Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 16, 1892, Image 8

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1-miM(A - J
I.' XAXuammS
lilj'i wnnwiiiiiayii; im uniniy iMiiiiTWii
" V
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4 a tpeolalty.
A fall of Dr, Warner's and and Ball's Cnrscls
In largo assortment.
We It a vo tlio agency for
Th ButUrtok's Patterns.
Hm Couiuku will not be responsible for
My debt made by any one In It name, un
a a written order accompanies the Hune,
Wc want to cloic out our
II price it any object to your buying
one, call ntul tec us,
Cor. O and tath Stt. Opcrn House Comer
Th Cantler Can b round At
Motel Lincoln Newt Htand.
Windsor Hotel, Now Hiatal,
ckaltal Hotel New Hland. , ,
oLauM fining Hall. Masonic Templo
OottoSmWewt Htand.llW p Ht,
SS AmmVUI North llth Street.
Wterteld' Wrbor. Hliop, nrr MloeK.
liternatlonal Newt KnuKWlum, WB o HI.
ITheCoUiURit Invites lit rcmlert to eon
trllmlolo Ihls department, sending u either
by iimII, messongoi or telephone, (No, ii.'b
personal Ileum, roportu of parlies, tocluls,
teat, weddings, ohuroh entertainments, musl
rales, olo., which hove or ere ii taint to occur.
Never mind the laiiguago) give lit tho
point ntul wo will ilo Iho rest. It It rtaentlnl
thougli, Hint wc luivo tlilt Information nt Jibe
enrllett iirnetlenlilu nioinoiit. Whenever nu
Invitation to theto evenlt It extended, a Cou
HiKHreproonlotlvuwlllle delegated to ut
tend personally,-Kli.1
W. R. Dennis,
O Street
Okurea Advartltatatntt.
April flrtt TM uouwan
will insert notio pertaining w socmuw.,
ttasavatt, Woturaa, nwettug awl teraontfor
turfm of charge. AdTertltemenU
Car entertainment where an admltsJon to
charged will be Inserted at one-half the reg
ular rata.
I.t;al Notice.
In District court I
Lancaster Co,. Nob. f
DeWrloh BwlUer defendont will tako
BOtiea that onthe eleventh day of April,
SSjohn W.OIlletple plalntllT herein Bled hit
aald defondent.tho object
aad prayer of whloh are to recover potte
Sea of the north half of the north-wett
MwrUr of eeotlon twelve, In town cloven
Mrtkranteftve, oatt of the " P; - "
Iaaeaater county, Nebratka, and for itoo
ranttaad profit received by tald defendent
wklla ho has bold unlawful posscttlon tlioro
erf and force of tult. .,
Yau are required to aatwer tald petition on
rkaftmMeaday tko Wth day of February,
b? Da via A Hibkhh, Att'yt.
leal aad reneaal.
WMtebrtrtt Coal and Lima Company
fjfmln lea Co., 1040 O 8t. TWepaoae 386
Caaoa City Coal at tka WUtebrtait
OaalandLkM Co.
Oaly taa iaett euUand caoicett meau
m ltd to cuttomtrt tf Cblpman & Sheen,
IMtpratt. PapHelW.
LafflTT cau have tbetr irty dreetet cleaned
aytka Freaek dry prootM at the Unoolii
taaaidya works 1105 O ttreet.
lApaiieatioBtforreatalof Taraer ball (or
actak aad daacing received at P. J. Wolilen
kerg'H oigar atore, 1 B. 11th etreet,
Vtaaael tklrtt cleaned without thrinklng by
Ike Vraaek dry cleaning proceat, only IScU
at Uaeota Steam Dya worht, 1105 O ttreet.
"Kothowebeap. bat how good" it the
metto of the new Studio Le Grande. Call
Ml at their work. 1M south Twelfth ttreet.
OrrsfBruuH tuning left with Young
aad Skier ," toutli Eleveuth ttreet, will
receive prompt attention by B. C. Quick.
Never order a photograph or picture of
aay kind until you have teen the work done
at the new Studio Le Oraade, 134 south
TweMth ttreet.
rv- mUmu! Kaa Bbampoo removei
OatrtruaT and promote the 'growth of the
V. aI hV HUM, JUUimuU, 11.1 vr
m m"
MIm llln Hliesrt l vltltliiK frlcmlt In
Mr. A1111I9 Harnett tUrtvd forlloiio.Nev.,
W. M. Cioiublii ttartoil for Now York
City Monday.
It. Murphy mailo a butlnaw trip to Omaha
tlio flnt of the week.
H. K, BauderMii returncil from hit patt
ern ti lp Wediiemlay,
Dr. Oeorge W. Martin returned from
Kearney Wwlnetdty.
8. A. Arbucklo hat gono to Los Angelct
Cnl., to tpemt tlio winter.
lllohani Schutter of Nebratka City wot a
vltltor In Lincoln Sunday.
W. A. Hardy tpont Hitnday in Omaha,
the guett of U. K. llrown.
A. 11. Allen, cdllor of the Tecuinteli
Cnitftttin, wot In the city this week.
Mrt. O. O. UiimIoii It making an extended
visit with her sister, nt Cameron, Mo.
0. S. Fuller, county treasurer of (Jotper
county, was In the city on hutuiest tblt
John Curtlts of Owat una, Minn., is the
guettof hltdaURhtor, Mrs. W. Ii. Abliot at
ISM) A ttreet.
W. E. Hardy, of tho firm of Hanly ami
lntcher ttarted on a buslnest trip to the
eatt Saturday.
Mrs. M. Harrison tta rted for Jacksonville'
Fla., Thursday, whoro tho will tiond tlio
winter season.
II, A. Tibbotts returned Saturday from
a two weeks trip through Wyoming and
South Dakota.
a i,.i.. mnntltiir of the PU'AMiit Hour
club will bo held at th ttore of O. 11
Hlchter at uoon Monday.
Miss Carrie Arnold of Philadelphia Is visit
ing her sitter, Mrs. Henry Weasel. Mist
Arnold will spond the.wlnter hero.
F. A. Melton and wlfo, of University
Place, In company with thoir nephew Fred,
are visiting frloiidt InQrlnnell, la.
Hon. II. W.Pogne and wife o( Jersey;
vllle,Ill.,arethe guests of teller Edward
Pogue, of the Columbia Natlonol bank.
Charles A. Clark of Coder Rapids and
Joseph Sampson of Bloux City are looking
after their buslnest interests in Lincoln.
The local Chautauqua society held, an in
lerestlng meeting at the home of Miss Clara
Walsh, 1SH J street, but evening.
Mrs. L. Wessel, Jr., who has oeon spenu
i.. . .V with relatives and frleuds in
St. Joseph. Ma, returned home Monduy.
Mrs. Dr. Brltt was called to London, On
tario Mouthy, by a telegram announcing
the sudden and terlout Illness of her mother.
Mrs.C. E. Cox, who hat been upending
some time with the family of her ton, Rev.
Clay Cox, lUveuno, Nob., returned Wednes
day. Dr T. H. Lane, accompanied by hit
brother, W. O. Lane, were called to Zanot
vllle, Ohio, Sunday by the death of their
v a u..n.i.v nf New Cattle. Wyo and
M. F. Murphy l S'1 Lako clt'
the auetU ot tueir sisivr,
Led with.
Mr. and Mrt. S. M. Athtf, accompanied
bv their sou. started for Galveston,
Utah, are
Mrs. Jatuee
Howllac the O ttreet grocer sayt he is
rtUUM aad Hwkea mistakes but will cheers
Mly rseUfy them. That to Mora, than soma
Tka Peaiaaular base burner to the latest
taiiroTadaaatw la tka market. Beforebuy
!a7aHadsea full Km at Dunham &
Bwsk,llMO street.
should now get outuetrlan
suit, take it to the Liueola Steam
. 1 lfam.iMMtkJllMTft is olMtittl.
Z?.dn. raaaired or pressed out.
a lull use oc
laopukrprleetaS th
1 and art oompaay,
MSia, m eouth Wtomfk atraet.
OrifiailrouBd oak stoves, the only airs
mfMraaad oak stove oa she market, cons
ojMHtty the moat aaoaomloal in compttoa
vm 0
t.MilO street. AM orders aHhar
SsM osuy by
, LaasMwWeeasuU tkmr hast
Wednoalay evening, where they will tpend
the winter.
'Mrs. W. H. Cameron of Grand Rapids,
Mich., accompanied by her little sou, is stop
..1.... .. im w.m of her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. Jones, where she hopes to recuperate
her shattered health.
T. J. Hensley and ills Rose Tbebuut were
uulted in marriage at the parsonage of the
Christian church Wednesday evening by
the Rev. Mr. Newimui. Ouly Immediate
friends were present.
Tonight at the Matoulo Templo the Daugh
ter of Rebecca will hold a leap year social.
Hpeclal Invitations have beeu issued to those
whose preteuce is desired;
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Uobauau and Major
and Mr. Uohatiau started for Peoria, 111.,
Monday to attend the funeral obsequies ot
the Mesjrs Bohauau's father.
Mrs. John Gillespie and Mr. Robert
Cooley of Bloux City, la., who "have been
visiting friends in tne city for tut pwt week,
returned to t nwr uoui uj
Mr. and Mrs. Barrls returned Saturday
alter atrlpofnve weeks duratlou, Having
visited friends lu rivwouia. "wi "
Louis and other cities in that time.
Mr. aud Mrs. T. M. Mlusrd started for
Holdrege, Neb., where they have taken up iwrmaiwut residence, after an ox-
teudl vlut with friend lu Lincoln.
"Walt" Mason, the gifted and eocontrlo
writer, whom everybody known, arilved in
town Saturday evening aud spent a couple
of day here renewing old friendships,
w.n u Um-uul. Omaha' elite dancing
teacher, paid Lincoln a visit this week aud
made arrangement for the opoulug of his
classes at Masonic temple Monday evening.
James Rutland, who has beeu oouneoted
with the Capitol hotel here for a long time
started Monday for Fremont where he hat
a position as clerk with the Eno hotel there.
The marriage of Mia Nellie, daughter of
Mr. aad Mrs. S. Seligtohu, and Louto A.
Kseusky will take place at the home of the
bride' parents at four o'clock on the Sunday
afternoon of the thirty-first.
Handsomely engraved cards have been
received at the COUMM otto announcing
that Mr. and Mrs, Henry J, Hall, whose
nuptials occurred December 80th at St.
Louto, will be "at home" to their friend at
105 G street after February 1,
Mrs. MT L. Tretter pleasantly eatertalned
her Sunday school class, of Grace M. K
ohuich, with an enjoyable sleighing party
Wednesday evening. About thirty were In
attoadaae. Bounteous refresbmentt were
ssrved at Mrs. T wome during the evening.
nru Hok&sTar. who ha been clerk or
years, returnol to Clikago Weilnonday
evening, liU leimro of ofllco having ex
pired with Judge Stewart's, January I. Ho
will take up hU permnnonl renl-.lwico In the
Windy City.
TlKinmriliiKniif Harry L. Markoll to Mlv
Lrniia A, Jotiim, owurnxl nt UimI Cloud,
Neb., Wednesday". The happy rotipld are
1 iHvlvltig the cougratulailont of their friends.
Tlmy will Imi nt hoimi Tuesday voiiIiir
after February lint at SMId Uarllold street,
till city.
Thom-coud of tlio series of ontertnliimi'iits
under the maiinKmout of the Young Men's
Christian Association nt tho First Congre
gational church Wednesday ovoiilng was
laigely nttendoil and, In spite of of n num
ber of drawbacks, was well enjoyed by
Mmmo pteseut.
Joseph Htelnberg of Now York, who hat
been the guest of hit brothel -In-lar, Mr. L.
Uarr on O ttteet, for several days past,
returned to his homo Wednesday morning.
Ho was accompanied by Miss Anna Uarr,
who will pursue her musical studies at tlio
eastern Melroiollt, visiting relatives and
frloiidt there In the meantime.
Tlio UVxfrnt MutMan It the title of a
handsome monthly magazine devoted to
muslo, elocution, art and literature, publish
ed by tho Nebraska conservatory of inulo,
who liavu launched the Initial nuin'oor with
the now year. It has sixteen agvs and a
handsome colorod cover and is lilted with In
teresting matter of the aits it represents.
Tho first number it n creditable production.
Georiro W. Fisher, with Huffman & Co.,
tailors, of this city, hut accepted an Invita
tion to deliver an address before tho Ohio
Custom Cuttyrt' Circle at Its annual meeting
whk'h takes place January 23th to '.'Oth,
Inclusive, at Cleveland, Ohio, He leaves
for tho east on the &!nd, Mr. Fisher will
also attend tho regular meeting of the
Fine Trade Gurmcnt Designers' Exchunge,
(of which ho U chalrmun) to be held lu
Mr. and Mrt. II. P. Clarksou eutertaluod
a select party ot friends at their residence,
0.15 South Thirteenth street, Monday even
lug. The time was passed very pleauntly
at curds and vocal and Instrumental mulo,
undo kiimptous 1-ep.tst was served. Tliosn
pioeout Included tho Misses Worthiiigtoii
of Cincinnati mid Ida Hlerwltuof this city;
Messrs S. T. St John, Goorgo SeliatTor,
and Dick Lewis; Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Brown, Burlington, la.
A large number of friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Hopkins pleasantly surprised them at
their home at tho penitentiary Saturday
evening. The genial warden and his wlfo
wore nonplussed f-r the ouco, but toon fell
In with tho spirit of gayoty nml all picsent
enjoyed thomsclves In a tuierb manner. Re
freshments were served aud high live enjoy
ed. The party, which was composed princi
pally of members of the Wedncsdoy Night
club, to which Mr. Guy Hopkins belongs,
dispersed about midnight.
Mrs. W. J.DonnltcnterUlnoda party of
friends very pleasantly at her home, numbor
1400 O street, last evening. High 11 vo was
the program, which wat greatly onjoyod.
Inviting refreshment were served and un
usually pleasant evenlug spent by all present.
The Invited guests were the Messrs aud Mos
dames Dr. Bailey, O. L. Laws, 8. E. Moore,
W. Prescott, Dr. Dayton, W. 8. Huffman
W. R. Deiiuls, W. B. Wolcott, F. W. Bald
win, Dr. Griffith, C. L. Hall, Cowdery, Wil
ton, A. E. Keunard and C. A. Keith.
A very onjoyable sleighing party was held
Tuesday evening by a number of seniors ot
th,ml hlirh school. Tho pleasures ot
the evening were varied by terlohoroan
festivities and a bountiful supper nt the
home of Miss Fowler, MW7 11 street, aiwr
which, to the mutlo of horns and cowbells,
the tlelghlng was resumed, The partici
pants were tho Misses Nellie Newman,
Marie Jones, sauie urtuiam, wn ....,
Floienco Mai ley, Stella Hoy t, Emma Glover,
Louise Fowler, OilvoGraham, Vliinle Uoach,
Meaner, Kb Mockett, Frank Patton, Dud
Cook, A. Hull, A. Sjiencer, Harry Radmoru,
Foster Bench, Prof. Mainland, George
Kleutsch and Dick Rlsdou.
The CouniKB Is In receipt of mi announce
ment of tho nuptials of Duvld Eugene
Thompson of this city and Miss Joannette
Miller of Oak Park, III. The happy event
will take place at the rosldonee of the
bride's mother, 3M Maple avenue at the
latter Place, Wednesday, January S.tb, a
twelve o'clock. The groom-elect is wc 1
known In Llnuoln, where he lias been promi
nent for many years. Miss junior, w,
nulto well known heie, where she was a
visitor at the home ot Mrs. W. F. Leonard
last whiter, and tins a charming clrolo of
friends who were attiocted to her at that
time and their congratulatl Jus are exieuded
in advance. They, will bo at home at UUl
D ttreet, thlt city, after February 16tli.
An exceedingly pleasant and enjoyable
leap year tlelghlng party was that held Mon
day evening, in which twenty-two ot the life
and charm of Lincoln social circles puitbl
uated. The party was served with an uppe
thinK luucheon at P. J. Fitzgerald's, where
dancing was Indulged Jn, after which they
resumed their places behind the double team
aud to the musio of meiry Jingling bell con
tlnued on their pleasant Journey. The par
tlcipaiits were the wisse jeannei" ",
., iiaufl.iv. Rosd Carson.
to Miss Cliurolilll. The following guests en
joyed the hmpltnllly of tlioclmritiliitlioitoi :
MetdnnuH D.iy, Dr. CampUdl mid CI11II11,
Misses Mitrtnitiu, Milts, Margaret M(kkm,
Churchill, UlgtfliH, Naomi Weaver, Lincoln,
Alluoiind Id 1 1'nrker, Huloti Hmltli, Cleaver,
Units, Dolllo llnlley, Iiiilso Johnson, Nettle
Jolinvin, Williams, Iolln Aluxmder, (Jeni'Kiu
Hliorp, Grace Slaugliter, Burns, Ellle Mcln
tyronf Hastings, Bella Flynn of Hock ford,
HI., .ettn Chin chill 1 Mrssers Ocur Good
man, Harry Nott, Charles George, Clarenoa
Brown, E. McMalion, A. E. Ilutcliliison,
Burt Downs, Freil McConnlck, Joe Joplln,
F. H. McCoy, Will Clarke, Day, Barrett, Ike
Fosbenner, Ioult Dale, Gould Dlott, J. M.
Cumpbell, Ward Burgesi, Hugh Joplln, Ed.
Gyger, J. W. Bobbins, Will Johnson ot Lin
coln. The receptlo.i and social of tho Union club
held at their rooms Wednesday evening wat
a (wrfict Kilen of happiness, far siiriMliig
anything of a similar natnro yet attempted
In tlio history of tho organization. Unwardi
of one hundred of the mombort and Invited
guests were present to worship lit pleasure's
shrine and to enjoy tho gladsome, happy
spirit which animated all. Tho attractive
rooms woro nn unusually Inviting npjicar
ance, ovorytlilug about giving rich promise
ot the pleasure to bo enjoyed, and it It safe
to say tlio occasion will 11 Dt bo toon forgott
ten by those fortunate enough to attend. It
was one of tho few events held in Lincoln
whero tlio elder and younger member of so
cloty mingled happily and uureiervodly to
gether, and It Is worthy ot note that this ad
ded considerably to the pleasure ot tho moot
ing. Tho terMlchoreuii program was an In
teresting one and during tho ovenlng delici
ous refreshments were served in tho rooms
by Sutton & Hollowbush, tho woll known
caterers. To Doctors Lndd and Appleget, of
tho house commltteo, much praise and crodlt
Is due for the superior manner in which the
details woro urruuged and carrlo 1 into exe
cution and It Is only the simple truth to say
they could not well bo Improved upon.
Those present Included tho Messrs and toes
dame, R. H. Oakloy, R. H. Towntoy, John
II. Wright, O. F. Lmld, T. II. Benton, J. W.
McDonald, A. J. lluckttuff, L. C. Burr, S.
II. Burnhnm, S. W. Buriiham, E. Blguell,
Edward Ewlng, J. D, McFarland, J. A.
Marshall, O. R. Oakley, O. W. Webster, Dr.
Apwlgot, Judge Field, O. M. Humphrey,
W. J. Mnrsliall, J. A' .-uarsnnu, mourns
SewellnndC. O, Whodon, Missus Maltha
and Anno Fuuko, Ollvo Lntta, Maudo Sinlth,
Maud Bilrr. Ger rudo ami Graco Altken,
Corn Talbot, Claia Walsh, Fuy Marshall,
Naomi .Weaver, Ellle Malntyro, Hastings,
Nob., Roso Canon, Lylo Hoover and Joau
notto Wilson; Mrs. Hard; Motwors, II. 8.
Freeman, F. S. Burr, P. L. Wing, J. T. Dor
gan, C. L. Burr, Charles Miller, W. E.
Clarke, W. 8. Stull, O. A. Molirensteclior,
M. I. Allken, W. Morton Smith, Will John
son, Bishop, S. L. Gusthardt, Amasa Wilson,
Denver, C. E. Wnlto, II. T. Clark, Omaha,
J. D. Woodi.O. D. Smith, R. D. Miller, O.
R. W. Tkompion, C. T. Boggs, F, A. Kono
moyer, F. C. Sholos. A. F. Walsh, A. J.
CorniBh, C. 11. Iuihoff und Elmer Stevenson.
Additional society on fifth page.
Cloaks, Blankets, Yarn
Dress Trimmings and
Dress Goods Remnants
Thanking you kindly for your patronage thus far during
this salt; and assuring you wc shall look to the interests of our
customers, we are
1 109 O Street.
Cr Whvm f5iL
Muslin Underwear
at 50c.
Best Value Ever Offered in Lincoln.
Jai'ulo and Florence Hawley, Rose Larson,
Fay Manhall, Nellie Kelly, Hallio Hooper,
Anne and Martha "uuke, Grace Burr, Olive
Anne and
Latta; Messrs
F. C. SSehrung, F. 8. Burr,
.T,,l.n 'IV Dorifttll. u. u uurr, a, -. ",
Philip Wi..g, P. J. Fiuerald, Lv Mar
kbsll, F. O. Howe, W. E. Claiko and Fred
Tho "Larking Cluo- enjoyed nn excaod
Inaly pleasant session Tuolay evening at
.1 i.. r ll- Mnrtfuerlte Hullet at
Seventhteenthland N streets, where mil Hi and
good feeling couspireilto.wnuuiiuin iino "j
The entire membership wa, punu
lim fortune's whims as practiced nt tin ingu
live table. Dellclou refreshments were
torved and when the party sepcrated at a
late hour naught but the klndlle.t of words
and feelings Mor the effort ottlio iieerless
bottess wero expressed. Those present were
tho Misses Florence Hale, Maggie Hallett,
Helen Bain, Lou Harlow, Jennie Bunchor,
Amber Bainaby and Neva IVtennun, Mat
ter Eugene and Thomas IIlUter , Quy
Hale, Fred Hallett, Putnam, Will McShauo,
George West, Fred Kimball ami u
Campbell. , . ,
Mum Cora Weaver gave a very Jjujoyal 0
high live party at her home, I ioc'lo
.treet, Omaha, Thursday evening of lost
week, In honor of her guest Miss Belle
Flyni of Rockford, III., Miss Elite .Uclntyre
of Hastings, N.b and Ml Naomi Weaver
of this city. The house wo prettily deooiat
ed, the predominating color being pink and
yellow. Mlteeu game " v.-,-.,
which deliolous refreshment were served.
The prie for the gentlemen were: Hrst
uilse,boxof liiiiwrted clgan, wou by Mr.
Burt Down.; consolation prl, a silver uep.
pVr box, won by Mr. Gyger; the
KpiLiwa captured by Mr. II. Joplln.
Tb7rltPrle for the ladles was a silver
2? bowKmpanled by a diminutive gold
"'' ,. tuiL t.u Parker, and tba con-
n",'""'.-r--rr.: . wnied
A Lincoln young man of many graces,
fatal to the ladies' hearts, Is pursuing the
even tonor of his way here, nil unconscious
ot the attention ho U attracting. "What Is
his nsmer Oh, well, that is u leading
question. Really, girls, I must leavo you, to
discover that for yourselves.
I hear there are a goodly numuer of Lin
coln young men who will Join the benedicts
when tho f ragran t roses of June open their
tiny petals. Verily, Juno Is the month of
rcses, and orango blossoiiH are lu unusuul
favor about that time.
The gush that Is produced by somo western
tociety leportors deserves a place lu tho
archives of cold btoodd history. Hore.for In
siaiicu. Is one In Kansas who, describing an
apparently pleasant social, say "the gouer-
! . ,1. 1 in... II linn.
nl goou leoiuiK siiowi ...........
estly, now, don't you think that reporter is a
Jewel r Yes, lie more man tun uo iw-
They tell me two young mon of Lincoln,
opposite in type of charanter, for one Is a
blonde and the other a brunette, nro running
11 neck and neck ruco for tho smiles and favor
of a handsome young lady ,of Omaha, and
that considerable interost is ntinifest as to
which will win tho prize. Well, both can't
iu .nnmwfiil! and t am sure tlioro are
enough fascinating young ladles lu this city
who would bo perfectly wlllim: to share the
Joy aud sorrows of the young m in In uues
Hero's a pretty how do you do. I was
reading lu a Wichita paper the other day
that everyone tlioro who can neither sing or
play Is at least happy In listening to Borne
one who can. Surely, there must bo some
thing wrong ther , don't you think? The
Wichita people ore out of their place. Thoy
ought to bo in tho city of Brotherly Love.
The bell aud tho beaux wore promptly on
hand Sunday ovenlng for a Jaunt through
the snow on runners. Thu urctlo nature of
tlio weather dlil not dampjii their urdor or
deter them In the least from enjoying u good
old fashioned sleigh ride and having a Jolly
Look at them at
r. .. - . . u .
The Interior Decorative Co.
1338 O STREET.
A llttlo girl, Just leurnlns to rciul, takes grout Interest In
tho big letters sho bees In tlio newspapers. Tho other ovo
iilng. alter she hud kept her inanunn busy reading tho ad
vertisements in tho paper to hor, sho knelt down to say
her prayers. "Dear I.ord," tho suld. "Mnko mo pure,"
then she hesitated, and wont on with added fervor a mo
ment later, "Make 1110 nbsolutely puro, llko baking powder,"
Our Paper Hanging nro vast In extent, marvelous In
beauty, and rcasonablo In price.
A. C. Zlemcr, Earl Edgar,
President. Manager.
Somehow or other the young ladles of Lin
coln do not seem to hava availed themselves
of their leap year prlvilegeto any great ex
tent. So far ns I can learn, not a fclugle one
has taken the lulttatlvo towards capturing it
husband; but then, Its early enough in the
seuson and there' plenty of thus yet.
Ladles hair dressing, Miss Johnston, 1114
O street.
Geo. A. Rnymer, coal and
890. 11M O street.
wood. 'Phono
Ladles kid gloves cleaned or colored nt Lin
coin Steam Dye works, 1100 O street.
One hundred finest engraved calling cards
and plate only 3.60 at Wessol Printing Co.,
liafi N street.
The only place to get tho "Time lock regis
ter bank" at tho gieot 10 cent store, 118
south 12th street.
We sell the genulno Canon City too.
Betts, Weaver & Co., 1045 O ttreet. Tel
ephone 440.
Cabluet baths for Indlet given by Mrs. B.
D. Catlln professional masseur, 1230 P street.
For scavengor work, day and night, drop
J. O. Field a postal and he will promptly
call and tee what you waut.
Miss C, J. Gullmette, modiste, Latta Block
over Miller & Paine, Take elevator.
T was towards the close of a bright summer's day that the prodigal ton arrived
at the paternal mansion. He had come by the quickest route, "The Burling
ton." The sun was declining in the west the only tiling that docs decline
west of Chicago except base ball and its slanting rays threw a golden tint
upon the gray hairs ot the aged father who sat on the front porch reading the
last "Burlington Route" advertisement.
The gate opened, and the old man peering over his spectacles dlscried a
a ragged tramp coming up the walk. He was about to het the doj on him, In
accordance with the usual custom of that hospitable region, wiien the tramp
can. c up, removed n dilapidated hat rlin which encircled tils brow, and cried,
"father, don't you know me?" "Know you?" returned the old man, after
scrutinizing him a moment over his spectacles, "I would know you If I saw
your hide hanging in a tan yard, It's my own lost b-hoyl" Then the fond
parent fell upon his son's neck and wept wept because it was so dirty, It hadn't
been washed since Christmas, but he took him In all the same, gave him a
batli and a new suit of clothes and then walked him down to the B. & M.
depot to see to what perfection the "Burlington" had brought their passenger
train service. ' Twns marvelous, and the prodigal son straightway registered n
solum vow that his children aud his children's children for all time to come
should recognize the "Burlington" as the one great railway whose equipment
was always UP TO D TE.
Wc don't know how this legend of the prodignl son came down througli
the ages so accurate and free f 1 0111 side issues, but it's here, intact and unin
cumbered, ready to adorn a back cover or point a moral. The mpral of this
story is: If you would prosper In this world, travel only by the "Burilngtort
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