Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 27, 1891, Page 4, Image 4

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Mason's Fruit Jars,
Jelly Glasses,
Siberia Refrigerators,
Mew Method Gasoline Stoves,
Lawn JMowers,
Screen Doors,
Screen Windows,
Screen Wire,
Step Ladders.
936 1 St.
Pi ion u 380
Cushman Park
The Great Swim now Open.
lli:sr in tiik Land.
Saturday, June 27 Free Day!
Sunday, June 28th.
Ever,) one take the 10 a, m, train and vou
Mill Imvc the best day of the season. Great
variety of M title and Song.
lllshop Skinner, captain general of the
Kcd Ribbon movement, with 1,000 fol
lower, no out at 3:30 p. in. They will be
assisted by Tcxat 1)111 and too tow boy In
a we red and Interesting program.
10c. Admits to All.
Lincoln' Great Fourth of July Celebration
nt Ciitliman. See propmn.
Water Coolers
Bird Gages
law Mowers
Wire Cloth
Screen Doors
Step Ladders
Wash Machines
Gas and Gasoline
Kruse ft White
1210 O ST.
A ltpuhr ltjwrof StmUm 7Ywm.
PubliHhod Snturdny.
AiMrtM nil rommunicstlonf illrrcttn tli ofllc
WiCHHitt. Phintinq Co.,
Courier lltilMlnn, UjM N Hired.
U U'khhki., Jit., Kill tor nnil Hole Proprietor,
HUiiKUUirno.M Ono Yciir by Mnll or Cnrrlnt
I .MM; Hlx Moiitli,l()jTlireo MoiiIIih.JOo.j
Olio monlli WtViilliiTrlilj- In Ailvftnre.
AnvKiiTmKMt.vr: HMe rurnlnliiol on Application
At Hip unlet". Hpeelnl rntenoii Time Contracts,
(VxTnliinioiiHiHIinrlRpley sMclir, pwms nml
utorlcn nollcllinl, I'itkoiikI miJ HocIaI notes am
mh.'III- ilenlralilv,
I'RiNTiHni Wi mnkp t xcliilty of Kino Printing
in nil li iirAiiaiii'4. noeieiv worn n neciAiiy.
Cnti'iPil ntlliu l'lintoineo of Lincoln, Neb.,
i meonil clnni inntter.
Intlio July number of The North Atnerl-
ran Hovkuv, which oH'iis the onu hiuulml
nml lirty-tlilnl voluiuo mul the ooventy
Miventh year of thin well-known nml widely
elrculntoil monthly, tho illwutnlon on the
right imeii of wealth, whleh Imil nttrnetcil
marked nttent Ion In recent kiuen, Is renunuxl
thin time by Huron ile Hlrxeli, tho well
known llebnw phllaiithrnpltit, wlio hat itouo
and Ik doing mi much for the twiieflt of tlie
poormidoppieviilof hN own race- IIU con
tribution N not long, but the frank ntnto
iiieut which ho uinkei regarding lili plnui In
"My View on Philanthropy" cannot fall to
comiiinud wide attention. This nt Hole ohiih
tho numb.T. Mr. ClnrksonV article on "The
rolltlclnn ami the l'lmrlseo" hi tho Itoviuw
for May bin called forth a spirited reply
from the Hon. Dormaii 11, Knton, formerly
trcldent of the iintionnl Clvll-tiervlco Com
mission. Professor Hlelnnl T. Kly, of John
HopklnnUnUcMlty, coiitrlbiite n pnKr of
great vahio on "Tho Inheritance of Prop
erty." "Tho Relations of Literature to Ho
clcty" are considered In mi entertaining way
1V Mr. Amelia K. Burr, who contend thnt
good writer receive all tho attention from
tho oclal world that thoy de-wrve. Tho last
of tho principal article In tin Interesting
number U from the .m of Professor Oniric
A. HrigK, whom rotation with the Union
Theological Beminnry were the subject of
tho great discussion nt tho recent session of
the Presbyterlnn General Assembly. Pour
teen page nro devoted to Note nml Com
ments on h variety of timely and Interesting
topic. Several of them) articles are of espec
ial interest to women, and are cordially
recommonded to their attention.
Bcrlbner'H Magazine for July (beginning
the tenth volume) ha It lending article ou a
subject which attract particular atteutiou
at thin season "Sed in Ocean Hteamer."
This luo contain also two Illustrated out-of-door
article one on "Izard Hunting in
tho Spanish Pyrenees," mid tho other on
tUhlng for the black Sea-bam ou tho Paciflo
Coast. Tho number is umitunlly tlch In fic
tion, containing four short complete
stories; by Georo A. Hlbbard, the late John
Klllott Cm run, Edith Wlinrton, nml George
I Cntlln, U. B. Consul at Zurich. There
are three article of political Importance
ouo ou "Starting n Parliament in Japan" by
Professor John II. Wlgmore, of tho Unlver
slty of Toklo; another giving u civil engi
neer' gliuiMi of the revolutionary Republic
of llnyti; mid a third summarizing the ro
mantic history of outlawry on the Mexican
border. Poems by John Hay and Mrs. Jas.
T. Fields, complete a number of remarkably
varied interest. The frontispiece is the last
one of Mr. J. It Weguelln's notable full-page
illustrations selected for Odes of Horace.
Outing for July offer a tempting array
of good things for all lovers of pure, wholes
some literature and elegant, artistic work.
"Beyond the Metropolis of the Mountains,"
by Ernest Iugersoll: -'Rowlugas a Hecreas
lion for Women," Chase Mellen; Boating
Life on the Upper Thames)," F, Campbell
Moller, M.D.; "A Chapter lu Lacrojae," Lio
nel Moses, Jr.; Scientific Tenuis Strokes,"
J. Parmlv Paret; "With Rod and Line
Through Ireland," T. Murphy; "American
Cycling and Its Founder," C. D. Pratt, and
tho usual editorial!, records, poems, etc.,
complete ono of the best numbers we have
An admirable full-page portrait of Oliver
Wendell Holmes forms the frontispiece of tho
July Arena. Probably the most notable pa
per in this Issue Is Edgar Pawcett's " Pluto
cracy and Snobbery lu New York." With
the conspicuous Impartiality which ha ever
marked the management or Tho Arena, the
editor this month publishes a reply to his own
paper ou "Socialism," by the well -known
aauonaust anu Christian Socialist, Uov.
Irancis Bellamy. The editorials, "An
Kpoch-murklng Drama," "The Present Revo
lution lu Theological Thought," nml "The
Conflict Between Ancient ur.d Modern Reli
gious Thought In tho Presbyterian Church,"
are bright, vigorous and suggestive The
Arena is a library lu Itself, treating all tho
great living problems of the hour Itiji com.
prehenslve manner, and contnlnlngjii vast
amount of entertaining ami instructive mat
ter in its stories, character sketches, bio
graphical mul critical papers,
"Tho lady of Fort St. John," the now seri
al which begins fu the July nunbjrof the
Atlantic Monthly, is a story of one of the
lords of Aead a, Charles do la Tour. Pros
fessor Lauclaul contributes a paper on "Un
derground Christian Rome," in which he
tells of the discovery of tho Christianity of
an ancient Roman family from the excava
tlcu of their ancient burial place. There is
nothing better lu the whole number, how
ever, than Octave Tbanet's npron "Plan
tation Life in Arkansas," It is admirably
written. "The Storyof a Long Inheritance,"
bv Win. M. Davis, which, although no one
would ever suspect, Is dtvoted to tornadoes :
the "Neutrality of Switzerland," an able pi
per by W. D. McCracktn, showing some of
the advantages of a neutral state, and an
article on "TIntoret, the Shakespeare of
Painters," by William U. Tbiyer, are other
feature of the number,
''a HBH9oiBMl
Ml. M, A. Hitchcock and daughter Mis
Jennie, are visiting lu CrawfonWvillc, lud,
Mr, I'M, lmlorof the KdeuMusee, Omnhn
hn been in thl city during tho pnt week,
llflll. l' .T. 11,'lflll lift. l-ntiirti.Ml tfnt it .,
ten day trip to his old homo In Silem, III,
Dr. O'Connor ha returned from n bushier
trip lu the south eastern part of the stnty.
Mr. John C. Hautee, editor of the Freu
taneo nt Spencer, Is n visitor lu tho city.
Mr. AI, Parsons, formerly of this city but
now of Grant, wn In tho city thl welc.
Professor L. II. Austin principal of tho
high school, went to Sioux City Tuesday.
Captain J, IS, Hill and daughter returned
Suiidny from a trip to tho Pacific coast.
Mr. II, J, Kiltie, city editor of the St. Jos
eph Herald, I lu the city on business.
Mr. J. W. I.nnili tnrlisl Tliiirs.lrtr fur
trip to Vollowstoue Park ami Alaskn.
Prof, J. 11, Albright returned Thursday
from a short Micatlon nt Beatrice.
Mr. Geo. W Hill of Nebrnsku Clti- unmit
inesiiay ami n sliiewlay lu Lincoln.
.Mr. J. M, Hawkins of Fairbury Enter
prise was In the city over Sunday.
Miss (.'corgle Swift ha gone to Chicago to
complete her mulcal education.
Hon. Dick Berlin of Omaho, called on his
friend lu Lincoln Monday.
Mr. nnd Mr. W. II. Brenur started Jin n
day for Philadelphia, Peiin.
Miss Amber N, Richards departed Mon
day for Clei eland, Ohio.
Mi-. Ellen Ciomwoll returned to Johns
town, Peim., Monday.
Mr. Dr. A. Vnn Mansfield of Ashland Is
visiting In tho city.
Mrs. A. K. Knight went to Youngstonn,
Ohio, Thursday
Mr. 0, E. Ed w mils I spending vacation at
Salt Luke City.
Mr. mul Mrs, Lo Grand denarted Moudav
for Pueblo, Col.
Miss Anna Sldell Is visiting frlemls In
Rockrord, III.
Mr, J. G. Byrnes of Omaha wns in tho
city Monday.
Mr. K. K. Ha) den returned Saturday from
a trip abroad,
Mr. Georgo E. Lewis left Monday for Bos
ton, Mass.
Mr. C. W. Painter started for San Fran
cUco, Cul.
Mr. T. C. Elston has gone to Portland,
.Mr. Thomas Cochran went to Chicago
Mr. O. I. Steele of Hebron was In the city
Mr. A. B. Smith of Omaha was in Lincoln
this week,
Mrs. B. L. Hallem went to Denver Mon
day. Mr. C, J. Ernst went to Chicago Monday.
Hon. Church Howe Is at tho Lincoln.
A Ileil Letter Inv.
February llth was a red letter day for
Chamberlain Si Co., Dea Moiues, Iowa.
They made their first shipment of goods to
the Hawaiian Islands on that day. It con
sisted of 100 cases containing over four hun
dred dozen of their medicines, to the leading
wholesale drug house In Honolulu. A large
share of this shipment consisted of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy, so much esteemed
wherever it Is known for its cures of colds
nnd ns n preventive nnd cure for croup.
Chamberlain & Co., have contracted for ad
vertising in all the leading newspapera in the
Hawaiian Islands, and expect to make their
remedies a opular there n they. are in auy
part of the United States. For sale by drug
gists. Wanted To hear from young ladles who
will get up clubs for the Lidles Homo Jour
nal, among their friends. Trial subscrip
tions seven months for fifty cents, are want
ed for the M,000 prize. Tho contest closes
July 1st Fifteen cents can bo reserved for
every fifty. Elizabeth C. Morrell, 1IU4 Far
nam street, Omaha.
The Uitkiitn Hot Springs.
The improvements that have taken place at
the Dakota Hot Springs during the past jear
make It now one cf the most popular, attrac
tive and desirable resort of tho country. In
addition to the benefits to be derived from
the use of the water, the superior climate
and beautiful natural surroundings render it
an especially attractive resort, while the
curative properties of the water makes the
Springs a rival of the famous Hot Springs of
Arkansas. Ample hotel accommodations
are provided at reasonable rates, nnd the
journey to and from cau now be quickly and
comfortably made via the Fremont, Elkhorn
& Missouri Valley Railroad, the only all
rail line to the Hot Springs. Excursion
tickets are sold at reduced rates. Full infor
mation can be obtained on application to
IV. M. SiurtiAK, Gen. Agt.,
Lincoln, Neb., or
Jno. T. Mustln, City Tkt. Agt., 1133 O
street; E. T. Moore, Depot Tkt. Agt., Cor.
titu and S street, or to J. R. Bucklmm, Gen.
Pass. Agt., Omaha, Neb.
For chamois skins for carriage use call on
Henry Harphnm, Hi north Eleventh street,
opposite Capital Hotel.
Kje mul Kur Surgeon.
Dr. W. L. Dayton, oculist nnd nurut, 1203
O street, telephone 3T5, Lincoln, Nebr.
Ladles short waists nt special prices at
J. W. Winheii & Co.
1100 O. street
Wedding Invitations, either printed or en
graved in the finest stylo of tho art at Tiik
Couhikh ofllee. Correct forms and best
quality of stock guaranteed. Samples cheei
fully shown.
llurlliiKtun ltuute The Outing Benson Is
Urnwlug On.
People ha vo already bjgau planning thol
summer trips, ami we would suggest thnt
you )ost yourselves regarding the wonderful
trout fishing in Estes park, Col. The health
giving baths nnd quiet rest of Dakota Hot
Springs, the hunting and fishing of Wyom
ing or the fashionable delight of Manltou
The Burlington will take you to unv of them
speedily and without fatigue. There are
many other places In which you can spend
the heated term, and the agent at the B. &
M. depot or city oflice can tell you all about
them. Call and get a book of summer tours
and look It over. You will find it full of
good things and valuablo hint.
City Passenger Agent.
Who Shall Deeliln Whirl, I the Morn lie
cotnlliK, n TaUnr Miuln Costume or the
Citsliinm That Give n Young Woman
the Title of "the Hummer Cilrl?"
(Special CorresHnilonce.
NKW YoilK. June 18. It is trnlv nl.n.
lint to tho mind to find consintoncy In
anvtllinir liowmlnvs. nnrtinnlnrlv In imv.
thing thnt relntcs to womankind, who
heretofore linvo never hml tlm roimtn.
Hon of being consistent In anything.
And wlmt brings forth this sapient ro-
mark? A bridal costutno nil covered
with truo lover's knots. If thnt Is not
consistency 1 don't know what it is.
And, sisters, take note of it, nnd how
lovely it is; but nil tho same, I don't
know thnt a row of cofllns or weeping
willows would exactly lxj the thing for
n widow to wear on her mourning
gowns, Hut the wedding dress is so
pretty, and asido from the veil and or
nngo blossoms, the gown could bo worn
for full dress occasions certainly a year.
It Is mmlo of cream colored peau do
solo, cut en princesso and laced up front
nnd back with satin ribbon, which ends
in a truo lover's knot. Tho yoke and
sleoi es nnd ruff aro of lace, in tho now so
popular truo lover knot pattorn, nnd at
tho foot in front is a rufllo of tho samo
headed by festoons of tho samo knots
sown on in jiosition. whllo iust under
each is a tiny spray of orange blossoms.
On waist, sleeves and around the train
Is an embroidery of silver and penrl
beads. The back is shown in the small
illustration, and tho manner in which
tho veil is pinned on leaving it to hang
down like the ribbon on a nurse's cap.
A tulle veil could be worn if preferred.
The reason I hnve been so explicit
about this is because the stylo is so very
useiui a oue ror nil wno can wear the
princesse dress, and it can bo arranged
to suit any evening material. Satin.
surah, veiling or crepe, as well as faille
and moiro or even cashmoro make ex
quisite gowns modeled on this plan,
with Btich variations as circumstunces
would suggest. 1 should have added
that tho ruff and collnr and bust have n
narrow trimming of ostrich feathers, and
a wider band is plnccd at tho bottom.
I think that this same general stylo of
a dress would bo exquisito in pearl gray
crepe do chine or fine Henrietta cloth,
adapting it to tho wearer's individual
taste in small details. Individuality in
dress is greatly sought after now. I re
member being greatly pleased with a
silver gray cashmere gown designed for
herself by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. It
hung loose from just above tho bust,
wns clasped on tho shoulders by oxi
dized silver buttons, and had a deep
Wattcau plait in tho back; from under
this a silver bolt hung loosely around
and defined the waist, and nround the
bottom was a silver band. Under the
low waist was n gray silk jersey covered
with steel beads. The way sho got this
wonderfully graceful effect was by wrap
ping a soft bathing sheet around her and
draping it up on the hips and into the
Watteau plait, and then tho pins were
left in -and tho dress cut by it. The
whole had a classical effect.
Who shall decide lwtween a tailor made
gown or n summer dress, all lace and
frills and dainty colorings? Indeed it is
hard to say which is tho prettier, but
each has its uses. Tho tailor gown here
has just been finished for a young lady
who has gone to England, and wns of
leadon gray cloth with a garniture of gold
passementerie. The skirt is draped ele
gantly, aud tho coat is lined with white
faille, aud there is a vest of the same
with flat gold buttons. White gloves
are worn with it. It has all the neatness
of tailor make, without its usual severity.
The lace costume is made up over pale
(link surah, and the picture shows better
than words can tell how it is made, and
a girl can see her own possibilities in
tuch a gown at a glance. The parasol is
oovered with pink chiffon.
Olive ILuipkr.
i53 1 1 ii VSti l'eL jts4! K
IrMvi In (Mi w
Jiyi wm
Tbin Coats
Alpaca, Serges, Pongee, Silk Lustres,
Drab Dete, Mohair,
And all popular Fabrics so Cool and Comfortable in
Hot Weather.
The many styles we show will suit you. The low prices wc
make will certainly please you.
Madras and
Corner O and I Oth Streets.
Have You Attended the Great Sale
Now in progress at the
Kilpatrick - Koch Dry Goods Co.'s Store,
151S and 1520 O Street?
If not, you should lose no time in doinjr so.
We recently Closed Out from a New York Importer, a
large consignment of French Novelty Suitings and we are
placing the entire lot on Special Sale so as to give our custo
mers some extrordinary values in this line. We are also sell,
ing Wash Goods, Bed Spreads and Lace Curtains at marvel
ously low prices.
The Peoples Store.
Dry Goods. Groceries. Shoes.
1518-1520 O Street. Telephone 448.
Sutton & Hollowbush
Makers of Bon 80ns and Chocolates.
Also Delicious Ice Cream and Soda Water.
Dangler Gas Stoves
and Vests
1 H
Flannel Shirts ;
" 4
Telephone 273.
130 South Eleventh St.