Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, January 24, 1891, Image 1

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Vol. O No 7
Lincoln, Nicmuaska, Satuhi'jay, Jandakv lm, leJUl.
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Why nru peoplu no absurdly siicistltlnus
ItlsOIlt opilM A fl'll'llll WIIS exhibiting 11
very handsome stone of Unit sort. "I
wouldn't wear oim of them If It wore to Ik)
given to mo. It Is sure to bring lintl luck."
And tliu poor follow put on n lugubrious look
that denoted hi' was In earnest, and hu shook
Ills bend In 11 manner that plainly wild he
know of 11 great many Hoplo who hnd lind
tulsfoi tunes tlmt were traceable directly to
tho wearing of an opul, Thii iridlseont stone
Ih 11 trcutitlful Ki'iu, mid tho coplu of an
tiquity prized it very highly, ltoinun ilumos
considered their opuls lit among their pinuil
ost possessions, mid 11 ltoinun senator niiined
Nonius had onu of these stones that was var
imikly valued at from a half million ilollais
to a million and a quarter. When Cleopatra
pledged Mark Antony In a draught of vine
gar in which 11 iieiirl of great value hail been
dissolved ho tiled to buy tho opal of Nonius
to present It to the Egyptian beauty but fail
ed to got it. Among tho Auntrlan luierlal
Jewels is an opal for which :((X),(HHJ has lieen
rufiiMil. This beautiful Rem leinalned in fa
vor up tliiuiiKli tho mlddlu at;is. What,
then, has made It tho symbol of ill luck? It
has lieun attributed to the Huslans. who re
paid It as tho embodiment of thu "evil eje"
mid all manner of misfortune. They no w
fnrnsto think that bad luck will follow any
trmiMictioii btfRUii on 11 day on which they
have, wen nn opal. Walter Scott probably Is
responsible, for much of thu antipathy tow
ards this stone. In onu of his novels lie as
. cribes all manner of bad luck to thu opal.
Hut 11 jeweler gives a more, piosaic explaua
tloii of Komu of thu unpopularity of tho opal.
It Is 11 well known fact tlmt opals are lost
oftener than most any other Mone used in
rings or pins, and frequently In a mysterious
and unaccountable manner. Tho opal lias
thopocullailty ofenlaiglni; slightly when
heated. Thu warmth fiom n'h hand
will nmko It uull slightly, and of courco the
betting lsenlnreed. Home tliuu when tho opal
Is taken olf thu baud It becomes cool and re
turns to lt original size, when It may diop
out of thu setting. Another thing against
opals Is tho fact that they are easily bioken
and consequently are not a desuablo in
vestment. Hut what is Mipcrstition but a remnant of
barbarism and 1111 evidence of Ignorance?
nii'iyeta great many otherwise intelligent
)M.splo seem to pride themselves on a liellef
in silly superstitions. They try to catch 11
llrht glimpse of tho new moon over the well,
I decline, I do not recall whether It Is tho
right or tho left shoulder that Is supposed to
bring good luck. And they do or retrain
from doing a great many other equally child
ish things because they nro siiier8tltlouK.
It Is not to Imj wondered at that in tho in
fancy of tho raco man thought tho elo
nientsof nature were good and evil spirits
contending for tho miiHtery. He regarded
tho sun as a spirit of weal and woi1iIhmI It
us the god of good. Night brought the dread
of death and to his simple mind it was tho
tplrltof ovll having its Inning In tho game.
Hut why MioumI tho poplo of todny, who
have the light of reason and science, put
themselves on a piano ith tho savages of
burbaric times and tho heathen c,.- lenlght
ed clime! Imi't it a. confession or ignoi mice,
an tiilmlMioii of mnutnl weakliest I Wouldn't
It bo better to cenceol that fault as we try to
cover up other Uufects, lather than uct as
though we weicpioudvf it'!
Surely tho 1'leasant Hour club lias Kept
tho spirit of frleiMiiliip alive, mot only for a
longer term of J eis tliiuiiiuost clubsofits
sort, but. In truer form uml kind. 'Iiik
Cuuhikh'h columns have Ustilld fiuijuently
to the handsome ittvptJons with which it
compliments newly innnied uuunbeis, and
last week liroiiitht the evltk-uco of. n Milder
but no less comuieuilable ivgiud for onu who
bad been one of Its number. Preparations
liad been made for a diindng variy, and it
was looked forward to with plenMirnble an
ticlwtions becauso a long iibstimtitce from
that girycty, but w hen the newn i Mlsn Mc
Murtry's death caino it. wuh promptly post
poned on short notice. Buiely ikJjjI) wuich
.cultivates iiinong Its inemU'iH a fouling that
shall Iwakiu to earnest friendship iUlier
it linn casual acquaintance is peifouuing a
tnlssiou higher than that of mctelyv)viditig
a jneans of amusement.
Hpeaklngof bright girls reminds 11m of one
wlw visited in Omaha some timo ago. HJiu
wiisu Ik'Ho in her own city, a U-utity and a
young lady of 111010 than ordinary accom
plishments. Shu was introduced to Omalut
society uuiler tho luipplist auspices, and won
11 lwst of udmlieis. Among thfso was Mimj
Hiirkulow perhaps jou know him. He was
telliiig once about a man not quite familiar
with the forms of ultra-fashionable life who
received an invitation with the loiter II S.
V. 1'. in one corner. As it happened ho had
to send regrets, and In tho corner l his emd
hu wrote "I), H. 0. C." Mosu explained
thou initials mount "Damn mm't come."
Kmnu weeks later, after tho young lady had
returned homo, Mr. Iliiikalow t-eul hern
"bid" to some nll'iilr in Oinnhii that was to
bu iaitlculnrly swell. Tho fair belle stcpxi!
Into the teleguiph olllcu and wiitsl buck; "I),
H. V. C." simply that ami nothing 111010.
Well, tliat was enough to tickle must ii'iy
man, mid Moso Haikalowhad to show It all
over town.
In fancy I see miiiiu good mother in Isinel
look up from her knitting with dlMippiovnl
iH'iiming from both eyes. Hut whole's tint
harm) Kveu tho word "damn" is not profan
ity mid us for 11 little initial letter wilttcn
down on piper, carried by eleclilciiy and ic
wrltten wny, w hero's tho harm? Isn't this
uureaboiiiiblo ri'piet.sion of tho bubbling
spirit of youth one gioul chumi of tho odiiais
liess of the ruhtinlnt in many homes tlmt
makes many of its victims go to ejcticiucs
When they get a little frecdoml Tuko iMiiis-
tor' tons, for ixiimpto. Wu have miiiio In"
liiucolu and well, on second thought, let u
not lie t(H) personal.
Apropos young men, wild and otherwise,
what kind does the aveiago girl ndmlrof
Judged by her actions, her standard Is not
very encouraging to young fellows wlios-)
merit runs to quality in brains rut her than
quantity In pants. Hut theixi are other gli Is
whoaro alxivti tho average and CotlltlKli
readers shall have tho licncllt of the opinion
of onu who no doubt voices the sentiment of
an 111 my of fair and sensible damsels.
"Kvery young man I know is either a end
or 11 fool," she said, "lie either wants to
talk base ball and slugging matches, or cWn
Uois principally concerned about his clothus
and in trouble for fear ho won't havu the lat
est thing in collars or tho newest pattern in
tiousers. I think they havu brains and In
telligence hidden somowheto about their pel
sons, or elso they couldn't succeed in IiusIuosm
as they do, but they don't seem to think It
necessary to lot the girls know they have any.
Now, 1 don't know among all tho young men
of my acquaintances one who is as nice as my
father. He is always polite, and ho Is as
courteous to his daughter iih ho Is to any one
w horn he meets in so-loty . 1 don't see. young
men with tho grace ol manner that my fath
er has. It is fashionable to bo blaso and In
ililferent and rude, and all young moil will
lie In the fashion. Thoyaio not helpful and
concerned tor your comfort. Not that ono
wants a man Ixithcringhcr all thu time tosisj
if hu doesn't want, this and if hu can't give
her tlmt that's; stupid and fus'y. Hut there
is u way or taking cam of a body without
any fuss, a real honest anticipation ot one's
wants, all so quietly done that you don't
know It's being done just tho way my fath
er does things. I can't describe It, but it's
nice, just 114 all indescribably good things are,
and you know It after you havo oneo boon
treated in such considerate fashion. Sol
don't like thu young man of today."
Another society liolle in discussing tills
matter said, with some warmth: "How can
wu girls help ounclvcsl M.iny of the most
dosh able young men put In their evening-, at
the club or heaven knows w hero, and leave
thu Held to tho sottglily kind of fellows or
thu pushy ones who want to got Into society
and nro received lieciiuso they will miiku
themselves useful as partners. And then thu
critical men surer at us about our choice,
when there Is no choice about it. Tho truth
Is men aro getting too indolent for society.
They pssumo to lit boiel and havo no
thought for our ploasuio. So, you see, I
think selfishness Is at tho bottom of it all. If
It pleases mo, 1 will: If It doesn't well lot
It go."
Now, young man, you havu u chance to see
jourself as others see you.
On another pago of today's paper w ill Is
found n largo advertisement announcing a
clubbing arrangement that has just bern en
tered into between Tiik CoimtEli and tho
CosmoK)litau Magaxlnu of Now York Few
olTeis as lllwral havo over been made lieforu
by any nuwspaer. Thu Cosmopolitan Is to
duy consfdeicd ono of Ameiicii's pleading
magazines and ranks equal to Harp r's,
Scilbner's, and tho ottor great monthlies.
Its success in the past two years has been
phenomenal, and Its constant advancement
has been the wonder of its conteuiM)raries
and tho rending public. Kaeh uumlier con
tains a complete illustrated novel by a re
nowned author mid its size has lecently been
increased so that in one yoar 1,!V! pages uml
more than l,o)0 Illustrations are given thu
reader, or enough reading matter to make
live volumiiB of ill 1 pages each. All subscri-
tions to mis commnaiiou are strictly cash in
advance, nun may is) laiiuu advantage or by
either now or old subscribe! s.
Evidently Lincoln has a great caul erase
on at piosent, likewise on playing with Hurl
iugton route cards, .loiner, thu ir
repressible city pastenger agent has pushed
the sale of these celebrated pastelKKti ds to
such an extent that since October first there
have been over three thousand packages ills
isjsed of. Yet the season is only half over.
Tills again attests thu popularity of the Hurl
iugton and shows that even while playing at
games thu people like to udmliu the pretty
trade murk of a great coiporiition. These
cards are sold at ton cents per package anil are
equal to thu grades sold at fifty and seventy
live cents. Hefore summer time .Icmcr ex
pe4s to sell at least tints' thousand mo:e
Monday night at the Hroadway Theatre,
New York, Mr Lawrence ll.iirett presented
"Oaiielon.'' The big playhouse held a large
and decidedly representative audience,
gutheied to In rtho tragedian who has
done more for tho American stune than any
other actor. Mr. llanett received a most
enthusiastic greeting and during the per
formance was called before the curtain again
and again. Hu mado it success of very largo
proK)rtioiis and a triumph that will not soon
be forgotten by those who saw the first pie
seiitutiou in tho metroM)lls of Mr. Young's
pictuicsquu and poetlo tragedy. Mr. llur
rett's piiMluctlou of this piny is worthy of
gicat prai-o and nothing to excell it in com
plt'tenofs of scener , costumes and accessoi les
has over before been seen on the Now Yin k
stage. Ho ulves an excetdingly powerlul
iliqHM'snuutiou ol the title part, "llauelou''
will uiidoubltdly diaw laige audiences Mur
ing its run.
Hovel ul yeais no Clianiltei lain & Co., ot
Dos Moines, Iowa, commenced the mauutne
tin oof a cough syiup, Is'llnviug it to lie tho
most prompt and tellable piopiiratiou yet
pi isluced tor coughs, colds mill umup; tlmt
tho public appreciate ti lie inerli, and III timo
It wasccitiiiu to bet'ome ipul.u. Their
most sanguine I'opos havu been moio than
realized. Over tlllen hundred thousand
bottles ol Chauibei lulu's I 'ough Iteiucdy me
now solil encli Jem, and s locoined as
"the best mililo," whole evoi UnoiMI, It will
cine a severe cold ill l ss tliuu any other
tieatuieiit. For s.ilu li A. Shinier, Druggist.
I Special t'oti in Kit I'm respoudenre.
Toll me where Is fancy In till
' I follow the ill mil and the sound of the life,
Tho' bullets around may lie llylnx,
I'm the soul of the tegliueut while I lune
And Its giiMitcHt misfoituiio when dying '
The Song of C'lgaietto.
Nkw YtiHK, .Inn. 21, 1KII -Tlianvi'iiliirf
wrali Is cMtaluly thu pel feet loo of luxury,
beauty audcouifoit, for it not only rrotects
the toilette beneath mid rhloKIs the weal or
from the wintry cold, but it also sets oft" her
charms of fe.ituio and complexion, as the
ojh-ni cloak of n period Iosh luxurious could
not do. The one Illustrated today, lins Justs
been deslgutst by Hedferu for n New York
U'lle to wear during the rlixlug weeks of
thu season.
It Is of old gold colored silk. Tin back
tits to the llgure in dolman shape, but the
fronts hang loot and are Isirdoied with
whltu ostrich ffiithcis, biul It Is lliusl with
snow white monition. There nru but fvw
among us who do not long sometimes to got
away from the realities and conventionalities
of evory-day life, to iisoimo strange raiment
and a personality quite unlike's own, in
short, to go back to the childish umiiM-inent
of 'malting be'levu', and for ever so llttln a
while to play at being somebody else. Thu
dlirerelit masqueiaihs anil fancy dicss balls
give thu members of society a chance to
gratif tliis longing, and to show how much
of the actor there is In them. These costume
balls also give permission to a woman to re
veal charms which thu lobulation toilette
conceals, alidtotiy the iffect of a little
make-up. So the invitations to a fancy ball
nru always hailed with delight, and no end of
thought Is given to thu t boosing of a suitable
charade . As the season for such enter
tainments is now at hand, Kcdfcru sends us a
pretty thing for a joung girl's dress.
Itlsthouver popular viwiiidicio, and ho
has aria) oil hoi in a skii t of seal let military
cloth, with a border of dirk blue, out lliusl
with goM fancy In aid. The vest is of daik
cloth buttoned with gilt buttons, The coat
is of cieiiiu white cloth, tilmmcdwith gold
braid. Tho cocked out is of velvet and gold
braid, and tho leggings inu white cloth with
gold buttons
Fowiielotsot the present age has brought
so much pleasure to lliomuiuls of hearts us
loseiih Muiphv and his iiiinie Is a household i
word in many pints country. Them are
thos who nover sco thu Imldo of it thcatm
except on tho occasion of Joseph .Murphy's
appearance mid the delight they expeilotico
Is satisfaction enough for weeks Mr. Mui
phy'it "Kerry (low" mot with Its old-time
siicivss at thu Fiiiiku hist oenlug. Tim
smithy scene and tliu Incident of tho dotes
Clouted the usual Interest and elicited Un
customary Inn st of applause.
A Mugiiin it U'eililliiK.
A notable wedding took place In Washing
ton last week The contracting pintles wore
Miss Florence Audemolil of Washington ami
thu (,'ouut DuVoiiiio. Tlio ecieiuonj occuir
edltjSt, Matthew's Hoiiun I'athollc cliuicli.
The Hilar of the miigulllceut chinch a us
brilliantly lighted when the wedding patty
w alto I up the aisle anil took the seats te
sorVi'd for theui near the comuiiiiiloii rail.
The i-ci oniony was po formed liy Archbishop
Coirjgan of Now York, who Is tho godfather
oftlubiido The distinguished iiiolatuiiUo
nlllcliite I at thu nuptial uiusi, which precisl
ed tliucemiuoiiy. Iluwns assfstod b seteral
llstlliguishol pilosis or Washington. Tint
fotn young lailiut wtio iictisl as hildcsiinlds
aro finiu l'lilhidolpliin, and am cousins t f thu
brldr. They mo Miss Audoiiroid and Miss
Helen Audoiiroid, Miss I'lokot nid Misstlul
hip. The eight groiimoiien Included the two
younger brothoi s or tho groom, who came
spcclilly fiom I'laucu to attend tlio wisldlng,
C'tiuiit Fiiiiic-iis DoYomio mid fount Autoiuu
DrVoiino, Mr. Hirclay of tliu lliltlsh l.oga
tlOiij.Maiquls lmpci lain of ih,, Italian, fouu
rilluli hovin, or thu Fiouch; fount llathaiiia
of tliu Aulilaii;Mr. Vuu Numiii or the Her
man' and Chillies Mcfiiiiloy. Sooielnry
Hliillie, us the head or the diplomatic coi ps,
gUve thu In Ido away. Tim eldest brother of
COtllit Do Vuiiiio acted as best man, wliilitho
othrr served as usher.
'Kliliwleiliio witlioul wlsilom lor toguldo her,
Is l(ko a lioiiilstnmg liorse Hint tlirows lis
' rider."
Uurh-Klslatuio without a Icailci
iHlPtuiisausiiKouiluiler without it leeder.
The crank of the mill imosslowly aroiiml
At luuelosuofiliiv Iheni Is not lilug ground.
Ami, our hiw-uiulter's tongues wag one by
Hut luo close orday lluds iiollilug done
Nclj-nslia's Kovirniirs uumlier four
Tho legislators could aslt no more.
A in? If they can not make use or lt
To Ul up the KUplug and empty void,
Nor 'won't iiiuke use or (lovernor Tlui) or
llee.iilse ho proted lilmseira good stayer
Aiiu.will not have laws iiiadohy the "Powers"
A m, hii only stand .Mujurs a row ihort liours--WhVfJjlhey
wiintj cunaay onijlmw
I'm Jure I for one would like lo know.
I ueU'rtHjruru laall mr lire
Haw i.o much discord and so much strife.
In J Kilting them I desire to be gracioiiri
llufl net it suwiiio,- thiug nioru fiilliiuloiis.
On Wednesdiiy tliey meet at ten In the morn-
Willi thu lirlghtest of sullies, their faces adorn
ing Now, hiijh I to lii)seir, thoie'll Is- something
I'll hate something lo write iiIniiiI sunt a
The answered to roll cull one h) ouu.
Audi when the business hud Is-guii
' I'w'Jw only lit o inlii ules, oriuiilH mure,
Wbi)li three or roiir speakers had Hie llcsir.
Alir' each or llieni seemed touiiul his way.
Hut they evidently hadn't count then; lo day.
Tlielr stsm stopied talking by calling a tote
Which I ma lory happy lo note
TheV all were lei v willing uml able
To tiirry this pint the "Ketch-all" table,
tits 'ol to 1st a Imlill, you see'
Wh'lia hill l-oiiiim up wheru they cull'taiis
Thejrfoieiwiiiu hoik and thoy'ie only able
TuUy lloier iipuii tint table.)
Thuf thhu I h'uul that lUy
WliijWllell thu chaplain was asked In pray.
If vuTiiset of men needed prayer
I think you'll Had ilicm right uplhrro.
Iliiltieforo I lea mi tins subject quite
I'dykuto sis'iikorsuaielliliig I hoard last night.
'Twhslutho governor's message which I heurd
v n-iul
(Tb'j young iiiuu I pn-Miuin lias u level head)
lIUtbeilidu'tsliowltlastiilKhtat all
W,u he said ".luierlng women" gave him a
, call
Toli(troilucea "women sullruKo bill"
WlCeh hu could pussir huliiul the will,
(If ;ie bud known Aunt Nauiniitliii was there
I ttlnk he'd have treated the women mole
I du i't deny they gate him it cull
lluty'they" don't beiiiug to our cliwi at all,
Thttwomeii who present it "siitrraxu bill"
Anj stronger or mind and stronger or will
Tlnj-j tho mail who read those words lust ulglit
An cast ukjn our women a slight.
I'd lko to give a suiull piece or udviio
HofuvsiK-ukiug of vvoinau isiuder twice
Auiloftlie rollovving tilings Is-waro:
"Of whiiuiyuu sjs'iik, to whomyiai sis-ak
And how, and wlieu and where."
Lincoln, Neb., .lainmry , Isiil.
How Hi llreak tip it Novero Cold.
AV.t... II.., I !,.,. ....'.. i.l.. lr.... ,r. i
, .. ... . ,!, t ,iy, .ififni,, .ifriiiixniiiiiii.
When vo Hud a medicine wo know to
(ioswss genuine inelit, wo consider it u dutv
iiin we take pleasuro in telling the public
wli(;t It Is. Such a medicine nu foipnl
CliainU'rlain's Lough reiuedi. Hy thu tiso
of tjils syrup wo have relieved, in a few
hours, suveiu colds, and in tliu course of two
or Uil't'o ililis, entliely bioken them up us hits
sevji al of our friends to whom wehuvoiis
omjiended it. It is all it is i (-presented to
ho by thu inanufiicturers. Ir you hate a
couih and want to stop it, Chamberlain's
CoiighSyiup will do thu wink. For sale by
A. blinder, Druggist.
Ciina l'liliitiug and Firing, also Portraits
i'aijitisl on China. Samples at dancer's
Art Stoi 0,212 South Klotcuth.
Silnilli, Itiiimi l 'I'l,.. II...,. I
17-11 I.'...
Kditii HfhsKi.i..
Tlio west show window of Maxwell, Shiupo
A: ljoss Co, present a neat and novel exhibit
of kjmjoI cotton. It is a building constructed
entl'-ely ot spools showing the vaiious colors
of ttroads, nspiiring in all otor Stttl dozen.
It W nil llttlstic niiH'oof work and iilti-noi il...
aitd.itioii or tl.opusM'rb. Mi. J. W. Norton,
ina(agoi of the dry gissls depaitmeiit ills
plajwllilk handlwoik to excellent advantage'
Most of the week the opent house has m
inaliicd closeil ami no actor or actress lias
bioken tho stillness hy fuming or fretting his
III hit hour. Still this after all has proven it
blessing for, thank lienveiil Hut lovers or tliu
play house have had a brief lepllo Horn the
liislilonle isiitrayal of thu llcklu wir.t who
despite her Inish miiI'h love proves unfaithful
to him and In lugs on a Hair or calamities
which instead or punishing tliu sinner trans,
foi ins hi'i'through tliu skill of tint starnet loss
Into a hoi Ohio In the eyes or the audience.
''I 'hat u been enough or such pin) s of
hitoiiuil Hut believer In woman's lldellly nat
Uially Hies or the pot polual piesoulation of
tint exceptionally bad reunite whllotho count
less thousands or punt tyHsof woiiiuiiIiihhI
ale foi ceil to Into the back ground as though
they did not really exist. Ami yet no sooner
Istiieiita luior lull In such plays than llieie
comes what apaisto be a case ol the lull Ig
uiug shameless woman in mil life'
Hnl if tho Impute chniiictor almost con
stantly Hirtiiiyd mi Hie stage should bu
astonishingly corioliorat'd hy thu Lucre! la
Horgla In leal life It does not slgniry that al
w onion in o bud. It lather proves tint con
limy. For ir ihey went all demons In fair
inruithoicpoitsnl (,olr crimes II igli the
press and pint ray al of (heir lloiidisliuess on
Hie stage would present i ivelty and at
had mi attention. The fact thai lomiile du
pinvlty is the exception lather than theiule
accounts for the fact that it creates a sensa
tion whether in iltuiiintic or leal life.
Tint average woman Is a pine, loving de
voted being with lolly ideas and in. iulluenco
liidlatlng Horn her that elevates and ennob
les nil thisso who i-ouie m inntnct wllli her.
Hliiikospeam was the giuatost ilellneator of
liuuiiiii acts and motives Hint over lived and
yd you would hsik In vain thiougli his plays
for the type of a w ire that is now filling such
a pioinluout place on the boards. Shake
speare delineated women as hu found them.
Lady Macbeth was unset upiilously ambitious
hut she was loyal to her hu-bind. Ophelia
llttoied Impuiuseuti ih only when she wan
mentally deranged, but in her sane mouuiiits
she was a beautiful tyjst of pin ftv.
Now for a change let us have on the stage
a delineation of thu average woman as thu
master playwright and tliu lemaliider of
Humanity mm Her a pure Ihi njr.
Thy iH-autlful ami talented young actress,
Miss Sybil Johnstone, continues to create a
furoru wherever she n,ipeais in the now fa
mous statue scene. Iteccntly she played in
tliu great heer manufacturing town known
iisMllwaukiu, Tho result was an outburst
of virtuous indignation on ihe part or tliu
pi ess against thu young actress for daring to
glvusucli nil interpretation to the statue
scene. Tills called fortli tliu following re-
skiiisu fr. in tlio New Yoi k Ti nth:
"Tho 'flonieiiceuii Case' sti ink Mllwaukie.
Miss Johtistomi and tliu loL-ular cast wmo
jtlieie. One of the iapurs calhsl thu ploco "a
.prostitution of tho Huge," yet the entire tils
lingo turns out to sou Cuiullloor Finn Fiou,
and Mathilda 1 1 ci oil's consumptive lioioiues
am iiomt too delicately enaetwl, either,
"(live n dog a hud name," ete. Tho mistake
made by "realistic" miniugei is in the pro
ducing ir tiiiuslntcd vvoiks. Could anything
1st dirtier than I'ha.iber yet the world pays
tone lleinhiu dt In it, 1 always make it a
point to see Juilli in tills t-oimtry. In France
I M'ldoin go. The contented, virtuous air of
Hie good American housewifu as she listens
to thu smuttiest songs on earth is worth go
ing many inlh-s to sis'. Our smart set eituer
box thcmsclvtM in or stop away as a rule
they stop away."
"Kvangellne" held sway Thursday night In
the presence of a very largo audience at the
Fillike oiM-ra house. Miss Lillian Wli.,r
I was the Kvangelliie, Miss (leraldinu McCaiiu
was me pretty lailille who was smitten with
Kvangellne, and James H. Malllt.the oi iginal,
was tint Ime Fisheiman. This sprightly ex
triitiiganza that brought Kdwuid Kterett
Hlce, its conusvscr, from the routine of a
clerk's desl; bi tho feverisliness of a maii
agu 's life, lias )j, n fn-ipient visitor In re
cent soa-ous, ami thus always rum id a wel
come from delighted audiences. From Hice's
pen nothing h u. eter since quito equaled tills
luoriyniicieUa. Theiomniuy now piiwntlng
it Is controlled by Churli a. I. Itlch of liostou,
who has placid cawiblo people In tho chief
roles mid Mirrotinded them with handsome
ladies, In chorus, elegant costumes and a gissi
display or scenery. Miss t lei aldlne Mefunii
was beautiful as tlahilel, her trim figure,
easy, oir liand manner and swist ringing
voice winning instant, coinineiidatlon from
her auditors. Miss Lillian Walters, as Kvan
geliue, sang tint numbers allotted her with
skill and explosion.
Manager Mclloyiiolds auniiunccs tlio ens
gngeinent foi Momlay and Tuesday oteniiigs
next at Ids theatre of Mr. MeKeo Hiiiikiu and
an excellent coiiiiny in an elabointti pio
ductum of his latest and pi nimbly most suc
cessful ooiuody drnina culhsl "Hut I'liiuick."
Kvery attention will Ut paid to the smaller
details and tliepioductioii giv u thoi-ame
complete maimer as duiiiig tlio gieat inu
of oiiuhuudiisl nlglitsat the HiJ'ii Tlieutie,
Now York City.
The play Is one of tliovi quaint New Kng
land comedies that des-nd to a great extent
oil their Hat III nines for success.
In "Tliu Canuck" most ol the diameters
uru taken fi urn life mid the principal scene.!
Illo those fiom Hut lite or an out Flench tall
iidlaii gainer named Joan It.iptistc Cadwiux.
Mr. Rankin's poitiuyal ol tins palt is an ex
cellent one as a Miitiou ot his early lilo was
passisi in iiistiicl aiiilheiicqiiiiiHl almost
-rltvt coiitiolot tho illalt cl.
Most ot the iiieiubeis ot the original cast
will be heaiil hem and a luoduclloti of much
stioiigtli Is promlsisl.
It Is not ill all surpilslng that Hrotimn
llnwiiid's "Slieiiniidoah." which niiis'in-s for
the second limit In (Ids city, next Fildny nnil
Saluiday nights, wiih a Satuidny matluen,
January ,'l(l mid ill, has achieved and is
achieving louiinkiiblo success. Tint storvls
so simple, so natural, and, morn than all,
strikes so close to the hea it, that tho piny
could hardly full or being liiteiestlug even in
ine nanus oi a loss skllimi playvvilght than
Mr Unwind, with ndmlriihlo construction
added tint losiill is mist delightful, The
stirring IiicIiIoiiIm of Hut scones laid in the
Shenandoah Valley are made uncommonly
eausiieitiiii nothing liner has liism soon on
the local stage for it long Hunt than the irruml
climax at the close of the thlid m t, when the
dlslieart si ami I el i eating union hoops ate
iniusisi wiiii new inu us Hhoililau, on Ids
foaming black dial ger, dashes by them, all
Hie way from Winchester to save the day,
Tlio.'sklll of the playwright is remaikahly
well shown In the melhiwl of approaching the
climax. When Ihe Mist cannon was fired In
Hut distance lolling or Hut opening of a battle
the iutoicst i terod in that. The troops
woiitiiotlu sight, bill as they came Into
view slowly reuniting, hauling back their
ai tilery,; with now and thou a soldier falling
by tint wayside, tint Intel est bocamii more in
tense. Then when all hope seemed to be
abandoned Hie ciy of "Sheridan" sent a thrill
thiougli every dealt. The union soldleis
leaped forward, nil thought ,,r letieat van
ishes in mi Instant, anil lliecuitnlii falls amid
Ihucheois of the men as they press to thu
front. Whilit this Is of I'ouise thu stmiigint
climax In the play, there nut other scenes
which are by no means weak, the signalling
finin Tieo Top mountain, for Instance, ami
IhnpiopoMilnr marriage by a unit hem ofll
cer to a southern girl which Is Interrupted by
the first shot du Foil Sumter.
might go on !oliit!ngoulfliu'gooi! things, for
they nru many.
Themis really no "suit" part In "Shenan
doah," ami the burden of responsibility for a
successrul iHTformanco resta on many should
eis, the company.
Hernhiirilt will arrivedurlng the first week
in February.
I'oiirl KytlngiilmsMruieilii dlvorci. from
Dr. Joseph W. Yard.
At Hut llaldwlii Tlieatm .Miss Minna Hale
will make lier debut In New York as Juliet
in "Komooaiid Juliet."
AdebildM Misire was most cordially leceiv
el In thu Im-hI social elides during her recent
engageiHeut inSaii Francisco.
Thu Ilaulons exH-ct Ut make Ko.tKX) this
season with "Hi.perlMt" which is drawinc
very large audiences every whure.
The I'arlsiau gowns worn by Cora Tanner
In "The Hofugeo's Daughter" are said to be
exquisite, and were obtained by lu)r from
Woi til when in 1'ai is last summer.
Tho receipts of tile first fifty lierforiiiaiiurs
of Stuart Kobson's new comedy "Is Marriage
a Failure r" oxceslisl by W,:!0.7fi the ro
celpts of the first llfty iierformnneea of "Tlio
W. J. Hcaulaii is having a wonderful suo
cessful msasoii. The piollts of his present
tour are certain to Is. the largest he lias over
known. Scanlan's first engagement in New
York tills season will lie played at ihe Four
teenth Street Theatre where he will lie seen
in a handsome pnsluctioii of "My les Arooti.1
Hose Coghlau bus made a hit in "Ijuly
Hurler" and Inu added one mom to hor long
list of lilstoilc triumphs. Her brother's new
play, written esHciully for her, is iicfiiliarly
suited to thu chaiiideis in which she txcels.
Fascinating as she is In tlio roles of Peg WolY
iugton and luly (lay Spanker, she is equally
so in tint designing, unscrupulous meicenary
adveiituiiss, Ijnly Hurler.
It is said that IMwin Harrlgiin employes
two ticket sM'Culutoisalhls new theatie pay
ing them a salary or twenty-live dollars each
a week. It Is iiiik)smIic to i.uiv huso seats at
tint box olllceat any Pino In tint day or night,
lint is'ileetly easy at all times to buy the
Is-st in the Iioiikii nf III,, M, mi, V i. i
S"-" " ...(lii.j is,
sss-uliilois iii the lobby and on tint sidewalk.
t. nn s-i nn mauce theie aie many vacant
seats in tho lower putt or the Iioum but iioi.u
oil sale at tile box olllee.
Mine. Misljcska bad I is'ontly completed ar
laugemeiitslor an eiigagoniont at the Iiiist
ialTlieiitio In Wn.xiw, but as tho Itussiaii
Auitnissudor lefiiMsl to Mn In r piisiut she L-umpeiieii to lelinquisli It It was sup
isisisl her apisaiiiuce Uloie h,r own people
in Win saw, whole she is a favunte, would
cieateUsi much pa liolio eiitliiisla.iu. Mine.
Misljeska has ilt-dliicd otlVlsot eugageuielts
at the Hesideiiz'lheatio in llei hu, us well as
some very utlaiitiiKcouspiossah u)ru j,,.
don season 111 tin. spillig, tutlioliKh she may
stsibly accept the latter. It is said that tlio
demand lor hor photogiapli in Hie Kuglisli
inetropohs is fully equal to that ot any of tint
I..ImI. If It... tf I I... .... . .1.... .i i
I ". Hi,',,,,;, .mil piutiiiK lout siiu
is still iciiicmlvciid and ndmiiisl m thai
I dty.