Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 30, 1892, Image 5

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30, 1S92
fhc Versatile Actor
Newton Beers
And his company of 14 peo
ple in a repertoire of plays
open Monday night with
Eloped With a
Circus Girl
The Ma&ittneof Amtritan llUtnrv for May
appears, a usual, on llmo with nil attractive
table of content. TI10 frontUplcoo Ik a Alio
portrait of John (lulttcy Adams, from the
painting by Hoaloy. Tlio opening paper of
number, by the editor, I a brief sketch of "The
Inxhain Portrait of DoWItt Clinton," Ulua
trotcd with an engraved copy of tlml hltorlo
ami exceedingly xaluablo painting. Tho see;
ond contribution, "Colonial Mmoorlcs and
Their lesson." In tintuuely Illustrated with
pictures of colonial relics of great rarity and
worth In tho possession of tho author, Mr.
John Krrlng, and this charmingly written
paper, breathing the gcnulno spirit of lovo of
homo and country, may well bo read with
profit aswolla pleiuure by every patrlotlo
American. There U nothing better, however,
In the wholo number, than "Tho Youth of
George Washington," by that wolbknown ex
pert scholar In alt that concerns Washington,
Dr.Tonor.of Washington, D. C, who furnish-
csan authenllo,entertalnlngand Instructive
roconl of tho early life of our first president.
8crtimtr' Magazine for May open with a
second artloto In tho series of "Tho l'oor In
Great Cities," In which Jacob A. litis, tho
author of "How tho Othar Half Mves'repcats
hi first success, which has gained him such
wldo recognition, Tho noxt nrllclo In this
series (which hainlready attracted great pop
ular favor) Is tho Itov. William T. Elslng's
accountof'Liro In New York Tenements us
Been by a City Missionary," which gives an
actunl picture of tho surrounding In which
the children of tho poor are bred. Thomas
Curtl Clarke, the eminent englneor and build
oroftho t'oughkcopslo brldgo, writes from hi
full oxportonceof the great problem of "Itapld
Transit In Cities." Tho special difficulties of
llerlln.l'arls, tiondon Now York, lloston and
Chicago arc set forth most dourly, and It Is
shown that In each of theso cities tho great
problem that Is confronting tho authorities
Is how rapid transit may bo bct scoured. Tho
many Illustrations In tho article are made
from photographs taken by Mr. lllf of actual
character and scones referred to In his text.
Change of Play tfigMly
10c, 20c and 30c
N TICE Any lady is entitled
to a reserved seat free if ac
companied by a person hold
ing a paid ticket. This
offer is good for Monday
only. Box office now open.
Good Morning.
Did you eat
Brand of
Kwart Gladstone contribute her second aril.
cloon"llltiU from a Mother's I.lro." Dr.Tal
mage, Mr. Lyman Abttott, Mr, llottomo, Mis
Benvll, MlMl'arlou,MlM Hooper, lluth Ash
more, Foster Coatc and Rhen K. llcxford, nil
tholrdepartmcnt with all that I Interesting
and Instructive
Considerable Interest has been manifested
regarding tho first number ot tho Cosmopolitan
Maoattne to bo hutted under tho editorial man
ago mont of Mr. Howell. Tho tnagazlno has
furnished a list of mime which promise
something qulto unusual for tho May number
Tho author whoso work appear In this Imus
arct Jnmos HusmoII IiOWoll, Thomas W lllg
glusou, Mil rat Halslond, Kdmuiiil Clarence
Htcdman, llrandor Matlhowi, Kdward Kvrretl
Italo, tidgar Fawcctt, Klchanl I,. Garner, John
Ary, l.utherOuy Hillings, Henry James, l'rof,
H. 1', Langlcy, Frank 11, block ton, Dudley
lluck, Theodora Roosevelt, H, II. lloyeson
HarahOrno Jowett.Ocrtrudo Hmlth, I. Ilia ("a!
botl'erry, William Wilfred Compboll and Wll
llnu Dean Howell. Tho sanio numlier Is
Illustrated by Walter Crane, C. H, Heliihart,
Wilson do Moza, K. W. Kemblo, (leorgo Wlmr
tun Kdwanls, Charles Hownnl Johnson, Wil
liam M. Chase, F. H. Church, Frederic Hem
Inglon, Dan Hoard, ltcnryHandham,Iiouls J,
Head. A well-known Now York critic, who
has examined the proof sheets, pronounce It
tho strongest number of an American inaga
zluo ever Issued.
112 to 122 North Tenth Street. ,
New Shoe Department
Ladies, Misses,
Men and Boys i
Tho A'ortft American Itevitte promises to have
among tho content of II forthcoming (May)
number a lymposlum on "The Man or tho
l'latfonn?" by H-rmtor Quay of retinsylva
nla, Senator Vest of Missouri, Representa
tive Uoutcllo, of Malno. Keprcsoutallwi Ilur
rows of Michigan, Hepreseiilatlvo Wilson of
West VlrglnU and Hoprcsontatlvo Kllgoro of
Texas. The same numbor will also contain an
article on "Tho l'ootof tho nomocracy ,"(Walt
Whitman) by John llurroughs, mid other
contribution by Hon. Charles Ktuory Hmltu,
United States Minister to BU Petersburg;
Henator Htownrt of Nevada, douotal II. F.
Duller, tho Marqtilof I-orno, l'rof. Goldwln
Hmlth, Hon. John Hussoll Young, nndthoHt
Hon. W. K. Ghidstono.
Parched Boiled
for Breakfast?
See Your Grocer
Oampson Sisters
Seven years experience In the most fash
ionable dress attire for ladles. Satisfaction
1 121 N street, over Dorset's store
Mrs. Hell announces the arrival of
of cosmetics
And a fine line
and .TonjourB June for the complexion
Ladles should coll and have their
Hair Dressed,
Nails Manicured,
Scalp Treated and
Face and form beautified.
Mrs. J. C. Hell, 114 North 14th St.
Tho May Century I remarkable for tho be
ginning of a new voluino and of three now
aortal, namely, "The Llfo of Columbus," by
tho distinguished Spanish orator and states
man, Emltlo Castollar, who, In his first paper,
consider tho ago In which Columbus lived;
"Tho Cbosen Valley," a novel of western llfo
In tho Irrigation-fields, by Mary Hallock
Poote, Illustrated by tho author; and tho
architect Van 11 runt's semi-official a' d fully
illustrated paper on "Architecture nt the
Wo Id's Columbian Exposition," from which
the reador will obtain a fresh Idea of tho mag
nificence of tho exhibition at Chicago Tho
tnbleof contents of this number Is qulto re
marKiibto In Its list of prominent names. In
tho way of short stories there are two very In
teresting ones, namely: Ono by Wolcutt Hal
estler, posthumously printed, called1 Captain,
my Captain," a story of tho town which Is tho
rival of Topaz In "Tho Naulahku;" and tho
other, "A Qroy Jacket," by Thomas Nelson
Pago. Thoopcnlng paper of the number I
onoof remlnlsccnco by tho painter, Henley,
who I residing In Paris, nn Thomas Couture,
ono of tho striking figures in modern French
art. James Lano Allen describe, and a
number of artist Illustrate "Homesteads of
Ulue-Urass." Examples aro given of the
workoftho American painters, Carl Murr.J
H.Dolph, and the sculptor, Herbert Adams,
with a sketch of those men by Mr. Frazcr, of
tho Century art department Othor poet of
this number aroThoma lialtey Aldrtch, Lou
Ise Chandler Moulton, Kdlth M. Thomas,
MaurlcoThompson, Julian Hawthorne, Her
man Melvllle,(some posthumous verse ac
companied by a sketch by Arthur Btcdman,)
Frank Domster Sherman, Thomas went
worth Illirainsoii Janes Herbert Morso and
Richard Watson Ollder.
Brcoxy, seasonable, a magazlno for ladles
and gentlemen from cover to cover, Is Out t no
for May. Tho plash of waters, tho rustle of
loaves, tho spirit of pure, out-door, healthful
pastimes, enliven Its eighty handsomely lllus.
rated pagesand make It what It Is, a valued
Instructor In beneficial exorcises, and an en
couragerofa closer lntlmaty with nature's
wondrous charms. Among It contents aro
the following; "lly Wheel from Havro to
Paris," by J. W. Eosdlck, lllustiated;"aeorgo
Dale's Ambition," by Lorenzo Orlswold;
May Hides." by Jessie F. O'Donnell; "A
Bout with a Klngtlsh." by Ed W. Handys,
Illustrated; "Harry's Caroor nt nlo,'' (con
tinued,) by John Boymour Wood Illustrated
Tho International Field Trials of 1891," by
namon," Illustrated; "From tho German
Ocean to tho Hlack Sea," (continued,) by
Thomas Steven. Illustrated; with tho usual
editorials, poems, records, etc
Tho completo novel In LipiUncott't Magazine
for May, "The Golden Fleece," Is by Julian
Hawthomo, who conduct hi reuder to the
Paclfia slopo and the border or tho desert
It Is a curlou medley ol tho modern and the
antique, the weird and tho practical, of civil
zed manner, wild adventures. Aztec hidden
treiiHures.'and legends and superstitions of
long ago. Tho "Good Qroy Poet," Wolt
Whitman, Iscolebratcd In a timely essay by
William 8. Walsh, and In sundry random re
collections by William II. Harrison. Mr.
Floyd B. Wilson ha a paper on "Personal
Economics In Our Colleges," and Mr. Moulton
ono on J. M. Barrio, the Scottish novelist, -ho
has lately sprung Into sudden fame. There
nroHhort stories by Emma B Kautrmuu and
Frederick M. Bird, the latter liberally Illus
trated. Tho poetry of tho number Is by Lou
ise Chandler Moulton, Anno Heevo Aldrloh,
William II. Hayno, C. W. Coleman and M.
F. W.
Mr. Hcuddor should no congratulated on his
success In obtaining for the (InnMc tho bril
liant correspondence of Ralph Waldo hmor
hoii and Thorenu, which occupies tho first
plnco In the Issue for the month of May. The
lettorsare edited by Mr. F. B.Sanborn of Con
cord, and they glvo characteristic glimpse of
the life, physical, mental and splrllunl of tho
two friends during tho"I)liU" period, as the
ocltor culls It, In othor words, 1M1 Apropos
of Home Harriot Waters Preston and Loolso
Dodgo contribute tho first of 11 series of nrtlcles
on"Prlvate Life In Ancient Homo,'' and Mr.
Crawlord continues his Italian serial "Hon
Casino." The short story oftho number, with
the odd tltlo of "A Catlhcdral Courtship," Is
furnished by Kate Douglas Wlggln. Tho two
unsigned urtlcles will attract attention for
their clovernoss, the first being "A Plea for
Benousncss," the second -'The Maying oftho
(Jerrymander," a keen thrust at this political
mounter. A fow other papers, somo poetry and
rovlows.lncludlng ofcourso the lne Itublo crit
icism ot Mrs. Ward's "David OrloNO," mid
Hardy's "Tes of the D'Uhorvllles." complete a
strong number of till standard imigiirlno.
Tho May number oftho Forum Is notewor
thy becausoof thouiiustial variety of It con
tents. It has a general discussion of tho lute
silver craze and the present danger, by Hon.
Michael l. O'nrtorofOhlo, who writes 011 "Tho
Blight of our Commcrco;"' and by Honator
Vll&sof Wisconsin, and Mr. J. C. Hemphill,
editor of tho Charlwlon A'ttci and Courier, alter
apropos of this timely subjoct a suggestive pa
per on "The Loss of Southern Statesmanship.'
Mr.HO.T. Dodd oftho Standard Oil trust ha
aunrclcloon"Ten Year of tho Standard Oil
Trust," In which lie makes a statement of tho
advantage which he claims tho trust ha af
forded both to Us owners and especially to tho
consumers of petroleum mid Its products.
Miss Lucy M.Solinon, professor of history at
Vnssar college, contribute tho result of nn
exhaustive study of tho Woman's Exchango,
Ono of tho most Interesting articles In this
number of tho Fonim Is on "Tho Development
nfMusle In America," by Mr. Anton Heidi, tho
great orchestra director.
Foot Wear.
! , A.
t J
Everything New, Nobby and Stylish
JSgrWhen it's told you by Mnycr Bros., it's so.
With It May Issue that popular and com
naratlvolynow monthly, the Arena, rounds
upltstlttliv.luma,bolngJust two mid n half
years o'.d. That It lias taken with popular
favor among the most select reading classes I
well understood whon one consider It largo
circulation to-day and Its eminent position In
tho ranks of the groat modern magazines. It
gives far moro spaco than any othor magazine
to tlio discussion of social, economic, ethical
religious and educational problems. Its con
tributors also represent the power of the ad
vanced thinkers and llvo reformers. Those
features, peculiar to It, uro which glvo It spe
cial popularity with all tho membor of the
family, such in portrait or lending thinkers
brilliant biographical sketches, prose etching
and short Horlos. Theso features have given It
a popularity possessed by norther hlgh-prlccd
review which has been stalled within tlio lost
sovonty-tlvo years, Tho May -ircna among
othernotabloartlclcBContalns a frontlsplcco
or Frances E. Wlllard, "Austria or Today" by
Emll Ilium, Ph. D., "Tlio Use or Publlo Ways
by PriviitoCorHrntlons,"a discussion botweon
Biunuel Lelatid Powers and Solomon Behind.
ler;"Woman's'Causo It Mun's," by Frances
E. Wlllard; "The Strength nnd Weakness of
tho People's Movement," by- Eva MoDonald
Vulesh;"ARIotln Romo." by William Mc
Crackan.A.M.; "Reform," a poem, by Ella
Wheeler Wilcox ; and "Tho Broadening Hor
Izonor Civilization," by the Editor.
Continued from First Pago
Few cities In tho west can claim to be the
homo and original K)fnt where a circus is
formod and successfully launched. Huch
however is tho caso in Lincoln today. All
during tho long dreary winter Mr. W. W.
Hendry has, together with n largo force of
coiiitcnt help, been niraiiglnK tho details
for a grand circus and a long summer tour,
and when tho crowds of Llncolnlto turn out
onmnsso next week to visit the big show,
thev will marvel at Its extensive pronoi tlons
nnd It endless variety of talent and atttac
tlons. Yestenlay afternoon whon a Countitn
rejiortor visited the tent oil market square
ho was actually surprised to note tho favor
ahlo status of alTnlrti. Everything, Is neat and
new. The main tent Is a mammoth affair,
and a bright and new as a fresh coined dol
lar, and nil tho nagons, paraphernalia, etc.,
is in cooresiKindlng condition. Mr. Hendry
ha one featuro which certainly I superior to
any other tent attraction; ho bus for his re
served seats WX) tegular camp chairs, afford
ing easy seats, each with comfortable backs.
Hendry's Now London Hhows, Circus, Mu
scum ami Trained Animal Exhibition will bb
tented on Market Square all lioxt week, giv
ing afternoon and evening performances
daily, and every Llncolnlto should turn out
and patronize the flist of the season and a
llvo ei ergetlc home Industry.
Those people who have long wanted to see
a grant play mid a great actnr at prices with
in easy reach, can now feel satisfied, for next
Monday the Funko opens a six nights engage
ment with the Newton Beers company at 10,
'JO and HO cents. It's a regular dollar attrac
tion and oimjiis with "Eloped With a Circu
Girl." An exchange sHiks of him thusly
"This is Mr. Beers tlit npiearouce here as
M. K. General Conference, Omaha.
On May 2, 4. 7, 11, 14. 18, 21, 85, 28 and 30,
the B. & M. will b1I tickets from stations
within 200 miles of Omaha to Omaha and re
turn at one fare nd a third for the round
trip, for the benefit of persons desiring to at
tend the general conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church, tickets go! ' "turn
for one week from data of sale. Full par
ticular at B. & M. depot, or city ofllce, wr
iter O ami Tenth streets. , A
4-2!WJt A. O. Zucmcn, C. P. & T. A.
Tho May iAidlet' Home Journal opens with "A
Day in Paul's Ciulle," written by Floronco
Florenco Wilson, a ouiig Kngllshwnman.who
obtained permission from tho faiiKius diva to
descrlbo minutely tho dally llfo at Ornlg-y-Nos,
Patll's caktlo In Wales. Mrs. Joint Want
namaki r gives a strong paper 1111 "The Patlon
Work of Motherhood," and Mrs. Wllllum
If you want anything in rubber goods you
have now the greatett chance of your life to
secure them at less than manufacturer's
price at the closing out sale of the Lincoln
Rubber Co., law u sireei.
In you want anything for tho baby, for
the sick room, for wearing apparel, for foot
wear, sportsmen's goods, ond anything in
the line of rubber goods, call at the Lincoln
Rubber Comany and take advantage of
the goods that an offered ot sacrifice to close
the business.
Oilell is doing a fine business In his new
stand (Masonlo Temple corner) near the
location of his former successes. Tho place
is as neat as a pin, the service par excellence
and the fare Identically tho same as in past
years, notwithstanding the fact that his
price now is but 20 cents. No tickets, no
trust, and no bust, hut a lino meal for cash
and cash only.
New England Crystol meal, the latest and
finest production for mush or baking pur
purxses. Ask for it ot grocers.
Wo will take your subscription for any
publication ut publishers lRit prices, at the
Couiiikh News Depot, 11114 N street.
Statk ok Ohio, City ok Tomcdo, I M
Luuah County. I
Frank J. Cheney makes oaih that he Is
the senior partner of the firm of r. J. the
ney & Co., doing business in the city of
Toledo, county and statu aforesaid, olid that
said firm will pay the sum of OM-- huin
imiil) DOLLARS for each and overy cow
of Culairli that caimot be cured by the umj
of Hull's Catanli Cure. ....,.
Sworn to before mo mid subs l ')'
piesence. this tlth dav of December, A. D
bH). A. W. Oi.bahon,
heal Notary Public.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts diiectly 011 tho blood and mucous sur
faces of the s stem. Send for tehtimoulals.
free F. J . C H KN K V CO. , Toledo, O
?7"Bolil by Druggists, 75o.
Finest bread In Lincoln at the Ronton
bakery, Twelfth and P streets.
a comedy actor and he scored a decided
success. Ho feems t take to comedy as
natutolly and 11s readily ns he line for years
token to heavier imrfs. The sumiort Is ex
ceptionally stiong and it has been seldom
that 1111 nudlcnce has 1:0110 homo more highly
(ileased tl.nll ns the one lat night. Miss
Charlotte Wiijlniil iHospleudld leading laily
and won much applause."
An .. ! n.l....,fM.. ti ,!... nnv
in (1,1 lllh if, l(i li'( J 111 mn v-i.f.v... .w w..j I
lady accompanied by a person holding one
jxild ticket, will beadinlttcdrieotonieservel
seat Monday evening.
Prof. G. W. Hill will give his first annual
publlo recital nt tho new Y. M. C. A. hall
May Hth, IbW
It Is riimnre,! that Forbes Robertson Is to
replace John Drew as the leading actor In
Augimtln Daly's company.
Tomorrow at the Windsor theatre Mine.
JnuoiiKcliek Is-glns her farewell engagement
in New York, She Is to letlre from the stage
nt the end of this ten-oil.
Monday night at tho Foiiiteenth street the
atre. New York. Annie Plxley nisde a sue-
cess-ful debut in comic ojsjra. "Polly Mid
dles" it I called.
Rudolph Arousoit Is making some radical
changes in the roof gdiden of tho New Yoik
Casino. This slimmer a regular erforiiiaiico
will Imi given theie. T'leioofts to Ih cov
ered mi that the audience will lo protected
nu Moiiuy nights.
Marin Wniniight has Just finished a suc
cessful engagement in San Fraitilsco where
her iuiK'iRinatiou of the tltlo pint In "Amy
Robsiii l" was most coidlnlly received. Mali
nger Julian Magnus hends word th'it his star
is doing mi will that lie litis extended her
tour till June I.
Sol Smith Russell Is to nppear in Chicago
at the (liiiud otii house dm lug the World's
Fair season, beginning May 1,111,111111 con
tinuing for six months The succeeding six
mouths Mi Rus-ell will play In a leading
New Ymk tlientii'. He will only npsar in
two cities during the seiison of IMI.11H, olid
Is to engage 1111 11 usually strong company
land prvM-nt two or thuii new plajs.
Hamburg and Swiss
LOT 1. At ic a yard Embroideries from 2cto ;c.
LOT 2. At 3c a yard all Embroideries irom 5 to 70
LOT 3. At 5c a yard all Embroideries 7$ to 10c
LOT 4. At ioc a yard all Embroideries 15 to 20c
LOT 5. At 1 ;c a yard all Embroideries 20 to 30.
During this sale we offer 25 dozen summer corsets
at 30c worth 65c.
We have received another shipment of cloaks
consisting of Jackets and Capes, they arc all 40 to
60 per cent below price. We offer them at the
same reduction for these three days.
The - Bazar,
1023 O STEBET.
To bo iclven in tho 1 I
- M J. M. C. A. Building
By the Ladies of Lincoln.
This geand exhibition will begin
Look Out For It
1:1 l:i
It Will Be Here Soon.
Admission to the Building - 25c
Each Entertainment - ioc extra