Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, May 16, 1891, Page 4, Image 4

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Written fur Tint CouiUKii.
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Tho ImMoit time or nil tlmoiir!
Tin rnnnoriiirownrkliiK with ihIkIiI nml nmln
l'lowliiK their rioliU mul iIiiuIIiik their Kriiln.
Tho wfimcn now In tho itarilcu Horntch
And tho noltltiK hen hoxlnn to hutch;
Tho Klrln thn IIowit hi'di do miiko
And with cue 1 1 hod itront euro they tnko;
Tlnifi Ihoy hilior nmny hiiiim
AiixIoiin to mlMoit nlco lot or llowora.
Tho hoyN h Klmro In tho fiirin work tnko
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l'rom curly inorii till clono of day
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HomotlmoimtoppluK to puirnnd blow,
And ni tho Him KeU hlxhor and hlKhor
The farnicr then IiokIiih to tiro,
Hut wliuu ho thinks It will no ii ho uinn
Ho bravely whlntlmi nnothortuiio.
And when tho d Inner hell doth rlntc
lie kih'h homo linppy Hi it king,
A ho wlpoi the sweat drop fiom bin brow
And hilrrlei In to dinner now,
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For nil the blosslnxs thnl nro Ills;
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Orrmlon of tlm fire lit KrilUnl of I7IHI.
I'rrpnrNtlon for tlm Hprrliirln- Tim
lny nml the Orritmny A Hniia In.
errdlble lo tlm IVopIn or nr Tlniitn.
tOoprrlglil, imi, by Amorlinn
I'reM Amorla
II K Hootncles of
the French re vol u
tlon were as on
toiindlnit in char
arter iMthonctorn
In llieilrmnn were
tlinnlc In ntntiiro
In tho Imckwnnl
look of todny tlio
whole thing up
peui-H liko n Ihiko
plmiitjiHin trnvcrs
lllg tlieNoln'mtnge
of history The
nr, iiifirn
o aeep nnve the pcrnonnl memories of tho
Krcnt revolutionist than to recall tho stir
prising scenei In which they acted. Hut
In renllty the siiccowlvo crises that arose
and broke. In Unit tuniultuoun storm nro of
grcnier intercut than nre tho ilriinntU ht
onu', for tho event Is ever greater than tho
Among the sceneH of thnt stormy epoch,
perhaps tho greatest nnd most plcnslng
m It Is strnngoly nuo of the least romem
bered-wna the Fcwt of Pikes, celebrated
In hou ir of the now cotiitltutlon nnd iw the
ocawloii when France na n nntlnn nnV l...
oath of fealty to the Instrument which tho
national assembly Intel produced. For In
the meantime tho Revolution had gone for
ward with great stride. Only two months
and nlno dnys nftor the meeting or the
tales general nt Versailles, the lliwtlle wiw
taken by storm Purls heenmo suddenly
conscious of her power. Almost glorious
In her rage, she proceeded nt once to ex
trcmo measures. Tho year had been one
of famine. The people everywhere were
ulferlng for bread. There enme ou n unl
vcrsal Gnlllo cfTervcscenco In which all In
crcdlhlo things were bclievi'd In and ex
pected. France Imagined for the hour thnt
the suite general, which soon resolved It
eelf Into tho national njwembly, could make
bread m well as u now coiistltutloui but
tne nrcau dirt not npicar
ParU, now thoroughly hungry, made a
rush for Versailles. Tho passion of the
hour took this form that the king and the
court, an well tho national njMctnbly.should
be transferred to ParU. tho cnnluil. whnm
we patriot might teach tlioin all tho way
to liberty and bread. So In the early days
of October Louis and his family wore htir
ried from the palace of tho Bourbon kings
at Versnlllea and brought to the Tullerlea.
Very tamo the king and hi party had now
become, and between the monarchy and
the notional aaeembly, holding Its sessions
lo the Salle de Manege, or riding hall, only
a ehort dUtance from the Tullerlea, very
friendly relations hod been established.
The new constitution waa completed, ac
cording to the Gospel by Rousaeaii, and
uddenly all minds became possessed with
the belief that the new era waa at the door.
There waa o univorwil faith lo Imminent
deliverance and plenty Thla state of f
fairs supervened In the early partef J7W.
As the summer enme on, an Ida took
oseesslon of the French mhid. The tier
aaetltatloaal monarchy had, bees trovM
est, that fat, the paper form of it, by the na
tional assembly, nml King Loafs, glod to
hove pence, had agreed to Its nrovbilons.
Aye, he would swear to maintain It swear
for himself and his son, and his posterity.
Already, in the first days of February, his
majesty went over in person to the Salle de
Manege, making a little milk-and-water
speech, and between him nnd the national
assembly there was great fraternity A
national oath wna prepared which all must
take or rather which all will take for
spontaneity suddenly conies with a flame,
and everybody swears and then swears
again. The president or the assembly
swears. All the delegates nwear Outside,
old llallly, mayor of Paris, awuitrs A cer
tain Monsieur Danton, not unknown to
tho Revolution, declare that "the public
would like to partake" In the swearing!
King Ixtuls receives tho tltlo of Restorer of
French Liberty, and all Freuchincn-except
a few MoroU and the like In underground
Paris love him and will support blm nnd
his constitutional monarchy always.
Would It not be well, therefore, O French
people, happily delivered from your sor
rows by tho goodness of your king, by the
new constitution, and by the Gospel ac
cording to Rousseau, t hat a great day
greatest of nil dnys should bo appointed,
Id which the French nation, by representa
tives chosen from all the eighty-three de
partments of the kingdom, may come to
gether In one place, nnd there in thnt great
place, under the open canopy of heaven,
wear a great national onth with one
voice oath that shall shake the world
and reverberate down the centuries? And
what day shall that day bef Certaluly no
other than the 14th of July, first anniver
sary of the storming of the Uastllel For
that doy was tho birthday of liberty, as It
shall be for lis and posterity And what
place shall we find fitting for such a cere
monyf What place but our great Champs
de Mars, lying yonder on the left bank of
the Seine, between the Ecole Mllltalre and
the river.
About that placo all the history of an
cient France, back to tho days of tho Ro
mans, seems to hover. There the warrior
chieftains of tho Franks, from tho days of
Merovwus to the days of Pepin, were wont
to usscmble and toss their kings on their
bucklers, with coarse shoutings thnt signi
fied much of fealty nnd devotion. There
Charlemagne himself was wont to review
his soldiers and to hold his court of May
Day. Thore all the Capetian kings, down
to the Great Henry, and from him to our
beloved I nils, have been accustomed to go
on national days to review the soldiery of
France and U receive the homage of tho
nation. There then, certainly our new
Great Oath shall be taken by tho whole
French nation, n never oath wn taken be
fore or shall be ufterwanl
The idea was that the act of oath taking
to the new order of things should coustl
tateaklndof federation of liberty, equal
Ity and fraternity This notion caught the
publlo mind like a contagion, and not only
the whole of Paris, but a large pnrt of
France, plunged into the swim of excite
ment and enthusiasm DeputiilloiiH be
Han to arrive from distant departments
The guardsmen of Lyons came, nnd were
received by the city with great shoutings
Meauwhlle, under the direction of the
municipality and the national luwcmbly,
workmen and artbiu begin to prepare the
CbampM de Mara for the federation A
Elan like that of a monirotis coliseum Is
dd out, greatest In circuit evei seen on
the surface of this poor planet, and most
Wonderful la IU purpose There in the
eaaur la to be raised an A utel tie ta PairU,
or altar le usiive land-such altar as for
las and sanctity waa never planned before.
-t3 SSI
A great artificial rock U pif.vlded, hsviiif
within Its Interior n Tenit In of Concord
nhlle on the summit iiIjoic rlic n Miitm
f Liberty of such colonial height that tlu
vlth her pike and Phrygian cap may hi
seen nl n distance of many miles
All tho great rock h covered with ban
ners nnd mottoes Round about n
of more than IKXMXX) square feet In left foi
the ceremonies propor, while all minimi
terraces nro to Iw rnisod of earth of Mich
vast extent In circuit and elevation th.-it
ono might well bellovo thnt not only Pmlt
anil France, but all Europe was to be In
vltcd to the sitting.
At llrst It appeared that tho work lagged,
though tho municipality had sent out IS,
000 workmen with shovels nnd barrows to
make tho excavations nnd heap up the em
bankmonts lly the 1st of July the rumoi
spread that the work was behind nnd could
not be finished In time. Patriotism said
thnt tho aristocrats had hired the laborer
noftowork Tho glorious fflto was nlmni
to fall through trenchoryl Hut behold,
with the sprend of tho rumor great crowd
begin to pour out of the city nnd Into the
Champs ile Mars At llrst In relays they
take hold of tho linilsed shovels nml Imp.
rows and begin to sing pi-ra m thoy toll
Dill other thousands come, nnd bring their
uivn narrows ami snoveis. Then tho girls
nnd women como with tholr tri-colorcd
ribbons, smllo approval, ami shovel dirt
with their lovers. A hundred and fifty
thousand come, and then 250,000, nnd the
chorus of C(i-ra swells nnd reverberates
until old Seine Is shaken to his bottom.
Never was such sceno of enthusiastic
labor witnessed before In tho world. All
classes of society mado contributions to tho
forco. Tho universities discharged their
professors nnd students to work nt tho bar
rows. Men were there from llrittnny and
Hum uiujiim mountains, rrom tho Medi
terranean coast and from Nurmnmlv.
Bilges, statesmen, pools woro there, shovel
ing nnd wheeling. Tho king himself enmo
out. and tho workmen rushed around his
majesty with their shovels nta present and
shotildor nrms strangost body guard that
ever poor liouls had, or any other king.
Mnrlo Antoinette, with tho dauphin, looks
on and smiles, she, tho daughter of Ther
esa, todlo under tho guillotine, and ho to
rot In old Simon's nhocshop nnd a coll of
the prisonl
Thus were tho preparations completed.
The evening of tho 13th of July saw every
thing ready for the morrow, and tho mor
row dawned The great terraces rose,
thirty in number, ono above tho other,
each more than a thousand yards In length.
oil rreshly sodded and cleati and beautiful
under the Parisian sky. About the altar
of hatherland were swung on high to Iron
srnues great pans or incense, to be lighted
for tho nostrils of Liberty and of all pa
triotism. With tho early morning the
crowds began to pour Into tho Inclosure, If
that might bo called an Inclosuro which
seemed of limitless extent. The citizenship
of Paris and of other cities camo in shoals
and by thousands All were dressed in
gay upparel, and the trl-color ribbons
floated and fluttered everywhere. The dis
tant housetops and steeples of the city
were block with people. The soldiers came
under Generalissimo de lnfayotte, who,
from tho young enthusiast at the sldo of
Washington, has grown to such stature as
tblsl But now he Is no longer De La
fayette, for all titles have lieen abolished.
He Is simply Citizen Motler, or at most the
Sleur Motler. But he Is commandant and
general of all. There are the king ond the
queen nud the dauphin and the court. The
lowest estimate places the assemblage at
800,000 souls.
It waa a scene of enthusiasm and won
der for the like of which the pages or his
tory may be searched In vain. Tho pans of
incense ore lighted. The cannon boom.
All flags and banners are unfurled. Tho
military evolutions are performed before
the altar-or Fatherland. Then Lafayette
advances, ascends In tho sight of the mul
titude, and pressing his sword's point on
the altar pronounces the oath of fidelity
"to tho king, to the constitution and to the
uutlon forever ' louts himself arises and
swears, so thnt the (icoplo hear. Tho court
swenrs, the queen also, holding tho dau
phin by tho hand. The nlr Is rent with
shouts. The delegates from nil tho eighty
three departments of France como forward
nnd take the onth. They bring tholr flags
with them, each bearing the now national
banner, and lol their flags must all be con
secrated under the sanction of religion ere
they bo borno back to distant quarters of
tho kingdom.
The ancient faith has not yet been nhol
ished, and 300 patriot priests, all in v
each with his shaven head from the .
Ages, but with the trl-color girdle n,
future about his waist, ndvance to U:
altar. At the head of tho nroeesi.ion
marches one whose name, though lie bo
priest, shall be known to the corners of
Ivlllzation. Ho It is who shall be for this
lay, as Carlyle calls him, the "Soul's Over
seer" for the French nation. He shall with
propor ceremony, hero under tho open
heaven nnd by the (lowing Seine, oven in
this Field of Mars, across whoso sod Roman
emperors have ridden, consecrate all the
eighty-three banners of Franco.
So he goes up the altar steps, nnd with
proper formuln of rhurchly Latin and
patriotic French begins tho service of con
secration. Just then, however, u great
cloud swings across the July sky nnd pours
down with loud thunder squall on all these
three hundred thousand a deluge of rain.
The Incense pans nre ominously put out.
All draperies hang dripping. Hut tho
high priest of Franco completes tho conse
cration of the Hugs. The sun bursts out
again. Thy great Day of Federation, the
memorable Feast of Pikes, Is ended with n
religious benediction from tho lips of thnt
high priest whom careful history writes by
the name of Charles Maurice, prince of
Perlgord, but whom the world calls Talley
rand! John Claiik Uidi-atu,
Of 1,000 children born In England, 11 are
twins, In Scotland, II, In Ireland, 17. In
general, twins occur once In CO births. In
England there are 0,730 twins bom every
year, or about 4,808 double births. The
where Uiere are more than two at a
birth average eight per ymr.
16, 1891
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'J A
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"' i