Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 02, 1892, Image 1

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Pkicic iivic Cunts
'''r'r " ' tr, ,,. , ., , , ,j i ii- mni, i mincaawBts;
Vot. 7 No 4 Lincoln, Nkhnahica, Satumuav, Januawy 'J, ItlDiJ. '
Two lovers sat tnuet her, , ' f
Twm tbo evo of New Year' day, j
And bo muttered liU confession i - ' a
In timid lot or's way. I i """"
And ho wanted licr to hear &SxJ K iAvV" ' t KA J 'l ISBju . rl 1 I fVNR an
What great thlngsbo had bt'en plannlag AlA y 1 c LiHl Fl I fl. I I M I Pi 1 HcfiX tJ A
Tobodonothoco.n1n.near. .v IfM V BiJH fit .
"Ho'd resolved that bo would win her. ' v.V SMll 1 1 ). 1 tflwiKlffiW? r iVmrrf1? I C K,
But tbo maiden iihoolc her bend, -xn ffiffigfl JTiTrWt If -f,- , " WlM" "" It" Ffff'""'
Then boa8nswcred blmaud said,' ttrWF' EJtfTWT 3 naferSiES'n L'lirOB. fo
Aa her eye In frolic twinkled
And ibo laughed aloud, ha, hal
"You had better make another
That will take In ray papa."
Wuxiston Oaki
"Lincoln's chuich-golng ioiulatlon is In.
creasing," lemarkod a rhrewd observer but
evening. "Standing on tbo corner Holiday
night I was convinced by tho huge concourse
of people on tnelr way to chinch that Lino
coin can be not down as a Clod-Co irlng com
inuinty. From comparison and obsei vatlon,
I believe tlmt u larger percentage of people
attend Sunday trviees now tlmn at any
period in tbo history of Lincoln'"
Au event of unusual interest In art circles
is the recent presentation by Gjorgo W.
Chllds, the philanthropic publisher of the
Philadelphia Ledger, of bis iiiHgnillceiit col
lection of prints, manuscript, autographs
etc., to the library of the Droxel Institute, at
Philadelphia. Tbo collection Is one of the
finest in existence and represents tbo work of
a lifetime on Mr. Chllds part. It embraces
some exceedingly rare specimens, including
the only complete manuscript of Thackeray
In existence, and tbo or ly complete novel of
Dickens in manure, lyt form outside the
South Keiiklngton musouin. I liavo beard
that for this latter woik alone, Mr. Chllds
has refused $0,000 and this is probuhl) Jtoolow
by several thousauds. Dickens' in his"Mutual
Friend" and Thackeray's, his lectin o on
George III. Doth are said to bo in a wonder
ful state of preservation. Another featuio
of the collection is n handsomely bound vol
ume In which Is contained portraits and auto
Vuph lettei s of every president of tbo Uul
,el tttates, from Washington down.
'V bat ability do you pottetfcf" Inquired
the newtpaper publisher of the youthful can
didate far editorial honors.
"I have a scissors and a self-feeding pocket
paste cup" was the reply.
"Young mun, I see you havothe necessary,
qualifications. Consider yourself engaged. '
The mbjei t of a state base ball league for
the teuton of V-! Is being discussed with be
coming regularity about now. Au Omabu
writer In the Sporting AVirt Is tbo flitt to
sound the tocsin. He'd Impressive nay, ho is
enthusiastic. Listen to this outburst of bis
poetic buso ball soul: "What joy would
thrill the hearts of the crunks out at Grand
Island, Hastings, Fremont, Lincoln, Uout
rico or any of the other cities likely to bo In
cluded in such a circuit, if thoy could down
Omaha in a race for tbo State championship,
and lu tho event of a close raco between any
of these cities, how tho all-sustaining shock
les would our into their various collets."
And so, after all, the joy wo would experi
ence in downing Omabu would bo a meio
bagatelle compared to Omaha's joy in rak
ing in our "all-sustiiluliig shekel. ' Funny
baselwill. Funny eopie. Funny world.
The more ono tees at It tbo more he Is forced
to agree with the sub-tlte of Iloyt's "Texas
Steer" that "Monoy makes tho inaro go,"
Apropos of this, it may bo gently remark
ed that when tho proper time comes Lincoln
will have her littlo suy in the base bull arena.
Wo are not hero exactly to dance when the
other fellows wbUtle, and If we must pour In
our nil-sustaining sheckels, as tho Omaha
correspondent suggests, wo want to know
wheio wo'ie going to get valuu received.
Mr. Chuiles L. Tiirany. of tbo well known
New Voi k jewelry establishment, lias been
man led and living happily with his wife for
tho lust IKty yours. At tho recent eelobiu-
tlonof tho golden until verMiry, th employes
of tho III in presented a solid gold ineilal on
which were elnboiutoly engraved ilmIuIIIou
portraits of Mr and Mrs. Tiiruny. This is
ull right. A husband and wife who can live
together jKUicefully for fifty yeais in those
days of dh ait, alimony and separation de
serve something mot a than a gold medal.
The attention of kiar guzois in Lincoln
weie attl acted by a billllunt meteor the
other evening. Tbo aerolite descended slow
ly from u point seemingly In close proximity
to tbo constellation of the little "dipper," d
scribing in Its gentle descent a very graceful
arch. It wus surrounded by a bright light
of greenish hue, utid just befoiodlsappeui lug
burst into sections, like a fulling tocket. Au
ustionomicul friend who stood ut my elbow
watching tbo uuusuul spectacle insisted that
tho missile struck earth at a point not to ex
ceed sixty miles south-west of Lincoln; but
what the ui tillery of heaven could have steu
worth shooting at in Oiuuliu is inoiu than 1
can determine.
Tho new postal cards, which were placed
oil sale ut the Lincoln post olllce Monday,
umof uiiuiiibeiish color, nearly one-thlid
larger than the old rlia. Tho lettering and
general design ure quite dis-stinlliur to Uncle
rtuili's old message beurers, uud utrord u wel
come change f t out tho barren monotony of
which tho old curds were ho suggesth o. The
uppor right hand corner is adorned by un ex
cellent viguetta ot General Grunt.
Tho Iluydeu Art Exhibition cumo to u
conclusion ut Armory bull lust evening
after ono of tho finest uud most interesting
exhibits it has yet made. Tho friends of
ai t In Lincoln are indebted to tbo members
of the club for their eHorls, in tho fuco of
most discouraging circumstances, to place
beroro them ull tliut Is good uud true and
beautiful In Hue art. It may occur to tho
individual members that their tusk Is a
thankless one, but this is not truly so. In
the J ears to come their eirorts, and tho
practical result, will bo felt and appreciated
lu Lincoln, where It will bo liclily uppioved.
Tho value of tbo exhibit was much enhanc
ed by the loans of the Western Art associa
tion ami special loans by Geuorul Kussel A.
Alger of Michigan, Mr. Goorgo W. Llnlngor
of Omaha uud tho Art Institute of Chicago,
Ger. Alger'H oil painting, "Tiio Lust IIouis
of Mozart" by Munkucsy formed tho princi
pal featuie of tho exhibition. It is a superb
masterpiece, and Lincoln was indeed foi tu
liuto in securing a chance to see this great
painting. In tho local department there
were many tine olTeilngs In oil uud water
colors, our own uitlsts making a very credit
ublorlioViug, Ladles hair diesslmr. Miss Johnston, lilt
O street.
Tho only uluco to iret tho Tlmn lmk roirU.
tcr butlk" lit tbo LMI'Iit 1(1 riMlt kttr.. MM
south l'-'th street.
The January number of Outing opom
with a delfclitrully Interesting story "Tho
Dear's Mead Ilrnoch," by Kruest Ingersoll.
Tbo scene Is laid in Colorado during tho
nrly Seventies, and nu episode of a prosec
tor's life Is well tieateil. Nuiiihiou'I line II
lustiutlons by William A. McCullougli adorn
the tale. In addition, there mil a number of
ubhoiblin: snecial feutuies. luwlrlu tiw. ..u...i
editorials, records, eiiis, etc.
In thoA'orftlmcciVdii llevfew tor Juuti
ury, Ludy Henry Somerset contrasU the
slums of Iiondon mid New York, mwl u
dumo Adum's recent nrticla on "Do French
WovelsUepresentFiencliLlfef" is answered
by Andrew Lung. Under the head of "Nine
ty Miles in Eiahtv nine Mlr.iiti.a ' tin, nuiw.
ulsupeilntendentof tho New York Central
runway coiurinuies a picture or the life and
work of locomotive englneeiii Tho other
features are of an uiiusinillv hlt-l. uiumUr.i
of excellence.
Tboiollablo fashion joiirnuls published by
A. McDowell & Co.. 4 West r.... N
Y., ure too well known to lequlro uuy spec
ial mention ut our hands. "ImMoiIii tie
Hurl" gives tho laU-stlFiench styles. "AI
huinldea Motle" gives a selection of styles
wmen are serviceuDIo to the fumily. The
fqilller is 113 uud tile latter 1.1 renin h
copy of ull ueWNlcuU is or direct.
"Why SjuIuIUiii ApiNMiU tj Artists" will
be answeied by Walter Crane, the well
known Kllldishuiutl. Ill tbu Allnnttn fn,itl.l
tor Juuuury. A collection of letters written
uyuomimuuit aim, wiuio conducting tho
Westminster "fcrfi-io", uud nu imjiortant
Doner on "Uoston." from Mr. K,iuirri'a un
published inauu'icripts, will appear in the
same number.
Scrlbncr'a lor Junuury is nu unusually
brilliant pioductiou, even for that high cluu
liublicutlon. It beirlns Its kIxIIi v....,- .in, I
eleventh volume with that number, which is
replete with ull the good tilings or tiiu sea
son. Wililum F. Aptborp discusses "Paris
Theatres uud Cancel ts"ut length, mid tlirmvi.
COIlsiilerable llirlit on tln riil...'.tn.l.
subject. "Crimo and tho Iuw" by ltecoidei
ouiitii oi inow yoik, Heals with his expert
elites among ciimes and ci imliutls, uud will
repuy u cuieful pei usul. There aru a mun
ber of other ui tiuliM or sK-ciul mei it, uud the
Illustrations, us usual, aio of a high oedtr.
Tbo Jaiiuurv Forum Is aa bright nml i
tertulnliig us ever. It has lieeu enlurged,
both In tbo si.o of the pugo uud tho ntimber
of pages; uud tho magazine is sewed with
thread uud no longer stitched with who.
The leading articles in the cuiiiilit issue uio:
"Tile liulsiuuu littory a History," ly
Judge Fmiik McOloin, of tho Ijulsluna
court of apjieals, a scathing nrialgiiment of
tiio lotteiy lontacle. "Tho Now Theological
Teaching," by tho Kov. Dr. Ilrlggs; Heiesy
Tiiuls and the llricgs Case by Itev. Dr. Philip
Scolf and "Pension legislation Again", by
uen. ii. . Hiocuni. Tho rorum is how
ouoot tho largest uud handsomest, as well us
the most popular of the ieiews.
In tho Mugatiiie of Amerlutn titulary,
niiiun opens us toiiiy-sociiiu volume Willi
tho Now Year, uppcars the llrst jxirt of "A
Ciitii'itl uud Common Sense View of the En
terprise of ChrUtopher Columbus," by Hon.
'Ait bur Hurvey, prcsldmt of tlm Canadian
Institute. Itev. Dr. Glover discusses tbo
question "Wus America Dlscovrrud by tbo
Chinesef" and Hubert Howe ll.iu-roft tells
us Homething alKiut "Collis I'. Hiiutiiigtoii."
A number of other articles, with thu usual
unay of short contilbutlons, coinploto a
splejidid issue of tills excellent magalne.
One always turns to tho tVnfio with
the,'exH)ctutIoii of enjoying a nuo Intel
lectuul feast, and ho is raiely, If ever, ills
npiKilnted. The Junuury numlier Is an
improvement on the December number, just
us tiio Decemlior Issue was nu Improvemant
over that of Novcmlier. Tho frontispiece Is
u charming tiortralt of Gounod, the cele
brated French conqKisor uud musician,
which Is accompanied by a puier
of his eai ly life. "Tho Jews of New Yol k"
nro dlscussiHl by tbo Itev. Dr. Wheutou,
while Mr. J. II. Dodgo of tho Agilculturnl
Demirtineiit, explains ' The Discontent of
thojFurnier." There me many other articles
of 'striking Interest, including the usual
budget or iswtry, uud illustrations of au
excitsllngly line character.
Dissolution or I'riiiulneiit ITrms.
With tho close of the old your the well
known llrm or Parker & Sundersou bus
been discontinued, Mr. Sanderson retlilng
while Mr, I'nikci' continues the business,
UKsuming all ilebts and collecting uccountK,
Mr. Sanderson inforins a Couiukk ieK)rler
Hiatus soon as a central locution can bo
seemed uud a new Hue selected, ho will ohjii
a shoo stole again.
Mr. Fiod II. Houtz ror three years a
member or tho film of Drown and Houtz,
wholesalo clur luercliants, has sold his
iutei est to his pal tmer, Mr. F A. Drown,
who will continue tbo business ut the old
stand miller the title of F. A. llrowu
and Co.
The Columli tun Kxmpioii.
Tlu progress of tho Worlds Columbia
KxHUlon, which opens noxt year at Chi
cago, is a mntter of unlveisal interest
tboroughoiit tho land. The administration
building, nu excellent illustration of which
will bo found in to-day's CouiiiKH, Is by
jiopulir venlict proiiouuctsl tho gem and
crown of the Exposition palaces. Tho most
conspicuous objict which will uttruct tho
guo Is the gilded dome of this lolty build
lug. This Imposing edlllco will cost uUnit
fi-V),(Wu anil covers uuduiea of i!00 Mpiar
feet. The general design is in the stylo of
the Flench iciinbsuiicc, Tho first great
ttory is lu tho Doric order, or heroic pro
iwrtlous, and the tocoud with its lofty and
spacious colnuude, Is of the Ionic.
Tho Interior features of this great building
evou exceed lu beauty and splendor those of
tho exterior. Iletween every two of the
giuiid entrances, and touutvtlngj tho Inter
vening pavilliou with tho great rotunda, Is a
hall or loggia HO feet squiiio, giving access to
the olliees uud piovidtsl with bioud, ciiular
stairways and swift-running elevutois.
The under side of the dome is enriched
with dttp panellings, richly moulded, nml
the panels hi o tilled with sculpture in low
relief, uud Immense paintings rcpiesentiiig
tho aits and sciences. In sl.e this lotuudu
rivals, If it does not mi ass, the most cele
biuted domisof it slinllur chaiacter in the
The soiles will bo continue I mxt week and
tbeieafter until all tho prlncipil buildings
hao In en hhowu,
ladles kid gloves cleaned or colored at Liu
coin Steam Dye hoiKs, UOiI 0 sheet.
It was sorely disappointing to many then
tie irix'rs wlio lnid in rn,,(r,y t.. vi,.... .,...
IMirforiiiiiuce, that A. M. Palmer's "Captain
'""' L-ompaiiy were iiuauio lo reach Lin
coln. OWilllf t(l II Urll- (if Imltu .!!...... I..
tlmo to fill their Christmas engagement.
The ticket sold on the advaiico, amounting
to inaio than t4(K). Inivri nil iu.... . ,i.u. .
and tho entire exM.nso of the theatre has
wen iiiaiiiuiiy noriio iiy I'aimor'H inanoger.
Wo do not mind tollimr von mi n. ..,.!..,
however, that the company will ho seen at
j..u.i,u jiuusiiix umjii iw rotuin from Han
Francisco, when vnu will Lnami ,..,.,...
ity of seeing "Captulu Srtlft."
JelOllle lv. Jerniim l Un, fiiitl.n.. nt itr.n..
Thoughu of an Idle Fellow" and "Throo
Men lu u llout, to Suy Nothb ? of the Dog,"
books that hove recently eujoyod a wide iiop
ularity; also "Tho MnsUir of Wixslbarrow."
one or young E. II. Southern's latest and
"""" iHuiuiuncuu successes. Wlien, there
foiu, it was unnaunced that the comedy of
"Dr. Hill," tho Christinas attraction at tho
Funke, would lie preceded by (l ono act cur
tuiu raiser by this author, there was some
reason for the exjiectutloii that the mlnii
turo play would be Interesting ut bust. Hut
It wasn't. If anything drourlei than "Sun.
set" bus boon presented lu Lincoln this sea
son it has escaped the wutcliful attention of
Tiik CouniKU. It is n desultory string of
cheap and meaningless bontlmeiit. To at
tempt to criticise it teriously would bo a
waste of tlmo
"Dr. Hill" camo to Lincoln with tho pres
tlgo of a long run in Now York. Tho piny
itself is ull right for thoso who have u liking
for French fun and French silggestlveness,
leseiubl'iignotn little in plotllol.iiul Heed's
last j ear's success, "feud Me Your Wire";
but tho company deserved uud (received
small attention rrom Lincoln play goers,
who can tell leal merit when thuy see It.
Hrlelly stated, the play Is a ortrayal of the
dilllcultles arising from uu old gentleni'in'h
forcing his son in-law, who is wealthy, to
practice bis prof.-sslou ineilleine. Tim
young doctor, neeiitly married, makes a
piofesslonul tnllou a gay married woman
whose husband Is much away fioin homo,
uud In the confusion incident to several un
oxiecUd arrivals u single mun and aj married
woman get locked up in ono rooiu.tho doctor
and his inother-liilaw are hidden uwuy, un
known to each other, lu another, and adja
cent upuitliients open up to receive other
variously disjointed couples. Thill's tho
kind of a story It Is. There is somo really
Innocent run; but there is an element or tho
sensational running tliioughout the whole
comedy, mid somehow western audiences do
not seem to rare for Ibis sort of thing, much
us it Is applauded and appreciated iu Gotham,
William Wilson, who did the part of "Dr.
Hill '. whs excellent when computed to the
other meinbeis of the compiuy, au I not
wholly bad when judged by bis own merits.
Tho kangaroo danco Introduced in tbo play
Is a noetty iu Its lino and Miss Stokes' agll.
ity and gruce were iwiimly applauded when
ever she apMinl. The attendance wnw
Ilglit at both HrforiiinncoMt
Sir. William II, Hherwood of tho Clilcngu
oonservnlory of miislo npiionrisl In a piano
rucltnl nl tlm Fiinko Monday evening before
a small niiilluiire, Ills dcllcalo and nrtlstlo
execullon was hUhly enjoyed by those pros,
cut. UN efforts deserved wider reoonitlon
than was accoriln I,
If tho uiidioncii which iissunblod at the
LaiiNhiff aiouday evening exiwcted. as many
of them appardntly did, to sea Charles h.
Davis In I ho till.) rolo of Alvln Joslln," they
wiiredoomwl (odlsapjiolnliuout. Just what
m rated tlilsiinptesslou It Udllllctilt to deter
mlmi, unless pKriiaps It aroso rrom the fact
that the combination was advertised as Mr.
Duvls'eotnpany. Mr. Cliailes' .Vlllurd, who
essayed the I oh-, has performisl this cliurmi.
ti r ror many jnars and his work Is regarded
as being cipial to that oi' Mr. Davis', thougli
It cannot ho wild to have given tlm same sat
isfaction heio. It takes fouroclH tu enuuior
uio the lulventuies or Joslln, a Vermont
farmer, who comes to New York at tlm in
vltatlon of his nephow, lo sen thu sights mid
ho hm tlioui, Holms tho samo oxistrlenco
every fanner Is Kipiilaily supposed to liavo
on his Mrst vltltlo Gothaui-biinco moil, ex
tortionate baggagu transftvrs,pretty woinm,
wine and all that, and finally ends up by be
ing ill tested, charged with murdering a
young woman ho has tindoi taken to be
friend. Tlm nutiii ul shrewdness and Ingen
uity of tlm Vet inontor enables him to extri
cate himself ami to bnlllo hi enemies at
every point until tlm cut tain fillsand every
body Is intuited uud happy, not excepting ,
Tlieopholls Oglosby Doris, who wus iilwnyn
loo late, 'the charaeters t'lroiighout were
comiiiundably Inteipreted, tlm woik of K.
ther Il.Stiattoii ns Alvln's butter half be- i
lug away ubovo par, but tho play has lost i
that snap and vim ami lutermt which made
it iwpuliii' whei' Mrst ptodtiuisl liere. Vliiw
cd In the Ilglit of calm consideration, tho
and incidents am eutliely oveidiawit and
unnatuial. No fanner of our atipialiitanco
lias ever undergone such adventures, grave
or guy, on his llrsl visit to thu city, n befell
Alvltt Joslln, The more one thinks of It, the
inoiu ho Is forced to the Irresistible conclu
sion that plays or this elai, of which there
.no multitudes, have leully hud their day.
Thu attendance as good,
Uolaiid Hood's vanity, a qjullty ulways-
present, wus not llittorod by the attendance
ut the Funke Wednesday evoblug, and bis
address, when called before the curtain ut
tbo cIishi of the third act, was littlo mure
until a null over tliu fact that them woro,
couple of hundred or so uiiocciniled seals In
the house. However, the audience was not
small and air. Heed's lemnrks did not come
with the best gruce, "Tho Club Friend", by
Sydney Hosetifeld, u somewhat pretentious.
"society" play is intrinsically otto of tho
best things tho uctor has introduced, be
tween tlm character of "Captain Abuer Tar
box" In "Lund Mo Your Wlfo" uud "Stuy
vrsnnt Filbert" ill the present comedy there
is a wide do vergetico, yet each Is made w
ttnt by the u iiuuerlsius and iiecullurltles of
tho utttst, "Stiiyvosuut Fllbeit'Ms aneoceii
trio monoy maker of forty who has remain
ed a bachelor through an .early and unre
mitted nttachnioiit ror a pair or "hazol oyesi
and golden hair." After an absence ot
twenty years bo appears Just lu tlmo to
avert u lliinuclal calamity which threatens
the husband of his first uud only love. This
done bo straightway falls iu lovo with and
wins tho daughter of tho dulclnea of bis
youth, In whom Is reproduced tho hazel eyo
and tho golden hair. Tlm character Is alto
gether dliroitnt from "Tho Souator" to
which it has boon likened, but it must be
confessed that "Muximllllan" Is only sugges
tive of 'ilertlo, tbo Luinb" lu "Tho Heurlot
tu", Albert Hobarts did the part well, how
ever. George F. Nush, who takes tho part
of "Perclvul Jurvls, ai. D., Is regarded as
the ablest of Hood's support, but tlm work
done by Charles A. Sinlly, who appears as
"AbramOaks" mei its quite as strong ap
piovul. ailss Isudoro Hush, who has beem
soeii hero buforo gave u slilkltig iwrlruyal of
"Evelyn," while Miss Elna Wallace wan cap
tivating us "Sylvia". The entire company
wus well up to u high standard.
Young W. 8. Cleveland's minstrels ap
pourod ut the Now Lanslnir Weduesilav
evening nml guvo a ei forinanco in enjoy
able as It wus original. That minstrelsy has
taken u gieat upnurd bound within the
past decade no ono will nttempt to deny, but
with all that you can count on ono bund
till tho compunles who leully deserve to be
culled minstrels. They are Ljw Dock.
Mailer's, Goorgo Wilson's, Piiinrostf uud
West's, Cleveland's, uud tho Gorman's.
I rltlcs dllfer uc to which of these Is in the
lend, but it Is safe to say that Cleveland'
aio a long way rrom the roar. Tho singing
In tho first KUt Wednesday evening was
very Unoly rendered, the "Noah" or John
II. Illackford, Harry J. Howard' "Picture
Tiiat Is Turned Toward tho Wall," Hanks
Winters' "I can't Delievo bor Fiilthlesj,"
ami the topical dlttys by Arthur HUliy and
John Queen dewtvlng espjoial mutiou.
The "Deceptive Lyons" was true to his title
iiudcleveily lioolwiiikod sjveu-olglits or thu
aildieucti by his ui ikeup. He it today uuo of
I tho Ust, if not the best, femalt) lmpersoii.
ator iietoio tlm public. Howard, Hussell,
Uluckfonl, uud I'alboit In their musical
exposition have inuuuged to inuko hlghli
Interosting what is usually a very dull pun.
in tbo uvorugo minstrel entertainment.
Arthur Hlgby in his quaint comiculltlos uiul
queer sayings h just as funny as ever nml
his voice Is even Improved by time. A mar
vel lu his lino is "Ouda" tho gymnast, who
has teon termed "Tho embodiment of aioor's.
young go I." His delicate and dilllcult
balancing and heel uud too pedostriuulsm lu
mid n Ir, head downwards, Is enough to
excite tho wonder and udiiilrutlon of the,
most disinterested observer. If tho aud
ience was not as largo as it mL-lit liavo
Ims.ii, it made up in appreciation what it
lacked in numbers.
Continued on Fifth l'm-v.