Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 24, 1891, Image 2

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Mrs. Graham's
Flower Cream.
Is not it cosmetic Itut erniunonlly beuull
fits. HereiHim 11 Mill. teltolv Hklti. mid hy
dally mo urmltiMlly makes the complexion
Novornl Mlimli'w llt-r. II Is i constant prn
tooHnnfminthnclloelAtirsuti and tv ml anil
imivniilN "mi Itiirn and freckles, mid bliiiiK
limtdiiwlll iii'xcr come while. oii use It. II
So "sites mid build, up lie Uln iWh mm.
llui" prevents the foriiiiillon of wrinkles. It
ilvesthc freshness, cdonrnisNmi.l
of shin Hint you had when a Utile itlr.. I.tery
liiiy.yi'iMmoroi.liiimliiiiMiM,ii, I kIvcm
n 1 1111 ro youthful appearance lit nuy liuly, and
Hint permanently. It cuiwIhiw no utilil, pow
der or 11IU11II. and I" ' harmless im dew mid as
nourlshlnic in the skin 111 dew l l the VV V.f
1'rlrr IH.OO, at HrilKKlsIs nml ill MW..M. I
Patterson's csl.itillshincnl, I HI South Hill Hi,
Lincoln. Nidi., where "he treats Indices for mi
blemishes In riicn or IlKure. Ladles at it ills
Unco treated by letter Send stiiim. fur her
Itllo book "Mow lobe lleitutlful."
If you Deposit your Savings
Lincoln avings Bank
Safe Deposit Co.
S. H.enr. Illliunill' HIh.
At Ilm Hutu or
5-lJive per Ct. pur Ai.num-5
Have fa U) a week nnil It iuiioiiiiIm wllh
Interest In live tours lo fl,ri.Oii.
Hunk opens lit l i. lo :i:l P. ". and
Hittnnliiy evenlUKs, '" s !' m'
Safes to Rent in Burgtar and Fire
Proof Vaults.
Strictly Pure and the
Largest and Finest Line
In the City, at
1307 O STREET.
HfWe make a ipeclatty of catering lec
Cream uiul Fruit Iccb for Hall, Parties,
Wcdtllnjjh, etc., and can crvc them In the
brick or by the quart on short notice at
reasonable prices. Fancy Cake of all
kind made to older. Telephone order
receive prompt attention. Call up 501.
Dr. Alma J. Coe,
Offloe, 1704 M 8trwt. LIN0OLN, NEB.
' Chronic unit itoutu itlnoitnon of women nml
children. Will lie nl Opelts Hotel Wednes
day ami Thursday of each week. Will treat
difficult nml coinplleiitt'il eases hoii! to tlio
JODice Hours: 8 to 1 3 a.m., 2 to 7 p. m.
The Bond
European or American Plan !
FiNKST Suites in the City
TiiU beautiful new lioinc U now undo
new management. All the latest conven
iences, inch as hath rooms on every tloor,
passuiij-cr elevator and superb service.
Table Unsurpassed 1
Street Cart lo all Depots pass the door
Cor. 12th and Q Sts,
Tln (Haul stildes Made III AdterlMug
Muring llii' Ijuiirlcr Millennium.
Quaint nml Amusing Notice Published
tl) I'll' I'lipi'ts 'llii' Key ' "'
When mi American ellleii wakes In Ilm
morning he pulls fnun under Ids pillow 11
watch, on tin' cases nml wink of wlili'h
appear tin1 ailteitlsoini'ntsnf the milkers.
Learning by the lliiii'pii'rn thiit It Is Id
hour for rising, In throws hark Ihn hlnuk
I'tHMlmnpi'il ullh Ihn Imprlul of thn tnuli
iifnrturt'r, mid perronnt hU iihliillons by
11I1I of a rakn of xn.'ip lienrlliK Ihn ilcalnr'a
liaiui'. Iln llii'li ilium llliih'rwrar, linen,
Irouner'., ti'Mt, coat and hIioi" xliullarly
lahi'h'il, and xlN down lo a lurakfiiNt
M'rved on dNIii's nml entctiwltli entlery
ih'coriili-d In llkn iimnner. After that Im
111I1N to IiIh attlrn lull, Klovns nml overcoat
thai tell their iilluin liy menus of printed
tiilm,nuil Kiict forth tohuxliifNi wil Id reined
Innvery icipeel, and jot -a walking adver
tlxcuit'lit. The eluMielle he Hinokes ni Im
it riih'i ollh'i'wai d li adorned wll h t Im vend
orV addri'11. and Ihn crackers or bread
he munches with hit tdieriynr colTen at
IuiicIicoii Imiut the Inker h Irailciuark or
niime, lie lenehes home at nlxht and Is
welcomed by a miiiIIIiik and triumphant
wife, who cxplnlns 1 hut hIiii bin Jmt ro
turned from 11 latlifactory HhnppliiK expo
dllloii, which hIiii was Induced to luaku by
reaion of aunouneeinentM of "barKiiliii" at
various Mores published In Ihn papers.
Kuiplmtlcally this N an nun both of com
pel It Ion and of advert Isltiu, and In Ihn for
waul rush to Hiiecen only the idirewdcit
and Im'sL can he counted on to win the
Kivat pil.cs of commerce. The merchant
must IniMi uooil K'mils, mid he mustn't
liesllatii to let people know of them, A
tlinummd avenues am open for thn exercise
of I1I1 liiKcuully. He may ccntl out hand
hills; he may hire "miiiiIw lib men" peo
ple who pcrainhuhite Ihn ht reels, their
lireaiti and back adorned with the phi
cards of their employers; hn may decoiatu
fences and walls with posters, Iiuiik sIkui
Itihticet ears, or till the windows of his
shop with lit tract Ivu displays, hut if he de
sires to net "mind value'' for his money hu
will place his larucst Investment in print
ers' Ink. Wheni any other devlcu attracts
ten, the Judiciously worded, neatly ar
ranged newspaper advertisement will re
ei'lvo the attention of u huuilred
It is now 'SiO )ears since the llrst inlver
tisciueiit was puhllsheil by an Knullsli
jnuriial Tliu pioneer In makliiK known
Ids want to the world hud lost it horse. Hu
olVered 11 "uluiiej'' reward, and his steed
wfis returned, Thereafter advc rtlsliiKKrew
apace, unlit now It lias reached enormous
proportions. Like, all other ureal, move
incuts, many ludicrous and niimzliiK inci
dents huvu ilnttisl Its progress to promi
nence, and u Hun t'chl awaits the author
who shall collect t lie novel aiiuouuceiueuts
of the dally and .vcekly press during tliu
Inst uvn mul a half centuries. Here are a
few of tlieoddltlr., from time to time ul veil
to the public, through thu medium of tliu
A cunt ill lirenk tlieiloorsut hell
Willi a KMpel Jlamiy.
The Hipior 1 nlTerlH not luirtluiilurly kixmI, tint
ns kim. im inii"t of (! lisky syld Inlliis nflnli
li rln.'vl
A l.l.l.icliVNS ulll tiiKn vf III Ii'wuiiim nil tilt)
cultnra, l Ismnl mi unslilni; ihiys,
KliouM serniw n'erlliy hrow
ll.siliirl.eiiisl Blmilo.t Iti.'i;
Uo liny 11 Imt nf Dim;
You'll llml It Jiixt tlm thhiR,
Not t'i pile up thn acony nf elixpienee, we stat
till UH'iit tuiillileiice Hint IiiiIIih ntllnsl hi our
new .tj les of prlni: uuil miniunr kiiIs will tliiil
tl.ii elTiOtHiirejiiteiiittlnK tluit nil tlioviires Inch
mis ii:r.rii.NT aiivi'.iiyipkd.
iVnt to diHiiestlo life will I si as lilltlitwniiin its kiss
ing Ihn duiv f mill the roses of Is-nuly Hint 'ilnoui
In iM'ivnnlnl frnKnincu in Hid elysl.iu hVhU of
icMutlo lote.
Anctloinvrlngof tlm loudest kind. Interwoven
with teutrikHuiisia.
An editor winded who can please everybody;
iiU.ui foreman tilio canto arraugn the Utus
v uIImv ft cry man'n ml. to head tliu column.
Under the big display advertisement of a
.Ivnl mi economical merchant unco se
i n red the piibllcatlnnof them words. "Me,
too, James Jones," Tlm London Stand
aid some time ago criticised a new poet
strongly, sning, among other things,
"And tills extraordinary production .ur.
modestly conceives to lie equal to
(inethe." The poet's publisher turned the
lahles by Inserting among thu favorable
comments on thu book printed in his news
paper inlveitlsemeiit thu following:
Extraordinary production upml to
(loelhe.- Uniiluii tltniidnrd.
The edeuslvutulvertlser Is famous where
thu philosopher, thu warrior, and the writ
er are never heard of, His announcements
DU thu columns of thu local press, ure dis
played ou thu fences and barns along thu
- M-
if dm
,v jsfgjw&'jm
' irrrUv4
country mads, meet the ejn of Ihn tourist
to Lookout mountain, thu Mammoth
cave, Yncnilli', Yellowstone park or the
Pallmdes of the Hudson, and aru familiar
to the humblest villager or the Inhabitant
of the moil Isolated farmhouse. Indeed,
there Is iniirn senm than poetry In the fol
lowing1 verses, which Mrs! saw thn light
half a century ago:
riiil ce the tslllnr
When he's pmvMcil for,
Iln Inrth In haste
With Mils nml uisie:
Prnclilin tnnll eiviillon
That men are ilsn
Willi ililtelliso
In this imr Keiii'mtlnii.
The lengths to which palcnl meillclnr
men go are pioverhlal, but II was demon
si ruled recently that Ilm Kimlish plllmakcl
lscilially versa'lle with his Yankee ilvul.
Some limn ago a couiitr) I'ougicgaliou,
poor mul In want of hymn hooks, applied
for low rales Ion London linn. An uinwei
was rccelt cil that I he books would be sent
free provided no objection was Interposed
lo their containing business not lees. Tin
condition was accepted, and III due season
a consignment of I he desired volumes ar
rltcil. Thiiinlnlslcr Ihoughtlhal the pub
Usher had been belter than his word, fot
on exmn'liatloti Ihn volumes showed no
trace of the ailvei Hut's art. They were
used for the llrst Hum during Ilm holidays.
The Christinas hunnuus given out and
Jojously sung. When I hey hud lluMicd
the ciiugiegatlo'i Ill's! noted Ihn awful fact
thai the hut Mil's read as foll-iws:
Hurl 'Ihn leruM aic'els slug,
Niillli'iii's pills urn Jusi thn llilugi
Pence nil eiilli nml iiifivy lullil;
Tnn for in in mul line for child
Much Ingenuity mul novelty are shown
by the theatrical mannger of today. He i
oue of the llrmest licllcvcrs In printers' In i
alive, lie lit illcs advertisements, "puffs'
and posters with a liberality only bounded
by his cash or credit. Soinel lines he doiv
things that arestartllugand notallogethei
creditable, One advance agent, whom I
know recently "billed" a southern town
fur mi attraction called "', Xo, the Maglo
Queen." Ills labors over, he drunk lire
water and longed for inure work. So Ink
lug a lot of (laming lithographs and a paste
pot, he sought at night the monument to
iead Con federal e veterans, which was the
pride of the place, and plastered It with
pictures of rosy cheek ed young women In
tights. Soon after dawn a friend loused
liluii ami by his advice t he agent lied. The
Indignant citl.utu, unable lobrlugihu cul
'I-1 , 5?s
prlt to Justice, evened things ti) by refits
Inglhe coinp.inv permission to exhibit on
Its arrival
On theopeulig night of anew play at
Drury Lane t licit re, I,otulon, recently, tin
proprietor adtertlsed for and secured
twelve baldheaileil men lo sit in the third
row of stalls. Each received his admission,
a guinea and a dress suit. In return lit
allowed a letter to be painted ou his bare
pate, so that when all the weie lu
line the delighted audience could spell thb
managerial inseri Ion:
A rival house olTset this by a nightly ills
play of llreworks. Itoekets were sent up
which threw out lu words of llanie the tltlt
of the play and thu names of the leading
Thu above aru a few of thu novel and
amusing fcaturvs developed by the Anglo.
Saxon race lu 'XM years of advertising. The
backbone and mainstay of thu practice l
of course the newspaper. Often the mer
his doors and hand his effects over to cred
itors. Such an experience is a rarity fur
the man who com hi tics the knowledge ol
what to put lu stock with the knowledge
of how to make peoplu awaru that hu lias
fursalu Just thu things they want. Judi
cious liberality Is thu best economy In
trade, and honest wares, honestly adver
tised and honestly sold, bring the dealer
popular coniidence, llnanclal competence
and personal content,
Fiikd C. Davtos.
Hlie Oil') Her Life to Cold Witter.
Cold .vier Is a remedy long favored by
those bebevin lu the hydropathic treat
ment of dlscus-j, but now It would seem
that it Is also elllcaclous as a deterrent to
suicide. Recently .Miss Jessie (illmore, u
young lady of Augusta, Kan., having had
a misunderstanding with her betrothed,
wrote farewell letters ro all her friends In
town and her lover lu ltiirtun, mulled them
and started for Walnut river to put an end
to her misery. Shu carefully prepared for
thu fatal plunge, but llrst tested thu water,
and lludiug It too cold her nervu failed,
ami shu readjusted her attiru and returned
home. Tho letters had been read during
her absence and a search party orguubsed
to recover thu body. Differences weie ad
justed, and now lu place of a funeral theru
will Imj a wedding.
A I'lg wlHi t'orU !.:.
The merciful man who Is nfcrclful to his
Is-ust must be Dick Walker, of Jesiip, (in.
A pig belonging to him had the misfortune
to meet with an accident which caused thu
loss of a leg. The, Illinium) and Ingenious
w I -- .
I I-8! MivnJ
m&m io
Dick constructed a cork leg to take tho
place of tliu missing member, and thu pig
limps contentedly around ou it.
loy of mi OrtoKeiiiirliin father.
Adam OU'rhol.or Is an N) year-old resi
dent of Wapakoueta, O, A year or so ago
he Induced a young woman to marry lui'i
by giving her a large oil farm and f.i,(00
cash, Thu other day shu presented him
witli a sou an I heir, and Adam vented his
Joy by golngnbont tlm streets singing at
the top of his voice.
Census llgures show that theru are forty
organl.atluus of theosophists lu the vari
ous stales of thu Uuldii, California leading
with fourteen. All told, they nilinber lX.
mt'inlier and own ffiM worth of property.
Thu Schwenkfeldlans is onu of the
smallest leligioiis communities In the
United States. It exists in four counties
of Pennsylvania and has a nemliorshlpol
Too Much iron.
Doctor Did )oii get that mixture of
wine and Iron Hint I ordered!
Deacon Waters- Yes; It was llrst rale.
Never enjoj ed n Iwtl hi of mi'ilh'luc better
In my life. Drank it up without takiu'
breath. Hut, doctor, there was too much
iron In it
Doctor Humph! So I should Imagine
Deacon Waleis Yes, (he iron all went
lo my feet and made 'em so lmn) I could
hardly walk. -New York Weekly
As Di'llenti'l) I'll! in 1'iisslllle
lie was at
Funny thing about, t hut moose,
least ii mile iiway when I
plunked him, mid I hit him within an Inch
nf the spot I aimed for.
(iiirilun Was he standing or lying?
llrlstow -Standing.
(iorilon There's thn tremendous dilTer
encn between joil and the moose, Charlie.
Cilst hike's Mnurl llnliy.
" me tell joil the latest eutelhlng my
baby said," eM'lalmeil Eastlake to Sllll
dlg, usthey met on the street jesterday
"Sorry," replied Siilllillg, who Is the
father of slv children of assorted ages,
"but the fact Is I've a train lo catch, and
nil) a few minutes to catch It ill."
"Oh, It won't take a minute," persisted
Eastlake, "and It's really the best, thing
die's ever got olT, and she's awfully smart,
,, font bah) only two and a half years
"(in ahead, lheu,"sahl Sipilhllg, resign
edly, as he looked at his watch.
"it, happened it week or two ago. You
ice, her uiainma left her Just a niiuutu to
do some Utile thing, and when she cuino
sack baby wasn't there. Mrs. Eastlaku
timiiil her on the porch in her stocking
Iceland fairly soaked, for It was raining
I'ard. Her tuammit grabbed her up and
alii very severely:
"'Frances, If you had a little girl who
went out lu tlie rain and got her stockings
wringing wet, what would you do?' And
what do you suppose the smart llltlu thing
"Diinno. What?" asked Siiillilig, with
little apparent Interest.
"Slie said, 'Put dry tottunsou her, main
ma. Wasn't that real cute?"
"Yes," replied Siulhlig, with a sigh.
And looking at his watch again hu
started for the station on a trot. Pitts
burg Chronicle Telegraph.
One Way.
"LetineolT at. Forty-llrst street, If yon
please," she said to thu conductor.
Then she caught hold of a strap and
stood up In the crowded ear for the next
two miles. At Fort let list reel u gentleman
wlio had been deeply absoibcd in his news
paper suddenly looked up, saw (he lady,
mul exclaimed with much indignation:
"Has nobody ollcred you a sent, madam?
Ihupcjou have not been standing long.
Tnku mine."
"Thank you," she said, with a grateful
smile. "It isn't necessary. I get olT at the
next crossing."
Then thu gentleman, with a glance of
severe reproof around him, became ah
sorls'd In his newspaper again, nml all the
oilier men in the car felt perceptibly
smaller. It Is easy to gain a reputation
for politeness If you only know how.
Chicago Trihtiuu.
An livening nf Atony.
Mr. Nlcefello-Ah. Mrs. Du Mellow, I
am so glad to Dud you in, I have been un
expectedly released from a projected busi
ness trip, and as Wagner's greatest opera
Is to 1hi presented this evening I wished to
know if I might not have the honor of the
company of yourself mid daughter at thu
Mrs. Du Mellow My daughter has a
prior engagement, ouo of those old tiinu
social entertainments recently revived, to
bo given in a country house Virginia reel,
forfeits, kissing games uiul soon, you know
-but 1 will accompany you with pleasure
-New York Weekly.
An IiUiiisslliHlty.
Wagley I understand you've been out
Wooden Yes; went uverywheru, saw
Wagley Well, what Impressed you most?
Wooden Well, I think I was most Im
pressed hy their sunrises.
Wagley Pardon me, that was impossi
ble. Wouden-Why?
Wagley IJeeauso thu sun doesn't rlsu In
thu west. Hostou Courier.
What It TaiiKht.
Sunday School Teacher And when thu
wicked children continued mocking thu
gcutl prop.iet two she bears camu out of
thu mountain and utu up over forty of thu
wicked children. Now, boys, what lesson
does this teach us
Jltupsy Prlmrosu 1 know.
Teacher Well, Jimpsr.
Jimpsy Prnurosu It leaches us how
many children a shu bear can hold. Ex
change. A Series of Implosions.
Mrs. Fat wood I cannot allow you to
light thu lire with kerosene.
Hiddy Sure, an' I alwaya r.ed It lu my
last place.
Mrs. Fat wood And did you never get
blown up?
Hiddy Yls, mum; most Ivury day by
the missus, mum. Puck.
Ills I. unliable Intention.
Jaysinith Can you lend inu fcJO, Glan
ders? Glanders No, I can't. You haven't re
turned t lie $10 you borrowed last week.
Jaysinith I know, Glanders. That Is
what I wanted thu twenty for. I Intended
to pay you back In your own colir. Nuw
York Sun.
A Pious I'miid.
Chandler You aru wrong. I cuu't.thluk
Harris (s a fraud, I liavu seen him weep
when hu passetl a beggar.
Fuller lluinphl That was to adulterate
what milk of human kindness hu had in
him. Dotrolt Freu Press.
.Nothing Could tin Worse.
First Tramp .Mill, let's get out of this
country; it's dangerous.
Second Trump Dogs?
First '1 rump Woi'su'n that. Nearly ev
ery man I meet offers inn tvorV. - Ex
el ! 1
A rhi n Adopted hy n Mull Who Wanted
In Hen Hie I'hl).
Thu theatre wan crowded. Tim curtain
had Just risen. Jewels Mushed. gay plumes
on wondrous headdresses lluttetcil lu thu
healed air, cosily faiui waved slow ly to mul
fro, and the fashionable audience turned
llsccs and opera glasses toward thestagu
and settled into the hush of expectation
that precedes the opening of the play w hen
the experienced stage manager has waited
considerately for all the late coiners to hu
seated befoie the hell laps for the curtain
to rise
In a roiispietioits locution about halfway
lietw cell the orchestra and the front seats
of the panpiet circh were linen ladles who
had come In unattended about llto mill
utes befoie. They weie noticeable for thu
wide, During, uinbrngeoiis hats they wore.
Direct I) behind tliem sat a nervous look
ing, despairing linn, who was making
wild hut fruitless elforts to see the stage.
The wlihi hats, with their wealth of trop
ical bird foliage, hid eterything he wauled
to sen from view, lu vain he wriggled and
squirmed and craned his neck from side to
side. Thu huts were too lurge, too close to
gether mid too richly upholstered.
Appai enl ly unconscious that, he was at
tracting the attention of everybody in his
neighborhood and bringing thu ladles in
front of him Into unpleasant prominence,
lie persevered till sounds of III suppressed
laughter were heard ou all sides of him.
Then he set tied himself back ill his chair
with a world weary sigh, but thu next mo
ment took advantage of it lull In tlm per
formance ou the stage to lean forward and
address one of the ladles thu onu who sat
lu the middle.
"Minium." he said, In u loud whisper, "I
beg pardon, Imt it is utterly Impossible for
me to see through jour lint, and the Iird
made nie too small to see over it. If you
will kindly remote it you will make a
wretched man happy for a whole evening."
The forty or llfty persons who were look
tug ou saw the lady remove her hat at
once, till n round and smilingly beg his
pardon. They saw the other two ladies
tnku oil' their hats also, and the example
Ih'ciiiuc Instantly contagious. Ten or a
doen other enormous hats came olT with
in the next half minute, much to thu re
lief of the siilTerers directly behind them.
Then the star of tlm evening stepped on
the stage, and the attention of the audi
ence was attracted to thu performance
The details of tills pleasing little incident
aru given in full for tlm purpose, of ex
plaining to those wlio witnessed it that thu
whole alTair was n put up Job.
Thu lady whom that man addressed was
Ids wife, and the other two weru his sis
ters. Chicago Tribune.
Couldn't it (Ml Without Mini.
A policeman at the Polk street, station
yesterday morning walked up to a young
man whom he had observed hurrying to
and fro In a feverish way for an hour or
inure, mul said
"My friend, what Is tin. trouble? Is theru
anything I can do for you?"
"Do forme? .le-ioos'lum! Not Not un
less you can bring bacic that Hi'J.'i train.
I'll beta thousand ilolhirs it left ahead of
"Can't you go on another train?"
"Certainly. Tlm's what I'm waiting
for. Hut It doesn't leave till :I:.'h) this
afternoon, and won't get to where I'm go
ing till about midnight, mul that won't do
at all."
"If It's anything Important caii'fyou
send a telegram?"
"Send a telegram? Pvu sent half
already Tlm fact U I'm ou my way to a
wedding to take placu at 7 o'clock this
evening I've got some presents for tho
Well," said the policeman, "thu casu
Isn't so had You can deliver thu presents
the next morning. Thu wedding will Im
over, of course, but"
"Wedding over? Jumpin' Jupiter! It
won't lie overl That's tliu trouble."
"Why not?"
'Hecause it can't coinn olT unless I'm on
hand, I'vu got to bo there. I'm tliu man
that's going to be married. Policeman,
you mean well, but you can't pour any of
thu oil of Joy Into this wounded bosom.
I'll feel obliged if you'll go away some
where and sit down." Chicago Tribune.
Hu Hud nil Object.
"Look here," said a Sixtli aveiiuu drug
gist to a Isiy wlio had comu lu and gonu
out of tho store mid left tho tloor open each
time, half a thucn times in onu afternoon,
"You must bo a very careless boy. I liavu
bail to shut that door after you each lltuu
you liavu gonu out."
"1 know it," replied tho boy.
"Then It wan tlono purposely on your
"Yes, sir. My brother lias patented a
door spring, anil my object was to call at
tention to it. Put you one 011 for a dollar
which will shut that tloor a million times
and nuver skip a cog." Now York Sun.
I'.xptirli'iitbi Uncut.
The Sunday school teacher had Just read
thu story of thu bringing to lifuof thu sou of
thu widow of Nalu, and then began to ask
questions to seu if her scholars hail under
stood what shu had read.
"In thu llrst plaeu let inii see If any of
you can tell 1110 what a widow is."
Theru was a long silence. Finally a
small boy spoke: "I know, 'cos my moth
er's one. It's a lady what takes in wash
ing." New York Evening Sun.
All i:ise l'tiri;otteii.
"Didn't ho ouco suy ho would never
speak to you again?"
"Yes; but he saw I had 11 cold, and hu
couldn't icsist thu temptation to tell uiu of
a sure cure." Puck.
Couldn't Hide II.
Mrs. Trumbull It's tts bail that your
husband cut oil Ids (lowing beard.
Mrs. Crlmple Ye.i, but hu had to do It.
1 gave lilm a diamond pin for Christmas.
Annals of I he Past.
Johnnie Aru you Noah's wife. Miss
Miss Oldun-Why, no child! What tlo
you iii'iiu?
Johnnie Why, pupa saitl you camu out
of thu irk. Miuisey's Wooklv
1 "
he gltUtnttc
For 89l will contain
The House of Martha,
Frank R. Stockton's Serial.
Contributions from
Dr. Holmes. Mr. Lowell,
and Mr. Whittier.
Some heretofore unpublished
Letters by Charles and
Mary Lamb.
Mr. I'erclval I.owen will write it narrative, ol
bis adventures under the tlllo of
Unexplored Cor
ner of Japan.
The Capture of luWbourn will ho treated lu
A Series of Papers by
Francis Park man.
Tlieio will also ho .Short Stories and Sketches
Rudyard Kipling,
Henry Jiiuies, Harah Orne .lewutt, Octuvu
Tbiinel, uiul others. Uiiteclinlcul pa
pers on Questions hi
Modern Science
will bo contributed by Professor Ostium, of
l'rlncel mul others; topics In University,
Secondary, mid Primary Education will ho a
Mr. Illohartl Wutson (Hitler, Dr. Parsons
Mrs. Fields, (Iridium II. Toinsou, and others
will ho mining tho contributors of Poetry.
The Atlantic for 1891.
TKHMS :-$!.( tl ttftir (n udruiire, IMiiie ftc:
X cent a number. With ntw life-Kite jxiitnill
of I smc It, unit alun Mirriiili 0 llmitlionie,
Hmtmm, iMiwfellnw, llmant, Wlitttler, or
Holme, $.' W.'cuci iM(foim! jKirlnilt tl.vo.
The XnvemlieritMl December number tent free
Utucw nilmeillier wlmte nubnerttilUm fur inat
iiretecelvcil befmt December SiKh.
Will iViiff mid Mimeu ittc tit the link of the
udfr. ti ad theiefoie remittance hIwuUI be made.
by vumeu-onler, ilrnft, or reiMerett letter, to
Houghton, Milllin & Co.
4 1'itrkStiert Huston, Ji.
Library of American Literature
In Eleven Elegant, Largo Octavo Volume!,
wllh over il.o.O panes, handsomely Illustrated
with lt'iU full page portraits. The cream of
ft)0,Oii) works copyrighted hy American wri
ters. 1:07 nut hors limited. Over "JI71 selections
entering every brunch of llterutiiiu from IUI7
to IS'.m. chronologically arranged. Compiled
and edited by
Kdiiliiud Cliiri'lieo Sti'dniun mul Kllen
Muckity Hutchinson,
und published hy ClIAH. I.. WKIIHTKll
A CO., New York.
I tlo not see bow nuy school lu America
cull spare this work from lis referennellhrary
for teachers und pupils. Dr. W. T. Harris.
Cuffed State CommtMtnner of Hducatlun. Willi
It on Hie shelf, one amy suy In unybody:
"Niime your mood, mul I will sutlsly Its ap
petite for oil." H. L. Clemens Marls Tirrifn )
The best aggregate expulsion of what Hie
American mind has produced III the twoliun
dredand elclity years of Its uctltity John
Chirk llcdpiitli I have the set complete, mid
there Is not money enough lu Nebraska to
liny It of mo If I could nut net another set.
mid I urn 11 poor man, ) II Merwlu, .Uimai;-
inn cauor.imencan journal 0 t.aucaium, M.
f.nul. I recommend It to tho peoplu or Ne
braska us the most complete und valuable
compendium of iiiitltuial llleraluiu Hint was
ever published. No select library iseomplcto
without It. 0. II. Gere, .Sldfc Jimnml, Lincoln,
tieb. It Is thu bust and most complete liter
ary compilation cvci Issued in this country.
It Is very carefully edited and It Is compre
hensive mul thorough. W. Morton Smith,
C'tipKtil City Courier II Is not only Indlspon
slhle to people or literary taste und ncipdre
inent, but Itallortb an Invuliuible fuuilly lit
erary resort, where tho children of thu coun
try can grow Into tliu spirit and genius of our
nullonid literature Albert Watklus, A'eb.
State Democrat,
Sold on the Installment plan. The entire
set delivered on reclpt of llrst payment mid
balance divided Into monthly payments.
Kor a set of this great work, or lor it perma
nent situation, write at ouco to
X. K. l.KACII Ntnte Airent,
itW.VItui St., Mneoln, Neb.
Not lee In llefi'iidaiit.
John Crcluhton Halllngcr will take notlco
that on thutlrd day ofliecuiiilier, Imni, .hihn II.
Cunningham and Chiis, A. Minimi, plulntlM's
herein, tiled their petition lu the District
Court of Lancaster county, Mute of Nebraska,
iiguluslsuld defendant. The object nml prayer
of which are lo forcloso it ceilalu inirtgiiL'u
executed hy John .. Halllngcr nml Kiunui K.
Ilalliuger to the plalullll' upon the following
described premises, lo-u It ; Lot ll, lllock U, of
Second Kasl purk Addition tothe City of Lin
coln, Lancaster county, suite of Nebraska, to
secure thu payment of n certain promissory
note, dated thu lUlh day of March, iMHl, for the
Hum oflMio, duo and payable lu monthly In
Htullments iroiu the lot ti day ot May, IMHl,!!,').
payable euch month with Interest on Hie en
tire amount remaining from time to time un
paid at the rale 11IH per cent, pur annum, from
the Kith clay ot March, I Kin, pn.s able monthly.
Plainlllls pruy lor a decree that defendants
he leiiulred to pay same or Hint Hie premises
may host, Id tosutUly the muipiut found due.
You ure rccpilivd to uuswer said petition ou
or before Hie fall day of January, IWII
Hilled December fl, IKS).
Ally, fur I'lulntlll'ri.
Noll te I'n I it. 1 1 V III.
Theodore S. Hunter, Deceased.
III County Court. Lancaster county, Nen.
'I ho Mate of Nebraska to the heirs mul next
01 Kill ortliosulil Theodore S. Hunter, deceas
ed: Tnku notice, -That up p tiling ufa writ
ten Instruii cut purporting to bo Hie lust will
mid testament ol Theodore S. (iuului for pro
bate an I allouance, It Is ordered Hint said
mailer beset fur hearing the '.tithilny of He
fc oilier. A II. ISlHi, her ire said County Court,
at the hum of'.' o'clock p, in., lit which tluiu
any person Inteicsted may appear and eon
tot the same; and notice of this pioceedlng
Is ordered published three weeks successively
In tliu'irAi, Cliv I'oiuiKU. a weekly
newspaper, pulillslitil lu this -tale,
lu tesllmiiuv wheiiol, 1 hate hoitiiinto sot
my hand iind'tho seal of the t oiiniy I iiurl at
Lincoln tills Hill day of December, A.D., IM).
W. K. SrKWAUr,
at-r.'-'.l). County .Indue.
Legal Nollce, ,
Nollco is burehy given, Hint liy virtue or
license to me grunted, hy Hie district court of
Lancaster county, Nebraska, I will soil lor
cash, at public auction, at the oust front door
ol the Court lu the City of Lincoln, on
TucmIiiv, the '.Mill day of Jauuarv, 11)1, be
twien thu hoursol'iiiie mul I no o'clock p 111.
ot sutd day, Die lolloulng 1 cul property, of
Ibe estate of .lo in Mu. Ulster, ilcci used, tat
wit: l-ol II, of block 17 mid Ilm west l.oflot
II. mul the east hall or lol lu, ol block ,'it, all In
tho City of Lincoln, Nebraska,
.InllN . IlltCtlllltV,
Administrator, estate oMohu McAllister.
Ji ..- - " "-- f