Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 22, 1890, Page 4, Image 4

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jyi i mui r i Mm
fKm 1?
For Hard Coal
For Soft Coal.
Most Powerful Heaters Made!
Most Kconomical on Fuel!
Smoking Jackets,
Fancy Vests,
Full Dress Suits,
Fnil Dress Yests,
Fine Furnishings,
Christy's London Hats,
Charity Ball
Ladles will do veil to call enrly next
week nt
to select their neckwear nml other pretty
things (or the Charity Hall. They
have the finest line of
. Thread Laces,
- ' Fans, Handkerchiefs,
Kid Gloves
In all the latest evening shades, etc. Don't
fall to coll. You know the place,
1 14 South Twelfth Street,
A Fine Crayon
1124 0 ST.
Every customer gets a head
and shoulder Crayon Picture
Free from any and all cost.
This work is made direct from
nny rhoto you may- want
copied. Call and look into
this -matter.
jiWflsWitTlfa) 11 ftrfttiir u HrVnli
. jn j - war "v YramniiH i mm
J'VPT 4. . spphsih
n uhai..i lr w
tw' iur
llijC .
ifjt '".....CWn
1 i;m(nr Mier n Mmtevn 7Vim
PubllHlioct Saturday.
Address H comiiiiimcnlloiis direct to the onion
WlCNHJCL Pkintino Co.,
Courier Ihllldlmr, IIM N Hlrcet.
I U'khhki,, Ju., Editor and Hole Pioprletnr.
W. Mourn Hhitii, Asssnclntn Editor,
.Siiiisuuiitioni Ono Year by Mull or Curried
ti(M; Hlx Months, II.OOj Three Months, No,j
Ono month V!0 CViilw Iiivnrnhly In Advance,
AllTKHTIUKMKNTIi: Itates fliriltnlirHl Oil application
At tl' onieo, Hh-oUI rates on Tlinii Contract,
OoNTninuriONstHliorl spicy sketches, issues and
stories solicited, Personal nnd Hoclnl notes Arc
especially desirable,
Panrmn! Wo nmko A specialty of Finn I'rlnt lrK
in nil Its branches, Hocletr work n specialty.
Kntorodnttho I'oslolllco of Lincoln, Nub.,
n second otnsi iniittor.
Tito CouuiKit will not lie rcsiionslblo for
any debts iniulo by nny oun In It nnmo, tin
Htm written order accompanies tho snmo,
IN "Ardl Cluverdon"
l'rnnk II, Htockton'N now
novl,ptiblliiliiil by Dodd,
Mend H Co., Now York,
there Ih a manifest de
termination to uroduco
th 'VSStT u liultiiitnto Amorlcnn
novel, and tbu nitthor hint succeeded ttnusu
oily well for ono whoso efforts have for tlio
most part been coiillnedto short stoilos and
sketches. Tlio now novel Is tlio beat tiling wo
Imvo lind from IiIh pen since "The Hundredth
Man" which deserved fur bettor treatment
tlmu It rocelved. "Anils Cluvordon" Isn
charming story of southern life, told m only
Stockton could tell It. That wlerd Imuglnn
lion of Ills which In tlio punt linn taken tin In
to many strange place, nud mndo us ne
iptnlnted with many jieoullur experiences Is
not allowed to transgrei-s tlio ronlni of icusou,
hut Itlsnntnltogothor repressed. It Is scon
In tlio vivid coloring of tlio pictures of south
urn life, In tlio environment of the story, and
In tlio very chiirneto"a themselves. No one
but Htooktou would Imvo thought c( KettliiK
lid of it trouhlvMiiito MrHOiinKO by having
him tnko the peeul nr route to tho grout to
yond noleetetl by Kgx t Dnlrymido. ArdU
Inn wnrm-licaitod girl, n tyH of the high
HtruiiK Virginia maiden. Hlio U persei-uted
by a multitude of lovers, lior admlrerH In
eludltiRn fluoiipecluionor tlioyounKKoutheru
gentlemen, nn nddleilpnteI KiiRlWinmn, a
mimtry doctrr. who ilnemi't practice, an a
thetlo youne inancoutnntly dlcoverliiK bar
'inolilen, nNowYoik widower, nnd ntlierw.
Thoynro all dlcardtHl for tlio former j but
before, wo como to tho last chapter thoro nro
a numlKT of times nt which tho aforesaid
vouhk loan's cbnnces nro seemingly far from
llatterlug. Major Clavordon, a lino old gen
tleman nnd tlio Clilvorloys, nn nrtlht family,
nro nxcellent elinrncteriratlons. Tho liook
nlMinuds with Incident, nud K nttogetlier ono
nf tlio most noteworthy contributions to flo
t'on, of tho yonr. Tlio nppenrnnco of "Anils
Olavenlon" so soon nfter "Tho Hundredth
Man" nud tlio omuioucemeut of tho now wr
Inl "Tho lloust) nf Mnrthn" In n lato number
of tho Atltintia Monthly, mm to Indlcnto n
purpose to desert tho Held In which during
tho past ten years. Htooktou hns boon so sin
aularly successful, for tho marennthltlons ono
of Itfgltliiitlo novel writing. I sincerely hopo
he may lw m fortunate In his now dennrturo
ns ho hns licen In his old nnd les prcsunip-.
tonus sphere, and If "Anils Clavordon" Is a
fnlr criterion, I see no reason to doubt that
tliHsniuo success will crown his Inter efforts
that nro his onrller works raised his nnino to
n high plnnnolo as a story-writer.
TheSf. .ouf .U(iffitfii' for Dccotnlior con
tains a nnmlier of Interest In? features,
among which mnv I mentioned "An Un
weleomo Ouest," i ocin, by Marv P. Tuel-er,
"Magnetism" bv Joseph Hrnwn."RuKgstlnns
to the Farmer" by Josph W, Rheppanl, etc.
Tlioiegnlnr depot tmonU nro fllled with the
usual gtsxl things.
"AMnrrlngont Sea" Is tho tltloofAV.
f'Mrk Hussell's now novel Just Issued In tho
Olobe library, published by Hand McNnllvA;
Oo, It Is written In the popular novelist's
most vivid stvlo and Is n vorylntemstlng nar
rative. As Its title implies It Is n until Ion 1
Tho November number of tho Otvrfniiil
Monthly coutnlns a number of Important
nrtlcles in ndditlnn to tho usual literary fen
tttres. WlllanI . Hussell in "Fremont's
Place In California's HUtory" defends the
1'attilluder agnliiHt tho recent attacks that
have been made on his Cnllforma reconl,
Arthur II. Nollcrowds much Intending in
fornmtlon Into an artlclo entltlml "Tholurtu
Ultlon In Mexico." John M. Elllcott writes
on the subject "Shall We I'ossom T,owor Cnl
Ifornlnr' There are nlso many entertnlulug
short stories, poems, etc.
Tho companies stranded llw this week nro
numerous. Auemw lleimlnn went on the
bench at Columbus. Ohio; Jocphlno Came
ron on the reck nt Iteverly, Mass. ; The Eva
Mountfonl company strnnded nt Detroit,
Mich.: nnd the F-nnk Jones compinv nt To
pekn, Ksn-ins; Katie Hooney'scomptiuv went
nsboront Phlllnilelplils, deserting their ship,
"Hobbling Over." It was n very hnd week
for tho small fiy,
Anather lot nf tliooo OSct.
at J, II. Mauritius t Co's.
Driving Gloves
Tho best 2ft cent CaKhinere Hose in tho city
for hdles, mUses ni-d children nt J, II.
Mauritius & CoV,
Have you looked through J. II, Mauritius
it Co's. nrt uud fancy goods department.
Nothing like It.
ThntoPSct. Driving Gloves at J. H. Mauri
tius & Co's. aro all tho rni;o.
K. R. Guthrie has added a saddle manu
factory department to hU carriage establish
ment and Is now prepared eo tupply any nnd
al kinds of harm's or saddlery goods, Just as
ou want tt.ou t.hoit notice uud on uiott rea
sonable tei ms. You know tho number, 15-10
O street.
iWhii i ill life' mlii nn iiiittfHiilM fiitii t
lie Ituil Hlirellinrrftws lor HhIk, but II
Didn't Kelt One. There.
"Want to buy n wheelbarrow, iiiadniiiV
demanded the aggressive looking man nt
tho front door of dwelling neiir .Inckson
park the other day.
"What In the world do I want with n
wheel lin rrowf" said tho astonished woman
of the limine.
"Bold twenty-seven In this neighborhood
slnco j rstenlny morning," ho retort ed,"nnd
most of them to people who nro among tlio
very best In this purl of Chicago."
"I don't see why"
"Pardon me. You nro nun re that the
World's Columbian exK)sltlotils to Iwhcld
within half u mile of this houser"
"Yes, but what has that"
"Pardon mo again. You have relatives
who will visit you during tho exposition,
Very good, All of us huso, Knch of these
relatives, or tho great majority of them,
will bring n trunk. Tho ordinary charge
of nn expn'ssmnu for taking n trunk to or
from it railway station Is twenty-llvo cents.
Owing to thu great Increase In ImisIiicks
that year, or to the prnhuhlo formation of
an cxproHsinen's trust, the chnrgu will be
fifty cents. The exposition will last six
mouths. You will have nn average of one
rclntlvo with n trunk for every week dur
ing all that time, and of course you will
linvo to pay for taking that trunk to and
from your house. Tho rolullvo will pro
test mildly against your looking nfter tho
trunk, hut you'll do tt. You'll pay It for
drayage on every trunk that' cornea to your
house nnd goes away from It whllo the ex
position lasts. That will bring your ex
penses for that item ntone up to fM.
"Now mark! Tho wheelbarrows I nm
helling will cost only f l.fcO each. They are
strong, serviceable, light and Just the thing
for knocking out nn extortionate cxpn'ss
men's trust. All you have to do Is to pay
n loy ton centa for wheeling tho trunk.
Cost of wheelbarrow, 1.50. Kxpouso for
hoy, twenty-six weeks, $2. Total, MU.
Saving effected by adoption of wheelbar
row plan, fcJl.OO enough to buy a good
hard coal stove. I'm selling by sample,
madam, you understand, I take your or
der now and deliver In tho spring of 180:1.
Expect to sell 10,000 of them before that
time. James, bring that w heolhnrrow In
side tho gate so tho lady can see It."
"Ho needn't do It," said tho Indy. "I
don't want It."
"I assure you, madam, ?1,60 is the very
lowest (lguro at which you can buy the
kind of wheelbarrow I nm selling, nud If I
didn't get It at u big discount from manu
facturer's prlco on uccount of the ttunttty
I expect to ortler I could not"
"I don't want It, sir."
"Possibly you see no necessity of paying
a boy ten" Cents for each trip. .There are
hoys, I admit, who will do It for live If
promised u regular Job. Or you tuny base
a boy of your own. you save
tho entire ten cents. Total saving ulTcctcd
by wheelbarrow plan"
"I have several Ihijs, sir. I nlso Imvo a
"Who Is In the expressing business him
solf. Owns three or four wagons. Kxpects
to make a good thing hauling trunks In
"You ought to have told me this when I
began, madam," suld the man, its he Imcn.
ed down the stops. "I have wasteil enough
sound argument and good English on jnu
to have sold three or fourof these machines
to any ordinary customer. James, come
along with that wheelbarrow over to the
next house Step liudy, now, confound
youl" Chicago Tribune,
An Important Item.
Poiisonby !Iue you seen Sllby
Hnjslltt No.
PotiKonby Well, you ought to. Ilo'a a
perfect clrcusl Suvh Iio'h got n ten pound
IlayHlltt(cautlously) I woudcrlf hettsed
the same scales that ho does when he goes
llshlugf Uurllugton Frco Press.
A llt'Hlthfiil Occupation.
Guzzutu (reading) .lean Jncquc Versa 1 1
lea, a noted Frenchman, Is dead nt tho age
of 107.
Larklu Ho must have been engaged In
n very healthful profession to have lived so
"Ho waa u duellist." Now York Sun.
A Win I'rrrniitlon.
Oohba Germnny is to connect Hellgo
laud with tho empire by two new cables.
Oumsloy Thnt'8 right. Them English
men never knew how to Ira honest, hut
they'll have hnrd work stcillug back Hell
goluud now, 1 guess. Germany la long
headed. Chicago Times.
A Careful Countryman.
A countryman stops an on: n I bus, and
wishes to mount to tho Interior.
Conductor All full Inside, hut thero l
plenty of room on top of tho omnibus.
Countryman Hut does It go to tho same
placof Texas Slftings.
Inhuiimn Treatment.
"Ami don't you feel terribly the disgrace
of being sunt to prison?" asked the visitor
"No, ma'am," returned tho ex-tramp.
"It ain't the dlsgraco o' bcin' sent, but It's
the work that's enttn' my hentt away."
New York Sun.
lie Tutici the Trite,
"How many soxes are there, Wllllof"
"Three. Mnle, fcmulonud gents."
"How do you distinguish fecnta (mm
"Hy their punts." New York Herald.
A Cruel Tlirutt.
Algernon Do you know I think that
Smith girl Is utterly hound up In me.
Jack Nlco little edition hut whyiloc
she prefer calf f New York World
III Die Wiioiln,
Culler I never nut your husband before
iVlmt'a the mutter with
Mrs. Hruln S-shl We never speak of It
n his presence. He got his head and
ihotildoi caughtlu Euruu.r It' tMctt's cider
proas Jien hu was a cub, nnd they've
never g.'iwn luco -Ouco n Week
yyfej&liflfefc " '
(Hpcnlal CoUitlKitCorrespondouco.
Nkw Yoiik.Nov. ll, 181H1. Our sketches to
day Illustrate the tnllor-mado gown, ns this
term orlginnlly Implied the severely simple
wool gown, iiubralded and entirely devoid of
trimming, unless a row or two of most Ihvui
tlfully even stitching may come under that
heading, Huch gonns urn cousidertsl by
women of refined tnsto, tho only possible cos
tumes for traveling, shnpplugniid nit undress
occasions; nud tho woman who cannot look
thoroughly a gentlewoman In such garb, must
be lioielesHly vulgar and under bred, There
fore our young girls should Is) educated up to
such clothing nnd taught to know tho dUTer
coco between hnndArought decoration nnd
tawdry, inachltie mndo Imitations therefore.
Tho following nro two models to bo seen nt
tho noted establishment of Hcdfcrn who Is n
well known nud reliable mithoilty on this
This one is a striped chovlot, shaded green
on faw n color. The skirt hns three tucks as
a foot tt homing and each One Is bended hy n
lilplerow of stitching. A putchpockct is
just below the right hip. Tho bodice is ful
led Ih'Iow tho bust nud has an Inch wide band
of dark green bralil for a lielt. Other bands
aieoutho sleeves and collar nnd ncrossthe
ilicft to simulate n yoke. This gown Is In
tended more esiH-clnlly for n young girl and
Is vety becoming to a slcitder, youthful tig-
II 10.
Then here we have a very stylish polonaise
costume of tweed, a large Indefinite plnld of
bilge nud deep maroon. Tho skirt Is abso
lutely plain with only n slight wrinkling
across tho front. The left side of tho bodlco
Is a vest of Ilusslnn leather, io lino and llexl
bio that It can bo moulded to the figure ns
smooth as broadcloth. A triangle of leather
Is lit ted ovt-r tho left hip, and tho buttons aro
nil covered with tho same, 1 heso gowns and
tho other Hedfern creations will not be any
higher in price than in former seasons, as the
materials passed thiough the custom house
tieforo the Mckinley bill took elfect.
"The Cleinenceau Case," at the SUiudanl.
bus tlzltd out, ami Is drawing small nudlei.s
ces, lletpectublo people are asliametl to bo
sctu eutei leg the house.
Is a constlnitionnl anil not a local disease,
and therefore it cannot bo cured by local
applications. It requires n constitutional
remedy like Hood's Hnrsnpnrllla, which,
working through the blood, eradicates the
Impurity which ciimc and promotes the
disease, and eiTccts a permanent cure.
TIioushikU of people testify to the success
ol Hood's Hnrs.ipnrllla as a remedy for
catarrh when other preparations imd (ailed.
N. II. Ue suro to get only
SoMlijralliliugKWU fllxforf.V l'repreilmilr
tj CM. HOOD i. CO., ApotliDCarlei, Lowell, Mmi.
IOO Dosos Ono D
T f ii WflKl $i
McUL ft
Boys' and Children's
Our line of these Seasonable Goods Include
Children's Fancy Melton Overcoats
Nobby Cassimere Cape Overcoats
Fine Kersey Cape Overcoats
Fine Chinchillas and Astrachans,
From $1.50 to $3.00 on Each Garment.
Do not miss this opportunity to
Globe Clothing House,
Corner 0 and Tenth. NHWMARK & HERSCHLER, Props.
China Sale!
Silverware, Ete
Now being Opened at
14:3 Scmtln 12tln St.,
is composed of first class goods in every respect. It will all be
arranged and ready for the
Sacrifice Sale
Friday, Nov. 28th.
The stock comprises everything usuall) found in a first
class glass, china and queensware store, including a large
stock of
Roger's Best Silverware.
These goods, must be moved and prices will be made to
close them out.
but a bona fide sacrifice sale and if you will call prices
will surely convince you of this fact-
Teilbot 1. Geidcl,
43 South Twelfth St.
WALNUT Hlock nnd Nut
IOWA Hlock nnd Nut
MISSOURI Hlock and Nut
KANSAS Hlock and Nut
Lincoln Safe
Absolute Protection
H.xcs cf all Slc in milt Rented hy
I S. E. Cor I 1th
get a good bargain at the.
I will Sell One Ton
PenasyMnia - Anthracite
At the -Yard for $9.60.
M. L. Trester.
Deposit Vaults !
for Your Valuables !
the Month or Yenr nt Reasonable Rales.
and P Sts