Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 27, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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ts . rrfc , SJ?n-&-X2SiZ.!.Zt.
Yacht - Sailors
Latest, Novelty.
Only 7Tc Each.
Famous Millinery
1 1 1 5 O Street.
( The Couniitii will not lw rotonslble for
any debt inndo liy any onn In It" nnmu, nil
tm a written order accompanies the same,
Ocmt I Oth and P Street.
ry Goods,
The Courier Can b Found At
Hotel Iitncotn Now Htnml.
Wlnilior Hotel Now Htnml.
Capital Hotel News Hland.
Odell's Dining Hull Nowa Htand, IRW O Ht.
The Clot hum News Stand, IIBHouth Uth Ht.
The A rx, 111 North Uth Htrcet.
Kd. Young, lOtt U Htrcet.
anion. r'lelohor A Co., USD O Htrrot.
Little Hport Olunr Htoro, 113 North 12th Ht.
Westornold's Harbor Hhop, llurr llloctc.
lnternntlonnl Now Kmporlmn, 12U O Ht.
; Mr-Art extrn supply of paper I always left
at tho Uothniu, In m other Newsdealers
supplies run short.
Cool Shirts
1 137 O Street.
Church Advertisements.
Commencing April find, Tub Couhikh
will insert notice portalulng to sociables,
festivals, lecture, meeting ami sermons for
all churches free of chance. Advertisements
for entertainment where an admission is
cbarged will be inserted at one-half tho reg
Wrrate, luteal and Perianal.
Wkltebreast Coal and Lime Company.
L. Barr, Jeweler, 1M O street.
Call up the L. D. T. Co., Phone 190.
Ruth M. wood, M. D WMP street
Lincoln Ice Co., 1040 O St. Telephone 118.
Kugene Hallett, diamond merchant, 113 N
Heventh (treet.
Ueo. A, Raymer, coal and wood. 'Phone
Utt). 1134 O (treet.
Canon City Coal at the Whltebreast
Coal and Lime Co.
Miss B. M. Caffyn, drsaamaklog parlor,
1311 M street. Telephone 019. tt
100 finest engraved ceiling ewrda and plate
for" at Tkk Coumkm oflce.
Try "The Finest" for Ioe Creams, low,
Cake and Candles, 1330 U street
LadiMkliilVM' leaned orcoloreuat Lin'
coin RUnji) DyviwbirM, 1100 O strott.
Mlsax), J. GuUm61tr modUte, socoal' floor
KxpaHlioii buiimtit!'. roue eievarw.
Dr. C. MiuinWl'Vemoved to Vnwotrlees,
!, I
roonw!erVA.ifpnd floor Bun,' Mdjk.
J. B. Baruabh the taller, may be found at
room 13 and 13, Newman bWJcWS O tt.
One hundred fluent engmvf) calling card
and plate only 2.60 at Wowl Printing Co.,
I UWN street
Cabinet Uth for India, given by Mr. U.
I). Catlln, profe8lonal maueur, SM aouth
Twelth street, Kennard block. 5-23-4t
Ladle cau have their party dresses cleaned
by the French dry prooea at the Lincoln
team dye works 110 O street
"Not how cheap, but how good" U the
motto of the new Studio Le Grande. Call
and see their work, 1S4 south Twelfth street.
Never order a photograph or picture of
any kind until you have seen the work done
at the new Studio Le Grande, 134 south
Twelfth treet.
Gentlemen should now get out their lat
summer's suit, take it to the Lincoln Steam
lye works 1 WO street and have it cleaned,
dyad, repaired or pressed out.
Brown's restaurant are the only ones In
the city for ladies. The menu U extensive
uad embraces all the seasons latest delicacies
while prices are extremely low,
Coal of every else from the best mines In
Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado
and Wyoming for sale by Geo. -A. Raymer.
Telephone 380. Office 11.14 O street
ConuauUtiou tickets at Brown's restau
rants (good at either place), Ave dollars for
four dollars. TbU makes prices lower than
any other place in the city when the prices
charged on bill of fare Is considered.
The auditorium of the First Presbyterian
Church was filled with 11 forge and fashion
ntilo gathering Wednesday nftcrnoon, the
ocoiMmi being tho marriage of Mr. James A.
Drain, formcily of Lincoln, nut now or MK
kiiiio, Wash., mill Minn Kthel Marslaud, of
tlilnclty. Tim pulpit platform wax almost
rntlrely hidden beneath 11 mas of smllax nnd
pink toes, tastefully mrniiKeil, presenting n
handsome nppenrnnee. Professor llagunll
presided nt the nrgiui, nml ns thu melodious
strains from tlio In-niitlful wedilliiK nmrtli by
Inhengrln pcnUd forth, thu bridal party np
Vrnncliiil the front of the church, hnviug
Imh'Ii prcceeiled by tho family, lho nriue,
prettily nltlreil In 11 becoming cotumi of
wlilto brocaded eatln, wn nttetideil by her
father, Mr. T, II. MnrMnnd, nnd met tho groom
nt the alter. The ceremony was jwrformwl
by Ilnv. Ilr. B. II. Curtln, nlbil by Hov. C.
K. Ilrnilt.of thoHecond libterlnii Church.
Mr, nnd Mm. Drnlu punned out tho left nWo,
following Klmn Marnlatid, tho brldu'x little
ulster, who wan ft re wing Moweixln tliclrpntli.
A welding niipxr was given nt tho homo
of Mr. nnd Mn. Mnmlaud, In lCnut Lincoln,
immediately after tho ceremony, attvudeil by
relative and liitlmnte friends. letter In the
evening thu Tuesday evening club, of which
the bride was a valued member, went out in
a body to offer coiigratulAtlonii, and wlnh tho
linppy couple Uod-niced 011 their joumoy nnd
joy and prosperity in their new homo, Tho
club was represented by the following mem
bers: Mime Clara Walsh, Mlnnlo Lnttn,
Gertrude Laws, Nellie White, Maude Smith,
Anna itarr, Dena Loomis, uraoe urifnth;
Messrs. H. T, St John, W. Morton Smith, G.
P. Faucon, Oscar Funke, G. W. Gerwtg and
Dr. C. F. Ladd. The party of friend after
wards witnessed the departure of the bride
and groom at the Burlington depot They
go directly to Hitoknne and will be "at homo"
after July in. The groom I well-known hero,
having been connected with one of tho prom
inent liankt of tho city. Tho bride I a lovely
nnd talented young lady, and highly es
teemed In tho circles In which sho moved.
Her popularity was attested by tho largo
number of beautiful nnd costly gifts bestowed
by loving friends, embracing silver nnd china
ware, etc., In great variety.
A largo and fashionable asmmibly uathtred
at thu Church of tho Holy Trinity at high
noon, Wednesday, to witness tho wedding of
Mr. John II, Morton mm MIsh uolcti McUnii-
dlesit Wado. Tho chancel was beautifully
decorated with n profusion of (lowers, nnd
two little pages hold possession of tho main
aisle. Tho church was well filled, and
promptly at 3 the brldo upjieared leaning on
1110 arm ot the groom, ana proceeded by the
ushers, Mr. Dan Wing and Mr. G. W, Loomis.
Sho was very beautiful in her whltn bridal
costume and veil. Tho strains of the wed
ding inarch, from Lohrengrin, were contin
ued lu soft melody during thu Impressive
servloe. The orlde was given away by her
mother, Mrs. T. M. Wade. Mr. and Mrs.
Horton paused at the main entrance to greet
their friends aa they passed out The bride
and groom are both widely known in Liucoln,
and congratulation wore showered upon
them in abundance. The bride k one of Lin
coln's most charming and accomplished
young ladles, and has won a large circle of
friends during the short time that she has re
sided in this city. Mr. Horton Is of the well
known Ann of Dean & Norton, and has lived
in Lincoln about twelve years, and holds a
warm place lu the hearts of a largo portion
of the best people of the community. Mr.
and Mrs. Horton took the Burlington train
In the evening for Colorado, where they
will remain about tvo months. They will
be at home at 1014 SOth Street after Aug
ust first
Few people are aware of the endeavors
of the management ot the "Lincolu Park"
In presenting to tho public a place for
outdoor recreations, with many attractions
aim easily nccesslble. After a season of
indoor amusements, consisting of balls,
parties, teas and afternoon receptions, we
find advancing upon us the hot summer days,
and with tt the desire to And some shndy re
treat from the scorching rnys of tho sun.
Having In view the wishes of the LincolniteN,
the management has undertaken no slight
task In promising the public a park, which,
while not In sice, will, in advantages, equal
the famous parka of the East. They have
already in their tract of ground many beau
tiful attractions, and when the park is com
pleted, tt will certainly be of great benefit,
not only to the inhabitant, but also to the
city of Liucoln. Aa we pass through the
uruao. gates onto we beautiful urive, we
notice with pleasure the beautiful landscape
and surroundings. To the left are the ball
grounds, on of the toast in tho country;
further on we come to the Ashing and boating-grounds,
with a careful selection of row
boats, and the beautiful steamer "Hope."
Special places have been provided for pic
nickers, with every convenience possible.
Access can easily tie had to this favorite re
sort by the electrio railway.
A very pretty entertainment was given by
Mrs. Herpolsheimer at the residence 111th
and K streets, to the many young friends of
ueruauguterMUNlda, In whose honor the
party was given, the occasion tveing the six-
icenin anniversary birthday of tho young
lady. Cards and dancing constituted tho
evenings amusement, while a tempting colla
tion helped round out the pleasant affair.
Thosn present were; Missus Hosy Wendelln,
Burks, Smith, Schlegal, Blake, May Wend
elln, Hattle Herpolshelnier, Gertrude Ernst;
Messrs. Robinson, Dave Small, Frank Small,
Fred Herpolsheimer, Alfred HerpoUhtlmer,
games uaicueu, Albert Herpolsheimer.
Washington dispatches confirm the state
ment' made In last week's Couhikh to the
effect that Lieut Pershing Is an applicant for
the prospective vacancy in the military in
structorship at the State University, Should
Lieut. Griffith, who by the way has been sin
gularly successful during bis term here,
winning general approbation for his military
skill and affective teaching, withal making
himself exeedlngly popular with all those
with whom he has come In contact, be unnble
to secure an extension of his time, residents
of Lincoln would view with great favor thb
location of Lieut. Pershing at this point
Henry N. Weasel, brother of Lou Weasel,
editor of the Coukieh, was, on the 35th of
this mouth, admitted as practitioner to the
bar of the state ot Nebraska. The young
man recently graduated with honors from
the law department of the University of
Pennsylvania, but having left Philadelphia
before the diploma were distributed, in order
to attend the Ehrllch-Wessel marriage at St.
Joseph, could not take the oath, and therefore
- -urn u.iai wBmmmmemmmm
ttmld not li admitted to tho bar of that
state. Ho patscd an excellent examination
before t he committee appointed by eur courts,
and Is now one of tho practitioners.
Mr. Jooeph Hherwooit. editor of tho Dodgo
county Iittlgur, and Mrs. Addle Mother of
this city were married nt tho Episcopal iwir-
Honago Monday afternoon by tho Hov. John
Hewitt. Tnti In die Ini well known and es
teemed lady of this city, '' newly married
couple left 011 the 1:10 tl,.lll for UljMcs,
where thoy will visit Mr, Sherwood parents.
They will afteiwardi goto Kro limit, their
future home.
Tho Kensington Sewing Circle, consisting
of about sixteen ladles, gave a delightful plo
nlu at Lincoln wirk, Tuesday afternoon, Tho
ladies were Joined later In tho evening by
their husbands, who went out for lunch.
Thosti prerent weiu Messrs. and Mcsdaines
Wise, Wells, .Nenmnik, Tumor, Wheeler,
Hnnu, 1'iestou, Mauritius, Denton, 1'erklns,
Itlaggs, Motile, lloisulmore, I'lauk, Andeisou,
of Kansas City, nnd Miss Stout.
The F stieet card club enjoyed a delightful
outing mid dauco nt Cuslmmn Park last Sat
urday nftcrnoon and evening. Tho party
consisted of tho following ladles and gentle
men: Mossrs, and Mewlames Atkuu, ltlggs,
Wise, F. A. Ill own, Dr. Cnsebenr, J M Tip
ling, M. J, Aiken, T. II. Heuton, M. A. War
reli; Misses English, Ellison, Aiken, Helluig;
Messrs. Wing, C. 1). Mullen, Feelers, anil V.
O. Howe.
Mr. John T, Dorgnu, resident manngei ot
tho Whltebrenst Coal coiuany, whoso atlll
ty and push have uo'.i him deserted distinc
tion In uusIucm circles was accorded addi
tional recognition while In Chicago last
week, having been elected secretary and
member ot thu lioard of directors nt tho an
nual meeting of tlio Whltelircast company.;
Tho members of tho Ellto Cnstlo No. 5,
Knights of the Ooldou Eaglo, gnvo n dancing
party nt Cushman park Wednesday after
noon nnd evening which proved n grand suo
cess. Notwithstanding tho heavy storm
which come, up during tho evening ovoryonu
had a good tlmo nnd pronounced It a very
enjoynble affair.
Tho Delta Lcternry circle enjoyed a plana
nt Lincolu Park last Saturday afternoon.
Thoso present were Messrs. and Mesdames
Alva Kuuuard, Charles Kuifer, A. P. Lair,
C. A Keith, A, II. Talbot, J. P. Manic, J.
E. ltlggs, Bert Betts, Walter Davl; Miss
Anna Baldwin, Mrs. Charles Hudy, of Mat
toou, III.
A very enjoyable lawn social was given by
Mr. and Mrs. Springer to n number of
friends at their residence 1030 Q street. Tho
lawn was brilliantly illuminated and tho mer
ry laughter and pretty music together with
dancing and very tempting refreshments
made tho evening puss swiftly and pleas
Mr. and Mrs. S, H, lluruhnm gave a
charming cnnl party Tuesday evening In
honor of Mr. Harry 11. Evans, Mr. Burn
ham's nephew, A largo number of young
people uccepted of tho kind hokpltnllty of
Mr. and Mrs. Burnhnni and enjoyed a de
lightful evening nt dancing and cards.
One by one tho young men who have been east
and with whoso names have been associated
various matrimonial rumors, are returning
still single, thus discountenancing the alle
gations of their friends and testifying anew
to tho as yot unimpaired power and suprem
acy ot the Lincoln girl.
The young people of the Vine street Con
gregational church held a very pleasant
social Monday at tho homo of Miss Ella
Jackson. Rebecca served lemonade nt the
well, and Ice cream and other refreshments
tended to Increase the enjoyment of the oc
casion, Auditor Thomas H. Benton and a conge
nial party of sportsmen will leave Monday
for a two weeks jaunt among the lakes of
Minnesota and vicinity, flsh being the spec
ial variety of game sought alter. Mr. Fred
C. Howe will accompany the party.
The Free Baptist church gnvo an Ice cream
social Monday evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Kearney. Tho yard was
beautifully decorated with Chinese lanterns
nnd a largo number imrticipated in the pleas
uresot the evening.
Tho ladles of Electa Chapter No. a were
entertained at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. O.
H. Green, 181.1 Frosect avenue, Wcduesday
evening. Hlghflve and other social amuse
ments were enjoyod by all until a late hour.
Hon. T. M. Mnrnuett. I. 8. P. Weeks
chief engineer of the B. dfc M., and T. C.
Tucker, resident engineer of tho Deadwood
line, started on a special car Tuesday for a
tour of inspection of tho Deadwood line.
Miss Sadio Rector returned homo Tnesday
from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she has been
attending a course nt the college of music.
She was accompanied by Miss Minnie Cultou,
who will spend several weeks in the city.
Mrs. I. M. Raymond entertained a large
gathering of young people Wednesday even
ing in honor of tho nineteenth birthday of
her son Will. The evening passed very
pleasantly with dancing and cards.
The Pleasant Hour picnic, postponed from
last week and which was to have been held
Thursday, was again deferred on account of
rain. It Is the intention now to have the
outing either today or Monday.
Mr. C. Morath who has been visiting
friends in Lincoln on a return trip from the
east, started Friday afternoon for Snoho
mish, Wash., where he will continue as
foreman of tho Daily Sun ottlce.
The Nebraska Division of the L. A. W.
will hold their first annual meeting on July
fourth at York. There have been some good
entries made and an enjoyable time is assur
ed all who attend.
Mrs. M. E. Roberts and daughter, Mis
Laura have departed for the east. They
will visit New York and Washington and
thou sail for a tour of the continent tiefore
Mr. Lederman and Miss Emma Mohreu
httcker were united In marriage at Nebraska
U.'.,, last Wednesday afternoon. The bride
is a sister ot Mr. Otto Mohrenstecker. of this
The directors of the Midland college at
Atchison, Kas., have elected Mr. C. J. Ernst
of this city, one of the trustees to look after
the Interests ot that Institution.
Miss Maggie and Lottie Whedon, daugh
ters ot Hon. and Mrs. C. O, Whedon have
gono to Elyrla, O., where they will spend
their summer vacation.
Mr, and Mrs. L. O. M. Baldwin loft Tuns-
day for Colcrado resorts where they expect t
spend the summer, with hoies of improving
Mrs. Baldwins health.
Miss Martha Funko expects to leave for
Manitou today where she will spend tho sum
mer Joining her mother who preceeded her
by several weeks.
Mrs. Dr. Girfen and her three children
have gone to Polk a muty to spend a few
weeks with her brother, Mr. Temjlle Held,
on his ranch.
Attorney W, C, Howie, formerly a resi
dent of this city, but now from Idaho, has
beon'reMewliiffYild aiUatntaflce-) Iu'LIncoln
this week,
Mrs. P, S. Whlt Is In Mluueniiolls, Min
nesota, where sho will spend the sum
mer with her parents Mr. and Mm, T. W.
Mr. M Dowllng and wifo of Not th Bend
accompanied by Mr, nnd .Mrs. W. II, l'nr
cell of Chicago wero vMtlng In the city this
MIm Hlodilinil who Is enjoying an extend
ed eastern trip, visiting the principal cities,
cxccts to return sometime In August
Mr. Thomas K. Dounely of Philadelphia,
Iiicohoueu Improved Order of Red Men, ar
rival! In this city Tuesday morning.
Mr. M K, Springer left on hlsseml-nnnunl
visit to thu faetoiy of tho Richardson Silk
company nt Chicago, Monday.
Hon and Mrs, O, M, Lamlertsoti departed
Monday for.M'neinl Point, Wis., the former
homo of Mis. Iimtjertsou,
Mis. John McWhlnulo and daughter de
parted Sunday for Chicago, where they were
to take paxsagu to Montreal.
Mr. Frank Handy, Tiensiircr of Funke'
opera house, has lutiirued from a vlMt nt
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mis. Kate II. Cliuuey is in tho city Sho
Intends sieudlug thosumiuur witli her sister
Mrs. Thos. B-mcll,
Mis. James C, Hotburglu of l'ittstlcld,
Mls,, Is the guest of her brother, Dr. M. E.
Jones of this city.
Miss Maty E. Eddlo dcpialcd Monday for
Manitou, Col,, whuiosho will spend thu sum
mer vacation.
Mis Anna Funke went to No'mrskn City,
Wednesday, to attend tlio Idermnii-.Mnhien-Meckel'
Mr, Boyd of Oumlui, president of thu Y.
P. S. C. E. was the gueot of A. W. Lanu over
Sunday last.
Congress linn Brynu wnsbllleil for a speech
In Iowa this week at thu state democratic
Mr. John I,. Cooper and tho Misses Matil
da and Grace Cooper are visiting nt Doyles
town, Wis.
Mr. B. P. Wagguer of Atchison, Kas.,
general solicitor for thu Missouri Paclllo is
In Lincoln.
MIm Jennie Chapman has gono to Chicago
where shu will make an extended visit with
This city was represented at tho stale ten
nts tournament nt Hastings by Miss Louise
Mr. George M. Spurloch of Greeucastlu
I ud., Is visiting his university friends In this
Mrs. C. T. McGreu has gone to Salt Lako
City where sho will remain during thu sum
mer. Ex-Lieutenant Governor Agen, of Aurora,
called 011 his friends ot tho state house Mon
day. Additional Local nnd Personal Page 4.
Tho worst blood diseases aro cured with
AyerV Sarwiparilla. Its effects are felt at
Well, have you bought your lady friend a
souvenir spoon yutl Of course you know Its
the. raging fad nnd to bo without a souvenir
spoon, your fair 0110 is, 10 to speak, "not In
it" They aru a pretty toVen and one that
will always be useful as well as ornamental.
There is practical merit In them and it is
not like many presents that are given today
and forgotten tomorrow. By the way: Hal
let has a most elegant lino ot them in an end
less variety ot pretty designs and ho Hells
them at a price that is within the reach of
ovou the most lowly. They range in prlco
from a dollar up. Go around and see him,
make a selection, send it to your sweethcait
or some, other fellows sweetheart and mnko
her happy.
Coal of every size from the best mine
in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Colora
do and Wyoming for sale by Geo. A.Ray
user. Telephone :0. Oil Ice 1134 O street.
Henry Harpham tho popular harness maker
has loft Twelfth street to locate on Eleventh
near P street opposite th.i Capital hotel.
There with increased facilities and more cen
tral location Mr. Harpham's business will
undoubtedly increase. For anything In the
harness line Harpham is bound to lead and if
at anytime you want anything in his linn
don't forget to givo him a call.
Dr. C. F. Ladd, dentist, 1105 O street.
Telephone 153, Office hours, If a. m. to 5 p. in.
Wo are showing the most complete stock
of hosiery and underwear in the city. Don't
buy until you have seen our stock.
J. W. Wisher & Co.
1 100 O Street
Far Sale Cheap.
50 Inch full nlckle ball bearing Columbia
bicycle. Enquire at Couiukh ofllce.
A Cheap Present.
Aurelle Just fancy, Mathilde, my papa
has brought me aa a memento of his jour-
ney a lovely littlo pocl
name of "Karlsbad" in
kot knifo, with the
of pearl haftl
Mathilde Ob, that is nothing! My
mother brought me back from her journey
a silver spoon on which Is engraved "Ho
tel Kaiserhof, Berlin I" Lotbar Maggen
dorfer'a Blatter.
Hard Labor.
"What are you workiug onf" asked one
newspaper man of another at breakfast
"This steak," was the reply.
Tho true pathos of this dialogue lies In
the fact that it is true. Washington Post
Make many lire miserable, and often leads to
ssuT destruction. Distress alter eating, sick ba4
achs, bssrtburn, sour itomscb, mental deftf
slon, ate., are caused br this very common and
Increasing dlseate. Hood's Sansparllla tones tho
stomach, creates an appetite, promotes bealtbjr
digestion, rsUeves sick bsadscbe, cltsrs the
mind, and cores the most obsUaate cues of dys
pepsia. Bead the following!
" I bavo been troubled with dyspepsia. I had
but little appeUte.and what I did eat dhtreued
ms, or did me little gosd. In an bour after eating
I would experience a falntnets or tired, all-gons
feeling, at tboagh I had not esten anything.
Hood's Ssrssparllls did 1110 au immense amount
of good. It gave ma an appetite, and my food
rslidiedandtatliOedthocravlug I had previously
experienced. It relieved me ot that faint, tired,
all-gone feeling-. I have felt so much bolter slum
I took Mood's Sarsaparllla, that I am happy to
recommend It." a. A. I'aox, Watertown, Man.
N, O. lid sure to get nsly
Hood's Sarsaparllla
old by all druggist. Hi ill for (J. l'reparedenly
by C, I. UOOD A CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Hats.
100 Doss On Dollar
27, 1891
Hall Stove and Eange Cq.
jBftf JJasJjffssLy BisssisilaiJssstsssy
Iron Castings and Nickel Platers.
Dealers in Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces.
1126 O STREET.
ffi.inWilliilliil 1 mn .m ... n . . .-.jl
(W (3 "-.
ri LWaaa&
Wall Paper, Mouldings, Fret-Work and Novelties for Household Decoration.
A. C. ZlKMEB.i'rcsldent.
I Boston's
ED. G.
H h3t
When Your Wife's Oflt of Tom.
Of all tho Insidious, temptations Invidious
Contrived by tho devil for pulling men down,
There's one moru delusive scdttctlvo, abusive
Than thu sunro to a mau w Ith a wlfo out of town.
Ho feels such a dcllElitrullness,
HI111II-I KCt-tlKht-fullncss,
I own It with pain.
A bachelor raklshncss.
What-wlll-you-tako?-ishncs, -
Next day's iicadache-lshness,
None can explain.
With a tnke-ovcry-trlck-lshuess,
Though conscience frown.
With n forth-Iet-us-Btcnl-somencss,
There's a wllo of tho do'll-somencss,
tun wlfo out of town.
Oahi. Ei.wick, Mnnngor
luiMHMtvoH.c-aafftrttSi-i.-. authors
News, Manufacturers' and Publisher' Aent.
1 i
fill 11 li J