Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 14, 1892, Page 5, Image 5

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Striking Contrasts llrtwren English and
French Cunt nines New Design for
Bathing flresse That Ara Modest ami
BecomingTraveling flowns.
ISpcclal Correspondence.)
New Youk, May 5. A couple of days
go I was riding in a horao car, and n
brisk middle aged lady got in tho ...,
and as she did so she tripped and
dropped a parcel into my lap. As it
fell it camo open and a quantity of
trips of leather, both dressed ami uu
ilk t ' r a XffSVT(r
II m
ififtll Hill
4I!t. r ' '11 .1 f 1 u
if f' gj rfMh
mil ." IH W I'JM U! V
The fttngto Keeptloti.
resident of Nebraska a fow years stace
at his application for admission to the
tar to ths circuit clerk at K , a little
sounty scat in Missouri fur from any rail
road, presumably thinking ho would gel
an cany examination. When the court con
Tencd he was on hand tho Una day and n
commltteo appointed to examine him. He
was nu uncouth specimen, endowed with
aa unlimited amount of "cheek," hut did
sot get the sort of commltteo for that to
Suallfy him for the bar. The exnmltintlnu
Isctosed tho fact that ho was nourvidiUiil
ths state, and failed to disclose even slight
legal learning on his part, no tho commit
tee refused to recommend his mlnilwiim
and his application was denied by .Judgi
D . He was examined out of court In
the evening and camo Into court tho next
morning to learn tho result. Ho stood st
the Tailing of tho bar, hat In hand, and h.
quired of tho court what he had done wlt'i
his application.
Judge D Informed him that hocottl'!
not be admitted, and kindly advised bin.
to study longer and try for udmlnslui
where ho resided. The disappointed n
pllcant looked at tho Judge, cast a critic n
glanco over tho mombcrs of tho bar hIi
ting Insido tho railing, and said, "Well
ledge, from tho looks of you fellers I muni
be the first ono that ever failed to git ml
knitted In this court." He was allowed ti
depart for Nebraska In peace Green lhi(..
Nature' Nobleman.
dressed, fell out. Tho strips wero from
half an inch to an inch and a half wido
and three yards long, and as tho lady
was putting them in a neat bundle
again she said:
"Now 1 am sure yon can't toll what
those aro for. I will tell you. Thoy are
the fashionablo trimming for woolen
and heavy silk gowns," and as 1 suppose
I did look surprised 1 am sure I tried
to slio continuod, "thoy will bo sown
on tho bottom of skirts and around
the edges of tho basques, and bo UHcd
as trimming wherovor thoy enn be.
Tho wido Btrips will bo used for pointed
bolts, and thoy will nearly all bo sowed
on in such a manner that tho stitches will
be ornamental. Some will bo studded
with jet or steel uail heads, though not
bo often as thoy will bo ombroidored in
colored silk and gold thread. Really,
you have no idea how very stylish this
leathor trimming can bo mado to look."
I don't know when 1 was brought to
such a clear understanding of tho dif
ference in English and French styles as
today. Tho former aro so prim, do
muro and almost sovero, and tho other
neat, graceful und with a touch of tho
ornato which suggests the delicious
English Soft choviot in delicato but
sober heather mixturo and almost in
visible stripes, both plain and with man
nish vests and hats you nover see a
French won in in a mannish hat and
altogether serenely elegant and obtru
sively modest.
French Tanpeau do soio with three
quarter coat basquo, and with tho entire
costumo overlaid with soft green mousse,
laid in points. Tho hat of straw, lined
with mousHo velvet and trimmed with
cowslips and moss green satin bows.
The other is violet and gray chameleon
silk, plain of skirt and sleeves, with a
draped jabot of point do geno in front
and ruflles of tho samo at tho wrists.
Tho hat is of openwork black straw
with lilao satin bows and ears of point
de gene laco. Parasol to match tho
Yon look first on ono style and like it
for its quiet simplicity. You glance at
tho other and aro charmed by tho light
ness and beauty of coloring, but unless
you can afford a gown of both styles it
proves moro satisfactory to tako tho
English, as it is adapted better to our
own tastes and people; but tho other is
so pretty.
I notico that tho manufacturers who
aro responsible for all tho bad jokes at
the oxpenso of bathing dresses aro try
ing to get up something that will bo at
onco modest and becoming, but it is a
vory difficult matter. 1 notice, how
ever, that tUero is more white and
Miss Petrolla Dullton-Hoggo (from the
west) Of courso you know, baron, that
my father U not in tho remotest degree a
He Say no more, beautiful one. A man
who will give his daughter a million dollar
dowry Is noblo enough for mo. Life.
A Queer Letter.
"Hero is a faithful copy of a double bar
reled letter forwarded to us by a board
schoolmiuUcr," says Tho Journal of Edu
cation. "The first half is written on the
outsldo of an envelope, tho last on tho In
side. We wish we could present our read
ers with a facsimllo: 'pleaso do not keep
Charley Hall In and not cano him as he
has had such a bad eyo and could not see
out of it for 3 days and I had to tako him
to tho doctor and ho told him to keep in
doors from his Mother.' 'pleaso sir Charley
is quite well o nofo to como to school and
he wont come and you cane do as you like
with from his father.' "Now York Trib
une. Then They Were Careful.
"Conductor," said an old lady, "I hope
there won't be any collisions."
"Oh, no fenr, mum," answered the con
ductor. "I want you," said tho old Indy, "to be
very careful. I've got two dozen eggs in
this basket." Rural Collaborator.
A Hewing Society.
Jinks My wife belongs to a sowing so
ciety. Splnks So does mine.
Jinks What does your wife bow?
Splnks Gossip mostly.
Jinks Guess they must beloug to the
samo one, Detroit Freo Press.
Suburban Ways.
Mrs. Suburb (joyously) My dear, I've
succeeded lit getting u servant girl at last.
Go to tho kitchen and kiss her.
Mr. Suburb Kiss herf
Mrs. Suburb Certainly. I hnd to prom
ise that she should bu treated as ono of tho
family. New York Weekly.
How She Co u hi 1'leaie Him.
Aunt I want to do something to pleaso
you on your birthday, Charlie, but first I
want to nsk your teacher how you behave
In school.
Charlie If you really wish to pleaso me,
auntie, don't ask him. Fliegende Blatter.
An Utmost Han.
"I know my grocer is honest."
"I heard him play the bass drum at a
concert tho other day and I watched him
closoly. Ho gave full weight to every
pound." Harper's Iliuar.
striped fluniuls than bluo. White
flannel with a bluo and whitoor red
and white bias baud and other trim
ming makes a really pretty suit. Somo
havo bauds of crossstitch embroidery
or pretty patterns dono in herringbone,
with wool of Midi colors as tho water
will not hk11 nor tho sun fade.
Thoro wero a fow bathing suits of silk
in light and chameleon colors, with a
multiplicity of little pinked out rullles
on tho bottom of the skirt ami tho Miort
drawers, but these with their llutlering
ribbons aro more for those bathers that
wo read of as lying alKiut on tho .uid
at Narragansott and Newport. Thoy cor
tainly would not do for Asbury Park noi
Ocean Grove, but thoy aro pretty.
Unhappy TIhhikIi Married.
"There's that lovely Mr. Shortcdge.
They say that, financially speaking, his
wife Is a bunli'ii to him."
"Yes, poor fellow' I hear It takes all of
her dowry to Hiippoi t hint alone." Life.
No UUk fur lllin.
Dentist Will joii take gas?
Man in Chair Kr, I don't know. Is there
any risk?
Dentist Oil, no. I shall ask you to pay
In advance, Yankee Illade.
A Glml IMncmery.
Ob, joy Immeasurable. U mine!
1 Imrsl with uleel
Kind Fortune doth tier fnco locllno
And smile on me.
I oped in)' trunk mid druTlod to light
My tiinitiiui'Milt.
Alas, It w us a wit ry nlghtl
Jut lit Insluxitl
Tho rout was lit tho elbown hare,
The back It ahouo.
It tilled in j- oul with black despair
To put It on.
The trousers after tholr long rest
btlll lmi;od ut kueu;
Nor could thoy be, by being pressed,
Mmlu lit lo bee,
Tho It was thin and worn;
AndKtraime to say
I found one of the pockets torn
Almost away.
But Joy because of that same bola
My heart doth till;
For In It lay, all In a roll,
A dollar bill.
Boston Courier.
Continued from First Page.
ukiucly a sunnssTtoN,
It Manager Church lis nothing to follow
tho May Festival why not try and secure the
Davis Fifth Avenue Company to return and
play another engagement. Notwithstand
ing the excellent house this good company
played to there were enough kept at home by
the very dlnagreeablo weather to have filled
the house twice over. This company's re
duced ratet of admission are so low for Mich
superior entertainment that we believe they
could plsy for mouths and tho ptibllo never
tiro. When wo can pans a pleasant evening
and arrive home feeling better able to cope
with th struggle of life, for a price so smtll
as to be almost ridiculous, we feel wo are ro
gardlng the Davis company as real mission
aries doing good, unconsciously perhspi, hut
still doing It. It it to bo hoped Manager
Church will succoeil In effecting a return engagement,
Manager Crawford anuouueca as the next
attraction at tho Funke, tho Dodd opera com
jwiny comprising forty artists at popular
pricesbest reserved seats for fiO cents. Much
talent as Miss Lulu rJtevens, prima donna;
Kathorlno McNeil, contralto; Arthur Hurton,
tho well known tenor nnd other prominent
vocalists are with the combination, Tho
engagement opens Monday evening, M ay S3
and continues ono week during which the
following repertoire will bo sung! "Fra
Dlavolo," "Olivette." "Olrane Glratls,"
"Mascot." "Three black Cloaks," llohemlnn
Girl," "Bejrgar Student," "Chimes of Nor
mandy," "Nanon," "Fstanltra," etc,
Already tho circus-loving jwrtlon of this
community is on the tip-too of expectancy
over the coming of tho old rcllablo Lemon
Bros, aggregation; nnd It can be set down as
a certainty that it will attract Iremondous
crowds. Ths proprietors of this well known
establishment, who aro among the acknowl
edged loaders of the circus business of Amer
ica, are said to havo outdone all previous ef
forts In this line, both in tho novelty of the
entertainment and in tho wonderful features
exhibited. The securing of the famous
Ilojah, the largest elephant on earth, at a
cost of over A5,00, and tho enormous out
lay of cash is evidence that the managers of
this great show are 'bo'iud to exhibit to Its
patrons something now and worthy the great
name and reputation it already has. The
show will be soen hero May 30.
For months past the Oratorio society has
been diligently at woik preparing for the
forthcoming May Festival which occurs the
first three nights of next week at the tan
sing theatre. In each of the entertainments
the full strength of this magnificent organiz
ation will lie given, numbering ouo hundred
members, The choruses havo boon aug
mented,!! mhses having been trained to a
decided harmony nnd beauty of tone, while
an exceptionally line oi chest ra of twenty
pieces will do valient service on each occa
sion. Four eminent soloists of world-wide
reputation have been engaged for this grand
event, they being nouo less than Slguor Itula
Campanml, tho wonderful tenor; Mrs. Cor-
Inno Moore Lawsou, soprano; Mrs. Kathar
luo Fisk, of Chicago, contralto; and Mr.
George Ellworth Holmes, of Chicago, bari
tone. All of tho above magnificent talent
will be heard every evening together with
tho full membership of tho society and the
misses choruses of 100 voice.
Thewoikstobo given embrace a cholrn
and most admirably varied program extend
ing over three nights as follows: Monday,
Cowou's "Sleeping Beauty;" Tuesday, mis
cellaneous concert, concluding Wednesday
with Handel's famous work, "The Messiuh.'"
The sale of seats has turpassed all previous
demands, nnd before tho curtain rises Mon
day evening It is thought every Beat In the
house will be sold. Some choice, seats can
yet be had by applying at once at the box
All our readers will hail with delight the
announcement that Bamum & Balloy's
"greatest show on earth" Is soon to exhibit
here. Thepiesentation for the first tune
this season of the superb and colossal specta
cle of "Columbus anil the Discovery of
America," Is every where attracting on an
average of thirty thousand visitors daily.
This grand scenic display alone requires
1,300 characters, Including iiOO dancing girls,
to Interpret, with more elegant scenery ami
costly wardrobes, trappings, emblems and
devices, than any hundred theatres. Alt the
principal events in the life of the great dis
coverer aro depicted, as well as tho lniort
ant historical ones connected therewith.
Pitched battles between tho Moors and Span
iards aro realistically reproduced just as
they occun ed 400 years ago, military til
umplis, festivals, songs, dances, games, tour
naments, on foot and on horseback, and
many other most Interesting occurrences are
accurately exhibited. Tho ships that Colum
bus sailed in, the crows, 41II0U, mariners,
and the very voyage Itself on the ocua 11, 111 e
all truthfully shown, with tho primitive In
dians, and the hitter's games, sports, dances,
and diversions. Tho armor, weapons, ac
coutrements, such as cross Imjws, arquebuses
und canon, us well as tho picturesque cos
tumes of the nobles and people of old Spain,
aro seen, and the grandest and most magulll
cent triumphal processions and royal pa
geants ever beheld, supplemented by over
whelmingly splendid bullets, porformed to
tl-o most majestio and original music. To
this Immense part of the show must be udded
a circus of suriassiug excellence, by three
companies in three rings, Olympian sjwrts
on two elevated stages, and daring and thril
ling 1 aces In tho hippodrome. Besides two
menageries of wild nnd trained beasts, twen
ty clowns, two herds of elephants, two
droves of camels, 400 fine bred horses, 100
cages and chariots, etc., together with tho
gallery of mystifying Illusions, tho curious
animal depaitiuent where are cows with
three boms, others of gigantic size, horses
without hair, dwarf cattle, etc., and these
ure but a few of the wouderful sights otfered
among 11 world of wonders
"Imagination," Sidney Hoseufeld's latest
and funniest comedy, made u genuine lilt In
Philadelphia lust week,
Anew faice comedy called "A Dreciy
Time" will bo presented in New York at the
Windsor theatre next week.
The Fredeiick Warde-Louis James com
biuutiou begins a tour in Washington, D. C
early in September.
Ilosina Vokes is ugalu in New York at
Daly's theatre, whero slio is drawing largo
und fashionable audiences,
Kdwin Booth spends most of his time ut
the Players' club, whero he Is Inaccessible to
all save a few friends.
Sol Smith Kussell closed his season Satur
day evening May 7, in Chicago. Ithas been
the most profitable that ho has evor known.
Francis Wilson goes from New York di
rect to Omaha, where be begins his road tour
hi "The Merry Monarch" and "Tho Llou
When it's Told You by MAYER BROS., it's So
Let us draw your particular attention to our Shoe
Department. Fitted up in handsome style, comfortable
light and airy, with polite gentlemen to wait upon you,
and a line of goods new, bright, clean and fresh, we can
assure you of Shoes that will tit the font, and shoes that
will wear, at prices we think less than you are accus
tomed to pay.
112 to 122 North Tenth Street.
-. w
When it's Told You by MAYER BROS., it's So
Dlgby Bell made his debut In New York as
a comic opera star Monday night nt l'almor's
theatre, He was most cordially received.
"Jupiter" should run all summer to good
Mary Anderson continues to enjoy abso
lute ease and quiet nt her plctuionquo homo
in Tunbridgo Wells, Kngland. Thoro has
been a rovival of tho rumor that she contem
plates roturnlug to the stage.
Miss Gale has closed her first tour us a
star. It has been entirely satisfactory to her
and Manager Bromley. Slio goes to Kuropo
In Juno for a vacation, returning in time to
begin her next season, which openi hi Sep
tember. Arthur Wnllack, one of the sous of tho late
Lester Wnllack, contemplates n short tour
In tin ee light coinudkH once In his father's
repertory. Helms nlwu)s been close to tho
footlights, without evor publicly facing
them. Ho was his father's best assistant
during the actor's last yours, nnd his friends
now declare that ho can act.
"Across tho Potomac," 1'ltou and Al
fiiond's war diama, continues its prosperous
run at Proctor's theatre, whero the audi
ences are large and enthusiastic nt every
performance. Tho play is full of exciting
scenes nnd Incidents, is capitally acted by a
good company und is presented with soiuo of
tho most renlistlu scenic elrocts over shown
on the New Yolk stage. It will be seen In nil
the luige cities next season.
The following aro tho important attrac
tions now playing in Now York: De Wolf
Hopper in "Wang." ut the Broadway;
"Child of Fortune" at the Casino; Vaude
ville at Tony Pastor's; The Dlgby Boll Opera
Company In "Jupiter" at Palmer's theatre;
Annie I'lxloy in "Polly Middles" nt the
Fouiteeuth Street theatre; Fannie Hlco hi
"Jolly Surpriso" nt tho Bijou; "A Breezy
Time" at tho Windsor; "Tho Grey Mare" at
tho Lceum: "Friends" nt tho Standard; W.
H. Crane nt theStar theatre; "Mr. Wilkin
son's Widows" ut Hermann's; "Still Alarm"
at the Grand; "A Trip to Chinatown" at tho
Madison Square; "Across tho Potomac" at
Proctor's; Itoslnu Vokes nt Daly's theatre.
This Is How till! Nuw Owl Hiunplo U00111 Is
Every city of metropolitan sir." has Its line
drinking results, places whero tho thirst of
the Inner man may bo regaled und quencho d ;
where the cup of friendship is drained anil
tho health of friends, present and absent, are
toasted. Lincoln has never been qulto met
roolitau In having just such n pluce, and it
was left to Messrs. Abbott & Bauermelstcr to
supply the demand by taking advantage of
the opening ami filling "a long felt want."
Tills they certainly have dono In the open
ing of their beautiful place of business, al
ready popularly known as "The Owl," Yil 8.
Twelfth street, which is without doubt the
most gorgeously furnished and equipped
room in the city und state. Tho bar fixtures,
of original and magnificent design, are of
antique oak, elalwratcly carved ami set w ith
large, heavy r reneii plate ueveieu mirrors,
the entire woodwork being hi complete uni
son, harmonizing the desired effect. Tho
walls and celling are handsome specimens of
the decorator's art, and It must lie said with
credit to the genial Sum Moore, that no prot
tier piece of wall paper work exists in tho
west. Tho celling is u deft siieolmen of Intri
cate workmanship nnd tho blending of tho
colois such as to make the otherwise hand
some place look even more radiant with tl e
effect derived therefrom.
The walls are also adorned with woiks of
art from tho urtist's brush, and such lovely
Dulntincs as "The Yosemlte" nre among the
handsomest and most exiensivo pieces of
canvas In the city. The windows are lilted
with a choice selection of the season's most
fragrant (lowers, all going to lend additional
attraction to n resott where gentlemen
gather to take an "eyo opener," a "digester"
or a "night can,"
Now as to the kinds of goods thut may bo
nlwujs found ut The Owl: None but tho
(litest und most popular brands of wines und
liquors of known merit will bo served, und
just such goods ns can bo highly recom
mended will lie kept on hand. In tho cigar
lino u superior stock of imported and domes
tic coeds from reliable factories nre offered,
and the most popular brands will ulwnysbo
found In their beautiful show cose, especially
built to keep the lovoilte weed In IhjsI con
dition for smokers. In short, Tho Owl Is a
model inetioitolltun establishment und ouo
that Is already meeting with opular favor
among the best element of frequenters of
such places. It's a gem nnd desei ves success.
If you waut anything In rublwr goods you
have now the greutoat chance of your life to
secure them ut less than manufacturer's
prices ut tho closing out sale of the Lincoln
Rubber Co., 131 O street.
To ho given In tho
New Y. II. G. A. Building
By the Ladies of Lincoln.
This grand exhibition will begin
Admission to the Building - 25c
Each Entertainment - 10c extra
The Lincoln Steel Plate Range
Most Durable
Finest Finished
and Most Complete Range Hade.
szuLiii :
New Method, Monarch Gasoline and
Gas Stoves.
Granite, Tin, Copper and Wooden Ware,
and examine our line before you buy.
1308 O Street
Telephone 339
Great Cheap Store 1 2 1 1 0 Street
It pays to trade with us. Note the following special bat gains
we are offering for this week:
The elite resort for lodlea and gentlemen
is browns cafe removed to 1SSJ3 0 street.
30 trimmed hat, worth $2.35 for only $1.35
36 trimmed hat, uortli $3.50 for only 3ao
36 tilmincd I111U, worth $5.00 for only 3f
120 do7.fnst blnck hotc, qc, worth 15
iSrioz.f.ut black nose, worm 30c, tor only
66 doen black hoc, worth 20c, at only
(tents' silk LUIc hose, w 01 tti6jc. it only
Kxtin heay half hoe, 4 pairs for
80 doz fancy towels, worth 30, 40, 50 and 60, jour choice
of the entire lot for only
35 bo s suits at $ 1 , cheap at
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' 25 docn men's pants, only $1.00, worth ..
4 -'5
i .00
on everything
Mail orders
We can save you from 25 to 50 per cent,
we sell. We allow no one to undersell us
promptly filled.
'1 he Cheapest Store in the State. 1211 O St.