Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, June 20, 1891, Image 1

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Vol. O No. 28
Lincoln, Nk'hkahka, SatuwdAy, Junic 20, 1801.
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They wero talking nlout luck mid tlio part
it plays In men's fortunes wlien one I elated
tlio experience of n former Llncoltilto. ilu
came from Falls City, or soiuowhero down
in that country mid got a clerkship under
Captain It. O. Phillips In tlio laud depart
nicntof the JJ..& M. tils salary was llfty
dollars a month and ho hnd to hunt out tlio
chenct chophouses in town In order to
ninko both -ends nuot. Tho .fellow evident
ly had something lu him, for when tlio lUir
lingtou located now towns ho got onto tlio
choice lots and Rave a tip to n moneyed
friend whom ho hnd jierHUmled to go Into tlio
scheme. They bought up cholco lots and re
sold them. It was not such a very long
time beforo this youtig follow had cleaned up
$6000. He pulled out of the railroad ollloo
and put his jnonoy Into a bank lu Colorado.
Then he went to Omaha, and having studied
law beforo coining to Lincoln, ho went Into
an abstract business. In the course of his
labors in that lino he discovered koiiio defec
tive titles and lila scheme to get hold of
claims against the property. Then ho en
gaged a lawyer to jiroseeuto his claims.
While this litigation was In prog re 1 ho took
a notion to go to South .America. He told
out bis bank stock in Colorado, salted down
his cash and left Omaha for Brazil or Argen
tine Ilepubllc. A short time ago his wilt
came to trial and his attorney Jly
that victory he is said to have conic Into
property worth (25,000, but strange to say,
bis whereabouts are unknown. Now the
question is, how much luck and how much
shrewdness, energy, and executive ability
was there in tills young fellow's case!
Shaking of Now Mexico wo were the
other day, you know recalls an Instance of
the curious meetings and vleUsltudes of life.
If you wero to take four youne men, all
friends and living in Lincoln, send them to
d IITe rent states to engage In business and
then ask, "Where ore these young follows
likely to meet again!" you would hardly
expect It to be eight or ten years later in a
little, outrof-the way New Mexico town, ono
tlilrd American and tw o-Uiirds Indian. And
yet, such are the straugo Interweavlngs of
life threads, that this actually occunvd sev
eral years agoat Socorro.
The four young men lived In a .New York
town. A chain of circumstances took, ono of
them Into the newspaper business iuJowa.
He sold out and took advantage of his
freedom to do the southwest, dropping off at
Socorro to see an old friend. Another had
inherited a small fortune, moved to u city
and engaged in manufacturing. He went
out to Socorro at the suggestion of a relative
to look at the Magdalene mines with a view
to investing some money in the industry.
The thiid had gone to the United Btates of
Columbia as an employee of one of our
consuls. After threo yearn In South Ameri
ca ho returned to the United Btates, studied
law and, concluding to woke use ot his
Spanish, located at Slcorro. I he fourth .was
the sou of tlio rich man of the town. Ho
ran away from home aivdciitheveial years
herding sheep in Colorado and otherwise
roughing it. In some unexplained manner
ho discovered an illegitimate son nf Ids fath
er and, singularly enough, they became part
ners In their western life. They started
down into New Mexico looking up and locat
ing water privileges. Water is scaroo in
that territory, and the owner of a good
spring may control miles of adjacent land
for grazing, because there may bo no other
stream or spring anywhere near to water tlio
cattle ot a rival ranchman. Men made a
business of locating springs, then taki'.ig up
a government claim and helling it as a water
privilege. One day these straugely muted
boys ran out of provisions, and the illegiti
mate son started for Socorio for a new sup
ply. When within a mile of town, in climb
ing into the carriage his gun trigger got
caught, the piece was discharged and ho
wds killed. Several days after he wan bur
ied a courier found the other brother and
brought him to town.
Like most of those old towns in the south
west, Socorro has an open square or plaza,
and there, on a bright April morning, these
four young men, after years of separation,
were brought together by the rates. For an
hour they reveled in the joys of boyish rem
iniscence, and then some of them started for
the mines. Tho four havo never come to
gether bIiico, The lawyer achieved fume and
fortune, but died a short tluio ago. Among
bis surviving relatives is a sister now living
in Lincoln and prominent in the work of
tho Church of tho Holy Trinity. Tlio prodl
gul son's father died mid left him $150,000.
Tho prodigal son returned homo and squan
dered his fortune lu less than three years.
Ho also died u shoit time- ago. Circum
stances, some no less odd tliun thofo related
above, have brought tho other two young
men to be residents of Lincoln. Whut a
curious thing life Is after all I
"What makes Lincoln grow J" lj a poien
nial question. Tho mail of whom it Is asked
generally gives It up as an iusolvable riddle,
and tho other fellow usually continues in a
tone of conclusive discouragement. "You
don't seem to havo much manufacturing
here". Then the citl.en admits with an air
of conciliation' "No, we haven't," and niajlsj
he admits, in a tono of mingled apology mid
helplessness, "but she gums just tho samu."
Throughout tho dhcusslon of tho giowth of
Lincoln runs tho core of a very common
Idea: that u town cannot grow viithout fan
toiles, and because tho Capital City lias fow
largo miinufiict urlng Institutions people pio
fesB to lw mystified tit it glow th niul doubt
ful of Its stability. Tim tact of tho matter
Is, this factory Idea has been very much
ovei rated. People w ho have como from tho
far east can recall manufacturing tow us and
vciy fow of tliein are large. Tho cities of
over 50,000 that havo been built up almost
exclusively on manufacturing enterprises
can bo counted on the lingers of two hands
or very near it.
It Is a big factory that employs a bundled
hands, mid It takes ten such to make a thou
sand employees. I havo in mind a town
with u big Industrial shop that employed
about a thousand . There wero no women or
girls and very fow young bays, nnd yet tlio
population of that town was loss than I, INN),
If Lincoln had ten factories each with u
hundred employees, or live shops with two
hundred each, wo probably would brag
about our great manufacturing Industry
and Imagine wo had discovered tho secret of
Lincoln's progress. Of course factories help,
but their Importance as population-producing
factors has lieen greatly overrated.
This Is proved by tli9 grow th of Nebraska
cities. Shohas some healthy children, but,
with tho exception of Omaha, none of them
owe very much to manufacturing. Now
this article is not Intended to discourage tho
planting of now factories in Lincoln; It is
only to calm tho fears efisomo good jusiplo
who imagine that our municipal salvation
dopends on tho capturing of a few factories
employing jiorhaps threo or four hundred
Homo very wlso people assure us that bac
carat should be pronounced as though spoiled
h-a-k-a r-a-w. The easiest way for a man to
appear learned Is to get n littlo smattering
of mythology, tho most utterly useless knowl
edge over crammed Into human crinlunn,
and air It on occasion. About tho next
easiest method is to load up with a few for
clgu phrases or got the original pronunciation
of a fow foreign wonts and thou shoot them
off at tho common herd whenever opportun
ity offers. One of tho (tottlest displays of egot
ism is this H)tty one of pedants to Impose Uion
the world with their potty knowledge to hldo
their colossal ignorance. If one nttempts to
give tlio native pronunciation of the thou
sands of foreign words adopted Into the Eng
lish he will have n job on hand that would
batllo tho traditional Philadelphia lawyer.
.Richard Grant White and Max Mailer as
sure us that the tendency of tho English lan
guage is to simplify itsnif, mid in the matter
of foreign words it is usuusibloaiid consistent
rule to anglicise them whenever it can well
be done. Instead of getting tho French or
Chinese twist ou words wo adopt from their
languages, let our teachers, as far as practl
cable, commend the practice of pronouncing
tliem according to the English siielling. lu
stead of piling up dilllcultlos, tho people who
imagine the fate of the English language Is
entrusted to their keeping should use all
reasonable efforts to simplify it.
After all, the best way to know tho real
merit of Hood's Sarsaparllla, Is to try it
yourself, lie sure to get Hood's.
See our beautiful individual ice cream
moulds before ordeilng elsewhere. "The
Finest" 110 O street.
Flannel shirts cleaned without shrinking by
tho French dry cleaning process, only 15 cts.
at Lincoln Steam Dye works, 110.', O street.
The best domestic coal in the market for
$4.40 delivered. He sure to try Eastern Wy
oming nut for sale exclusively by (Joo A.
ltaymer, U'M O.
CQU.KCTioNH In and out of the city at
tended to, Rents collected, Houses leased and
Estates managed. II. N. Wessel, Notary
Public with Harwood, Ames & Kelly.
Ladies who are fond of horseback riding
should, call and see Henry Harpham, H'J
north .Eleventh street beforo purchasing side
saddles, vlips, etc.
Bicycles of all kinds atid nil makes skill
fully rehired on short notice. Wrenches,
oil cans, tires and other supplies always for
sole at George & Fishette, 1442 O street.
Cliautuiiiia Assemblies,
Ueatrlce, June Jitd to July Gth; Crete,
Juno aoth to July 10th, and Fremont, Juno
2M to July tith. The Union Pacific will sell
ticket at an open rate of one faro for tho
round trip. See your nearest Union Pacific
Youtlilleae iimuetm Fare rrepiirtlon,
Ladies, if you want most elegant faco prep
aration, try tliis one. Jt is pure as spring
water; no lead, sediment or other injurious
substances. It make your skin soft, fresh,
and clear; removes ton, -blotches, dlscolora
tions, and imparts a pearly complexion,
if your faco Is not what you deslro It, try
"Youthllono''. I guarautcu it to give perfect
satisfaction. I have sought for a prearu
tion that will make oomplejclons fresh and
young looking and nowl luiro found It, re
tailed ot two dollars or threo for five. I have
secured the agency for this trusty article.
J. H. Haiilkv. Druggist, Lincoln, Neb.
Ilulty U Kick.
The woeful oxprcstilou of a Dos Moines
teamster's countenance showed his deep anx
iety was not entirely without cause, when ho
enquired of a druggist of tho same city what
was best to give a baby for a cold. It was
not. necowary for him to say more, his coun
tenance showed that the H)t of tho family, if
not tho Idol of his life was in distress. "Wo
glyo our baby Chamberlain's Cough Remedy"
wns tho druggists answer. "I don't like to
give tho baby such strong medicine," said tho
teamster. "You know John Olesoti. of the
Wnttors-Talbot I'rliitlmr Co.. don't vouf" en-
quired the druggist. "His baby when eigh
teen months old, got hold of u bottle of Cham
berlalirs Cough Remedy and drank tho whole
of it. Of courso It made tho babv vomit
very freely but did not Injure It lu tho least.
and what Is nmro, It cured tho baby's cold.
It is not necessary to give poisons to cine a
cold or for croup either." Tho teamster
already knew tho value of tho Remedy, hav
ing used It himself, and was now satlslled
thnt there was no danger In giving it oven to
a baby,
A nonwillful lletieut for the Imalld,
TuurNt mid Pleasure Nimltnr.
Among tho various summer ivsoi ts claim
ing lecugnltlon as woi thy of relluod patron
age, none can compare with those of Iluena
Vista lu nil that goes to in iko up a season of
continued delights, and a sojourn of quiet
rest, ami pleasant recreation,
Nowhere In the country can bo found such
a combination of attractions and advan
tages ns Is Kissessed by this charming re
treat in the heai t of tho Rooky's. It can
l)OMt bo reached by the "Hurllngton" to Den
ver, and thonce by either tho 1). & 11. (.,
tho South Park, or tho Colorado Midland
Ru Ihvaj s, and tho trip can bo liiudo lu from
Ditto !J7 hours, according to tho route se
lected. Thes.1 springs are llvo miles from tho sta
tion, and guests aro convoyed to mid from
the hotel In easy tiding carriages, either
morning or ovetilng.
Tho hotel has broad verandas, and It con
tains fifty rooms, newly furnished and hand-
somely decorated, everything is neat and
clean, and an elevation of 7000 feet renders
the climate delightfully cool, refreshing and
Roth tho hotel and bath house aro located
on the banks of a beautiful mountain stream,
and immediately at tho mouth of Cotton
wood Canon, a picturesque gorgo of remark
able beauty mid surrounded by the colle
giate mountains, iwrhaps tho most majestic
and sublimely beautiful group of mountain
peaks in Colorado, Mt. Princeton, 14100 feet,
Mt. Harvard, I43i3 feet, and Mt. Yale, 14,
101. The summits of all threo may be reach
ed with saddle horses.
Six miles up tho canon is Cotton-wood
lake, a beautiful sheet of water covering
about sixty acres, surrounded by lofty
cralgs and towering mountains, mid filled
with trout. Moating Is a delightful feature
of this romantic sot, and alfords endless
pleasure and health giving exercise.
Three miles up tho canon Is the remarka
ble cold spring, discharging tho waters that
form tho siirkllng stream that runs below.
Ono of tho largest ami most recent of ex
tinct, volcanic craters can bo soen from the
hotel and Is easily reached by the curious
and interested lu natures handiwork.
Good fishing may be had within fifty
yards of the hotel, all of the five streams in
the vicinity bolug filled with trout. Gamo
Is abundant, both large and small, (a flue
buck was recently shot from the hotel ver
anda), and sportsmen can rest assured of
much enjoyment.
Wild berries and wild flowers nro abun
dant, and grow lu great luxuriance. The
hotel is built upon a greit glacial moralii e
and is surrounded by beautiful shaded walks
while the canon and the bunks of the streams
aro bordered by ferns and flowers. The
Indians know the virtue of these wateis gen
erations ago ami they weio u favorite haunt
of tho Hodmen who eageily sought the heal
ing waters for their health giving proper
ties. Arrow heads of exquisite workmanship
aro still found in tho vicinity while speci
men minerals and various kinds of agates
will richly repay tho patient seeker.
The view from tho hotel Is entrancing,
overlooking as it does, the boitulful cotton
wood valley. To the southward the view Is
limited by the snowy summits of tho Baugre
do Christo range, outward across tho valley,
the town of Rueim Vhti, with the Park
range for a back ground, northward the
Rutfalo (leaks and westward tho grand colle
giate group of mountains.
"Tho lovely ever changing views
Of mountain, sky and landscape
Aro so gorgeous.
Such ii constant delight,
And so restful."
Tho baths at present consist of largo
plunges and tubs, tho fcrnur contain over
10,000 gallons of mlneial water each, and at tho spiings of l'.'O to
1 10 degrees fahreuheit, and are kept as hot
lu the bath houses as fs suitable for bathing.
The cooling and dro-Mug rooms nio con
veuletly connected with tho baths and
eter) thing isiiriiinged lu u most substantial
and Intelligent iniiuuei. Tho spilugs uio
nioie than llfty lu number, and Include both
hot and cold, (tint the celehintcd iron spilng
whoso waters urn excellent lor ill lukhn;.
Dr. C. N. Kay of lloulder, Colo., lu speak
ing of the diseases which might vpoct gieat I
5&t'A17 Ta)fljLMlllllllllllllwSHiHBHE.v7v. r
ii lrfr V rNEJDfttBBBllBBSSK ssvWMinwAib
beuvlt, mentions consumption, spinal troub
les, till ailments that havo their origin lu
criugjtttiou, a largo penvnt of female troub
les, shell ns congestion of tho liver, spleen or
stomach, rheumatism, excessive drinking,
main in, indigestion, slccplossncs.s, kidney
mid 'bladder troubles, In fact, any disorder of
tho iystein which has tint reached tissue dls
Among tho amusement In connection with
the hotel aro tlio lawn tenuis mid croquet
grounds, and there me Iniiuuieriiblo rides,
drives and walks.
No liquor will Imj sold nt tho hotel, or near
it, but tho various spring waters will ho bot
tled and carbonated for drinking. The
charges (Including baths,) aro f.'.OO to f'-'..V)
H-r day, or $10.00 to 115.00 per week, mid
compared with those of similar resorts will
bo found vastly cheaHr, and equally as
good, If not iK'tter.
The proprietor, Mr. J. A. Chain, Iluena
Vista, Colorado will cheerfully give any fur
ther,tnformatlon desired.
W herewith copy two letters and scores of
others can bo submitted If desired, They
aro very convincing and show the high and
i vJr
enviable reputation theao springs enjoy.
Iluena Vista, April 23, 1SU1,
J. A. Chain, Esq.,
Denver, Colorado.
Dear Sir You wish to know tho virtue
thero is in tho Iluena Vista hot springs. Tho
following it my experience. Alxmt eight
years ago I Had tho rheumatism and erysip
elas so bad that I could not walk, and tho
catarrh so bad that I could not cat, I had to
lie lifted in and out of the carriage that car
rled me to tho above named place. After
staying there ten days (bathing twice a dav)
1 could walk and eat at least five times a
day, and in three weeks was entirely cured,
lor i could jump, rule horse back, and at
tend to my business. Ily drlnkliiit mid suulf
lug the hot spring water I got cured of the
I advise every ono who is aflllctod as I
have been to go to Iluena Vista hot Bpi lugs
and they will surely thank me fur my ad'
vice. R. Jackson.
Iluena Vista, Colo., June 8th, lbtll.
J. A, Chain, Esq.,
Denver, Colorado.
Dear Sir: Replying to yours of tho (ith
instant, I beg to say I havo not had occasion
to call at tho springs since I last saw you
with reference to this valley ns a natural
baiiltarsum, I can truly say I know of no
sot on the American continent which would
be a fair comparison with it and I doubt If
thero is a place in this country or Europe
where asthmatic cases get such speedy nnd
certain relief. While tho hot android min
eral springs have stored In them u panacea
for many of the so called Incurable ailments
that allllct tho human foully luallpaits of
the world. Tho waters of tho Hiiena Vista
hot springs. If properly applied will not fall
to give speedy relief lu nearly all kinds of
skill diseases', catarrh, acute bronchitis, joint
and muscular rheumatism, and dysiepsia.
An anal) sis of the water I could not give at
present. There ure several springs of var
ious kinds mid teniiernturu in the glen iiIkjvo
the house. To pioperly develop these
spiiugsaud thou let population of the
United .States know what 1 know about
them, there would nut Imj room lu flveyema
lu this paitof the valley for the people who
would 'rant to como mid lis e or sojourn here.
Yours hurriedly, with respect,
Ii. Julian Allen, M. 1).
The R, & M. havo a line of low late excur
sion tickets to this celebrated lesort, as well
as to all other luqiortuiit points in the coun
try, and all inquires concerning the same
will leceUo piompt and courteous attention.
A. C. Zieiiku, City Pass. Agt.
fill), U, lttui,
Is the date fixed for tlio Giand Yellowstone
Park Exclusion via tho Union Puclllo "The
Ovei hind Roufo." Final dooslt for tickets
must bu made Uforo Juue.'toth. Wiltoto
llany P. Deuel, City Pass, nger Agent, liiiri ,
Km nam Ktieet, Oiiiaha. I
See the flue display of Gold and Hrns
Cages, Water Coolois and Filters and Ia-oii-mil
RofiigKiatoik. The laigtst and most
complete stool; of House Furnishing goods
lu the city at Rudge.
Monday night LlneolnlteH wero given an
Idea of the enjoyment New Yorkers must
had during tho threo years engagement of
tho "County Fair." Wo enjoyed tho per
formance, How much more must tho deni
zens of favored Gotham delighted lu the
play when presented by tho Inimitable Nell
llurgess and an efllclont support, tho"County
Fair" was one nf I he Kti-nnm.( ,f ,.i..(.-.,.uli.
tan ntti actions. Without making any odi
ous comparisons the Couuinil Is free to say
iiintiiiuiieopio wnn nearly uiiisi tho Kunku
Monday night, lu spile of the disagreeable
weather. wltiii.HNivl it MittUffw.tfirv mi.tlil....
of ono of the most maiked theatrical suc
cesses of recent year. While no nun player
rose to an unusual height all gave their parts
no inieiugeiii., noncsi interpretation and the
tout cnsemhlo was smooth and pleasing.
Margaret May as Taggs, a Switching little
black-eyed beauty, elicited hen rty applause
by hor able and conscientious work. Ella
Salisbury's Sally Oroeuaway, was also a
meritorious creation enhanced by the fresh
beauty of tho former. Thomas McGrath
had n difficult part In Otis Tucker and suc
ceeded lu his cirort to represent an original,
provincial farmer without becoming tire
some. Perhaps the most artistic work was
accomplished by Marin Rates who essayed
tho iart ofAbigal Pi lie. Tho susceptible
old maid, yearning for an expression of Otis'
love which she thought Justified by fourteen
Venrs courtlnir wns vnrv fmmv. f Vil.l t,
lasses tho winner, nlso won favor with the
gnoa naiureii audience. And right hero It
should be said that In tho "County Fair" tho
so-called sensational element of the play Is
only mi Incident, not tho leading feature as
in so many horse and tank dramas. It has
a wholesome flavor throughout and Is one of
thoso plujs which It does one good to see.
Tho Steen-Zanzlg combination, which ap
peal etl at Funko's oK3ia houw ou Thursday
and Friday evenings, gave a very clover en
tertainment, mystifying mid surprising tho
largo audiences present by their Incompre
hensible performances. The program oeued
with Xanrig in his clever slelght-of-liand
work, nil or which ho performed with tho
greatest ease. Mr. Htoon, assisted by her
husband, puzzled the audience by hor won
derful "faklsm" commonly known oh spirit
ualism -aud although sho seemed to possess
some supernatural powers, it Is claimed to be
but a trick aud an exjiosuro of tho to-called
spiritualistic mediums. It can" be safely said
sho has no peer. The latter part of tho per
formance consisted of a series of cabinet
tricks by the king of conjurors, Mr. Zanzlg.
Altogether, tho entertain ment was a most
delightful one.
"Aunt Hrldget's Ruby" Is an exceedingly
healthy Infant.
John W. Hamilton is to manage Uns" Will
lams' tour next season.
London has 4'J licensed theatres, Now
York Hi, and Chicago 111.
It Is whlsHTed that J. K. Emmet nnd
Helen Sedgwick will soon wed.
Two dramatic authors aro already Innv
writing a piny around tho London biccarat
"Tho Power of tho Press" will bo ono of
the most inqwrtant attractions on the road
next season.
Harry Edwards, for many years a mem
ber of the famous Wallack Co. . died In Now
York ou Tuesday.
Clam Morris has written an article ou the
drama for tho July number of the North
American Review.
Hallen and Hart have taken Jay J. Ilrady
Into partnership In that worst of ull farce
comedies "Iter On."
George W. Floyd is In Now York making
extensive preparations for the production of
"The Cadi," Hill Nyo's newConiady.
Miss Oenovlevo Reynolds has Uen re-engaged
by Manager A. J. Seucer for Nellie
Mciienry's now play "A Night at the Circus."
Henry E. Dixe)' entertainment nuxt sea
son will consist of three short plays. A
melo-drama burlesque by Clay Greene, u
p.ihtomliio and the lust act of "Seven Ages"
bolltd down.
Miss Phoebe II. Russell, who will bo pleas
antly remembered as a prominent member
of Augustln Daly's company two years ago
returns to tho stage next Benson, joining
Stuart Robson's comMiiiy.
The executors of the late Lawrence Rar
rett havo Inventoried his etato at -",'l,0O0.
In a letter to his wife the traeedlan be
queathed his Cassitis armor and s word to tho
l'lay,.r's Club It, New York.
The 1'iirrat uliil lltt
Articles known to roedlcal science aro used
In prepaiiiiKHoM'stvirsapnrllla. Everv In
gredient is carefully sectcd, jK-rsonally ex
amined, and only tlio best retained. Tho
medicine h prepared under tho supervision
of thoroughly wtnpttoiij pharmacists, and
every step in the proce4 of nianutacture fs i
uirefiill) wiih'bftl wili a view to securing in
uoo.i6ssa(wip,i)illrt t,o lost povslblo lesiilt.
Ouilooihts Jh. r. Dkcipkp tho earth's
earth's crust to Ik o er 100 miles thick. This
is about tho thickness of the man's head who
bujs his ralhoad tickets by some Inferior and
poorly iqulpjed line, when he could get a
tick it by the "lllirliligtou" at the samu rate
Our woi k speak lor Itself It needs no
bingor bluster, simply your own opinion
will testify to Its nteilts. Tho Studio 1
Gi nude fs ou the ground floor, centrally lo
entid and a beautiful place. Cull and see us
at l'Ji south Twelfth street.
Tho score of KatiiidnvV miimi ..i .'... ......
City utmost Justllles the question, "DM the
niNciiuciiiiigivoiuo gamo to Manning t
was tho woist defeat Lincoln has mi far sus
tained. 15 toll. Think of III Roach was
tumble todn anything with tho ball, and It Is
surprising that Dnvu didn't chango moil.
Our boys mnde two hose hits, the other ful
lows made seventeen. They made two er
rors. Wo Hindu nine. It wasn't a gaum to
bo proud of,
Sunday our boys made a big oiroit to re
trieve themselves from tho In ncn of defeats;
but lu an eleven Inning game Kansas City
won by n score of 11 to 5. People lu Kansas
City say It was tho hottest light ever wit
nessed In tho base halt in-eiin nMlmt i. In....
and tho natives were so pleased with the nn
sun iinu iney are smiling yet. lJuriihrougn
pitched seven Imdiiim ivlmu lm ivn. ...,M..u...t
--- - ----.. .....n ....ul. ,,,, ..a.n .ll.llIV.n!
by Rurkett. Tho former wasfalrly effective!
nut leiiKeinvas munis his old time skill,
which was not surprising when tho fact Hint
ho hail not pitched fir several weeks is taken
Into consideration. Bwnrtzel twirled tho
ball for the Kaw River shieirers In, l.n.l
suH-rb control of tho sphere. Over sven
iiiousanti jMXjpio saw mo sori.
The Lincoln club will remain In Lincoln.
Davo Rowu Is playing center field ami Pat
ton third base.
Tho Denver Lincoln gamo Tuesday was
postouisl ou account of rain.
After Minneapolis como Duluth, Hloux
City, and then Milwaukee, each for three
On Thursday Founder pitched for tho Den
ver team and Roach for Lincoln. Wo got (I
runs, Denver tt.
Will Davo put Pnttoii lu Raymond's placo,
or will hem-cure n now maul Perhaps ho
may take tho Job himself.
Tho bicycle race this week has been unusu
ally successful, tho attendnnco Indicating in
creasing Interest lu cycling.
Flanagan has got his hand in nt first and
what Is almost equally important ho has
promptly taken a place among our sluggers.
Fred W. Largo who played third base with
tho Lincoln club in 1HS7 was married the
other day lu Oakland, Cal to Miss Annie K.
Tlio stato tennis tournament will Imj bold
at Hastings next week, commencing Tues
day. A number or Lincoln players will bo
lu attendance.
Kansas City is pulling up hi a way bccom
lug tho champions. When that club takes
three from Lincoln It is evident that tho Mis
sotirlans can play ball.
Lincoln's fnvorlto wheelman, Ed Mockett,
broko tho stato record for one mile nt Rohan-
an hall Tuesday night, making tho run In ex
actly ',':5I, one second less that Flecher's best
Lincoln won Wednesday's game at Denver
by n closo scratch, yanking out a victory lu
the ninth Inning. Tho score was 'J to 8.
O'Day and Rogers, nnd Kennedy nnd Rey
nolds occupied tho H)lnts.
In tho six-day bicycle nice at Rohaiian's
hall tlio latest Information seemed to Justify
tho prediction that Wilson will come out
first, although Alloway Is presslughlm close
ly. The race ends to-night.
Lack of space prevents an extensive men
tion of tho races, which wero Inaugurated
Thursday, and which will end to-day. The
weather has lieen oxtremely unfavorable,
but on tho whole tho performance! were kat
Isfactory. Minneapolis and St Paul played nil excel
lent gamo Tuesday, In which the former was
victorious by a score of 1 to 0. Only one
error was made lu tho game and that by tho
victors. Each club got 'J7 1'. O.'s nnd 14 as
sists and I) base hits.
In tho big league the New York club has
had much tho same experience that the Lin
coln team has enjoyed lu tho sister organiza
tion, starting out at tho liottom ami steadily
moving up to tlio top. Tuesday Now York
won tho fourth straight from Anson's men.
Havo you noticed that Lincoln has got to
tho front as a sporting center! Last week
wo had a state shooting tournament, this
Week Wo haven hIt iIhv lili-w.l.. ........ ...,.i
serloi of exciting horse races, to siy nothing
in uio ciiampioii imui leain and minor attrac
tions. William Castouo has U-en actively engag
ed in trvlnz to organize ii atnt. i... v.. i,n
league und he has strong luqies of success.
n oni comes iroin ueatrlce that a club has
alrendy been formed thero mid Kearney, Ne
hiasku City, Grand Island, Hustings, Fre
mont, Ulalr and Plattsiuouth are agitating
tho question.
Our Harry Raymond who ns thin! base
man has gheiinich general satisfaction, is
tho tint playe- in tho Western leacuo to
Jump his contract to enter the American As
sociation. Ho goes lack to the Louisville
club of which he w us ciiptalu last m"Ymhi, to
phi) short stop. Harry was a good iniiii; bu,
III desertion will not cnpple tlw Lincoln
Fortify )ourclf forth disease. eculiar
to win in weather, by taking Ayei's Sui-sap.
ai ilia.
Dr. O.K. L-idd, dentist, 11(V O treet
Telephone l.Mi. Ollloo hours Uii. in. to 5 p. m.
For Inn ness call on Henry Haiphiim, 14J
north Eleventh street, opposite Capital Hotel,
Kaechollu Rautngai tiiur ,V Co. celebrated
wool challicsuudjFicuch salines at low pi ices
this w eek at
J. W Wl.MIKH A: Co.
1100 O street.
He sure ami try eastern Wyoming Nut
coal. Rest in the market, prim f ,40 deliv
eied by Goo. A. Raynier. Telephone .'ML
1I3IO street.