Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, March 26, 1892, Page 2, Image 2

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! 'iFV:
Wonlswm th made it love mntcli and wm
a lever through life,
Shelley's n-nt innrrlauQ was itnfortu
Bate, Imi his second win n model of hap-
Moore's wife wan oiio tf tho uoUlrnt
cwttimn, nml he never tired of singing
her praises,
Montaigne, when n widower, said ho
would not marry again, "though It wero
to wisdom Itself,"
It It told of lionl llncon thnt he. enjoyed
but little douicstla bliss and "loved not to
be with hlspuitner."
Ijunnrtlnc, the groat French khi, vni
happily married nnd received great aid
from his wife In nil hU undertakings,
UufTon told his friend that his wlfu hnd
great Influence over lilt composition, "I
mh nlwaya refreshed and aided by hur ad
vto." 8lr Walter Itnlclgh nnirrled n licuutlful
girl eighteen years his Junior, nnd she
adored httn with Increasing nrdor to tho
very Inst,
Hcnconsftcld married h lively young
widow, who made him erfe('tly hnppy,
tad he never lout tin occasion of singing
her praise.
Moll ere was tnnrrled to n wlfu who made
hint miserable, nnd Ilonssenu lived u most
wretched life with his wife, who was low
and Illiterate.
Tho wlfu of Christopher North hnd more
Influence over lilin than nny oilier person
ta the world, nnd herdenth wim IiU great
est misfortune,
Shakespeare lont tho sympathies of tho
world by uinrrylUK Anno Hathaway, n
woronu clKht years hi Kcnlor, who wnt
coarse nnd Ignorant.
Tho great Dante wan married ton notorl
oua scold, nnd when he was In uxllo ho hnd
BO desire to nee her, although alio was tho
Mother of his nix children.
Dryden "married discord In n nolilo
wife," nnd Addison sold himself to u cross
mined old count dm, who made hint pay
early for nil she gave hint.
Of the ureal artist, Donienlchlno, It U
MM thnt he married a Indy of high birth
aad grant beauty, who wan audi a virago
tkM It ta believed she poisoned him.
Steele, 8terne, Churchill, Coleridge, By
rea and Hhelley were all married unhap
pily, nnd Hulwer and Dickon have been
hmwr by all the world aa Indifferent hus
band. Or. Johnson's wife wna old enough to bo
Ma mother, but "ho continued to bo under
tae Illusion of the wedding day until alio
eUed at the nge of sixty-four," ho being
aaly forty-three.
Sir Walter Scott wan a genius of tho
Yary lint onler. Ho succeeded In every
department of letters, but hU greatest Imp
ataeaa wna In his wife. He married her
ator a short acquaintance, and It was a
geauluc love match, lasting until tho day
f her death.
The younger Pliny thus speaks of his
wife. Calphurnln: "Her affection for mo
kaa given her a turn for hooks. Her pas
ten will Increase with our days, for It Is
aet my youth nor my person thnt she love,
but my reputation and my glory of which
eae la enamored."
Milton waa not great In tho character of
hftahand nnd father, We read of him thnt
Ma first wife waa disgusted with Ids
Cloomy house and soon ran away from
lat, and his daughter were left to grow
utterly neglected.
Oh this side of the ocean we are proud of
the domestic purity and happiness of moat
of our noted men. Iongfellow, Kmerson,
Akott, Holmes, Ixtwell, Hawthorne all
4owu the long and glorious list we cut
proudly point to genius sanctified by do
le love, anil none tue less lumpy be
f they were literary teople. Writer,
la Colorado the Southern Pnclflo rail
road Is Iml lasted for some dlstauce with
rack salt.
It Is rumored thnt the St. louls South
western will build a bridge over the Hed
river at Shreveport, La., the cost of which
The Ptillmnn company, It Is given out
i the authority of George M. Pullmau,
aaaakatlcally dlscounteuancea the tipping
f porters on Ita cars.
It ta not generally known, but the super
tateedetit of telegraph on all railway ays
toata la employed Jointly by the railroad
eaataaay nnd the Western Union Telo
ganah company,
Tho Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy Is
a new device of an air brake.
palace stock car have been fitted
1 It, and It is to be glvea a fair teat lu
tlttou with-the Weetlnghouse ya-
Jadckw froai the aumber of charters
takaa oat Ib different atatea for the con
akrtloaaf railroad, It la estimated that
award of T,500 mllea of aew track will be
Mad to ta total mileage of the country
lata year.
TIm Louisville and Nashville railroad
fcaa Mtrchaaed a valuable tract of land In
Haafgoiery, Ala., and will erect a very
kaadasBM depot. The road paid 180,000 for
aha aUa, aad the depot building la to coat
A IwhWBOttve of today does three time
m muek work aa ten yean ago, a pasaen
gnr car carries four time aa many paaaea-
1, a iretgui car iwice aa mucu ireigui,
each employee doea twice aa much
1 formerly.
Tennyson la a novel reading (lend.
Vktorien Sardou is credited with being
tM aglieat looking man In Parla when he
la Uuphlng.
Ocerge du Maurler, the society artist of
Pmk, aaya that a plaster cast of the Venua
4 Mllo baa been hla silent companion for
thirty years, aa an ideal of the woman he
lawaa to create.
HUm Rebecca 8. Clarke, better known ai
HMhl May, the writer for children, re
tUm at Norrldgewock, Me. This Is the
vtHag detcribed by her aa Qulnnebaaaet
la Mm atory entitled "Qulnnebaaaet Girla."
TbMMW Naat, the great cartoonist,
ww younger aa the years pile up their
fciwUa or hla shoulders. In hla New Jer
af aomeatMorrittown he la sometime
smm eaaterliig about on horseback like a
Mrs. JuUa A. Carney, of Galesburg, His-,
Is tsai widely known la the world of let
fasa, aad yet aae la the author of that la
aanatlag little postleal saorceau beginning
"little droaa of watar, little grains of
'' M
A ewsjaan
woaaa, Mate. LacroU, baa
laawmbar ef the Academy of
JsWtsM. aa kastw nsrar before extended 0)
aw as Thvkaaarla ta tan aaaur
- - .luaift asailaailaias si srainii fr awl aV kaW sVkf
Rural I'lraimre.
Mr. Chntterton I'vedecldcil to go Into
business, Miss Weathering.
Miss Weatherls-e I'm very glad to hear
M, Mr. tJhattcrton.
Mr. ChnttrtonYniw, I'vo miula up my
mind to Ik-ooiiio it farmer. Think how Jolly
It must In to go out of a maw ulng and see
the butterflies milking butler, nnd the
gmjtMinppvr making gross, nnd nnd ail
that Mt of thing, you know. Grip.
Mather Hani.
Disgusted Artist (whose thirteenth comlo
drawing has Just been rejected) Well, If
you can't use this, what kind of Jokes do
you wiiutf
Kdltor (calmly) Funny ones. Harper's
Tiki Murli fur Mini.
A neatly dressed young man with a pink,
fresh complexion entered utiopulardown
town restaurant late the other evening
and ordered half a doxeu raw oysters The
restaurant I one of the places where the
lobsters and shellllsh are dressed at a
counter lu full view of the patrons. At
the time the pink yottug man gave his or
der two men were standing at tho counter
talking with the man who cracks oysteta
0am nnd blsecU lobsters. Before tho
young man had fairly swallowed the first
of his half doxen the two men had raised
their voices, conversing lu tones which he
could not help but hear.
"Say." said one of them to the man be
hind the counter, "areoyntura dead when
they reach herur"
The young man looked up sharply and
then pretended not to hear.
"Oh. no," said the attendant. "Shell
oysters are alive till they're broken. Them
Id that pall with their shells open Ixu't
dead." Here he picked up a specimen.
"Yon see, when I touches It It shuts up,"
and he tried the experiment on a gaping
mollusk, which Immediately doted.
"Then," said the man who had lint
spoken "they're all alive till you hunt
them open, tud they can't die all at oncer"
"No. I don't suppose so."
"Then a mail who is eating raw oyntcia
la eating Yin alive, Isn't her"
"Yes, 1 guess so."
"And they'tvullve even when he sticks a
fork Into them ami they go Insider Living,
mebla, lu his stomach, elir"
"Kind of funny they don't smilrm more
going down. Isn't Itr"
Hlght here the young man, who had been
munching the crackers In his bowl and
dismally watching the bivalves on his
plate, laid down the fork on which he had
noised the third of his oysters, picked up
bis check and hastily departed.
"There are four nice raw oysters on that
plate aa good as untouched If either of you
fellows wiuit 'em." said the attendant,
with a grlu. Chicago News.
Well I'laeatl Ciinllileiiee.
"HcrrSanltutsrnth (medical Inspector of
the iKMird of health), would you please step
over to my houser My wife died this
morning, and we shall want the certificate
of death made out."
"When Is the corpse!1"
"On the SiiudlH'rg. nlxmt three mllea
from here."
"That's a long way to go In this weather.
Who attended her?"
"Dr. Klllemoir."
"Soh! I tell you what, I'll make out the
certificate here at once. If Dr. KlllcmotT
has attended her there's no need for fur
ther Inquiry he's a man I can depend
upon." Hlnkeniler Bote,
The Light That Failed.
"There goosSIr Kdwlu Arnold," observed
the hostess to her Chicago visitor.
"Who's hef" inquired the visitor with
Innocent curiosity.
"Why, rtoa't-you kuuw hlinf He's a
(anions Ixmdon editor and he wrote 'The
Light of Asia."'
"Wrote up the light of Asia, did her" re
marked the visitor with Interest. "I didn't
know they hnd bad gas there too, but I'm
glad to And out that these newspaper men
are some goal after all." Detroit Free
The ruree of Habit.
A recently elected mayor lu the south of
Prance, who had formerly beeu a police
magistrate, waa the other day uniting a
young couple in the bonds of civil mar
riage. After putting the decisive question
to the bride, "Mademoiselle Rosette, do
you agree to take M. vCaponuet to be your
wedded hnshnudr" he turned to the young
man and very gravely said, "Prisoner,
what have you to say in your defensor"
Too Obliging by Hair.
Country Magistrate (to his clerk on his
first appearance lu the olllce after a long
llluess) Ah! delighted to see you at your
post again, my good friend, 1 (Irmly In
tended paying you a visit uext Sunday.
Clerk I am extremely obliged to your
worship, If I bad known of your Intention
to do me that honor I would have remained
111 a little longer. Krhelterung
Ha Kspected It.
"Your proKsul Is so unexpected, Mr.
Bpoonamore," said the young womau blush
lugly, "that 1 hardly know what to say.
You must give me time to think it over."
"Certainly, Miss J aggers," said th
young man accommodatingly. "That's the
way I've r alwaya been In the habit of
doing In caaea like tha."r-Cblcago Tribuna.
Woman' Logic.
Husband I may tell you, dear girl, that
particular dish taste alaimlnnble.
I Wife Hut, darling dear, the cookery
hook saysdistlnctly'tbat it tastes dellcloual
On Waa Knoagfc-
Btiltor-1 came to ask for your daugh
ter's haml.
Her Father-Hue is my only daughter.
Suitor-Wall. air. one la all I was
Xaakat mask
It It reMirti'd that Allurtnn will la hla
races next season pull a thirty-nine pound
Successful traluersof horses, professional
baseball players and United States semi
tors now get about the sumo salary.
II. K. Willis says, "I would not have
Mystlu park changed Into n kite shaped
track If It could be done, for nothing."
It Is stated that an offer has Itcen made
of fITft.OOO for Orme, by Ormonde, the fa
vorite for the Kugllsh Ilerby, nnd refused.
John CriMks, one of the oldest trotting
horse drivers of note In America, died In
Ban Francisco recently. He drove George
Wilkes lu M'eriil races.
W. II, Keller, secretary of the Tristatc
Fair association, Kvansvllle, Ind., stntes
that Hoy Wilkes has made a third quarter
lu '.1) seconds, the full mile being paced
lu 2:10.
I .inly Suffolk, the first mnro to trot a
mile under -::io, wim on the turf sixteen
years. She trotted In over UK) races and
won alsiut 8S of them, Iter money winnings
amounting to l(m
According to an Australian exchange,
at the close of the year 1800, Australia hud
only HI8 horses', now then- are l,&oo,(XX)on
the continent, and they are Increasing at
the rate of Nt.OtXIiiycar.
The reason why J. 1). Hoggin secured
the great New Zealand race horse Maxim
fortill.OOO was because of his late owner's,
disgust at the excessive figure, tfO.OOO, at I
which a tax commissioner in New Zealand
had appraised the horse. i
lllppoplmgy Is making constant progress
in the capital of Germany. During the
first, (due months of 1801 0,0!n) horses were
killed In the private abattoir at Berlin.
This number Is 4'.'l in excess of that for
the corresponding period of 1SU0. I
The treasury department at Washington
has decided that after April 1 noaulmnl
ahull las admitted free whose owner cannot i
prixlucc a certified copy of register show-1
Ing that the aire's hlcxxl for live genera
tions Is absolutely pure and the marc's for
four. i
Jackets for spring wear are chiefly In
three-quarter length, although a few
liorter ones are displayed.
Tho coming spring promises to be a
flower sciihou lu millinery, and feathers
will lie very sparingly used.
Crowns threaten todlsappcarnltogethcr,
ao low are those seen In the new spring
shapes. Of course the deficiency will be
made good lu the trimming.
There Is a demand for aoft silk ruches,
which look like feathers. They are to he
had lu all shades, and are used to edge
skirts and are also worn for frills.
laco promises to be even more fashion
able uext summer than It was last, lu
many cases the entire bodice Is of lace.
This is pattlcularly effective when the
gown Is of the fashionable light shaded
A pretty evening mantle Is of heavy blue
velvet, lined with light blue silk, com
posed of a diawn-lu back, with the straight
fronts bordered with Mongolia goat around
the length, The straight sleeves hae
deep velvet cults,
A gold sllpiier fad Is accounted for from I
the fact that, this peculiar style of foot-,
gear is said to go well with any and every
evening guv u. Many of the dancing shots
are so fashioned that only a gleam of gold ,
is seen through the perforated top. New
York Press.
The emK'ror of Austria writes to the
pope every eek.
ExKlug .Milan of Servla is the most fre
quent royal theater goer In Kuropc.
Princess Mary of Teck Is celebrated as
being one of the bust dancers In London.
Queen Victoria Is one of those few peo
ple now living who knew Sir Walter Scott
Tim German kaiser recently surprised
his cooks mid scullions by Invading the im
perial kitchen without notice. He was es
corted, of course, by the steward of the
Simln's little king takes n dally drive In
a carriage drawn by four mules, which are
selected Instead of horses IsM-misc they are '
safer and never get Impatient, no matter
how long the royal lad keeps them waiting j
.when be leaves the carriage In the ruiiro
to play,
Tho cxar has taken to boxing aa his fa
vorite form of Indoor exercise, but the diffi
culty Is to get any one to stand before him
with the gloves, except his brother-in-law,
young Walilemnr (the sailor prince of Den
mark), whose jaw the czar Is said to have
nearly broken at u recent bout.
Where one lump of sugar was sufficient
to sweeten coffee It now requires three.
Shrimp upcur to lie out of gastronomic
fashion so far as "society feasting" goes.
Some of this season's wedding enke has
been rich enough to take a trip to Europe,
This la an era of the chafing dish, and
great are the uses to which it is now de
voted. Gladstone Is said to be one of the most
Itronounced believers In the efficacy of stale
A London caterer boosts that pineapple
la the foundation for two dozen desserts he
You cannot mnko brlcka without straw,
nor good cake without plenty of butter
and sugar.
Roasted rice Is something new and al
leged to be Chinese. It Is "Just splendid"
for indigestion.
To enhance the "dellclousness" of fried
oysters use olive oil instead of either lard
or butter. Now York Mall and Express.
Medicine stains may be removed from
silver spoons by rubbing with sifted wood
ashes aud soapsuds.
To keep your feet warm place a sheet of
blotting paper in your shoe. It Is quite as
efficient as a cork sole aud not so bulky.
Chemists say It takes less than half the
amount of augar to sweeten preserves If
the sugar la put In after the cooking has
A simple test for the detection of lead In
drinking water Is furnished by tincture of
cochineal, a few drops of which will color
the water bluo If there Is the remotest
trace of lend present.
Celery Is a sedative and Is good for rhcu
matism and the so called neuralgia, which
la only another name for it. Cucumbers
cool the system -wheu fresh cut, of course.
'Lettuce Is not only cooling, but produces
sleep, especially If the sulk Is eaten.
Mr. Kelly's I'ropoMl.
A widow of comely face and Imtom
form occupied one corner of the cur, nnill
uext her sat a middle aged man whoe
conversation denoted that he, too, had
been deprived by death of the companion
ihlpof 11 spouse.
The twain wero acquainted nnd were
illscusHlng each others low aloud to tho
Mllflcntlou of the rest of the pittsengcrs
Then the conversation took a tender
turn and their looks Indicated that the
mutual sympathy between them had rip
rued into a warmer sentiment.
Tho passengers saw the widower sit a
tree bit closer to the widow, and heard
hi in say in tones too loud for a stage whls
"it's too lonely and hard for me to eu
dure It any longer, Mrs. Murphy. I'm
lhliikln of getting married again."
"Well. I don't blame you one bit, Mr.
Kelly," said the widow, with a look which
lu her earlier days used to make the heart
of the late Murphy thump against Ills ribs.
Thus encouraged the widower moved still
closer and eyed the blooming Mrs. Murphy
with such favor that she dropped her gae
to the flooi
"Yes," continued he, "I am beginning
seriously to think about taking the step I
believe as soon 'as I Hud a good, strong
healthy woman able and willing to do my
housework. I'll nk her to marry mn.'
He said this with a coaxing, insinuat
ing air and paused to bear tho widow's an
It came more quickly than he expected.
"Well. Mr Kelly." said she tartly. "I
wish you luck in your undertaking, and it
I hear of any sioul, healthy woman out of
employment I'll send her to you. "Boston
Funny Answer.
Unconscious humor Is frequently tl.i
best humor The fiiuuleM things that
were ever said were not thought to lu
funny by the people who uttered them
The answers given in school examination
I are very often ludicrous.
I In a recent examination some boys wero
asked to dellne certain words and give it
sentence illustrating the meaning Hero
I are a fewr Frantic means wild; I picked
some frantic Mowers. Akimbo, with a
, crook. I had a dog with an akimbo lu tilt
tall. Athletic, strong: the vinegar was
too athletic to use. Tandem, one Milud
. another; the boys sit tandem at school.
I And then some single words are funnily
explained Dust Is mud with the wel
squeezed out. fins are fishes' wings, mon
key, a small boy with a tall, stars are the
moon's eggs, circumference is distance
around the mlddluof the outside. Yankee
More Than Ho llitricitlucil Par.
"Well," said the merchant to the young
clerk whom he had sent out collecting,
"did you have any luckf"
"I supiMiseyou got the amount Mr. Fntli
erlngton owes. You said he was a pcnioual
friend of yours."
"No, I didn't get the money; the fact Is I
don't exactly know what to make of my
oxperlcnce there."
"How was Itf"
"I went lu and said, 'Mr. Fathcrington
I called to speak about a matter' I
didn't get any further when he put In
with, That's all right, my boy. she is
yours, take her and be happy.' "St. I ami Is
lloirul Views.
Little Dick The school Is closed because
so many children Is sick.
Mamma They will probably lie all right
again In a week or so.
Little Dick (hopefully) IVrliaps the real
of us'll be sick then: Good News.
Knew Her llarllng.
Mr. Jolllboy My graciousl This old
fashioned snowstorm makes me feel young
again. Little Johnny should be over at
the hill coasting, iustead of sitting lu a
stuffy schoolroom such grand weather as
this. I'll go up to the school aud find
Mrs. J. (quietly) Perhaps, my clear, you
would save some steps by looking for bin.
on the hill first. Good News.
Why Didn't He?
They had been talking about waltzing,
and he, not Itelug a dancer, had made n
few remarks about arms being around the
girls and thnt sort of thing, when she asked
"Why don't you wnlur" .
"Oh," he said, with such meaning slg
nlflcance that the girl actually blushed. "I
don't have to." Detroit Free Press.
The Worst, or It.
Bicycle Dealer This machine will be
better for your boy than a ony. It doesn't
eat anything.
Frugal Parent (not entirely convinced)
No, it won't eat anything, but I'm afraid
It'll givo the boy a thundering big appe
tite. Chicago Tribune.
Natural Enough.
Dagley Poor Dedbrook never gets any
Urace Why doesn't her
Hagley He uever pays. New York Her
Ha Knew.
Wife-Shall I have my black silk fixed
over, dear, or would you get a new oner
Husband IJy all means get a new one.
It's cheaper. Cloak Review.
Makes the fleth ttUappear.
"You have been losing flesh lately
haven't your"
"Yes; I've been shaving myself." New
York Dispatch.
A HIkii r Nprliis.
The trees are bnru and cheerless now,
The breath of Winter's In the air:
Anon a wuuderlnir flake of suow
Drop Mllout ou the rusty share.
No colors )ut from Nature's hand
Pioclaim Ibe advent of the Spring.
Tla cold aud bleak. We uler still
Aud to our Winter icarmenta cling.
Hat Kprlng Is cuinlnu Ewry man
Who has a wife and lite lu town
Will tell yim I his, becauM bis wife
la harping on that new spring goara,
-Cloak Ituvlaw.
3. 7Ws '
Now We Cut Profits in Two
Having purchased the interest of Mr. Sanderson in the
late hrm of Parker & Sanderson, which ended with the old
year, I have decided to offer
in all lines of goods for the next Thirty days.
Ladies will do well to look up our bargains in Fine
Street Wear and Party Goods. Remember the old reliable
at the old stand.
iooo O STREET.
Telephone 390.
"THE RAMBLER" haps them all
Wichita. Kan , Feb. 15, lPDJ.-Diirln lost fall nnd this winter I exam
ined into the construction and principles of the dlflercnt makes or wheels
with the Intent Ion of buying one. nnd as I am sonifwhnt laruo, wclghliifr
230 pounds the nuchunlcnl structure, mntcilal nnd strength of a wheel
has been a series of rentures which I hsvo regarded carefully. The result
of my linestlRatlnn Is slmpl. tlil: I have found ro many superior points
In tho mechanical eonicriietlnu of the Humbler (aside from Its superior
beauty, arrannement or w heels and tho n miner of making frame) that I
am fully coin Inced thnt It In tlm very best wheel on the market, and tho
only make I desire to trust under my weight. I bnck misstatement up
by placing my order with you for a No. I Intlated 1 Ire Humbler: desiring
this tiro In soino respect,, over tho pnuemallc; hut think thepnuematle
tho best In the clnss made, I am, yours very truly, Wm, J. Iiutcuinb
The IIohiI to
Sole Agent In Lincoln. 1545 O Street.
3-Three Great
At the Price of Paper Covers 1 1
THIS handsome set of books Is printed on fine paper from clear
electrotype plates and finely illustrated. The binding is executed
in the most handsome and substantial manner. The best binders'
doth Is used and tho embossing is in ink and gold, from original design.
Charles Dickens is eminently the novelist of the people. His works teem with shafts
of sparkling wit, touches of pathos, thrusts of satire; bis characters are original and real
as well as quaint and grotesque I ha unmasks vice in all its forms. Tho lights and
shadows of life are delineated in a thrilling and dramatic style. To own a complete set
of his Incomparable books is to bo possessed of an inexhaustible mine of InteresUnir
Utaroture No person is well read who has not oerused thm
Martin Chuzzlewit,
Talk ok Two Cities,
kf.i'rinted pieces,
1'ickwick Papers,
Old Curiosity Shop,
Sketches by Boz,
AMERICA', kuiu,
Our Mutual Friend,
Hard Times,
Bleak House, '
David Coppekfield,
Great Expectations,
This set set of books Is worthy a place In every home. The handsome dressing of
this edition will place them in the best libraries in the land while
Insures a set going to those of the most limited means.
This set and The Courier i year $5.00
We also offer the following In exactly the same bindings:
Iliad etay's Complete Works In ten
" o
Address all orders to
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Office x 134 O StrMt,
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Nicholas Nicklkuy,
Little Dorrit,
Darnahy Rudce,
Uncommercial Traveler,
Mystery ov Edwin Drood, Child's History op Enqland
volumee and Courier one year $4.25.
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EL, JR., Publisher.
Lincoln, Neb,