Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 27, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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Hot Air Furnaces,
Water Coolers,
Water Filters,
Gold Bronze and
Brass Bird Cages,
Builder's Hardware.
Rudge & Morris
1122 N Street.
Spring Shapes
Christy's London Hats.
We are the onb house in the City who
sell these goods. Come In and try one.
Spring Suits
Are being displayed by 115 now.
Give 11s a call.
If you Depositjyour Sayings
Lincoln Savings Bank
Safe Deposit Co.
H. K.cor. lltlt Hiitl I1 Sis.
At tlio Itnteol
5-Five per Ct. per Annuin-5
Hhvo 5 00 n week and lit famounts with
Interest In tlvo yorn to $lir,.oi.
Dank opens at 0:30 n. 111, to :i:3u p. in. ami
Haturdny evenings, 5 to 8 p. in.
S(e to Rent in Burglar and Fire
Proof Vaults.
Ilmr Confrtlrrnlo Monjr l)roi''l.
At first Confederate money command
oil n slight premium. It then scaled"
down its follows: Juno, 1801, 00 cent;
Dec. 1, 1801, 80 cental Dec. 15, 1801, 75
cents; Feb. 1, 1802. 00 cents; Fob. 1,
1803, SO cents; June, 1803, 8 cents; Jan
uary, 1804, 3 cento: Novembor, 1804,
cents; January, 1805, 9) cents; April 1,
1805, 1 cents. After that dato it took
from $800 to f 1,000 to buy aono dollar
How to l'rrvent Stoves from Hunting.
Hub them with ft rag dliied in kcro
seno before putting them nwny for tho
Miinmer. Hardware and fanning Imple
ments should bo treated in tho same
wny Iwforo you store them for tho full.
How to Measure liny.
About 500 cubic feet of well nettled
hay, or uboiit 700 of jiow mown hay, will
mako 11 ton. Ten cubic yards of hay iu
mow weigh 11 ton. When tho hay In
taken out of old stacks eight or nino
yards will mako n ton. When dry
eleven or twelve cubic yards of clover
mako a ton.
How to Tnk llrulses Out of Furniture
Wet tho part with warm water.
Double ft piece of brown paper flvo or six
times, soak it iu warm water and lay it
on tho bruise. Then apply a warm Hut
iron to tho putier until tho moisture is
evaporated. If the first application does
not remove the bruise, repeat tho pro
cess. Tho dent or bruise genernlly
comes to tho surface after two or three
How to rruvrut I'nrnsltvs In lllnl Cugrs.
It is not generally known that many
of tho diseases of singing birds in caged
arc caused by tho presence of parasites
in tho cage. Should your canary or other
bird havo the "pip" or look sickly, ro
niovo it at once, and mako an examina
tion of the roof of the cage. In nine
cases out of every ten you will seen kind
of grayish red rust clinging to tho cor
ners nnd roof. Look closer or with n
microscope and you will observe that
this rust is comprised of myriads of aid
inalcula. They aro bird parasites. Burn
them out with sulphur and wash tho
cago with diluted salicylic acid and your
bird will soon bo restored to health.
How to Curu Corn.
To euro corns, soak tho part in boiling
or hot (as hot as you can bear) water, to
which mustard has been added, before
going to bed, wear a stocking on the
foot to prevent catching cold nnd bat ho
the foot in cold water in tho morning.
Continue this throe or four times, after
which tho corn will peel off bodily dead.
How to I'ut on Violin String.
Put tho Bmall end of tho string near
est tho tail piece. Don't tio tho string
when adjusting it to tlio peg; put it
through the peg, dip it otice under to
ward your right hand, when by turning
tho )eg tho string will become fastened
without further trouble. No superflu
ous string should bo left dangling around
the head, it is a mistaken idea that
such portions aro useful, sinco that part
of tho strings which comes in contact
with tho pegs or tail pieces loses all tone
from being jammed and twisted.
How to Temper Steel.
Heat to a cherry red and then plunge
in cold water. Drills and graver's tools
are tempered by plunging into n lump
of resin or quicksilver. Different de
grees of hardness aro required for differ
ent purposes. For very pule straw color,
430 degs., for lancets; a shado of darker
yellow, 450 degs., for razors and surgical
instruments; darker straw yellow, 470
degs., for penknives; still darker yellow,
400 degs., for iron cutting chisels; brown
yellow, 500 degs., for axes and piano
irous; yellow, slightly tinged with pur
ple, 520 degs., for tublo knives and watch
How to Tell How Fast u Train Bom.
Tho number of miles per hour at which
a train is running is tho samo as the
nnmber of rails passed over in twenty
seconds, which can be ascertained by
tho "click" produced by the wheels at
each joint.
How to Make Cork flood for Stoppers.
Corks steeped in vaseline are excellent
substitutes for glass stoppers. They are
not affected by acids, and never become
fixed through disuse.
How to Disinfect u House.
Of tlio many ways which aro iu com
mon use for disinfecting rooms and
houses, none bo easily recommends itself
to the senses and to common souse as
tho coffee process. Upon a shovelful of
red hot coal throw a handful of ground
coffee, and walk with it through tho
parts of the house whero the foul smells
oxist or which you desire to disinfect.
Tlio volatilized essential oils of tho cof
fee will instantly correct tho evils, for
thoy have tho peculiar properties of de
odorizing and disinfecting at the same
time. ,
How to Disperse llluck Ante.
About tho most effectual way of dis
persing those pests is to t-eattor a few
leaves of wormwood among their hautits.
How to Make Molasses L'umly.
Take two coffee cups of molasses, add
a teiupoouful of vinegar, half a table
spoonful of butter and half a cup of
sugar. Doll uutil the candy burdens
readily when dropped into cold water.
Before removing from tho lire stir in
rapidly a quarter of n teaspoonful of
finely crashed soda, which will lighten
tho color of tho candy and give it a bet
ter texture. For sheet candy turn out
in buttered paus; "pull" for stick candy.
Hsr Choir.
Amntcttr Artist I should like to present
the Inst picture I painted to some charita
ble Institution, Now, which would you
Cruel Lady Friend The Illlnd asylum.
C'onimviitnry on Holoinoii.
Wind What do you suppose Solomon
mount when ho wild, "Give inu neither
poverty nor riches V
Knndfill Ho probably wnnted to work
on a salary. New York Herald.
Munlcnl Criticism.
Mozart was on a visit to it monastery.
During nmts he listened Impatiently tp
tho feehlo execution of tho organ player,
and could hardly.liear to sit out tho ser
vice. After mux tho prior asked Mozart
to dinner, and took tho opportunity to In
qulro how he liked tho playing of tho or-
"Ho plays quite In Biblical fashion," said
"How Is thntr" asked tho prior.
"His left hand docs not know what tho
right hand Is doing," was the reply. Dn
holm Kalcudnr.
Thoufttitful Utile Olrl.
Little Annie hud Iwen having troublo
with hsr lessons, and had turned foriwslst
auce to her hlg brother. Ho did tho sums
for her, handed her tho paMr, and resumed
his reading. She wiih soon back at his
side, however, and ho Inquired:
"What's tho matter; aren't they all
"Oh, yes, Indeed. They aro over so nice;
hut won't you pleao put a few mistake In
so that teacher will think 1 did It r" Wash
Ington Post.
Tln-reliy IIhiie Heterul Tales.
Tim Act Ion of Hie Postmaster
of Kl 1'iiho In refuting to allow tlio F.I Pnso
Times to bo transmitted through the innlls
pimply because It contained as news an As
soclnted Press dispatch giving a synopsis ot
tlio opinion of tlio Supreme Court of Loulsl
mm compelling the scorottiry of state to sub
mit at tlio next election a constitutional
iiiiiendiueiit passed by the Inst general as
sembly extending tho Charter of tho Louisi
ana State Lottery tweuty-llvo years, is
deserving of the severest condemnation nnd
censure, not only becnuse ot tlio Injustice of
mcli nn arbitrary proceeding, hut upon
grounds of public policy. The business
manager of tlio Times very properly had
this postmniter, who bears the historic nniuo
of Smith, arrested for unlawfully detaining
mail matter, and he was bound over to ap
pear before a commhuloner for trial, hut the
punishment whatever It will he, even If ever
meted out after many months of delay, will
not lit the crime. Nothing short of absolute
ami immediate olllclal decapitation, with
whatever other punishment tbo law provides,
would he proper for such olllclms intermed
dling with the mails. If the United States
mall Is to ho subjected to such scrutiny and
exclusion by the postmaster at El I'nso, the
postmasters at the various othes cities, towns,
villages, hnmlcts and crossroads iu the state
nnd throughout the United States have the
Mitiio right, power nnd authority, and nro of
courso at liberty to do Just as the postmaster
at Kl I'd so tins done. If the postmaster can
htop the transmission of a notvspaer because
It hns iu it the decision of a court In regard
to the Louisiana tottery, ho can also stop it
because it mentions the mime of the lottery
iu It, and if he can do this he can stop tho
post, beenuso it incidentally mentions the
name of the Louisiana Lottery Company Iu
criticising his olllclal conduct. If ho can do
this, however, he can override tho strongest
bulwark of tho liberties of the people and
violate one of the plainest provisions In the
constitutions of the United States, thereby
completely throttling tho press.
Upon the grounds of public policy the
United States government should not toler
ate such tampering with the mail. It throws
opeu the doors to fraud and, if ierniitted,
will tend to mako tho service Inefficient and
unreliable. Why not detain a letter suspect
ed of containing a lottery advertisement, and
why not opeu it to ascertain if the detention
Is legaH If its contents aro legal why then
of course it might be permitted to continue
on its journey.
The great wrong done newspaper publish
ers, however, is to allow a Kstnmster to
authoritatively detain mail matter which in
his opinln is illegal. He ought not bo por
mltted to do this. If the publisher has com
mitted uuy wrong he can bo held responsible
and be made to suffer the penalty; but a
postmnster may detain an entire edition of a
newspaper, entailing a heavy Iosi upon the
publisher, nnd yet when the mutter comes
to a final trial the court may decide that the
papers are mailable. The damage lias then
been done tbe publisher, and there seems to
be no ndequate remedy for him.
the politics of a newspaper are ohjectiounl to
the postmasters generally, and throughout
the state they choose to hold a paper be
enuso iu their opinion it is not mailable, It
would thus put it within the power of the
postal department to stop the circulation of
u newspaer ami bankrupt it, leaving the
publisher with a lot of suits against post
masters as assets. Such it state of a I la I is
leave newspaper publishers without adequ
ate remedy, and to allow such arbitrary
conduct 011 the part of otllelous postmasters
Is contrary to the institutions of this govern
ment, and it violation of the legal maxim
that each wrong hns its adequate leuiedy.
Houston (Tex.) Post.
Silk greiindiius and drapery nets In a
crvat variety nt
J. W. Winuuu & Co.
WOO street
"The Finest" Ice cream parlors are now
0ien and you are invited to call. V1MQ
The best domestic coal hi the market tor
jt. II) iloliveicd. lie klli'u to trv l'iwt..iii U'v.
! omiiig nut for sale exclusively by Geo A.
miyiuei, iitt u.
Have you seen the beautiful line of photo
graphs of America's greatest stage celebrities
at The Couhikh office Tho line embrace
all the lending nnd most prominent aitlsts
and are the work of Fnlk of Union Square
New York, undoubtedly the thiest photo
grapher iu the country. Cull iu and see
iff "T"- - r J w
Oh, sweet trirl uriuluntel
With pride (Intel
Allil.'tkisl In tlliuv white.
llnwotery heart thestirlit
Oh, wlsoulrl urnduiitiil
All men iiwult
The ulloinni not our tliiiuuht,
With ui)stle meaning frmiuhll
All clamor to bo Immhti
I'rixocd, ornte.
I'my. sweet girl graduate,
llesltte ou Socrnles,
l'lnto, Diogenes,
And all the rest of these
Did Idly prnte.
I'my, now, sweet urmlunte,
Kliliirge, dilute
On "Woman's Higher Sphere;"
A Iheimi which titer)' )enr
The win Id Is hushed to hear,
With l.renth abate.
Alas, sweet griulunUt
Oh, lost estntel
For after nil Is raid,
Home fellow'll turn that head,
Homo HHir plain man ou'lt wed,
For such Is fate,
-llnMon Courier.
Hpxll It wild n Hlg "II."
It wasn't a hundred miles from this city
that it business man In a small town en
tered the postolll the other day, which
has lately changed hands, and asked for
his mail.
"Naine, please," leplled thu newly iih
"Black, of course,"
"Wnut Uhwkr"
"What's the matter with youf" ex.
claimed the other. "Haven't you known
mo as George Black for the I ant ten years?"
"lllackl lllaukl How do ou spell itr
1' I write It down, will you, for this
olllto has changed hands and will bu run
on it system after this and no mistakes al
lowed. Ahl H-1-a-o-k, Black. All the
mall for Mr. Black with a big B will Ira
promptly delivered hereafter." Now York
Old lint Ouoil Alwnjrt.
"I detest tho story with a double mean
lug," said Marshal V. Wilder to a group of
friends In Loudon some tlmu since, "hut
there are, nevertheless, soniu good stories
without thu double moaning that 1 cannot
tell before a rate audience, For In
stance: two fleas mot after 11 long separa
tion. 'Ah, there!' Inquired one. 'Dead
discouraged,' replied tho other. 'How sof
inquired ihuuIht one. 'Been on a tramp
for six months,' was the tired reply. 'Dear
mel' exclaimed thu first; 'then you must
buidl worn out with fatigue.' 'No; tho
tramp died. "Truth.
With His Thumb,
A boy is said lo li.ite saved thu Netherlands
from Inundation. Multitudes havo been
saved from the Invasion of disease by a
hottlo of AVer's Hnrsaparilla. This ineillclno
imparls tone lo the system and strengthens
every organ and Mine of the body.
" I havo taken it great deal of medicine,
but nothing tins done me so much good as
Avcr's Hnrsaparilla. I experienced Its bene
ficial effects before I Imd quite finished ono
bottle, and I can freely testify Hint It Is tlio
best blood medicine I know of." I.. W.
Ward, sr., Woodland, Texns.
"Confined to nn office, as I mil, from one
year's end to another, with little or no out
door exercise, I find grcnt help In Aycr's
Hnrsnpnrllla, which I Imvo used for several
years, and urn nt present using, with excel
lent results. It enables me to keep always
nt my post, enjoying the best of health."
II. C. Dames, Maiden, Mass.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
DR. J. O. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
HotdbyDruwItts. fl,slx$J. Worth $3 a bottle
In The District Court Lancaster County,
I. L. Illaokliiun. Howard Antes ami Mrs,
- Antes, Ihst inline unknown defend
ants, will take notice that on the tilth day of
March, 1VJI, Wnlllugford A Hhnnip. plulutitls
heroin, tiled their petition In the district court
of Lancaster eounly, Nebraska, against said
defendants, the object and prayer of which
nro to foreclose a certain mortgage by the le
leudant lllaekmnii to tho philutlM's iiwm lot
twenty-six (Ul) In block twofJi In lrvlnir
l'lneu addition to the cltv of Lincoln In snid
Luiicnstur county nnd state of Nebraska to
sccuro tho payment or it certain promissory
not e dated Viopt. 11, Ismi. for thu sum of Vtf.flO
and also ono other corialu note dated July
iMIi, IHs'J, for the sum of mi.OO each due mid
pnyablo on or before the tlrst day of July
1mm; that tliero Is uowiluo uiMiu said notes
nnd mortgage thu sum oflKKl.tK) ami Interest
thereon from the dato of the said notes for
which sum together with tho Interest there
111 plulutlllK pray Judgment nnd for 11 decree
Hint tho defendants bo required lo pay the
same, or that the said premises maybe sold
to satisfy tho amount found dun.
You are required to answer tho said pe
tition 011 or before the lUth day or July ls'Jl.
Dated June tth, im.
Wai.linofokd HIIAMI'
by Aniiorr, iski.i.kck A Lank
-l It their Attorneys.
Lincoln's Great Pleasure Resort
Now open dally to the public, The finest
picnic grounds In the state, with line
boating and fishing. Dancing
pavilions, illuminated with
Electric lights and
beautiful drives.
Tiie l'nrk Is large nnd will accommodate
everybody. .Secluded places for private
picnics can be had.
Sunday, June 2Sr.l1,
Lincoln vs. Sioux City
Hand Concert eer evening from 7 until
9:30 o'clock, commencing June 25th.
Electric cats run to tho Park every 1:
minutes (mm 6 o'clock in the morning
until it :30m night.
JULY 41:11,
Lincoln's Grand Celebration.
Basket picnic, amusements, and rare at
tractions. Flue display of lliewotks in the
evening Music anil dancing dav and
night. Public speaking and a grand" time
for all. Wait for further announcements.
Electric cars will run into the park.
An Admission will be Charged
On Halo at Hurley's, Shilling tiros.', Odell's
Kcstniiriiut mid d. Young's.
Uuy CoufON Tickets unit Saw .fonry.
svryiji8FJi ' s f, .-"nMnrr
1540 O STREET.
The ten's Novelties!
Just Arrived
A beautiful line of
Tea Gowns
Latest cuts and designs,
made of Challies, Henriettas
and Combination Goods.
These goods are elegantly
made up, are very stylish and
will be sold at
Popular Prices.
We have also just received
a limited quantity of Long
Military Capes made of Chev
iot, Camel's Hair and Broad
Cloth. If you have not al
ready a Spring Wrap, please
call and see the new and beau
tiful designs. The sample
lines now being shown for fall
trade by the manufacturers in
New York show these same
1023 0
Fine Dress Patterns
in Polka Dots, Combina
tion Suits, French and
English Goods. We have
about 35 of the most stylish
patterns left and have conclud
ed to place all of them on
Special Sale next week, same
to be sold at
These goods certainly de
serve your inspection. They
are rich in design and the
very latest fashion. A selec
tion of fashion plates given
with each dress.
of White French Flannels in
Blue, Red and Black Stripes
at $r. 75, $2.50, $3.50, S.1.00.