Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 25, 1891, Page 7, Image 7

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Chicago and Erie R. R.
Late Clilcnuo .1 Atlnntlc H'y.)
InJConncctlon with tho
Erie Railway
Chicago and New York
Under One MuniiKomcnt.
Tho Through Trnlmol ml" l.luo between Uhl-
cngo 11111I New York arc run solid, tlnm
avoldlmi annoyance mid confusion
of eliniiKliiK cars or nilfdmt
Vestibule Limited Service
VeMllmlod MiiillcdTrnln.oonMMIiiKor ling-
KtiKti, Hinukliiit "ml Day Couches, wltli
I'ulhnnn Dining nnd rtlecidnK Curs
(heated liy stonm, lighted y Bus),
over thin Lino
Every Day in the Year.
Pullman Service to Boston.
Ji. I'ullmnti HullVl .Sleeping Car to mid from
Hoston dally via this route.
This l tho ONLY MNK ItiiiinliiK rullmim
Cnrn between Ulilengo and Hoston.
To Cohimbus.'.Ohlo, mid AMhlniid, Ky.
Pullman Hleeplmjcur between Chicago and
above Points dally.
Train Arrlvo und Leave Dearborn Mutton,
For further liiforinirtloii, call on tho neatest
Itallrond Ticket Agent, or ndilrcsi
W 0 Rlnearjon, A M Tucktr, : D I RobetU,
loii. Tani. Ant. fiea. MRr.""A.a.l. Aul.
New York. Cleveland. Chicago
Santa Fe Route
Atchison, Topeka & SanUFeR. R
The Pofdlar Route to the Pacific
Through Pullman and Tourist
Between Kansas City nntl SAN DIEGO,
CISCO. Short Line Rates to
Double Dally Train Service Between
The Direct Texas Route
Solid Train. Between Kansas City and
Galveston. The Short Line Between
Kansas City and Gainesville, Ft.
Worth, Dallas, Austin, Temple,
San Antonio, Houston, and
all Principal Point
In 'lexas.
The Onlv Line Running Through the
Onlv Direct Line to the Texas
Pirn Handle. For Maps and
Time Tables and Informa
tion Regarding Rates
and Routes Call on
or Address
S. M. OSGOOD, Gcn'l Ag't
E. L. PALMER. Traveling Agent,
1308 Farnam St.,
Atchison, Leavenworth, St Joseph, Kansas
City, St. Louis and all Points South,
East and West.
The direct line to Ft. Semi, I'.unnt
Wichita, Hutchinson ami all principal
points in Kansas,
The only road tn the Great Hot Spilngs
of Arkansas. I'ulhnnn sleepers and Free
Reclining Chair Cars on all trail. s.
City Ticket Agt Cen'l Ag'nl
Cor O at it 1 jt'i sin i-i
Voliititary lli'lliciurnt nf Hit, lllstltiKilUh
ed Vermontcr from I'ulillr Life.
To say that tho United States win sur
prised when Edmunds, of Vermont, re
signed his neat In tho United States Henato
would Im) n mllil
statement. Ho in
In good health and
but sixty-three
years old, has been
In the senate con
1 1 n 11 o u h 1 y for
twenty-llvo years
nnd uniformly
successful, mid it
was unanimously
believed that his
ambition was to
rival Thomas II.
liox. 0. r. KDMUNlis. Henton, of Missou
ri, who served for thirty years without i
break. No other senator In American his
tory has advocated more measures which
succeeded or fewer that failed than Mr. Ed
munds. Ho kept Ills secret well. There, was no
more talk of his retirement than of any
others when his letter to Governor Carroll
S. Page, of Vermont, appeared. Ho gave
its n cause, "considerations entirely per
sonal," nnd Indulged In u brief, dlgnllled
sentence of thanks to Vermont and one of
farewell to the senate.
George Franklin Edmunds was horn in
Richmond, Vt., Kelt. 1, 1KW, and after a
common school education studied law and
was admitted to practice In 18-11). Ills homo
has ever since, been at Burlington, From
1854 to 18511 ho was a representative In tho
Vermont legislature, being speaker of tho
house for the last three years. In 1801-2
ho was 11 memlicr of tho statu senate. In
March, INK), ho was named by tho governor
to 1111 the vacancy In tho United States
henato caused by tho death of Seiwitor
Footu, and took his seat 011 the 5th of April.
Thereafter ho was elected llvo times, and
his last term would havu extended to
March If, 13.
Ills Work ts Often Situ In KnglUh mill
Aiiinrlcun 1'iilillrnlloiiii.
"Caran d'Acho" is tho pen name of tho
most popular caricaturist in Franco today,
who is a new man und half Russian. Ills
assumed name, is
simply a divided
form of tho Rus
sian word "caran
dache," meaning a
lead pencil, and
bis name Is Eman
uel Poire. His
grandfather was
an olllcer In tho
French army that
Invaded Russia
and mi Ho red so
much. Ho fell in
love with a Mus
covite lady, and
man led her after
CAltAN d'aciii:.
tho war closed, but lirought up his son its
a Frenchman, and at tho agu of eighteen
his grandson left Moscow to servo his legal
term in tho French army.
Them ho amused himself and comrades
by drawing free and often satirical sketches
of tho olllcers, ijuarturs, etc., and as It
was not best tho bold artist should Imj
known, these sketches wero simply marked
"Caran d'Aclie." In time, however, they at
tracted the attention of artists, anil when
Edwaid Detaillu saw them ho promptly
sought tho youth and urged hlmtoglvo up
nil else for art. He Is now overwhelmed
with requests for work, and does much for
tho English ami American papers. His
greatest ambition Is to mako tho French
comics at onco as lively as tho best, and as
pure In moral tone as tho English. HLs
home at Pussy, near tho Hols do Boulogne,
Is a perfect museum of oddities, Including
tho military gear of all tho nations.
Sim Tells a Strungi, Story.
Mr. .1. A. Browne, of Bloomlngton, Ills.,
Is at present in New York city as tho rep
reventallveof his mother. Hannah Browne,
who has a strange story which she wishes
to prove in court. Tho old lady seeks
possession of the estate of tho lato Charles
Furrar Browne, better known us Artomus
Ward, on thu ground that sho is his widow,
and by him the mother of ten children.
According to all accepted accounts, tho
great humorist was horn in 18.11 and died
in 18(17. Yet tlm claimant says she becamu
his wife in 1KI5, and thai "ho was much
older than ho looked." In 1S55 Mr.
Browne's husband lied, and she never saw
him again. Sho supports her claim by
numerous atlldavits. The most reasonable
theory regarding the ipicor ease Is that
them were two C. F Brow lies, and that
each of them used tlio name "Arteiuus
Ward" on lecture touts.
Ninth Can, linn's Mltrr Tuiigiicil Oialnr. I
Daniel t, Fowle, gowrunr of North Car
olina, whilst. iiii.viii..im1 ili.Mfh I hi. ntli.,,.1
day brought sorrow to the hem Is of a host
in menus in mm
stale, was a native
of the common
wcalth of which
he was chief exec
utive. Born at
W a s h I u g t o 11 ,
Beaufort county,
III ISII, ho received
his education at
Princeton college,
and In IS5U began
thepractleaof lim
it! Raleigh, Dur
lug the war ho
lose to tliorauk of
lieutenant colonel "ON. I). o. KOWLK.
In the Confederate service. After tho close
if tho contest ho took an active part in pol
itics, hut held nnollkeof largo importance
tntll elected governor In 18SS. Ills elo
ii.enl riirtinn procured for him tho title of
'lie silver tongued orator."
The I'rimf.
"Am these mackerel quite fresh" asked
11 lady of a ragged but pnmpnusnld colored
llsh peddler who eaino to her dour.
"Oil, )es, lady, pulTorkly so, pulTorkly
so," was Ihe reply. ".loss nostilll.o them
and see."
"Nostrlllr.e them What do you mean
"Why, lady," said tho peddler, with a
look Indicative of pity for her Ignorance,
"smell Vml smell 'eml" Eveliauge.
Frugal Husband 1 wish I had f.M0(0 a
Unappmclatlvo Wife What for You
lon't spend a (uartcr of your present In
come. Frugal Husband Oh, I knows but then
I could iconoinl.o on a l"ri.i- vulo. -Life
la Wlilrli tlm Tongue That Xnvrr Told a
Me Out Niniikcil Out.
Mr. McSwat went homo one afternoon a
few wnoks ngo with something wrapped up
In a brown paper. Ho laid It on tho kltch
en table, hut kept hts hand on It, as If it
wero a mystery too momentous to ho tin
folded without taking precautions against
Indicting upon tho sensitive nervous sys
tem of Mrs. McSwat u sudden mid uiiox
pected shock,
"Well, Bllllger, what Is Itf"
"Don't bo in a hurry, Iibeliii. All In
good time. I huvo iiado up my mind to
try a little experiment. I can hardly call
It an o.-.i.rlmont, though. It Is such an
obvloc.j. practical thing that It's 11 wonder
to me It hasn't been done for a hundred
yeara. I am going to show you, Lobelia,
how to save money and add to the com
forts of llfo."
Mr. .McSwat then proceeded with great
dclilcration to open the package. lie took
olT the siting, rolled it Up Into a little cull,
and gave it to Mrs. McSwat.
"It's a good idea, Lobelia," ho said, "to
save every piece of string that mines Into
the house. You may need it some time."
Shu had a bagful of similar coils laid
away somewhere, tangled into an Inextric
able mass und running over nt tho top, und
had no use under the shlnln sun for tin
other Inch of string, but she promised to
take t-itv of this particular wad. Mean
while Mr. McSwat was slowly unrolling
tlie bundle. Ho brought to view tit last a
beef's tongue.
"There it Is, Lobelia," ho exclaimed.
"I ii I't'ce .'iu thing teiuarkable nboiit
It, Lil'i ,. ', ceept that It Isn't sill ,etl."'i just the pilot, madam," ho re
lorled. "I've got tired of plying sixty
centsiipi'i -for snio';ed tongues that look
like as'ction of a dried monkey's foiearm,
and t iste us If they had heju dug up nut of
1111 In liati mound. I'm going to smoko my
own beef tongues hereafter."
"Hut liowamyou goliif to do itf We
hmvn't a iy otuoke house."
".lust you wait 11 minute nnd you'll see.
Bilng menu iron poker."
Mrs. Meu-ut hunted up the desired Im
plement 11, id brought It to him.
"Now ob-ervu."
He thrust t lie poker about half Its length
through the slit in the smaller end of tho
He preceded her up stair?, opened a back
window, sti pped out on the kitchen roof,
mid made his way up by laborious climb
ing to the comb, ami thence along tn the
chimney :.t tho further end. Lifting him
self carefully up he placed tho poker across
tho top of the chimney, thu beef tongue
hanging down inside.
"That's the scheme, Libella," he said,
clambering back to the window. "It'll
smoke the thing all right and save just
forty cents. Catch 1110 buying smuked
tongues any more!"
"But there's no smoko coming up t hut
chimney, Bllllger," said his wife. "Wo
burn hard coal, you know."
"I'll fix that. We'll throw in a slab
occasionally, and If that doesn't make
stroke enough we'll burn a little soft coal.
They'o imth cheaper than hard coil."
They went down stairs, and for the next
twenty-four hours or longer, in eoinp'i
into with Instructions from Billiger, Mr
McSwat atidtlioumiableilomestic, Ophelia
plied the kitchen range liberally wlthslabs
of wood and chunks of soft coal.
On the morning of tho second dav after
Mr McSwat had put in operation hi.
,rand scheme for saving money and add
Ing to tho coinfott of living, lie climbed
nut to tho chimney again, lifted the tongue
out and brought it down stairs.
"No discount on this job, Lobelia," he
said, holding It tip. "It's smoked till you
can't rest. Ever see a liner looking tongitf
1 mi 11 unit"1'
'Doesn't It look a good deal shriveled,
HIllK'er" Inquired Mrs. McSwat dubi
ous!) "A sTokcd tongue always looks slirlv.
eled il you need to do now is to scrape
It "'In! t-ly. p'el oil" the sklu nnd cook It."
Air. Mc.sivat pulled the tongue oil' thu
'.oki-r. I lid It down 011 the table and it
bin . In two.
It was cinered with a thick deposit ol
sooi, wm. Ii ined almost to t ho center, am.
from ts si.-..ii,iug Interior i:auif a rich odor
in win Ii several distinct kinds of smoke
Hi'iv 1 leiirly pcriepiihlc.
"I: w.m't need any more cooking. Bllli
gir," announced Mrs. McSwat, alter r
brief examination.
Ill the center of tho thickest portion
tin re was about an ounce and a halfoi
llesh thai had escaped tho general destrue
thin In which tlio rest of tin, tongue had
been Involved. How Mis. McSwat cam
flliU scooped tills out, served up f,)r
Billtuger's dinner us temptingU us the
natutenf thecase would admit, and hung
over him like an angel of mere) while lie
ale it how- Billlnger McSwat iiiado a
mental computation as to the sivlug lie ell'eeted III smoki' g his own beef
tongue, without counting two large
rents in tho inner periphery of each
trousers leg caused by tho shingle nails
011 tlio roof how ho relleeted on tlio
comforts ho had added to life by his little
experiment It Is not the purpose of this
chronicle lo relate, hut trustworthy Infor
mation received lit t Ills ollice quite recently
Is to the effect that Mr. McSwat bii)s Ids
smoked tongues now nnd pays without a
murmur whatever the monopolist behind
the meat counter chooses to ask lilui.
Chicago Tribune.
to IliiitlUh siMimuii wiin tin Iti'i'ii from
lliiiun I'llt) -nix Years.
In the good old time, when tho aged of
today were reading their earliest slorv
books, two sort of tales "outthillled" nil
others-tales of llfo among the liidlausaud
tales of shipwrecked sailors. In the latter
linn tho romance of tlm storybooks has
been outdone by I he plain and painful facts
In the life of William Maun, who has Just
returned to his native place In Ksox, Eng
land, after an absence of llftyslx years. In
that time he has been sailor and captive,
adonled savage and salloragalu, Istattooeil
In tlio highest style of native south Paclllc
art, and carries scars that frighten tho
Not the least curious part of It is that
nearly all ho relates can Isi continued, At
the age of fourteen lie got Intosoino trouble,
and tho magistrate, lu kindness, procured
him a place on the Falcon a Paclllc whal-
Ing vessel, carrying thirty-two hands.
After many experiences luthesperm wliulo
Hue. ho was with tho Falcon In IB.'M(ho ho
Ing then twenty years old) when she was
wrecked on one of tho Caroline Islands,
The details of tho long contest between the
seamen and the natives am terrible; tlio
captain, mate and several others worn
killed, but Mann and the remainder escaped
to adjacent Islands.
A British man-of-war opportunely ar
rived, took signal vengeance on tho nat Ives,
and rescued all tho sailors hut Maun and
threo others, who wero on 11 remote Island
and weru not found. There thu four men
lived as savages for two years, using cocoa
nut leaves for clothing and tho nut for
food, till tho natives found them. One
was killed, ami Maun received a slash
across the face and neck which would have
killed most men, and hud two lingers cut
on". Being left for dead, the other two
sailors, who had escaped, rescued und re
stored him, sotting ids broken Jaw in rudo
fashion. At Itistuti American whaler picked
them up, and when he readied a regular
surgeon Mann's face was partially restored,
though onu tooth stuck through his cheek.
Thereafter ho engaged lu every sort of
venture to all potts of the Paclllc till ago
rendered him unable to work, and tho
British residents of Hong Kong sent him
home. Strangely enough, the papers of
the murdered captain of tlio Falcon wero
available to corroborate part of Ids story,
and relatives learned for the (lrst tlmo thu
fato of thu four lost seamen.
I'rlnri, XiiiiiIi-iiii'n Unity I. If,,.
Anecdotes of tho lato Prlncu Nupoleou
are lluilitig their way to thu light of news
paper publication that are, to say tho
least, of interest. Tlio prince, It is oh
served, especially prided himself on his
likeness to his great ancestor, Napoleon I,
whom ho always called "the emperor,"
thus Ignoring the Emperor Napoleon III.
Ho kept his face clean shaven to further
the resemblance, nnd arranged his hair in
similar style, while, when ho iccelved a
political deputation, the prjjfci! was inva
rlahly found leaning iigaiust"tho mantel
piece lu a studied Napoleonic pose.
On less formal occasions he preferred to
lounge lu an armchair or on some oriental
divan, witU his head thrown hack and his
legs crossed. In this easy position lie would
talk with his intimate friends for hours,
speaking xlnwly, with pauses between each
sentence, anil choosing every word care
fully Ho smoked perpetually and was
very fond of billiards, having a largo bill
laid room in Ids house in the avenue
D'Autln, where he lived from the fall of
the empire until exiled from France. His
rooms wero filled with Napoleonic relics,
particularly arms and miniatures, white
portraits of tho great Napoleon covered tho
walls. Since his linn! exile, in I8NI, tho
prince's real homo was at Prauglns, on tlio
Lake of Geneva, between Lyons and Riollo
a long, low, white house In tlio midst of
a small park, the remainder of the estate
having been sold. Here lie passed a most
secluded existence, with yachting for his
only recreation. He cured little for tho
pleasures of the table and huri'ied over his
II In ('.lory llml Departed.
The Beau Uniinmcl of America died tho
other day at Hie nge of ninety-one. Ills
nuiiie was Law fence Guriliuler. As a youth
he was rich ami a protege of Aaron Burr.
Fiom 1&53 until lKir ho was Gotham's
"glass of fashion" and set tlio stylo for all
tho young bucks of tho period. Then ho
lust his fortune, and with it his placo as a
LAWiii.sri: (lAitniNini is :is youth.
society leader, lie went into business an I
did well His accumulations were swept
away hya iianle in IST.V For the remain
iler of his life the world weary old gentle
man found refuge in tin, Brooklyn Homo
for Aged Men. Thete lie was discovered
dead in bed one morning lecelitly. Like
Beau Bruininel, he reigned, retired und
passu! into thuohsourityof mem existence.
A cup of mashed potato mixed with a
teaspoouful of sugar at night will lighten
tho batter in the morning and tho ex
penbl'e egg will not be missed.
Just Received !
A Car Load
Windsor Folding Beds
A. T. Gruetter & Co
1116-1118 N
Most Popular Resort in the City.
Exposition Dining Hall,
S. J. ODELL, Makaork
-0 ii9, 1121 and 1123 N Street. 0-
Meals 25 els. $4.50 per Week.
-CW !IV35ErT,TtrTlrtiaJ23W(tT - -
. gsarjv:-?? - fkr jkLo n0UI adRa wauiug nomi.
Till; DlltKCT
Chicago, Peoria, St. Louis,
KSjO?jiiH?iBnkmtn a E -
'n-ummimaBimm'-' i--.
jmeifnwftn3ir 1 1
MIl'flWMMIH 1 11 111
Aid all points Kiihl and Koiith,
Denver and the Pacific Coast,
DeadwocL, Lead GUy, the Celebrated Fot Springs of Dakota
And all point
Pullman Palace Sleeping Car.
Reclining Chair Cars, Seats Free.
Fatpous Burlington Dining Cars.
Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Yienna, Paris, London, Havre,
Liverpool, Glasgow, Dublin, LondoEderry end all European Points.
BTJSLinsrca-Tonsr eoute.
As It ciiiiicctiwlth all llii pvpului lliu,.ii ihuiii steiiuishlps.
A.C. IKMKK, CHy I'iim. AkI., I Inroln. J. l'KANCIS, Oen, l'ask. AKt..Oniahu, Neb
- - , UAanrLnl, I. .41.4 11.1.1
Cor. 11th mid Harney Hts.,
IlL 02JLJI.TTA., .j 2iT3ri.
All Modern Improvements ami
B, BILLOWAY, Fro-rietor.
IRA HIQBY, Principal Clerk
St. Joseph, Kansas City,
in the ninth Mills,