Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 01, 1891, Page 4, Image 4

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AUGUST i, 1891
Stone Fruit
Closing out Sale on
936 1 St.
jpyy-r,v.-......-.- -MnHF
MMUQ. ""'P'...
A mnfir i;mti .Undent 7Vmr.
A novelty of
value to every
patriotic A-ner-
lean; of Interest
to every eltlen
o( NcbrnHkn.
Price, $3-5.
plain bowl. $4
gilt bowl.
the Cnpltol I
In b n relief,
f-pltt mil f o r
h ix nil 1 e , mi
ni o u n t e d by
innul niul w dge
n historical re
minder of Pres
ident Lincoln.
A large line of
otber distinctive
spoons In Mock .
J.B. Trickey
ft CO.
1039 0 8t
PubllnUod SatUrdny.
,.Mre nil eommiinicttlon direct m tin office
Courier Hulldlin, UM N Hlrcot.
1. Wrhhkl, Jr., Kdltor and Sola Proprietor.'
Suiihciiiitioni Ono Year by Mull or Carried
2P0 Mix Months, lt) Three MnuthM.ftOc.s
Ono niontli 110 Cents Inrnrnlily In Advance,
Advwithicmknt": Hates furnished mi application
at llu office. Hwclal rates on Tlmo Uontrncik.
roNTHimTiiiNH!Hliortilcjr sketches, poem !
stories solicited. lVrvonnl Anil Boclal notes are
especially desirable.
I'nl.vriNiil We make a sieclalty of Fine Printing
In nil Itn branched Hocletv work a socially.
Kutcredntlho I'oMnince of Lincoln
as second olno matter.
Thr (i, A, Iti National Knriiiiiuiiiit.
Tlio Chicago, Rock Island & Piielllo Rnll
way will null tickets to Detroit for tlio O. A.
11. Nntlonal Kncnmnmout nt tlio ruto of one
lowest tlrst-dnss fnro for tlio round trio,
Dntes of snlo "III Ih an follow) From n'l
stations in Knuss In Nebraska, July With to
August Uil, Inclusive, from nil stations In
Colorado, Oklnlionm or Indlnti Territory,
July UtUhto August 1st, Inclusive.
Return limits on these Ticket will he same
nil other linen.
For full particulars nddrens T. J. Ander
son, AM. Oen'l Ticket nnd Pass. Agent,- To
H'kn, Kansas, or apply to any Ticket Agent
of the Hock iKliiud system.
J XII. Hkhahtian,
U. T. & P. A. Chicago, 111.
Missouri I'lii'llln Hallway for lli Kl
luwlnit Named Niiverul Occasions.
Tourist summer excursion ticket to Col
orado., Snlt Lnko City, Utnh, nnd other Col
orado nnd Utnh point of pleasure niul
lienlth resort nt lowest rates for round trips,
Rood for six mouths.
At Auburn, Neb., teachers' normal Insti
tute, July 'J to August :W, lb'.U.
For national educatlonnl association for
teachers, July 14 to 17 incluilve, nt lowest
ntcs, first class fnro for round trip plus '!
uwmlHrhip fee. Ticket on Nile July 8 to t!l
Inclusive; good for return on or lieforo Sep
tember :, Mil. Call nt city ticket otllce,
I'JOl U street, opposite llurr'a block.
J. K. R., City Passenger Agent.
U. P. H., Qeueml Agent, Lincoln,
II. C. TowxsKSD, O. P. & T. A.,Kt. LouU,
Clearance Sale !
Summer Weight
and Underwear,
For Less
Money than
Thr Hot Hlirlncnof llukuln.
These fprlngn are rapidly tiecouilng fnmou
on nccount of the wonderful curative proper
tle of the wiitern, nnd the ninny Jnmrvelou
cure which Imvt been effected by the ther
mal Imtlit, ,
The town nnd prlngM me delightfully Hitu
nted in n iilcturewpje valley in the Blnck
Hills country, nboundlug in beautiful ceuld
effect, nod nt an altitude of 3,400 feet itbove
the en level ; thUM (untiring a pure ntnior
phere niul exhllnrnting cliumte, nlisolutely
free from mnlarin.
Under the enterprising niul pngrelvo
mnnngement of the Hot Hpringt company
I ninny dwlrnlile improvemenU hnve leeii
made; among the numler the erection of a
commodious bath house lltted ur with all
modern convenience for the comfort of
guests. New hotel hnve been built nnd com
fortably furnished throughout, conducted in
Hrtclas style and at reasonable rates,
Those who prefer stopping tit n private bouse
will II nd many desirable boarding places
where, good accommodations are furnixhed
at moderate prices. n
The superior daily service now afforded by
the Burlington Route to Hot Springs, with
through sleeplug car accoumioc'ntions from
Omaha, Lincoln, Aurora and Orand Island,
make the trip an easy nnd enjoyable one;
and for the benefit of all who desire to test
the efficacy of the waters, round trip tickets
at reduced rates, good for ninety days are
now on sale at all offices of the Burlington
For pamphlet, descriptive of the springs,
and full information as to rates, time, etc.,
apply to any agent of the company, or to
J. Fhancim, Gen't Pa'r& Tk't Agt.,
Omaha, Neb.
Ollr Harper Describes an India Bilk
Walking tires and Oantrn Party
flown of Hiitlnr The New Fabric of
itin Autumn Deacrlhcxl.
IHpvclal Correspondence.)
New VortK, July 23. There never has
been n season In my recollection when n
woman could drew so prettily nnd Uvsto
fully nt n low prico as now. Thorn aro
so many beautiful fabrics that nro also
cheap ones that there is no renson why n
woman should not dress well nnd becom
ingly. China, pongee, India and other
summer silks aro very cheap, and they
rctiulro little trimming after tho pre
vailing styles. Old dresses enn bo cov
ered with lace, cheap as to price but ex
ceedingly protty In design, nnd no mat
ter how cheap tho lnco it is always pretty
and good for ono Benson at least.
I saw n lady yesterday in n dress of
gobelin bluo India silk which I know
sho woro Inst sea
son, and it bad
been remade with
a double ruffle of
black loco around
tho bottom nnd
basque of black
Spanish not Tho
basqno ended on
tho shoulders in
a sort of puffed
breletto and was
puffed on tho
shoulders. Tho
remainder of tho
costumo was of
tho silk, nnd very
hnndsomo it was
too. Around tho
bottom of tho
wnist thoro was
a puff of the lnco
llko that on tho
shoulders, a very ixia B-K wAUCBia
novel and effect- toilet.
ivo idea. A dainty llttlo bonnet of tho
bluo with threo pink roses finished the
A dress which was mado for a young
married lady to wear at tho Southern
society reception had a Bkirt of old
roso satin, with a reversed plaiting of
tho same around tho Iwttom nbout four
inches wide, nnd this was headed by n
flat gold braid nbout half nn inch wide.
Tho Louis XV cont was of the snmo,
with very narrow gold braid around tho
rovers nnd cuffs. A full jnbot of white
kco filled in tho neck nnd fell below
tho cuffs. Tho wholo mado nn elegant
toilet nnd renlly cost very little monoy,
ns tho lndy mndo it herself.
I could not help ndmiring another
simple dress for its gruco nnd adaptabil
ity to tho wearer and tho surroundings.
It was a satino, pink with brown flowers
in quite lnrge pattern. The skirt is mado
with a ruffle, a. puff nnd n very novel
drapery, nt the top. Tho wnist resembles
it nnd is trimmed with n novelty cotton
brocade in brown and cream. The back
has postillions of tho novelty. Altogeth
er It could not bo prettier. It was for a
garden party, nnd it can bo imagined
that it would show up against the green
of the foliage in high relief. A cream
challio with lilac sprnys would be lovely
in this style. It requires a very flexiblo
material to drape well in this style.
Amoug tho new goods now arriving
for fall Is n beautiful white corduroy. It
is renlly not exactly white, but pearl or
cream, nnd it will be largely used for
jackets for young women nnd children,
and will te trimmed with gold braid
and either large pearl buttons or gilt
ones, according to tho requirements.
' Wash silks nro more popular than ever,
and for fall there Is an iuliuito variety
of new shades, colors nnd patterns. They
are all striped or checked and in deli
cate colon. They wash better than
cambric and look bettor, and thoro is
nothing that feels so nice ns silk.
There will be no end of night robea
for ladies made of this lovely material.
They ore not
Oiititiinr Atinitemeiit At LliiVnln'
t.ovrlr Mummer lietroat.
Tomorrow will (hi a big day nt Cushmnn
nnd Mnnnger Anlnnhm n tempting pro
gram for your entertainment. At three
o'clock The Lincoln Giant will enm tints
n lib tho police ntid llremcn. At live o'clock
the fnmotn Ainbnmn Troubvlour will er
form In opera, comic and sublime. It U n
most pttnMint attraction nnd will surely
please you. At Intervals during tho day tho
Hilurinn quartette will render choice selec
tion. Mondny N Yankee Hill Day nnd the
rt'ldent of that vicinity with lot of "town
folk" will lenve on a train of ten coaches nt
cIrIiI o'clock in the evening and return nt
twelve midnight. .
Tomorrow thU beautiful resort will bo
open n uunl for nil comer nnd every at
tention will he paid patron so that the iwual
pleasant Holiday will bo enjoyed, On Tiles
evening there will tie a grand bnll given, in
tho mammoth pavilion nnd excellent n.uslc
will Iw provided. Wednesday N the grand
Y. M. C. A. picnic and a big time I being
arranged for that oeeniiloii, There
ample entertnlnmeut for nil comer nnd no
one will rail to hnve n gool time. ou nro
Invited to come out nnd participate in tho ex
erclnei of the week. The electric car of the
Lincoln street rnllw ay go out every twelve
Dr.C. F. Ludd, dentist, IKtt O street.
Telephone 1.V1. Office hour On. m, tofip. in.
Never order n photograph or picture of
nny kind until you hnvo seen the work done
at the new Htudlo I-e Grande, 124 south
Twelfth street.
Bicycles of nil kinds and all makes skill
fully repaired on short notice. Wrenches,
oil cans, tires mid other Mipplles always for
sale nt George & FIhetto, 1442 O street.
Be sure nnd try eastern Wyoming Nut
conl. Best In the market, price f 4.40 deliv
ered by Geo. A. Raymer. Telephone .TO,
lllHO street.
Timely AiUlre.
Now I the time to provide yourself and
family with u reliable remedy for bo.vel
complaints. It is almost certain to be need
ed, nnd no family can nlford to be without
it. It cost but n trille nnd tuny be tho
menus of saving much HUlTcrlng, If not life.
There arc tunny different remedies In use,
but Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera nnd Diar
rhoea Remedy Is undoubtedly the best. :
nnd f0 cent littles for Mile by Clins. C. Rvtd,
Brown' retnurniiK Wlndvir block, '-MO
north Kloventh street, nnd HIS O street.
Five dollar commutation ticket ledueed to
four dollar, good nt both plnces.
Henry. Hniphum, harness, saddlcrv nnd
t'irf goods, 142 north Eleventh street, opposite
Capital Hotel.
At Matutou.
Manitou HI'iumix, Colo., June 27. (Spec
ial. Mnnltou I to the people what n sugar
barrel is to the tile on a bright summer day
decidedly atti active. There is nn absence
of tile nnd nn influx of )eople nt Mnnltou
Mint l refreshing. These June days are of
the leafy June that" poet prate of cool
morning, warm enough at noontime to re.
mind the out door wanderer that it is Hum
mer, and evening full of moonlight nnd
The walk, drive and troll nbout Mnnltou
ure so numerous that old timer of several
xeason'x experience llnd some new beauties
whenever they go out. The country i purn
dlse lor the lively young woman or the
brawny young man who delight In explor
ing expeditions, Mnnltou is best reached via
the Union Pacillc.
The iiecullar enervating effect of summer
weather is driven olt by Hood's Hawnpa
rllla, which "make the weak strong."
If you Deposit your Savings
Lincoln Savings Bank
Safe Deposit Co.
,H. K.cor, llth and I' 8ts.
they Sill earn interest, for you
Attlie Rate iif
5-Five per Ct, per Annum-S
. Save 3U) a week and It amount with
Interest tu five year to $1,300.00,
Bank open at 0:30 a. in. to tl:30 . m. and
Saturday evenings, S to 8 p.m. '
Salts to Rtat ia Burglar and Fire
Preef Vaulti.
The Uukotit Hot Spring.
The Improvements that have taken place at
the Dakota Hot Springs during the past year
make it now one cf the most popular, attrac
tive and desirable reaorta of the country. In
addition to the benefits to be derived from
the use of the water, ttte superior climate
ahd beautiful natural surrouudingt render It
an especially attractive resort, while the
curative properties of the water makes the
Spring a rival of the famous Hot Springs of
Arkansas. Ample hotel accommodations
aro provided at reasonable rates, and tho
journey to and from can now be quickly and
comfortably made via the Fremont, Elkboni
& Missouri Valley Railroad, the only all
rail line to the Hot Spring. Excursion
ticket aro sold at reduced rate. Full Infor
mation can be obtained on application to
W, M. Siiii'UAN, Gen. Agt,,
Lincoln, Neb., or
Jno. T. Muttln, City Tkt. Agt., 1133 O
street; E. T. Moore, Depot Tkt. Agt., Cor,
Mn and S street, or to J. R. Buckham, Geiu
Pass, Agt., Omaha, Neb.
AJjr i ., "
HurlliiKtuu Itoutr The Outing Season I
Drawing On.
People have already bjg'an planning the I
summer trips, ntid we would suggest that
you post yourselves regarding the wonderful
trout Milling in Estes park, Cot. The health
giving baths and quiet rest of Dakota Hot
Springs, the hunting and ftihlng U Wyom
ing or tlia fashionable delight tot 'Maultou
The Burlington will take you to anv of them'
speedily and without fatigue. There are
many other places in which you can spend
the heated term, and the agent at tho B, &
M. depot or city office can tell you all about
them. Call and get a book of sumnwr tours
and look it over. You wllj find lb full of
good things and valuable hints.
City Passenger Agent,
mado like the
regulation night
gown, however,
but more like a
morning wrap
per and they are
so very dainty
and pretty that
they can be worn
in tho mornings
If so desired, only
adding a cord
and tassels, or
belt of ribbon
with long ends.
There aro silk
ginghams for
young ladies and
llttlo girls. They
are tough and
strong and keep
clean a long time,
pink BATIKE OARDE.N and they do not
party oown. roquiro much
trimming. Some of the new Bengalines
and foulards have such flaring and deco
rative patterns that largo women ore
practically debarred from wearing them,
still tho perfection of tho designs is great
enougti to mako us excuse them.
There is corduroy silk which is superb
ly rich and handsome. It will bo com
bined with olalu silk or satin. Some of
tho new suralis are showing Roman
tripes, bat tho usually brilliant primary
colors are softened and better blended
than before. Some of them havo damasse
flowers on the alternate stripes, and
the plain stripes match the corduroy silk
jased ns trlnluniag. fj Sometimes theso
Roman stripes- are nfadQ,ap,with plain
amhtaatchiauf tho darkest stripes.
: Satin 1st noir the favorite material for
dinner ami rrcupuuus, uu . ia ;
beautiful. The best liked colors aro old
rose, mastic, beige and gray, also black.
Very lustrous black silks are very
fashionable, and will, be more so, though
black silk of any kind is elegant. Tho
taffeta with a multitudo of very narrow
Cnked rnfles will be much seen this
1L Olivk Harpkm. .
Sen llatlilni; 1,000 Mile from ttutSfii,
Iliirlleld llencli.
The famous health resort, Gnrfleld Beach,
on Great Salt Lake, eighteen tu'les from
Salt Lake City, Is renched vin the Union
Pacillc, "The Overland Route," nnd Is now-
This Is the only real wind beach on Great
Halt I-ake, mid one of the iliust bathing
nnd pleasure resort In the West.
For complete description of Gnrrleld Bench
nnd Great Salt Lake, send to E. L. Loniax,
Geu'l Pas., and Ticket Agent, Omaha, for
copies of "Sights and Scene) in Utah," or
"A Glimpse of Great Salt Lnke," or apply at
1044 O street. E. B. Slosson, City Ticket
Call on Henry Harpham, 142 north Elev
enth street, opposite Capital Hotel for My
nets, summer lap robes and carriage whips.
Ou work speaks for itself. It needs no
brag or bluster, simply your own opinion
will testify to its merits. Tho Studio Le
Grande Is ou the ground floor, centrally lo
cated and a beautiful place. Call and see us
at 124 south Twelfth street.
Flannel shirts cleaned without shrinking by
the French dry cleaning process, only 15 cts.
at Lincoln Stenm Dye works, Uttt O street.
See our benutlful individual ice
moulds tiefore ordeiing elsewhere.
Finest" 12:10 O street.
Soft Shoes for Tender Feet.
Any lady suffering several
deaths each day from
hurting shoes, should wear
Soft Shoes for Tender Feet.
Buy them of
1120 O STREET.
Sutton & Hollowbijsh
Makers of Bon Boris and Chocolates.
Also Delicious Ice Cream and Soda Water.
Thin Coats and Vests
Alpaca, Serges, Pongee, Silk Lustres,
Drab Dete, Mohair,
And all popular Fabrics so Cool and Comfortable in
Hot Weather.
Ihe many styles we show will suit you. The
make will certainly please you.
prices wc
Madras and Flannel Shirts
Corner O and lOth Streets.
Unlck nutl Comfortable Trip,
Two new trains have been added to the al
ready excellent connections east that th
Great Hock Island Houte has been offering
to Its patrons.
The take Shore & Mich. Southern has put
on a new train, leaving Chicago dally at 10:
:M a. m., and the Fort Wayue (Pennsylvania
Lines), one at 10:43 a. in.
These nre dally trains, scheduled on fast
time, nnd arrive at New York City next nf
ternoon at ii o'clock, and via the tlrst nien
tloned Boston passengers reach their destlnao
tlon lmt -' hours later.
The Hock Island Houte Hleeper leaves
Omaha daily at 4:!i0 p. in., nnd nrrives nt
Chicago at 8:03 a. in., in time to make this
Important through connection.
For rates nnd tickets apply to
J. Ii. Dk BKVOIH, Oen'l Agent Pass. Dept,,
HI th & Famam 8ts., Omaha.
Jno. Seuaktiak, Oen'l Tkt. & Pan. Agt.
E. St. John, Oen'l Manager.
The Peoples' Store
We haye decided to
continue our SPECIAL RE-
v Are You Interested?
The following frank statement from J. E.
Hare of Trenton, Texas, will be of Interest to
many of our cltUens. "My little boy was
very bad off for two mouths with diarrhoea .
We used various medicines, also called In
two doctors, but nothing done him any good
until we used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Dlarrhu-a Remedy, which gave imme
diate relief and soon cured him. I consider
it the best medicine mado and can conscien
tiously recommend It to all who need a diar
rhoea or colic medicine. For sale by Chas.
C. Reed, Druggist.
during the month of July ip order to reduce our stock pre
paratory to putting in fall goods..
Come and Look us Through and Get
. Some Bargains.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes. ' ' ''
1518-1520 O Street. Telephone 448;
V, j lij a