Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 26, 1892, Image 8

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Mrs. Graham's
Cucumber and
ElderjFlower Cream
lanotacoamsllo In the sonso which (lint
term In popularly iisrd, but permanently
braiillnt. It crontm n sort, smooth, olt-ur
Telvely skin, rim! by itntlv uo gradually
makes tho complexion suvoral shade wltllor.
11 1 R constant protection mini tho rlTocU uj
tun and wind and prevent (unburn nnd
freckle, and blackheads will never coinu
while you um It. It cleanse Mm face fur hot
Icr than soap and water, nourlhcand builds
ap ttm kln lluuc nnd thin provonti tno for.
matlon of wrln klei. It glvi' tho frvshuuM,
clearness nnd smoothness nl skin that joii
hud when nuuioKiri. rcvory limy, ouim or
old ought to use. II, iu It give it inoro youth-
IUI appearance, to any inuy, nnn mm permit.
nenliy, 11 commits no iiom, powuur. or bikihi
and la aa harmless a dour and n nourlnhliiR
MdowUto tho (lower. I'rloe at.oo. Auk
your drug glut for It
BAMl'f.K HOTTI.K mulled free to nny Inly
on receiptor 10 renin In Manip to pny for
pottage nnd packing. I.ndy Agunts wnnted.
Mr, (iorvniio (Irnlimn, "llcittuy Doctor,"
10ai'olBlrvot,WAii r'rauelsco.
All tho lending Mncoln druglls loll It.
H. T. Clarke Drug Co., Lincoln.
wiiolkham; auknth. "i
Remember that the
beet rente to Chicago from Linoot
(through Omahtt) is
via the "Hock IoJand."
The Dining Car nre all
new and elegant f the
service everybody known
i the bent in
tho United State:
Have newer and better Steepen,
handeome Day Coach,
beet Reclining Chair Care,
nnd the train i new and the
kandeomett thai rune from
Lincoln to Chicago (via Omaha),
If you vmnt to bo
convinced of thi fact.
it with other
I firot-daMlinotu
Ttoheiofor onto by
City I'amtenger Agent,
Jn tho Hotel "Lincoln."
alaaea In Tnin nasisim II T t ft II f
Uek oTcnrae you ever hnnt. TlJUJjbOal
aoataga stamps, ror one or in my.
Ladies' and . dron's
Hair Catting and Shampooing
a Specialty ,
-Ha r 4 u..fc.ft
La4lM Vm Dr. La Due' Parlodleat
ftUn from Part. Kmnce. That positively ro
Mere tuppreMlont, monthly ifernngemenle
mmA IrregularlUe caused by cold, wenkneaa,
keek, anemia, or general nervous doblllty.
Am large proportion of His to which ladles
a4 mlaaea are liable la the direct result of n
saerdered or Irregular menstruation. Hup
f reaslons oontlaued result In blood poisoning
aadQulek consumption. I'i paokago orS for
gft. mat direct on receipt of price. Hold
la Lincoln by H. W. Drown, druggitt.
, :. natiiTMiisii-BUTtHliligWMl
irr NfiMwwvmitiHiHii.
Z.""" araewa
i aaa Tiaoaavt is su mmM.
Nuir, m t rsuii
m4. rknuu iihmh, itaui
Wajtr. WiMa BsvclMsuat, er
rfsajtiagQBJA wgasaiM.
Bl, ,a Mli utriiw ( liMu.
we claim by yesrs ot prscllce by
our xrlaalTs sntthul a uniforsa
"MereLT at at eeua in tnaw
v law all PtMsaw. VastMan4
aktMtBts. TntluosUUl
( frees tomataa aad Terrltorlsa.
ih m NMrw, aeaiM, Boss
4d. fern nssUMt loraV
aa SMsMa as ansa, one or isay
j. .astt isemvTa or rNnussnir.
I 7..WK
x v y
PT5nf once to Jong Kimanuii, .. A. 0- ILL
n pack, potts tumpa, fur ou or many. I
J A 'SS'jU
How MmU Zlegenfun Convinced Henry
Holla nt llrr lAit, nnd How He Was
Mart led When He Wn Knllghtened n
to Her Ueilente Appetite.
(Copyright, IWS. by Anicrlcnn lreu Assvcla
tlon. Tho Pennsylvania Dutch fanners nrc
famttl fr their thrift, tlnlr good table,
their tilily nml their Inixom ilniiKhtcix
Jolm X.liKenftiHM wiiHn tnnu of thin cIhkm,
nml hlii nuly daughter, Mnrle, would Imvo
been the UMiNt of nil tho young men In tlmt
pnrt of Korku county It they hml been mi
ll let im I to anything no wicked nnd cxpen
Ivc n drinking toiista.
Despite her tiuiiiy nttrnctlon, prospcctl vo
nnd uctunl, M.trlo .legciifufts wiw not n
coiUeltei (he illd not know the meaning of
the word, nnd It In doubtful If (ho luul
ever hriirtl It, From among her host of
admirers ulio Melectvt Henry lloltE, the
on of another well to do fnriucr who lived
up near the lebiiiion lino, nbout lx inllca
Ah noon nn It beenmo known tlmt Mr.
Holt wn tho Accepted nultor tho others
Hood uloof, iwrlinpa bocauso there wn
Bothtng oNo to da Kvery Suiidny Henry
Uolts drove to tho niectliiK Iioiiho wliero
Mnria nnd her pnrvnta nttcnded, nnd ufter
the Bcrvlces were over ho plnceil IiIh hwitU
hi'jirt In the buggy, triumphantly drove
hor homo and luvnrlnbly remiiinvd to din
Under these delightful rlrcuniBtnncea
Henry Uolu ouht to Imvo lcen entirely
happy; but, ulna for tho vanity of human
wishes, hu wits not, nnd this is tho reason:
ANirt from more worldly considerntlons
the mildly anient young mnti loved Marie
riegenfuss becnuao aha was large, atout.
healthful, rosy nnd entirely hugablo If
one may be permitted to coin an essen
tially deacrlptlvo word. And then tho fnct
that Mario loved him with nil tho love of
which ahe was cnpnblo, gave an added Im
pulse to hia paaalou.
Dut hero wna the truth; thla ia what ao
aorcly perplexed himi
lie hod heard, but Ida own experience
did not warrant the belief, that people who
are In love either do uot or cannot eat ns
much an those who are entirely free from
tho tcuder passion. Every Sunday ho sat
beside Mario at dinner, nnd this afforded
him an excellent opportunity to Judge of
her appetite. To his inexpressible Amaze
ment sho had not tho appetlto of n molt
ing canary,
She ate an near noxt to nothing its one
well could that protended to eat at all.
Why, Mho would oven cut n green pen in
two, when those delicious legumes were
in season, nnd with touching delicacy
would convey, on tho point of her knife,
one hnlf at a time to hor Him,'
After dlnnr the young folks would go
Into tho pat lor, the walls of which were
decorated with framed "samples," dono In
Derlin wool 'iy the fair Marie, and they
would alt, on" nt either end of the high
backed, hor hair covered sofa, and look
yearningly nt each other, while Henry,
with his own hearty meal still fresh in hia
mind, would sigh:
"Ah, Maree, don'd you dinks you vos
alrenty in lofer You end ao pooty mooch
noddlngs like n Icedle buddorfly."
Henry remained usually with hia dul
clnea till near auppertlme, when he would
hitch up and go home.
One Sunday afternoon there came on a
fierce storm, nnd aa tho rnln kept persist
ently up till long nfter dark, Mr. Zlegen
faea and hia wife, backed by the plcadinga
of the gentle Marie, prevailed on the young
man to remain for the night.
The house of the Pennsylvania Dutch
farmers, though usually comfortable, nre
rarely ao costly aa their barns. This night
the clergyman and his wife were also
guests, and Henry Uolts wna given a bed
In a sort of loft directly over the kitchen.
Thla was a night of unusual dissipation
for the young people. They actually staid
up courting, or rather looking nt each
other from opposite ends of the sofa, till
the high clock, standing like n coffin In the
dimmest corner of the room, struck ten.
Henry looked ns if ho was going to kiss
Marie, but he compromised by chucking
her umler the chin, then, startled nt hia
own audacity, he .hurried up to the loft
and lay down to pleasant dreams.
How long he had been asleep be never
could tell, for after the thrilling experiences
or that nignt lie wna never In n condition
to follow out a consecutive lino of thought
that placed any tax on his memory, but it
certainly must have been several hours.
He was awakened, not by the swish of the
willow branches ngninst the dormer win
dow or the steady beating of the rain on
the roof, but by a delicious odor and the
occasional rattle of dishes liencath. He
rubbed tils eyes and the golden Hues of
light between the boards assured him that
there was some ono nt work in the kitchen.
He got nol elessly up und looked dewn
through a crack, and ho gasped, "Lieber
Herr, dot vo- mein Mureel"
Henry Boltx was right. It was Mnrio In
working dress, with a big blue apron on,
and her ample arms bared to the shoulder.
She had just fried u huge plate of ham nnd
was In the act of breaking a dozen eggs
into the sizzling gravy when her lover be
held her.
He lelievrd that n lot of starved, giants
bad been driven for refuge from the storm
to farmer Klcgenfuss', and that" Marie,
noble girl that she was, was robbing her
self of sleep In order to appease their bun
Aa soon ns Mnrle kAK broken a dozen
egga Into the pARahe'Mk up the candle
nnd a pitcher that held aewit six quarts,
aad lifting a trap In the ktfehen floor she
descended to the cellar.
Henry Bolts was not a humorist, nnd hia
AsaaVjaVAsSMHavV '
few Jokes were of a practical kind. Tho
Inttnnt Mario dlMtpiR-nred hoaklppeddown
stairs in light marching order, broke nn
othcrdoxrn eggs Into the mn, then tklpied
back again, nnd gluing his eyes to a crock
he chuckled:
"As ileni eggs vos not Mine dot vos a
pooty goot shokcon Mnrio,"
Marie soon reappeared, but to Henry
HolU's horror, Instead of setting tho table
for six at U'list, she set It for one. She
piled the eggs on onedlsh without noticing
tho Inert'itse, then she (toured out a mug of
elder, placed n large dish of bread within
easy reach, and began to eat in n way that
diixrcd tho watcher till hia head began to
At first he had it dim notion that she
doubted his love and had hit upon this
plan of committing suicide, but her sighs
of delight as elder, bread, eggs and ham
disappeared soon convinced him that his
suspicions wcro on the wrong track.
"(lott In lllintuell" ho groaned, as Mnrio
finished tho first dozen eggs and began en
ergetically on the second, "U dot do girl
dot don'd can swallow a pen bud veil It
vos shopped In tw'or"
At length Mario pushed back her chair.
The ham, bread and cider were gone, and
only one egg remained. Then pressing her
red hands midway of her apron, the gentle
Mario slghedi
"Ach; listen Helnrlch, dot van doo drue.
I peau In lofe, oh, so mooch. Vonco I could
eat twelf eggs, bud now I can only eleven
get away mlt. Oh, lofel Oh, lofel"
And Helnrlch groaned, "Mien Gottl"
A Shrewd Sentinel.
This story of Frederick tho Great wna
told mo by a young soldier In Derlin, who
vouched for Its nccurncy, and I can find no
good reason for doubting his word, now
that I am In America I know It would
have been positively dangerous to have
dono so In his presence.
The kingdom was at length nt pearc, and
Frederick selected to guard the palace at
Potsdam a lot of his oldest and most faith,
fill veterans. These men soon learned that
the same vigilance was not needed about
the ixilace that was tca,ulrcd in tho pres
ence of the enemy, no they gradually fell
into thu comfortable habit of snoozing In
their sentry boxes.
This delinquency wn reported to tho
king, but Instead of showing auger ho de
termined to play a practical Joke on the
sleeping veterans nnd at the same tlino
find an opportunity to read them a lec
ture. It had been his custom to present to each
of the veterans at Christmas n purse con
taining twenty pieces of gold, so he set
Christmas eve for the night when he
should visit the posts atxmt tho palace,
where there were always twelve men on
Ho made tho rounds nt midnight nnd
found every man asleep In Ills box, then
lie returned to tho palace and camu back
with the twelve purses. Carefully he tied
one to each soldier's musket and then
went to bed to await developments.
Now, it so chanced that one of tho sol
diers, who had been asleep when Frederick
made his first tour of Inspection, woke up
In the meantime, nnd recognizing the king
by tho light of n lamp, nnd seeing him fas
tening something to the arms of the som
nolent guards, ho determined to remain
Without n word tho king treated him ns
ho had tho others, nnd ns soon as ho was
gone tho veteran felt the purse nnd count
ed thu money. Then ho reasoned after this
"My comrades nre nil nslcep, nnd ns they
can know nothing nbout tho king's gift,
why, It stands to reason that they will
never miss it."
Acting on this hint tho old soldiery's
Itcd all his comrades, relieved them of
their purses, then went back to his box
and slept in earnest till he was relieved.
Tho next morning the king summoned
the twelve sleepers before him, told them
that he had visited them nt their posts the
night beforo and nsked them to tell their
With confusion cloven of them confessed
that they had been asleep, but had dreamed
nothing. The twelfth man then ap
proached, and with a profound bow to the
king, saldt
"Sire, I dreamed that n person, who very
much resembled your majesty, visited us
last night, und, finding us all aslcop, with
drew, but soon came back with a lot of
purses which he thoughtfully fastened to
tho musket of each. Then I dreamed tlmt
I was In dread lest somo ono not so honest
as myself might chance along and rob my
comrades, whereon, still dreaming, I went
out and gathered in all tho money, nor felt
overweighted with the burden."
From this Frederick Inferred that the
old fellow luul not been asleep nt nil. So,
after the iv inner of kings, who have lots of
money without work, he told the veteran
to keep all tin- purses, nnd he deferred his
usunl presents to the others till the next
It waa evidently the purpose of the hon
est sentinel to keep nil the purses If Fred
erick hod not asked for an explanation;
all of which goes to prove that dishonesty
la sometimes tho most paying policy.
At Stone River.
In the battle of Stone 'Jlver, while our
men were watting dismounted in a jungle
of scrub oaka and dwarf cedars, from
which we expected the eueiny every mo
ment, a brace of wild turkeys, so paralyzed
with fright that they went incapable of
flying, ran down between the contending
lines, but much as they wcro desired not n
shot was fired nt the poor creatures.
On this part of tho Held we were so close
to the enemy that we could hear them
talking, and tho clicking of the rifle ham
mers as tney were raised to put on enpn
were distinctly audible. Of course this
was only during a brief cessation in the
storm of death.
Once more the battle tido swept down to
the jungle, and the birds rose up and flew
about as if bewildered.
Again thu storm lulled, and we heard a
yell nnd n laugh coming from the direction
of thu men In gray,
Thu cause of this out of placu merriment
was soon evident to the men in blue, who
saw a rabbit with its hit of a white tail
turned over its back fairly flying south .
tween the lines.
While bunny was still In sight a sten
torian voice called out from the Confeder
ate side:
"Go it, cottontalll If it wasn't for my
doggone pride I'd be keeplu you comp'nyl"
And as he luul expressed the feelings of
more than one man on either side, a shout
of approving laughter went up that for
the moment drowned out the ceaseless
roar of the battle.
AmiKP K. Calhoun.
StcHl With Their Toes.
Nearly all iilsirlgliH-s can turn their toes,
uot only to good, but to bad accounts.
This Is especially rue of the natives
of Australia, who, while they are cun
ningly diverting your iittentloli with their
hands, nre busily engaged committing
robberies with their toes, with which they
pick up all small articles aa na elephant
would with Ids trunk. Si. Ixmls Ilepublle.
How to Remove Kb;k Stain.
Egg stains may bo removed from sil
ver by rubbing thv metnl vigorously
with common tubto suit.
How to Saddle a Horse.
Tliis would seem to bo a very simple
matter, nnd yet it is so rnro that n groom
knows how to do it properly that every
careful horsemen should know how it
should lie dono, nnd ho should never
mount his horse without making n thot
ough examination of saddlo, blanket,
girths and stirrup leathers. Tho saddle
blanket with round corners in front and
points behind should bo placed on the
horse's back and enro taken that thero
aro no wrinkles In it; the saddlo should
then be placed on tho back of the hone
just behind the withers nnd so that the
weight of tiie rider shall not bear on tho
withers and inako tho bock of tho horse
sore; tho girths thero should with an
English saddlo always bo two should
bo fastened so that they bear directly
from tho center of tho saddlo and ono
girth should lap well over tho other.
Thero is no use in drawing girths un
comfortably tight, but they should never
bo loose, ns in that enso tho movement
of tho Buddie to and fro will certainly
inako tho horse's back sore. Tho object
is merely to secure tho saddlo so that it
will stay firmly in its place. Tho con
formation of tho back of each horsoiiiust
determine in each instance tho exact
place of tho saddlo, but it should bo, ns a
rule, a few inches behind tho withers.
How to Olid on Glass.
Dlfisolvo in boiled linseed oil nn equal
weight of cither copal or amber, and add
enough oil of turiientinu to thin suffi
ciently to apply to glass. Mnko tho glas3
quite hot Apply tho size, put on the
gold leaf, sweeping olf superfluous por
tions. When quite cold lay n piece of
Indian paper over tho work and polish
with it burnisher.
How to Mnko an Apology.
For a stiff necked man, who In his van
ity mid elf conceit is fond of believing
that lie is always in tho right, nothing is
uioro dlfllcult than for him oven when
ho Is sure ho is in tho wrong to apologize
with frankness and humility. When
self interest does bring such i man to
own that ho is wrong and to suo for par
don hn usually makes tho ainendo honor
ablo so clumsily that ho increases rather
than wipes out his original offense. It
is often hard to acknowledge, that ono
has been iu tho wrong, und especially so
when iu disputo hot and angry words
have been spoken. This is mudo even
harder when thero is a differenco of posi
tion between tho persons who have had
a controversy. It is hard for an em
ployer to npologlzo to his employee, and
the opposite is also hard. But there is
but ono vrny for all. If you aro wrong
go to the person uggrieved by your Injus
tice as soon ns you clearly see that you
have been wrong nnd say bo with entire
frankness and candor and say that yon
are sorry. Don't whlno, and don't at
tempt to justify yourself, but bo simple
nnd manly, and if the good opinion of
tho person to whom you thus go bo worth
having you will regain it. When a fault
has been acknowledged, apologized for
and forgiven, never under any circum
stances refer to it again. It is then as
though it hnd novcr been, and there is
nothing left to talk nbout. Somo per
sons, having been a party to a quarrel,
never tiro of referring to it This kind
of nagging will break up any friendship
and array on hostilo sides tho persons
around a domestic hearth who should sit
thero in peace and harmony.
How to Pronounce Certain Words.
Soldier soe-jer. Soot as spelled,
notsnt Specious pe-shust not tpesh
us. Stone as spelled, not stun. Synod
yn-ud, not y-nod. Tenure fen-ure,
not fe-nuro. Tenet fen-et, not fc-not.
Than as spelled, not thun. Tremor
frem-ur, not fre-mor. Tune as spelled,
not toon. Twelfth should have the th
sounded. Was woz, not wuz. Weary
weer-ey, not uxi-ry. Were wer, not
ware. Wont want, not us spelled.
Yacht yot, not yat. Yeast ns spelled,
not yest Zenith ce-nith, not zen-ith.
How to Teach m Girl to Hide.
See that hor shoulders lire squarely to
the front; Unit her left knee is close to
tho horn, so that she way press hard
against it if necessary, nnd closo to the
saddle flap as well. This will prevent
"rocking." Seo that her hands remain
steady, und that in rising her stomach
and back do not fall into the ungraceful
seesaw movement. The corsets should
bo particularly loosely laced.
How to Car for Ulrds,
Always use a large cage. Keep plenty
of gravel in the gravel pan in tho bot
tom of tho cage. Hang a small red pep
per iu the cage nnd spriuklo a very
small quantity of Hungarian or bird
pepper in the cups. L:ittuce leaves and
plantain seed in moderation are good.
Feed a little hard boiled egg and Irish
potato once a week, und a littlo finely
chopped beef bnco a month. Never feed
How to Detect Smallpox.
Smallpox is more to be dreaded than
any other eruptive disease. Intense
headache, backache and high fever first,
with thirst and frequently delirium, and
then tho eruption. Smallpox pustules
aro always square, and they uro general
ly in clusters of three to five close to
gether, but in very bad cases tfiey cover
the whole surface. They nre at first a
sort of salmon pink on u red background,
changing to yellow and later to brown
All eruptions show first near Oio small
of tho back and on the stomach. In cube
of any of the symptoms named above a
physician should bo sent for at once, and
the child isolated and kept in bed uutil
the doctor seas it at least.
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and we will offer
Monday, March 28th
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