Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 26, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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n specialty.' '
A full linn of Dr. Worner's mid Hull's Corsets
III liiritc H-KirlinciilM.
V lmn tliu um-noy fur
The Buttorlck's Patterns.
The Couuikh will not lie ivkiiMIiIo for
ny debts mnilt by nny one In ltn name, mi-
wrltton order nceotnpunlos the smite,
Be Sure and Attend
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
The Courier Cnn lis Found At
Hotel Lincoln News Stand.
Windsor Hotf'l News Htnml.
Cnpltnl Hotel Now Htuml.
CIcll'H DlnlllK Hull Nov HtHiul, 1528 O HI.
Tho Clotliutn News Htnml. HHKoutli lltli Ht.
The Apex, 111 North 11th Street.
Ed. Young, KKO O Hlrcet.
Clnson, Kloloher A Co., 1120 O Street.
Wostorfleld's llnrhcr Shop, liurr HlocK.
International News Kmporlum, 1SW O Ht,
linn Ton Cigar Store, l as North lltli Street.
Moore's Now. Btuud.llS South 11th Street.
VAn extra supply of papers U always loft
t tho Uothnin. In enso other Newsdealers
upplloi run short.
1 1 37 O Street.
Church Advertisement.
Commencing April Unit, Tub Couhieh
will Insert notices pertaining to sociable!),
festival!!, lectures, meetings nnd sermons for
II churcheii free of clinrgo. Advertisement
for entertainments where an admission is
charged will ho Inserted nt one-half tho reg
ular rate.
t.cnl unit Personal.
Wbltebrerst Coal and Llmu Company.
Ruth M. Wood, M. D., 13M P street.
Lincoln Ice Co., 1010 O St. Telephone IIS.
Eugeno Hallett, diamond merchant, 113 N
Eleventh street.
Geo. A, Raymer, coal nnd wood. 'Phone
300. 1134 O street.
Henry Harphani sells chamois skins for
carriage cleaning.
Canon City Coal nt the Whltebreast
Coat and Lime Co.
100 finest engraved calling curds and plate
for tB..W at Thk Coumeh otllce.
Ladles kid gloves cleaned or colored at Lin
coln Steam Dye works, 1100 O street.
Professor O. W. Hill, tracher of Elocution
and Oratory, W5 south Eleventh street.
Cabinet baths for ladles given by Mrs. D.
D. Catlln professional maseur,1220P street.
Ladies can have their party dresses cleaned
by the French dry process at tho Lincoln
steam dye works 1105 O street.
Applications for rental of Turner hall for
socials and dancli'g receded at P. J. Wohlen
berg's cigar store, I3t S. 11th street.
"Not how cheap, hut how good" is the
motto of the new Studio Le Grande. Cull
and see their work, 134 south Twelfth street.
Gentlemen should now get out their la-t
summer's suit, take" it to the Lincoln Steam
dye works 1105 O street nml have it cleaned,
dyed, repaired or pressed out.
Wedding invitations, either printed or en
graved in the finest stylo of the art at The
Courier office. Correct forms and best
quality of stock guaranteed. Samples cheer
fully shown.
Commutation tickets at Brown's rettau-
rants (good at either place), Ave dollars for
four dollars. This makes prices lower than
any other place in the city when the prices
charged on bill ot rare is considered,
All meals at Odell's new dining hall re
duced to twenty cents. No credit and no
tickets to auyone. The meals are same as
formerly and the price lower than ever.
This make the board at Udell's cheap and
the best in the state forth money.
Tue Nebraska meat market bat been pur
chased by Kemp & Warwick and removed
from 1218 O street to 225 north Twelfth
street where they have opened up in neat,.
clean style. All meats guaranty d treeb and
a full line of the best grades always on hand.
Goods delivered promptly to all iarts of the
city. Both gentlemen are old cooks and
know full well bow to handle meats. Cal
tip telephone 47,
BhwissyfrlSSTfi nMk h
Tim editor Is always thunUful to II friends
forklndiicsses shown TiibCoiiiiikii In send
It'll In pctsotiul notes nml reports of society
hiippcnlims, hut wo must imnlii nsk them, outi
mid nil, In sen to It Hint copy Is In our oillco
hy Thursday nvi'iilttif, or not Inter than 10 n.
in. Friday, Owning In lateness of tho hoitn
Monro compelled 1 1 omit Ihreo reports Iroin
this Issue Wilde condotnliitf a tililiilier or
others, Hint reached ns veiy Into, Wo mint
nil the society now obtnlnoblo and appreciate
tho assistance that Is generously being o.x
letidtd, hut the copy mart ho In on time.
Mrs. K. K. Crlloy's afternoon reception
was given Snturtlny nftciiinon In tin' parlors
of the Wlrdsor Hotel from three to live
o'clock, The handsome apartments were
darkened, the fair Micst lielng received by
KallKht, Mrs. Crlley being nss'stcil by Mrs.
M. Mi1 now, Alls. 11, C. .Morrow, Miss Helen
Morrow and .Mr. C. M, itathbtii'ii, of Atchl
on; Mro.lV, II. Dtldlno, Mrs. J. H.Hcott, Mrs
J. II. Illll.of HediilliitMrs .1.11. Wright and
Mrs. Geo. Clark, Tne Moral decorations
were particularly elegant, gotdenrod, hang
ing plant', s ullix mill rowvs adorning nlmost
evety lunik, coiner and Mtrfaco. It was u
delightful affair in which the following ladles
participated t
Meodames, 11. K, Moore, A. E. Kennatd,
It. Vatillruiit, Craucer, Crissoy, Nisbet, Dr.
Manning, T. W. Gillllth, L. Fockler, Wolcott,
lleuklc, G. W. Grllllth, C. W. llurkett, W.
C. Klrkpatrlck, O. M. Thompson, E. 11. Cttf
lis, McCreary, Nlssley, Presloti, E. A. Hrown
Geo, Drown, E. E. llrnwn, Maxwell, Wing
er, Hillings, Jatisen, Dayton, H. Huff
man, It, H, Oakley, llttrgess, Sutton, Clius.
1. Jones, Gllllu, l'atilck, Geo. Cook, W. V,
Holmes, Mncfnrlatid, lllllmoyer, Underwood,
C. E. Yates, E. 11. Apiielgct, K. Hall, H. E.
Moore, Murphy, Cuulleld, Calleu Thompson,
Steams, O. it. Oakley, L. V. llutr, It. H.
Mcintosh, Vnrnoy, Crim, Wudsworth,
Plunk, Hammond, A. Hurlhut, J, ehruitg,
H. O. Wilson, N. C. Abbott, Petty, Mason
Gregg, Espy, Covert, John M.Thayer, E. A.
Bailey, J, N T. Jones, O. W. Lyman,
Zlotner, E. A. Hawley, V. It. Dentils, V, J.
Dentils, Mauritius, Williams, Ilonnoll, Who-
don, I. Pututim, tiodgmtui, Lloyd, Maltlaud,
And! us, Phelps Pulne, H. V. Bailey, Win.
Bailey and J . J. Cox.
Tho ceremony uniting In marriage Mr. E.
O. Bradley nd Mini Bessie Mavm was per
formed at the brido's home, Ittl'.t L stteet
Monday evening at OtiSO, in the presence of
relatives nud n few Immed'uto friends of the
contracting parties, tho Hov, John Hewitt of
Holy Trlniiy otllclatiiig. The Hot nl decora
tions were elaborate and tasty and tho tirldu
was lieautllully ait'rodlu a costume of white
Mlk cree do chine litmmed with clillToue
lace. Tho ceremony was rfonnod in a
w Indow bower under a drapery of smllax
and loopid on either side with a cluster of
rote bud and Mtrtnounto.1 by u beautiful
lover's knot of pink and white rcos. After
tho ceremony u delightful luticheoii was
served and after receiving congiiilulutiou.
from all present Mr. nud Mrs. Bradley do
lai led on tho 11:80 train for Decatur, Ills.,
the groom's f owner homo. Tlioy will also
visit St. Louis and Chicago, returning in
about a mouth. The hrido is the youngest
daughter of the late Judge O. P. Mason and
is a very cKtlmnhle young lady, and Mr.
Bradley is busiuets mauager for J, II. O'N'ell,
both btMo and groom being widely kuown in
this city mid curry w Ith them tho best wishes
of a host of friends. They were tho recip
ients of numerous, costly nud useful prexents.
Those present were: Mexiirf and Mesdames,
J. II. O'Nell, C. O. Whclon, Krod II. Harris,
II. H, Wheeler, Thomas Tenvlale, O. II.
Gere, N. H. Harwood, Dr. Gitllu, Mrs. C. E.
Magoon; Mrs. Sarah Hmils, Mki-s L. B,
Loomls, Izz'o Bonuell, Mary Hauls, Mers
C. E. Magoon, ltobeu Joyce, Fred Hm rk
One of the most thoroughly jnjoyablo in
formal dancing parties of the summer bcu-
cu was given at L'ncoln park Tueislay eve
ning. It was a beautiful night with the
harvest moon In all its resplendent glory,
and it wns a very happy puny that spent the
fleeting hours dancing, to the excellent
music, promenading the wide verandas of
thopavllliou, and listening to the African
quai tette rendering in their inimitable way,
favorite kougs. The breezes from the sur
rounding groves, refreshing and cooling,
made dancing, usually nwuim pastime In
summer, a delightful exercise. Light re
freshments were set veil during tho evening
nnd altogether tho arraiigineuts for the en
tei tnlnment and enjoyment ot the gay par
ticipants were such as made tho event one of
the brightest in nil tho list of the warm sea
son's social happenings. Thoso present were;
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Burr, Mlsit-s Bertie Buir,
Halllo Hooper, Llllle Hathaway, Fay Mar
shall, Martha Funke, Maude Smith, Anna
Funke, Grace Burr, Gei trade Zlemer, Fan
nie Hawley, Jeatiuette Wilson, Mnud Burr,
Sadie Becker, Olive Liittn, Famiie Wilcox,
Lulu Clark: Messrs Will Hammond, Charles
Hall, Phillip Wing, Lew Murshtll, llobeit
Mulr, Will Clarke, W. Morton Smith, Sum
E. Low, John Dorgau, Charles Clark, Will
Meyer, Dr. Beeves, Frank Burr, Fred Howe,
Pi-ntik Hathaway, Churlle Burr, Charles
The following item is clipped from De
Moines Mail tml rimes: "Mrs McDonald is
one of tho 400 of Lincoln, and hns money in
plenty to gratify every wish. Her husband
is a banker nud gallantly Indulges her In nil
her fancies. Mrs. McDonald last summer
visited Hotel Colfax and reappeared there
again the first of this season with a wagon
ond of trunks and a swell yellow dogcart.
The change of the hotel to a sort of sanator
ium and the Chautauqua program did not
suit her preparations or expectations. So
the cart and wagon were shipped back to
Lincoln and Mrs. McDonald, her tall little
sitter and docile dog made a change ot buse
to the Hotel Orleans, Spirit Like. There
seems to be some dispute as to the breod of
the dog. The Cedar Rapids Chat termed it
"a brindle bull pup," while the Omaha Ex
celsior classed it ns "a hyena bull dog.'
Whatever its blood, it was as ugly ns mud
but good. The Excelsior is mistaken, bow
ever, in referring to the tall little girl as Mrs.
McDonald's "daughter." She is said, by
those who know the family, to be her sister.
Mrs. McDonald made a mistake in not tak
ing her dog, cart aud horse with her to the
lake instead ot temliug them back to Lincoln
from Colfax."
A tea in honor of the Rev, Dr. A. S. Hunts
of the American bible society of New York,
was given Tuesday evening at tho beautifu
homo or Mr, nml Mrs. C. H. ItnliolT, 1820 D
treet. Advantage was taken of tho doctor"
presence, and when all the guests had assem
bled In the pirlors, tlio "young lady of the
house" was presented and duly christened
Catherine Douglas luihnir. Her itemenuor
for otto so young was chat tiling nud com
mendable, seaklng volumes for Iter as a fu
ture hostess. Among those present weret
Hov. G. W, Miller of Kansas City, Hov. nml
Mrs. F. J. Hteln, Prof, and Mrs. Chun. E.
Little, Cnpt, ami Mrs. It, O. Phillips, Mis,
U. A. Marine, Mrs, Han let Cromwell, Miss
Phoulsi Elliott, Miss Maud Miller of Newark.
N. J., Dr. B, L. Paine, Dr. J. B. ImltolT nml
Messrs, nnd MesilntucH J D, McFnrlninl, A,
H. Hnymonil, II, E. Moore, J. J. ImhotT, C
E. Yates, W.J Until, W.RGreeu, I. At.
Raymond, I. C. Elliott, H. II. iliirnham.
Mrs. E. L. Holyoko entertained her lady
friends very pleasantly Thttrsdny afternoon
nt her home In Enst Lincoln, Cards foimed
the predominating feature of entertainment
nnd tho contest over high live was lively nml
Interesting. Tho royal prlre, a hnmlsomo
china cttp and saucer was cairled olf by Miss
Gertrude .Marquette. Mis. J. B. Wilght
won the boohy prize. Tito participants weto:
Mo-dames, Wright, Oakley, Dawes, Burgess,
Abbott, Wheeler, Brown, Talbot, Maxwell,
Tllton, Hnelllng, lthelatider, Clarke, Dayton,
Allsses, Hablti, Marquette, Hattleand Carrie
Iceland, Cowdrey, I.nws, Hathaway, Martha
mid Anna Funke, Hammond, Andnn, Gert
rude and Carola Hill, Hawley, Rlghter, Un
del wood, Smith, Covert, Snelling, l-ntta.
Mrs. Holyoko entei tallied onothercompatiy
most delightfully Inst evening at which high
live was tlie order, nud the hostess as usual
made her guests happy by her genial hospi
tality. Those present were Messrs and Mes
dames, Ttiltle, Guthrie, Salsliery, Hale,
ickersliatu, Pace, McDonald, Benton, Rice,
Stevens, Smith, Clyeo, Hnwjer, Phillips, I.
W, Lansing, Hornier, Lyman, Travis,
One of tho largest nml most enjoyable so
clnl events of tho past week was the ivcep
tlon given by Airs. R. O. Phillips Thmwlny
afternoon at her elegant homo in South Lin
coln. Tho house was beautifully decorated
with tropical plants mid tree ferns and the
toilets were ninny of them now nud very
elaborate. Over three hundred guests ro
sHndcd to Invitations mid availed them
selves of Airs, Phillips' chin tiling hospitality.
The Alamlolln orchestrn ot Omaha was pros
out nud rendered n number of delightful se
lections, Tho nlTalr wns tho most brilliant
afternoon reception seen in Lincoln for
years nnd reflects much credit uK)ti the op
ular hostess ns a roynl entertainer. The
Phillips mansion Is ono or Lincoln's most ele
gant homes nnd n more congenial residence
for such a largo ami exquisite gathering Is
nowhere to tie found In the west.
Tho young lady friends of AIlss Myrtle Bo
hanan tendered her nn ugicenhlo surprise
Thursday evening at tho home of her parents
Mr. and Airs. Major Bohnnan. The event
was In honor of her fifteenth blithday and
tho young folks enjoyed themselves ns only
young folks can on such occnslons. They
sHnt tho fore part of tho evening In playing
progressive high-five nfter which a light
lunch wns sei veil nud nil adjourned to tho
oH-n air where games wore played until time
to go home which enme all to soon. Aliss
Bohannn wns made tho recipient of quit- a
number of gifts and tho congratulations aud
best wishes of nil present. Tho roynl prizes
were won by Mr. Ed. Bohauau nnd Aliss
Dnisy Condon while Air. Harry Zehrung was
content to carry olf the booby.
The dedication of Union college which took
place Thursday nftertioou wns a great event
In tho history of College View, Lincoln's
young nud healthy suburb. Invitations had
lieeu Issued to u number of our citizens nud a
largo assembly was present to enjoy tho fes
tivities. Tho opening of this additional fuc
cllity to Lincoln's already extensive list of
educational Institutions will lie appreciated
both for its commercial worth and its learns
lug qualifications by Lincoln, Nebraska and
the entire country west of the Mississippi,
Rev Thomas R. Ensterdiy of Satilt Ste
Alnrie, Altch,, is enjoying n visit with his
brothers or th's city. Air. Easterdity came
to Lincoln in ill health but after a several
weeks sojourn hero has fully tccuperated,
but will not, however, return for some time
yet. He Is u pltn-ant gentleman and has
mnde many new trletids here. Air. Easter
day, by the way, is Interested in VVinAVirsnt
his home nnd while v.'sititig here writes
some spicy let lets to that popular journal.
Air. James W. Smith and Aliss Eva A.
Kuapp were quietly niiirWed in the parlors
of tho Bond hotel Thursday evening nt six
o'clock. Rev. Lewis Gregoty performed tho
ceremony in-tlie presence of a few intimate
fi lends aud relatives of tho family. The
bride, who is a popular art Instiuctor in
brush work, is the daughter of Air. and Alts.
C. W. Knapp, mid tho groom Is mauager of
the P. W. Cooper tailoring company. Tho
happy couple left on the evening train for a
tourof thoeastj They will be nt home to
their friends alter October (list at 150:1 L
A neat and cozy home is being erected on
east M street which will soon be ready for
occupancy ot a popular young couple that
are prominent In social circles. Only it few
friends know for whom tho pretty home Is
being built, but as the Count en Hath n way
In learning sucjt secrets, but will not Rob the
happy couple of the pleasure of tho same, wo
await further developments lieforo chron
icling the news.
Mr. D. 11. R. Patton, of tho bus
iness staff, has been spoudiug a portion of
his time for tho past two mouths studying in
the office of Dr. Herman, aud lelt Tuesday
morning for Chicago, where he will attend
tho Chicago college of dental surgery. Mr.
Pattou's many friends will wish him success
in his chosen profession
Air. Louis Colin, a prominent merchant of
Seattle wns a Lincoln visitor Thursday. Mr.
Colin has decided to abandon batchlorhood
and will wed a Keokuk tielle before tho new
year opeiiB, nnd together they will begin
wedded happiness in this city where Mr.
Colin will soon enter the commercial Held,
Aliss Anna Funke entertained the Thimblo
club very delightfully Wednesday afternoon.
Thero were present: Misses, Fnnine Hawley,
Gertiudeatid Carola Hill, Halllo Hooper,
Olive Latta, Nannie Lilllbrldge, Alaudo
Smith, "TJnud Miller, Jennie Underwood,
Florenco Hawley.
At the i ate the marriage business has al
ready commenced, prospects for a brisk
market all winter is extraordinary. Thus
far in September The Courier has turned
out on au average of two invitations u duy,
and the season has only got a fair start.
Mrs. W. II. Weaver nud daughter, AIIsj
Naomi, have returned from the west where
they rusticated In the mountains of Colorado'
at Denver, Colorado Springs nnd other iop
ular resorts.
Mr, II. H. Loauy ot Ho ston, Texas, re
turned home Monday fter a pleasant so
journ in Lincoln during which he was the
guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. Weaver on II
Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Hay den have been
entertaining Mr. II . W. Marford of the 21st
Infantry, U. 8. Army nt Fort Sidney, for
which place that gentlemuu left on Tuesday ,
A Into copy of tho Chicago G'n(om Vutltr
sns; "N, G. Boy, formerly cutter for tho
late J, J. Diury, of Springfield, III., Ins gone
to Lincoln, Neb,, to cut for C. R, Rlchter ot
that city. Air. Rlchter was formerly In
partnership with Air Huffman,
Air, and Airs. H, H. Ghase ami Mr, aud
Airs. I), 11, Alexander nud daughter, old
time residents of Lincoln, but now of Los
Angeles, Cal., are vlsltll.g I ft this city.
Tho Y P. S C E of the First Presbyter
ian church enjoyed n delightful social Tues
evening at the residence or Air and Airs, J,
W. Winger, Thirteenth and J streets.
AIis Dr. H.J. Brink or Sioux City, nud
little daughter arrived in Lincoln yesterday
where they will remain several days tho guet
or her cousin, Atlrs little E. Bonfoy.
Alls. J. II Con'ck, accompanied by .Miss
Minnie Huttimier, left last evening for Kan
Jose, Cal., where they will Knd tho winter
with Airs, Coulck's mother.
Hov lewls Gregory gave a pleasant re
ception to the mi-mbors of his congregation
Wednesday evening at Ills home Thlitcentli
and I, streets. .
Continued on Pago 5.
Wedding Invitations,
We nre heailitiarleis rir these goods aud
furnish them from the cheapest printed curd
to tin) finest engraved work. Having had
seven yettM uspeiieucu wo keep pasted
on the most stylish designs absolutely cor
rect foi ins, etc. All we nsk i'lteinlltig pur
chasers is to cull and InsiM-ct samples of the
wotk we nre dally turning out. I1HIN stleut.
Diamonds nre trumps ami owners nro
prices and lu these days when each mer
chant has the largest stock of tlieso previous
stones, it seems to be an oxtraordiiilty pleas
ant routine to observe Just how much
larger nml liner stock jeweler Hallett car
ries than his competitors. His I 'tie is made
up r tho prettiest iirsoitment nml contains
more novel settings that have over been seen
in Lincoln liefoie. Hallett, Is n veritable
crunk on tho diamond question. Everything
new that gleets his eye Is secured and there
fore tho variety ho now shows contains u mon
strous Broad wny selection. Never buy a dia
mond until you have seen Hallett.
Tho Whitebrcst Coal nml Lime company
is always at tho front supplying the finest
grades of all k'uds of coal
One hundred lluest engraved calling cards
mid plato only 2.50 nt Wcssel Printing Co.,
HJJilN street.
Now is tho ttue to get stoves for tho w. 'li
ter, Dunham & Buck have a big lino of all
tho finest makes. They also repair old
stoves, set them up mid furnish parts needed
nt reinoiiublo cost. Call, 112il O street or tel
ephone Slfti.
Ladies liulr dressing, Aliss Joli"stou, 111
O street.
The Peninsula1- Iwm Imrner is tho latest
Improved heater lu the market. Before buy
ing, call and see u fu'l lino nt Dunham &
Buck, 112)1 O street.
Tho celebrated Egg Shampoo removes
dandruff mid promotes the grow th or tho
hair. For sale by Alls Johnston, 1114 O
Never order a photograph or plcturo or
any kind until you hnvo seen the work done
ut the now Studio Le Grande, 124 south
Twelfth street.
Some of tho herbs in Hall's Hair Rsnewer,
that wonderful preparation for restoring the
color nud thickeni ig tho growth or tho Iml",
grow plentifully In Now England.
Edw. J. Colliusoii, plntio tuner, with Crnu
cer's art and imisiu stole, 221 South 11th st.
Inspect Uerpolsheltner
neiy nt lowest pi Ices.
Co's fine tnllll-
Dr. C. F. Ladd, dentist, 1105 O street.
Telephone 15:1, Oillco hours, On. in, to 5 p. in.
Henry Hnrphum, sells good harness for
good money, also poor hanifss for good
For thst-cliss piano tuning leivo orders nt
Crnncer's ait aud music store, 221 South lltli
AI'ss Allnehnrtnt Heio'slieinier & Co's.
for Hue mill'ueiy.
New styles of
Courier otllce.
Invitations just in at The
Oiiglual round oak stoves, the only airs
tight round oak stove on tho market, conse
quently the most economical in consumption
of fuel. Sold only by Dunham and Buck,
U2il O street.
Indies, did you know that the new Diamond
grocery has oeued lu Brittou's old stand,
1410 O stieetl Air. George Pioudllt is the
new proprietor, too, anil the store has been
restocked nml everything Is new, neat and
fresh, with prices quoted that must make
trade brisk.
Flannel shirts denned without slu Inking by
the French dry cleaning process, only 15 cts.
ut Lincoln Stenm Dye woiks, 1105 0 street.
The Undent Home is no now fake but has
uu established reputntlon for economy nnd
Iwauty, Dunham & Buck. sol agents, 1120 O
Coal of every slzo from the best mines
in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Colora
do and Wyoming for sale by Geo. A. Ray
mer. Telephone IKK). Ollleo 1 1!H O street.
Bicycles of all kinds nml nil makes skill
fully repaired on short notice. Wrenches,
oil cans, tires nud other supplies always for
sale at Georgo & Fishette, 1442 O street.
Don't fail to see the flue dlspliy of Carvers
table cutlery, ten mid coffee pots rhowii by
Rudge & Morris,
Brittou's grocery will heieofter be known
as "Tho Diamond," and has been reopened by
George Proudflt, Call aud give the new
management a trinl order or sing it over
tho 'phone by culling iqi TfcO.
New Dressmaking l'arlori.
Miss Wnlters, late of Memphis, bus located
lu Lincoln nnd opened n hnmlsomo suite of
dress making parlors iu the Keuunid Block,
H2U south Twelfth street. Mls Walters
comes excellently recommended, havlug held
the trade for several teirs of the most prom
ineqt Indies ot Tennessee's capital city. The
lady is nlsoKomow hat known in Lincoln, all
of whom speak in the highest praise of her
work. Her jwrlors are now ready, nud the
Indies nro Invited to cull and see the class or
work executed aud become posted on pre
vailing modes.
New Fall
will take place the coining week . A very elegant line of
the latest novelties. Be sure and attend this
Opening Salt
1109 0 STREET.
iffttArts Rioter
fxmxTrii 1 1 n i'i.u'ixm u'ujlujujju' v,b r jjqnfl
(i&SSsSlegj, sass , s . IISS
Burr Block 1204-1206 0 Street.
Dangler Gas Heating and Cooking
Telephone 273. 230 South Eleventh St.
Dress Goods
Inspect our Choice lliieorcouriliuib
(lOOItS NOVKLTIKS. The Inruvit va
riety we have jet slioun.
fe, '
-"- -Mfttew t s'jv -i