Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 20, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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V 1
Rudge & Morris,
Hot Air Furnaces,
Water Coolers,
Water Filters,
Gold Bronze and
Brass Bird Cages,
Builder's Hardware.
Rudge & Morris
1122 N Street.
Spring Shapes
Christy's London Hats.
We are the onlv house In the City who
sell these goods. Come hi and try one.
Spring Suits
and Overcoats
Are being )lVplayed by us now.
Give u a tt. til.
If you Depositor Savings
Lincoln Savings Bank
Safe Deposit Co.
H. K.oor. lltliandl'HU.
At tlto Unto of
S-Five per Ct. per Annum-5
Have 3 00 a wcok ami It (ainnuiitH Wth
Interest In Ilvo yearn to f ,6nn,oo.
Bank ojieua at Us!10 a. 111. to Uj.TO p. in, and
Hnturdny evenings, 5 to 8 p. in.
Sfes to Rent in Burglar and Fire
Proof Vault!.;
Walter Wellmmi Writes of Several Pub
lie I'rrsolingen Who I'iimdm the I'iimi-i
of Tulklns; Well Mini Know When mill
Where tu Mmrclne It.
ISpeclnl Correnpomtonce.l
WAStiiNOTON, June 11. A good talker
Is n Joy foruvcr, If ho only knows when
to talk, what to talk about, and when to
stop; and, in my opinion, 11 limn who has
not tlioso accomplishments can never Ik;
really mul truly a Rood talker, no matter
bow Rlib IiIh tongue or how brilliant Ida
rhetoric. Washington is full of good
talkers Ono of tho best of thorn is Uen
ernl CNwoy, chief of engineers in tho war
department, and tho man who won fame
by putting tho half finished Washington
monument on stilts while a new founda
tion was placed under it, General Casey
completed tho great shaft, too, aud a
proud day it was for him when ho stood
up thero in a galo of wind and superin
tended tho capping or tho obelisk with
the block of aluminium, 1 called on tho
general ono day to make inquiry about
hii opinion of tho department of justice
concerning a war department case in
which I was interested,
"Tho opinion has not reached us yet,"
said General Casey, "and of course 1
don't know what it will 1h. But 1 am
afraid it will bo just the ru verso of what
wo want. Wo tiro sadly degenerating in
this matter of law opinions, anyway.
Vears ago when wo felt it necessary to
call on tho attorney general for an opin
ion wo indicated to him what kind of an
opinion wo wanted, and generally got it
That is ono of tho beauties of tho law
it is an clastic science: and it is this
which makes mo admire it so much, ac
customed as 1 am to tho exactness of
architecture nud engineering, I remem
ber that some years ago. shortly after
whs buue, war anil navy building was
completed, congressmen raised a great
ado because there was a solid partition
between the central and southern parts
of tho structure. Senators nud repre
sentatives used to rush down hero to see
tho secretary of war about some river or
harbor improvements, and then they
would go over to ask tho secretary of the
navy for a job in ono of tho navy yards
for some patriotic constituent. But when
thoy started for tho ofllco of tho secretary
of state to seo about that consulship they
ran plumb up against a stone wall.
"One day a senator bolted into my
room and oxclaimed: 'This is an outrage!
There's tho state department about twen
ty feet away, under this roof, but in or
der to get to it I must go out in tho rain
and walk about a block to another en
trance. Too much blasted exclusiveness
about this state department to suit me.
In putting up this building, why did you
fellows go and wall the state department
off by itself? 'Simply becanso you fel
lows that made the law authorizing the
construction of tho building required us
10 uo so,' i replied. 'Well, can't you
change tr 'Oh, yes, if wo can get tho
authority. The partitions are simply
oncK piugs oetween the columns, and
wo can knock them out in a hurry if
congress will direct us to do so. Tho
senator thought we could knock tho par
titions out without authorization by con
gress, but in order to mako suro wo asked
tho department of justice for a legal
"Dovens was attorney general then,
and when I took tho matter to him ho
said, for all tho world like a bank cashier
giving you currency for a check, 'How
will you have it?' 'Have what?' said I.
'Why, tho opinion of tho department of
justice?' 'Can I have it any way I want
it?' 'Certainly.' 'Then I'll tako it for
removal of tho partitions.' I got it, too,
and that's tho way in which tho state de
partment had it's brick wall torn down
and lost tho architectural exclusiveness
in which it formerly took so much pride.
"But this was not tho onlycauso I
have had for admiration of the elasticity
and adaptability of tho law," continued
General Casey. "Three or four years
ago a bridge case of u complicated nnt
uro came up for disposition by this de
partment Wo asked the department of
justice for a legal opinion. Mr. Garland
was attorney general, and as ho hap
pened to kuow that tho president bud
taken some interest in the case, the
wily purveyor of legal lore concluded
to tako no chances of having a wrong
opinion. So he prepared threo opin
ions, each different from tho others,
and with tho threo opinions in his inside
pocket marched over to Uio Whito
House, equipped for any emergency. A
few minutes' conversation showed him
what Mr. Cleveland's viows wero iu the
premises, and hen lie pulled out the
opinion which fitted the case."
A famous talker is Dr. Elliott Coues,
tho noted Theosophist. Dr. Coues lives
in a boautiful homo near tho president's
church, and his parlors aro tho Theo-
sophlcal court at tho national capital. Ho
uumoers ins touowers by tho score, and
while thoy aro chiefly women they are
very urigut women, restless, studious
mid more or less emotional. Almost
any hour of the day one of them may be
eeen in the doctor's parlors, drawing in
spiration from tho high priest of Theos
ophy. In the opinion of a majority of
these women Dr. Coues is about the
greatest man that has lived binco Ch:ist,
but it is odd that many of them dtvliue
to agreo with him in Ills denunciation
of the late Mine. Bluvutsky as n fraud.
Dr. Coues' fierce opposition to Bluvut
sky is well known, and his expressions
concerning her wero the cause of a libel
suit instituted ngainst him by th late
Hypatia of occultism. The women who
look up to Coues also admire Bluvatskv,
I suppose because Bluvutsky was of
their own sex, for one of lio surest
signs wo have of woman's growth iu
power is her increasing tendency to
stand by woman.
It is not surprising that Dr. Cone
wields it magnetic influence over his du
ciples, for he is a remuikablo man. lit
is a gifted talker. I sat for an hour ami
a half one recent evening talking with
him of Blavatsky that is, 1 did the
listeuiug. Dr. Coues attended to toe
talking. When Dr. Coues talks at his
best ho becomes exceedingly emotional,
and physically as well as mentally is At
high tension. At a signal from tho
philosopher, woll understood by a col
ored servant, the latter places on a chair
by tho doctor's sido a porcelain jar con
taining Egyptian tobacco and rlco pa
per. Tho doctor seizes n slip of tho pa
per, pinches out with dainty touch a half
thimbleful of tho tobacco, and with deft
fingers and delicate motions rolls him
self a cigarette. Then be walks rapidly a
few times around tho room, lighting his
cigarette with a perfumed wax match as
bo walks, and finally sits down, his
"mood" on', his eyes rolling llko an ori
ental's, and talks.
It is talk worth hearing, yon may bo
suro perfect in rhetoric, graphic In
coloring, logical in form, warm with
imagination. Every ilvo minutes an
other ciguretto, each as daintily rolled
and as daintily manipulated us its prede
cessor. Every ten minutes another turn
about tho apartment If, porchanco, the
doctor sits down iu another part of the
room tho watchful serving man slips
softly in from tho hull, removos tho por
celain jar of tobacco and rico paor to u
chair by his master's side and glides as
softly away. Threo or four removes of
tho occult philosopher, as many transfers
of tho tobacco jar from chair to chair, a
dozen cigarettes, aud tho listener, by
this tltno thoroughly en rapport, half
awako and dreaming, half charmed and
half mystified, is ready to indorse Theos
ophy or predestination or pre-oxlsteuce
or anything else which Dr. Coues may
Ono of the very best talkers in Wash
ington is a newspaper man named Stor
ctt plain Bill Sterett, of Texas. Ho
doesn't know any more about Thcosophy
or occultism thun ho does about tho kind
of fish thoy catch in tho moon, but ho
knows human nature, which is a good
deal bettor. He can tell a now story or
narrate somo hitherto unknown but
marvelous cxpcrlouco of his every
story truo and every oxpcrlcnco actual
each quarter hour. Many of his stories
aro of tho newspaper business, hunting
and fishing, but thoy huvo no pooicr fla
vor for that.
William E. Curtis, who was formerly
a newspaper man, but is now one of
Mr. Blaine's trusted lieutenants iu tho
stato department, is keen observer,
has been a great traveler, possesses a
memory Hko that of a stereotypo plate,
and Is a first rato talker. Ho works llko
a steam engine and talks llko n dynamo.
1 asked him the other day how old his
pretty little daughter Elsio was, mid ho
said ten years como July 2.
"That recalls to mo,", he wont on,
"ono of the most harrowing exiieriences
I have over hud. Ton years ago I was
managing editor of tho Chicago Inter
Ocean. The night of tho 1st of July 1
had been up till daylight, running back
ward and forward between my house
and the office. I had just got nicely to
sleep in tho morning when a messengor
rang tho doorbell and they roused mo
and put into my hands a noto which
read, "President Garfield has just been
shot in Washington." In fifteen min
utes I was at tho office, writing mes
sages and giving directions. An hour
later a telephonic messugo summoned mo
homo imperatively. I had been in the
house but a littlo while when word camo
from tho offico that I must report at
once, as tbf compositors hud gono on
"Back to tho offico I wont, and had a
conference with tho business manager
aud with a commlttco from tho men, and
fulling to reach an agreement, organized
a plan to get now men and mako sure of
tho publication of a paier tho following
morning. Thon I rushed homo again,
and at tho critical moment thero was
onco more summoned post haste to the
offico by tho startling intelligence that a
mob was threatening tho building. In
those duys Tho Inter-Ocean was a strong
stalwart organ, and some of tho peoplo
got tho idea in their heads that certain
political editorials which wo had printed
wero indirectly responsible for the assas
sination. To ndd fuel to tho flames, tho
first dispatches had it that our corre
spondent in Washington, Mr. Byron An
drews, was Guiteuu's accomplice.
"Of courso Mr. Andrews had nothing
more to do with the killing of Garfield
thun you hud, oxcept that he chanced to
bo in the railway station nnd an eye wit
noss of the tragedy. But tho peoplo wero
excited and fierce, aud a howling mob
had gathered in front of tho office, hoot
ing and threatening. 1 nearly killed a
cab horse in rushing to the office, and
there throw up a window and made a
littlo speech to tho crowd, telling them
tho facts and begging them not to block
up the streets. The mob slowly dis
persed, and after some moro troublo
about tho striko and tho getting of new
printers I hastened homo to fiud myself
a father. So you seo I huvo abundant
reason to remember July 3."
Walter Wellman.
Novel Uso fur Cuttle Hone.
A novel uso has been found for "cut
tle bono" by p.xpert jewelers. Thoy em
ploy it instead of 6aud to mako small
castings, quito delicato impressions of
models being produced iu its fino grain
by pressure, and thero retained much
better thun iu sand. Sometimes a score
of "bones," smoothed to plates and sev
erally impressed, uro connected by wires
in a pile, with miuuto upertures and
ch.imiels runniiig through them to curry
tin molten gold, poured Into tho top, to
all the nam. When tho casting cools
nnd the "bones" aro crumbled away, n
"tree" of ring shanks, pin forms, or
other shapes is presented, to bo broken
up mid finihhed in detail. Tho frag
incurs and dust of tho bone go to makt
tooth iwwUer and metal polishing ma
terial. John II. Intuitu.
Tho president of tho Richmond Ter
minal comp iny, John II. luiiiau, U build
ing a haiidsdmo house on Seventy-second
street, just east of Central purk, New
York. His present homo at DO West
Fifty-sfxth street Is ono of tho most
magnificently furnished establishments
in tho city. The treasures under its
roof It Is estimated coit nearly half a
million dollars.
C'uliiunti I'nrk Special Trnlii.
Until further i.utleo, II. (t M. train will
run n follow (between Lincoln nnd CtiMi
limn (mrk.
HVriniwfiti Unvo Lincoln 7i!W r-M, and
return from Ciwlimnu nt 1 1 I'-m,
Midinfttl taavo Lincoln nt !it!K) p-m nnd
return from Cutliuisii nt 8 r-tt,
ATiimfiiii Ieuve Lincoln nt lui'10 a-m,
Ji'W I'-m, a:'X) f-M nml ftt'M p-mi returning
from Cimliitinu nt II a-m,!I I'-m, A p-m nud it
I'M, and 8:110 i-.h.
ltcKiilnr train No. 71 lenvhiK Lincoln
nt 4:'Jil I'-M dnlly except Humlity wlllnlso Mop
nt Cuihmnit, ln-norlng ticket, louiid trip
rnto of IA wnts will apply to nil.
The Ititkutn Hut Nprliigi,
The Improvement Hint Imvo taken ilnct nt
tho Dnkotn Hot Springs during the punt en r
innku It now ono cf the inot populnr, attrac
tive nnd dcnlrnlili' resorts of tliocuuntry. In
ndditlon to tlio hciiellt to hu derived from
the una of the wnter, the siih-i lor clhunto
and hcuulifiil nnturnl Miri-onmling render It
mi ieellly nttrnotlvo nHort, while tho
curative properties of tho water mnke tho
(Springs u rlvnl of tho fnmoiiN Hot Hpiing of
Arknnn. Ample hotel nccoiiitnodiitlnii
uro provided nt reasonable rate, nud tho
Journey to nud from can now I hi quickly nml
couifoitably innde vln tho Fremont, Klkhorn
& MlnHOiirl Valley Itnllrond, tho only nil
rail lino to tho Hot Spring. Kxctimlou
ticket nro nold nt reduced rato. Full Infer
mntlon can lie obtained on nppllcutloti to
W, M. Hllll'MAN, (leu. Agt.,
Lincoln, Neb,, or
Jno. T. MiMtln, City Tkt. Agt., HIM O
Ktiooti K. T. Moore, l)oKt Tkt. Agt., Cor.
Mn nnd H htreet, or to J. It. lliickhnin, (Jen.
I'n. Agt., Oiimlm, Neb.
Hilk greimilliK and drapery nuts In a
gient vnrlety nt
J. W, WiMir.H tc Co.
1IIKIO street
"Tho Fluent" Ice cream junior mo now
open nud you aro Invited to call. l'JJIOU
nil eet.
Wedding iuvltntlou, either printed or eu
graved In tho luet style of tho art nt Thk
CoimiKlt otllco. Correct form aud liost
quality of tock gtmrntitcod. Humpies cheer
fully nliown.
No trills.
Walter What kind of soup will you
Hecnthero Just plain.
Walter What do you mean by that?
Ueetitherc Without any thumb In It.
Boston Courier.
As a Rule,
His liest not to attempt to leincily costive
lies hy tho uso of siillno or iliustlo piuga
lives. When ncnllmrllc medicine Is needed,
tho most prompt and lieiiellclal Is A) or'
l'llls '1 heir effect Is to restore tho regular
uctlon of tint Iiovtels, without weakening
them. Ilclng siignr-eimU'il, tlieso 1'llls letaln
their medicinal virtues for a long time, and
tir.) easy to take.
"Icnti recommend AVer's Pills nliovo nil
others, ha lug long pum-d their Mduo as a
cathartic for myself and fnmlly."-J. T. lies j,
Lelthavlllc, l'a.
" In NU8, by (lie nih Ice of a friend. I hegnn
tno uso of A)ers 1'llls as a remedy for hll
lousness, constipation, high fevers, nud
colds. They served me hotter than any
thing I lind previously tried, and I have used
tlicm In attacks of Hint sort ever since."
II. W. Ilersti, Judsonla, Ark.
Ayer's Pills,
rnsrAnen nv
DK. J. O. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Dealers In Medicines.
In The HUtrlrt Court iJiiicttnter County,
I. I.. Illnckiuuu. Howard Ante nnd Mr.
Ante, ilrist niiuio unknown ilefeiul
nntii, will tako notice that nu tho ivth lay of
March, 1HUI, Wnlllnghinl A Hliiiiiip. plulntlll
herein, filed their petition In tho district court
of LnncnMur county, Nobnuikn, ngnliut mild
defendant, tho object nud pruycr of which
aro to foreclose a certain mortgngo by tho dc
lendnnt lllnckmnn to tho platntltr upon lot
twcnty-Klx CJI) In block two (2) In Irving
I'laco addition to tho city of Lincoln In mild
Lancaster county and Male of Nebraska to
hoc uro the payment of n certain promlmory
noto dated Hopt. It, IWtt, for tho kuiii or fVS.UO
nudalKoono other curtain noto dated July
25th, tSHO, forthouinof Il3.1.aicnch duo and
pnyablo on or before tho Una day of July
IWH); that thero Ih now duo iiimmi cnld notes
nnd niortaugo tho sum of IIUO.CIO nud Intercut
thereon from tho dato of tho mild note for
which Hum together with tho Interest there
on plulntliry pray Judgment and for a decree
thm tho defendants bo required to pay tho
hiiiiio. or that the said prcinUcH inuy bo nold
to HiitlHfy tho amount round duo.
You nro required to answer tho wild pe
tition on or beforo tho 13th day of July ISill.
Dated Juno tth, Util.
WAi.MNoroun HllAMI-
H-Mt their Attorneys.
Coras Extracted
Chiropodists and Manicures,
l'erinnuont Location, lllii O Ht.
Ghicago,Rock Island & Paciflc Ry
and l'UEULO.
cf Through Coaches, Simpers, Free Reclining
ChMr Car nnd Dlntnir Cnrt dally betwren CHI
OMAHA, nnd between CHICAOO nnd DENVER,
Tcteph, or Knna City nud Topeka,
Via The Albert Lea Route,
Fnt Express Trains dally between Chlcatra
mul Mliineaiiolls and Bt. Psul, with THROUOII
RecltnlUK Chair Cars (FREE) to nnd from those
points and Kansas City. Throuuh Chslr Car
and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake und
Sioux Falls via Rock Island.
For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired Informa
tion, apply at any Coupon Ticket Omce, or address
Oen'l Manager, Qeti'l Tkt. Pss. Atrt.,
1540 O STREET.
The Season's Novelties!
Just Arrived
A beautiful line of
Tea Gowns
Latest cuts and designs,
made of Challies, Henriettas
and Combination Goods.
These goods are elegantly
made up, arc very stylish and
will be sold at
Popular Prices.
We have also just received
a limited quantity of Long
Military Capes made of Chev
iot, Camel's Hair and Broad
Cloth. If you have not al
ready a Spring Wrap, please
call and see the new and beau
tiful designs. Ihe sample
lines now being shown for fall
trade by the manufacturers in
New York show these same
1023 0
Fine Dress Patterns
in Polka Dots, Combina
tion Suits, French and
English Goods. We have
about 35 of the most stylish
patterns left and have conclud
ed to place all of them on
Special Sale next week, same
to be sold at
These goods certainly de
serve your inspection. They
arc rich in design and the
very latest fashion. A selec
tion of fashion plates given
with each dress.
of White French Flannels in
Blue, Red and Black Stripes
at $1.75, $2.50, $3.50, $4.00.