Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, September 26, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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f tW"" "T "
'Chicago and Brie R. R.
(Ii-itn Chicago A Atlantic K'y
In Connection with the
Erie Railway
Chicago and New York
Under One Mniiacinent.
The Through Trains ol this lAno between U
cago mni New York arc run solid, thus
avoiding annoyance nun coiiiuhim.
Vestibule Limited Service
Vestibule.! Limited Trains. S',"!'" wml"'
Kngo, Hmok ln unit Day Coaches, with
B Williimn DltiltiR nndrtleop ngOnr
(hoiUoit ly steam, lighted liy gns;,
over tlil Line
livery Day In the Year.
Pullman Service to Boston.
JL I'ullninn Hiiifot Sleeping Cur to and from
lloston dally vlu this route.
This I tho ONLY IINK ltuniilng l'lillinnii
Oars between Chicago unit lloston.
To Columbus, Ohio, and Ashland, K.
l'lillnittii Weeping Cur betwenii Chicago iiml
above l'olnts dully.
Trains Arrive and Leave Dearborn Htatlon,
For further Information, rull on tho nearest
Itnllronil Ticket Agent, or address
TV 0 Rtnearaoa, A M TooVm, D I Roberts,
flon. Pass. Agt. Gen. Mgr. A.a.P.Agt.
Now York. Clovcliiiut. Chicago
Santa Fe Route !
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R
The Popalar Route to the Pacific
Pullman and Tourist
Between Kansas City and SAN DIEGO,
CISCO. Short Line Kates to
Double Dallv Train Service Uetwuen
The Direct Texas Route
Solid Trains Between Kuns.ii City and
GTdveston. The Short Line Between
Kansas Cltv and Gainesville, Ft.
Worth, Dallas, Austin, Temple,
San Antonio, Homton, and
all l'olnts
In Texas.
Tlie Only Line Running Through the
Only Direct Line to the Texas
Pan-Handle. For Maps and
Time Tablet and Informa
tion Regarding Rates
and Routes Call on
or Address
E. L. PALMER. Passenger Agent,
411 NY. Life Building,
Ladies' and Children's
Hair Cntting and Shampooing
a Specialty,
I.uilles Use Dr. I.e Due's I'erioilleut
Pills rrom Parts, France, i'hat poiltlvel.v re
lluvo Kiipprenslons, monthly derangements
and Irregularities caused by cold, weakuesi,
shock, anemia, or general nervous ilelilllly.
Tho largo proportion of Ills to which ladles
and misios aro liable Is tho direct result ofn
disordered or Irregular menstruation. .Sup
pressions continued result In bloo.l polnnlug
uiul quick eiiHJiapUou. J paekugo or3 for
15. Sam direct on receipt of price. Sold
In Lincoln by 11 W. Drown, druggist.
Hnuir little ftrtuulitvttnnit&(
ivoik (t ui, by Anna l'rf. Autlln.
S1ii, mi.l Jik lloiin, lolcdd, ithlo
Mr cut iiiliriturtiMiitfaintii. nhy
lot , u h iinr mrti rau.j.uu a
Snoiitli u auil llic woik anjlha
7 it Ikiiiim. .,rr rt.uart. l.icnte
ntUiutt ar rHHV ainliiff from J to
flVaitay Ai)ar W,how)ouhow
antl itart ) u Can work In iiarttimt
orall ilia tlm 111 niont) furiioik
tt I itllui unkii" n aim nr Ihim.
N'I!V unJ wnitlirjl I'artli ulart fri-a.
ll.llullelt.k fa., llo HMOriirtliiiiil.Mulue
nsuy, yuioKiy, permanently Munioroci.
Vtukneii, Nervuuiii. lli'lillllj. nml all
tho train of cvllt from curly error ur later excease
the results of overwork, alcknen, worry, etc 1'uJ
trengtli, dovolopmcnt, anil touo Klvi'ii to ever
organ and portion of the boilr. bluiplu, niitiira,
nicthoda. Imnu'iliato liupriiveuient ami. Kullurii
luipoialblo. 2.tJ rcfervncei, II. k. explauulloQ4
ad tiroofs walled lavnludl freo. Ail Jrc
Illcli Clinlr I'lilliiKiipli) Caught from
Mii til the Coining Goiirrntlon.
Our little Jnmi'M, four and it linlf )cars
old, wit pointing out u coiv to a nlayniatn.
"Seo the Im'II nrounil her neck," he said;
"do you know what tliut Is forf That's
what shoring when slw wants to toll tho
calf that dinner Is rcmly " M. P.
A little ulrl of two and n half, on first
teeing the nolo of u kitten's foot, said,
"Uounlo's dot holes In ho stotlim." letter
nlio saw soino of his hair on the dial
cushion and exclaimed regretfully, "Lien
tile's IosIhk ho foddera."-l I). I).
Our four-year-old t.on and heir was re
cently Informed that bis aunt, a widow,
had married nualn. A fow days later.
wishing to speak of tho uuw uncle, hut uot
kuowlUK his tianiu, ho hesitated for a mo
ment and then Bald, "You know; 1 mean
Aunt Gertrude's tophusband."Y. 1
The tint time my little Mario, aged
twenty-nix mouths, saw the ulrl dressing
tho lis!) for dinner, sho camo runulng to
mo, her eyes spuming with excitement.
"Mammal Mammal" she exclaimed,
"Mary comb fishes' hair wld do kulfo nml
It nil comoofTI" C. 11. B.,Tecumsoh,Mlch.
My oldest hoy, who has uot yel reached
tho mature ago of three, has, I think, a
poetic way of expressing himself. Thus
the other day, on noticing tho ripples on
tlw lake in Central park caused hy t lie
wind, ho exclaimed, "Mamma, lookl sec
how tho water Is liutuhlnu." X. Y., New
My little five-year-old Klrl was so unruly
tho other day that I lluully tried to bring
icr hack to tho paths of wisdom hy ex
claiming, "If you behave like that no one
will have anything to do with you."
"Papa, dear," sho replied complacently,
"sataii prefers naughty children." It M.,
Now Jersey
Children love to propound philosophical
problems, and I must say I do uot Iiml It
easy tu give satisfactory answers to those
which fall from the lips of my three-year-old
boy. One of tho simplest, and yet n
question which oven a wiser mother could
uot havo answered at a moment's notice,
was this, "Mamma, why can't wo see our
own faces." L.
1 know a lady who had n littlo daughter
whom sho was very particular to havo say
her prayers every day. One morning,
when the child ran out In n great hurry to
nlay. her mother called after her, "Mary,
did you ask (Jod to take caru of you, llko a
good littlo glrlr "Tho, mamma," Hho an
swcreil, "Mary tought alio would tatu tare
of herself today." N. J. IJ Now York.
Frederic, six years old, was telling Will
ter, three years younger, of a pleasant trip
which he, t lie uarrator, took with mauima
three years before. "Walter, you weren't
born then," ho said. Walter meditated
awhile upon his loss in uot coming sooner
upon tho scene, and then said, "Brer Fed
wick, 1 was wishing then that God would
make mel" U. W. G., Now Londou, N. H.
Kddlo was very fond of raspberry Jam.
One evening when the parson dropped in
to tea mamma opened her last jar, with
emphatic Instructions to Kddlo not to ask
for some more JumTifter getting his share.
Ills papa, uot knowing the circumstances,
oflered to replenish his dish, when Eddie
mortified his mother by saying, "Mamma
said I musn'l ask for any more, 'cause that
Is all there ls."-F. H. D.
Wo recently had occasion to reprove our
little Tommy, not quite thrte years old,
and told him as seriously as possible that
we were ashamed to havo so disobedient a
little boy The little fellow listened very
patiently, and then asked, with an earnest
ness which completely disarmed us, "Don't
you think von had bettcrgeta better boyr"
The same littlo boy astonished us the other
creutug before going to bed by giving us
the following Improvised version of hi
usual prayer
Jesus, tender Shepherd, lead mc;
Bless thy littlo limit) tonight.
And everywhere that Mary went
Tho lamb was sure to go. Amen.
J. S., Now York.
All from Babyhood.
Small Girl (after eating a peppermint
drop) Whew-eel don't It make your
mouth wlndyr Kate Field's Washington.
They're having a picnic In tho woods.
"Oh, papa," exclaimed little Fritz, run
ning up with a chestnut burr In his baud,
"look! I've found the egg of n porcupine!"
Fllegende Blatter
A little Boston girl, who Is going to a
private school, wants to go to a public
school. "I am tired," sho says, "of going
to it school where the teacher culls us dar
ling." New York Trlbuue.
Mrs. Jaysmlth Freddy, how did you
your clothes toru and your eye blue
like that? Now, don't deny It, you've I
In a light, Freddy (ruefully) Nome,
wasn't iu it. New York Sun.
Grandfather Dean, who Is very old l
deed, was holding his little grnndaughtt.
Heleu on his lap, when sho suddenly asked
very beriously, "Grandpa, why don't you
wear a bwltch." Toledo Blade.
A little boy, tho sou of good Presbyterian
parents, was asked the question in cate
chism, "What is the chief end of man;"
nud he answered, "Man's chief end Is to
glorlly God and annoy him forever."
New Moon.
"No, Bobby," said his mother, "one pteco
of pie Is qulto enough for you," "It's
funuy," responded Bobby, with un Injured
air "You say you aro anxious for mo to
learn to eat properly, and yet you won't
eveu give me it chance to practice."
Washlugtou Hatchet.
There was otice a mother who was fond
of pointing her moral lectures with
cal Illustrations drawn from the dally life
of her children. Ami the children showed
they understood tho force of this method of
instruction One day a discussion arose in
tho uursery. Will said a thing was so,
Mabel said It wasu't. "But If I say It's so,
it Is so," said Will. "Saying a thing is so
doesu't make It so," answered Mabel stout
ly. "Now, suppose you say you're a good
boy, that doesn't mako you one, does Itr"
Harper's Young People,
One day on a railroad car a lady allowed
hor little hoy, who could hardly speak dis
tinctly, to play about the car, and by and
by, to tho horror of all of us, sho discovered
him complacently sitting outside on the
stops. She brought htm iu, nud although
tho punUhmcnt lulltcted was mild, his
littlo heart seemed to be completely broken
When presently tho ttnlu stopped at a sta
tlou great, choking sobs could be heaid
distinctly nil over the car, and suddenl)
we were nil i onviilscd hy a grieving, re
proachful nml utter desolate little volet
exclaiming, 'Say, mamma, when n
uaughty old tralnmau leaves a doot
wide open, how can a baby help going
outr" West Shore.
All or Nothing.
"No," said Charley C'ashgo, "1
never try to break my father's will.
I don't
bellove iu it."
"Humph," growled his father, "I should
say you didn't. You bellovu in breaking
the old man himself and having done with
it." Washlugtou Star
A Society Fable
A Horse, made restless In tho night by
reason of tho sounds of revelry In his Mas
ter'tt Palatial Mansion at tho other end ol
tho lot, slipped his Halter, and In the ah
nonce of the Hostler, who was In the ba(
incut making lovo to tho Chambermaid, he
strolled leisurely out into tho hack yard
and camo to tho House.
Peering Into the windows, which wore
open for Ventilation, tho Horse heard tho
conversation of numberless Nice Young
Men present, and old ones also, and ob
served, too, the general stylo of them, Tho
more he heard tho less favorably ho lie
came Impressed, and when One, at a rear
Window blow a cloud of Clgaretto smoke
into his facu tho limit was reached, and the
Horse boldly walked up through tho port
cochero and was half way Into tho largo
and elegant hall of tho Mansion, when his
Maxtor, healing tho unusual disturbance,
camo forth.
"Get outl" lie- exclaimed angrily, "what
In Thunder are you doing here?"
"Going Into Society," replied tho Horse
In a soft, pleasant voice.
"Well, you cannot como In hero. This
Is no place for yon."
"Why not" Inquired the Horso very re
snect fully.
"Because It Isn't. You belong In the
"Rats," answered tho Horse, forgetting
his training and manners; Society icle
gales a Horo to the Hi able when It wel
comes so many DoukeH to tho Parlor."
His Master was so greatly shocked hy
this heretical utterance that ho caught up
a heavy Whip from the Hat rack and lar
ruped the Horse until ho was really glad
to get back Into his Stall.
Moral Don't talk about your klnfolks.
Detroit Free Press
I.lliht unit Simile.
But sho shouldn't havo
open all summer. Life
A Combination Sure to Win.
When tho three men met on the street
corner it was unanimously decided that
something should be done to "raise the
wind," and tho tall man thought ho had
tho proper plan.
"You've got a good pair of lungs," lit
said to the heavy set man.
"I can make myself heard a mile," suld
the heavy set man proudly.
"Goodl And you," to the littlo thin dys
peptic, "havo a strong imagination."
"Worse than any opium smoker's," re
piled the littlo dyspeptic.
"Good agalnl" exclaimed tho tall man.
"I've got an old press and n font of type,
and that's all we need. We'll set to work
now, and next Sunday afternoon we'll get
out au extra Howler or Bazoo or some
thing similar with a full account of the
triple murder, tho death of Queen Victoria,
and the shooting of the of Russia.
Au imagination to concoct the story, a
press to print it and lungs to sell Itl Gen
tlemen, the combination can't be beaten."
-Chicago Tribune.
Is Slurrlttgu la Failure.
'Rnstus Snickers, colored, has only been
married a few months, but he, neverthe
less, is already disgusted with matrimony.
He applied to Itev. Whaiigdoodlo Baxter
to have the sacred tie untied, hut was told
that "dem whom do Lur had jlned together
no man kin put asunder."
"Don't you lub her no moah?" queried
"Hit's a citrus blzuuis, ills heah tender
pasliuu," replied 'Itasttts. "When I fust
married dat ar gal I felt inoi' like eat I
her up, but after I was married to he
awhile I was mad at myself fer uot doii
it." Texas Sittings.
Colored Mendacity.
There was a large boiler of scalding
water over a lire in the yard nud several
black Imps plnylng near it. Suddenly a
shrill voice was heard from inside the
"You Georgo Washington, keep away
from dat ar Idler D'rectly you is gwino
ter upset tho Idler and scald yerself to def,
nn' w'en you Is, you'll bo do fut ouo to
fcuy, ' "l'wasu't me, mummy.' "Texas
In tho OIIIU Market.
"The doctor has ordered my littlo girl
pure fresh milk. What do you charge a
Fanner Ten cents.
"Very well. I'll bring her hero everyday
so she can get It just from the cow.'"
"Oh, In that caie It will be twenty ceuts
it quart." Philadelphia Times
Taken to Turn's l.ltrl iltlirt'.
Harry What Is Dick doing nowf
Tom lie seems to have taken to litera
ture Harry Indeed I hadn't heard of It.
Tom Yes, he borrowed a lot of books
from me some lime ago and hasn't re
turned them since. Yankee Blade.
Si'li' Him Itluht.
"Have you got any stale bread?" asked
Johnny FUzlctop, sticking his head Into a
baker's shop
"Yes, 1 have live or six loaves,"
"Serves you right Why didn't you sell
'em while they were fresh." Texas Sift-
HUH? sXmKTw! trwJ"V
Miss Mary Maguiro has a lino color
Happy Ideas I'ttt Tngrtlior In Metrleal
Owned a pair n' skates ono'tl-traded
For 'eni-Stropped 'em on, and wadod
Up and ilou n tho crick, a waltla
Tel sho'd freeze up lit for skatln.
Mildest Inter I ntmcinliorl
Moro llko spring than winter woathurl '
Didn't frost tel 'limit December
Oil up airly, ketch a feuthur
Of It, nui) Ik-, "cnut the winder
Btinshlno si lugo It llko a chulorl
Weill I wnltedl-And kop' waltlnt
Couldn't sco my money's wo'lh In
Them air skates uiul was no akatln,
Ner no hint o' Ico tier uothlnl
Ho, olio iluj -along In airly
Spring I swopped 'em olT and barely
Closed tho dicker, 'faro tho weather
Natclinrly Jest slipped tho ratohcll
And-crlck-tall faco-all together
Froo so tight eat couldn't scratch Itl
-James Whllcoiub lllley, In Indianapolis
A .Spoiled Illinium'.
I look her hand,
Hho did not blush, nor hang hor head.
Hut looked right up at mo Instead)
M'was hi a littlo eucliro game,
Hho it lit n't understand tho nauio
Of any card, and went astray,
And Just to show her how to play
I took her hand.
-llrooklyn F.agle.
llrr Ma Does tlm Waalilng
A witching ninhl
At tennis plated,
In a gown nil frills and lucoi
Her hands were neat.
Her feet petlto.
Her form was full of gracn.
Hut rail to confess,
When that white dress
Needs u lulling, thero camos n-stcallnf
O'er tlits maid so sweet.
With humls petlto,
That dreadful "tired feeling."
Now York Herald.
When Itcgtuald with Mnrgiierlto
Olio morning through tho meadow
Ho found a blossom at her feel,
With petals white and heart of gold.
Within her hand tlm bloom ho laid.
And said, " TIs yours, what Is It sw col7'
Then, laughingly, replied tho maid,
"My daisy Is a marguerite."
Then llegliiald to .Marguerite
A sweet, old fashioned story told)
And all his fortune, at her feet,
llo olTered for hor heart of gold,
Thu inatduii promised him to wed,
Then, In half roguish pralso, ho
From face to llower glanced, aud said,
"My Margiierlto's a daisy."
M. Thayer Itutiso In Boston Transcript.
Siici't Tilings
"There's nothing half so sweet In llfo
As loto's lining dream."
Kspeclully when lows Is fid
On loads of s eel Ico cream.
-Brooklyn Eagle
They Are Here.
"Tho melancholy da) s havo como,
Tho bailtlcst of tho year,"
When poems that begin llko this
From all sides do appear.
Boston Now.
Theory mill I'nictlce.
A pessimist was tired of life,
"If some ouo camo to strlko mo dead,
I wouldn't tnovo to help myself:
This earth Is such a bore," ho said.
Just then a fly lit on his nose,
"Confound tho lllesl They do heat all."
And tho llfo tired man didn't rest until
llc'il smashed that buzzer 'gainst tin
Newark Slaudard.
The Mountain Air.
When to tho mountains last I went
To btralhu rovlvlng nlr,
1 was convinced that nowhere elso
TIs needed more than there;
For w hen tho clerk brought his account
With many n flourish writ,
I guiped and panted for fresh air,
And cubic yards of it.
-New York Herald.
The Iteiiioii Why.
Tho day had passed In happy play
And twilight comes anon.
And frctfulucb asserts her swny
When sunlit hours 1110 gone,
And mother lajs her work away
And holds out her arms for ono-
ller baby boy, w ho always found
Within that sheltering nest,
When childish troubles most abound,
A ref uku and a rest.
Ho does not come, although his ejes
Ills willingness confessed.
'Come, darling!" Mother's cooing tune
Woos softly, but In vnln.
"I'c lost my baby," does sho mono
In simulated pain.
"No, no, mamma, but I havo grown
And won't ho small again."
"But yesterday," his mamma said,
"Ujioii my lap you sat:
Wo read of 'Toddleklns uud 'Fred'
And tho 'Hooter pussy cat:'
Of Baby Hunting's ways wo read
And tho mischief ho was at."
Tho littlo head drooped very low
And rested no my kuce;
And a little voice spoke soft and slow.
In a coiill'leiilkil I ey
"Bat ',-,orday, mumi.1.1 you know,
I wi'dh't In punts, I'o'J see."
As O1101I us Demi.
Blxby-d wonder wh.t Mrs. Outoslght
will do with tier liuibar I'll llfo insurance.
Mr. P.txbr-vVhy, now did ho dler
Uixby Well, liu Isn't exactly dead yet,
but ho takes part in n hrlloon ascension on
Momlny. Limit (0.) News.
One Thing Sure.
He (salesman) Dear little hand (absent
mludedly), I wonder If It will wash.
She (con splrito) No, sir, It won't not
tt won't scrub either; but if you wnut it U
play the piano, it's yours, George. Life.
Nut Dry (iniiiU Measure.
Young Housewife I think we'll have
some eels for tho first course, cook.
Cook How much shall 1 get, intiinf
Youiik Ilotiiewife Oh, about three
yards will do, I should think. Drake's
1 m . a 1
ixA & arte y
mil Wt "WwVi it aWPlaaaaW
I V A' &.ftr: ' Wb
I llw ' i'pM' SEPJP
: III 1 r it) irw
m i y ' i- t 1
I X V - "
" N. - --v -K rSx
Removal Sale
As we intend to
Furniture Block on
nml V
about Septombei
cliitletl lo oiler
at nearly cost price until that time,
tend to make genuine heavy cuts,
at reduced prices will be strictly
and investigate.
1116. and 1 1
And the right kind as well, as excellent
wear and latest style in Shoes when
Parker & Sanderson.
See their fine line of shoes for
Sutton & Hollowbush
Makers of Hon"Bons and Chocolates.
Also Delicious Ice Cream and Soda Water.
ndwkst wrix'Th in
fine Walf Pap
and Decorations"
Call and examine the largest line in the Cltji .
None hut the best workmen emploted.
Prices that can't be beat step
'Iflephniif Dill.
The Choicest line of Perfumes. D. M. Fen V Finest
Flower and Garden Seeds.
127 Soutli Eleventh street.
We ate cipeclalU well prepared to hoard .1 limited number of liorc and having
the largest and flnet' equipped stable in the cin, cm take best of care of all hones en
trusted to u. Our stable U light and rootm with utmtt passed ventilation. All
chicles ami harness receive dallv cleaning and .ilw.i lease the stable in neat, clean
nlUh appearance
Tolophono 518. Stablos 1639-1641 O St.
between O
ist, we have con
stock of
As we in
iS N Street.
W J l'KATT. Proprietor.
remove to out
First Class Livery Rigs
At all Hours D.i or Night
Family Carriages,
Gentlemen's Driving, Rios, Etc.