdark countenance, "I nuts' I y
hunted up ole miss' specs." Harper's Ba
zar. The llc.t Thing Yet.
"There," said the dentist, with an air ef
satisfaction, as he laid aside his Instru
ments, "that didn't hurt you much, did H!'"
"Don't know," replied the patient as he
tried to get hi jaw on Its hiiixe.4 agalu. "I
didn't have a chance to find out."
"Of course, of course," said tho dentist
complacently. "It was a quick piece of
"Quick nothing," growled the patient.
"Who's thnt driveling essence of Idiocy In
tho next room?"
"Tho man who plays the cornet?"
"The man who tries to play tho cornet."
"Oh, he's a ioor unfortunate"
"Unfortunate! He ought to bo unfortu
nate. I'd like, to get at him once!"
"Oh, well, he tries to do his best, you
know, nnd as he was iu pretty hard luck
when he took the room I arranged to pay
him a little something every day."
"What for?" The patient seemed loath
to believe his ears.
"Tooting that horn. By comparison it
dwarfs tho pain that I give makes one
forget that there Is such a thing as physical
suffering. Influence of mlud over matter,
you know. When I have an extremely had
case I tell him that he'll have to wait a day
or two for his pay. It makes him blue,
you know."
"What of thutf"
"Oh, when he's bluo ho makes noises
that would make one resigned if ho were
to be burned at the stake. It's dieaiier
and more effective .than anaesthetic."
Chicago Tribune.
He There isn't enough on this break'
fast table to feed a canary bird.
She I know it my dear; but thero are
several things I want you to order from
the murket, and I know you'll forget all
about It unless you leave the house hungry.
Mauaging a Iluibund.
j; -.-uh .i .i
Why the
Furniture Palace
Top floor has been lighted for the past week. We
beg to inform our customers that the cause is our
immense business in our ,(U1
We work overtime to be prompt and till orders
New Stock -:- -:- Choicest Patterns.
-:- Lowest Prices Guaranteed -:-
A. T. Gruetter & Co.
Opposite Lansing Theatre.
Formerly of HUFFMAN
Fret Work, Screens and Panels
Fall Line of
Telephone 390.
Oxfords and Slippers
Are Correct for all Party and Dress Occasions
See Them at
1129 O STREET"
"THE RAMBLE R" leads them all
Wichita. Kan , Feb. IS,
Incd into tho construction
with the Intention of buying one,
an nnnniU the iiiechanlcnl
luiH been a nerlea of feature
of my Inve.tiuatlon U simply thin I have found so many superior point
In the mechanical oomtructlon of tho Humbler (aside from It superior
beauty, arrangement of wheel nnd tho manner of limiting frame) that I
nm fully convinced thnt It U thn very beat wheel on tho market, nnd til
only make I deilre to truit under my weight. I buck till lntcinent np
by niacins my order with ou for n No. 1 Iniliitcd The Kiunbleri doilrlng
thin tire In omo reipccti, over the pnuoinuilc; but think the pnuematto
the best In the clou mude, I am, your very truly, Wm. J. Hutouihb.
Road tc
Sole Agent In Lincoln. 1545 O Street.
Has the New Books soon ns issued. A choice line of
Perfumes and Fancy Goods.
127 South Eleventh Street.
Always In Stock,
trtur a
Office 1 134 O Strtttt,
1802. During lsit full nnd this winter I xam
and principle of the different make of wheel
structure, maleilul and streiiEtli
ne,nnu as i nm so-newum inriie, weisuing
which I have regarded carefully. The result
an or a wnaai
-1 '4.' !