Capital city courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1893, November 22, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

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Strictly Pure nnil the
Largest and Finest Line
In the City, at
1307 0 STREET.
ffWcmnkc n npeclnlly of catering Ice
Ctcimii nnd Fruit Ice (or Hull, Parties,
Wedding, etc., nml cnn serve tlicui In the
lirlck or by the quart on short notice nt
reasonable pi Ices, Fancy Cnkcs of nil
Kinds made to onlcr. Telephone orders
receive prompt nttcutlon. Cull up 501.
Madame A. Ruppert
World Ronownod
Complexion Remedies
For Removal of all Skin Blemishes,
Sold by
Mrs. E. C. Rewick, Agent
Hii (1 Street, Or,
Foreman & Crowe,
IH South Utli St.
4$mM&. Mlmil
33 -a. in k: .
Ojhrrs unit Dhctton:
John It, Wrluht, l'res. T. K. Sanders, V.-P-
J. II, McOlny, Cashier.
AH KnyiiHiiiili II l' Uu. Thus Cncliriin V.
tl Hirer. Chun West, V I, Htiolilou.
General thinking Ruslncss Transacted.
Accounts Solicited,
Dr. Alma J. Coe,
Offioe, 1704 M Btreet. LIN0OLN, NEB.
Chronic mid ncuto diseases of wnmon unit
children. Will bo at Opells Hotel Wednes
day ntitl Tliursdny of onoli week. Will trout
dltllcult anil complicated oaes ncut to I ho
Olllce Hours: 8 to 11 n. in,, a to 7 p. in,
Trance Medium,
And Clairvoyant,
Can bo Consulted In nil Affair ot Life.
141 Mouth Twelfth Ht Hnom 1, Zehruiw
It I pi iistonlftliluK with what success Mrs. Dr.
Eddy I meoilnit. Her room are always
crowileil. A ureal many tiUNlnoHn people are
testing her ability nt a luminous udv liter anil
own thcmselveit both mjKtltleit unit satlslled
vrlth the results. Uull 011 this wonderful me
dium and bo convinced, lly her advice she
guarantees iiceosa tn IiiihIiickh ami all ntl'ulrs
fllfo. Send stamp fur llhutrated circular.
That hni ever used the
YostWriting Machine
Olveu It the dlttlncllou of being: the l'ccr
among Typewriters.
11.11 -M N 8L
Courier Hullitlng
A. Held Imi gono to WhiheiH'g.
Clinilc A. Ilurke Is In Chicago.
I Ion ace Oir ha gone to Ht. Ixnils.
0. I. Townloy left Monday for Ogdcii,
Fred Itcutlngcr spent Hiuulny In Unmha,
J. It. Lcinlst visited Atchison this week.
Mm, II. O. Ih.rl left Monday for Denver.
T. J. Itohlusou has gone to Henttlo to settle.
lovph Thomas has gone to Plttshitig, Pn,
I, lout. It, II, Townloy Is In tlnlventnu, Tex,
Mrs. U. Hamilton Is vIMtlng In Dultith,
J. McDonald has gono to (lalvustou,
Mls Mlntilu Jacks Is visiting friends In
William M. Ullllsplo visited Plnttsinoiith
Hon, (1. M. Lnmbui Ison visited Chicago
this week.
(leorgo A.HenlwJdt has returned from Cus
ter eounty.
Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Illchaiils left Tuesday
for Chldago,
K. (I. Yates sK'iit Hiuulny In Omaha nml
Council lllulTs.
Mnsott (Ircgg left Huuday for Kansas City
and New Orleans.
Mr. and Mrs. J, K. Hlioa Marted Tuesday
for Dtiliith, Minn.
A basket social uas kIvoii at draco church
Wednesday evening,
J. H, llarwlck retururl Tuesilay from
llloomlugton, Illinois,
Mlns I.ulil Clark and Mrs, Hal O, Young
were Oiuahn vlsltois Monday.
John Iv. Hair Is In thn east visiting points
In l'enusylvaula and Now York,
Mrs. W. Q. Hell Is entertaining Mrs. II,
lliullngiiu, of Mnmuouth, Illinois,
Will Hardy left Thursday on n pleasure
trip to Denver. He oxiiocts to return Tues
II, I), Hathaway, Ilruco Trlckov and My.
ion Wheeler aiu at North I'latto hunting
A. 0. Kleiner was In Kansas City tho early
part of tho vcok In tho Interest of tho Char
ity Hall.
A plcnsni.t social was given nt tho Hecond
I'reHhyterlnn church, Rust Lincoln, Tuemlny
OeorRO II, Ilnstiiigsttoruoy-goucrnl-elcct,
anil J olin C, Allen, secretary-elect, were In
tho city this week.
0. (. I)awis has purchased for ttt.fsK), tho
property on U street occupied by Zehruug
Dunn's ilriiR stoic.
The ladles of tho Plymouth Congregational
church gave n largely attended ."I'cnku 81s
ter" entertnluuieut last evening.
8. A. Oroat, a student of thn Cottier uni
versity, died last 8aturday f typhoid feer.
Tho 1 cumins woro Intel red nt Wyuka Wed-
8ecrotarynf 8tato Cowdery and dauKhters,
Misses Klttlo and Alice, returned Tutwdny
from Faulkner, Dakota, Mrs. Cow dory
Is exacted sometime next week.
Vttnitii Fair has tiled articles of lncororn-
tlnn with the secretary or state. Tho In
001 porators 1110 John M. Cotton, Kied Hon
linger and John Mcintosh,
TI10 death of Miss Mabel Ashby earned
much norruv nuinng her largo circle of ae-
ipialnlnnces 8lioHns inueli esteemcil by all
who knew her. Tho funeral oeeuired 81111
day afternoon.
Tho twenty-third anniversary of tho "Man
chester Marty is" will Imj celebiated at KHz-
roi aid's hall Monday uveiiing. Hon. 1. C.
Cnvildy will deliver an oration and there will
Ik music, etc., by dancing.
A young men's republican club was organ
ized Tuesday evening with tho follow lug of
Hem. President, W. II, Clark; secretary,
(leo. J. MoArlliur; treasurer, J. J. Kb by;
chairman of exocutlvo committee, O. K.
Ujichurch lodge No. 15, A. 0. U. AW gavo
a pleasant social Monday ovcnlng. Ileclta
tloiisnud musical selections woro given by
Mm. linker, Miss Nolllo Kuoch, Mr. Charles
Hurras, Miss Myrtle SnyJer, Miss Kvn
Hnrrns,Mlss Carrlo Churchill, and Miss Roger.
Mrs, Frank W. Smith, 1100 Miss Anna
Hawkins, Is visiting relatives In the cltv.
8I10 spent 11 couple of days hi Omaha this
week. Jim. Hmitli will remain here until
about December 1st. Mr. Smith Is detained
nt Alliance by tho Illness of Superintendent
rtielnu or the 11. KM.
Unless more care Is given to the hair, tho
coming man Is liable to bo n hairless animal j
ueneo 10 prevent 1110 nair rrom railing use
Hall's HnlrRcnower,
Tho holldajs aro ranldlv annroachlnir. nml
it behooves Intending purchai-eisof ChrlstN
mas gifts to bestir themseUcs. No more ac
ceptable gift can Ihj mado than n craou or
tralt, especially one ilono by C. W. Uurkltt
the well-known artist of ll.'fcJN stnwL Mr'
Ihukltt has drawn iwrtrults of Llncoln'sl
most prominent jieoplo nml bis work lnvnri
ably gives the utmost satisfaction. His work
is always artistic and there Is an expressive
ness in ins portraits seldom seen. Outers
should bo left promptly.
Have vou seen thosa OSct. Wnlklnir ninvcn.
at J. IL Mauritius & Co's.
For luiorted and Domestic Wines nml
Lfnuorfl for fnnillv trnd... onll nti lj,nl. A
Ksensky, 133 North Tenth street.
Tho Lincoln Steam laundry having re
cently changed hands and undergone many
improvements is now better than over pro-.
lnred to execute work in tho very tawt man
ner, promptly nud at popular prices. Mr.
A. W, Day the new proprietor has adopted a
new and improved process for washing nml
handling garments, hy which no bleach'ni;
or Injurious materials aro used; tho flneot
fabrics such as silks, lacos, flounces, flannels
or cotton goods are laundried tn first class
manner, without the least damage. One trla
will conviueo the most skeptical that tho Lin
coln Steam Laundry does tho finest work In
the city. All goods called for and delivered.
Telephone OS.
Wedding cake Iwxes, nil styles, Wessel
Printing Co.
O. A, It. Hooks Very Cheap.
The'.Wessel Printing Co, has several copies
of Col. Rolxrt It. Real's well known history
of the Grand Army of tho Republic in lino
bindings which it will m-11 at .'1.00 per vol.
unin. Original price, sold only on subscrip
tion, at fS.OO, Tht-so books aro fully Illus
trated and complete in every detail. Coll
and see them.
(Jeoigo Holden,whn has for nouictimo pint,
been manager of Stetson's pharmaoy, left
Tuesday for Denver to embark In luislwws
for himself. Ho has unxoclatcd hlumelf with
Prank Stetson of this city, and a grain and
rommlstlou business will bo done under tho
Unit lininii of Stetson & Co. (leorgo Is a
member of tho Pleasant Hour club, and he
has been deservedly opulnr In husinexH and
social circles during his reddenen In Lincoln.
He has n warm place ht the hearts of tho
Imys. 0. J, Cornwall of lluiralo, N. Y., suc
ceeds him as manager of 8totou's.
Tho management of the llrnd
strect Company at this olnt, which until
Octols-r 1st, I81HI, was In charge of II. ('
Patteisou, Is now placed under the manage
meut of It. II. IaiwIs.
Mr. iAiwishas been In tho employ of the
company for some yeais, and Is thoioughly
acquainted with tho state of Nebraska, hav
ing traveled through tho same for the past
three yeais In the Interest of said company.
The Lincoln olllce was established somo two
years ago as a sub-olllco of Omaha, Neb As
Lincoln has steadily Increased In growth and
luiM)rlnuco as a Jobbing and railroad centre,
the facilities of Iheolllco hove not leen suuh
ns to glvo satisfaction to tho laiger Jobbers
of this city.
Through tho aid of Messrs, Raymond Pros ,
& Co , Hargreaves Rros., II T. Clarko Drug
Co, and tho .S'fdfc .oiinid Co., Mr. Iewls
has succeeiliMl In having thlsolllcoestahllxhed
ns an Indcpondont one, nml hereafter tho
business will bo conducted In tho Interest of
tho Lincoln Jobbcis.
Ooo. N. Koresmnn, lately mndo traveling
freight ngent of tho Klkhorn, has established
headipiaiters in Omaha; hut ho will not al
low any very long intervals to elapse be
tween his visits to Llneohi.
Charley Carter, who used to las deputy
commissioner of public lauds and buildings,
now holding down n goixl Job In Columbus,
Ohio, wns In tho city a fuw ilojs this week
looking up friends and relatives. Charley
thinks ho had n long head in sizing up the
political situation six mouths ago, ami he
says ho felicitates himself uvery day that he
had tho sense to gut onto! tho way bofoio the
storm bioko. His friends will bo glad to
hear that he Is prospei lug In his new home.
(leo. II. Tecdrlck, general agent of tho
Pennsylvania railroad for Nebraska and vi
cinity with headquarters In Omaha, was in
tho city this week bidding good. by o to Ids
numerous friends. Ho has been ordered to
Milwaukee, Wis,, and will lemovoto the
beer-brow lug city December lit.
M. W. lNrisom, tho real estate and loan
agent, has atKOclated himself with.). M. Mc-
Vleker. These gentlemen will be pleased tu
see their fi lends at l'Jl Noilh Twelfth street.
Camp Wallett, 0110 of Lincoln's fuorlto
traveling men, will bo man led to SIIhm Jes
sie Kstello Warrington, Wednesday, Novt in-Ihi-, at tho residence of iho hi ide's mother
In Oskaloosji, Iowa. Miss Warrington made
an extensive visit In tills city a jenr ago and
will tio lemembereil by many of our joung
Imitations to the wedding of .Ml Jeiiuio
Morgan, ilaughtei of Mr. and Mis. K. A.
Moigau, ami Keu D, lllufonl, have been Is
sued. The ceieinony Jolnh g In wiillock theMj
popular joung people, Is announced to occur
Thanksgiving night, Thuisday, Novemher
'-'7, at half-) ast eight; at tho lesldeuce of tho
Miss Kthel Howo, tho well known Instruct
ess In vocal music, lias gone to New York,
Intending tn mako the metropolis her home.
She w 111 continue to touch.
Chamberlain's Kyo nml Skin Ointment.
For tetter, snlt-iheum, scnM-head, eereinn
nud chronic soro eyes. Pi let)!.'.'') cents per
Rrown's new branch restaurant, 1418 O
street, Is doing n largo business, and persons
in tho enst wirt of tho city are to bo congratu
lated on having so nlco and convenient a
place to dlno at.
This Way l'or Overcoats.
You have read about overcoats that near
ly every house In town has advertised, but as
yet none of them can show a stock or give
tho Inducements In them that Mlltonberger
oilers at tho Rostou Clothing House, 1KK) O
street. Ho has them in till weights, nil colors,
all styles and In tho very latest fabrics. You
can't afford to buy elsewhere. Call hi and
let tho boys show you their stock. Won't
cost you a cent to look nud w hllo It w 111 In
terest you jet you lose nothing hy calling hi.
Remember tho place, 1039 O street.
Ladle will (1ml Miss Johnston an accomp
lished artlsto In halrcuttlng, bang trimming,
hair dressing, etc. Call and see her, 1114 O
II. P. Sherwln, USt O street, has n present
for every one of his customers that cannot
fail to lie appreciated. Ho will glvo to every
customer n fine crayon picture made from
any photo Hint is desired nml it will not cost
you a cent. Call in at his drug and shoe
store add seo how It Is done. 1 124 O street.
Koiitliern Tour.
Tho Union Paclllc system has in connection
with Its nil tho year round rates to
Ogdcn, Salt Lako nnd Pacific coast jiolnts,
placed on salo winter excursion tickets nt low
rates to all Southern losorts in North and
South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louis
iana, Florida, Texas, Mexico and to Havana
Culm. For ra es and pni tlculars apply to
1014 O street, or Union DeKt.
K. R. Hi.osson,
City Ticket Agent.
Llnroln Hi. Joe & KaiuusClty. Through
Sleepcrn and 1'arlor Cura.
The day of transfers, changes and delays
between Lincoln, St. Joe nnd Kansas City is
over, tho R. K M. having placed In service n
line of combination sleepers nnd purlot chair
cam that for convenience, elegance and com
fort surruisa ativthinir )if-tnrnrnnii lufiu,
these points. The present schedule Is as fol
lows; i,oave Lincoln, H:au p. m, dally, arrive
in St. Joe 0:37 a. in., Kansas City 7:60 a. in, ;
returning, leave Kunsus Cltv Uli n ,,, ,inllv
St. Joe 11:15 p. 111., arrive at Lincoln 7:50
p. 111.
Theso trttlna rim vln Tlmitrl,.,. Htinm ..,
.. ........ ...,..,,,.,i. ,, j,,u,u 1,1(14
Table Rock and make close connect Ions at
terminal points. The service is really excel
lent ami we can looomiiieiiil It will, ,,.l,
confidence, Fuither Information can bo ob
lamed at union djpot or city olllco corner O
and Twelfth streets.
A. C. .1KMKH,
City Passenger and Ticket Agent.
J. II. W. Hawkins loft Wodmxlny for
Mrs. K, 8 Pant left on Holiday for Omaha,
(o visit her daughter, Mis, Hunt'
The Third Presbyterian church has lieen
located attoruerof Peach nnd llth stieets.
Mr. and Mrs. W. McCombs from llioken
How aro the guests for a few days of their
nephews, U. h. nml Will IaiwIs.
Mrs. 1), K Taylor, wife of tho mavor o
Wymore, Is the guest this week of Mrs. K.
linker, at 10O!l Washington street.
Mr nud Mrs, 8. W. Lino and Miss Anna
Horton will attend tho State Christian l'.u
deavor Association at Hastings on Sunday.
Dwiuht Lew Is of Des Moines, Iowa, left on
Thuisday for home, nfter n short but plens
imt Islt with his brother, C. L. l.ow Is nt 'Jllty
C street.
I'ttgeiio Parks, tho small boy who accident
ally shot himself In tho hand Inst Saturday,
Is doing nicely under tho 8kll)ful treatment
of Dr. Crlni,
A very pleasant reception was given on
Tuesday night nt the Tilnlty M. K. church
In honor of Klder Davis, tho retiring nml
S. I), Roberts, tho now minister.
Mm. Georgo lug gnvo n very pltniant re
ception at her home, South llth street, 011
Tuesday afternoon in honor of her two sisters-in-law,
who aio her guests from Provi
dence, R. 1
A pi eminent physician ami old army surs
genu In eastern Iowa, was called away fiom
home for a few iluj s; during his absence one
of tho chlldi en contracted a soveio cold anil
his wife bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
Goiigh Remedy for It. They were so much
plenod with tho remedy that they afterwards
used several Isittles nt various times. He
said, from his exeilvuco with It, ho regards
Itas the most tollable piepaiatio-i In uso for
colds and that It enmo tho nearest being n
shs-II1o ir any misllclnn ho had eve- seen
Forsal'i by A. L Slimier.
Sonio voiy nice and now things In hair
ornaments are now hilng shown at Miss
Johnston's, 11110 stieet. Home elegant nov
elties for evening wear. Call and foo thorn.
Alurn Than lit en 11 Mummy Could Stand.
Mr. Doodle (the ciirlciitiirlHt)lln, hat I
have It, I'll draw n 1111111 with 1111 ux cut
ting up 11 bundling house pio
A Clear Cine.
Jnggcm What ever been mo of Pe
aought'a dogf You know It used to give
7011 bo much trouble.-
Wlggler-Ohl It's dead.
Jaggers Did you kill Itf
Wlggler No. It committed suicide.
.luggers Sulcldol Howf
Wlggler It came over Into my ynrd
while I was sitting hare with 11 loaded pis
tol. Munsey'a Weekly.
Hut Wliut Wit On It.
"What do j on think of tho tahlof" asked
tho landlady of the new- boarder, who is of
a vivacious nature, and nt the samo time
hntes to hurt anybody's feelings.
"Really," said he, nftcr some hesltntlon,
"I enn conscientiously Indorse your table
as x masterpiece of cabinet making."
Wl ahlngton Post.
Pays Casli.
Merchant I wish to insert nn advertise
incut In Tho Morning Rugle.
Clerk Yes, sir.
"Commencolt In this way: Pay cash, nnd
put thoso words iu lnrge letters."
"Yea, sir."
"And I wish you'd trust mo for tho
amount for a month or so," Yankee
How It Sounded.
"No, 1 haven'tl" shouted Mr. Ardup
angrily, sitting up In bed.
"Haven't what, dear f" asked Mm. Ardup,
only half awake, "Whatnro you tnlklng
"I am answering that blamed katydid.
It keeps on saying: 'Got your coal? Got
your coal? Got your conlp " Chlcagoan.
Accidents Wilt Happen.
Miss GuaUlniton I admit, Arthur, that
this (s not tho lint 1 1 1110 I have been en
gaged, but I'm sure your noble, sonorous
Llltlo Rrothcr Sis, tho baby's got your
bag otenguguinont rings. Street &SmltJi's
Good NewH.
And Long Terms.
"Dear 1110," said the philanthropic lady
who was visiting the Jail, "I can't believe
that you are entirely devoid of principle"
"Relieve tne, niadaui," was tho reply, "1
often had very strong convictions "Wash
Ington Post
Mineral water used for lsithlng, 1010 0 st.
l! i V m
New Goods and
New Styles
For Fall.
Don't be Tardy
The Best
Will be Picked
This is the Season of the year when
when Competition is Close and Everybody has the
best. Then is the time to go direct to Headquarters.
You need a supply for the Winter and as now is the
time to buy, why not call on
and see their line and get prices. There you can get
.he pure article direct from America's greatest mines
noted for their purity and excellent quality.
Call up Phone 440. - - Office 1045 O Street.
TT., . y m ' -L?ZrS-
There Is really nothing slow about
Ing nt such exceptionally low prices.
a in c iwi mm ai mis manksgiving season ot tne enr lie doesn't do things bv halves.
He Is traveling nt the rate of exactly a mile a minute. What is his hurry f "Whv lie
s on the way to A. '1 . GRUETTER. & CO.'S, and he knows that If he loses any
time he may be too late for the Fine Chean Dedroam Suite uhiri, n... nr.. .,... rr..-
Fall and Winter
Carpets and Draperies,
1112 0 St Telephone 219.
-W.. t ..TnWI
Fall Overcoats
and Suits !
Lots of them, Beautiful Patterns and
Elegantly Made.
First coiners will pick the ripest plums
remember that, $12 to $25; hardly a
clear way to tell you, but those are about
the extremes. .
You can pleasantly answer that favor
ite: "Where did you get that Hat?"
When you've bought ours and saved an
extra dollar.
A. Hurlbut & Co.
Cor. 10th and P Sts., Lincoln.
Mr '
li Tt- . V"
Uunclc Sam. When he Invites a man to take
1 -.... ( ivi uiv nun uiiv,i'
Milton M. Lyon the Wide Awake Newsdealer
nnd Subsrlptlon Agent, not N St.
Lenvo Orders fur any Newspaper. Mngnzino or Porlodloal whatso-
oyer unit twill procure It for you at publisher's Lowest Prl?o
Utiles will id ways Unit a ful lino of Knihloti Minraslnos on niv
counters, also a full lino of Mmu. Voua's Uolobratoil Kfowo" Atud of
Tolstoi's "Kroutzer Honiitu" now as conts. '"""rntuuios,
,,t,''M,",n'noll'toMaiipln,,,',NotroCooiir1" (tho Human Honrn
"Peter's Houl," "l'lio Turnover Club," "Tie Ust T row bv "thn
Iuelips, lluilynrd Klpllnu's entire series Inolioa pUpor fonn ? e t.
Alb.rt Eo.V Latest "Idfltsllss Bhaiow," BOo psperV. ' ' orror,n -' oU
Ths Qothsm Mews Emporium, Milton M. Lyon, Proprietor,
Delivering Botes, Letters, Invitations
At at any hour to make tho early trains get your mall
from psstoiikc, otc.
Open Day and Night I
Telephone too. Olllce, S, W. cor. toll, nnd O.
rtft yn,.
JJ-fjL f Wr m,,..