Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 20, 1892, Page 2, Image 2

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' --r i"JT i i tin n 4y a .
Mn Matin Him littirlalu U Ilin llollrl
nl llir No Culled Ail uiii'ril Clergy, lr
TnImiiik'' 1'altli In sciiirn hiiiI KmII7
dolei-timi! lit All,
Hiiimiki.VN. I'i'U H.-At the Talaiiiiacle
lervlce t hlr iimrnltiu. iiftci the utuul read
lux of I In Herlitiin-H I In titiiKivKiit Ion
JiiiiihIi ii-lin where'er llii,nii
I Kit It lil- hi- iniriiii run
Tin' M-rniiiii whh-h liilluwiil ii npiwir
Wtly iiki,I''iI I'Vilif "luriii ol ihtiiloKleul
KHilmicrny now muli'M In l In I'liuix'lii'.i
In tluw tliiii't, wlii'ii It liiinlti' iiiitcrinlii
what niiiiiynf tlieelcrity ri'iillyilo Mlevu,
till eriuuu niiikca It very iiliiln what the
pAxiiiriif i In llriMiklyiiTiilN'riiiu'U'lN'llt'Vi'N.
ill text wiih taken front 1 .11 kt vl IT, "Anil
he cmiiic down with ilu'in anil ntood In the
f.'hrNl on tin' iiiniintHliiN li u frequent
ittnly Vi Imvi' men him on tin1 .Mount of
OIUi'H, .Mmint of lleiitlluilei. Mi hi nt .Mo
rlHh, Mount ','nlvury .Mount of Axi-eindon,
iml It l uliirlnii" to Mtmly him on tlume
fn-nt natural elevation Hut how In It
hat never la-lure have wo not I ci I lilui on
the plain' Amid the rtxikH. tiluli up on the
mountain I'lirM hudpa-wd thciilKht, but
bow Hi I'urly dawn, In- In coiiiIiik down
with moiih' cpevial frleiula, Hti'iipliiK (nun
IhclvliiK to hIicI vIiil( here and there it loos
ined utonc imIIIiiu ilowu llii Htt't'ti allien
thend of 1 1 1 111 until hi' Ki'tii In level place,
lo tluit hi' citu Ik' approached without
ellmliltiK froii: nil aide. Hi' l on the level.
My text -suy. 'Hi I'liuit' iIdwii with them
mil mood In tin tiliilu '
Now tluit Ik wluit thi' world wnuta today
store than nnythlnm-I'M' n (,'hrM ou the
level, wwy to gel '( ' HHirnillnu, no de
KriiilluK. approachable from till mIiIi-m
UurM on the plain The iiieitlon niuoni
ill loiixefniliil people today l, Whiit Ih the
matter with the iiiliiMera .Mnny of theiu
ire emtnKed Hi picking, hole In the lllhle
tad apolnulxlng for thlanml aMilDgir,lU
for tluit. In mi awe wheu tin whole ten
lency In to pay too little reverence to the
Bible, they ure lighting ugaliiKt llllillohitry,
sr too much reverence for the lllhlo. They
are building u fence on the wrong aide of
the road not on the lde where theprccl
plot Ih and of) which iiiullltuili-K lire full
log, but on the ilpM'i Hlileof the road, ho
that -a-ople will not full up hill of which
there Ih no thinner
Then- lx no more thinner of llllillohitry
or too much reverence for the Scripture,
than there I tluit atrology will take the
place of iiNtrnunmy, or alchemy the place
of cheiulhtry or the canal limit the place of
the litulb-d I'xpivru rail trnlu Vhat a
theological farce It l .Mlnlxters lighting
agultiHf too iniich reverence foi the Scrip
tureM. mlulxtei'M making aimlngy for the
Bcrlpttirt'K. inlnlxlerx preleiiilliin to Ik
ftieniN of the I II hie, vet tlolux the Hook
more illumine t hmi all the hlataut lutlileln
ou nil the earth
The trotlhle !oilt theololilliH are up In
the nioiliitiiln III a llitht almve the cloiula
Rbout thlim- which they ilo not under
lUtnd (,'ouie ilowu ou t he plain anil Maml
bexlde (Mirlxt. who never preached a tech
nUuilltyoi a illihuthWin What do you,
0 wIh headeil eccleiaxic know alxnit
the decni-H ol (Sixlf Who carv a tin alKiut
four Hulilapuirlanlxiii or your nupralapHii
What a npectacle we have In oitrdeuoml
oatlonx trxlay. cotumlttevM trvluK to patch
up nu old vreeil made two or tiiree hundred It will Hi on the Nine
teen l h century Whydouotoui inllllnery
WUhllxliiueiitx take out of the Karretn the
ooal Mcuttle hatM which your Kreat-Kmnd
ntotherN wore and try to 111 them on the
heMil of the nuxlerii niaiilenf Von cannot
fix up h three huudnil year old creed ho an
to fit our time. Princeton will ww on it
little piece, and I'lilon xemluary will ew
00 a little ilece. and Allenluitiy Henilnmy
nud Danville einlimry will ew on other
pleoea, and hy the lime the creed lx done tt
will lie aa varleKitted ax .Inxepli'x coat of
many color. Think of having to chano
KB old creed to make It clear that all In
fiuita dyliiK ko to heaven)
I nm ho Kiad tlmt the commlttei'H are
lug to let tlie Imhlex In, Thank you. So
mnny of them are already In I hat all the
hllla of heaven look like a Sunday hcIiooI
nunlverxary Now what tathe uxeof fix
Ingupa enitl which left any douht on
that Hiiliject No man ever douhteil that
ll InfmitM dylnn k to heaven. uulcHxhe lie
a Herod or a Charlea (Snlteaii I wax op
poxed looverhaiillim theold cnnil at all,
but now that It ha- Ix-en lifted up and ttn
Imiierfecttouxxet up in the xluht of the
world I xiiy (Iverlxiard with It and make
h new civixl There are today In our de
Iioiuluatlnu live hundred men who could
make a lietter oue. I could make a hetter
one myxell
A we are now In prncetw of chauutiii
the creeil, unit no one known what we are
pec ted to helleve, or will two or three
yenni hence be exiected to believe, 1 could
not wait, ami ao I have made a creed of my
own which I Intend to ohxerye the re.; of
my life. I wrote It down to my memorati
dum book iGUiexlx nionthxiiKo, and it rendu
aa tollov: 'My creeil; TheKlorioux lxrd.
To truM him, love him and obey him U nil
that l required. To Hint creeil I Invite nil
mankind. T. Dv Witt TalmaKe,"
The rcaxon Chrlxtlnulty hax not made
more rapid advance la becauxe the people
are naked to 'believe too many UiIiikh.
There are, I believe, today millloux of
good Chrlxtliinx who have never joined the
church and aiv not counted auiouu the
1Ord'x frleudx lacaUHi they cannot believe
all the thliiKH that they are reipilred to
believe. One half the thlnuM n man Uex
pected to lielieve In onler to enter the
church nnd reach heaven have no more to
do with hlx salvation than the quextiott
How many volcanix-n are in the moour or.
How far apart from each other are the
ring of Saturur or, How many teeth
there were iu the jawlxiue with which
Khiiihoii aiiiote the J'hlllxtlmw I helleve
tea thoiixjind ifiliiKbitt none of them
have anything M dq h my alvntion,
except tuexe tv;c-r!VViier aud (.'hrixt
came to nave ow, '' v'l IK JfA
MmdclaiiH lelluM -iW)Vfft '' vecouxlxu
abIp nf live toiler' JfV..,C,S'o Hemltoilfx. and
all tbe Handelx .-tiW'ifaydux aud Moxartn
asd WtiKiierH and Schumauiix of all ne
intuit do their work within the rnne of
tboxe live tone and two xemitouex So I
have to tell you that nil the theology that
will lie of practlcitl ttxe Iu our world la
made out of the two facta of human xlnful
Betwand dlvlue atonement. Within that
octave awtutf 'The Souk of Moxea and the
iAwb'the t:irixtn;ax vhant above Heth
Uaem aud the Hallelujah of all the cholra
ataudintipu m-nx of '
Ik there not xoiue mule ol uetllnK out cl
the way them- uouexxi-ntlill Ihexe xiiper
guttle therxr diverveticlen from the main
tauter In there 'not xoiue way of bhiiKilii;
Ue church down nut ol the monnutlaaf
tiiiitniM'ray ami Loiiieiillouallxm nml tit
put It ou the plain where Chrlxt Htaiidxt
The iireMnt altitude of iIiIiikx x HkelliM
In a faiulni' xtruuk dlxtrlct a table lia
Ixrii provided and It lx loaded with fixit
I'liouuh for all The odor of the meal
till the ilr Kir tlilnu In ready The
platierx hit full, The challeex are full.
The Inxkeln of fruit are full, Why not
let Hie people In r The dixir Ihom'H. Vei.
hut there lx n cluster of wlxe men bliH'kliiM
up thediMir, iIIhuiixxIiik the couleiitxof the
caxter utaiiilliiK mldlalile. They are xhnU
IliK their llxta at earh other,
One xuyx there lx too much vlueKiir In
that caxter, and one xajx there lx tcx) iiiueli
xneet oil, and another ftayx there lx not the
proper proportion of red iepper. I xiiy
"(let out of the wu anil let the htl liur V
people I'liine In,' .Sow our hliwtil l.itrtl
iiii" piiivliled a ureal xiipper, and the oven
ami the fiilllliK. have been killed, and
frilllM from all the vineyards and orchard
of heaven crown the table. The world hnx
been Invited Income, and they look In, and
they an' hiiuury mid people would pour Iu
by the million- to t hlx worldwide table, bat
the ilixir l I ih mj kill up by emit rover-lex mi 1
men with whole lllirurlex on their baclix
uiv dlxiiutliiK ax to what proportion ol
xweet oil and cayenne pepper hIioiiIiI liialtc
up the creed I cry, "(let out of the way
and let the hunwiy world come In."
The (Jhrlxthiu church will liavetochanifo
llx tack or It will run ou the roukx of
demolition The wnrhl'x population an
nually liicrea-ex Ift.oon.onii No oue pre
teuilx that half that number of people ate
converted to (!od There are more than
twice an many Hudilhlxtx ax I'rote-tiuita.
more than twice an many lluddhlxtx na
Itoiumi Cathollcx. Prnte-tmitx, l.'n.ixK),
mill Catholic- 111,000,(101). Iliiildlilxtx, (K),
n),m Then- are ITft.000,000 Molmiii
nieihiux anil 'JvM.uuo.uoO Hrahmlim Mean
while, utaiiy of the churchex are only re-lluloUHclubhou-ex
where a few people no
on Sunday innriilun. nveranlnn one peixon
ton m'W or one perxou to a half dozen
H'vx, mid IcmvIiik the inlnl-ter nt nlnht to
xweat thrniinh a xermou with here and
there a lone traveler, tuilcxx, by a Sunday
evening xacreil concert, he can Kct out an
audience of ieX'ctalile hIku.
The va-t majority of the church mem
iier-hlpiimiiuil the world tnitx forth no di
rect elfort for Hie xalviillnn of men. Did I
ay there would have to Ih a channur I
corn-ct that ami nay, There will be a
change.. If there be flfUHin million per
moiih added every year to the world'x poiiu
hit Inn, then there will be thirty million
added to the church and forty million and
llfty million and -Ixty million. How will
It In- doner It will Ik' done when the
church will meet Chrlxt ou the plain Come
down out of the mountain of excluxive
tiexx. Come down nut of the mountain of
pride. Come down nut of the mountain of
formalism Come down out of the inoitii
tain of frcc.lnn liidlllVrcncc.
Old Or Stephen II Tyiin. ureal on earth
and In heaven once xald to me "I am In
favor of a chaune. I do not know what lx
the beat way of ilnlnn thing- In the
churchex, hut I know the way we are lining
now Ih not the la-xt way, or the world would
In nearer tl hiiIviUIoii than It xccnixtolc.''
So I feel, xo we all feel, that there need- to
la a chiiune. The point at which we all
come xhort lx prexeiitlnn Chrlxt on the
the plain. Chrlxt on the level with all the
world'x wof,x and want- and neceltlex.
The full chauue will have to come from
the rl-um mini-try We now Iu the Held
are too xet In our wnyx We are lumla.-rcd
tin with teclinlcalltlex We havetootuiiuy
coucorilaiiceH and dictionaries and encyclo
iHxIlitx au --., in- of theolony on our
iiead to Ket down ou the plain. Our vo
cabitlary lx ton fro-ttil We urv tw much
under the domliialiou of cu-toiux renmint
for many cent urlea. Coiueou. youtiK men
of the mini-try Take thlx pulpit, take all
the pitlpita. aud in the xtreet.iiinl the mar
kel place, and the family circle preach
Chri-t on the plain.
Ah mmiu a the church xayx byllxatti
tude not neveaxHrilr by Itx wonlx "My
one iiiK-Inn Ih to help for thlx life and help
for the life to come all the people," and It
provcx It earne-tuexx In the matter, people
nu fixit and on horxeback aud Iu wanoux
and In uirrlanex will come-to the churches
In xuch iiiiiiiIhtx that they will have to Ik
met at the door by uxherx. anyhiK' "Yoa
we iv hen la-t Sunday you cannot come
iu lixlay (ientleiiieli and ladle, you must
take your turn."
And It will be aa In the .lohnxtown
Irexhel and dixaxter, when a coveriintciit
xtntlon wnaoiHMied for thexupply of bread
and It took the olllcerx nf the law to keep
the -ulTercrx In line. iK-cnttxe of the ureat
ru-li for fiMxt When thlx famine xtruck
world ivall.ex that the church In it govern
mem -tin Ion net ill- by the noverninent of
the lliilverxe to provide the bread of del
iml life for all the people, the ruxh will be
unprecedented and iiulmanliialile.
Axtrououierx have Ix-eu buxy niea-iirlna
worldx. and they have told ux how gn-at lx
tlie circumference nf thlx world and how
Ureal I- Itx diameter. Yea. they have
kept on '"'til they have welgheH our planet
aud fun,. . IU weight to be x'.x xetflllmn
toiin. Hut by liOHclelice h:i the weight of
thlx world'x trouble" la-en welKhed. Now,
'ltrM xtnndltiK ou the level of our human
ity xtandx in Hympathy with every troubln.
There are xo many aching heads His
ached under the thorax There nre ao
many weary feet. Hlx were worn with the
long journey up aud down the land that
received him not There aro vo many pr
xecuted xoiiIn Kvery hour of his life wax
under human outrage. The world had no
la'tter place to receive him than a cattle
pen. and Itx farewell was n xlap on hU
cheek and a xtiear In his side.
So liiteiiKcly human was he that there
hax not lac n In all our race a grief or In-
llrmliy or exhauxtlon or pang that did not
touch him once ami that doc not touch
him now The lepetx the paralytic-', the
Imlx-clle, the maniac, the cotirtexan, the
reK'Utaut brigand -which oue did lie turn
otf which oue did he not pity, which one
did he not help' The universal trcubleof
the world lx ln-rcaveinent. One may ea
cax all the other trouble, but that no
hoi 1 1 uxenpea Out of that bitter cup every
oue iiiiiM take a drink. For luxtance. In
order that nil might know how he xympa
thixea wltli tltoxe who have lost a daugh
ler. Chrlxt comex to the houxc of Jairux.
There Ih xuch a big crowd around the door
he and hlx dlxcipltw have to puxh their
way In.
rrum nir iiiiuuk ui x-uiu- i ujuciuiir
that thlx girl niiixt have la-en very popu
lar, xhe wax one of thone children whom
everyUxly liken. After Chrlxt got In tin
houxe there wax xuch n loud weeping that
the ordlimry touex of voice could not la
heard I do not wonder The dead daugh
ter wan twelve year of age. Itixulxjut
the happiext time In mot live Very lit
tie children xulTer many Inju-tlcex In-cauxe
they are children, ami ehlhlhnod Ih not a
ilexlrable part of human existence they
Ket whacked or net on Hut at twelve
year ol age the child hit come to self a
ertmn ami I apt to make her rights
known And then twelve year of age I
loo early for the care ami auxietie of life
Ho lhl ulrl wn I iiiluk the merriment
of the Iduxi'IioIiI She luriilxhid for them
the mimicry and the haiinlexx inl-chlef,
and riiilxed the gillTaw that often ratif,
lltrough Hint hnppy home, Hut now xhe
lx dead, mid thegtlef at her departure ha
violent ax her pre-euce had Ih-cii vivacious
and liixplrlllug "h. tlie beivavement wait
xo xlnirp, m) overwhelmlugl How could
they give her upf I xiixpctt that they
iilmued theiuxelvex for thlx or for that.
Oh, If they had had xome other doctor, ot
taken -ome other medlelue, or hud been
more careful of her health, or If they hud
not given her Hint reproof xome time when
xhe had not really dexcrved It, Oh, If thej
had Ix-eu more p.itleiil with her lillnrltlex
mid in-lead of liu-lilug her play had pur
tleipiiied In it Von know there are (.
many tlilugx that parent ulwayx hlauit
thelll-elvex for at -lich tlmex
Only tuelve jeurx of agel So fair, M.
proiiil-lug, xo full of life a few day ago,
and now xo -till' Oh, what It Ih to have n
daughter ileml' The room la full of folkx,
but yonder lx Hie nxim where the Jdiiiih
xleeper lx The crowd cannot go In llien.i
Only xl.x perxonx enter live bexhlex Chrlxt
-three frleiiiN, ami of coiirxothc fatlici
nnd miither They have Hie Hrxt right tt
go In The henvli'xi part of the grief n
thelm. All eye In that room are ou the
face of till" girl, There lay the iH'iiutlful
hand, white and lluely xliupeii, but It sm
not lifted In greet lug to any of the group.
Chrlxt xtepped forward ami took hold ot
that baud anil hiiIiI, with atone and accen
tuatloii chaiged with teuderuexx and com
iihuiiI, "Daiuxel, I xay unto thee, arixel"
And without a moment' delay xheiim-c,
her eye wide oN'ii, her cheek turning
from white lily to red roxe, ami the parents
cry, "She llvexl She Uveal" and Iu the next
room they lake up the oitml, "She llvoil
She Uveal" and the throng In front of the
doorway repeat It, "She Uveal She llvexl"
Will not all tho-e who have loxtailaugh
ter feel that xuch a (Mirl-tax that can xym
On another occnxlou he allowed how he
felt nlaiiit tlielo-Mof a aon. Here are the
ob-eipilea. A long procexxlon, a widowed
mother following her only hoii. I know
not how long the hiixbmnl ami father had
bicn gone, hut upon thlx -on, who had now
come lo be a young man, the leadership nt
Hint household hud fallen. I think he hail
got to la the breadwinner. He wax proud
of Ida mother, and xhe should never lack
anything a long ax he lived, And thine
lx no grainier stcctack' ou earth than n
young man standing lntween want aud u
widowed mother Hut that young man
hud fallen llfelexx under accident or iIIhiih
ter, and he wo lamig carried out.
Only it very few hour in that land are
allowed to pn-x between deceaxe and
burial. It Ih the same day or the next.
And there they move on. Chrlxt meet the
procexxlon, III eye plckx out the chlet
mourner lie tint his hand ou the bier n
much iih to nay to the pulllicurerx: "Stop!
There will la no burial today, That broken
heart mil-t be healed. That mother must
have her home rebuilt." And then looking
Into the face of the young man (for In
those hinds the face Ih ulwiiy exposed In
xuch a procession), Chrlxt K'iiks one en
fence, before which Dent'i fell pro-trate
under the bier, "Young i.,.in, I say unto
thee, arise." lie sat up, while the over
Joyed mother wrapped lilm In her arms,
and .Well nlgh smothered him with her en
rexxcx, and the air wax rent with congeal u
Can any one who has ever lost a on
doubt that Christ sympathizes with such
woof And how many there arc who need
that ((articular comfort. It wax not hoi
low sentiment when, after Kdiuuud I In ike.
the greatest oral or nf hlx time, hud lost hN
son, and the bereaved father, crox-slng the
na-t tire field, met the horse that had be
longed to that deceased xou, that the ora
tor threw hi arms around Hie horse' neck
and klx-cd the dumb brute. It wax not
hollow sentiment when David, the p-alm
1st, cried out at the new of hi son's death,
although he had lai'ti a desperately bad
hoy "Oh, Ahulom, my soul my oul
Would Cut I hud died for thee Oh, Ab
xalotn, my xou! my soul" Hut fur Hitch
and all other bereavement there lx divine
Christ on the plain. I care not from what
aide you approach him you can touch hlni
ami get hlx help lx It mental deprex-slon
you HiilTerr Itcmemher him who said,
"My Coil, my (Soil, why lutxt thou forsaken
mcr Ih It a snuggle for breadr Itemem
lar htm who fed the Ave thousand with
two minnows and live bixuultx, neither of
the biscuits larger than your Ht. Ih tt
chronic alliiienl? Itcmemher the woman
who for eighteen year w.i bent almost
ilnulil", and lifted Iter face until she could
look into the blue sky Are you a sailor
ami H'Uil your life battlii.g with the tern
pcxtar Itemember him who Hung the tern
icl of (lene-are'h Hat ou the crystal pave
incut of thciiih;i. ai'ii,
That Christ N iu wyiupat'jy with nil who
have trouble with thelreyec, aud thill Is he
coining an al uo-t tiu.vci-xnl trouble
thiiiiuh much leading iu .all car and the
ovcipii-Hsiire of tudy In the schools where
chllilleit uiv exp'-cted to Ik' philosopher at
till, Uiy nml girl-ill foil i teen with xpeu
tacleii I say with all xuch trouble Christ
iiimp;.Hiy Wltnessbllnil Hartlineiin.
Wliii-s-the iwvi liliml men in the house
Wltt'.c- tin two blind men near Jericho
Witne the man born blind. Did he nut
turn their perpetual midnight Into mid
noon, till they ran up and down clapping
their hands and saying, "I see I I seel"
That Christ ix Iu sympathy with those
who stammer or have silenced cars, notlco
how promptly be cume to that man with
Impediment of e.peech and gave him com
mand of the tongue ao that he could speak
with ease, and putting his lingers Into the
ears retimed the tympanum
la there a lack of circulation In your arm,
think of him who cured the defective circu
lation nnd the inactive muscles of a patient
who had lost the uso of hand and arm by
saying, "Stretch forth thy huudl" nnd the
vein- and nerves nnd muscle resumed
their olllees, and though iu doing so the
Joint nmy huve cracked from long disuse,
and there may have la-en a strange sensa
tion from elbow to linger tip, he stretched
It fort hi And notfilug Is the matter with
you, but you may appeal to a syinpnthle
Christ. And If you feel yourself to be a
Brent sinner, hear what he said to that ro
peutitig Magdalen, while with a scalding
sarcasm he dashed her hypocritical pur
Ann ace uow lie mum nu hhhihim
lltttruy out or the puiillcntrs cry, wMiYi,
l.,.l n .....a ..I. ,.....-": Ill-IIV.M- !l t ''V-Vllng-
IK IIIVII.IIUI " ,i,V n o, .,,., ,..,w- -r - , . .
short that the most overwhelmed olTMiuUir V WW V ' lc'in "f5" .nywlwre.
can utter It. and yet long enough to win ? " ''""8 ('' Journal.
celestial dominions. It was well put by
n man who had been converted, and who
remcinlH'red that Iu hi dissolute days lit
found It hard to get occupation, la-cnuse
he could not present a certlllcnte of good
character. In commending Christ to tlie
people he said. "HU- Hod. I have found
out that Jesu will take a man without
a cbaracierS's Chrit on a level with
suffering humanity My text ny. "II
came down with them nnd xtiasl Iu tli.
iilnlu." No climbing up through nttri
bun- you cannot uiidertuiul No ascend
lug f the height of beautiful rhetoric ol
prayer No straining after eluvatlonx you
cannot roach No hunting for a (bxl that
joii emilioi hum mil going rigin siriiigiu i
lohiiii mid looking Into Ids face ami Ink
lug hi iimiil nml ii-king tor mi paniou, mi
comfort, hlx grace, hlx heaven
Christ on the level. When during the
siege of Sehiistopol mi olllcer hud com
manded n private soldier to stand ou the
wall exposed to the enemy and tecelve ll"1
ummuiiltlouiix It wax handed up, Hill
the o nicer, stood Iu a place slieltenil i
the enemy's gmix, (iencrul Cordon lenpv
xin the wall to help, and commaudixl the
olllcer to follow him, mid then elo-cd with
the wonlx, "Never onler h inan to do nny
thing thai you are afraid todo yourself,"
(J lory be to Hod, the captain of our salva
tlon has hlimelf gone ihroiigh all the ex
posure In which he commands ux to Ik
roiuugcoii.x He has Ix-en through It all,
and now olTer hi Hympathy In similar
One of the l;lns of Kngland oue night In
disguise walking the streets of Uiiidou and
not giving account of hlm-olf, waxarrcstci'
and put In a miserable prison When re
leased and g -ttltig I Nick to the palace, he
ordered thirty ton of coal and a large sup
ply of food for the night prisoners of l.on
don. Out of hlx experiences that night
he did thlx And our Lord the king afore
time eiidungeoueil mid sick and hungry
and persecuted mid slain, out of hlx own
experiences lx ready to help all ami panloffl
all and comfoit all and rescue all.
Oh, Join lilm In the plain As long itx
you stay up In the mountain of your pride
you will get mi help, That lx the reason
xo many never II nil the salvation of tlie
Cospel They xlt high up In the Mnut
Hlauc of their optulonatlvenexx, and they
have their opinion about God, aud their
opinion alaiut the soul, mid theli opinion
alKiut eternity Have you any Idea that
your opinion will have any effect upon the
two tremendous fuel, that you are a sin
ner, ami that Christ Ix ready at your ear
next prayer to save your
In the Until day of accounts how much
will your opinion be worth Your opinion
will not be of much Importance before the
blast of the anihangel'x trumpet. When
the life of thW planet shall la- thra-hed out
with the Hull of thunderbolt uolxsly will
ask about your opinion Come down out
of the mountain of oplulouativem- and
meet Christ on the plain, when- you must
meet lilm or never meet lilm at all, except
as you meet him on the Judgment throne.
A Christ easy to get at! No armed sen
tluel to challenge you No ruthless ofllcei
to scrutinize the papers you present. Int
mediate rcHpon-c. Immediate forgiveness.
Immediate solace. Through what struggle
people must go to get a paniou from
worldly authority I Hy what petition, by
what hindrance, by what nervous strain ol
anxiety, by what adroitness A count ot
Italy was condemned to be put to death at
Milan The countess, hearing of the sen
fence, hastened to Vienna lo seek hlx par
don. The death warrant was aln-oily on
It way The countess, arriving In Vienna
In the night, hastened to the palace galea.
The attendant forbade her entrance at nil,
and especially at night, but she overcame
them with her entreat lex, nnd the empress
was awakened, and the countess pleaded
la-fore her for the life of her husband, nml
then the emperor was awakened to hem
the same plea.
Commutation nf sentence wax grunted,
hut how could xh, overtake the olllcer who
had stinted with the death warrant, ami
would xhe be too late to save the life nf hei
husband Hy four relays of horse and
stopping not a moment for food she reached
the city or .Milan a her hiishmid waon
the way to the scaffold. Just In time to
save him, nnd not a minute to spare, she
came up. You see there were two dlfliciil
tie In the way The one was to get the
punlon signed and the other to bring It to
the right place In time, Ulory la- to Cod,
we need go through no such exigency No
long road to travel. No pitiless la-uting nt
a palace gate, 'anion here. I'anlon now
Punlon for the asking Paniou forever
A Saviour easy to get at. A Christ ou the
III Hel l it Plunk.
The "boss" lodger ut the Kast Sixty
seventh street police station Is a stalwart
German, who employs his leisure hours in
the daytime us n dishwasher in a down
town restaurant mid his nights ou the soft
est plunk iu the station house. He hu
acquired his position as "lioss" of the lodg
lug room by force of arms, nnd none of hi
fellow lodgers dure. to dlsputo his author
A Ix usual among the trumps who seek
lodgings In the station houses, they gathci
about the building In the earlier hours ol
the evening nnd await the signal for ad
mission given by the doorman on duty,
when there Is a rush for the most desirable
place ou the sloping boa nix which form
the rude couches provided for them. Hut
this "bo" of the lodging room disdain
to subject himself to any such rule He
marches Into the station house at lor 10
o'clock at night, or at any hour tlmt may
best milt him, give-a military salute tot he
sergeant at the desk and retlrea to the
plank which Ih always reserved for hi oc
cupation He lx allowed thlx extra Yi-ivl
lege becaii-e he preserve onler among the
other hxlger. and I at the licckuuil call.',
the doorman ou duty, running errand- foi
him, assisting him in cleaning the house
nnd making himself generally useful.
When his duties at the station house arc
euded the Herman betakes himself to the
eating room, where he earns hlx meals and
a little pocket money by dishwashing ami
doing chores. For mnny mouths he has
continued this mode of life, and seems
more happy mid contented with his lot
than thousand of others whoso lines have
fiilleu In pleasnuter places. New York
A 1Mb ou nt Kt-oiiiiiny,
One of the most expensive nnd we tuny
say curiously constructed pigpens in I'onu
Hylvaula, or perhaps In the United States,
has been completed at Kcouoiny Thocoit
of the pen or nursery up to date Is 1,000.
It Is constructed not only ou sanitary prlu
clples, but with special reganl to the com
fort of each and every porker which llndsu
place within Its walls. It is heated by two
large stoves, and the entire pen is covered
with a glass roof with proper ventilator.
The eating loom Is separated from the ret
of the pen and everything Is kept scrupu
.lously clean by two attendants, who-e sole
iiv.'vls to take care or the nigs ami look
-- - --,-, , ..'.p. , r.
"vv in-living iiiiu Tuiiiiiiiiiiiis ui me
The pen contains 300 us line
Tea In Taltlet.
Tablet ten Is manufactured Iu Hankow.
In factories ticlougliig to Ituxxluu Arms
It Is made of the lluext ten dust procurable.
Ytje selection of the dust Is the work of
skilled experts, the cost of the dust vary
lug from ten pence n outid upwunl. This
dust Is manufactiinMl Into tablet by steam
machinery. New York Journal
A giant exhibited la Rouen, In IKK), Pro
feasor Williams aays, measured uearlf
eighteen feet In heigh..
3-Three Great
4iT0ll'!!BH HSnH
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