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Voi. r No 2 a
Lincoln, Nebraska, Saturday, May 7, 18GL5.
Pkioic Kivic Oonti
The editor of Tub Couhieu wrote a couplo
of very Interesting paragraphs last week con
cerning a newspaper tnnn who I affection
ately called a "snwod-olT Bohemian Joss" by
a local conteniorary, and through an over
sight thems uiragraphs wore inserted In this
department. Now, the matter written by
the undersigned never occasions any com
ment. It Is probably nover read, or if rend,
is immediately forgotten. Hut the reference,
to Mr. Koeowater and the Ike appearing in
these columns was at once slezed uon and
the writer lioreof has been given some unde
served notoriety on that account. It pains
him that tho first Item in this dopartmunt to
attract general nttentlon should have Ihhiii
written by another. Ilut such Is tho caw,
and his modesty Is such that he hastens to
make due explanation in order that credit
may bo bestowed where, it Is deso rved.
It was said that the lice. M a great nowspa
per. Well, it Is; and whether Mr. Itosewater
is a "sawod-on Bohemian JW or not, ho
understands his business pretty well. Hut
the liee is not the only newiqwiper published
in this state that Is ' 'quoted in the metropol
itan dailies." Hero ngaln the writer's mod
esty asset l itself, forbidding tho mention of
a certain afternoon newspuer In this city
that Is becoming known all over tho country.
Whatever may be tho defects of our leading
newspapers it must bo admitted that they are
a credit to tho state. The newspapers of Ne
braska aro bettor thou those of Kansas,
Iowo, or any of tho northwestern states. Tho
Denver dallies aro colospalaffair. Each ono
represents an immense amount of money,
and they all have large forces of men; but it
is. doubtful If tho quality of the Sim and
the Republican and the A'cic is any
better than that of the leading
papers of Omaha and Lincoln. They're
ahead in quantity, but it takes some
thing besides quantity to make a good news
paper. Borne of ttie most successful journals
in the country aro comparatively small. The
dally papers of Nebraska could doubtless be
improved and they are being Improved
every day but with all thefr faults they are
conspicuously superior to the press of nearly
every western state, and they have had an
Immense Influence in building up Nebraska.
The Lincoln public bad an opportunity, or
rather several opportunities, this week of
seeing a real, live, ten thousand dollar
beauty. On second thought, perhaps it
would be more proper to say a woman who
was once a ten thousand dollar beauty. Sev
eral years ago tho late Adam Forepaugh
created something of a sensation iu Philadel
phia by offering a prize of (10,000 for the
most beautiful woman who would present
herself for an engagement with his circus. A
protty face doesn't bring (10,000 ovory day
and this generous offer caused a fluttering
among the beautiful women of tho Quaker
City. Beauties of high and low degroo, of
all kinds, colors and sizes, entered into the
competition, and 'tis said that the judges ap
pointed by Mr. Forepaugh permanently lost
their eyesight, so dazzllngly brilliant was
the array of beauty before them.
It was a difficult matter to discriminate
among so much lovllnoss, but Louise Mon
tague was finally selected and she entered
the employ of the circus magnate, and there
after for a brief season rode in the street
parades perched high on a gilded wagon, tho
observed of all observers. Home, ot the re
jected beauties were disposed to question the
justice of tho decision and some slighting re
marks were mado concerning Miss Mon
tague's charms. Bbe was never subjected to
very close scrutiny as the crowds were not
permitted to get very near to her. Beauties
have wants like other peoplo, and after
awile she wanted some salary. Mr. Fore
augh tried to evade his contract and there
was a big law suit.
Miss Montague was one of the star attrac
tions of "Ship Ahoy" which, by tho way, is
a very pretty opera. Critical persons con
tend that her beauty isn't of tho ten thou
sand dollar sort. However, she appeared to
good advantage In this ojiera. having a bet
ter part than in "The Uondolloru," in which
she was seen a couple of years ago. There Is
a good deal in contrast, and it is possible
that the appearance, of the young woman
who played the part ot "Mile. Georgia Car
ina," assisted in the favorable iuqiression
made by Miss Montague.
Some quiet movemonte aro being made in
this city which may possibly have very Im
portaiit results. There, has loen n world ot
talk the past few mouths about tho develop
ment of Lincoln's jobbing Interests and w hat
is more to the puroso tliero lias been some
thing besides talk. A number ot men havo
interested themselves In this subjoct and for
some tune havo loen at work on schemes to
establish wholesale houses In this city. It
takes a good foal of time to perfect plans of
this sort and developments aro slow, but
matters aro said to bo progressing satisfac
torily, and before many weeks some im
ortant announcements may bo exected, It
is a little strange that Lincoln should havo
waited until now to awake to a realization
of tho importance of wholesale business
houses and to an understanding of tho un
usual advantages which this city ossessoi
for tho building up ot a great jobbing centre.
But it has come at last, and it tho agitation
Is kept up there aro sure to be valuable re
sults. Hustings, Beatrice, and a number of
uear-by cities havo taken advantage ot Lin
coln's lethargy and secured several jobbing
houses which might have been induced to
come hero. The great Black Hills country ,
with Its unlimited possibilities, is u standing
invitation to Lincoln to stir itsolf. If tho
invitation isn't heeded pretty soon, it will be
too late.
W, Moiito.n Smith
' .'
Taking at Until.
if- :-
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Tliornburn Sisters at liM'J O Street.
We deliver all goods promptly and take
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Herpolshelmer & Co., display the finest line
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Travelling Suit Fur Hale.
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' ' ' 3
. ' - ..
U-S 7
A kindly word, oh earthly pilgrim
Is no morcdenr
Thau Is the word of llttlo meaning,
Or chilling sneer;
One lights with smiles tho vnle of sorrow,
One brings a tear.
So many lions ot society ore undergoing,
or havo undergone, treatment at Keeley In
stitutes that tho subject of the euro Is a le
gltlmato topic ot discussion in tho columns of
all sorts of papers. Tho heroes of many a
ball room are now adulterated with chloride
of gold; and they will bo sorry to learn that
a recent "graduate" who achieved distinc
tion by his valedictory, has fallen by the
wnysde In Lincoln. In tho valedictory in
question he stated that ho was a man nuco
more; that the world was full of beauty and
promise; that ho desired drink no more than
a bird desired to chew gutta pcrchn. And bo
went forth Into tho world to show what a
sober and rejuvenated man could do. Poor,
frail mortal I The beauty and tho promise ot
the world didn't lost long for him, for mi
Sunduy when o'thcrs were going to church he
was raving In the Lincoln city jail with a
copious shower of jlmjnms. Deal gently
with him. Human nature is so deplorably
weak. It will be something of a shock to
other social princes who have delivorod simi
lar valdlctorles, but they must be bravo and
chain themselves to hydrants.
"Ye editors" of sundry Lincoln papers
took "a Hying trip" to the Ilocky mountains
a week ago. blnco none of them will admit
that Colorado bus anything suerior to tho
attractions of Nebraska, they will doubtless
describe tho elevations in question as rather
rocky mountains.
It Is painful to notice that tho intellectual
giants who do newspaper work In Lincoln
11ml it impossible to get a'oug harmoniously.
The colonels of the J our mil frequently say
I harsh things of the colonels of the Cull, and
the latter colonels treat with withering scorn
the colonels of the Xews, and the colonels of
all these papers throw Javelins at the colo
nels of the Sun, while the colonels of tho
weekly wipers frequently add to tho general
confusion by printing whole columns of un
called for sarcasm. Truly, this condition of
a IT airs is heartrending In a land boasting of
its gilded and embossed civilization. Why
can't other papers do as Tlir.Coi'lllKK does
disseminate knowledge and boom culture and
progressive thought In a quiet way I
1 I I
If you are going into the newspaper bus!
ness, Willinm Henry, do not Inaugurate
yourself with the idea that you aro going to
cause this weary old world to revolve liack
wards by your able articles. The earth Is
set Ir. Its habits to a degree, and although
numerous young men whose hats were too
small havo engaged In iiewspaer work at di
vers timos and seasons, the world continues
to whirl around just as It used to.
I I 1
The quarrel as to the authorship of the
poem commencing "laughs and tho world
laughs with you" has been sprung on the
publlo again, and Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox
and Col. Joyce are describing each other as
horrid creatures who should bo boiled in but
termilk or wade into an omelette. Asa mat
ter of fact neither of them wrote the poem.
It was written by C. II. Von Wyck on the
register of the Capital hotel several years
ago, when E. P. Hoggen was landlord, and
the latter was co pleased with It thot ho told
Mr. Van Wyck to go into tho dining room
and order whatever he wanted and it would
not cost him u cent. Mr. Von Wyck ato a
hearty menl of horse todlsli'nnd Bnrbudoe's
picillli and hasn't euted anything since.
A man who lives hard by th shore ot the
raging Platte informs this detriment that
there is a weed, common us sand in Nebras
ka, which, when propel ly used, U a inur
vellous hair grower. The man In question
used to bens bald as a church bell but ho
boiled u lot of the weeds, or did something
with them, and rubbed the juice on his scalp,
and tho top of his head Is now ndorned with
tt luxurious iM'anl. This Information is cheer
fully given because it will doubtless encour
age people to pull weeds,
Some day when the fool killer has his tor
ture chumlier operated by steam jwwer and
running full time ho will make a frightful
example of the man who annoys you in tho
theatre by keeepiug time to tho muslo with
his foet. No doom could be too severe for
the nuisance in question. His feet aro like
T t?
brickyards, rind ho oumls them on tho floor
so that they jnr tho whole building, and ho
destroys all the pleasuru of your evening,
and he soems'to exalt In doing mi. The fool
killer is over .worked and It Is not right to bo
always setting now tasks for him, but thero
are ninny whb hoMi that ho will tlnd it con
venient to attend to tho floor iounder at an
early date and run tho wretched creature
through a rolling mill.
Tho enterprising managers of tho weather
department aro making it specialty of rainy
Sundays this year and are charging noth lug
extra. Some of us would enter n protest,
only that experience has convinced us that
tho best way to get along smoothly la this
world is to tako things as they come. If we
were to kick too energetically against the
moist programme the enterprising managers
might turn loose iixii tho community a
great big old drouth with antlers on it. As
between swimming and struggling through
dust and auushluo most peoplo will prefer to
borrow umbrellas,
Borne of tho questions sent to editors by
subscribers who aro In pursuit of knowledge
are worth framing, Here Is one recently
received: "Who was tho author of
Q ray's Elegy Hn a Country Churchyard"!
Tho editor replied that Gray faiasMlf gener
ally received (he credit and doubtless wrote
it, and then asked the horse editor what time
the 8:30 train came in.
Tho man of "influence" who ha done noth
ing since 1888 Is ready for the fray aguin. Ho
always Is in presidential years, and his In
fluence is In such demand that ho Is frequent
ly nolo to purchase a collar and get his watch
repaired when the summor is over and the
harvest ended. To a man who won't work
there is nothing so valuable as a quantity of
"influence." ,.
Upon returning from Denver one of the
oimuil editors published an InuwtRsloned ap
peal for good whisky In Nebraska. Tho kind
they all sell In Colorado is rather rocky.
Walt Mason.
A Mice Way.
"What do you supposo Mr. Clinker said
when I told him that his necktie was up
behind V '
"I haven't tho least Idea."
"He asked mo to stand in front of him
and fix lt.'-Llfe.
Home Queries for Walt Mason.
The following letter from a fair reader Is
resiectfuily referred to Walt Mason, the ed
itor of The Couhikk'h "At Long Hungo" de
partment: Dkah CouitiKH. An inqiililtlvo reader
would like to know if Walt Mason Iwlougs to
"The Boys of Long Ago"! also If he bus been
taking lessons from "Ell Pel kins" lief ore
writing his last article Iu "At Iong Range"
for the Coimiiml And where the ccutleuian
at Fremoi)t found the "cook book" contain
ing the advertisement of "Snootover's bit
ters"! and why he don't Mart a "Snootovor"
sJiop nnd make his fortune! Thero Isn't a
lady in Lincoln but what would buy a Intttle
for her husband, anil those having none (no
husbund, 1 mean), would buy a bottle ami
prt-ient ll to her sweetheart sho would be
very foolish If she didn't. If one cupful of
"Snootover's bltte i'' will cure a man as near
dead as Mr. Mason was when he took it,
1; :i It mlKianecomplUh
for a lazy man who Is not sick at all, but yet
not able to saw a cord of wood iu a year. I
would suggest three cheers for "Snootover's
Bitters" and three more for the man who In
vented tlwm; anil If Mr. Mason will kindly
prevail upon n few ot Lincoln's street loafers
to take a dose we will consider him a bless
ing to humanity henceforth and forever.
Yours, Aunt Samantiiy.
t ,
Tho Newton Beers company lias been play
ing to largo business at tho Funko this week
at popular prices. Monday evening "Kloped
With a Circus Ulrl" was put on uoiuro
(wicked house anil seemed to please all. Tho
pleco Is a now ono for Mr. Doors and contal in
some real good points. It was reiieated to a
good sized audience Thursday evening. Tues
day night "Itoger and I" was put on,
Wednesday evening Mr. Iieerr great suc
cess, "Alono in London," and last night
'Louis IV" was well staged and received
with general satisfaction by a largo houso.
As a llnale, for tonight's bill, "Alone In Lon
don," tho best piece In the rcrtolre will be
given and at the matinee today "Enoch Ar
don" will bo seen. The support, which In
cludes Miss Charlotte Wayland, a clever
actress, Is very fair, and throughout they
give a very creditable and llnlsbed perform
ance. Never did a Lincoln audience enjoy a
performance better than the program offered
at the Lansing Wodnesday ami Thursday
evenings. The attraction was Miller &
Donnelly new and brilliant American
oieratlo success "Shlu Ahoy," and It must
bo credited as being Mot brightest, wittiest
and most attractive of the seasons product
ions In Lincoln. There Is not a dull moment
In It, but a constant stream of new and
sparkling music, witticisms and action going
on all tho time, it is ummu niiju"it ""
toforo presented and certainly deserves tho
brilliant success with which It Is mooting.
Tho cast contains n coterlo of excellent
artists not a stick Is noticeable. Mr.
Harry Bell as tho comodoro presente a
mot ndmlrublo appearanco, sings well nnd
assumes the dignified rolo iu a satisfactory
iimnnnr. Mr. McDowell's Lieutenant Lolly-
pop was a refined pleco of work, and that of
Elislgh Toddles ly Jessie J ennuis iinnnj us
well sustained, although of tho singing the
latter's work is for the superior. But none
of tho parts come up to that of Col. Mapilsou
Mulliorry which Is an Ideal character, well
defined and most successfully dono by Mr.
James Sullivan whose droll and distinct
cniiiMlv Is much liko that of Eddie Foy. His
topical songs lellcltod trequeui applause, air.
Eddie Headway's "Christy" wok a clever
bit of acting and showed the little man to le
thoroughly at home In his rt, the success
of which depends not on singing but on being
worked up by facial expressions, in dialogue,
dancing and cutting capers gcnerallh. The
female portion of tho company is also up to a
high standard and contains loslde a very
fine chorus, some excellent voire,
Miss Loulso Montaeue has a beautiful
voice and uses it to good advantage, yot in
her solos it mnst bo admitted, she often over
acta and becomes too excited endeavoring to
enstill pro)or emotion. The costumes In tho
first two acts are not suen as to give aim
Montague's npearanco the Imuty that has
heretofore been o lalmed for her, while In the
Inst net sho apjwars to better advantago In
evening attire. The role of Georgia Carolina
could easily bo improved upon, not so much
from a musical standpoint as from dramatic
ability. Miss Dunbar has no figure, makes
up poorly, acts mechanically and save in one
or tw o Instances doesjiot do the art Justice,
notwithstanding tho fact that sho has a rich
contralto voice which Is well modulated, Is
swtet to listen to but loses much of Iu charm
by tho a'.ence of genteel carriage and easy
appearance. Annie Barratt's "Luln Lolla"
was a winsome and vtlte character that
took well from the start. She has not a
powerful voice, but accomplishes in acting
what Miss Dunbar lows. Sho moves about
gracefully, has a neat figure and proves a
most atti active part of tho performance.
"Ship Ahoy" Is altogether ono ot tho most
satisfactory operas now lefore tho public anil
the writer deem It a production worthy of
the highest success and Iiomm soon to see it iu
Lincoln again.
Hendry's New Iondnn Circus has Ihvii
playing to largo and enthusiastic audience
on -Market Mpuire miring ino wcvk, except
on the very disagreeable nights of rain. It
is a nent show giving a clever performance
and everyone certainly receives their money's
' I L"1, i
tlds afternoon and evening at popular prices
10, 'JO and W cents.
One of the greatest succtMsesin picturesque
Irish-Aiiierican Comedy Dramn-t, since the
late Dion Douclcault made his famous sue
cess III "The Shaughrail" has been "The
Crulskeen Lawn." This drama from tho pen
ot Dan McCarthy, telling its story of Ireland
as It Is. In plain, simple terms, has scored an
unlimited triumph wherever produced this
season, and Is today one of tho biggest mousy
winners on tho road. "The CruUkven Lawn"
taken as a whole, Is as pretty production as
has been seen hero this season. It will be
given at tho Fuuko 0iera house for thr
nights, beginning Monday, May Uth, and
should do an excellent business. The cast
contains some clever comedians and ex
cellent nrtlstf, and the piece will bo baud
Homely staged, Heats aro now on salo.
Those of us who havo lived, loved And
labored In and for Lincoln for a number of
years will remember Frank Lluduii, the
popular rumautlu actor, who used to visit
this olty and pluy engagement of front one
night to two consecutive weeks to big bus!,
ness. Mr. Lluduii KrnouaUy Isn "hall fellow
well met" and by mingling with the ioopl
generally while hero on previous visits, ha
gained quite a largo personal acquaintance
among a very desirable class ot our wople.
It has been several years slnco Mr. Llndon
was seen in Lincoln, during which period he
has been playing the large cities of tho east
with most excellent success. He carries a
superb company Including his talented
daughter Edna Earlle, and preaenta a wide
rango ot successful plays, prominent among
which is Mr. Linden's great production of
"The Son of Monte Crlito." Tho engage
ment opens Monday evening at the Lansing
theatre with Hartley Campbell's "Oalley
Slave" on which occasion any lady will bo
admitted true whoti accompanied by a twrson
holding a thirty cent ticket. Prices for this
ensasemrnt have been reduced to 10, 20 and
80 cents and will undoubtedly be sufficient
inducement to fill the house every evening.
Only matinee next Saturday afternoon.
Continued on fifth page.
"Keeping It Dark."
For the newest Ideas in Millinery call on
Mrs. Correll, 1413 O street.
Is It 8afe7
Quite a numlior of unexpected donuemenU
have occurred to patients who have suomlt
ted to the different gold euros for dipso
mania. True, men enough to form an Im
mense army havo been cured of this disease
and become respectable and enterprising
citizens. Of these the general publlo hear
but little, but when an accident occurs tho
entire country holds up its hands In dismay
and asks why those institutions are allowed
to exist, or at least whv canuot the cure be
modified in some way that death or physical
disability can be avorted. Our fellow-towns-man,
M. II. Garten, D. 8. M. D made tho
Important discovery some twenty years ago
that this desire could bo curod, but before
giving it to the publlo he put his troatinent
to tho severest teste and eliminated all tho
deleterious ingredients from tho compound,
and the immenso number of intiuuts whom
he has successfully treated are living wit
nesses of the veracity ot this statement.
Some of the brainiest and most responsible
citizens of Lincoln are rwuly to testify to the
boneflts received and hundreds of others In
different states have been relieved from tho
thraldom of tho liquor lublt by his medi
cine, and wo have yet to hear of oiw acci
dent or one sickness caused by his method.
We could fill a column proving Garten'
treatment to be Immeasurably better tliau
any other, and that in tho near future It will
bo tho O'lly rocoguizl cure. Again, tlto
gontlemon who compo-m the Garten Medical
Comiwiny are nil responsible financially, and
If an accident could jxisslbly occur, a judg
ntent against thorn could bo collected, but
thero is no fear of an action being brought
us tho remedy builds up the system In such
manner that the patient on leaving fejls a
though ho had Imwii bathed in the "fountain
of eternal life."
lUrr'a New Jewelry Store,
Mr. L. Harr, tho pioneer jeweler, U re
moved Into tho most central locution in tlio
city and will hereafter Iki found occupying
the east hair or u: u street, next to . iu
Dennis & Co.'s. A reKrter called thero yes
terday and found .Mr. Barr busy selecting
a supplementary stock of new good from
tho finest line of samplei that ever left Now
York. Mr. Barr's place will soon bo head
quarters for the very finest iu Jowlry a
well as in all the now novelties.
Now centrally located at liiil O street
Browns opulnr Cafe,
tadles hats trimmed iu latest style and at
reasonable prices at Mrs. Carrulls, Hill O Bt.