Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, December 06, 1890, Page 6, Image 6

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Iiill llrMirl f th llriiiiMyii llWIna'a
luteal Nrriinin In Hie Merle l)rorlillo
of 1IU Trip lliiiiu.tli Ihn l.wnil Whirs
Inn l.lvril nnil llli-il.
Hiiooki.yn, Nov. no. Hov. I)r Tnlmngu
prenrhed tnduy tho tenth of hi series of
MTinoni (in hi PutrMliiu timr, iliwrlb
lug M experiences mi tlm lake whoso
tvnters m em unco stilled nt the coniniiiiid
of Chrht, Tim sermon, which wns do
llvered In tlm llrooklyii Arndetiiy of Miislo
In tlio morning nnil . ustinl rt'lH'iitisl lm
foro nn enormous nudlunro nt tlm Chris
tlnn Herald servlcu In Nutv York In tho
rvenltig, ivni fntm llin luxti "Ho entered
Intonslilp, nnil xnt In tlm sen; nnil tlio
whole mult Undo was by tlio sen on tho
lnml"-Mnrk Iv, t.
Jt Ih Moiulny mnriilug In our I'nleitlno
IxperleuriM, und tho sky Is n blue Dnllloo
nlnive, ns In tlm liont wo Mill tlio lilun (hill
leo. ls'iieuth. It In thirteen mile long nml
six miles wide, hut tlm ntmuiphero U no
clear It seem n It I coulil cnst it sttvno
fnun In-licit to bench. Tlm lnko looks nn
though It hnil Ikiiii let ilnivn on silver pul
leyii from tho henveus nnil weru n seetinu
of tlio urn of gins thnt Ht. .lohn describes
an n pnrt of tho colestlnt landscape, I.uko
Hnltleo In it depression of six hundred feet
In which tho rlvrr Jordan widens anil
tarries n little, for tho river Jordan loine
In ntlt north nlilo mid departs from Itn
south side; so this hike, hnn Itn crndlomul
Itn Krnvo.
Itn whlto mitln cradlo In mining tho
snows of Mount I Ionium where I lie .lor
ilnn smrts, und Itn sepulchrr In tlm Demi
en Into which tho Jonlin einpllen. halio
Coiuoof Itnly, lako Geneva of
land, Ijiiku IjOiiioiiiI of Scntlnnd, Lnko
VluulH'Anukeo of Aumrlrn nro larger, hut
Inko (lullleo In tho greutcst illmuonil that
ever dropped from the linger of tho clouds,
nnil whether i!iicinited on Itn hunks us wo
woro yentordny mid worshiping nt Itn cryn
tnlnltnrnor wilding Into It waves, wlilch
innkonu ordinary bath solemn nn n bap
tism, or now putting out upon Itn spark
ling surfneo In it bout, It In something to
talk about mid nruy nbout ami sing about
until tlm lips with wlilch wo now drscrllio
ft mu neither talk nor prny nor slug.
As sonnet lutes u heiftitlful child In n
uclghliorhood hnn 11 half dozen pet tinmen,
and soinu of tho neighbors call her by ouo
iinmo nud othern by nuother, no thin pet
Inko of tho planet hnn a profusion of
nnnicn. Ank tho Arab us ho goes by what
thin sheet of witter in, nnil ho will call it
Tnluulyoh. Ank Moses of tho Old Testa
ment, nud ho cnlln It Ben of Clilniiereth,
Ank .Matthew, and ho cnlln it Sen of (lull
lee, Ank Luke, nnil ho cnlln It Sen of Gun
nnaaret. Ank John, nud ho cnlln it Sen of
Tibcrlns, Ank Josepliun nnil Kusehliis,
anil they hnvo other nnnies ready. Hut to
mo It nppenrs a child of tho sky, iv stnr of
the hllln, 11 rhnwoily of tho mountains, tho
baptismal bowl of tho orld'n temple, the
Bintlo of tho ((rent God. Mnny kludn of
flh nro found in these wntern, every kind
of tree upon itn bnnk, from those thnt ki-ow
tho torrid xouo to In tho frigid,
from tlm palm to the cedar.
Of tho two hundred nud thirty wnr nhlpn
Jonephun mnneiivreil on theno wntern for
JoseplniM was a warrior nn well an n his
torian them romninn not ono ploco of n
hulk, or ouo patch of it ennvnn, or ono
upllntcr of nu oar. Hut return to America
we never will until wo hnvohml it nnil upon
this Inlnnd son. Not from n wharf, but
from it bench covered with blnck mid whlto
IMibhlen, wo go on board n bont of nbout ten
or twelve tons, to bo propelled partly by
n&ll mid partly by onr. The maat lonns
o far forwnnl thnt it seems nbout to fnll,
but wo find It won purposoly no built, nnil
the rope through n pulley mnntiKen to hoist
nnd let down tho still. It is n roitKli boat,
nnd nn far m iwiulblo removed from n
Veuctinn Kondoln or it sportsman's yacht
With n common saw nnd hnuimor nud nx
mnny of you could make n better one.
Four barefooted Arabs, instead of sitting
down to their onrs, stnnd, nn they nlwnyn
do iu rowing, mid pull nwny from shoro. 1
Insist on helping, for there Is nothing more
exhilarating to rao tlmii rowing, but I soon
have enough of tho clumsy oars nnd tho
awkward nttompt at wielding them while
in standing posture.
Wo put our overcoats nnd shawls on a
small deck iu the stern of tho bont, tho
very kind of a dock where Christ Iny on a
flshcrmnu's coat when of old a tempest
pounced uikju the flshlug smack of the
affrighted disciples. Ospreys and wild
ducks nnd klugtlshers tly overhead or dip
tfeclr wings into tho hike, mistaking It for
a fragment of fallen sky. Can It bo that
those Ulblo stories about sudden storms ou
this lake lire truer In It possible thnt a
sen of such seeming placidity of temper
could ever rise and rago nt tho henvoiisr It
does pot seem as If this happy family of
elementn could hnvo ever hud a fulling out,
and the water strike nt tho clouds nud the
clouds strike nt tho wnter.
Pull nwny, oarsmen! On our right bank
are tho hot sulphur baths, bo hot they nro
scalding, und tho waters must cool off a
long whllo before baud or foot can endure
their temperature. Volcanoes have been
boiling these waters for centuries. Four
sprlngn roll their resources Into two grunt
swimming reservoirs. King Herod here
tried to bnthooll the resultnof liU excesses,
and Pliny nnd Josephus dcscrllo thonpurt
logs out of these volcanic bents, nndJoshun
and Moses know nbout them, nnd this mo
ment long lines of pilgrims from all parts
of tho enrth nro waiting for their turn to
step into tho steaming restoratives.
Let tho bont, on fnr ns iiossible nnd not
run aground, hug the western ttlioro of tho
lnke thnt we mny boo tho city of Tiberias.
once a great capital, of the architecture of
which n few mosaics nnd fallen pillars and
pedestals, and here, and there a broken
and shattered frieio rem!n, mightily sug
gestive of tho time when llerod Atittpan
had .a palace hero nnd reigned with nn
opulence mid pomp and ' cruelty ami
abomination that paralyzes the tinners of
the historian when he comes to wiitu it,
and the flngernof tho painter when lient
tempts to transfer It to cnuvns. I suppose
he wan ono of the worst men that ever
lived. And what a contrast of character
conies ut every mojninH to", the thoughtful
traveler In Palestine, whether ho walks
tho beach of tills 'lake' or sails as wo uow
do thesu waters) ,
. , 8IDB I1Y 81UK.
SIdo.'by side nro the two great characters
of thlHlnlfo-.rdglon, Jesus nud Herod An
tlpns. Aiidldld nuy nge produce nuy such
nntliloden, nny such antitheses, any such
opposite f Kindness and cruelty, holiness
and 111th, geuoroslty and meanness, i-ulf
sacrifice mid selflnhuL-s, the mipermil and
the infernal, mldnoou mid midnight. The
father of this Herod AutlM' wus it genius
nt nssnsslnntlou. lie coulil muuufncture
more reasons for putting people out of this
life than liiiv'mnn u ul) ulstory. He beniU
for My minus to emtio from Ilnhylon to
Jerusalem In bo made high priest, mid
nluyn him, Ho hnn his brothrr-lii-lnw while
In bathing with him drowned by the king's
nttemlalilM, lie slnyn bin wife nnd Ills
wife's mother mid two of bin noun nnd bin
uncle, nnd llllisl n volume of ntrucltlen, the
Inst chapter of which wnn the miiMHiiuru of
nil tho hnhen nt Huthluhem.
With such a father nn llerod the Great
you nro not surprised thnt thin llenxl An
tlpns, whoso 1 m I ace stood on tho banks of
thin lnko wo now null, wnn a combination
of wolf, reptile nnd hyena; while tho
Christ who walked yonder bniikn nnd willed
theno wntern wnn no good thnt almost every
rood of thin scenery Is associated with noma
wise word or Homo kindly deed, mid nil
literature and all art nnil all earth and all
heaven nro put to tho utmost effort In try
ing to express how grand mid glorious nud
lovely hn wnn nud In mid In to Ih. Tho
Ohrlstly mill Ilennllo characters nn differ
ent nn tho two lnken wo vlnlt, nnd not fnr
npnrt Galilee mid tlm Dead sen; tho ouo
llower bunked nud tlm other bituminous
nnd blunted; the ono hovered over by tlio
mercy of Christ, tho other blasted by tho
wrath of God; tho ouo full of finny tribes
sporting In the clear depths, tho other for
ever lifeless; tho wntern of the mm sweet
nud pleasant to tho tnste, tho other hitter
nud sharp nud disgusting. Awful Dead
sent Glorious Gennesnrct.
Wo will not nttempt to cross to the
eastern shin of thin hike, nn I had thought
to do, for tliono reglonn nro Inlinbltcn by n
thieving nud murderous ruce, anil one
must go thoroughly armed, and nn I never
shot nuy 0110 mid havo no ambition to lm
shot, I snlili "Iet us stay by tho western
shore." Hut wo look over to tho hills of
GadariijOn I ho other side, down which two
thousand nwlno after being possessed by
tho devil ran Into tlm hike, nud bringing
down on Christ for permitting It tho wrath
of nil thoNtock miners of thnt country bo
muse of thin ruining of tho pork bunlnenn.
You see thnt Hatan In u spirit of bud taste.
Why did lm not nnyi "Ut mo go Into thoso
birds, whole (locks of which lly over Gali
lee?" No; thnt would huvu been too high.
"Why not let mo go Into tho sheep which
wnnder over these hlllnf" No; thnt would
hnvo been too gentlo. "Itnther let mo go
Into these swine. I want to bo with the
denlwim of tho mire. I wnnt to nnsoclnto
with tho Inhabitants of tho filth. Great Is
inudl I prefer bristles to wings. I would
rather root than fly. I llko snout bettor
than wing,"
Infidelity bcoITs nt tho Idea thnt thoso
swltio should hnvo run Into tho lnko. Hut
It wan quite natural thnt under tho bent
nnd burning of thnt domonino possession
they would stnrt for tho wnter to get cool
ed off. Would that nil tho swine thus non
sensed had plunged to tho snmo drowning,
for this dny tlm descondimts of some of
those porcine creatures retain tho demons,
nnd nn tho dovlln were cast out of man Into
them they now nfllict tho human rnco with
tho devils of scrofula, thntcomen from ont
iug the unclean mcntl Tho healthiest peo
ple nn enrth nro tho Israelites, becnuso they
follow tho bill of fnro which God In the
book of Iiovltlcun gave to tho human race,
nud our splendid French Dr. Pasteur find
our glorious German Dr. Koch mny go on
with their good work of killing parasites
tu tho human system; but until tho world
corrects itn diet, and goes bnck to the
dlvlno regulation nt tho beginning, tho
human rnco will contlnuo to be possessed
of tho dovlln of microbe nud parasite. Hut
I did not mean to cross over to the eastern
side of Iiko Galilee even In dlfcusslnu.
Pull nwny, yo Arab otirmncut And wo
come nlong tho shoro near by which stnnd
great precipices of brown nnd red und gray
limestone crowned by basalt, in tho sides
of which nro vast caverns, sometimes tho
hiding place of bandits, nnd sometimes tho
homo of honest shepherds, mid sometimes
the dwelling place of pigeons nnd vultures
nnd englen. During ono of Herod's wars
his enemies hid in theno mountain cavorns
nnd tho sides were too steep for Herod's
nrmy to descend, nnd tho nttempt to climb
In tho fuco of armed men would havo
cnlled down extermination. Bo Herod had
great cages of wood, Iron bound, ninilo nnd
filled them with soldiers and let thorn
down from tho top of tho precipice's until
they gave signal thnt thoy were level with
tho caverns, und then from theso cages
they stopped out to the mouth of the cav
erns, mid having sot enough grass nnd
wood on fire to fill tho caverns with smoko
nnd strangulation, tho hidden people
would como forth to die; nnd it not coming
lortn voluntarily Herod's men would pull
Hem out with long Iron hooks, mid Jose
ph us says thnt one father, rather than sub
mit to tho nttocklng army, flung his wlfo
ana seven children down the precipice nud
then leaped after them to his own death.
Now, yo Arab oarsmen, row on with
swifter stroke, for wo wnnt leforo noon to
Innd at Capernaum, the three years' home
of Jesus, Hut before arrival there we nro
to have it new oxjyricnco. Tho lnko thnt
hod been n smootiT surface begins to break
up Into roughness. Tho nlr, which nil the
morning mndo our sail almost useless, sud
denly takes hold of our bont with n grip
astonishing, nnd our poor craft logins to
roll und pitch nnd tumble, und In five min
utes we pass from a, calm to violence. Tho
contour of this lake among the hills in an
Invitation to hurricanes. I used to won.
dcr why it wns that on so limited n sheet
of water it bestormed bont In Christ's time
did not put back to shoro when a hurri
cane wns coining. I wonder no more.
On that lnkonn ntmospherio fury gives
no warning, and tho chango wo saw iu five
tnluutcn mado mo feel thnt the bont iu
which Christ Balled mny hnvo been skill
fully managed when tho tempest struck it
und tho wild, importunate cry went up,
"Lord save us or we perish!" I had all along
thnt morning been rending from tho Now
Testament tho story of occurrences on nnd
nround thnt lnko. Hut our Hlbln wnn
closed now, und it wns ns much an wo could
do to hold fast, nud wish for tho hind. If
the winds mid the waves had continued to
Increase in violence tho following fifteen
minutes Iu tho snmo ratio as in tho first
five, mid wo had Wen still nt their mercy,
our Ikiiu's would hnvo boon blenching in
tho bottom of Inko Gennesnret lustead of
our being hero to tell tho story.
Hut tho snmo power that rescued the
fishermen of old today safely laudcd.our
imrty. What a Christ for rough wentherl
All tho sailor boys ought to fly to him as
did thoso Gnlllcnn mariners. All you in
the forecastle, mid nil you who run up
und down the slippery ratlines tuke to sen
with you him who with n unlet word sent
tho winds back through the mountain
gorges. Some of you Jack Tars to whom
these words will come need to "tuck ship"
and change your course If you nro going to
get across this sea of life safely and gain
the heavenly hnrbor. Uelny therul Hendy
nboutl Helm's n-leel Mainsail hatill
Klar of (-race! beam o'er the billow
lllnu tlm huuI that sighs fur tlieo;
llless tlm sailor's lonely pillow,
Fur, fur at sea.
Here nt Cupcriinum, tho Arabs having In
their arms carried tin ashore to tho only
place where, our lonl ever hwl u pastorate,
and we stepped amid the ruins of tho
church where ho prenchnd again nud again
mil iignlii-tlm synagogue whoso rich
sculpturing lay there, not nn when others
see It Iu springtime covered with weeds
nud loathsome with reptiles, hut In thnt
Dcci'iiiImt weuther completely uucovured
to our agitated anil Intense gnru On one
stone of thnt synagogue in tlm sculpturing
of n pot of uimitiu, nn artlstln commemora
tion of the time when tlm Israelites were
fed by tnmitiu In tho wilderness, and to
which sculpturing no doubt Christ pointed
upward while ho wns prenuhlng titutser
moil 011 this very spot III which ho snld,
"Not us your fathers did eat iiiuiiiin nml
nro dead; ho thnt eateth of thin bread shall
live forever." Wonderful Cuerniiiim!
Scene of more miracles than any place In
nil the enrthl 1 til ml ejes kindling with
tlm morning, Withered arms made to
ptllsnte, lopern blooming Into health. The
dead girl reanimated
Theso Arab tentn which on thin Decern
Isirdny I find In Palestine disappear, and
I see Capernaum im It wnn when Jesus was
pastor if tho church hern. Iok nt thnt
wealthy home, the architecture, thu mar
hie front, the upholstery, tlieslaves In Uni
form nt tho dnorwny. It In tlm resilience
of it courtier of Herod, probably Chuza by
name, his wife Joanna, n Christian dlsel
pie. Hut something Is tho mutter. Tho
slnven nro In grent excitement, mid tho
courtier living there runs down tho front
steps und takes n horso und puts him nt
full run ucrosn tlm country. Tho hoy of
thnt nobleman Is dyltrf of typhoid fever.
All the doctors hnvo fulled to give relief.
Hut nlHitit five miles up tho country, nt
Cmiii, there In n dlvlno doctor, Jesus by
name, mid tho agonized father has gone
for him, and with what earnestness those
can understand wh6 hnvo hud n dying
child In the liousa. Thin courtier cries to
Christ, "Come down ere my child dlol"
Whllo tho father In absent, and at 1
o'clock Iu tho afternoon, tho people watch
ing thu dying Imy see n change In tlio
countenance, and Joanna, tho mother, on
one side of bin couch, says: "Why, thin dar
ling Is getting well; tlio fever has broken.
See thu presplrntlou on his foreheud. Did
any of you give him any new kind of medi
cine?" "No," Is tlm itnswor. Tho boy
turns on bin pillow, his delirium gone, nud
asks for something to eat und says:
"Where's futherf" Oh, ho hnn gone up
to Cmiii to get n young doctor of nbout 31
years of ago. Hut no doctor Is needed uow
In thin house nt Capernaum. The people
look at tho sun dial to sec what time It in,
mid seo It In just past noon nud 1 o'clock
Then they stnrt out and meet thu return
ing father mid nn soon ns they couiu within
speaking distance they shout at tho top of
tholr voices: "Your boy Is getting well."
"Is It piunlblof" snys tho futher. "When
did tho change for tho better tuko plncer"
"Ouo o'clock" Is tho answer. "Why'snys
thu courtier, "thnt In just tho hour thnt
Jesus said to mo 'Thy sou llvcth.' Ouc
Ah they gather at tho evening meal whnt
gladness on nil thu countenances In thnt
homo nt Cuporuuuml Tho mother, Joan
na, has not had sleep for many nights, mid
she now falls off Into delightful slumber.
Tho father, Chuzn, the Herodimi com tier,
worn out with unxiety as well ns by the
rapid journey to and from Cuun, Is soon in
restful unconsciousness. Joanna wnn a
Christian before, but I wurruut she wns
mora of it Christian nftcrwnrd. Did the
father Chum accept tho Christ who had
cured his boyr Is there In nil tho enrth n
parent so ungrateful for tho convalescence
or restoration of mi Imperiled child us not
to go Into it room nnd kneel down nud
make surrender to tho nlmlghty lovo thnt
came to tho rescuer
Do not mix up this enso with tho angry
Jlscusslons about Christian science, hut
accept tho doctrine, us old ns tho Hlble,
that God docs answer prayer for tlm sick,
riutt Capernaum boy was not thu only
Illustration of thu fact thnt prayer Is
mightier than it typhoid fever. And there
In not it doctor of largo practice but has
come Into tho nick room of some hopeless
:uso nud, In it cheerful manner It he worn
it Christian, or with it bewildered manner
If ho were n skeptic, snld: "Well, whnt
have you been doing with this patient!
Whnt hnvo you been giving hlmf The
pulse Is better. Tlio crisis is past. After
nil, I think ho will get well." Prayer will
yet be acknowledged In the world's materia
inedlcn, mid the cry Is just as appropriate
now an when Chuzn, the courtier from
Cupernnum, uttered in Christ's hearing,
"Como down cro my child dlol"
It tho prayer bo not nnswored iu the wny
wo wish, It in because God hnn something
better for tho child thnn earthly recovery,
mid there nro thousands of men nnd
women now nllvo iu answer to fathers' nud
mothers' prayers, myself ono of tho multi
tude. For I hnvo heard my parents tell
how when at threo years of nge scarlet
fever seemed to hnvo done its full work on
mo, and tho physicians had snld there wnn
no more use of their coming nnd they had
left n few simple directions to make the
remaining hours peaceful, nnd according
to thu custom in thoso times iu country
places tho neighbors hnd nl ready come In
nud made tlm shroud, thu forlorn case sud
denly brightened nud tho prayer "Come
down eru my child diel" wnn nnswored lu n
recovery thnt bus not been followed by it
moment's sickness from thnt time to this.
The mightiest agency Iu the universe is
prayer, nud it turns even the Almighty, It
decides tho destinies of Individuals, fain.
lies nnd nations. During our wtd civil wnr
n gentleman wns n guest nt thu White
House iu Washington, nud ho gives this In
cident. Ho says: "I hnd been spending
threo weeks in the White House with Mr,
Lincoln ns his guest. One night it wan
just after tho battle of Hull Itiiu I was
restless and could not sleep. I wus repent
ing tho pnrt which I wns to tuko iu u pub
lio icrfoniimicc. Thu hour was past mid
night. Indeed, it was coming near to tho
dnwu when I heard low tones proceeding
from n private room wheio the president
Blent. Tho door wns partly open. I in
stinctively walked In, nud there I saw a
sight which I shall never forgot. It wai
tho president kneeling before an open
Hlble. j
''The light wns turned low In tho room.
Ills buck wus turned toward me. For u
moment I wus silent ns I sfood looking in
amazement and wonder. Then ho cried
out in tones so ptiful nud sorrowful: 'Oh,
thou God that heard Solomon In thu night
whe'n ho" prayed for wisdom, henr me! I
cannot lend this people, I cannot guide the
nlfulrs of this nation without thy help. I
urn poor nud wenk nnd sinful. Oh, God,
who didst hear Solomon when lm cried for
wisdom, hear mo mid save the untioiil'"
Von seo we don't need to go back to Hlble
times for evidence thnt prayer Is heard und
nilsw ered.
Hut some one may sav that Christ at Ca
pernaum healed that courtier's child, yet
would not hnvo douo It for one In humble
life. Why, lu thnt very Cupeinnuiu he
did the sumo thing for n dying slave lie
longing to tho mun who hud made n pres-
n.,f tn tl... t.itvit it flwi I'll II roll tt l.ltlrli .1...
'nun wus pr.stor, the Bynngoguo nmong
whose ruins 1 today leap from fragment to
fragment. This wus the emu of u ltomnu
soMIci' sluvc, whoso only acknowledged
rlghtn wuru thu wishes of his owner. And
110114 nro now so enslaved or so humble or
so sick or so sinful but tho all sympathetic
Christ Is ready to help them, ready to euro
them, ready to eniunclpato them. Henr ltl
Ptrdoti for nil, Mercy for nil. Help for
nil. Comfort for nil. Heaven for nil. Oh,
this lnko Gnllleol Whnt a refreshment
fur Christ It must hnvu Isiun niter sympa
thising with tho sick, nud raising tho
tleud, nud preaching to tho multitudes nil
day long to come down on these bunks In
tho night tlhie, mid feel the cool nlr of the
sen on hlnhdtfneo, unit look upto thostnrs,
tho lighted lamps around tlm htuvutity
palaces from which ho had descended!
All henven nml enrth wero still; from llio high post
Of stars in ilie lilllisl lnko ami mountain const.
All lirnren nml enrth were still- though not In
Hut lirwillilmw, nn wo irrow when fts-llng most.
"Hut," wiyn somo one, "why wnn It thnt
Christ, coming to wive the world, should
sKind so much of his time on nud nround
so solitary n plnco nn Iiko Galileo? There
Is only one city of uny slzo on Itn twitch,
nud Isith thu western nud eastern shores
nro n solitude, broken only by thu sounds
coming from tlm mud hovels of tho de
graded. Why did not Christ begin nt
Hubylon tho mighty, nt Athens tho learned,
nt Cairo tho historic, nt TIicIh-h the hun
dred gntctl, nt Homo tho triumphant? If
Christ wns going to save tho world, why
not go where tho world's people ilwulll
Would n mun, wishing to revolutionize
fur good tlio American continent, pass hli
tlmo Amid the fishing huts on thu shores ol
My friends, Galileo was tho hub of the
wheel of civilization nnd art, nnd tin
center of n population thnt stnggers reul
Ir.atlon. On tho shoro of the lnko we
sull todny stood nlnu grent cities Scyth
opolls, Turloh, Hippos, Gninnlu, Chora
r.fn, Cupernnum, Hethsuldn, Mugilulu,
TIIjoHim nml iiiiiny vlllngen tho smallest
of which hnd 15,000 Inhabitants, accord
lug to Josephtls, nnd reaching from tin
lieuch back Into tho country lu nil direc
tions. Palaces, temples, coliseums, gym
illiniums, amphitheatres, towers, gardens
terraced ou the hillsides, fountains bo
wilderlng with sunlight, baths upo-i whose
mosnlo floors kings trod; whllo this hike,
from where tho Jordan enters It to where
tho Jordan leaves It, wnn beautiful with nil
styles of shallop or dreadful with nil kinds
of wnr galley. Four thousand ships, his
tory says, weru nt ono tlmo upon theso wa
ters. Unities wore fought there, which
shocked all nations with their conse
quences. Hero mingling Wood with pure nnd (parkllng
In her tut throes Judica fought with Homo.
Upon those sen fights looked Vespnslnn
nud Titus and Trnjan nnd whole empires.
From ono of theso unvnl encounters so
many of tho dead llontcd to tho bench they
could not soon enough bo entombed, nud n
plnguo wns threatened. Twelve hundred
soldiers escaping from these vessels of wnr
were ono dny massnerod in the amphithea
tre nt Tlberlns. For threo hundred yenrs
thnt nlmost continuous city encircling
Lnko Galileo was tho metropolis of out
planet. It was to the very heart of the
world thnt Jesus emtio to soothe its sor
rows, und pardon its sins, nud heal Its sick,
mid emancipate Its enslaved and rennlmuti
Its dend.
And let tho church nnd tho world takt
tho suggestion. While tho solitary places
nro not to Ins neglected, wo must strike for
tho grent cities, if thin world is over to be
taken for Christ. Kvnngclize nil tlm earth
except thu cities nnd iu ono year tho cities
would corrupt tho er.rtli. Hut bring the
cities mid nil the world will come. Hrlng
Ixmdon nud England will como. llrlng
Purls und Franco will come. llrlng Herliii
nnd Germany will como. Urlug St, Peters
burg nud ltusshi will come. Hring Vienna
and Austria will como. Hring Cairo mid
Egypt will come. Hrlug tho nenr three
million people lu this cluster of cities on
tho Atlantic const nud nil America will
soon seo tlio salvation of God. Ministers
of religion! let us Intensify our evangel
ism. Editors mid publishers! purify youi
printing presses! Asylums of mercy! eu
large your plans of endeavor!
And lustead of this absurd nud belittling
nnd wicked rivalry among our cities us to
which happens to hnvo tho most men nnd
women mid children, not realizing thnt the
more useless nnd boil peoplo n city has the
worse It Is off, and it city which has ten
thousand good peoplo is more to Io ml
mired thnn a city with ono hundred thou
sand hnd people, let us take a moral census,
nud seo how many good men nud good wo
men nro lending forth, how largo n genera
tion of good children who will consecrate
themselves nnd consecrate thu round world
to holiness nnd to God. Oh, thou blessed
Christ, who didst como to tho mighty cities
encircling Lnke Galilee! come In mercy to
nil our great cities of todny.
Thou who didst put thy hand on the white
mane of the foaming billows of Geiinesnrct
und make them He down at thy feet, hush
all tho raging passions of tho world I Oh,
thou blessed Christ, who on tho night
when tho disciples were tryiugtocross tlib
lake and "the wind wns contrary," uflei
nine hours of rowing hud mndo only three
miles, didst como stepping on water that
nt tlm touch of thy foot hardened Into
crystal, meet nil our shipping, whether on
placid or stormy sens, und say to nil thy
peoplo now, by whatever stylo of tempest
tossed or driven, ns thou didst to the
drenched disciples in the cyclone: "Ho ol
good cheer. It is I. He not uf raid I"
Thank God thnt I have seen this lake of
Christly memories, und I can say with
Hobert McCheyne, tho ascended minister
of Scotland, who, seated ou thu bunks of
this lnke, wrote in his last, sick tlujs, nnd
just before he crossed the Jordan, not the
Jordan that empties into Galilee, but the
Jordan that empties into the "sen of glnst
mingled with lire," these sweet words, lit
to bo played by human lingers ou strung
strings' of earthly lute, or by nngella lingers
on seraphic harps:
It Is not that tlw wild gniella
Comes clown to drink thy tide,
Put ho that was pierced to save from hell
Oft wandered by thy side.
Graceful around theu thu mountains meet.
Thou calm, reposing sn;
Out ah I far more, tho beautiful feet
Of Jesus walked o'er theo.
O Saviour I gone to God's right hand.
Yet tho snmo Ba lour still.
Graved on thy heart U this lovely strand
And every fragrant MIL
Iluprovi-d Smoking Arrangement,
Quito u change appears to bo taking
place lu thu general opinion ns to tho best
arrangement 3f smoking room accommo
dations ou some clusses of pussenuer trains,
nud It Is quite possible that tho common
smoking cur will leforo long consa to form
u part of the better class of trains, Quito
11 iumler of railroads huvu constructed
their eluilr curs with smoking rooms of
siilllclent capacity to providu uccommndn
tlouu for the occupants of each car. The
praet Ice of thus furnishing it smoking room
for ench cur Is rapidly extending to the'
common dny coaches, nud n number of ver)
prominent romls are putting u smoking
iwMiiimrtiiii.iit 111 lii-iiilr iiv'prv fjir.jHv
I York Commercial Advertiser.
Ml fvW ''''
No. H22 N
Agents for Garland
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nrwerll.ner's MnRnilnp.liM prepared n very mmiifk 1 loser osof it vines luilr ,t. 'sir
iiium"" p,,pon, ArMc,M n,"n l,l reco"t J,,,,"nee Fw"tv" w' roHoliiu"&
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The Wrecker,
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Ocean Steamships
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Great Streets of the World
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Meals 25 els. $4.50 per Week.
The I6C innn selccteth the "Hur
IhiKlon route" nnd therefore startcth
He nrraeth himself In purple and
fine linen, for lo, nnd behold, he Is
htiuglv ensconced in n'-lowercenter" on
the famous vestlbuled flyer, where
smoke nnd dust nro never known.
-fse nrovidctli himself with n book
from tilt- generous library nearnt hand,
ndjuoteth his traveling cap, nud pro
ccedeth to pass a day of unalloyed
pleasure and contentment.
And it came to pass, being hungry
and athirst, he steppeth Into the dining
uar, and by the beard of the prophet,
'twas a feast fit for the gods. VenUon,
Hluc Points, llergundy, frog legs, can.
vasbacks, Mum's extra dry, English
plum pudding, fruits, nuts, ices, French
coffee, verily, the wise man waxcth
fnt, and while be lightctli a cigar, lie
takctli time to declare that thu meal
was "out of sight."
t occurreth to the wise -n hat
the country through which he journey'
ed was one of wondrous beauty, Inso
much that it wns with deep regret he
noted the nightly shadows fall. How
ever, tenfold joy returned as he beheld
the brilliantly lighted car, and the merry
company It contained. Verily, It
afforded a view of Elysium.
fhu vtl'i-' nian retircth to rest, Pc unconcerned, he sleeps the
sleep of the righteous and awakes
much refreshed. Ills train Is on time,
his journey ended, lie rejolccth tilth
exceeding great joy, as he holds a re
turn ticket bv the same route, the "Great
MORAL: Travel by
Gen. l'ais. and Ticket Agent,
Something New for tho Kitchen
Keystone Freezer
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Uoyd Osbourne, will run throiiBli 11
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mft!te nf ,jJj:., ...u .!.. ,.
Tc foolish man huyetli n ticket of a
scalper. In the morning, behold, he
saveth fifty cents; and lo, at nightfall he
Is out $9.27. I ie starteth wrong.
Willi might and main hchurrieth to
he depot, only to find his train four
..!.? it .. 1. pcnnut bo h,zetl' l'n
up nnd selleth him a paper of an uncer
tain date
A lie journeyeth along, he formeth n
new acquaintance, for whomhecashetli
a check,
Fivr- minutes for refreshments. While
he rusheth to the lunch counter so e
one sea eth his gripsack, lie changed
eth the foolish man that he "doesn't
get through pretty fast," "nd be be
moaneth his 111 !ck "' ana "L bc
Me lrctteth n -!., i.. i.. ,.,
ii . "i,u" in ins eve. and
erily he sweareth nnd cussetl. full free
Ibimk ,TBeh threeP oUllverfor
1 l off u?ih If n.,n(cr,wl ,,,Icr eak
lug off with his boots; the I'ortcr's ex.
man S n0,h,n' nn" K touW
1-r hi! ; , m?htU '7 ,u,Ueth h, l,0l wn.
His train runneth Into a washout, a
unhK ftb,innd,he 0,ish mnn ll,tcth
nL 1 if? In.rcnt lamentation, forlo
haiiSS.t,,C,aVerr-,8- but.
-.""f ,,et 1,0'"e weary nnd hcaits
sore; his trunk co.netl, next .lay ml.ut
he coyer and one handle, he resol "
the Burlington Rqut
A. C. ZftSMBR, , "
City I'ni.8. and Ticket Aije'rit,