Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, April 25, 1891, Image 1

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Vol. O No. 20
Ad Olio listened to tlio delightfully lull'
monious strains which cnino from tliu Mntiuo
Hand nt tlio Funke Tuesday evening mid saw
thobrllllnnt uniforms n'd accoutrements of
Director Housn mid his men, ono win inehtis
ed to wonder somewhat nt tliu maintenance
of such mi Institution as tliu Marino Hand in
the sometimes too democrat to United Htutes.
When you think how stinng Is tliu prejudice
In this country of ourM ngnlnst the glided
trappings of loynlty, against show and glit
ter of nil kind, nnd how that one Idea, so
characteristic of American civilization that
of practical utility hits swept almost every
thing beforo it, much that lu beautiful be
cause it is drcnud non-essential by tliu
modern vandals w ho nru olfui ing up tliu best
treasures of nrtmid Is-unty in thu laud on
tho alter of materialism who mo doing their
utmost to rob us of tlio Ideal and to miku us
bow down before thu shibboleth of n sordid
practicality when you think of all this, Isn't
it a little strange that tho Marino band
should have escnjied thu reformers clutch.!
This band Is maintained nt tlio public ox
penso and it's nolo duty is to gladdeu tho em s
of thu occupants of tho U'blto House. Tliu
band occupies an exactly similar place to
that of tho trained orchosti as which mo to
bo found in almost every foi uigu court. In
it's gay apparel uml tho position it holds it
does indeed savor of royolty and yet It is suf
fered to exist. Happily tho fanatics who tiro
brnvo enough to decry tliu Mai ino 'land, aro
few nnd every Amei lean ought to (eel proud
that it is distinctively American Institution;
that it is a national concern. The Marino
bund U one of tho Hnest in tliu woild. It
looses nothing by del Ivlng Its mpport from
a democratic government. In it aro gutheied
the most competent musicians that can bu
found nnd Phillip Bousn, thu director, hits
spread Its fame fnr nnd wide.
The concert moro than answered the ex
pectations of tho immense audience which
packed the opcrn house. It recalled tlio ap
pearance of Strauss and the Vienna orches
tra and artistically considered, Sousr sunVr
ed little by comparison w Ith the Waltz King.
In its way the fumed band" wus fully equal
to tho much vaunted orchestra, nnd thu al
most perfect harmony was a palpable sur
prlso to many of tliu auditors not familiar
with tbo capabilities of a Qllmoioor u Sousa.
Tho program was skillfully urrunged so as
to please all clases and thoru was no one
present who could not appreciate at least a
portion of tho musio. The pcrforman co wns
an emphatic, artistic triumph, and It is sur
prising that tho audience should hnvo been
so reserved. Accustomed to receiving veri
table ovations in other cities, thu coldness of
the Lincoln peoplo must havo furred unpleas
antly on the musicians, and left a not very
high impression of our appreciation. Miss
Decca sustained what has been said of her
and was very well received.
Overture "Hlonzl" Warner
"Invitation a In Vulsu Weber
Mosuic "The Ponrl Klshers" Itlzcl
Grand Arln "I'crlo du Hrezll" David
Mile. Mario Deceit.
Overture "William Tell" Hosslnl
f (a) Toreador ct Amluluoso, "Bull Costume"
j Kubunstclii
1 (b) "Funeral March of u Marionette"
I. CJounod
symphonic Poem "Tho Chariot Hiieo"
IIumorcs(ue "Tho Contest" Godfrey
"Hwlss Bonn" Kcker
Mile. Marie Decca.
Patriotic Sons "fatar Hpunglcd llnniicr"....
"Marching Through Georgia" was given
in resouso to the first encore and thu au
dience whs made to feel plainly the Inspira
tion of the grand old tune. In "Listen to
My Tale of Woe'1 was evidenced the truth of
what has been written concerning thu etrec
tlveueti of the comedy music as rendered by
the Marine Baud. "The Musician's Strike"
ond "The Chariot Itace" were among the
favorite selections. "Swaneo River" wus
sung by Miss Decca with much effect upon
her recall after thu rendition of the Bwlst
song. Lincoln was very fortunate In being
included in the route selected by our national
baud for its llrt tour.
In tho farce comedy Hue there has been fen
plays that huve been sou ell lecelved in Liu
coin this season as Tlfe Fakir, which w as again
staged ut thu Kunko Friday evening with
a company of artists that were even bet er
than those seen in the caste here last season.
Since it was last put on heio several changes
have been made which improves the piece to
n great extent. Now musical numbers havo
lieeu added and soverul pretty dances Intro
(IuclsI, Lizzie Dersius Daly, nu old time fa
vorite, wus lu the caste and such familiar
faces as Mark Sullivan, Max Arnold, Hosa
Franco were all sten dm ing tho evening to
usual good advantages TIih piece, like all
the modern day faico comedies, make no
pretentious at n plot, but Is given simply to
uinku peoplo laugh. It done this admirably
Friday evening uml coiiseipieutly evei.
one u us satisfied,
A beautiful large photograph of Hold's
new theatre In Onuilm lias been lecelved by
The Couuieii with compliments of manager
Thomas F. Ho) d. It Is a m iiilllivut ttiuplu
of amusement nnd uu Idea of lis giuudtier
can only bu appicciatud by looking tin ougii
the hiiei lily arranged Intel iortis did n (Joint
1EU represeututivu icceiitly. Hut the exter
ior preteuts a handsome and stately appeal
mice us well uml thu photo of miiiio may bo
bttn in The C'oL'iiihK'n oust iiuum. UN
iho stoiies higli and built of extra line quali
ty of stone, with uu uiclilttctiiiiil deign iliut
is not surpassed uiijuheiu in Auieilc.i. Litui
oil o hollo to lio able to ultii n iletnlleil dit
scilptlon of thu hoiiho with Intel lor lswr, ,
showing thu Loxes, pniiUettu, etc.
Couinieiiclng Monday uveuing, Hentfiow's
Jolly l'athlluileis will open a week's engage
ment giving six evening pcifoiiiiancesaiul two
matinees. Heulfroiv's Jolly l'nthlludHrs Is
due of the oliltit t'ombliialious on the road
give thu best and most Mulshed performincc
of any popular pi Ice company now befoio
the public. Thu enst show h siiiiio excelleli
people mid nil well eliiirueterlod in tho sev
oral plays that will Iki put on during next
weekut KiinkoV. Thu repel tolro nnnomieod
eii'hinei's a large list of standard plays nnd
many new ones Hint will Iki h'oii for thu llrst
tlino here next week. Thu list of plays to bo
pitsented are as follows:
Monday and Tuesday evening Ilelow Zero
Wednesday in itineo Musical .Soruw.
Wednesday evening A Pair of Owls.
Thin sduy evening Fun by Kxpress,
Friday evening l'loy not announced.
Saturday iiintlneu A Practical Joke.
Saturday evening Six Peas in n Pod.
Prices for this engagement have been
placed 1.1, S5, !(.', uml f0 cents. First floor
reserved scats, 60 cents; balcony resorvisl
' cents. Bents go on sale today.
JOHN I., lri COM1KO.
Tho next big ntirnctionat Fiinku's is Amer
ica's noted pugilist mid modern dramatic star
actor, John L. Sullivan, who apiears with
nu excellent compiiiy In "Honest hearts mid
willing bunds," early lu May.
The pi osent season nt Funku'ii Is diuwlng
to n clo'e.
"Thu Fakir" wus thu nttrnctlou ut tlio
vnnku last evening.
With two opera houstK In full blast next
season Lincoln will surely bo supplied with
nmplu stage amusement.
Mario Walnrlght Is noarlng the end of her
long and successful tour. Sho closus her sea
son this evening, in Milwaukee.
Joseph Haworth will sfir nuxt season in
the Into K. L. Davenport's romantic play,
"St. Marc." Hu will bo managed by Joseph
II. Mack.
Thomas Stubrooku has retired from tho
DoWolfu Hopiier Uiem company, owing to
nu Injury to his kneo while playing in Denver,
Krislerlck Paulding returns to Nuw York
next week when active preparations for the
production of "The Struggle of Life." will
Miss Minna Qalu begins her starring tour
early in September. She w ill bo managed
by Mr. Theodore Hromley, formerly director
of tho Ilooth-llurrctt combination, and will
bo supported by an unusually capable com
pany. On Saturday evening of this week ut
Miner's Theatre lu Newark, N. J., Clara
Morris closes one of tho most profitable tours
that shu has over made. Mr. Kdwin H.
Pi Ice, who has so ably handled her business
affairs is to continue as her manager next
Theatiical business all over the country
has been very dull this seison. Lincoln,
however, has as usual proven contrary to
this rulo and has given all good companies
big business. Lincoln Is considered by theat
rical eoplu ono of thu best show towns in
Tho most lmKrtant announcement uncut
new opera housu schemes is that made by
Mr. McHeynolds of tho Funke. He snys that
25,O0O or 30,000 will bu expended lu Im
provements ut his houso tills summer nnd
that when tho fall soison okihs tlio Funke
will bo practically a nuw house. This looks
Circuses will Infest the west to a greater
extent next season than ever heretofore.
The CouiUEn has already received informa
tion from the Forepaugh show to the effect
that its tents w ill bu spread heiu during the
early summer, but for one day only. Sever
al other, but smaller tout shows aro booked
for Lincoln both before and after the Foro -pnugh
Hull's Hair Honewor enjoys a world-wide
reputation for restoi ing thu hair to bald
heads and changing grey hair to the original
color of youtii.
Unity Is Sick,
The woeful expression of n Dos Moines
teamster's countenance showed his deep anx
iety was not entirely without cause, when ho
enquired of n druggist of the same city what
wus best to give a baby for a cold. It was
not necessary for him to say more, Ills coun
tenance showed that the iet of thu family, If
not the Idol of his life wus in (listless, "We
giyo our baby Chamberlain's Cough Keuiody"
was the druggists answer. "I don't like to
give the baby such strong medicine," said the
teamster. "You know John Oleson. of the
Wutterb-Tiilbot Printing Co., don't your" en
qulietl the druggist. "His buby when eigh
teen months old, got hold of n bottleof Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy nnd drunk tho whole
of It. Of com so it mndu tliu baby vomit
very freely but did not Injure it in the least.
mid what is more, it cured the baby's cold.
It is not necessary to glvo poisons to euro u
cold or forcioup either." Thu teamster
already know tho value of tho Hemedy, hav-1
lug used it hlmseir, and wus now satlslled
that theiu was no danger in giving it eeu to
u buby.
A House Wanted.
About July llrst, uu eight loom lesldeuce
with modern convenience in central locution,
or will glvo huso on lesdenco built to my
ordtjr. Addiess, L. Wkm-ki., .111., 1 1 :t 1 N St.
Blcycl.'sof all kinds uu 1 nil makes skill
fully lepulusl oh short notice. Wrenches,
oil cans, tires and other supplies always tor
sale ut (Jeorgo & Fisbutto, 11 1'J O sti eet.
Lheiipest place lu tho city for millinery .
mid liulr goods rnoru'iiirii Sisteis, V O
st I eet.
Kvery liuly who attends our Hosiery and i
Undei saloon .Monday will bu i on vino
ed wo aie selling ihesu goods at ory low
pi ices.
J W Wi.noeh A: Co, '
Nuter older ii photograph or plctiue of I
any kind until you havu seen tho work done
ut thu new Studio I.o Uiumle, l'JI south
Twelfth street.
Lincoln. Nichwaska, Saturday, ai-nii. ug, laoi.
If you ever bet on Imrsh rnces, s lid uu ol
time spotting man I hoot her day, always pick
nfuviiiltu Voiirgieeuy at the business of
buying pools will let old hands pick turn or
two or tin (si of thu most likely horses In the
race and then ho will take the Held because
hogotsu lot of horses, U ho gets the Held
for less thuii somo fellow gavoforlhst choice,
ns wry often happens, why ho thinks hu has
a lino bargain uml ho gonciullv goes uroiind
biuggliigubout it. Unco In a while an un
known Hoi so surprises thu community by
winning n nice, but tho chances nru nlwajs
on thu sldu or thu favoi Itos, l ho follow w ho
follow sn string of horses f i om one place to
another and makes It his business to know
what they can do is the fellow who buys
Hist choice in thuiiool room. Ho wous good
clothes and lives high iluriii tho s.-uson, mid
th money to pay It nil comes out of u i vices
who buy thu Held. In other words, tho spoi t
ing man understands his business better than
the gicenhoi u does.
Why Is snow white) nskod n young man
nulling u group of others, uml then followed
u vui lety of giiss.s, while several wont hon
est enough to plo id Ignorance. The fact of
tho matter Is snow is not white. Snow bus
been known to l(Mk bhio when tlio sunshine
struck It ut u pjrthuliir tingle. Likewise
scientists havu seen snow that was appir
ently pink. White light is u combination of
seven different colois. Snow has ciystals
hundreds of forms of them and they rolled
tho seven lays of tho spectium in such n
manner that they are combined Into Ahltu
light. Snow npH-uis to bo white because It
ic licet h white light. Homo clover people
maintain that nothing but light his color,
but us u matter if convenience wo attribute
to each object that color which It iviUcti, or
In other words which It appears to hnve.
Some of these smart peoplo defy us to prove
that wo aro living, but wo plain, seven-day-iu-thesweo'c
jiooplo can take the good old or
thodox beliefs on these common things of
every-iluy jf0( ami wo wj ivo fUtu ag
The other day a couple of gentlemen were
discussing tho Itinerary system of tho Meth
odist church, which tells every preacher of
that denomination to "move on" ut least
once in every three years. Ono of them told
of a somewhat similar plan, although on u
restricted scale, that wns being tried bv a
fow churches in other denominations over In
KuroH Wo would call It uu "exchungu" of
pulpits, for tlmt Is nil it Is, except that it Is
doi.o with regularity overy year and lasts
longer than thu oidiuary exchungu. Bup
Ksu that Dr. Curti-'s should exchange pul
pits with soiuii equally good preacher of Den
ver, or He v. Gregory with soinu Congrega
tional brother from Kansas City, each for a
month. Ono can Imagine that it might bo n
refreshing change for both the ministers and
tliecoiigirgutioiis, and that, too, without any
reflection upon either. Tlio beuellts of tills
sort of thing tiro too obvious to need enum
eration, and if it could bo done systemati
cally every six months or year it might bo
made u valuable feature of modern chinch
A new comer was lamenting thu fact Sun
day uveuing that there wns no place to goto
for amusement. He came leceutly fiom
New York and formerly lived in Ilerllu, the
Prussian capital. "Ilerllu Is thu place for n
young man to enjoy life," ho suld, "but I
really cannot uppiove the mode of life over
there. It interrupts the homo life, and they
have not th family lifu tlieiu that you have
In Amei lea that is, it Is nut nearly so gen
eral. It Is a common thing In lieili-i for
men, nfter thu duy's work, to go to u beer or
coucei t hull uml remain until u Into hour.
They enjoy themselves, but it makes a break
lu that homo life which is so admirable her.;.
It a nmn goes homo for supper he Is In u
hurry to get buck down town wheie ho is
likely to stay until twelveoronoo'ctock. Hu
has a good time, and it is all innocent enough
of itself, but his wifu uml chlldiou are left nt
homo night nfter night mid It must bu very
dull for them. Them Is often veiy little of
thut sweet compiiiloiiship wo ussociuto with
tho word borne.
Lincoln bus n number of amateur devotees,
of thu art photographic, and their ranks are
being increased almost weekly. A few of
them hnvo regular photographers de elope
their negatives, but the genuine enthusiasts
insist on doing ail their own work fiom
start to finish ju taking ami making photo
graphs lu the fullest sense of the woul. One
of the dllllculties they have to encounter Is
the getting of u suitable dnik loom, and just
now there Is talk among them of combining
to rent and equip some central rxim lu the
business part it tho city. Poihaps this wll
be tho llrst step to u broader organl. ition,
and when that comes peihapt our amateur
photographers will deign to let their fi lends
enjoy the fruits of their labois. Not only
would uu exhibition of their p uitogralis lia
un interesting affair, but the inugio lantern
enables them to extend tin ex lllilt Into II
liov el uml enjoy able eutei tuliimeiit.
One of thu lomaikable Incidents of the'
hour Is Iho i tl'oi t of tho Om ilia lieu In lulu; i
tlio Win Id lleiuld to uu iigieriuent on the'
siibscnptli li plice of those pa pel s Tin
pilcool the Kvenlug Wot Id wus ten cents u j
wiek, and after its consolidation with the i
lleiuld that into wus miiiiitailiul tor thout
teruooii edition although the slo of tic papei
wii IucieiiM-d Tho plice of tint Kvcuiiig
lleo wus llfteeu cents, and its sobcitois no
doubt tun up against many p.'oplo who took
the Win Id-Hoi aid sluiplj In cause it was
cheiiH'r, I'm a year pist Mr, Itoso vuter bus
Isvon trying to get Me. Hitchcock to utiso the
pilco of his eveuliu edition to llfteeu cents
uml let the pipois compete on iiurlt insttnd
of on price. Mr. Hitchcock declined, and
Mr, I'ose water is going to try n little financial
pnssiireby menus of it rule war. Ho nu
noiiiuvs that Omiihii peoplo may havn the
llec, either inninliignr i vimiIiij, delivered for
llvoceiitsn week, Including thu big Sunday
puper. Houihcillsesto tnko ono dollar for
it twenty weeks' sub cilpllon, so It Is evident
ho Is counting on quite n siege. The pro
sumption Is that ho expects a gieat iinny
IHMIIllll Will St Oil Hill IV.II I.1-II..I..I.I nii,l lull,,
the lieu because of Its cheapness. Ho hones
to cause such it loss of luveuuo to tho iloublo
Jolntisl dally ns will compel It to comoto his
tonus. Tho Hvu cent i nte menus n big loss
to tho Hoe nlso, nnd Mr. Ilosownter Is quoted
nssa Ing that hu Is ready to lose $.l,(iK) In
tho iimlel taking. Hoiirgues tlmt the dailies
In other cities have tiled cheap pi Ices, but
lliey havo nil leached tho conclusion that an
eight pugopiqior with sixteen pages on Hun
day Is woith fiom fifteen cent upward
This matter of cut rules has been fought out
hi other cities ami must be lu Omaha. Ho Is
In for having It settled now. Tills war Is a
peciillnr one. A railroad sometimes cuts
rules In order to foicon ilvul to Its lei ins,
but u reduction In newspaper prices Is usual
ly for the purMso of Inci wising circulation
rather than to force a i lval to Increase Its
rate. Mr. Ilosowater's effoit Is unique,
theiefore. It may Iks stated that Ibis war of
tho lleo beuellts only Omaha people. While
they were getting tho Kvenlug lleo for fifteen
cent a week nnd tlio Kvenlug Woild-lloinM
for ten cents a week, outsiders weio paying
twenty cents for tlio looming editions of
both. The latter price, apparently, Is to ru
in jIu unchanged.
"Is Mm Hugo u Failure)" had u long inn
and stirred up u girut deal of discussion.
Why doesn't somo gonitis stui t thu coniiii
ilium: "Is u husband woi th havlngl" The
testimony of tlio women who huo husbands
and how could any otheis be coinpelint
witnesses) might make exceedingly interest
ing leading,
Occasionally u newspaper man Is row aided
in tills woi Id. J. W. Johnson, editor of the
Sutton Advertiser was elected Secretary of
tho bouid of transportation the other day.
Mr. Johnson Is well known ns n stalwart ro
publlcm and ho is eminently qiialllled for
tho duties of his nuw position. Mr, Jolil.son
Isiilsoa poet, but The Couiukk regrets to
say that his effort hi this direction havo not
been received with that enthusiastic iilmiru
tlon which u 'literary feller" so much appro
elates. Indeed it is said thut, disgusted with
tlio coolness of tho public, he has docldo 1 to
ctoliow poetry altogether lu tho future, leav
ing the Held to N. K. Urlggs of Heatrlco.
He Meant IIimIimim.
"Didn't I Just throw you down stnlrHf"
inquired u Monroe street lawyer to tho ped
dler us hu entered.
"Von did, sir," was tho reply, "nnd I
just returned"
"Oct out of liciul I told you thut I don't
want to buy iinythlng."
"Kxctisu inu one moment," said thu ped
dler. "Iet me tako your order for u pair
of shoes. I notice you nru wearing carpet
llppers." (Jrand Iluplds Democrat.
Houchlnic his room.Cholly slipped on his
Binoklng jacket. Harper's Ha.ur.
Ilitl) Hun All Hie Hint of It.
"Here, this thing oughtto lie stoppedi'Mio
excluliiied, us ho rushed Into the city editor's
( 'We're getting all tho worst of It,
nnd I for onu am for peace."
"What ought to bu stopped f" asked the
city editor.
"This Italian business. It's terrible tho
turn affairs huvu taken. A man's llfo is
liunily hiifoon theMleet."
"Another out rugo!1" nskod t he city editor,
ns lu his eM'itfiiif nt ho dipped his pen into
the paste pot.
"Outrage'" exclaimed the stranger. "It's
war wurof letaliatlon. F.iury Italian in
thu city Is In It, I believe."
"L'ni Serious inatlerl" said thu city ed
"serious' I should say so. Hut I'm
onto the plun, uml tliu best tiling wo can
do Is toglw tho public warning Morn it
goes mi) further. Then we must havo
Inimi'dliito pcaio or war. I'm for peace,
for tbe hnvo the best of us "
Tliocltj editor stuck the inoiitlipleco of
hisplpoin the Inkwell and put the pen.
holder in Ills mouth
"Aio oii Miro of your gioiiuiD" bo asked
"Nil That's lust, what Pin lint unr.. nt
lint I know tho plan nil right."
What Uttf"
"I'liev hinoii corner on tho banana mar
lii and mo thinwliig tho skins on thosldo
walk That's why I'm not miiv of"
Inkwell, pipe uml paste pot billowed thu
Miiingi-rus he tniiilc his luistj -Chi
cago Tiihunc
See the lino display of (lold mid Hull's
Cnpi", WuterCoolfihiiiid Filtirsmiil Leriis
aid Hefilgeintois. The lacgest and mot
complete slock of Houo Kiiinlslilm gbods
in thecit) at ItiideiV Moiris,
Put Isiiiu millinery including all the tutus
UOM'lliesiit Haines A; Huko l's new uilliiiery
tine. IHMOstlVOt.
I fPJB jVflrHRShliUiH IiViJh l) 7
Wo camii pietly near getting Friday's
game; imt iirtiiirougirrt iltclilng was a lit
too eccentric ho hadn't got wanned up yet
uml there wele other teiisous why Lincoln
didn't conio out on top. There wis somo
U'lygiMsl playing nt the buck end of tho
giimo. MiuiicupolfsgotH; wo got 7.
Hiitu'diiy, Lincoln stinted out to win but
got tlnsl towiud the lust uml the scot o whs
MliineiiHillsll, Lincoln it, Irwin made ten
two bad eirorsou llrst uml wo found It haul
to lilt Mat (son rntlsfuctni lly. Hut Lincoln
lleldisl pretty well. Duve Itowoplnyisl right
Nenrly eery nmn on tho grounds Momhiy
ufteinooii was confident tliut Lincoln would
down Mllwnukeo. Hutciiirtuiiihudii'tcoino.
O'Dny, of whoso mollis wo hnvo henril mi
iiiiicIi niaile his Hist appearance nnd piovisl
to bo n disappointment. Mllwnukeo hnnillisl
his balls with the gt cutest ease. When he
struck ono man out thuciowd wusdacd, It
wus ii ery pretty game up to thu sixth Inns
lug. Then the It Iters let tlieinselves loose
mid coiiuuenceil lo scoro lu ennui t. When
nil wus oter they had twelve nuts nnd we
hud none. What did It) The other fell) ws'
faultless playing. They got through with
out nu en or. Da vies pitched for tho visi
tors and he wns nil light.
Tuesdiiy was our day, ami It was one of tho
picttiost giilui'soMir played in Lincoln. Iloth
( lubs play isl utmost faultlessly, but Lincoln
loom 'd up nnd Milwaukee hudto knock un
der. Tim ninth Inning wns not Hnlshtil on
account of lain. Stafford pitched for the
local team and ho did his win k well. In fact
ho Nitlslled uvtiyhody. Ho wns nbly nip
polled in tho Held mid of course wo won,
Hiickley handled the ball for Milwaukee nnd
wus ii tllllo wild. llowuer, little fault
could bo found with either side. Raymond
gave us the llrst tally Howocitiuu in lu tho
tlilid inning closely followed by llmkett.
Dno Howe seortd In tho sixth nud leieated
tho oHrutioii lu the elglitli. This gave us
live runs. Milwaukee scored two, secured
by lltiike. It wus u great game.
Arbor Day was also Lincoln day. This
thne thu gnmu wus played to u finish, uml wu
won by n score of VI to 7. Lincoln chuiigcsl
pitchers again, Iluikitt holding the bull.
Until ho had the vlctoi y won ho hud no mercy
on Milwaukee. Afterwards he cased up mid
thn other fellows got In few inns. Hut llmk
ett Is all right. There Is no doubt nlxmt. that.
Vlckeiy and Clnuseii took turns in pitching
for Milwaukee and neither wus very effect
Ive. Duve Howe got to thp homo plato threo
tpnes, Cilne, Jack Itowo nud Hurkett each
scored two runs, nnd ltiiyinond, Toniney anil
Triillley got onu a plice. Lincoln stock wns
ubovo par Weduisilay.
Thursday's gnino gao us lliieo straight.
From Milwaukee, too. admitted to bo onoof
tlio strongest clubs lu tho league. Dain
biough was lu the box for Lincoln, and ho
was In much better trim than on his first up
peiiimicF. Vlckory pitched for tho vlsltois,
unit ho was not fur behind our man. A fea
tuioof tlio gnino wns Chile's running catch.
It was a low bull way out lu riyht Held, uml
after hu hnd it In his bunds hu rolled over on
the ground two or threo times befom ho
could stop himself. Hut he held thu bnll nnd
thu crowd yelled. Toniney, ngnlnst whom
theiu has been so much complaint, nlso made
some very rcmhI plnj s. Wo get four runs to
Milwaukee's three.
lu Yesterdays gaino between tho Lincoln
uml Ht. Paul, the home club wus entirely
shut out by u score of (I tod. Houch was in
the box for Lincoln ami started In with a
Hiiu rcvoul until nfter tho sixth Inning, nfter
which ho went all to price, but tho supiwrt
wus good with tlio exception of Cllnes muff
ing in the sixth lulling. 'ih umpiring wns
not us satisfactory us It might hnvo been nud
this Is not suld with prejudice for tho homo
club, for tho desclsloiis were oorly made ftr
both sides. Osbornes woik lu the Ikix whs
excellent nud proved too much for the Sena
tors for once at least.
Lincoln wasn't in It.
Captain Irw in beats them all at stealing
Lincoln expects to take three fiom HI. Paul
There n III hen game at tho new nut km.
Theiouio very fow wink places In Iho Mll
wnukeo tenin.
Kd llrundt of Omaha wns nu interested
spectator Tuisdiiy.
Manager Duvu made a record of two nil s
In Ttr'sday's game.
Thu absence of Pulton uml Cllnu wns felt
In this week's games.
Thursday's gnino advnnctd Lincoln from
eighth to fourth phico,
Tho Websters defeated the Crnw fords
i iiiueixiuy iiy u scoie of i'( to IB.
Tho iluy we scored nothing to Milwaukee's I
1'J, ht. Paul let Omaha tnke'JI to their I,
Thu grounds nt tlio new irk weio not lu I
condition Siimlii) ami there was no game. '
It was extremely chilly (for Lincoln, nt the '
iiruiiiK "i mo ('iiiimpionsiiip i1Kl. ,,,n M,
I Dae How o nude his Hist klik Tuesday
(when bo exel.ungnl ple.isintn.s with I'm
I pile Kmslie I
Hi' y ling is U coming t ce.sllnge iiopni,,,-1
''ii"injs. iieuy neai h even
b.Hly vho likes out-ni-il,.,), f,. , ' lei.i
Am theieai'iiiuy am unit offxp.n i,.ll
1 tis . '
I I'lnpiloKnislloHiciiiud tlieilNpIenh,,,,, ( '
the ctowil lor the Hist time Monday, ,o..ts '
land bonis didn't dUimb him in the bust
nueir, unit even tiuiso who found tault ml-
Hut the faith or the ciiiuU lemuiiiisl un
sliukeii.niirl n most oveiv iImv ilu.,.i, nu buiense. The ?mmm IioikiI foi !
lettei things md weie (bteimln.d to wait i
until thu luck clinngisl. mo, notwithstand
ing thn Old tlmt Duvu Howe's men ut up u
most exirrablo kiiiiiii. Dave hud no reason
to complain or tho pationage,
Tho Lincoln Tennis club Is lu u veiy Hour,
bhlng condition with puwpisjts for u lively
uml Inlet ctlng season. Thy boys siy thtv
gioumls mo splendid and nlin Inu has ulicudv
coinineiiced huvu nest. Home of the enllius
Insls me beuhiulng to talk tournament,
Lincoln has some of the most enthiiolinitlu
base ball ci auks 'in tliocoiiutiy a lot of fel
lows who would lather sen a game of bnll
than attend u church sociable. They me al
ways there unless they nio sick or out of tho
cltv mid Ihey enn applaud nnd giowl with
equal enthusiasm, I let o mo some of lliemt
J, II. Li'inlst, A. V, Iteei sou, Tom Hentoii
(leorgo lloweiinin, Fmiik vhruiig, Lieut.
Townley, Llmer Henkle, (Ionium F, Hotts,
W. IC. Ilaiily. Fiank Hun" It Is astonishing
too, what an interest Mime m tho Indies tiro
manifesting hi tho sport.
Thu Lincoln club will be nil right utter u
while. Everybody says that mcniiwhlto
somebody should leach them how to keep Iho
ball down near thu ground, When a Liu
colli mini comes to thu hue ho geiieiully dis
dains to touch tho bull nt nil, or else he sends
It way up into tho Heavens, uml tight into
tlio bunds of the other fellows. Lincoln
seems tmhmt on high hulls. That's onoof
tho lensons why wo don't scene ns wo should.
Tho oilier fellows dont on high balls to
(when wo but 'cm) nud they Invariably cutch
them. Hut The Couuieii ln't finding fault.
It's too curly for that. Hesldes our Isiys
liavo done sunn! really good work Holding
essrliilly. Tho season Is young. Theio's
lots of time yet.
NoinelliliiK Wrong with thn .Moon.
A mother was culling the attention of
her little bov to thu moon, which vn In lis
seen clearly but pallidly In tho curly nfter-
"Why, you can't sec tho moon In tho tiny
tlinul" replied the youngster.
"Oh, yes, you can thero it Is over the
The little fellow looked, and hnd to ad
mit the fact thut lie saw it, but hu added,
'"Talii't lighted though." Ijiidon TIU
At I-ust.
"Dross do Lavvdl It's come; It's comol"
"Wind's come, mummy)"
"Why, do Jeilgmcnt day, yo' brack l(
nyvamiisl Didn't yo' hcuh ilut Gabriel's
trumpet) An' ilero goes yo good old fad
der up at do llrst sound." Life,
Had for the Hone.
"Hy Jovel" suld tho museum nmn, turn
ing pule.
"What's the mutter, Hupert)" nsked Ida
"I forgot to send the (log; faced lioy nny
supper, uml he Is locked up in thu same
cago with the ossified inaii," Now York
I'ulul llrlllalull.
Ivlltor firnblM-r bus Iwon with tw i years or more, but I'm afraid wn
shall havu to let him go.
Illlslncss Matiiiuer What's thu inalti.r
with OrulilHT)
Editor Hu lues unl lo llilnklni' uu i-nn't
run this paper w itliout him. Chicago Trib
A Tin.
Mr. fllff.iistf -Tl-llnl.iinti jln Vmt nnmnA
..... .............. ..w. .,., . ;un .,wv
to pay for nil thu furniture you break)
Truckman Certainly, sir.
Mr. Malferst Then If you must break
niiythlug bu kind enough to glvo the pref
erence to this old table. Puck.
Too Young Allngvllirr.
"I have Just henril thut our family doo
tor is cloud, uml think of it, ho wus little
more thuii thirty j ears old."
"tso! I confess I couldn't huve much
confidence In u phvslclun who dies as young;
ns that." Fllegenilu Hlatter.
A Dull Issue,
.Mr. Suburb (hastily swallowing hu
breakfast near trniti time) Any news lu
the pujHT this morning)
Mrs. Suburb No; not u slnglu ninrk
down sale of nny kind. (lood News.
I'riilll lu Vitriol).
Cluru I don't seo how tlmt Do IVyster
girl manages to dress so cheaply.
Maud Kasy enough. Kvery time she
gets u new gown shu changes her Oress
maker. Cloak Hevlow.
.Most lln llccii In -Ml. thief
Mrs. llicks-.Marv, vvheruls DUkjf
Mary Out in the back jnnl, iiiiu'ii.
Mrs, Hicks (io out uml seo what ho Is
Jolng mid tell him to stop It.-Harper's
Uml lime..
The gient men nru nil dropping out.
Ami djlni: h the score,
And wo'ro not filling ver well
Ami our throat Li nw f ul sore.
flwuvllle linvzo.
llm Ileal Kctlltt,
P.veiy Ing,,. bent empl,iol lu pro.lii'iii
HimiI's MirMiuilla i sitlctlv pure, mid l
the besl of Us kind it Is sih!e to bin. AH
Hie loots and belli, nioiiiiefully seltoted,
htmiii illy extminod, and only thu bt in
taliKsl. So that fiom tho tlino ofpitichiiM!
until Hood'., Sirs.tarilln is piepnied, every,
thing hcmelully wntc'ied with u view tout
taining tho best nsiilt. Why don't you tiy kf