Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 27, 1891, Image 1

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"A'P6PlliR PAPER" op" A9PI:RN 'TIMES "
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Voi. 6 No. 20
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Why ilo men sweurf Tho question sug
Rested itsolf to iny 111I111I tlio other day when
1 heard n yotitiK business iiiim, known to Ik
of exemplary) habits, string some rvtnnrkn
full of "dniung." "Damn" of itself Is not
profanity, but It Is tint next door neighbor,
nml in a joking mood I twlttecl my friend,
1111 educated, refined fellow, of swearing.
"Well," lie wild, "you nre making tho mls
tnku that everylirxly oIho does. People wiy,
"Why do you uso prolnno language w hen
proper mid decent words will nnswer tho
mine purpose! Swearing doesn't iniiko a
matter any plainer or carry any truth with
It now", continued my exemplary filend,
"that Is where people, make 11 mistake.
There is a class of men to whom profanity Is
tho language, of earnestness and sincerity mid
force. You can't stir tho emotions or tho
convictions of such men without 11 liberal
woof something more expressive and ag
gressive than good book language. Profuu
ity Is just ns much their tongue as a peculiar
dialect is the tongue of tome Isolated com
munity, and a college professor's diction
would carry very little earnestness or sincer
ity to them. It is my misfortune to have to
associate with a class of men who swear fre
quently and lluently and I have seen many n
time when I heartily wished I could vomit a
stream of oathes and do it naturally. It
would put me on a sort of a fraternul footing
with men whoso friendship I wanted for bus
iness reasons, just as drinking a social glass
together establishes 11 sort of freo-masonry
between men. I decided some time ago that
damn would add some force to my re
marks when among that class of people, and
I can use that word without quite fracturing
my conscience, beyond repair. I practiced
on that word until now, I llnttor myself, I
rip It out very lluently"
"This climute is hard on women, Isn't it I"
asked my friend Quiz the other duy as we
passed a lady who would havo Iwen pretty
had she had a good complexion'. I demurred
to the proKsition, but I have heard it re
peatedly, I have also hoard similar dispar
agement of western men. Now I can't tako
much stock in that sort of twaddle. Of
course the comarisoii is always with eastern
men and women. It strikes 1110 that these
differences nro mostly matters of clothes and
leisure, or rather of money, to get down to
the bottom fact, lecause money buys both
clothlug ami release from labor. The east
has thousuuds of ieople who have tho time
and the cash to diess well anil to take care of
their physical selves, and they give the tone
of elegance and good looks to eastern society.
The people of the west are grubbing for
some of tho wealth and leisure that past gen
erations earned, for the east. In our mad
choke of the almighty dollar we are too
much ubsorbed to care for tersonul appeur
mice, and even If we did we cannot spare the
time to groom 0111 solves, Good grooming
makes n wonderful difference in the looks of
a horse, mid It will In the uppearance of
men. If western people had the means mid
tho inclination to tuke caie of themselves
they would not suller by comparison with
easterners. We will get there in the next
generation, when sous and daughters will
have the benefit of the money that the fath
ers and mothers of today have "rustled" for.
Siwuking of women, it Is 11 questionable
habit among some ieople to seiik sneering
ly of tho capacity of women for the woi k
urually carried on by men. In these duys
of progress we hear of so many women who
are taking the places of men on the score of
ability that it is almost enough to convince 11
reasonable eison that all they need is train
ing mid opportunity. The case of 11 western
girl, Cynthia estover, now secretury to the
street commissioner of Now York, hus come
to my notice. Her father wus an exert
miner, ami during her childhood she rode al
most frcm Canada to Mexico, as company
for him 011 his prospecting expeditious. She
learned to ride like a cowloy and lecuine an
expert shot. Hhe once shot an Indian in the
act of braining a white woman with 11 toma
hawk, und while her father's camp was sur
rounded by murderous redskins she galloped
through their lines for relief. She ucqulied
Spanish for use while in New Mexico mid
learned the calls of wild birds mid animals
so that they often came to her like tame
creatures. Sho could entice a squirrel to
her shoulder or she could lasso a will steer as
well as a cowboy. 8 ho went to Colorado
University mid paid her last year's tuition
from 11 small herd of cattle which admiring
cowboy took care of during her nbseiice.
After a course in a commercial college she
taught a school mode up largely of Denver
Btreet crabs.
Circumstances took her to Now York, and
she got her present 1.100 position oil merit.
Bho had to puss mi examination in couieti
tiou with men. In her new position sho
found many strange things, und she sat up
nights to learn them. Hhe went to live in an
Italian family to learn their language, und
proposed to pay a fine of one cent for every
English word she used It cost her it'-i.M the
llrst day. Now she can run 1500 Italians us
well as any boss mid during a sickness of the
commissioner sho ran the business of the de
partment for several weeks just us well us
though ho had been there.
We have heard n great deal uliout "the
summer girl." The poetasters lnive rolled oir
their petty rhymes and the wits liuvo had
their caustic Mims, hut it apparently never
occurred to them that there was a "summer
young man", A bright woman, however, lias
discovered his existence and his tecullurlties
and she described him to a young lady in
this clever fashion: "He is an awfully nice
boy. He may wear a very gorgeous blazer,
and he may talk athletics in the afternoon
and sentiment at night, but he i olffor 11 va
cation. Won't you Just remember that
You are a pietty gill, and u bright glil,
and he likes to laugh mid talk with
you, take you out rowing, teach you to
play tennis, mid at night sit on tho vernnda
and toll you how a man really can love All
of this Is delightful, llutwlllyou please be
good enough to remember that lovo woith
having does not come in a week or a month,
nml that in his watch-case there may be the
face of a girl whom he loves with all his
heait, and whom ho thinks about every
night before ho closes his eyes. You m o Just
mrtof his vacation, and won't you bo wise
enough to make him 11 part or yours) If,
when his vacation Is over, ho should come to
your home, w lint was merely a summer ac
quaintance may rip-u Into a friendship.
Well, Hint's another thing. Hut Just for the
sunshiuy time don't allow yourself to think
too much about what tho summer young
man says or does,
The ninny who rend Hev. DoWItt Tnl
mnge's sermons, which nre a regulnr and
vnlunble feature of the CouuiKlt, will Ihi
pleased, no doubt to learn of tho circum
stances under which hu was converted, mid
wo are able to gratify that very natural cur
iosity. Here Is his own uccount of that In
teresting mul ImjKjrtant event: Truman Os
Iwriie, ono of the evangelists who went
through this country many yenrs ago, had a
wonderful art in the right direction. He
came to my father's house one day, and
whllowo were all seated In the room, ho
snld : "Mr. Talmnge, nro all your children
Christians!" Father said: "Yes. all but De
Witt." Then Truman Oslwrne looked down
Into the ilreplace, and begun to tell u story
of 11 storm that came 011 the mountains, mid
all the sheep were in the fold; but there wus
one lamb outside that perished In the storm.
Had ho looked me in tho eye, I should have
been angered when ho told that story; but he
looked Into the ilroplace, and it was so pa
thetically and beautifully done that I never
found uny jsjaco until 1 was sure I was in
sldo tho fold, where the other sheep were.
Oct on to the masher. Did you ever watch
a man who consldei s himself Irresistible to
the gentler sex! What a study what an
exhibition lie is sure to make of himself I
You will see him at the theatre, in the streets
ou the electric cars mid in the pnrks. Ho
stures at every woman, twirls his moustache,
primps Ills scarf and keeis adjusting his coat.
Ho ogles, stares, glances over his newspaper
und ventures 11 meaning smile or tilt of the
eyes. One of the fair sex says it is not once
In a hundred times that a woman returns
his glances; In fact, women are ufrald of
him or disgusted. Hut when u victim who
is In the same line of business ns himself does
give him a full equivalent for his ell'orts,
what u conquest ho makes of itl Wiiut a
wonderful conqueror he thinks himself.
Wlutt Does It Mvuii.
"100 Doses One Dollurs" means simply that
Hood's Sursupurllla is the most economical
medicine to buy, because it gives more for
the money than any other preparation.
Each bottle contains 100 doses and will aver
age to lost u urolith, while other preparations
taken according to directions, are gone in u
week. Therefore, be sure t get Hood's Sur
saparilla, the best blood purltlcr.
Dr. C. F. Lurid, dentist, 1105 O street
Telephone l.'s). Otllce hours II a. in. to 5 p. 111.
For harness call on Henry Hurpham, 14'J
north Eleventh street, opposite Capltul Hotel,
Kaechellu Uaumgartiuer & Co. celebrated
wool challles and'French satlnes nt low prices
this week at
J. W. Wl.NCIEK & Co.
110!O street.
The Fourth lit CiidIiiiihii,
There will be a grand celebration at the
park 011 the fourth of July The annual re
union of the Luuctistcr county veteran asso
ciation will be held 011 July n, A, und t. In
steuri of the old fashioned camp lire, a
war song concert will lie given ami every
body is cordially Invited to come out mid
hear the songs and bugle calls. There will Iki a
chorus of 100 voices mul the ulfulr will be in
charge of the leading singers of the city.
The various sounds and calls will be given by
a quartette of buglers: a number of the
most prominent men from various parts of
the state will be present ami some very in
teresting sHeches are promised. Every
body wishing to spend 11 pleasant day should
attend, us a rousing and enjoyable time Is
promiseri. Trains will bo run at regular in
tervals, so as to accomodate the lurge (fath
ering exMjcteri, A number of iieoplu ure ex
pected from out of the city, mul till citizens
shoulti join with the veterans of Lincoln mul
assist them in entertaining their associates
ami visl toi s from abroad.
Flannel shirts cleaned without shrinking by
tho French dry cleaning process, only 1(5 cts.
ut Lincoln Steam Dye works, llO.'. o street.
C0M.KCT10NH in and out of the city at
tended to, Rents collected, Houses leased and
Estates managed. H. N. Wessel, Notary
I'libllc with Hurwoori, Ames & Kelly.
Ludfes who me foiul of horseback riding
should call mul see Henry Hurpham , U'l
north Eleventh street before purchasing sldo
saddles, whips, etc.
Hicycles of ull kinds mul till makes skill
fully repaired on short notice. Wrenches,
oil cans, tires anil other supplies nlwuys for
sale nt George & Fishette, MW O street.
Bee the line rilsplay of (Jolri mid Hrass
Cages, Water Coolers and Filters mul Leon
urri Hofrigerators. The lurgest ami most
complete stock of House Furnishing goods
in the city nt Hurige & Morris'.
Ily Missouri l'uclllii lUllwuy.
Fourth of July, Ib'.M, to all points within
'.'(H) miles. Ticketson tale, commencing July
:i ami good for return until July (1 Inclusive.
vy ArPlMliiPfcj'ii(ii.i ., ll 4
The pleasure one experiences 011 visiting 11
place of amusement nmy ls added to or rier
ognted fiont by small mutter of which, per
hups at the time, most of us are apt to take
no notices but let attention lw called to It by
failure on the (xirt of those perfoi nilng such
trllles ami wo must Immediately become
awaro of our loss. Tho theatre goer of Lin
coln liuvo nlwuys been accorded by the gen
tleinauly assistants of Funke's Opera House
the most pollto attention which lies In tiielr
power to liestoiv. Whenever an act could
be done, they were always willing no matter
U what Inconvenience it pluced them. Our'
Mr. McKcynolris in recognition of these neM
lias secured by the exercise of the usual un
tiring energy he displays, the Abble Cor
rlngton 0orii company, at present on-routu
from the I'uclllc const, to stop over in Lin-'
coin for one evening, The company Is 0110
of tho strongest nt present In the country,
consisting of many notable artists of mil-'
vernal fame. Madame Corrlngton, 11 prima
dona of renown, who was ut the head of'
"Her Majesty's Italian 0om company,"
The Straknsch Ojieru company and others
of great noto has created a furore wherever
und whenever she permorineri. Tho com
lNiny is eoniosed of such nrtlsts of Mudame
Mlnorvin Hnlicock, Big. Horace Hollul, Mes
sera Kueutror, l'tetson, Bhonert, Truverner
und others. The 0ierii selected for the en
gagement In our city on July llrst,"Tho Hose
of Castile" Is one, which while now to our
tlieatro goers, is full of melody and Interest,
ami is equal if not sucrior to tho other
ojierasof that famous couiKser of the He
hemiuii Girl, etc. In due appreciation of
the gentlemanly treatment shown by the at
tuchees of Filiikes, our people should turn
out in full force, give the Itoys u packed
house and keep up tho reputation of Lincoln
ites. In order to secure a large attendance
and do nil for the boys possible, manager
McHoyuolris has allowed the popular prices
to prevail mul ull will liuvo an opportunity
of seeing 11 high priced attraction und show
their appreciation at 11 trlile.
It Is tin lotitri.r imuti fn miiwtlmi tlmt I.M.
ward Itemeiiyl, the great violinist, will re
visit America tills year, after twelve years
absence, for the Heriputh Lyceum Huieaii, of
HostOII. lifts fllllioilnceil 11 t.iiriii nf iniii'i.rlii In-
hfm for the coming season. It Is riflllcult to
over-estimate the sematlou lie will iiiuke in
musical circles, us he is w Itliout 11 living
rival. While he has been away he lias visit
ed nearly all purtsof the clvilliod world, mid
bus added to his fame everywhere. A small
troupe of singers nre to accompany him 011
his tour through the country, but ns n unit
ter of course the strains of his ninglc llddle
will constitute tho main feature of the con
l'attl will probably Ihi 11 member of H. E.
Abliey's oiivrii couiui.iy.
The Russian composer, Tscharlowsky, will
bring a lull Russian choir to America next
McKee Hankiii hasu new play wi itteu nbout
Abraham Lincoln, describing his presidenti
al life.
"Evangeline" has made a tremendous suc
cess In Australia, and the Ever Elusive Hlce
Is again 011 top.
George Keogh, for many years Lilly Lang
try's manager, will go ahead of "Tlio Still
Alarm" next season.
It Is nut improbable that Iviug may be
klllulltcil. The near future inuv lirlmr us n
Sir Henry Ivlng and a Sir Agustus Han Is.
Kurilou is already at work 011 the new play
he will havo ready by next winter for
Charles Frohmau, and which will have its
Initial performance In Now York.
Falling of the hair is the result of inaction
of tlio glands or roots of the hair, or a mors
bid state of scalp, which may lw cured by
Hulls Hair Renewer.
UhMiit itiiq 1111 Assemblies,
Heutrlce, Juno Sid to July iltli; Crete,
Juno liOth to July 10th, ami Fremont, June
i'M to July Dth. The Union Pacific will sell
tickets ut an 0ieu rate of ono fare for the
round trip. See your nearest Union IVlllo
Yoiithlleuu Kuropeun Face I'repurtliui,
Lutlies, if you want most elegant fuceprei
arntlon, try this one. It Is pure us spring
wnter; no lead, sediment or other Injurious
substances. It makes your skin soft, fresh,
nml clear; removes tun, blotches, dlscolora
tions, anil iiiqiaits a ieurly complexion.
If your face Is not what you desire it, try
"Youthllone". I guarantee it to give perfect
satisfaction. I have sought for a prepara
tion that will make complexions fresh and
young looking mul no wl lmo found it, re
tailed ut two dollurs or three for live. I have
secured the agency for this trusty iirtlcle.
J. H. Haui.kv. Druggist, Lincoln, Neb.
llaliy Is Nick.
The woeful expression of 11 Des Moines
teamster's countenance showed his deep anx
iety wus not entirely without cause, when ho
enquired of 11 druggist of the same city what
wus licst to give 11 baby for 11 cold. It was
no necessary for him to say more, his coun
tenance showed that the xjt of the family, If
not the Idol of his Hie wus in distress. "We
V,We our baby Chumberlnln'sCouKli Reined v"
w(,i the druggists unswer. "I don't like to
Klvn the iMiby such strong medicine," said tlio
lnuiiister. "You know John Oleson. of the
Wnttors-Tulhot Printing Co., don't your" en
quired the druggist. "His baby when eigh
teen mouths old, got hold of a bottleof Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy nml drunk the wholo
of It. Of course It inntlo the Imby vomit
very freely but did not Injure It In the least,
I mul ntiut Is iiioie, II cuud tho baby's cold,
u is 1101 necessary to gle poisons to cure a
cold or for ci imp either." Tim teamster
already knew the value of tho Remedy, hav
lug used It himself, and was now ivttlsllcri
that theio was no danger In giving It even to
a 1 tuny
The l'rlneosnlil. "I'll ho 11 hunker,
And then he wnnlc 11 wink,
And with Old Lady Wll.ouilM
An iibslutlie cookliill drink.
Ileslroked his royal stotuaoh,
Pulled down his princely vest,
"( drop your sovcrclwi III tho slot,
And I will do the lest,
For I'm a raiidy-ilaiiily of
The William Runis blue
(IniiibolliiK and boss racing I
Hna irnt down very lino.
I only race and gamholo
Willi the loftiest of the lolt.
0, let us make It Ihely while
Wo slny at Tronhy Croft "
The Prince he was a banker,
lie gave Hie cards a lllp:
Ilo saldi "Now this Is ImsliiesN,
"It's bullion ami not Up.
"The more on put up hoie, my Irlends,
"The less you will raku down;
"I'm bound to bust this puity
"If I have to risk the crown,
"O, yellow Is the water where
"The Yellow Paint creek Hows,
0 yollow are the sovereigns
"That buy such chips as those.
"Those chips I carry with me,
'1 uso them oft and oft,
"For I'm u bninly-damly and
"Tho cream ofTiaiiby Urort."
The Prluco he was the banker,
Ilo diligently dole,
Hut Gordon won the cash,
And not u siullii he smole.
Ami then said Gordon Ciiinmliig:
"Your luck 1 do deplore.
If y tay here with 1110 all night
You'll owe clulit millions more."
01 always let hU highness win,
To beat his gaiuo was rash;
It wasn't hoss-pliiillly
To win the Prince's cash
You'o won the Prince's good, bard still!
And someone's gone and "coughed,"
Audcallod tho world.s attention
To ullolrs at Triinby I'rofl.
Vlutnrln, Victoria!
May jou bo long on earth;
America sends tribute to
Your greatness and jour world.
Uh, inakoyoiir will, Vlutnrln,
And will the English throne
Hack to tho English people
And in young Wales alone.
Tho people they can rule themselves,
And then It will be Hue
To have 11 noble sovereign
End una royal lino.
And Wales will like It Just as well,
J" Tlieuat will be so soft, , i.i vn
, He won't liuvo anything to do
nut stay atTraiiby Croft.
That tired feeling now so often heard of,
Is entirely overcome by Hood's Barsapsrllla,
which gives mental and bodily strength,
Faith nml Hlijit.
Mlnervn (looking up from her rending)
Aunt Fidelia, tho 1-culaplan, attributes
rheumatism to n putliogctito micro-organism
which under certain favorable condi
tions Is received mul propagated.
Aunt Fidelia I don't believe a word of
it. I havo had the rheumatism twenty
years, and I never saw 11 sign of tho cren
turo yet. Pharmaceutical Era.
Her Idea of It.
A bright tcn-year-olri girl, whoso father
Is addicted to amateur nliotogranhv. at
tended 11 trial at court the other day for
the llrst time. This wan her account of
the judge's charge:
"The judge mado a long speech to the
jury or twelve men, anil then sent them off
into a little dark room to develop. "Chris
tian Union,
Cheap Doctoring.
Anxious Muiiium Llttlo Dick Id up
stairs crying with the toothache.
11 .1...., ti f,... . 1.... . . ..
1 iiiiliiuiii i-npii iiiku nun around 10 1110
"I haven't any money."
"You won't need any money. The tooth
ache will stop before you get there." Good
Not 11 Citizen
of Lincoln can alford tomhstho comfort ami
safety oirereri him by the North Western
Line (F. E. & M. V. RR.) in his travels to
und from Chicago nml all eastern inilnts, It
Is the illrect line to St. Paul, Minneapolis
Olympln, Seattle, Tacoma, anil all other Mln
nesotu, Washington ami Montana iiolnts,
All passengers for these xlnt go through
without depot transfer Patronize tho North
Western mid nvolil omnibus transfers. It Is
the only all rail line to that Sanatarluni of
the world, the Hot Springs of South I)ako
ta ami the illrect line t Rupiri City, Dead
wood ami Hlack Hills jmints. To nil those
contemplating a trip the coming season it of
fers a direct lino and service, to all the re
sorts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northern
Michigan. Tlio llnest llshlng groumls In the
woi Iri are leached by this line. For rates
and Information, call at lliKI O street.
W. M. Sllll-UAN. Geu'l Air't.
J. T Maktin, City Tk't Ag't.
Ho sure and try eastern Wyoming Nut
coal. Host in the mnrket. price fl.10 deliv
ered by Geo. A. Raymer Telephone JlOO,
WHO street.
Our work enks for Itself. It needs 110
brag or bluster, simply your own opinion
will testify to its merits. The Studio I
Grande Is on the ground floor, centrally lo
catiil ami 11 Is'itutif ill place. Call unri see us
at I'.'l south Tnclfth street
4th of .Inly Itntes.
As usual the I'lilon Pacllle will sell tickets
from ull stations to neighboring cities ut one
fare for the louml tiip, Call 011 or write to
me for particulars. E. H, Hi.osson, Agent
Union Pucillc System, Lincoln, Neb.
See our beautiful individual ice cream
moulds liefore ouleiiiu: elsewhere. "The
Finest" ISM O street.
I'llday's game with MlntuaM)s, mention
of which was necensarlly brief lost week, was
the most remarkable game plumed this season
In the three big associations, and sueli mi
eminent authority as the Kansas City Times
says that but two gieuter guiui's liae been
played In 1 event yeais, The people who saw
the gaum were foi lunate, as It will be some
thing to tell one's children ami grandchildren
lutheyems to come when the faiun of the
Lincoln club will have gone far ami wldo.
Not as many Innings (by live) were played as
lu the noted gaum at Tacoma a few weeks
ago. hut as nn exhibition of ball playing It
was much siqierlor. We lost, but no one
can seilously coinplaln as it took seventeen
rounds for MIiiuiiim1I to beat us ami then
with a score of only four to three.
Sntui duy Lincoln iHiumlisI tho Millers to
the tune or ll to 1, O'Duy unri Rogers coustl
tilting the battery.
Siinriny, Minneapolis sulfereri two inure de
tents to the tune of 0 to "J mul tl to 0. Roach
pitched the llrst and Dnrnbrough the sisjoml
game against I la it sou. They were both gisl
games: but Lincoln won by superior pitch
ing nml butting.
Thursday was an nirriuy,
Those season tickets are nbout ull gone.
It wont tako long to pull up to llrst place
After Sioux City comes Milwaukee for
three games,
Flanagan U getting in trim uuri Is main
taining his reputation us 11 hitter.
G. Deal Wei tz has challenged Eb Mockett
to rate any distance under twenty-llvo miles.
Stalfoiri stock Is, alas I not as high as It
wusnweek ago, but the little reri necked
fellow Is all right.
It Is said by parties oil the Inside that
Dave has two more players on the way,
(Jlleiy, who will belllulf
lu Moiulaj's gnat spectacular exhibition
even statrord Jellied 111 the general rumble,
securing a brace of eriors.
Tlio Eden Muscc club Is acoiker as base
bull orguiiljitlons lu near by Ndiruskii
towns 111 e every day learning.
Hank O'Duy claims that he will win over
H) ier cent of his games this season, He
sola tills before JUoniltty.'s guuie..4
Notwithstanding this weeks' events Dave
Is not discouraged mul he now announces
tliat he is going to capture the ieunnut.
As long us we had to lose we ure glud It
was to Dulutli They're a nice lot of fel
loes and they played good, straight hull.
The ten mile bicycle men Sutiiiduy night
was easily won by Mockett, Plxley giving
out. Mockett's tune was :il minutes, 41,5
Electric cars are now running to Lincoln
Park from six o'clock hi the morning till
11:110 at night, making tllps every twelve
Wilson won the six day bicycle iuco by
six hips, tcoilng-1 1 miles und 11 laps. Al
lowuy come next, und then Sullivan with
'Jill miles mid VI laps.
Raymond may have have strengthened
the Louisville team, but Colonels have lost
noui ly every giime that bus been played
since lie joined them.
To Lincoln funs It Is uiiuccouiituhlo that
Dulutli should havo remained at the lull end
so long, ll the gullies played here may bo
taken as a crlleilou the clubought to be well
up toward the top.
O'Hiien, Duluth's llrst basemuii, Is one of
those not vei iiuiuci oils (wings uthoiough
ly goisl uiitured base ball player. While the
other fellow sure, to use a strictly classical
expression, "chewing the rag" he Is wont to
chuckle good huiuoi idly to himself. Fatty
is 11 favorite.
It wasn't done lu public: but Dave Howe
delivered himself 01 some rather forcible
language at the completion of the disastrous
Liucolii-Dulutli series. The Isiys tisjk the
drubbing like little men, ami the chances me
that they will come down 011 poor Sioux
City like a thousand of bilck.
Uncle Diok McCormlck has, it Is said,
f (silts 1 witli the Omaha club long enough.
He wants to sell out nml Is in St Paul trying
his U-st to induce enthusiasts there to take
theluciibusolT his hands. All this in the
fuceol the statement tliut Omaha has made
money 1 fght along this season
Umpire Knight is only a shade letter than
the lately fired Collins. Or ull the umpires
in tlie Western association, none has created
so fuvuiiible Impression lu Lincoln asJKmslle
mul the fans will be glad to see him buck
once more. Ilo Is liked here better een
than "King" dutlney, whose merits consist
clilelly of 11 great reputation.
Reports trom Huttings Indicate 11 ery
successful tennis tournament. Miss Iwiso
Pound of this city, won the single Wednes
day, defeating Hearlwt-11. The ladles chain,
plonshlp prize which sho received Is a lieau
tiful racket known as the "Ashby social."
Tho next state tournament will Ihi held in
Lincoln commencing August '.
Oney Pulton wus ull right in center Held,
but there's 110 dhguli lug the fact that us a
third baseman helms Ills siiciiors. He is
too small and nut agile enough to look after
the territory which Raiinoud cocicd so
easily. Why wouldn't It 1st a good plan to
put hlamigau 011 third, Dave Ktmc 011 llrst
mul let Pattou lesume lilsolil position, that
is it Duve doesn't Intend to get another
player lu Raymond's placet
Lint oln biacisl up a little Tuesday, mul it
lstHlletri that an honest elloit was inaile t
capture the game, but It was oi no avail.
Slcllule whs 111 the 1 ox fur tho isitois uil.l
he had Hue control of the ball, completely
ovi'ishndowiug Rouch who tried to pitch for
Lincoln, Jack Howe, Toinney, Roach ami
Wllnoii, succeeded In piling up six enoiM
against three or Dulutli. Ilulkott scoicri 11
couple of liMilmso hits, ami Flaiilgaiiuiio
thieo bagger The n-ore llually stood six to
ll iliM-s'nt lake very long In tell tho story of
Wisluosriny's game Dulutli, poor Dulutli,
confessedly tho weakest club lu the associa
tion, pounded the life out of our puis ami
walkisl away with the third nml last game
with the ill most, ease, On his own request
Hill licit entered tho box. but his nun wnmi'l
III woi king onler ami he was soon relieved
by Slairohl, who did n Utile belief. Our
Imij seemingly illd'nt try to play, while tho
other fellows wot kisl In win, Tho four er
iors 011 the Lincoln sldi) Imil a good ileal In
do with the score, which was six to two.
Slllely iioouoexHs'tisl 11 Wateiloo Thurs
day when Lincoln crosNsI bats with Dulutli,
the tall under, tho unexpected happened how
over, O'Duy, unluckily, for his reputation
was in thebox against Ooodimough and Hart.
Twelve base hits were muile olT the foimer,
while Lincoln secured Just six fiom Duluth's
twirleiN, Lincoln got seven ei rors, Dulutli
live. There were only four earned runs nml
the lull enders got them nil. There wns one
tln-tv huso hit nml Dulutli lu tho person or
Elygolhnl. Twotwobcggers were divided
between the two clubs Jnek Rowe mul
Wilght. There wns ono double piny and ll
wns Duluth's. There were twenlytwo runs.
Lincoln got seven, Dulutli got the rest.
O'Duy stiuck six men out. That's tho history
of (he game. Nice, Isn't It!
No other blood imsllelno so utilizes the re
sults of sclentlllc Inquiry as Ayer's Snrsnpn
rllln. The Hot NprliiKsor Dakota,
These springs ure rapidly becoming famous
on account of tho wonderful curative prosT
tlesor the wutersmul the ninny marvelous
cures w hlch hnvo iKviieHecUsI by the ther
mal baths.
The town ami springs are delightfully situ
ated In a picturesque valley In the Hlack
Hills country, ubouiirilng lu beautiful sccnlo
effects, mid ut an nltltmlo of 11, KM) feet uhovn
the sivi level; thus Insuring n pure atmos
phere nml exhilarating climate, absolutely
fi'isi from malaria.
Under the eutei prising and progressive
management of the Hot Springs company
many desirable Improvements havo Ihsu
Hindu, among the number tho erection of a
commodious bath house fitted up with nil
modern conveniences for the comfort of
guests. New hotels have Imsmi built nnri com
fortably furnished throughout, conducted lu
Those who prefer stopping at a private house
will flml ninny desirable boarding places
where good accommodations are rtinilshcri
nt uuslerute pi-Ices.
The suis'i'lnr dully service now nironlcri by
the Hurlliigtou Routo to Hot Springs, with
tin ough sleeping car nccommodntlous from
Omaha, Lincoln, Aurora mul Grand Island,
mnkes the trip 1111 easy mid enjoyable one;
mid for the Ix-nellt or all who desire to test
the elllcacy or the waters, round trip tickets
ut rislucisl rates, good ror ninety rinys nre
now 011 sale nt all olllces or the Dili llugtoii
Fur pamphlet, descriptive or the spilngs,
and full Infoi iiiatlou us to rules, time, etc.,
apply to any agent of the coniiny, or to
J. Fiia.ncih, Gen't PussVit Tk't Agt.,
Omaha, Neb.
Flue silk underwear at sHclul prices this
week at J. W. WlNHKH tc Co.
WOO street.
Have your harness all washed, oiled und
cleaned und repaired at Wi 1101th Eleventh
street, opposite Capltul Hotel.
Huy coul mined near your home. Newcas
tle Nut Is conceded by ull that have used It to
bo the best for kitchen use. Price MO de
livered. Sold only by Geo. A. Raymer. Tel
ephone il'JO, Hill O street.
Wiik.N Giiant SAIli, "We will light It out
011 this line If it takes ull summer," ho proba
bly refered to the "Htirliugtoii," us every
Ixsly knows It Is the only "line" worth light
ing for lu this part of the country.
The Lincoln Ice company wagons ure now
making regular trlis to all putts of the city.
Olllce, HOI O street. Telephone. Nn.'JM,
Ciuhiinili I'urk Special Trains.
Until further notice, ll. & M. trains will
run as follows iHitween Lincoln ami Cusii
man park.
HVneif(i Ia-iivo Lincoln 7 '') imi, mid
return from Ciishmau at 11 i-m.
.S'iiiu Jiis Uave Lincoln at '-i.'M l"-M ami
return from Cu'lnuuii at s eoi.
.S'iiinfiis Icave Lincoln ut 10:.'io a-U,
arfW i-m, :i :HJ I'-m and 5:.'I0 i'-ji, returning
from Cuthmaii at 11 a-m, II l-M, A l'-M und ll
I'-ji. and . .) i--ji
Regular train No. 71 leaving Lincoln
nt l.n I' M dally exiept Sunday wlllal.-o stop
ut Cushmaii, honoring tickets, inund trip
late of in cents will apply to all.
Gtoi.oaihTS Have Dkciukd the earth's
earth's crust to be over UK) miles thick. This
is nbout the thtckness of the man's head who
bujs his railroad tickets by some Infoi-lor und
jsMirly line, when he could get 11
tick et by the "Ilurllngton" ut the suuiu rate
The Whitebreust Coal and Lime coiiipuuy
is always at the front supplying the flnct
grades of all kinds of coal
lirown's roftuurants, Windsor blocks ','ltl
ninth Eleventh street, and Ml t) street.
Five dollar commutation tickets icriuccd to
four dollars, good nt Isith places.
.Illl), 11, IHIIl,
Is the date tlxed for the Grand Yellowstone
Park Excursion via the Union Pacific "The
Overland Route." Final deposit for tickets
must lie marie U'fore June 30th. Write to
Harry P. Deuel,. City Passenger Agent, VM1
I'm nam Stieet, Ouiuhti.