Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 24, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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The HIrIi live r-lult met Tuesday iiveiilun ul
(ho icsldeneoof Mrs, Rudolph li. Htliliiiulii
An (hit iiMiniMif tlm eluh stlgnilU'H riu tin wont
dm 111 1I11 attraction nf tliouviiiliiK Komo or
(lilt IIIOIIiIk'IS II IV WcOlllitlK lUVOtllpllslied
players as u result Ktoat Intoiost was
inniiiftmUtl fi otn (lio start. Tint fates, pxxl
luck or skill or whatever may he (lie tiittmt
(lio dolly picsldhiK over such pastime seemed
fnvornlilu toward Mm. Wheeler ami Mr.
Mcintosh, mill no mutter vhii( splendid
hands their opKinents happened In have
(hose two playois would uniformly m thorn
01111 lKt(cr mill w In (hit Kunitt. Tluty wore
llnnlly awarded Hut loynl prizes nnil In ml
illtloti wore highly eouipllmontisl for (heir 10
tiiurkiilily skillful playing. Tin eonRoiilnl
souls Kuthertsl nt tlut place woio in follow":
Messrs. nnil Mosdames Mynm Wluidor, J.W.
Maxwell, T. V. (Irlllllli, Uoo. iliown, Dr., Mcintosh, J. II. U'rlnlit, W. H. Hon
11I1, It. O'Neill, Dr. Trodden. Tim Misses
Mmul llurr, Miiy lliirr, MukkIu Ki.kIMi, den
nlu Ilt-II; Messrs. Will Cliirk, Holit. Mulr,
Clmrles llurr, Mcintosh.
Tim noxt session of (Im eluh will ln hold at
tlio residence of Mr. ami Mrs, Mcintosh.
Hlx of our rlmriiilnn youiiK ladles have or
ganized 11 cookliiK flub known us dm H. ). C
which In tlino will douhtloss sin puss that of
Prof. 1'fiiil. Their llrst tea was lii'M lust
Saturday evening at tlut houmof Miss liulso
HniKh. Tint iiii'iuburH are: Tim Mlssos
Hiiinniond, llnwley, Under wmtil, Hmith,
Hlghler nnil Winder. Tlio .vouiik ladles iiio
entering with 11 rest Into tliu intricacies of
that ki tuitoitt of arts cookery. Tlio fair
young oxierlniontr hml met with Itntlurini;
results thus far anil aro determined to mas
ter this 11 1 oh t deslinhlo ami useful uf au -om-pllshinouts.
Tlio Delta Circle was very pleasantly en-
U'rtnliied hiHt Haturilay ovonlnj; at tlm honio
of Mr. ami Mm. t M. Ki't'for. An Instinct-
Ivit literary programum Intel simrscd with
cornet selections rendered by Mr. Win.
O'Shen. Jr., emit r United to dm evening's en
joyment. Tim following wont present:
Messrs. and Mohdaines Hort K. Ilotts, A. 1.
Fair, C A. Kle'h, A. K. Konnard, Waller
DiivIh, J. K. HIkkh, ami ('. II. Warner, Mrs.
Vim Kirk, Mm. Hloner of Loud City, South
Dak., Miss (I nice Ashtou, and in. O Shea,
Major C. II. lluford who came in hint week
from tho lilnck Hills, dangerously sick with
piieuiuonla, mention of which was mado last
week in this paH-r, Is now, wo are glad toHiiy
under tlm skllfull treadneut of Dr. Win.
I'rolzumn, Ih'hIiiiiIiik slowly to Improve.
Tlm iiKgioKutlou of intellectual and plens
uro loving young ieoplo known mm the Tues
day Kveuliig Club will hold its next social
session at the residence of Miss Kthel Mars
laud, Twenty eighth mid I, street next
vv eok.
Claioiico K. Iliown, thu bright and prom
isiug young mini holding tho position of vice
piosident of (ho Itcpiihlfcun printing com
pany of Omaha, was tlm guest of Mr. W.
Morton .Smith tho llrst of the week.
Tho Haydeii art club entertainment o'-curs
on Tuesday mid Wednesday evenings of next
week at tlm state university chaind, Tho ox
lilbltion is a highly artistic one, hut no admis
sion fee hi churned.
A. I, (liiilo has sold his interests in tho firm
of A. I.. (iullo Ss Co. to Win. Cochran mid
will aeeept his old portion as manager of dm
furniture depuitmeiit of Maxwell, Sharp &
ltlN o.
Tho members of (ho Kast Lincoln llaptist
church held a tocial gatUerlug-ut.tho resl,
deneo of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. McKlnney on
Friday and passed n must enjoyable evening.
Miss Cora Murray of Olatho, Kansas, has
lN.-eli the guests (his week of tho Misses Oer
trudo mid Carolla liill, daughters of State
Treasurer Hill, Seventeenth and Ij streets.
Mr. Harry Clmireo has had the good for
tune to secure the position of clcik In (lov
eruor Iloyd's ollleo. Mr. Uei t Iletls has been
appointed as olllcial stenographer.
Miss Carrlo K. Warner of Ileatrlce and ono
of tho ncknow lodged belles of tho state, has
Ixt'ti the guest this week of Miss Nellie White,
II near Kloventh street.
Last evening Mr. and Mrs. Will l'oinfret
entertalntsl a inimlier of friends at ''High
llvesin their In'mitlful homo, KV.i South
Seventeenth street.
Miss Kato II. Cheney, who his been the
guest of Mm. Thomas Sewoll for a number of
days, returned to her homo yesterday at
Hloux City.
Mrs. I,. IC. Hlakeslee, who has been the
guest of her daughter for over n week, re
turned Tuesday to her homo in Sim Diego,
Dr. Frank' S. Hillings of Chicago, a man
eminent in Ills profession, has come lo Liu
coin to reciierate from mi Illness caused by
"Commodore" Nutt arrived in Lincoln
Thursday evening and has been busy ever
since snaking linnds witti old friends.
Mr. C. A. Dolson, formerly of Llncoln.but
now of Salt Lnko City, has Ihmhi In town this
week renewing old acquaintances.
Mrs. Doni Totteii and daughters of Seward
me tlm guests of Mr. and Mm. A.J. Cuufleld
M 184(J0 8tiei;t.
Mr. John I. Underwood left Wednesday
for u short trip to Itiipld City, South Da
kota. Mr O. V. Spencer is enjoying a ten days
nest and visit with friunds in Northern lilt
Miss Lulu Jennings is enjoying a visit with
friends at (luthrle, Indian Territory.
Miss Josio Wessel of Nebraska CUy, is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sum Wessel.
Miss Alice Horsford of Ilurliiigtou, In., is a
guest of Miss Hay den llierworth
Mr. Chic Hairisou of Deutrleo, was in tho
city Wednesday.
Messrs. A. J. Johnson and F. W. Moore are
tu I'linblo, Col.
Mi-s Lulu Kemsly is visiting with filends
in St- Iiuis.
Miss Lulu Kennedy left, for St. Ix)iiis,Tues
day. Mr. Million Kekins i in Holland, Mich.
Taken after dinner, Ajer's I'ills piomote
easy digestion. Hiino you seen Ajer's Al
jnanae! toiitli l.lniiiln.
In reullng tho governor's messago before
the (bird house, the woiiilmi's suirrago bill, us
picseiilod tiy siuiporing women was noticed
as being conspicuous by its absence; but it
was read that night, for Aunt Smuaiitlia of
TllK Couiiikh, was thuro and heard it.
Mis. A W. Lane left for Owattou, Minn.,
last Monday on receipt of a telegram stating
(lio serious Minus of Mr. lime's sister. His
sister died on Sunday night before ho leach
isl her bedside.
Mm. Alible Winter, who Is the guest nf
.Mrs. It Murphy, will lean for Chicago
Hev F S. Halstoti, who lately resigned Ills
puMoiagoof l'lyniouth ehuich Is In I'hleago
The musical outei taliimeiit at tho l'lyniouth
chinch Wednesday night was a Kinross.
H Murphy left for Omaha Wtslutsday to
remain all nook.
Al'NT Samastiia
(test Itstides and vegetable ulteiatixes
liiako Ayer's Sunaiarllla (Im bot blood
If you wish a bargain Just look oxer (hit
reiniirkablo pilivs ipiotisl today by (ho pio
prlctors of tlut llanir.
Wisldlng Invitations, either pi luted or en
graved In tho finest style of (ho it 1 1 at Tin:
COUHIKU olllce. Collect forms and best
quality of sdK-k Kiinrnntttil. Siimples cluvm
fully shown.
Have you scon the beautiful line of photo
graphs of Ameriea'sgreatest stage celebrities
at TllK CntMllKIt nlllcof Tlm Hue embraces
all the leidlug and most pioinlneiit artists
and me tho work of Fulk of t'uloii Hipiaie
New Voik, undoubtedly the nes( photo
grapher In tlm country. Call In and see
I tidies will llnd a completoliimof IIiiosIkm-h
and all the latest stylos at the pros'i-prices at
Sherw In's llostou SIiihi Store.
Think lit Tlm Cosiuoiolitau Magaino, a
giant mining dm great monthlies, aiidTilK
COUUIKH will both be sent to any addiessono
year for three dollais. For furtiior particu
him ifad I urge advertisement on tugo eight,
KM) lluest engravisl calling cards and plate
for -..V at TllK Couiiikh ollleo.
Hyacinths, both cut and ottcd, and loses
cnu Ihi found constantly on sale at tho Homo
for (he Friendless. Telephone number !EM.
"It leads them all," Im tlm general teplyof
druggists when asked about the meiltor
sales of Hood's Sarsnprillii.
Ono hundred finest engraved calling cauls
and pla'oonly J'J.ftO at Wessel i'rintiug Co.,
Notice the Largo ail veil isoineiit announc
ing tlm clubbing arrangement of Tiik Cnuu
IKllanil the Cosmopolitan .Magazine. Tlm
two one year for $.'1.0(1 The price of the
magazine is fi.-W.
Across Hie
li'ep lllui' Sea.
A UK you going
abroad next sum
tiicrf It so, kind
ly permit us (4)
' suggest that eaily
, application Is all-
tlfttxiliitcly necessary
ill order lo sceuie
desiiable iiccoiii
modationsfiirsall lugs in June, July
or August
I make a smc
ialty of ocoa n
steamship ticket
and am euablisl to offer superior in
ducements to intending tourists. My olllce is
supplied with tickets to all partsof the world,
mid itineraries will Imj compiled covering
tilpsof one, two or throe months, or longer
If dodrel mid embracing all Hiints of in
terest on the touiist globe.
I mil prepared to furiilli careful e-tliimtcs us
to the cost of tlioso trips, mid will t iko pleas
ury iii.leplyjng, toall liiqillrles citiceiuiiig
tlilscliisH of "travel. ' A. C. ZlKMKIt,
City Puss. Agent, Lincoln, Neb.
II. I'. Shurwiu, ll'Jt O street, luisa present
for every one of his customers that cannot
full to Ih appreciated. Ho will give to every
customer a line crayon picture made from
any photo that is desired and it will not cost
you n cent. Cull in at his drug mid shoe
store and see how it is done. 1 124 O street.
Tlm R'lmhler bicycle Is coming more in
popular favor daily as the machine comes
into general use. It is undoubtedly the best
adapted for speed, comfort mid safety, of
any of tint in ichlnes. Call mid see It at K.
H. Guthrie's, 1M0 O street.
Clump Kxeiirslon Hales.
Kxcurslon tickets are now on sale via the
II. & M. (o nil Important points In the south,
including Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, (leors
gla, the Carol I lias mid Florida.
The II. & M. is the only lino running
through sleepers between Lincoln and Kan
sas City making close connections for south
ern points.
It is tint short lino mid makes the fastest
time. A (rial will convince you of tlm fact.
Knipiire ut union depot or city olllce, cor
ner O mid Tenth streets, for further particu
lars. A.C. ZlKMEll,
City Pass, mid Ticket Agent.
J, II. llarnaby, the taller, may Is) found at
rooms 13 and 111, Newman block, 105 0 st.
School of practical lliupiistry, French and
(lerman. Winter term opens Jnuuury 5
For particulars addiess, Anna Monaoon,
Windsor Hotel.
The llazar's quarter otf sale continues next
Wolfenbuigcr & McDonald, attorneys mid
ounsolois, rooms 120 mid 121 llurr block,
elevator on O strict.
Doctors lluttoy fc (Joodoll, olllce 1317 L
street. Telephone, (117.
Lincoln anil Kansas City ThrtniKli I'ull
initii Sleeper
The surprising increase in business has com
polled the II. & M. to withdiuw tholr lino ol
combination parlor mid sleeping curs and
substitute regular Pullman sleepers of a
modern mid pleasing design that are sure to
bo appreciated by the travelling public
Tin so cars leave Lincoln daily at 8:111) p. m.
run via Beatrice mid Table Hock mid lo'tch
St. JiHt at 5:27 a. in., Kansas City 7:S0 a. in. ;
returning, leave Kansas City !):I5 p. in. daily,
St. Joe 11: lr) p. m., arrive ut Lincoln 7;.'0
a. m., making close connections ut termi
nal points, lierlbs and tickets may bo
seemed at union it 'Mit or city ollleo, corner
O mid Tenth street.
A. ('. ZlKMKK,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent.
Only place in Lincoln Unit use mineral
vater in baths is at Will O street.
Miss C. J. (lUllinotte, niiHlisto, second Moor1
Exposition building. Take olewiti r.
Jupitor Coal is a winner and llettsfc Weav
er, sole agents have plenty of it. Try a ton.
The Wldlebieast Coal mid l.iiuo compiim
is again at (he front supplying the llnost
grades of all kinds of coal
Mrs Graham's lloudolr at Exposition
3S.J! , s 3Mn5r(t,
"" r ..V-IH
It Was it .Small llolr, lull Hit Out Out
All ldKM.
Ills eye lighted on the man wearing thu
wolf skin nwroout its soon as ho entered
the dir-r, and tint presiiuied far westerner
had si'i.iecly got seated when ho was
accost is with.
"From Colorado or Xovadu, I presiiniuf"
"No, sir, fioin Idaho."
"Anywhere near HoNo City!"
"ltlght fi inn that place, sir."
"Ahl glad to liaxc met jou. Wnnteil to
talk wltii you about the weather nut I hero,
lleoti very cold this wlnterf"
"Not so very It wiw only 1ft dogs, bo
low when I left "
"Is thai tho coldest f"
"Well, wo had It 2.1 dogs, below for ft
few days In December."
"Did, eh I liuvo Ih-oii keeping (rank of
(ho weal her us reported by (ho signal serv
ice, lleiit Is llolso City pasted III (his col
umn." "I see. Vu must havn an object f"
"Certainly. I travel a good deal, mid I
iviij.h like to slop u liar In tlm llrst round.
This report lines not show that J on have
oven touched zero this winter, How Is
"My friend, Is that tho weather bureau
report" asked wolf overcoat.
"It Is."
"Ves, sir i'iiii you get over Itf"
"I don't have to, sir. I should have (old
you on (he start (hat our town Is divided.
Half of It Is built on an old glacier, nnil
(he odier half ill a crater of a volcano. The
signal olllce Is locitUwl hi the latUr half,
'mid oun in .liiuiiury they have to pour
water on thy tloor to cool It olT, Up In my
half we often have It 20 (legs, below, while
they are picking roses down In (ho crater.
Signal iiervlco is only for half the town,
sir, mid U-fore you cull u llolso CHj man a
liar you should llnd out which half Im
lives In. (in away from me, slrl You look
like a bad, bad maul" New York Sun.
Tint i:iTVrt of it Olieslliiit.
"HoincmlKT, boys," wild the now toucher,
who, Is'lng still new at the business, know
not what else to say to make mi itupres
hIoii, "that in tint bright lexicon of youth
there's no such word us full "
After that Im paused to observe the effect
of the chestnut.
After n few moments of very deep silence
a red headed boy from llostou raised his
"Well, what is it, Socrates?" uskod thu
"I was merely going to suggest," replied
the youngster, us he demised his spectacles
with Ills handkerchief, "that If such is tho
case It would be advisable to write to the
publishers of that lexicon and call their at
tention to the omission." Montreal Mull.
A ('rushing Sueei-ss.
Had Hoy There's old man Stouter rfght
lu front of me. Now see me send him spinning!
iia, iiaI iik, in:l
Old Man Stouter This Is glorious funl
It reminds nut of the time when I used to
const while I wasii boy. Miiusey's Weekly.
I. Horary Note.
"I see that in thu preface to your hook
that you state that it is written to 1111 a
long felt want. What do you mean by
"What d( I mean by that? Why, I've
been needing u square meal for the lust
eighteen mouths. Don't you call that u
lonts felt wniit." Texits Slftlngs.
A II I ley Echo.
When tho crop Is on tho market, and the cash Is
in your sock.
And ou hoar the clink mid jingle of tlio key
(uracil la tlm lock.
And the ('linking of (lie "pennies," and tho clank
ing of the "tens,"
And thu grocery man is jmld up, ami no more uU
bill he sen's;
Oh, It's 1 lien's the time u feller Is a feolln' ut hU
When lie rises from his supper, then downward
pulls his vest;
As hi) smokes Ids pipe In comfort, and then goes
ami iiuls the c!H.-k,
VbNi tlio crop is on tlm market and the cash Is
ill tho stick
Thorn's something kind o' cheerful like iiIkiiu tho
farmer's it) es,
When ho kmms the siiinmor'H over, und lioiliH-sn't
hate lit rise
About the time thu daylight's a-Hx-iln' thro' the
And work until thu moon's up 'mill theirriiin
that sail in bloom;
lint iiistc.ul he sorter calculates he'll honk old
buck nnil Joss
To his cutter in thu uvenlii', and put on tils Sun
day dross j
Then gnu eoiirlin' I.linr, uith her apron and uuw
When the crop is on tliu uiurket ami thu cash U
in his sock
Oh, the hiiskln' and tlio MH-lllu' U-c lie- u inter'
haiiiiloss fun;
The r.ispln' of Hie lldillu when tlm d.iiioin' Is Imj-
'I ho Jliiglenf llieslolgli Is'lls, jour ls-si gal hi tlio
Tliu klssln kihI thuhiiKKlii'uhoii tlm nlu folks aro
la Is-d;
Tlm nsistiu' of tlmclKsitnuts, thu iielk'lilsirsilrop-
pia' In,
Tluie.i.ln 1 f theupplcs, drluklu' cider from a
Oh, it sots in) heart a-pranchi', llko a struttln'
turkey envk,
VVIhii tho crop Is on tho market and thu cash u
In the M.'k
llorsehi'inU llazoo.
he woumeu auout it.
"The run's will give nut hi ton million yours
And he worried about It.
"It will sunt give nut then. If It dis-nyl Is-fore,"
And he Hitrrlisl utsiut It,
It would snrcl) uheout, so the sclent hits said
In nil kclontllloal IsMiktt Hint Im rend,
And the nluili' mighty unhorse thou mtiild 1st
And he nurrliil iilstul It
"And funic day tho earth will fall Into tint huh,"
And Im worried alsnil It;
"Just as sunt iiiul ns straight as if shot from
And he worried It;
"When stnmg gtavltntlmi luilniekles her straps,
dust pl lure," he snid, " lull a fonrful t'olbiwHil
It v III come In a few million ages. srhnps"
And hit worried nlmiit It.
"The enrth will Us'ouic much too mimll for the
And he worried nboilt It.
"When we'll piy thirty dnllnrM all Inch for punt
And he oi I led nlsiut It;
"The cm Hi will liecmuilod so nilloll, vrltliout
Thnt Ihotit'll be no nsim for one's tongue to
stick out,
And no room for olio's thoughts to wander
And he worried about It
"The (Inlf stream will curve and New llm-lninl
urow tin i filer"
(And ho worried iiIhiiiI 111
Thau was oter the cllumto of soiithorniiiiMt
And Im uoirlisl almut it
"The lee crop will 1st kuiH'kod Into sniiill smith-
And crts-islilos liliH-k up our inuwliiir mneliluos.
And we'll lose our Hue crops of i-utnli-es and
And heworrlisl alsnit It,
"Ant In hsti tlimi tea tlmusnml years, there's no
(And he woiriisl nlsiut II I,
"Our supplv of IiiiiiImt iiiul coil will give out,"
And heworrlisl aUiut it.
".hi t thou Untlco AkuwIII return cold nud raw,
I'roeniiieii w ill stand st lft with iirmsoutstn-lulunl
hi awe,
As if vnlnly liesiss'hlug a gonoral thaw,"
And ho wmrlisl alsnit It.
Ills vlfo liH.k la washing (u dnllnrndii)),
llediila't worry utsiut It;
Ills daughter sew isl shirts, llmriiihti;iis'ortiay,
lledldn't worry iiIhhiI It;
While his wife her tireless ruh a dull dub
On the washboard ilium la her old wooden lull,
He kit liy the stove ami hit Just lot her ruh,
Hit didn't worry alsnit It
H. V. I'okh In Ynukist Hindi!.
A Triiuedy.
Chapter One Sim was young ami pretty
us n midsummer dream. Hit was (all,
haughty mid rich. .She hail married him
for his tremendous wealth, but at tlmsamo
time greatly admired his calm, superior
way mid cynical spirit. They had leached
Washington on their wedding Journey.
Chapter Two. The siiowcamit down and
Algernon anil Henrietta gued thought
fully out of the window. "Let, us tuko n
sleigh ride," suld Algernon, und the fatal
deed was done.
Chapter Thieo. Ten jears had passed
and Algernon came vveaiily Into tint hum
ble home which barely sheltered his grow
ing family Henrietta met him at. the
door with a sad .smile. "Ah, Algernon,"
she said, "cheer up. Five years more of
hard work ami you will have paid all your
debt to the liven man. Flee , free ,
hut hal" ami tliesiilTeiiug woman fell buck
Insensible. Washington Star.
Kxtin Pay.
:1lU '"
, rwi'M""
i m) H
"l'hat do you 1st gittln' for do job, Chlm
my!'" "Wan dollar an' th' iioomoiila." Har
per's Weekly.
Knew U'lint lie Waiileil.
"Hero's a man at the telephone who
wants u one armed horse mid sleigh," wild
the new clerk in the livery stable to his
employer "I'm sure that is what he said,
but I don't know what ho means."
"Oh, thai's all right," explained (ho liv
eryman. "You son, ho vvunls u horse lie
can drive with one hand. Send him old
Dobbin, up there in thu corner." Phila
delphia Itccoid.
Iiitttrvlowlng lllm.
At tho police court.
"Your inline"
"Hip'ioly to Iiunglume."
"Where went you bornf"
"In I'm is."
"Have you ever Ix-eti convicted"
The pi isoner smiles politely: "You are
Interviewing me, then" Figaro.
Always tlm Nuine.
Koblnsiin I like an oven tempered wo
man. Drown -So do 1
Itobln-on -There's my wife, for instance.
llroun And mine. Tho most even tem
pered woman in tho world. .She is always
wwl. Kxchiingc.
I'ikiiikIi fur Two.
When it was found that thirteen were
seated at a table whore AIiIhi Lis.t was a
guest the general embarrassment wiim
checked by Llst remarking;
"Do not be alarmed at such a trllle. I
can eat for two persons." I ondou Till
Hits. Her Tasto 1 1 nil Cliuii;ol.
Jake .Ilmpsou What species of blnl do
you like best
Cora Hollows-When I was a child I liked
the canary best, hut (blushing) since I grew
up I I rather prefer (he popln jay. New
York Herald.
Ills SiiKgciitliili.
"Do von think this hat suits my hair,
"It's all right, I suppose Still, If it
doc.sji't suit, what's the nutter with get
ting another -lot of hair Fliegenilo (Hat
ter. rorewiu-ned,
Winter nb( ays t lis un mom
Til. i i Iho summer Now I know
When my lival's thorn before,
lly his footprints in (Ihimioh
! iittmts ". I
Britton's New Grocery
HiivinK j'l nponetl our stoic, the lurusl in tliu new A-lcx-andor
block, wo extend you an invitation to call and inspect
our line of goods. Our aim will he to carry a full line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
including the very best of everything, making a specialty of
Teas, Codecs, Spices, Flour and Potatoes, in whieh we will
offer the best at such prices as will make it an inducement for
you to buy. All goods promptly delivered.
TicucriioNic 7So.
We Solicit a Call!
i n
f 1 r
llnvo v on ever lind im encounter with n diavver llinl refused lo open? If you
have, ou cciliilnlv don't wniit (inutlicrevpcrlonce of that kind, Ycm will he aston
ished when wo tell you Hint a liuieau that Is olislinatc aliout such things costs just us
niic coiiiIiii'Ih Itself pioperly It Is all a ipicstlon o( workmanship. You will also
he equally astonished when ou look nl some of our prices.
Silverware, Etc.
Which is Now Opened at
143 Soutln lStti St.,
is composed of first class goods in every respect. It is all
arranged and ready for the
Sacrifice Sale
The stock comprises everything usuall) found in a first
class glass, china and queensware store, including a large
stock of
Roger's Best Silverware.
These goods must be moved and prices will be made lo
close them out.
but a bona tide sacrifice sale and if you will call prices
will surely convince you of this fact-
TeilboL K. Oeidcl South Twelfth St.
1410 O Street.
- -.p-i