Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 29, 1890, Image 1

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M(sV PoPd-l 15R PAPER ' ol A9PLRN -TIMLIS "
Vol. G No HI
Lincoln, Nichwamka. Saturday, Ndvicmiiicw Ui, ItiOO.
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Willi I F li i i i' - w --er-
FTKH n calamitous ox
liorioniu on tho'ronil K.
K. Rico managed to
bring n rcinnnnt of tlio
"World's Fair" com
pany to Lincoln Inst
Frldny, nnd tlmt oven
Ing several hundred ih'o
")lo witnessed at tho
Fuuko ono of tlio com
T.nonost, poorest nnil
most vulgnr jicrform
nnces over given In this
It In but u fow yours
since K. K. Rico wits tlio
recognized kltiR of bur
lesque. Ho wiib nt tlio
bend of Homo of tlio
greatest enterpriser of tlio ilny anil bl sue
cess was phenomenal. Hut Hum hns worked
wonders. Tlio unfortunate manager Is now
very nonr tliu bottom of tlmt ladder tioii
tlio topmost round of which ho hud nppnr
, unity such n secure plnco n short tlmo ago.
Tho "World's Fair" is by nil odds tlio
trashiest production over launched under tho
iiamo of Hlcu, and in lending hisiimuo to this
most common-place of commouplnco bur
lesques, ho Justllloii tho rumor that has Imh
heard so often of Into, that Hlco is going to
Strangely enough Hlco himself has ths
highest opinion of tho "World'H Fair." Ho
has stood by It through thick and thin, and
ho shows bis appreciation of tho plecoby glv
ing it his H.'if onul attention mid leading tho
orchestra at ouch performance.
Tho first act of tho miscalled extra vagatmi
shows tho dock of tho Hiintu Muriii, A. 1).,
WW, with Christopher Columbus, Columbia,
Captnln Kyd, etc. ActH two and threo ex
hibit various departments of tho world's fair,
Of courno thero is no attempt at a continu
ous narrative. It is a burlesipjo and any
thing nnd everything is introduced without
reason or excuse. 'Wo expect tlil In bur
lesque and if tho performiinco had only been
ns entertaining os "Kvangiillne," "Tho Cor
sair" nnd most of Hlco's earlier olTbrts no
borious fault could have been found; but in
tho "WoiM'm Fair" turloMiio in burlesqued ,
vulgaiity takes tho place of fun mid instead
of originality thoro is merely a reietltiou of
tho iliirureut features of other productions
and Imse Imitations they are.
Lillian Maehl who ns Columbia eshays u
rolo similar to that taken by Carrie Perkins
in "The Seven Ages" is a not uiiattrnctlvo
young voiiiaii,althougli she is not so successful
in her somewhat dilllcultpartasMIss Perkins.
Miss Virglnlu Earl's Christopher Columbus
is "cute" ami that is all. Bho spoils what
ever success sho might hnve had by her vub
garlty. James Hradbury mid tho othermem
bers of tho quartetto aro entitled to some
commendation. Tho rest of tho company
were second ruto low comedians and varloty
specialibts. Thero was not n single redeem
ing feature from the rise to tho fall of tho
curtain, nud tho (o-calltd lurid melodrama
scene was utterly bad. The gamer) nnd cos.
tumes bosoke hard times. Thirty instead of
sixty jxniplo comprised tho company.
A Hirtlon of the audience left the houso
ofter tho K-cond act Friday night, and tho
next evening thero woio about one hundred
and fifty people on tho first lloor.
i i l r H VI
VWiWS. &--'
T. II. French's "Little Ixiid Fauntleroy"
company gavo a very pretty performanco at
the Fiinko Slonday evening to u large nudl
eneo composed principally of quite young
and middle aged people. Tho regular then
tro goers wero not very well iepreented"
If wonro Inclined to bo over critical w ith
'Littlo Lord Fauntleroy" wo must remember
that the fault is Mrs. Frances Hodgson Uur
nett'sand not the diomatlst's. Much of tho
charm of the character of Fauntleroy is dis
pelledbytlw stilted and utterly unreason
able conversation which the littlo lord cur
ries cm with his mother and his associates!
but this Is duo wholly to tho original muuu
wrlpt. ... . ,
"Littlo Lord Fnuntleioy" Is u wholesome
story and tliero' is n wholesome iluvor to tho
pluy. True, its churucteis uro overdrawn,
mid thero is, iterhnps, a littlo too much gush
where them should bo only sBiiliment; but
thero is it pui ity In the charming little sketch
that is very winning.
Tho company compotes with that or a year
ago not unfavorably. There Is a marked
dllVeiencu between lidio Leslie and tiertlo
lloinau. Kliie'sacllugisatritlo moioartls.
tlo- but tho hitter's stylo Is the most ingen
uous Her nitlciilutlon is ulso iiiudi moiu
distinct Tho child did nor part nobly. In
the scene wheielu 1-onl Fnuntleioy tells the
Fin I how his chums wen. nlieoted on homing
of hlssii.ldon gooii forliili.', she betrajed no
little art. Miss Hiidclliro who takes tliepuitof
Mis V.n ol othei w li-e know n as "dearest" Is a
;tfaiiii yi! w",,,,,M Mlr, umhr
work on n childish d.nw I In speaking. I line
Lsiiggesiion of unnaturuluess In al that
I, does Tho .W "" " M,,i
rnk Aiken, "lis vury cloveil) done, ud
MIm Owirglo Wooilthorpo was Mcullnrly
successful in Interpreting the part of .Wi'miki
tho adventuress. Mr. Jlttrlshini, Mr. Jlobbs,
and Dick worn fairly well given. Tharo was
really very littlo to criticise and much to
commend, tho last two ncU being vivclnlly
Tho Now York IfrrnUI has tho following to
say of ''Lights mill HhadoWH:" lho last week
of tho thentrlcnl hoiiboh okius1 lust night
with Churles (luylor's powerful meUxIruma,
"Lights and Hhadows. Tho play has n strong
hold on tho public, mid tho Kwerful sconla
elTects introduced through tho llvo nets pro
duce tho samo fisjllug of pleasant suiprlso,
Tho play Is developed grndunlly, each act
ending with a startling ilisclosuro this sus
tains tho attention of the audielico to tho end.
Tho cast is n At long one, nud wns received
with frequent murks of approbation from
tho largo nudleiico. Tlio mountings of tho
play are superb, tho studio of tho nrtlst In
tho second net nud tho revolving scenes In tho
third nnd fourth nets liolng triumphs of stngo
scenery nud mechanical genius. Tlio scones
In Union Hquaro and tho Kuat Hlver by
moonlight nro very realistic. Tho second
H!rfornianco of "Lights nud Hhadows" will
Imj given at tho Fuuko tonight.
"A Hrnss Monkey" will I hi presented ut the
Fuuko Wodnesdny ovenlng. Of this topulnr
farce-comedy tho llrooklyn Htanilnrd-Unlou
says: Hoyt's whimsical satlro upon stux'istl
stlon "A Hrass Monkey," with now songs
nud dances, and Jokes, drew h largo audience
to tho bonutlful Amphinu tliculro last night,
who camo to laugh nud Ihi amused, and went
away not disappointed. Of serious plot the
author makco no pretense, but of fun and
mush' thero Is plenty. (leorgo F. Marion,
who plays tho part of Jonah tho unhappy
victim of supeistitlou, who is trying to raio
money enough to procure n divorce from his
strong-minded and tnrtar-llko wife, nnd who
is overw helmed w Ith continual luid luck ow
ing to his continual complications with tho
number 111, with Fi May, with cross-eyed men,
ladders, seeing the moon over his left showi
er, opening umbrellas in the house, nud a
thoiiHiud other like mtshnps, Is of course tho
chief funmokcr; mid ho is ably nsslstod by an
exceptionally strong conipuny of clover ar
tists. A "Hrnss Monkey" will certainly not
bring bad luck to tho Amphiou this week,
however his suppositious owners may faro.
"Arizona Joe" Is tho attraction ut tho
Fuuko next Saturday.
"Lights and Hhadows" wns given its III el
perforniuuco nt tho Fuuko last night to u
good audielico.
Tho present has been another good week nt
the Kdeu Musee. A strong bill is announced
f iv tho coming week.
Mrs. Langtry upitonred in "Antony nud
Cleopatra" ut the Princess' Theutre, Loudon,
last Tuesday night. Hho was suportcd by
Charles Coghlar. Tho concensus of opinion
Is that Iaugtry nud t'oghlnn uro very much
out of place In tragedy. ,
Sidney Drew nud other well known eople I
have Joined iuy Templeton nud Kussells
Comedians, and Indications now point strong
ly to tho ultimate success of "Miss JlrOInty."
Fay has been in Milwaukee this neck.
Client hopes uro entertained In Paris for
Him doll's "Therinldor." Tho play made a
deep impiessioii when the author rend it to
the committee of the Comedlo Fraucalse.
Twenty-seven soeletaires ami euslominfres
will bo in tlio cast, and the principal parts
will bo sustained by Constant Coquelin, Jean
G'oquelin, Marals, Mine. Hartet, and Mine.
Sol Smith Hussell is making his annua
tour of tho west. Ho is presenting "A
Poor Relation" to remarkably largo business.
I.i Plnvulnlul Mr. ltllkkf.ll ttlftvil In nvi.itlfiw
ing audiences anil one jwrformnnco In Toledo
lenllzod $1,114, tho largest receipts over
known in the lntter city, nt regular prices.
T i.c i.tiii.nti tlilu nmitpillfiti nintlp n nrntlt. nf
(IX),000 nud his present tour promises to ex
ceed tuui iiuiiusomoiiKuiu.
Mr. Ijiwrenco Harrett hns coininenced re
heursnls of "A'Hecket" nnd It Is osslblo tlmt
ho mny produce It at the Hroadway theatre
Now York this seuson. Tlio play Is by Ix)rd
Tennyson who hns given Mr. Huriett tlio
right to produce It. "A'Hecket," us its title
Indicates, Is hlstoiicnl and its presentation
will le miide with new nnd elnborntoscener)
costumes uud nccossorles nud u Inrgo nuxil
miy foim of men nnd women.
Mny Paris, tho cunning Cupid In Hlco's
"World's Fnlr" nppears to lie coming to tho
rout. Miss Paris, it will bo remembered,
modo quite ufuvoruble impression tvw yours
ugo us ono of tho little Chiuoso maids in tlio
"lYurl of Pekln," u part which sho doi s very
creditably. Each sensou finds tlio little lady
in an udvuncod portund Iwforo long wo an
tlclpato seeing her nt tho hend of some lurgo
comedy or uurusque orgumzaiioi,, nuo is a
clover, paiustnklug artiste and deserves sue- .
The following aro this week's attractions in
New York; "Pippins," "Poor Jonathan,"
"Texas Steer," U.S. Wllliud In "Tho Middle
mnn," "Hluo Jenns," W. II. Crane In "Tlio
Senator,1' "A Pair of Spectacles." Evans mid ,
Hoey In "A Purior Matcli," Nell Hurges-s lit
"Tne County Fair," 'Dr. Hill," Deiiinan
Thompson In "Tho Old Homestead," "Tlio
Idler," ' Tho Inspector," "Men and Women,"
"ThoCloiuoueenu Ca'so,"Mr. and Mrs. Ken
dul, "Tho Ijist Word," "The Lilliputians,''
"Nero," (loo. C. Htaley in "A Hoynl Puss"
"Shenandoah," and Margaret Slathers.
"Neio" is having nn unprecedented run n
Nlblo's theatre Now York. His undoubtedly
one of tho finest spectacle over witnessed in j
this country, and tho various pageants in the
play have a burbai ie splendor well suited to i
tl,,ii luirllonliir tioilod of HoillUII lllstui'V.
Tim lions continue to bo u source or great
wonder to nil who visit this thtutre, nnd tho
gitnt dining of their undaunted trainer lifts
never been tquulcd. Tlio noting of Wilton
LucU) e, Cm i Id Turner and Alice Fischer,
itdils much to tho success of "Nero." Man
ago tilliuore bus so much faith in tho pi o
duolloii that nothing elso has been booked for
tho season ut Nlblo's theatie.
IHpeclnl ColluiKHrorrespoudencp.)
Nkw Youk, Nov. 'J7, I8IH). When tho fall
season oMucd there wero olTensl among
many other fabrics, n groat variety of wool
en dress goods us Is always the cuso in early
niitumn. And tho newest nud most striking
of these, wero tho camel's hair seigos in
clouded etrcctsnud with tufted llguroH which
wero so much like Insertions or appliques of
fur that one had almost to touch them to
make sure they wero really n woven mrt of
tho goods, That these wero aecopttsl with
approbation, seems evident from the fact
that tho suinodiwIgnswoioHoouaftor brought
out lu cloaking, only In heavier weight and
texture. For the big, long wraps nud coals
which quite envelope the weaier, theso aro
tho most desirable or the fancy wont mater
lals;uud when trimmed with fur nppiopriato
In coloi Ing, they have quite an elegant and
luxurious nppeuiaiico. Ho much so ludissl,
that even Hedfeiu is using them to some ex
tent for his w inter coats, though it is not his
custom to sanction anything but plain goods
nud tlio inconspicuous plaid uud str!xsl
tircodsiiud cheviots. A huge wiupof this
French cloaking lecelitly exhibited by him
lu New Yolk, had n design in black which
exactly simulates mi Indicate and graceful
braiding Mitteru. Another one Illustrated
below is of deep wood coloied camel's hair
with tufted black lozenge llgurcs-. It Ills tho
figure por'ootly, Is double broastisl i,ud has it
wide collar and entire sleeves of woolscul, a
long uuplucked fur which Is quite Kpuliii'
this year.
KeuNklu lelug more costly nud Hire than
formerly, Is naturally to the average woman,
far moro desirable than ever, and partlou
larly when It is fashioned in a wrap which is
a complete nud suH'i b costume, like the one
hero pictured. And it is considered vol y
st) lish to combine it with tho curled Persliii
laiub, asm tliU model in which the sleeves,
miltr, collar, est, and bands all down the
tiont are of tlio Jetty Peislaul Th s fur in
blm k and the gl ay lamb kuoit n us ICi liniuei'
is alio much used fi r entire bounds, which
me tiimmcd with knots of civet, with me
tnllle oiuaments and with feathers.
'I lie (iiime ut (loir.
Tho" M'opl and enxvially women whose
out door exeicUe Is of a quiet unexciting na
ture, who have tiled of tint veiieiablu gaiuii
of cioquet, nud whodhdiko the fatigue at
teliilalit with tenuis should loud "Albion's'
aiticlo lu Outinu for December outltled.
"(lolffor Women." This Interesting writer
says: "For those who object to the "slow
nrss"of niohery tir croquet, or tlio fatigue
which it hard-fought tennis buttle entails, a
splendid medium will be found III the grand
old gameof golf. Like tho thistle golf wns
but it few Jems ngo cousldeied liullgeulous
to tho soil of Scotland, but, thistle-like, tho
"down" has Im'oii waited to many a fresh
Held nud has opened pustules now. The main
point which distinguishes it from all other
out-door games Is that It Is it game of compe
tition only and not of antagonism. Aside
fioin tho fact that it Is nil cxcitImi of u quint
order, It has another ad vantage the fact that
It is nuiiMiutagouistle, secondary, to be sure,
but of primary imHjitalice to many people
who will ndiiilt It when they look Iwick and
lecnll the iiiauy games they have left uiilln
Ishisl Ih'ciiuso their opponents have sent their
balls fur to the other end of the grounds
when In it clone game they had but one moro
wicket to make before hitting the stake "
ITH lov and much lmmhI
A 1 II om''1' "''sTIianksglv
VV II lngilaycelebiale.lnt
the city hotels. The
hosts vliil with o'ioIi
other In preparing
elaborate dluuors,anil
tho guests fared
Following are some of the
(Till'. IIONI).
riileken ('i)iisomme it la ltoynl
llrolled White Fish it hi Milllrede hotel
Julian rutaliN's
Celery, Hiilad llrosstiiK, (iuern Olives
lA'gof Lamb, boiled, t'nper Haiicn
Maslieil Tin nips
Itoiisl Hlrloln Hoof
.Mushed I'olalo.s Slew oil Toliiatoos
Voiiiig '1 urkey, Htultoil,v.'lth Cranberry Haiiee
Crown Sweet Potatoes
Huddle of Venison, luriloil, OumoHuuco
Mn iron fill I'eas
baiiih with Mint Hiiuee
Asparaitus on Toast
Fruit Charlotte, nu Cognac.
Small Tliulmlloof Itlco, a la Heine
0)stor l'attles, New York style
Fillet of Hoof
Chicken Ma) oniilse Potato Hiilud
Apple I'll) Mliieel'le
IOiikIIsIi l'litiu I'lidillng, Cranberry Haiiee
Assorted Cukes Assorted Nuts
Cream Cheese, Apples, llanaiias
t'olt'eo Milk Tea
Till! Ol'Kl.T
New York Counts
Oyster Mock Turtle
linked Hcil Hiiappor, Maltre de Hotel Hauce
lloliaiulalse Potatoes
I.etluee Habiil
Cream Slaw
Sweet JMekles
Young Turkey, Ojster Dressing, Cranberry
Young Pig, linked Apples
Antelope, Currant Jelly
I.OIIIOII ijherbet
Ilarhociioof Opossum, Hweel Potatoes
Quail on Toast
Boston Cream Pulls
Mashed Potatoes llolled Potatoes
French Pons F.scitllopcd Tomatoes
AsptriiKUs on Toast
Kngllsh Plii'ii Piiihli ig, Hard or Hrnudy
Apple Pie Milieu Pie Pumpkin Pie
Pineapple leu Cream Charlotte ltiic
Cranberry Tarts Assorted Caku
Assorted Nllls l.n)er Hiilsins Cheese
Apples drupes Oranges Hummus
Ton Collee Milk
lllue Points
Pureo of Fowl Cr.nsommo a la Xavler
linked Striped llass, Madeira Wine Sauce
llollctl UumornliiMilnion, Irencli Pons
Celery Lettuce Spanish Olives
llolled .Mutton, Caper Hiuiee
Polled Chicken, Parsley Hauce
Itoasl Hlrloln of Hoof, mi Jus
Tame Duck, Htiilled, Apple Hauce
Young Turkey, with Cranberry Sauce
nwioiorcuiiK, inineu uu.M.miiiipl;iioiis
Kscullopcd Oyslors, Italtlmore Htyle
P.-ucli Fritters, HaiieeKnbayoii
Iliiunehol Venison, Currant Jelly
Urol ed (Jiuttl on Toast
Mujoni a'seofliliMter Cliiekoii Bitlitd
Itolleil Potatoes Mushed Potatoes
Fried Parsnips
HteweilTomati oi.l urolliui Hlee.Ktrlng 1 leans
linked f-w 01 Potatoes Kpluaeh
Mince Pin Pumpkin Pic
Hiigllsli Plum Puilillng, llriiinly Bailee
llamtmis loo Crcain Assorted Fancy Cakes
Mexican Ornuuos, Iluuamis, .MahiKit (Inqs-s
Cream Cheese, Crackers Mixed Nuts
Ten Cotleo
Improvetho nutritive functions of the scalp
by using Hall's Vegetable Sicillnu Hair Ro
iiuwer.aiid thus ks.p'the hulr from fulling
and tMs.-omiuggrny.
Ladies will llnd n imigulflceiit line of hand
kei chiefs and gloves at Mrs. (losper's milli
nery parlors, 1111 () street.
j Miss Johnston's stool; of hair goods is now
ooiupletiiiilld thelillgest ever sliowu in the
west. In Hwitcliw a line of the most lieautl-
: fill good are shown. Embrniileiiug nil
'rhndes Including uatiiiul while hail
Have you looked thioiigh J. II. Mauritius
& Cii'h. art uud fnncj goisls ilepaitment.
Nothing like it.
New cloaks, new fills, fur uud feather
trimming in nil kinds Now neckwear. At
HcipoMioiuior .V Co's.
Lincoln Ice Co., lulu O St Telephone 11H,
H all, what
Is sweeter
than char
ity! In the
there Is no
kind I let
can Im
actuated by
iler liiipulso
that which
causes men to omii
their heal Is mid, lemelii
berlng the ties of litimuii
biotheihiMsl, mukii glad
the w i etched homes of the
world's unfoi lunate ones,
Deeds of chality Me shill
ing pages lu the calendar
of the soul, Time spent in
chai liable, loving labor, Is time given to him
whoso ralthrill disciple said: "I'lillh, hope,
charily, these thlee;but the gleatostof these
Is dim ity. The bilghtost moments lu the
life of u good mini or it good woman are those
when, rising above selllshnoss, some loving
ofllce Is perfoi mod for tlm poor nnd nissly
something thnt will lighten tho burden nud
liiuko easier the way of the weary, opprotxed
traveler on life's Journey.
The pieseiice on the cmthof the lonely
Nnruicuo eighteen centuries ago oliaugisl for
all time the civillratlou of Ihn world. The
example of Mali the of Sol rows lifted men up
from their lowly surroundings mid illiecled
their ga4) away from themselves to the
heights of self-saerlllce ami iiiiscIIIsIiiichs.
Whether they believed in the new faith, or re
It for dogmas of their own, the whole race
was elevated and human existence was purl
lied and ennobled by the picccpts and tench
lugs of Jtus Chi 1st. ir Christianity's claim
upon the world tested only on the one fact
that It has established human brothel hood on
a foundation that cannot bo shaken, It Is en
titled to nil the glmy that for ages has sur
rounded It The bright star that Announced
the till til of the Hon of Mau,heialilislnlsothe
dawning of the new eru of luotherly love.
I' or with him waslsuu love and chailty. If
Chi 1st on earth taught one thing more than
another It was chat ity nnd the influence of
Ills would uud deeds has grown with time.
Wo are told that the world is selllsh, Theie
me times when what the hsIiiiIhI tolls us
hs'iiis ti in; but when we remember the thous
and channels through which aid dally flows
to tho mifoitiinutc, uud think of the loving
kltiduissof miiny geiieious lives, we know
that ail Is not selllslmoss.
Society it is said, It Is selllsh. Pel haps It
Is; but many of theliudersof fashion arenbo
ministers unto the hh)i-iiiii1 sick, uud charity
receives many a handsome sum from siK.'lety's
Years ago In tlio gloat rltles tlio Is'iuitlfti
custom of setting apiutono grout event In
the round of sfieietv's nlensures for "sweof
charity's snke," wasorigliuitisluiiil ever since
the Charity Hall has Im-oii one of socletyH llx
e,l nud most cherished lustitiitioiis. A pe
culiar Interest lias always celileieil in these
ussembliesof fashion fur I lie beuellt, not of
fashion itself, but of the homeless find needv.
and they have Ihs.'ii attoiided with Invariable
Micccss, Iheiels Komethliig pleasing In the
thought that while the floor of the I harity
Hall is alive with ineriy dancers, when there
is Joy ami happiness everywhere, the sor
among us nro also gainers by the billliniit
It was a happy idea of the promoters of
the M'coud animal Clarity Hall which led to
the giving of the assembly on Thanksgiving
night. What could Imj more appropriate mid
fitting than after u day of Thanksgiving ror
the ble-sings of the past, to a Id totho Joys of
the present by utteii ling in the evening u
bull miller charity's auspice? The mem
oruble gathering of Thursday night besoke
Hie happiness of that thought
The capltol of the State of Nebraska, so
well suiltsl for social fetes, bus held many a
gay and brilliant assembly, and tho four
walls of Kepi eseututie hall have cIonsI Hi
many a happy party; but never has the great
building coiitaiu.'d such a splendid throng as
that of Thuisduy evening. For magulllcoiiie
nnd dazzling splendour the second uimilal
charity ball has never been oqi aled lu the
state. For weeks and month- Lincoln has
Is-i'ii preparing for the great ih-cusIoii. Htuid
matrons uud vivacious maidens, gentlemen
)oilliguud mldille aged hate one and nil
looked forwnrd to the coming etent.uud
never wus theie such eluboratn preparation
for asocial Tho object of the ball.
! charity, wus not forgotten, uud ulthough
! theie wus no piodigul exs.-inlituie of money,
.the uppoiiitmuits uud gay paraphci nulla
weie surpassingly U'liutifnl. The cnslinm'
I of the ladles, IrnleM-enl mnlui the iluliug
I rays of the calcium lights, uud relieved li)
the huge buuksof gorgeoiiilloweisaiid plants
I presented it most entrancing ss'ctacle.
Outside, the large f quale shone with light
from a huiiili ed windows, while within the
i.rlrtwl ,4- ,1 than
n k JflwfV sj .
Mist Intel lor wus made blight nnd attractlvo
by a most generous llliiiiiliiatlou, sotting olT
to grout advantage the lieullllful decora-
tlons, Hopiosoiilutive hull, tinlisformnl into
it bull loom, wus it vei liable bower of light
and Utility. Tho oiiiameulatloii was both
pi of me and tasty, and the splendid uppenrs
mice of the halX excited iinlveisal ailmlra
tlon. The Hour, fleshly cunvassid, presented n
snowy surface, f loin whkhiilthe east end
of the iimiiii siirioundlug the speaker's dins,
lose it muss of piotly Howcis uud plants,
couipleloly enveloping the oiohestiu, Two
limuelisn Amiillculi lings woio suspended on
the wulloii either side of the orchestral plat
foi m, the remaining space being coveted
with festoons of bunting, uvorgiism, etc. In
the ceiiler huge h'tteis made of Incandescent
oleelrlu lights, was lho word "cluitlty's,
which when load with thecoriospouding In
scriptions on the side walls, foimiil the dilut
ing legend,
Running nil mound the four sides woio fes
toons uud sti catners of evergreens nud bunt'
Ing, from which hung wriviths uud flags.
Costly paintings loaned for theoccnslon'by
cltirciiN of Lincoln, ndiUsI color mid viii lety
to tho skilfully m ranged deem at Ions, 'I wo
calcium lights opoialisl from raised plat-
foims lollecteil illlreront coloison the bright
scene, and this last provisl to be one of the
prettiest features of the bull.
It was u row minutes after eight o'slnck
when tlio llrstcnri lago rolled up to the onit
entrance, nud it wns Hourly ten when nil of
the guests hud nnlvisl. The onily comers
wore prliicipallysH'otutorswho sought places
ill tho gallery commanding an excellent
view of the dancing lloor. At 8:110 tlm latter
wns well filled, and shortly after nine the
grand inarch coininenced, lu which nearly
one bundled couples participated (lov. John
M. Thuyor uud Mrs. J. H, Wright led tho
stately promenade, which oonoil so nuipl
clously the evening's enjoyment. The pro
gramme luclililisl eighteen numbers, mid It
was after Up m, when the strains of "Hume
Stvis't Homo" announced the end. The mu
sic rendered by tlio Philharmonic orchoctrn
lidded uppris'luhly to tlio evening's plcamire. ,
The Charity Hull wus the most rrtdltubl
showing ever made by Lincoln society, nnd
it attests the growing popularity of this com
moiidable Institution. The ball was strictly
full ill es ami the costumes were unusually
rich and handsome.
Rcfid'liiuciils woio served In 'the senate
chiimlH'r during the evening.
It is thought that between t700 nud W)
will go to the pfsir as the lesult of the Mcond
annual bull.
Tho following is it nearly couiilute list of
those present; Mossis. uiid Mesdnmes AC
Zlemer, T 11 Honton, J II Wright, T W Urlli
lib, Cliarhss Mayor, C S Llpplncott, Frank
Sheldon, J A Hiickstntr, A O Heesou, J T
McDonulil, II II Dean, 'lorlinm F Hetts, R B
dim n, M I). Flunk Hull, EKCilley, CT
Hi own, Oiuiihu, W J Mux well, IIS. Mcintosh.
Mason (Irogg, II P Foster, R O Phlllljis, W B
Ayors, I M Ruymoiid, Joseph Houlmier, A W
Jniikvu, O N Hiiiiiphrey, R II Oaklev, K K
Huyileii, J F Umsliig, J M Knox, H II Nes
blt, VlvvMi. Davis Wise, C II Iinhoir, R
Hchlunilcr. E P Holmes, L II Towuley, C II
(iere, (I M Hmtlett, J Cutwrlght, A H
Itiiymoiid, C S clo'soii, R O'Neill, Vun Dus
eu, F A Hrowu.
Missed Hortlo CiHik, Hlnlr. Nelllo White,
Naomi Weaver, Anno Fuuko, Heslo Mason,
Minnie Ijitta, Olive Ijttta, Cra Hardy,
Clara Walsh, Clara Carmody, Margaret
llulril, Muuil Stobbs, (ienevleve Wells, Cin
cinnati, I'Miuie Newman, P.vit Knapp, Fay
Marshall, Haldwiii, Sadie (liiinlnger, (lert
i tide Marquette, Mint ha Fuuko, May Mc-
Donald, Minnie 'Vott. .Maud" Smith, Claikle
Puce, Abble Covi-it, Halllii Ilisqsr, .Margaret
English, dertrude .ieiuer, Hitttie U'land,
Florence III own, Fuimle Hitwley, Mnud
Humuiond, Corn Weaver, Oiiiahu. Mnrlo
dale, Chlengo, ivyau Ma Hun Maud
Oakley, Hnydlo Hlerwlth Maiie Mailiall.
Clara (loldbiirg Duirj (,tiiliu III Altkon,
Kittle Cow dory, F.llu RaMiioud. Ada (li egg.
Dais) Hiuks, Jinniu I'lb.
Mesrs Clari-in-e Hiuwn, Omaha, (loo N
Foiesmaii, 0eai Fiinke, (iei Ciaucir, Fitsl
C Howe, Mel'all.M I Aitken, Frank Huir,
I'lmili-s lluir, J K TlioinpMin ST Hi John,
Hal Noithiim, V I', lliiiih, I) C Van Duyn,
II J Hall, Clmiles Hall, C I) Mullen, CR
Hichter, C F Ludd, M D;t) A Mohichsteokcr,
Frank Hathaway, M W Folsnm, C II H.siv.s,
Jl D; Fred Smymr, F C Sholcs, John T Dor
giin, Will Johnson, KO Hiadley, CK.Mii
giKiu, Irf'w Mai shall. Mutt Haldwiu, (Union
eon need mii f.mitli pa -e