Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, February 07, 1891, Image 1

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Lincoln, Nichkaska, Satukday, Piciikuawy 7. leioi.
i i i iii i ii tfwrrwnrmm ii
Mr. L. M. Crnwford, who has been asso
ciated heretofore with Mr. Kolxnt Mclley
nolds In tlio management of the Kiiuku opera
house, 1 no longer a partner, IiIh term of as
sociation having expired. Although Mr.
Crnwfanl Is it gentleman In ovcry wi.uof the
term, hU business method have not always
bocniplcnsnnt to theatrical companies. I Id
lias Imtl a largo number of oihtii liaises on
his circuit on which ho liatl large rentals to
lny, nnd for this ronton hns exacted fioin the
companies wishing to piny, moru stringent
nnd henvlor terms than n manager would ox
net If his house stood on nn Individual IhinN.
Mr. Itoberi Mclleynolds concluded that ho
ww his way clear to do business outside of
circuit complication)). IIu did not wish IoIhj
barred from ntti actions which might wish to
play til Lincoln, and hotdcslieto play Atchi
son pr Toeka.
Thoro l mi opposition lioiiM In Towkn
which Mr. Crawford hat over desired to
guard against. Ho has had n clause placel
on all lilscontructs that uuy comiwny piny
lug In any house lit which he in tuteriHtcd
should not piny In Topekn. His Txla
stngo Is Hnnill nnd his homo inadequate to big
attractions. 'ihereforo Mr. Mttlteynolds de
sired to rid himself of the incumbrances of
tho circuit nnd after fulfilling to the letter
his agreement with Mr. Crawford during
their term of pmtnershlp, which lasted for
three years, Mr, Mclleynolds secured n lease
on tho Fulike opera hoube In his own nnmo
and withdrew pleasantly from the compllcas
tlons which havo worked to tho Lincoln
theatregoers a- detriment.
Tho best eoti)wuilo would not how to the
rules. Thoy would leave Lincoln out rather
than do so. As it now stands they can play
Lincoln iiuletwmlent of Ht. Joseph, Topeka or
any other ioint. Everything In In favor of
all companies playing Boyd theatre in Omaha
then playing In Lincoln.
Omaha Is doubly iudobted to Governor
James E. Uoyd for supplying her with met
ropolitan theatres. Ton years aeo he invest
ed a large amount of money In a tine theatre
ai uio corner or Fifteenth and Farnham
streets, at a time whan the city would not
warrant tbe support of such a venture. Hut
by judicious management, and tho unprece-
uonieu rapid increase oi tho city, the Invest
ment proved a most profitable one, and after
a successful career of ten years, encouraged
Mr. Uoyd to make a second venture. The re
sult is tho nmgnlflccnt structure at the south
east corner of Seventeenth and Harney
streets, a plcturo of which is shown on this
page. It is five stories hhzh. and architect.
urally Is one of the most bee utiful edifices In
Nebraska. The front is built of Lako Super
ior sanusiono, wincn is considered tho hand
somest building material obtainable. Doyd's
nieairi nasa frontage on Harney street of
eighty-eight feet, extending on Seventeenth
to a depth of 152 feet. Tho auditorium is on
tho ground floor, with six exits. Tho seating
capacity will be 1,050. Everything rtaln
Ing to Uoyd's Thcatro will Im modern, and no
expense will bo spared to make it as fine as
the finest. Mr. J. B. McElpatrlck, tho cele
brated theatrical architect, snjs: "Boyd's
moniro win do ine nnest in America until a
flnor ono is built." It Is Manager Thomas F.
Boyd's present intention to open the new
house on the 21st of August next, with as
fine an attraction as money can obtain.
"Shenandoah" was played in Lincoln three
times last week to crowded houses, and was
deserving of the patronage it received. The
play is one of the highest order of the melo
drama and has throughout a martini spirit,
that stirs the blood and awakens niemoi iesof
the thrilling times of the great rebellion.
Many persons enchanted with the first pie
sentatlou went a second tlmo and found oven
greater enjoyment at this subsequent er
formance. The play is not like the gieat
bulk of performances In which a single star
shines biilllantly amid an Indifferent milky
way support, but Instead almost every par
ticipant is a constellation, in his or hr ar
tlcular part. This is one reason why the
play proves such a giaud success. Cat elms
been displayed in the refaction of the cast and
not one of the players could bo spai ed. Tho
buttle scene where the union foices yielding
to tho confederate onslaught are tieginnliig
to tall back but are suddenly Inspired by
Sheridan (fashing upon the scene Usm his
coul black charger is so lealUtic that one
feels like jumping to Ills feet and yelling
"hurrah" ut the top of hi voice. The vein
of romance Unit rurs through the play Is aleo
veiy pleasing nnd unstrained. Whenever
Shenandoah comes to Lincoln ugain standing
room will bo at a piemiuui.
Did you know that there in o giavo doubts
as to tho authenticity or Hie poem of Shell
dan's ridel Nol Well, theio aie, as theio
are iieltherimy written documents or reliable
witnesses who have ileclaied that this ride
actuully took place. Buchanan Heed's poem,
nun iiiuimici 111,10 ill no Willi llll) making o
the reputation of Slieildnn, ami the cnvuliy
commander knowing this never had the
courage to deny tho fictitious ride. Ho oven
avoided nil allusions to it, probably knowing
that a denial of the lido might n licet his
fame. If Joaquin Miller Is light Hherldnu
oven snubbed mid insulted Heed, the poet,
who composed the imagiiiury ride that U was
alleged won the day. Hut Sherldnn was
careful never to spoil the fiction. He know-
that thb spirited jHieiii would live longer than
tho inon.oiy of tho battle. Ho was siilllclent
ly conversant with clusslcol lore to know
that the only heroes whoso meiuoiy has sur
vived the ravages of time are those who have
been Helled by the Immortal epics of Homer,
Vligil and the other great ioets of tho uges.
And jet tho heioes of these ikkius aro so
vested, in tlio Imagination of the poet, with
godlike powers and virtues that it is very
likely that their deeds aiolntho mam fic
tions of the pool's mind. So It Is piohably
with the groat lido of tho profuno genuial
who Is prlnclally known to fume by the
poem, "Sheridan's l Ide." Ho was probably
a bravo soldier like thousands mid tens of
thousands of men who wore tho blue hut uu
like many of them Sheridan had not the
eoumgo to deny a Motion that nddcil nil un
deserved linlo to hh glory and unlike, tho
heroes of old ho enjoyed almost exclusively
the contemptible sntlsfnctlou of cutting to
to tho henrt by his the bard who
mudo him historic.
fleorgo 11. Adams npiNiiml in "Ho, Hho,
Him nnd Her," nt tho opoin house Tuesday
evening. Ho might ns well hnvo npieared
nlono ns his nlleged supHrt wns execrable.
Tho Mipiort wus no support at nil. Hums
picked up nt random any where could hav
done better. No fault could Ixi found with
Adnmshut thuiols no excuse hi nu nctor or
netuws liolng it swlno and winding all tho
glory of npluy mid submitting the nudlenco
to a dreary lot of stun during tho Intel Im
that the star Is oir tho stage. Such n Rolllsh
and parsimonious courso Is In-coming decid
edly antiquated. A star who 1 afraid to
hnvo u bright actor or actress apHarou tho
stage with him Is too contemptible for notice.
People bo to theatres not to humor thojeal
ousics of actors but to ho entertained and for
that reason should not Im forwsl to submit to
listen to n horde of nmutotiis. Adams Is a
born clown nnd oveiy notion, gesture and
turn that lie makes piovokos a laugh, but his
Riippoit, particularly the female portion
would be hissed oh" the stage at a country
school house exhibition.
A musical fnrcocointsly, "Larking," which
will lie tho attraction at tho Funko tonight
has tho prestige of being In ItH second sue
cessful season nnd conies to us well endorsed
as a very sprightly and mirth Inspiring pro
duction. It ranks with Hoyt's ninny skits,
nndlnssumes to rival "A Parlor Match." Its
tour through the south was a very pronounc
ed success. At Mobllo the Register said:
"Although we hnvehnd a surfeit in the farco
comedy lino of attractions, "Larking' wns a
delight and refreshing treat, being one cons
tinuous ripplo of buoyant, spmkllng mirth
throughout three merry acts. Each member
of the vivacious company seems exactly fit
ted to the chni aoter assumed and fow, if any,
conixitilcs of fun makers hnvo given an
equally delightful entertainment."
Next Monday ovenlng Lincoln thcatro go
ers will have the pleasure of listening to tho
musical comedy, "A Cold Day." The follow-
nig L-uuiiuent irom me umo Htate Journal
flllfimiinlllii l.lnnu n At... .!.
..n,..D u, . , Vmy.
amusing situations, and yet throughout there
is nothing but a refined cast to the mirth
provoking scenes. In addition to tho com
edy element of the piece each act Is flavored
with a number of popular songs which al
ways win favor with an audience, and espoes
lally where the company possesses so many
really good voices. Some of the renditions
were superb, and mi encoro was responded to
after each. The charming llttlo songster,
Miss Carlotta, fairly captured every heart in
the audience by her exquisite rendition of tho
song, "I'm So Shy." Nothing more taking
has been given hero for some time. As
comedians. Messrs. Fisher nnd Morosco aro
fine and keep tho audience in a constant
stato of merriment. Individually and col
lectlvely the company is unusually strong,
and this will surely bo one of the great weeks
at the Grand. The audfeiicosycsterduy were
largo and appreciative.
That jieoplo who go to tho theatres want
things that will imiku them laugh, cannot bo
better Illustrated than by the successful re
sults of "The Two Johns," lor eight U'lbruken
yeais. On Tuesday evening this uiiitli pio
voklng comiily will bo piosoiited ut the
Funko. There will bo bright imis0 nnd
many pretty glils. The plot Is siuinlo but
comical. It hinges iioti tho marked similar
ity, both in llguro and fao, of Peter and
Philip, ami the resulting entanglement mid
roaring situations In which they find them
solvoi. The comedy is well known to the
theatre going public, hut has never been put
on tho stage jvlth sucli 1111 excellent itunpuny
nstho one engaged for the piesont season.
Everyfasly's favorite, Magglo Mltcholl.wlll
uppearat tho Fuiikoon Friduy and Satuuluy
evening of next week, presenting two of hei
st longest piny. Mli Mitchell will ns usual
It Wnlllf! Im fllttlfMf ItllllaBll.l.i in luu4...
m ,.,M, nLZI. m m, '"""V ' "iiiuo Jenns," Is one ol the quickest studios
tx much praise upon the side-splitting niiisl-1 1 the profession. She took the part of June.
thetUrofy"A Yu" w 'k, atefave,
Lhlii n Uplandeia." o'clock In the morning and played it without
it is the greatest hit of the Grand season for i.i, .. i.o ...i i' ' ...
bosupHiito. by n (list chiss conipiiny, open
ing with Mttlo llnretoot nnd closing with
liny. The following f i otii tho llo-don .lour,
nnl Is certainly n strong testliiioiilali
It would seem almost easy todescilbo ton
deaf iiifin the song of a lai k, or to convey lo
one devoid of sight the licuiltlo ofitrpilng
landscape, us to adequately transcribe nun's
liiipiesslou of tho ierfoimaiicoof Little Halo
foot by tho bilgl.l nnd winsome Maggie
Mitchell. There Is quality in her gay and
blithesome laugh, mi Infection about her
light and airy footstep thnt is us Indescriba
ble and effervescent ns tho spaiklo of the
morning dowdrop or tho nroma of tho lose.
As Indicated, tho play last night wns Little
ltarefoot, with Mis Mitchell In the title role.
To our thinking, the pal I of ltarefoot Is bet
ter Milted to tho buoyant quality of this lady's
acting thnu niiy other characlei initlou In her
ivporUiliv. Tho lincrsouatlnii Inst night
commlughsl nil the qualities for which she Is
so Justly famous, being iimiked by turns with
delicious humor, bubbling uieiiluieut, that
seeiiis to rise from her heart naturally ns
spi lug water gushes to tho surface, and ten
der HltllUS.
i inn mil ly h "i no Ai llllouairo" lias heen ery
Kiiccfssiitl in the west.
Agues Herudon has been granted a dl voice
fioai Joseph A, Ji'ssel,
It Is rumored that William Collier and
Jcnni', Yeamans are soon to bo wedded.
"Natural Uiis"oiiviieil at the San Fianclsoo
lliish street Tlientro last Monday and made
uu utimistuKatilo success.
"The County Fair" road company isinuked
above the Union Square homo concern in
K)lnt of cast. At any tato it is making moro
monoy limn me present company. Poor old
Now York.
Hobert (Iriihnm Is an Ideal comlo opera
company. He is not an acrobatic sonir-nmU
dance man, but tins won his iiosltloii by hard
and legitimate work, This accounts for his
remarkable success In "Tho Sen King."
Lydiu Thompson's hair Is yet ns ravishing
ly golden as in elghteen-slxty something,
though her years aro unhesitatingly boomed
to Ihj fifty. II vein grand total. Ago has not
withered nor costume staled our eiennlnl
Henry h. Abbey will next season hnvo
charge of the productions nt the Metropoll
tun Oiieru House. He manimed tho house
during its first season, nnd was swampod,but
afterwards paid up every cent of hlsdebt mid
Kept all Ills contracts to the letter.
, . . . . , . ,
...... ..... T ., , ... U(IW fiiu iiiiiiv n)ium
Stuart Hobson wllf lie the Mardl-Gras at
traction ut the Academy of Music In New
Orleans. This is Mr. Hobson's llrsj, appear
ance in the South as a lone star, and, so fur,
ho has hud no cause to complain of a lack of
appreciation and patronage.
Nearly nil of John KussoII'k comedians ore
going starring on their own hook in the sweet
by-und by. 'Twos over thus with Augustlu
Daly in his cniller days, when Fanny Dnveu.
wrt, Clara Morris, Kate Claxton, et al, wore
on hi alary list. Performers all get tho
astral fever in the (list flush of any pros
perity brought about through managerial
conjuring or pluck.
Lincoln Is to bo congratulated that it is out
ofthe"Crawtoid circuit," and now then as
Manager Mclleynolds has full control of tho
Funke we may look for better management.
Ho Is popular with the pi ofesrlon, a fact
which ti uly cannot ho said of hi luto partner
Mr. L. M. Ciuwford, with whom many of
the llnest attinctlons would not piny. Lin
coln, for its size lias few equals in tho entire
con u. i y ns it good show town and the better
tlionttiactlnu tliohugei
ways Ihhjii the rule.
the hou-es, hu ill-
Poor MuKeo Itaiikiii is again in the toll.
Lust week nt Ht. Joseph, U Is said, Mnnuger
Ciawford attaclnd hi moveables ai'd Mr.
Buiikiu refused lo play. '1 he house although
small, hud ulrendy congregnUsI and was
uwnltlng tho ilso of the curtain. About tho
tlmo it wus to havo boon mug up, Mr. Ban
kin stepped out to tho footlights to say 11
few vvoiiU nnd nfler giving the management
it severe raking over aiiuoiiuctsl that the
evenings ontei taimneut was nt uu end. The
uudieiico jsiSMsl out and money was 10
fuudo I,
Telephono at the Couiiikii oillce Is SM,
H w.wwm uw mw imi'iiiug uu uiu MtlllV UUV.
III the courso of it conversation with a
bright and pietty girt tho other day young
men and tliclr habits came up for consldein
tlou, nnd I akcd her how many vices she
could tolerate hi n joung man. "Notnny,"
shonuswcicd very promptly, Siibsispieutly
thoiiamnof n gentleman who Is a leader III
Lincoln society wa mentioned, and she went
on to toll how "nice" ho was, "Hut ho Is a
good do'tl of a spoi t," slid added. 1 Inslstisl
on knowing what sho meant "Oh, ho gam
bio nnd d links nnd inns nroiind," wns tho
reply, given lather loluctaiitly, What n do
llghtful Inconsistency there is in woman, In
it casu like this Is there it defect In her mm nl
nature, or is sho simply shutting eyes and
ears to dlsagieeablo factsbecaiisoHooluty will
not reform Its men I At any rate It's it bless
ed thing for men that woman Is us charit
able and long sulTellng as sho Is. We mo
J if mi
Afrs. ''tffiMfii; Can't wc run Into Conroy's and (jet sonic ousters, Ned?
Aft: J'lrskMffA (who lins left his pocket book on the piano). I'm nfnihl It would
be n dead glve-nwny on Conroy's part if we did.
full of faults and foibles at best, and if she
wore to coniel us to live up to her standard
before enjoying her sweet companionship
how full of social exiles this world would be.
Speaking of suM.rstltlou, it Is bod enough
to bo afflicted that way and expose the weak
ness In private life, but to make a public ex
hibition of it what monumental wenkiiossl
At the coroner's Inquest over the late John
Sheedy a fortune teller was called in, pre
sumably ti give a clue to his murderer. And
w hut u stupid lot of drivel she delivered her
self of. She told nothing of consequence that
had not already appeared in the paiwrs, hut
she pietended she know it before the assault.
And this woman was actually simple enough
to think the publlt would believe thnt and
Udioveshe was gifted with miraculous for-
sight. But ought not the ooplo of Lincoln and
of Nehinsku to bo ashamed that such a cir
cumstance occurred in their midstf The per
ron who bi ought this mountebank into the
case to give her u little fi ee advertising ought
to hate himself lor the rest of his natural life.
It is u fortunate thing for his piece of mind
that his name lias not been given to the
Many cuilous things coino of every leg!
latino, nnd the present lasly is keeping up
thegait. The sugar factory nt Grand Island
makes it iMisslblo to raise f.'K) or MOvvoith
of beets jier acre on ground that grew $3 to
luwo.thof corn, ami the establishment of
the factory will bring hundred of thousands
of dollar to Uio fanners of Hall comity
Ami yet u repieHoututivo from thnt county
has Introduced a bill for the ics-al of tho
hjtmty on sugar. Last week 11 representa
tive put in a hill to km luce die iiiilroad tates,
but on Investigation it was found the flguies I
.... ... . ,
weiollfty per cent higher than those now
charged by tho inihoads. Another fanner
legislator wants 11 to go back to tho practice
nfsoveial centuries ugo, when question of
public concern wore settled attho town meet-
ling. Ho want thoiHMiplo to havo a chance
to make law swith.iut sending repieelitativcs
to the legislature. Ho wants matters soar- '
rn lined that when 40.000 vnlcn ask- for 11 cr- I
tain law, tho governor must submit it nt tin
election If it gets 11 miijoi Ity of tho votes It
is to Is a law Just the same as though it wero
pusscd by the leglsl tture III tho usual way.
What shall wo do with our first loves wo
older issjplo vv ho feel the cuies of a grinding
world mid some of us with families- to main
tain! Where shall wo store the memories of the
llrstghl ivoovor lovislor the man wo once
thought wa perfect I Or shall wo store them
ut nil I Is It safe or lojal for it man now- the
husband or a goixl wife to go on to the end of
time with tender thoughts of her who first
waked sentiment within I1I111I Should ho
sometimes, In tho evening, In-fore tho lamps
lire lighted nnd when hi tasks for tho day lire
done, should he recall the memories and the
longings, njr, ami the ecstacios of that long
time ugo! When ho heursngnlii the nnmo of
thnt woman, now seiaiateil from him by
joins of life and mountains of ciroumstniice,
dam ho allow tint blood to quicken In his
veins mid tlietiyu to brighten mid the voice (o
sullen In ono of the old-time melodies)
That woman, who Is now a mother, who
has long been tho t run wife of n good husband
of her choice, shall rlio think now and then of
Ihnmniiwlm surely loved her In days long
gone by I And when hho notes the progiosshe
lias made nnd tho friends hu hits won ami tho
deisls ho has done, shall sho go hao'i theio In
tho post mill live over again some of the mo
ments that wont very dear to her when her
heiiltatid her hand were pledged lo no maul
Shall sho keep u chamber somewhere In (ho
castle of her thought where tho memory of
one man icsts undisturbed, nnd wheio ho
never grows old nnd never changes, hut Is
foiever tho same tender, cousldernto lover ho
was ami) back thoro hi tho days of her
youthf May sho look back with Innocent de
light ut tho gentle piossiirnof his hand that
night or the tender touch of his lipsl
Home where In nil ait stole, 1 havo seen the
plctuioof it woman standing at her window
In the evening, her hands olasHsl behind her,
her household gods in orderly array beyond
her. She looks with wistful eyes far hark
across the past ami sees the shadow of a
handsome man who once loved her and whom
she loved with all her heart. Now, If ever a
picture told a story, that picture told thnt
sho was a good wife, mid yet not the wife of
that man wl otn she culled up from the guest
chamber In tho castle of hor memory. She
was a good woman. Purity snt Ukii her
brow like it benediction. Truth nnd duty
and rectitude wero in every lino of hor face.
Did she do wrong!
Tho other evening 1 heard n young house
wife discussing n luncheon with her husband.
They wci e to i iiLertaiu a whist club, w hlch
met nt the homes of its members, and the
lady whs concerned about the refltwhineuU
lo bo provided for thoovruliig. Tho husband
suggested coffee and sandwiches, good big
sandwiches. That was man-like, but of
com so tho lady wanted u dainty and elabor
ate spread. That was woman-like. One
trouble was that each lady hail tried to outdo
her predecessor In the matter of her luncheon,
until that feitturo of the entertainment,
which should rather havo boon an Incident of
the evening, Imh-wuo a burden iion the en
tertainers. This Is almost always the case
wlthclulis of this kind unless some limit lie
sot Ukiii the variety of the refreshments. Poo.
pie who havo been through that oxM-rlenco
two or three times learn n lesson. They dis
cover t hut tho only way to remedy the evil
? U l!"lo',,t 'r10"t;1",, r',le nt ' ''Bln'.ii!K
limiting the luncheon to a certain iiiiiiiIht of
dishes if not to certain designated kinds of
fix si ami drink. It Is one or the mean llttht
iKHulinrltlesof human nature that this re
form cuuiiat bo made In tho middle ot it sor
les of club meetings, Those ix-oplo who have
' V" ,,.11,ou"llful 1'Onr.l take it sneaking
til iittk 111 flit iiunnnfKAii urlilnli !..,.
pi Ide In the comparison which mav rolled
disoiedit uK)ii their predecessors, and thoy
talk us though they 'were robbed if a success
or full to do us much as they, even though
they may but nibble nt the delicacies set be
fore them. This matter of elaborate refresh
ments at little informal parties Is 11 good deal
of u bore, it burden to wives, uu expense to I
uusiiamiK, it imssier of splta nnd a canker
UKiii tficloty. If the women in these club
haven't tho courugo to meet tho emergency
the men ought to have souse enough to do it
for them,
Were there ever txi greater "joshers" than
Dave Bowo and El. llrant, mid did ever two j
men take greuter pltetsuio in joshing each '
other! Brunt isu part owner of tho Omnha j
ImiII club, nnd as tinvollng auditor of tho B
& M. 1 allroad ho comes frequently to Lincoln
Bowo Is tho owner of the Lincoln club, and
makes hi heudquai ters ut Ed, Young's cigur
stoio, where It is convenient for Bmntto'
drop In 011 him. As it result of 11 lecent Imnt
f thoy Imve ngicod to play u series of games Isj-'
foio the niK-iilng id the season for tho chiiuis
plonshlp of the stato. There will U two
gaine in Lincoln, two in Omahit mid 11 llfth
nt some placo to li ngieed on later. Iliaiit
vvnutid eucli club to take its own leielpts,
hut Howe insisted that to muko the contest
genuine nnd Interesting the winner should
lake nil the gnto receipts, and Im hits sont n
conlinotto thai effect to Omaha. "And you
Is't turn going to haven club thnt will win
that monoy," Davo says with a wink ami n
nuiiMi. i nn iiviiii v neiuoeii tin Iwn nil Ilk
will bring out Immeiiso crowds and mnkn u
pot of money for the winner. Hero's to
And you doii'i krovv what "Joshing" Is I
Well. Well. To sen It III nil Its iii-Mlm, vlirne
yotl oimht fo catch Davo and Kil nt it. Thnv
go II for an hour nt u stretch. Each of them
hasrorgotleii iiioio about base ball than tho
nl hor ever knew. Each thinks his own city
tho best base ball city In tho association.
Knob ha always had the Is'ttor club, nnd
neither lias over been downed by tho other.
1 ti nut know his club will win tl,., ..i,
next season, and llovvo Is toady to wager it
minion-or less uial umahii will not Im In
Il with Lincoln, Itowe knows Im has tho
llnest battery In the country, mid llrnnt
swenrs thoy can't pitch hay llrant lung of
Ills stonewall Inlleld ami Diivokiivs complnu
ontly, "Yes, thoy in on stone wall, and Just
about as spiy." Thoy compare notes on
players. Iviich has tho best and surest In tho
maiket. And thus thoy keep It up it gissl
nutiired content of bluff, lung ami bluster.
.nosi, oi i ue iiimsiiiig inn piotonso. They un
derstand It ami never lose their touiiers. It
lelloves thorn nnd amuses the crowd that Is
always sure to gather to hoar the moguls.
Oh, you wanted to know what "Joshing" Isj
Why, "Joshing" "chnllhig." You ought to
have known thnt.
Tho auniinl session of the Nebraska pics
association hold nt Deutrlco Inst week was
ono of tho most eujoj uble yet known. Tho
election of olllcers for the ensuing year and
delegates to the National Editorial Associa
tion resulted as follows: President, F. U.
Simmons, Howard Reporter; vice-presidents,
C. M. Hiiebuer, Nohrasku City News; S. H.
Uhkoo, Curtis Cornier; Jtidson (Irnvef, No
llgh Advocate; Msjrotary and treasurer, Boss
L. Hammond, Fremont Tribune ; delegates to
the national press convention to Isu held at
St. Paul, Minn., in July, J. 1). Kliiotscli,
Lincoln Free Prosr, J. D. Stlne, Superior
Journal; L. Wessel, Jr., Lincoln, Capital
Citv CouitlKii; ll.M.lliishiiell, Lincoln Dally
Call; George P. Marvin, Beatrice Democrat.
Fremont, Neb., was designated as the placo
of the next iiiimml meeting of the state asso
ciation. Tho Sutiirduy Mirror will mnke its bow In
the iiewsniMjr world next Suturday at Piatt
mouth. M r. George 11. Mann Is the publisher
and If his pasr show-sup as neatly as does
the announcement received at this office, we
may look for an excellent paier.
Another communication, signed "Floss,"
has been tcoeivisl this week without the
writer's iinme attached and in accordance
with our rules cannot be admitted to these
columus. While we are always glad to ie
cetve Interesting communications yet we can
not in Justice and protection to out selves and
readeri publish uiiythlng unless the 111111:011
name Is known to us.
I Written for Tiik Couiiikii.
No sweeter word from tongue or pen
was ever handed Mown lo men.
And now If you'll listen to what I say
I'll tell jou what 1 heard tUy
Twa the Is-st sermon I think I ever hi aril,
I wlili I could reiN-nt It every word
Our minister seemed Inspired from above,
. neii no uhik lor ins suDject "rallh, lios ami
AiKlshowedlousall, what few could explain
Every form of religion Is right, In their main.
I bgrco with them here, lly wluttavcr umiie
All over the World rellicloti 's the samo.
Give each liiaiia cluiuce and the deril his due
You'll Hud's the Is-st Hillcy for me and for 1 on,
Whatever Ihocnssl or name they may own
If their hearts arc all right by their God they aro
for f!liarlll lu l.tln. an.l lirr.f.,1 ...,1 ,lu
- - .-. ... ... ..... (Mil. .!..,. ..4 ...1 ,,C-..
The soul that hath Charity Is never asleep,
urn iiji unit in w oric inuii us iigni 'uu iiam
KludllDK brlKht glowing ciiiIhts from a very
Mrt11.ll utotrl
4 WIiaHIv' .itfTMrMll. I...... u..,l I.. LI... I
Glut love you know Is something blind.)
if ..II .1 -I- !.. ..... ..... '
i uu inn minis, 1 hho -tiiaruy i-i.
It IVlkl'nt (lllll.ll lllfwullinl. -II .1... .......
In fact It spread ull over tho Unci,
r ruin win largesi now 11 10 me smallest liaml, ,
All OIIHll llllisu, fur III., ilMM.,rvl.i,. .uu.
This Is sweet charity I am sun-.
Kind word for those who are In the wroug
Thl k ml of charity will help them along '
Kind ails mid ilmls from u loving hand
Is truly clunity good ami grand
And a few kind words lo the sick ones sjieak
'Twill strengthen ibe heart though the flesh Is
It tho henrt spiak out l honest and true
Andyou'll hosurprlsi'it nt IIiokoihI jou'llilo.
"Faith, HowuiidUne" wilh Charity couiloed
Make as fine a character as you can find,
Toltcv K. H llnUton lacconl the same
And think ho well deserves the name.
"To duly firm to conscience (nio
However, hard he's pressed
In Hod's clear sight h works for right
And seeks to 1I0 hi tt-Ht"
And when his work Is ended nnd he from earth
has Koue
May the Master hid htm vvelooino nnd say to him
"well done."
Htmdny, February 1, IhUl,
Ayer s Harsapanlla purifies the hlooil, and
exH)ls all poisonous element. Hold by all
Wanteds A good canvasser to solicit
subscriptions for Tiik Coi'kikh. Tho ron
trolof the circulating department will 1k
lucil in the hands of 11 such party If work
done will warrant tho publlsheis in so doing.
Cull or iiddreew this olllco.
HiirlliiKtuii Itiiute llH)lnic Curds.
I now have n largo stock of those playing
curds, which are sold nt the low rate of 15
cenu n pack (not 0110-qimrier theprlco usu
ally paid fo.- such oinls). fall In nnd get a
down mck, the) aie just the thing for your
euchre, whist nnd high live wutle this win
ter. A 0. KiKMKli, c, P. & T. A.