Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, August 01, 1891, Image 1

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Vot,. 6 No 3
Lincoln, Nebraska, Saturday, AunwMt. 1 letOl.
Prick Iivic Cunts
35H fc
A great deal ot Njiort bus Iwn inudo of tho
now law in Massachusetts which permit o
man to got drunk twice n year without pun
ishment by tlio olleo court, but thu wit
have l)eou too busy with tholr quips anil
quirks to Rive n fair, Intelligent Idea of tho
law. Thoy aro excusable on tho ground thai
it in tholr business not to bo serious, but
when oue comes to examine the law there is
lots of Rood stnse in it. It wus draughted by
the Massachusetts Prison association witn
lmmanu ends In view. Tho general practice
nil over tho country when h man Is urrvsted
for druukenness Is to line hi, and If he can
not pay tho lino to imprison him. This
hurt bin self-resect, brands him ns u crlml
nnl and In too ninny com Innocent wives
nml children uro the chief sufferers.
The Prison association has undertaken to
lift humanity. Instead of treating drunken
men an one common herd to be dlspared of
by machine work, the association proposes to
treat them us Individuals nnd give tho deserv
imt ones a chance, ye two chanced. Many
of those arrested for drunkenness aro not fre
quent offenders. Under some special eircum
stances they boenmo intoxk-uted eriiapH
once or twice a year, while at other times
they aro sober, industrious men and support
lug families in a proper manner. To suck
men imprisonment is a disgrace, a loss of
come, perhaps n loss of position and may
work serious harm to their families. The
best thing is to to return them to their work
and their families as soon as possible. Un
der the new law when n man is arrested for
drunkenness ho may sign a statement alleg
ing that he has not been urrested for Intoxi
cation twice before during Uie preceding
twelve months. If the otllcer in charge or
tho station lias no reason to think the state
ment untrue ho may endorse It uud release
the prisoner without looking him up. Tho
law provides for "probation officers," who
look up the man's record. If his statement
proves true, his caso Is dropped; otherwise
he is rearsested and run through the judicial
This is a long step in advance of the old
plan ot treating all prisoners of this eluss
like so many cattle, and the Massachusetts
association is deserving praise for injecting n
little humanity into our courts, It is the
duty of the probation officers to investigate
ull arrests for drunkenness to determine the
.rtcord of the offender In the post. Thoy re
port to tho judges, who, in the case of hubll
uul drunkards, have data from which to
graduate their sentences. Tho law ought to
go still further. There Is llttlo doubt thnt
hubltual drunkenness is due to a diseased con
dition of the victims orgunism. Instead of
clubbing mid Imprisoning men of this kind,
society ought to send them to suitable hos
pitals. Civilization muy yet reach thut plane
of Immunity,
A lady ot rorco remurked tho other duy
thut she thought bicycle riding by women
was vicious, and she clinched her urgument,
as sho.thought, by asking: "How would you
like to see your mother or your grandmother
rldo u bicycle!" I will admit thut it would
look odd. Hut why!" Simply because wo
have uot been uecustomod to seeing elderly
women riding wheels. Show me a picture or
u woman with ouo or tho horrid chignons,
fasblonulde ycurs ugo und usk mo: "How
would you like to see your mother wearing
oueof lliuef" Mothers did near tln-m uud
we were so accustomed to the t.ight that wo
thought nothing of it. Tho bore thought of
reviving such u barbarity gives me a shud
der, but I presume homo fool woman with
more time on her hands than bruins in her
head will revive the hideous fushlon. Hut
what u poky oll world this would be H wo
never did anything thut hail not been sanc
tioned by the practice of our iarcnts. That
sort of urgument is un appeal to prejudice
and tho wonder is how people who are reas
onably sensibly in anost things resort to
such u petty urgument
Have you ever seen a woman preaching u
riermnn from a pulpit i Probably not, and
yet there are seven or eight hundred of them
scattered over these glorious United States
to testify to the widening scope of woman's
oj)K)rtunltles. The Quakers have over three
hundred female preachers, and next to them
come tho Univorsallsts with aliout fifty.
And right here in Lixcoln within the post
ten days two women were nominated by a
political imrty for two offices which erhaps
ware never tilled by women in tho history of
the world. The prohibitionists put Mrs, Hit
tenbender, a full Hedged lawyer, in nomina
tion for county judge and Miss Perky, u reg
ularly admitted M. D for coroner. There
It-n't chance of electing these lodlei, but their
nomination Is a recognition or tho equality
of the sexes and an evidence of thu sentiment
that Is learning masculine humanity.
The republican institutions of America
have been held up by foreigners as breeders
of corruption. Now what peculiar streak of
human nature is it that gives us a thrill of
satisfaction whenever wo read of political
corruption in a foreign country We ought
to deplore deprnvily wherever it may bo exs
hlbited, but we don't. Just now they are
airing a big political job over in Canada,
and 1 confess to a mild glad-of-it feeling.
The affair doesn't concern me in the remotest
and the feeling is unreasonable, but I cannot
help being glad of It nor of being glad that
I am glad. I know you feel the same
way. Now tell me why aro you glad
In the years or life that have passed wo
have had a great deal of theorizing about
the beauty and pleasure and safety of know
lug bow to swim, but thousands of Lincoln
people never had iu practical utility pressed
home to them until a few days ago, when
Mill Bertie Burr laved Mitres Clara Walth
and Then Uiws from drowning. Fortunate
ly It Is relatively seldom that swimmers aro
called to put their accomplishment to such a
beneficent use, but w ho call measure its value
III dollars and cent when It does accomplish
such n rescue as in this easel It does seem as
though there was no excuse for any loy not
learning to swim and yet there aro such. A
young lady in this same outing party last
year fell out of a bout and a young man
with her had to sit by in helpless agony.
The young lady would have been drowned
but for the timely assistance of another gen
tleman who could swim. Of course the ma.
jorlty of swimmers aro never called upon to
save drowning ierwm but tho feeling of
helpfulness If not of security which n swim
mer always feels Is worth all the effort of
learning the art ten times over, uot to men
tion tho grntlllcatiou of practicing the art.
Just recall the trepidation with which you
have seen women embark on yacht or oven
n steamboat. Compare it with the calm in
surance of the swimmer who knows how
easy it Is to keep alloat. The wise parent
will see to it that his boh learns to swim and
if he is wiser than his generation be will ex
.tend this insistauce to his daughter.
.No change of recent years has worked so
great an improvement for Lincoln lu so
short a time as the electric street car system
under the management of Mr. F. W. Little.
Money seems to have flowed like water in or
der to give the Capital City one of the best
systems of street car service In America.
There has been an Intelligence somewhere,
probably centered in Mr. Little, moving
along numerous lines toward a common end
its "git thar stroke" showed no moro effec
tively than in the purchase and consolida
tion of several linen Into one harmonious sys
tem. Then think of tho wonderful improve
ment of the service. There is the increased
tjteed, a matter of pr'uio Importance in this
ago. It not only carries one quicker, but it
means moro round trips and couieipiontly
frequenter service. This has been further in
creased by the addition of more cars. Hut
perhaps thu reader has already realized these
ar.d nil the other advantages of tho change,
but ho should not neglect to show his grati tho company that has wrought this
magic change.
1 thnt person who makes two blades of
gru grow where only oue had been before is
a benefactor of tho human race, what a
heavy debt of gratitude must lie chnrged up
to humanity for the deeds dono under the
administration of Post muster Oere. Who
can fail to have a painful recollection of tho
barren waste, lit prototype of the mythical
groat American desert thut spread over gov
ernment square, sluimeri'ig in summer suns,
wafted by whirling winds, it desolation to
the eye uud a weariness of hoief And now,
now u beautiful green sward spurkles in tho
morning dew and through the torrid dog
duys breathes comfort and consolation to the
sweltering soul. May the beneficence of the
editorial administration continues.
It Is an acknowledged fact everywhere
thut the advertising matter sent out by tho
Pennsylvania lines is tho most artistic uud
handsomest Issued by any railroad. I have
often wondorod who tho genlous was uud
where all tlio bruins originated that produced
this effect. While in Philadelphia I met the
subject of this paragraph, Mr. F. N. Harks
ilale, uud candidly speaking, was somewhat
ilisxnpolutrd in the gentleman's appearance.
I had expected to meet tho conventional ad
vertising agent who moro often looks like a
wlerd uud worn out uewsiutper writer than a
huiidsumo, robust und stylish gtnitlemau with
the cougeulul air of u Wall street stock
broker Mr. Hnrksdalo Is n gentleman of
long and vurJtd eKerieucu In originating
hikI writing railroad advertisements und tho
result of his work which is seen in almost
every city and huiuJet of America, speaks
well for his artistic taste and literary ability
His office is lu the mammoth headquarters
building or tho compnay and Miported by
an able coriw or weJl trained assistants,
this part or the service has become oue of
great nnd growing Uiqiortunce. Near at
hand Is eveiy convenience for getting out
"copy" and tho proper facilities for having
his orders promptly and correctly attended
to. The advertising bureau or the t'eunsyi
vanlan company Is certainly a credit to that
enterprising coiporation, a good share of
which Mr. Barludale may justly take upon
himself with becoming modesty.
Beyond a doubt Cougress Hall und tho
Kensington will lead lu thu merry-making
events this season. Qenlal Jacob Mahler Ini
tiated the season at the Congress last eve
ning, and very much credit Is due hliu for
the complete success or tho affair. Mr. Mah
ler Is such a gentleman, a skilled manager of
pleasing entertainments and the friend und
favorite of all. Large was the attendance
last oveniug, joyful everybody, glorious tho
itnnoeM nml liefiiitifiil the costumes.
Mrs. Jacob Mahler was arrayed In black
falllo Franculse, veiled in La Tosca net gar
landed with moss roses, diamond orna
ments. The dainty little Miss Hosa
Hue Mahler, sweet fairy daughter of tho
pleosunt Master of Ceremonies, was seen in
pule blue India silk with flowers.
Mr. Mahler promises an entirely now Oxfoid
Minuet to be dauccd at the third hop. TIs
needless to say how happy all were during
tho glorious hop, and how numerous the
sighs ns o'er the bridge we made our way
the lights that brightened our hearts and
lightened our feet failing away behind us
and so we wished for our downy couch,
where, lulled to Bleep by pleasant thoughts
and memories of the soft, melodious music,
we may dream of our evening of delight and
caper lu the merry dance again.
"To ull, to each, n fair Kood ulKht,
And pleasing dreams, and sunshine
Saratoga Daily Register.
Tho dccliuiug powers of old age may be
wonderfully recuperated and sustained by
the dally use of Hood's Sarsaparilla.
New styles ot invitations just in at The
Couiiiek office,
One of the two articles of tho North Amer
lenn Ilevlew to which special attention is
railed by the typographical arratrieinent of
tho table of content is entitled "The War
Home Unpublished History," Tho author is
the Hon. Charles A, Dunn, of tho Now York
Sim. The number oieus with u scholarly
mid lucid article from tho pen of PiotWtor
Uoldwln Smith, "Now Light on the Jewish
(Question " "Vampire Literature" could bo
treated by no moro comiMteut person than
Anthony Comstock, whose work In connec
tion with tho New York Society for tho Sup
presslon of Vice has given him n wide repu
tatlnn. A more timely and valuable article
could not ls itilillliod than thnt or Dr. Wm.
A. Hammond on "How to Host." Dr. Ham
mond's emlnenco ns nn oxiert lu nervous
diseases lends uncommon weight to his re
mark oil this subject, and lie shows that
Americans have yet to learn the nrt of rest
lug. There are tho usual variety and Inter
est In the Notes and Comment for tho month.
Worthy of special mention nro "The Failure
of the Jury System," by Charles A That
cher; "Greater Now York," by Emerson Pal
mer; and "A Terrible Possibility," the pos
sibility of the fnlluro or the sun, by E. P.
Jackson, a favorite contributor to this de
partment of TheiUevlew.
Outing for August is as fresh uud whole
some as a lake breeze. The love of nature
and the intimate acquaintance with every
gentlemanly amusement displayed by the
contributors to Outing's pages is uu encourag
ing indication of n national loaning toward n
healthier stylo or literature and toward those
lieueticlal exercises which tend to build up n
stalwurt nation uud UHsiiro for Americans a
proud position among the gieat owers of
the world. The contents are, "Illg Uame In
Colorado" by Ernest Ingersoll, "Canoeing
ontheMlrumlchI,"byIlev. Wm. C. Oaynor;
"Four Days' Swordflshlng," by John Z. ling
ers: "Down Hill with a 'Sinr'," by Dr. Al
fred C. Htokes: "llunning High Juniplug,"
by Malcolm W. Ford. "A Day with tke
Woodcock," by Kd. W. Sandys; "Yacht
Clubs or tho Eust," by Capt. A. J. Keneuly;
"Photographing in the White Mountains,"
by Ellerslle Wallace; "A Heggar on Hoimj
back," by Hip Key; "Tho Mystery or Univer
sity Oval" by Howard Keeler: Urouso (Shoot
ing in Ireland," by Capt. T. 8. Hluckwoil,
"Tho Theory and Introduction or Curve
Pitching," by O. P. CuyJor; "The Massachu
setts Volunteer Militia," by Capt. D. M. Tay
lor; "American Polo," by Lawrence Timp
ron; "Camping in the Woods," by Helen H.
Clark; "Hurry's Career at Yule," by John
Seymour Wood; "A Chapter In Lacrosse,"
by L. Moses, Jr. "Hclentltlo Tennis Strokes,"
by J. Punnley Paret, uud the usual editor
ials, poems, records by the standard writers
on sport, etc.
The Arena for August presents no less than
eight leading papers from representative
thinkers among women or America und
Europe, discussing imliticnl, educational,
social, sociological, economic, nnd scientific
themes, together with two llterury papers,
ouo by Miss Amelia H. Edwards, thu rumed
Egyptologist und novelist who in a most do
lightrul paper writes or her own homo lire.
An est client portrait or Miss Kd wards ac
companies this paper. The other, a seml
hlstorical story of Tennessee, entitled "Old
Hickory's Ball," by thu charming vuung
Southern author, Miss Will Allen Dromgoole.
Tho heavier essays by women nro, "The Un
ity of Uermuny," by Mine. Blaze do Bury, of
Paris, one of the most brilliant essayists on
the European continent. "Where Shall
Lasting Progress Begin" by Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, oue or tho most thoughtful and sen
sible magazine essays or the month. A very
flue jMirtrnlt of Mrs, Stanton forms a frontis
piece or this number. Never before In tho
history or any great review has there ap
peired such a brilliant cotorio or women dis
cussing such vui led themes us upiieurs in
tho Arenn; indeed, heretorore reviews have
fought shy of women contributors, rarely
having more than ono oj two topics discuss.
ed by them in it single issue, but tho Arena,
from the beginning, ha thrown us jwges
oisjii to women and In every way has cham
pioned all movements looking toward a
broader freedom and a more enlarged sphere
for womanhood, which is not surprising to
one who reads Mr. Flower's editorial on "Tho
Era of Woman" In this issue. Another fea
ture Is added to this issue of thu Arena, en
titled "Books or tho Day." It consists or
several pages or critical look reviews which
aro given In addition tethe oue hundred
twenty-eight pages of essays which appear
each month. In this deMirtmont nblo criti
cisms by tho editor, Mr. Hamlin Garland,
Prof. Buchanan, llev. Howard MacQueury,
and other critical writers will epjiear. Tho
August Arena is brilliant and unique.
Tho Atlantic Monthly for August has
many notable features besides the serial
stories by Mrs. Catherwood and Mr. Stock
ton. Miss Harriet Waters Preston and Miss
Louise Dodge, who, over their Initials, have
Isjfore this printed many delightful puors In
the Atlantic, now, under the title of "A dis
puted Corresjiondence," discuss wisely and
delightfully the letters which aro said to
have passed between Seneca and tho Apostle
Paul; Wendell P. Garrison has it political
article of real value on the Reform of the
United States Senate; and W. D. McCruck-
au describes enecliveiy -nix weuiunra ui
Self-Government" In Switzerland. There
are excellent reviews of the Life of Browning
and the Memoir of John Murray, with
loems, notes on new look, and the Contrib
utors' Club.
Scribner's Magazine for August l a "Fic
tion Number," and contains Ave complete
short stories by Thomas Nelson Page, T. H.
Sullivan, A. A. Hayes, Annie Eliot, and
JyhnJ, u'Becket. This number aUo con
talus a long opening instalment of tho new-
serial, "The Wrecker," by Hubert limits i
Stevenson mid Lloyd O'lxmri. lit addition !
to thenbuudiitit and ontertnlnlint tlct Ion, this
number contains another article in th (leat ,
Ntreet series "Piccadilly," by Andrew Lang,
with many ehuiurterlsllo Illustrations by V
Douglas Almond, u very capable Kngllsh ai
list. The "Point of View" discusses "The
Oucstlou of-tlies)ay Novel," "Anonymous
Journalism," "A Ciuelnl Time," and -'Tim
Malady of Success,"
The Century for August has it double fron
tispiece consisting or portraits or the KniHrs
or and Empress or Oermnny to accompany a
candidly written paHr of personal interest,
Puultney Hlgelow, The literary fen turn of
tho number Is u paMr by the Rev Henry
van Dyke "On the Study of Tennyson," In
which ho Includes it very useful classlilcatliui
of Tennyson's ocius, A full-page engrav
ing of Alexander Harrison's painting "Lo
Crepuscule" Is followed lu "0k.'ii letters" by
sumo account or the artist by W, A, Collin;
"The Argentine Cheap Money Parndlso" Is
discussed editorially in "Topics or tho Time,"
this lielug the sixth or the financial series,
and it Is believed the most authentic account
of tlio great disaster.
The August Magazine of American His
tory Is a rich midsummer numU'r. It opens
with tho first part of n delightful article on
"The Spartans of Paris," by Oeneral Mere
dith Head. An excellent picture of the
great editor and author, M. Arseuo Houssayu
forms a welcome r rimtisplecu to Jthe number,
"A Character Sketch ot Mr. Gladstone," by
Hon. J. L. M. Curry, LL. D., will attract
every reader. "The lloyitl Couple of Ku
mania;" "Archaeology hi Missouri," by O.
W. Collet; and "Tho Four Now York or
Senior Heglments of Troop i lu 1775."
The Chnperonu mugurluo, published at St.
Ixiuls "leads the van." The uuprrcedrntcd
iuci ease III circulation during the past six
months, shows n gain of 7 per cent. Its
growth keeps up with clonk-like regularity;
Its mall bags go to the uttermost corners or
tho earth; it is a magazine for both the HKir
and rich. It bus frequently lieen olnerved
thnt tho Chiicroiie has steadily tinpioved
since tlio first appearance, nnd this Usue is no
exception lu this respect. The contributions
are uble uud timely, mid their authors em
brace many of tho best thinkers or the day.
The Overland Monthly for August
prints lu Its series of industrial articles, a pn
;er by Charles (J. Yule on "Hold Mining of
T(slay." It is a valuable statement of the
pltout conditions of this the oldest of Call
foruiiiu bullish ies, and Is abundantly Illus
trated by pictures that show the processes
and MH!uliurltios of thu work, A second
illustrated urtlclo Is Mr, Alox F. Oakey's
I plea for sincerity and true nrt in the Hrma
i nent buildings now bdiug consti u cted iu San
Francisco. Mr John Hittell, taking a film
reproduction of Professor Davidson's Belief
Map of the Pacific Const as a text, has some
remarks to make as to tho deductions to bo
made from u study of it. Judge Walter Van
Dyke tells some interesting facts lu tho early
history of Klamath; and there is a taloof a
remarkable sqlpw reck "The loss of tho Har
riet,." Tho setry, cilltorialsaud reviews nre
all up to tho high standard the Overland
sets for Itself.
Kleguut Fashion Hooks. The now Fashion
Journals, "La Mode," "La Mode do Paris,"
and "Album des Modes, ' published by A.
McDowell & Co., 4 West 14th Street, New
York, uro the most elegant or their kind over
brought to our notice. 1 ho styles are draw n
by the best artists; and the books ant pro
duced by rival houses iu Paris, each trying
to excel the other iu tho character or its pub
lications. Formerly they woro printed only
in French, but they nre now published iu
English for the use of American readers,
Thyse journals furnish the styles ouo month
In advance of any similar publications, and
they have u practical department, lu which
lessons nre given each mouth on how to make
a similar publication; uud they have a prac
tical department, In which lessons uro given
each month on how to make dresses, etc.
The admirable fashions, tho lessons in dress
making, und tho giving of the styles one
month earlier than heretorore are strong
points iu ravor of these Fushlon Hooks, caus
ing them to Ihi called "Tho Favorites."
These excellent publications can I hi obtulue I
from ull newsdealers.
Nothing udds so much to a strsou's ap
pearance us it lino thick head of hair or oven
color, uud to assuru this use only Hall's Hulr
Kxcluslve Htove Storr.
Hull Bros, have moved to VMS O street, the
former location of the Enterprise Commis
sion Co., where they uro now arranging
their attractive line or stoves and ranges.
When ready to open, this firm will have- the
largest stock, as well as the only exclusive
stove store iu Nebraska. The store will' bo
used for both wholesale and retail patronage.
Thu VVhitebreast Coal and Lime company
is always at tho front supplying the finest
grades of all kinds of coal
Kye tud Kur Surgeon.
Dr. W. L. Dayton, oculist uud uurist, 11
O street, telephone iltfl, Lincoln, Nebr.
Have you seen the beautiful lino ot photo
graphs or America's greatest stage celebrities
at Til Couuikh office f Tho line embrace
all the leading and most prominent urtists
and aro the work or Falk or Union Square
New York, undoubtedly the Outset photo
grapher In tho country. Call In and see
Dr. C. F. Ladd, dentist, llltt O street.
Telephone lfci, Office hours, "a. m. toft p. m.
Brown's restaurant are the only ones lu
the city for ladles. The menu is extensive
and embraces all tho seasons latest delicacies
while prices are extremely low.
MlnneaK)lls retaliated Thursday on Wed
nesday's defeat and bested Lincoln by n score
of 10 lu (I It was u pretty gome, Them
was II mimed runs and of those f) were ours.
O'Duy pitched for Lincoln und Duko for
MluueuMills. Tho former struck out !l men;
(he latter ti. llurkett gut a home run.
Tho Lincoln (Hants Imvo Wednesday for
a tour of the state, (lames will bo pluyisl at
Columbus, Plnttsmuuth, Fremont and other
Tho scorn lu Wednesday's MliiueaMihs-Liu-coin
game was 14 to I III our favor. F.hrct
was largely responsible for tho gissl wot k,
Sioux City I, Lincoln I, That's tho record
of Sunday's ganto. Pitcher Hart was to
much for us,
Lincoln got tho first shut out of (ho season
Saturday when wo whitewashed Sioux City,
-si to 0.
Yesterdays game at Minneapolis resulted
in Lincoln's defeat lu a scorn or H to 'J.
Frank Burr Is gaining it local reputation
as a pitcher with the Merchant's club.
Just think or it, Duluth ilefeatisl Kansas
City Thursday by a score or 'Jl to !l.
Cook, or the Ijoulsvllln club has taken ling
ers' place lu the Lincoln team.
O'Day and liliret aro being worked for all
there is In It these days.
lu Monday's game Sioux City deflated
Lincoln, 8 to i.
Flanagan Is giving fair satisfaction with
The Oiuiiha club is having a hard time of It
Hoat stis'k Is still nlsivo pur.
Cut fur m New llenl.
A Chicago parson, who Is nlso it school
teacher, handed u problem to his class In
mathematics Thu first boy took It awhile
ml said:
"I pass."
Tho second boy took It, and saldi
"I turn It down."
Thu third boy stared at It awhile, and
drawled outs
"I can't make It."
"Very good, boys," said the parson; "we
will proceed to cut for a now deal."
And with this remark the leather danced
liku lightning aver thu shoulders of those
depraved young mathematicians. Na
tional Weekly.
I'revalllni Style.
rou T1IK 1-lltSOM.
For curative, effects, ouo Isittle Ayer's Sar
Hqwirllla Is worth three ot any other name.
Written tnrTiiK Couiiikk.
"A friend or mine is spending some time lu
the country nnd It Is arranged for me to go
out for a day to teach her the art of uogliug.
"You must go with me" said my friend,
James C, Intimating also that he could glvo
me points iu tlio ssjrt. Now my friend is n
devotee of tho rod und reel, und his speclulty
is tho gumey bass that Inhabit the northern
lakes; so I was delighted to avail myself of
tho opportunity to witness his skill, und to
participate iu the pleasures of the excursion,
Iicaviug St. Paul by an evening train, we
sped northward, via. the St. Paul and Du
luth R. R. through the luko country, passing
at frequent intervals those, glistening lakes
which so delight tho eyo ot tlio summer vis
itor to their placid shores. A two hours ride
brought us to the statlou where we were to
quit the rallwuy. Arter u most enjoyable
super ut a lakeside hotel, we prepared for a
pleasant feature of our outing, namely o two
mile walk to tho farm house where Miss M
wns staying, at which wo arrived before
nightfall uud were received with a cordial
welcome although my friend was strange
ly upprehenslvo or attacks from hostile dogs.
The pluce wus it veritable Nlmrods rotreut.
The opulent landlord hud built, apart from
tho dwelling, u house of two rooms to accom
modate his gentlemen guests and of this we
were given possession. The premises con
sisted of somewhat less than a thousand acres
iu crops, wotslland, lakes und marshes.
Meed lake lay towarils tho north but no was
ter wus visible, it was obscured by a dense
growth of wild rice, tho home, and protected
feeding grounds of water fowl.
Along tho Uuiks of this lake, springs ot
Icy cold water or I uro purity were utilized
for dairy and stock, and capricious barns
and sheds housed the animals from the rlgers
of tho northern winters. Our farmer host
showed us his dogs, his stock una crops, uud
grew eloquent of the pleusiires of the chase,
he also inude some allusions to the good
points of u "Silo". At the mention of tho
word "Silo" my friend who hud been preoc
cupied with anticipations of the morrow be
came interested at once.- Said he, "I have
heurd of that ecies of name; do you think
we could find any In this vicinity f This ro
mark, of com w established my friend hith
erto waning leputatiou ns an agriculturist,
and qualified him for it high position lu the
ranks of the Farmer's Alliance.
The bright moonlight lured us forth fcr a
ktroll under the deep azure ot the uortheru
sky, Wlmt n trnlisfoi million of scene was
this! Prom tho busy streets of SI. Paul, al
most to the wilds of .Minnesota, but them
was pleasure to all tho senses luthosuiiound
ugs, Tho ti emulous notiw t( u whlpisMir-
will ciime fi nm the dink finest lyoinl tho
marsh, tho air was heavy with thu cool fra
grance of tho linden blossoms, constellations
wheeled through the depths of spiiconbovo
and about us, nun felt that (ho hldileu foices
of tiiitine wem at their maximum of energy.
Our eliNueut musings wore however some
what disturbed by (ho voracious iiiowpilbs-s
and wo retreated within doors, On retiring
to our ups'r cIiiiiiiImt, Imagine our surprise
on llndlug five tempting lasts, disposed about
tho largo mom, each Inviting us to icmsc,
Hero was another quandary for my friend
who round it extremely difficult to decldo
upon which or them he would recline his
elongated form, Ho dually choso tho ouo
which appealed of tho greatest length, I
taking second choice. We weru soon wruu
sd lu profound slumlsr and a light cover
ing besides,
The following morning found us early at
the lakeside oqulpcd for tho days llshlng. A
skillful oarsman relieved us of the labor of
propelling our Ismt. Our fair guest was giv
en the best position uud under tho tuition of
our uxiNrl friend, manipulated her roil and
reel with tho skill of a veteran angler.
nil iisiied with an industry wormy ot a
ter reward than wo received, and I for
was glud when It came time for us to
for the midday hours on the shaded nnd
grassy beach and to discuss thu generous
lunch that wo had provided and afterwards
lo stroll along the shaded paths. Tho flora ot
the lake country would, 1 am sure, delight a
botanist, Thoieis much variety of plant
and tree. The Linden or bnsswood alsiuiids
hero, its floweis are a rich cream color and
sins I a Ks:ullar refreshing fragrance.
During our afternoon fishing, my friend
audibly invoked thu aid of all thu rallies,
gnomes and water sprites supHsed to Inhab
it the deep, ho even upcalcd to tho fishes to
Impale themselves on his hook. Finally, lie
lug seized with an Inspiration he licgau to
aHslrophl?o our blushing guest lu tho follow
ing triptych:
"Maiden fair
Beyond compare
With golden hair."
After tills out till nt, our luck turned und
we lingered till wo came near being drench
ed by a passing shower. It Is not necessary
here to enlarge Ummi tho illmentloiw ot our
cutoli, I,ct It suffice lo say that each or us
was lewurdisl wltn siuvers of n greater 'or
less degree. C. D. IIVAIT.
What He Didn't Have.
Ho had a lot of lly traps strung over his
boulder, and un he heaved lu sight through
the alluy gate thu lady of thu housu saw
hliu from tho kitchen window uud laid for
"Good afternoon, mum," ho said, taking
off the traps and spreading thorn nt her
feet ax she stood In the doorway. "I have
her.o it"
"Yes, I sou," she Interrupted, "but 1
don't want them. Have you a machine
thut will muku old eggs fresh ngaliiP'
"No, mum," replied thu astonished ped
dler, "I"
"Well, then, have you nny freezers thut
will muku warm Ice creainf"
"No, mum, 1"
".Vof Have you any recipes for mnkluK
strong butter wciikf"
"No, mum, but I"
"Nof Have you nuy scales that will
make heavy bread Ughtf"
"No'm, not to"
"Indeed? Have you nuy spectacles for
cross eyed potatoes?"
"Well, mum, it' this way, you"
"Certainly I do. Have you a nice, light
straw hat for thu head of thu kitchen Hour
"No, I"
"Gracious me!" she exclaimed sharply.
"What hnvu you got anyway? Noticing
In the lino of vats In which to tun it tomato
skin, have you?"
Tho man liegan to gather his traps to
gether hurriedly.
"What's the matter?" sho asked pleas
antly. "Aren't you going to let mo bnvu
"Nothlnk, mum, nothluk," he muttered,
"except the whole back yard to yourself,
and muy Heaven bless you and keep you
in it," and he fled out and slammed tho
alley gate as slie smiled softly to herself
and resumed her work peeling potatoes.
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